Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #52

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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
    Hi, this is probably the most know marble statue in the spanish Nativity scenes... the caganet. Yes, it`s simply a man doing his "private things" in front of the other statues. It looks to come from the catalonian tradition.
    Any Nativity scene worth its salt must have this doll. If not, there will be always somebody asking... "hey, where is the caganet?"
    Taken with the D700 and the "wide angle micro Nikkor" as sometimes is called the 28/2.8AiS, 14bit RAW, 3200ISO, f4 - 1/30sec. Ugly light conditions, hand held.
    Please post your favourite pic if you like, taken with Nikon gear. Thank you.
  2. MERRY WeDNeSDaY everybody!
    We are here again and this thread gives me a very good opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope all of you get all the Nikon toys you want!
    Also thank you moderators for having to work even during the holidays… :)
    Thanks a lot to those who mentioned my shot from last week and again thank you for sharing with us your fabulous work!
    This is a very simple snap shot of what I thought was a beautiful castle…. it turned out to be the Vienna City Hall…. To be honest I am not 100% sure so if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me…
    I was surprised about the light. This was a very sunny day and the shot was taken around 2 pm. The light was very soft and it looked liked if it was early evening. The whole day was like that and it was really good for photography! I guess it is just Winter light but it is completely different to what I am used to in Japan.
    time to see some pictures! Cheers!
  3. Orchard Beach in winter
    Who goes to a beach in winter on a day when it’s brutally cold? I do.
    Just no time to get out and shoot these days. It dark before 5 PM. That pretty muck kills weekdays after work and weekends are just so busy with 4 kids and the holidays coming at warp speed. I drove past the beach on the way to a client call and I remembered some good shots from the beach taken during the winter. The angle of the sun this time of year produces some strong colors. Photos on clear sunny winter days have a special look to them.
    For some reason this one has become the most viewed photo I have on photo net.
    Here’s a folder with a number of winter beach shots:
    Nikon D300 AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AT 18MM
    Aperture-priority AE, 1/8,000 sec, f/3.5, ISO 800, Compensation: -1
    (what happens when you don’t reset the camera settings from a previous situation)

    next week to end the year and for the Holidays I'm posting my family Christmas card photo.
  4. Happy WeDNeSDaY! On Sunday I decided to take a walk the beach. The sun was setting when I finished so I pulled the camera out of the car and shot this. No enhancement only a slight crop.
  5. Morning everyone and a Merry Christmas to all on the forum.
    My shot this week is another from my trip up to the lakes last week.
    D700, 135mm f2.8 series E. 1/250 sec @ f/8, iso 500.
  6. Merry Christmas Everybody! May you all get for Christmas something inspiring for another year of outstanding photography.
    Many thanks to Homer Arment, Richard Karash and Alejandro Held for very kind comments on my photo last week.
    My photo today is a bit different to what I usually submit, but why not to change things a little. I had a good time playing with it.
    Nikon D700, 85mm F/1.8, ISO 200, 1/125s f/8
  7. This little critter posed nicely for me earlier this week. After spending a very silent 20 min on my belly when it went to ground, this Australian echidna began to move around again, beginning by checking out the vegetable garden.
    Best Wishes for the festive season to all on!!
  8. Camping under the stars....
    Week # 52 = 1 year = First anniversary of this thread = Success!!!!!. Congrats
  9. Happy Wednesday all of you! Looks like René has made it to Europe safe and sound in the end.
    Thank you Shane Srogi and Per-Christian Nielsen for you kind comments.
    It's almost Christmas - only today at the office still (and it's veeeerrrry quiet), and tomorrow evening is the time we celebrate in Germany. After that, it's some bliss and offline for me. :)
    For today, this is a catch from the local Christmas market: taken with D700 and 70-200/2.8 at ISO 1600:
    Merry Christmas, or happy Holidays - whatever culture you're celebrating in - to all of you. Get well into the New Year and may all that you hope for come true.
  10. Camping under the stars....
    Week # 52 = 1 year = First anniversary of this thread = Success!!!!!. Congrats
  11. Jose - is the thread a year old this week
    congrats on the anniversity
  12. Good morning all
    It's been quite ectic the last weeks and I haven't been able to post anything in this awsome thread.
    camera info: D700 | 50 f/1.4 AF-D | f/2 | 1/60s | ISO100 handheld
    strobist info: YN460 in a DIY softbox, camera left and above subject, minimum power. Triggered with Cactus V4
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  13. Hello all
    He is my 8 years old nephew Andres. He doesn't like having his picture taken. But last Sunday he was absorbed by the TV. He was watching Oliver Twist, the 2005 Roman Polanski version. He enjoys suffering a lot!
    D300 + 18-200 VR @200 mm - 1/10 - f 5.6 - ISO 640
  14. On Saturday mornings, in Hyde Park, these child size chess pieces become the pawns in players' hands entertaining passers by. Nikon D700 1/250 f8 70-200 f2.8 @200mm
  15. Good morning and Merry Christmas everybody.[​IMG]
    Sunrise on MacKenzie Bay, D300, 18-70.
  16. Christmas is coming, so Merry Pre-Pre-Christmas to everybody!!
    Last week we suffered a severe snow storm in Belgium. It caused lot of problems (myself almost crashed my car a few times) and it brought an amazing cold. What is also annoying is that except for one morning the sky has been always gray. Luckily that morning is when I went out early and despite the -10C to -6C temperature, I took some shots. Here is one (really would need to be seen very large).

