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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by glenn_c|1, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Thanks to Chris Court's tip, we know exactly what the problem is with the original thread. However, it requires an admin with direct database access to fix it.
    -- Shun​
    I've tried opening the Wednesday Pic Thread (#24) in two different browsers and there does not appear to be a "reply" box anywhere at the bottom of the thread. Other threads open normally. Also I have noticed there are no new postings for the last two hours or so - I wonder whether other people are experiencing the same problem?
    In any case, if it's okay with the moderators I'll post my contribution here. I haven't shot anything of interest this week, a condition I'm hoping to remedy in the next few minutes, so this is another shot from last weekend's sand dunes trip, just before sunrise with the dunes themselves and Medano Creek catching just enough of the predawn twilight to hold some interest.
    Shot with D90, 16-85 VR @ 16mm, 1/250 @ f/3.5 (why???), ISO 200, -1.0 comp, shot in JPEG and shown as-shot.
  2. This is true for me also... two separate browsers load the thread to the same point, then... nothing.
    As time is tight, I hope no-one will mind if I add my WedNEsDAy effort to Glenn's thread. Perhaps a moderator can merge the two threads later?
    Wednesday again already! How time flies.
    For me, another older image, this time taken almost exactly one year ago in beautiful Potsdam, near Berlin. This fountain in the gardens behind Babelsberg Palace held an interesting sculpture of Sigurd – the germanic equivalent of St. George and Beowulf – in the act of slaying a dragon.
    This image was shot handheld using a D200 at ISO100, with a Sigma 10-20mm wideangle at 10mm, 1/5 sec and f16. Converted to B&W and "grained up" with Nik Silver Efex Pro.
  3. Hi all, same with me too. My Wednesday is just starting, so I guess I will have time to check a bit later. Cheers! -A.
  4. Same problem here. I'll wait until later to see if it's fixed.
    Thanks Glenn,
  5. I have posted a message in the site help forum, so hopefully we will be back on track soon!
  6. It looks like Renè (you Per-C as well) and others have experienced some odd issues... there must be a problem. For sure they`re working on it.
  7. dang!
    well, here's mine...
    saul williams performing live
  8. Maybe Lex has put his foot down and has taken away our thread because of large file sizes! Please give us back our Wednesday Pic! We promise to behave. ; )
  9. Hi,
    am posting mine here too as am out tonight. Thanks to Jose for starting us off again and to Matthew for reminding me why we keep talking about emigrating to NZ.
    Sunset at the mouth of the Somme Estuary. D80, 24-70. Slight cropping (to level things up) and small levels adjustments.
  10. I left a msg for Rene and the web site also.I'm sure that they are working diligently to try and correct the situation. I'll also post my contribution here and if the original comes back up I'll repost there unless somebody figures out how to merge the threads.
    My contribution this week is a picture of the Jose' Gasparilla a boat that takes over Tampa every spring with mucho beads and females flashing their lovelies to try and capture a few for themselves In keeping with a regular theme lately of birds in the post there are 10 birds in the rigging. Dennis
  11. Brought the camera this week. The light wasn't as good as the previous week and I needed to shoot at iso 500 most of the time but all in all the photos looked decent. One thing I learned is a 80-200 is way too long when shooting wakeboarding on an aps-c sized sensor. Next time I'll take the 35-70.
  12. So,could this thread be linked back to the Wednesdaypic thread?
  13. Ditto. I'm also having the problem.
  14. Wow, another great thread this week. Terrific pictures so far everyone. I finally have a picture to post again this week. The wind finally stopped blowing so I was able to get out and shoot some flowers. Nikon D80, 60/2.8AF, handheld at ISO400.
  15. Black-Crowned Night-Heron. Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, CA. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, 1/250s, f/2.8, ISO 280, matrix metered. I am also experiencing problems with the normal thread.
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  17. No doubt there's a dangling HTML tag or something that's messing up the rendering of that page. So, I'll join in and drop an image on this thread.

