Nikon Z 50 DC chargers?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by frans_waterlander, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. The camera limits the current drawn, not the power supply's ability to deliver.

    My note above about the current drawn for charging, or use, by the Z6ii, ie 460mA, is way, way below the power 'available' from the powerbank.

    It's happy to supply 1900mA via USB-C to my Android tablet or external battery chargers.

    So, Nikon is very cautious about it's power management, so 5 hrs to recharge in-body.

    PS. Nikon UK is currently Out of Stock for EnEl15C.
  2. I don't know about the specific case, but power converters are common, including ones that convert 5V to 8.4V.
    Whether the camera has one, I don't know.
  3. Most now don't have the ability to actually light a cigarette, and haven't for years.
    The only use for them is power, and that is the way they are marked.
    (But many people still call them by the old use.)

    Otherwise, I have a small power inverter that plugs into the outlet in our car.
    Power inverters for 50W or 100W aren't so big or expensive. Then you just
    use the regular AC charger.

    But they have been used as a power source for at least 60 years.
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  4. It's the bad connector for power.
  5. It is. But it is not so easy to start a new standard.

    My dad has the story from when I was about 2, (about 60 years ago), I stuck a butter knife
    from a picnic in the outlet, which never worked right after that. Or maybe just the cigarette
    lighter didn't work, though no-one in our family smoked, so that wasn't a problem.

    I think my mom had a baby bottle warmer for it.

    Actual lighters need about 10 amps or so, which is a good amount of current for
    most uses. Many will supply more than that.

    A few years ago, we had a rental car where the outlet didn't work.
    (And had a portable GPS device to plug in.)

    Reading the manual, the fuses were supposed to be on the passenger side,
    but I couldn't find them. Then I remembered that it was a Japanese car, and which
    side is the passenger side in Japan. Yes, just where is said, but on the driver's side.

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