Nikon Z9 Announcement: $5500 [28 October 2021]

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    Nikon USA has a count-down clock: Nikon Z 9 | Flagship 8K Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

    US 8am EDT/5am PDT. That is noon GMT, but I think the UK is still under summer time, i.e. 1pm.
    That would be 9pm in Japan. Not sure it is simultaneous from Tokyo, as it would be kind of late there.
    But I suppose it is all virtual now, due to Covid.

    Perhaps that time is the best compromise: evening in Asia, afternoon in Europe and early morning in the US. It would be inconvenient if you are in New Zealand or Hawaii.
  2. Haven't had a 'flagship' camera since the D3 was released, this might well be my next one.

    Now with the D3, it was announced in August 2007 and I was able to easily purchase one in the UK by March 2008.
    I know things are different currently (understatement) but I wouldn't be surprised if availability was a similar time frame, so I would expect to get one by May next year.
  3. It's interesting how announcements used to come out of the blue, with only rumors and speculations available in advance, but now first they announce the development of a product nearly a year or so ahead of time, then after months of teasing videos and intentional "leaking" of more and more information, the next step is to announce the time and date of the announcement.

    To me this is almost comical, but maybe I only feel that way because I'm not the target audience of a Z9-type camera.
  4. I wonder how many units Nikon has already made, and how many, realistically, it expects to sell?
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    In the last decade or so, Nikon did pre-announce the D4s, D5 and D6. E.g., at the 2014 CES, they even displayed the D4s inside a glass case, a couple of months before the official announcement with specs: Nikon | News | To be exhibited at 2014 International CES A next-generation flagship model offering specifications that respond more completely to the needs of professional photographers Digital SLR camera Nikon D4S

    I think two factors triggered the change for the Z9: the new Z mount and Covid. Since Nikon is starting over from scratch with the Z mount, they need a lens roadmap to project confidence that Z will be a full system. When Sony announced the A1 early this year and Canon was talking about the R3, Nikon desperately needed something to counter them. And Covid is causing a lot of disruption.

    Without Covid, the Tokyo Olympics would have been held in 2020, and Nikon had the new D6 for it. That should have bought Nikon a couple of year to produce their next flagship mirrorless body, which turns out to be the Z9. However, with the Olympics delayed to 2021 and suddenly Sony had the A1 for it, Nikon was scrambling to counter it with something. Without an actual product, all the pre-announcement was the best Nikon managed to do. Recall that Nikon has a long, 7-month drought with zero new product announcement from the November 2020 Z6ii/Z7ii to the June 2021 announcement of the two Z macro lenses. The disruption from Covid has been serious.

    My first flagship Nikon body was an F4 I bought back in 1990. At the time I was a young engineer. Fast forward 31 years, it is more like I'd better enjoy life while I can. The only flagship body I have some regret with was the D2X. That was the first DSLR I could use as my primary body, in 2005, but within two short years, the D300 promptly superseded it at less than half of the cost. On the other hand, I bought a D5 in 2016 and it has served me well for 5+ years. I resisted the D6 because I knew it was the end of the road for DSLRs and didn't want to repeat my D2X experience.
  6. "It achieves the same level of robustness as Nikon's highest class, dustproof and drip-proof performance, and cold resistance that operates even at -10 ° C, supporting professional shooting in harsh usage environments. The world's fastest scan rate minimizes rolling shutter distortion in the world and realizes no mechanical shutter. It can be used without worrying about the life of the mechanical shutter. In addition, the in-body camera shake mechanism is equipped with a lock to prevent accidental shaking of the sensor when the power is turned off, thus suppressing damage to the sensor due to shaking when driving on rough roads."

  7. With all of the hype, I hope it is as impactful as the D3 was for Nikon, and does not disappoint. I don't need one, not shooting sports any more.

    Last time I shot BBall, I ran the D3s at 5 FPS or so and shot sparingly, I really did not have enough time to sort through those images.

    If the eye focus works at 20FPS, one could expect to catch slightly more decisive moments that might be slightly more in focus, so I understand the appeal. Glad I wont' have to deal with 4x the images, or more.
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    Nikon is pricing the Z9 very aggressively, US$5500. That is a full $1000 lower than the D5, D6 and most importantly, the Sony A1, and $500 cheaper than the Canon R3.

    Two new lenses:
    • 100-400mm/f4.5-5.6 S VR, $2700, same as the initial price for the F-mount 80-400mm AF-S VR
    • 24-120mm/f4 S, $1100, turns out to be 24-120 instead of 24-105 on the Nikon roadmaps
    FTZ II, without the tripod foot that blocks the vertical grip, specs and price same as the first version

    Lens development announcement for the Z-mount 400mm/f2.8 with a built-in 1.4x teleconverter. That somewhat eases the need for a 600mm/f4 for the time being.
  9. The Z9 has no mechanical shutter? If so it's the best feature and a feature none of the competitor can achieve yet. I was hoping for the Z6/Z7 to have no shutter. It takes a while but Nikon is first with shutterless.
  10. Well, true, but the Z9 has only slightly faster read time than the Sony A1 which could also have been launched without a mechanical shutter. I wonder how Nikon managed to make the Z9 so heavy even though they left out the mechanical shutter. Canon's R3 and Sony A1 are much lighter.
  11. Heavy is a good thing. Shutterless is a great thing. I must say Nikon has a winner here.
  12. Probably a heavy battery to power the processing. I am impressed with the value if it is as good as the specs imply.
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  13. Indeed, the specs are more impressive than I thought they would be, and the price is lower. Not that I'm going to run out and buy one any time soon, but it is reassuring that you get more and more bang for your buck in camera gear.

    The 24-120 f/4 lens is very attractive too, significantly more useful than a 24-105 in my opinion.
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    The issue with a 24-120mm/f4 is that it is a 5x zoom, and inevitably there will be some optical compromises. I probably would prefer a 24-105mm/f4, but then, I already have the Z mount 24-70mm/f2.8 S, 24-70mm/f4 S, and 24-200. That 24-200 is a hugely useful lens for casual photography, but f6.3 at 200mm. With that, is unlikely I'd add either a 24-105 or 24-120. In fact, I rarely use that 24-70/4 any more, but it was my first and only Z lens for a while.
  15. I would like to know if the 100-400mm lens zooms by extending the front or internally, like the 70-200mms for my DSLRs. I would much prefer the internal method. Nikon usually does not disclose this specification. I go to DPreview to see it.
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    Check out Ricci's review:

    For a 4x, 100-400mm zoom, it is an external zoom. Otherwise, the lens would always be very long, difficult to put inside a camera bag for travel.
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  17. The US price is USD 2,000 cheaper than in Denmark $#$#@
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    Does the price in Denmark include VAT?

    In 2022, it would be time to pay New York/B&H or Adorama a visit and pick up a Z9, as long as you are fully vaccinated. :D
  19. Yes the DK price is incl vat and if you buy a camera outside EU you have to pay import duties and vat !
  20. Only if you tell them.....;)

    I gather the 'buy it with cash, and mail the empty box home to yourself' is the way to go....:D

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