    A local landmark in Maryland, slated for re-development while preserving its Victorian-era architecture, just burned down. The Chestnut Lodge building was a several-story structure that started life as a hotel/resort outside of DC, and then became a famous psychiatric hospital for many decades. It's been empty for some years, and had a high Creepiness Factor. So, it has gone up in a blaze during the night, and I was photographing the fire crew knocking down some unstable chimney masonry over top of the still-smoking ruins.
  18. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    From one of the parks in downtown HCMC
  19. Nikon D100, 20mm f2.8 AF Nikkor D
  20. OK, guess I'll join in here. I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my ferns from last week. The weather has been very cold here. This past weekend I was finally able to get out on the lake in a kayak. This loon surfaced near me in the midst of a mayfly hatch. This was taken with a D300 with the 80-400 mm VR zoom at f7.1, 1/500 sec, iso 400, 400mm, handheld.
    Have a good day everyone!
  21. Guess this is the place to post this week...
    Great Heron Doug!
    I decided to try something different and pulled the film bag out of the freezer. I shot a roll last week and over the weekend developed the film in a basement darkroom that I built a few years back.
    This is a shot of the recently completed Trump Tower in Chicago shot from the 20th floor of a nearby building. It was a cool and foggy day as low clouds rolled in off of Lake Michigan.
    F5 Nikkor 24-120 G @ f/9 with Tri-X 400 and scanned Nikon Coolscan 5000.
  22. The thread has a life of its own. :)
  23. Great loon Dick! Every summer we travel to norther Wisconsin where I take at least 200 photos of those marvelous loons. I love their calls!
  24. Ah!The usual posters have found their way into this thread,shall we call it the wednesdaypic24Xtended?
    This is my post for the week,shot in pitch darkness even as the spotlight was focused on the dancer for a fleeting moment.
  25. Great loon, Dick. You're a brave man, hauling your gear out on a kayak!
  26. Nikon D3, 24-70 (31mm), 1/100th f3.5 iso 3200
  27. my shot this week was taken on sunday afternoon. it's a place called Talacre in north wales and is not too far from where i live (about 30/40 minute drive). shortly after this was taken the heavens opened and i got soaked.
    D200, Sigma 10-20mm, b&w ND-110 filter. 60 secs @ f/16.
  28. Might as well post here while I have time. Pic was taken in my backyard. Hope you all enjoy!
    Eric - Love your macro flower shot
    Susan - Great portrait
  29. OK, I''ll try here too...
  30. D300, 24-70 @ 70mm, ISO 200, SB-900 bounced from ceiling, 1/60@f/4
  31. This image was taken with a Nikon D300, 200-400mm f4 VR lens @400mm + TC-14EII teleconverter. ISO 400, f8 @ 1/640 sec. I used the Live View mode and I manually focused using the playback zoom in button on the back of the camera. I zoomed in on the building, as this was what I wanted to be the sharpest. I used a camera release and a sturdy tripod to minimize camera shake. This image was taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC, and it is the Biltmore House. Thanks for Looking
  32. Great images as always. Here's one from a recent trip to Las Vegas.
  33. D700 with 55mm f/3.5 Micro Nikkor, 1/125th @ f/5.6. Quite heavily Photoshopped.
  34. D200, 17-55 AFS - Shot on Monday.
  35. Wow! I hope that our usual thread recovers quickly from its maladies! :)
    Lots of nice shots here, but I particularly like Robert's Band, Gary's Lighthouse, and Colin's Lemon (nice blue background).
    Looking forward to seeing all of today's submissions!
  36. Belize City, Belize ............ D200 ... 18-200mm .... shot out the car window.
  37. My favorites (all of them, really, but...): Chris C, excellent PP; Doug Santo, great details and DOF and color; Matt, the sunlight through the windows and the smoke is wonderful; Eric C, it glows!; Wayne C, alleys are fascinating; Richard A, camera in a kayak?!; Gary M, love everything about it; Adey, even the donuts are flashy in Vegas; Jose, handsome torero; Per-Christian, funny how the other dancers are oblivious to her; Ton, strong composition; Hamish, expert lighting and great perspective; Matthew B, I got a thrill just looking at the glider; Jens, great painterly effect; Aaron B, wecome! excellent tones; Justin W, hope you saved the paintings; Jim I, I love the composition.
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