    IJzerenleen in the snow (Mechelen, BE)
    D700. AFS50/1.4G, f/7.1, ISO200
  17. Jose Angel: I thought it was a Catalonian tradition Only. They are very funny and you can get them in the incarnation you prefer. From Obama to the Pope, King Juan Carlos or Messi. No VIP person is safe in Spain from being depicted like that. I used to buy the Caganer de xocolata in Girona and after Xmas we eated it. (by the way, yours would benefit from a jar of Activia, I think )
    First Year? I thought this thread has many years running
    Saludos, gracias por iniciar cada semana y Feliz Navidad !!
  18. Aguinaldo, Joseph, actually the wednesday pic is on his second year... the first post I have recorded was in september 17th, 2008 (link). I remember Juanjo... he had loads of Nikons. Renè was looking for his pic...
    I try to remember that there were previous "Casual conversations" threads about what turned to the current wed pics, but I cannot find them.
  19. First of all, I want to thank those who noticed my picture last week (Tiffany, Uzay,Rene'). Recently , passing by some noisy guis (birds), I take this picture, with D300+ 70-300VR at 280mm, ASA 200 , 1/320, F9 :
  20. Alejandro, yes, I think so. It`s catalonian, but can be found on most Christmas markets in spain. I have already noticed that catalonians say caganer. Many people say caganet, but looks to be wrong. Thanks!
    This "personalization" of caganers looks to be something recent, this guys are crazy!! Caganers advertisment. (*ou*ube video, Hill*ry Clint*n, Fid*l C*stro and Qu**n Eliz*b*th from minute 1:43 on).
  21. Detail of ice over Kopinsalmi, in Taipalsaari.
  22. Taken a couple of years ago. You just know it isn't going to turn out good for him!
    I will take this opportunity to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone at PN.
  23. Happy holidays, everyone!
    Aguinaldo... I can't help mentioning yours. Wonderful, as always.
    My entry is just a snapshot of "after the mess". The speed and mobility of this army was impressive.
  24. Merry Christmas!
    this was (carefully!) 'handheld' with my new D700, not my finest piece of art but today im just going for fun and i like the twinkling lights!!
    nikon 28-200 G (Very sharp!!) f/13 4 seconds ISO 200
  25. Happy Holidays to all.....
    D700 + 600mm + TC14EII
    ISO 800
    f 5.6
  26. This 50-year-old Santa was my late mother's favorite ornament so he still gets a place of honor—even though he's a bit the worse for wear. He has a creepy Frankenstein look going with that green light on his face, but that's probably just his quirky sense of humor. (Maybe trying to scare off a caganet.)
  27. Happy WedNEsDAy evryone.
    From all of me to all of You, Merry Christmas
    My grandchildren gave those two to my wife and me last year, maybe they think that we look like that at this time of the year.
  28. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from Austin, TX! I'm visiting family for the holidays and don't have access to my regular computer, so will have to post a shot from last week. Thanks to Richard Karash and his suggestion of Helicon software for photostacking to increase DOF. This is a result of two photos stacked. Worked out pretty well I thought, especially since the damsel fly was moving around a bit trying to get some of the dew off. It is the helpful people who have made this forum so great, not to mention the talent of the photographers. Thanks to everyone who offers help and guidance, especially to newbies like myself. It is much appreciated! (D90/Sigma 150)
  29. hbs


    Merry [almost] Christmas Everyone:

    Here's a shot at a farm just up the street taken with my new Sigma 10-20mm that I got for my birthday yesterday.

  30. Hello Wdayers,
    Nikon D700+180 2.8 @ 2.8 1/1000 ISO 800
  31. Greetings everyone! It's been a couple of weeks for me, due to my travels (w/o a camera I might add), but I did manage to stop by a couple of times and check out the various postings. If memory serves me correctly, my two favorites during this time were, Monika's "Film Noir" from two weeks ago - GREAT telling of a story, one w/ any number of beginnings and endings and then Jeannean's amazing spider web from last week. I am in awe of both of your abilities! This weeks photo is from my Christmas Village. For those of you familiar w/ Dept 56, these are from the "Snow Village" collection. This is part of a much larger display that I have been collecting for many years and it is the first time in 5 years that it has been set-up for the Holidays. Seasons Greetings to one and all and I can't wait to see how this day unfolds.
  32. Thanks to Dan South for welcoming me with a compliment last week! Today's contribution is from a first birthday party on Saturday for a set of triplets who belong to some friends of ours. If I had it to do again, I'd use a little fill flash, but such is life.
  33. I saw this seagull on the beach a couple of days ago while walking my dogs. It reminded me that we don't live forever and that we should make the best of the time we have.
  34. This was taken yesterday from literally right outside my front door we have a pond about the size of a football field a 20 yards from out front door. We get all kinds of birds and excitment. I noticed he was playing with his food. He continued to toss it around for another 20 min before he walked away still playing with it. It is the first time I have seen a woodstork eat a fish that big not sure if it is part of his regular cuisine. Wood stork eating a catfish.
  35. Let me say that all entries for last week were simply wonderful, and thanks to those that were kind enough to mention my feeble efforts. Please forgive the lack of commetary stage, as it is simply a lack of time, and not of admiration for the photos.
    Now to todays entry. Lots of air time these days, and this is a night shot taken on Saturday of the instrument panel of a Piper Meridian. The bright screens and dark corners made a five shot bracket necessary, and this is the result.
  36. I got to go this week to the NCAA Womens Finals as a fan. This is a shot from the stands about 1000 feet away from the action. This is Destiny Hooker the tournament MVP who is 6'5" tall with a 42" vertical. Amazing player to watch. I was amazed my pictures came out so good from a far. I smuggled my camera and long lens in two pieces under my coat. Good thing I didn't have a bomb. Merry Christmas to all. Nikon D3, Nikon 80-200 2.8D, 200mm, 1/1000s, ISO 6400
  37. I never print my photos. I would maybe print small for a family holiday or whatever, but not to hang. I have no photos of mine hanging in my house (expect, again for a snap shot or 2). This photo here is the first photo, in a little over 2 years of shooting, that I had printed at a large size, matted and framed~ first one ever. This was a huge deal for me. Happy Holidays and New Year to all :)
  38. Happy Wednesday and Happy Holidays everyone!
    Lil, Thanks for your last week comments.
    Here is my submission of the week - Catch of the day. Actually, the seagull stole this clam from another smaller bird - and got away with it
  39. My contribution this week, is just a wish for everyone - peace. No matter the holiday you celebrate, I hope it brings you peace, joy and laughter now and always.
    Nikon D300 50mm f/1.8 ISO 1600
  40. Hi!
    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
    My entry for the week,
  41. happy solstice!
  42. As we near the end of the year it can be said we have had a great year here on Thanks to this Wednesday Thread I have started to be a better photographer, but I still have a long way to go.
    I did this photo on the quick, I hadn't planned it. I was standing in Church and he walked in early to get his Bulletin and I just snapped him taking it. Kids were putting on a play and I was there to photograph the event.
    I love older peoples hands as they show so much character.
    To all that this applies I wish you a Merry Christmas to others I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  43. [​IMG] Peace on earth and Merry Christmas. This is a no post-processing image. In camera multiple exposure of Christmas Tree lights while moving the camera around using a slow exposure. D300 set on 4 multiple exposures.
  44. Pools closed for winter :( and my son loves to swim.
  45. Sunrise behind the back gate after our recent 26-inch snowfall. The wreath's white dressing was shortly disturbed by squirrels looking for breakfast.

    Had no trouble waking up before dawn to shoot - a good snow storm still makes me feel just like a little kid. Merry Christmas to everyone (and thanks Jose making me research the word "caganet").
  46. Merry Christmas everyone. Picture of one of my great-granddaughters taken with Nikon D300, Tamron 17-50 f?2.8 lens.
  47. Season's greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all, and best wishes to all of us for a Happy New Year
  48. I was cleaning out a room to get ready for remodeling and came across some old prints. Jose Angel’s photo from a couple weeks ago inspired me to post this. The photo shows Lesley and I at Lamarck Col in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This is the final leg of a six-day trip across the sierras in August 1991. We started at Courtwright Reservoir near Clovis and finished at North Lake near Bishop. Lamarck Col is on the main crest of the sierras at 12,900 feet. The col is a pass on an arête ridge that separates Darwin canyon on the west from the North Lake watershed on the east. Mt. Darwin (left) and Mt. Mendel are visible in the background; upper portions of the Darwin pocket glacier are also visible. The rock is Cretaceous granite. Metamorphosed roof pendants of Paleozoic sedimentary rock are located throughout the area, though not visible here. Contact metamorphic zones are of economic interest. The Pine Creek Tungsten Mine is located a couple miles north. The Pine Creek Mine was the largest domestic producer of tungsten during the WWII/Korea era. This photo was taken about a year before we were married. We’ve been married for 17 years now, still going strong.
    The photo was taken with a Nikon N4004 with a 50/1.8 lens. I think this was one of the first auto focus Nikons that included a matrix metering system and in-camera software for auto exposure control. If memory serves, it was called the “Decision Master” system. I don’t remember any other particulars of the camera or photo. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone.
  49. A merry Christmas to all Pnet users from the West of Scotland. My hometown in yesterdays snow.
    Nikon D80 Prime 28mm f/2.8. F/8 3 secs ISO 100 -2/3 EV compensation on tripod.
  50. Merry Wednesday my dear colleagues,

    I want to send my special thanks to Dear Lil Judd and Rene' Villela for their great words to my post last week.

    Christmas and end of year are -really- party times in Suriname. My photo taken at famous local beer brand Parbo's last night party of 2009. Seems I'm too old in the middle of crowded young people. This one little earlier while young lady waiting for start. Lights on ceiling were traveling every where of the place. Almost untouched frame, except converting from NEF to jpg in Capture NX2. Hope you like it and many cheers you to all.

    I wish Merry Christmas to you all and your families, may you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true. Regards,

  51. Between cleaning, food making, and all the other tasks that are common when preparing for Christmas, I suddenly realise it is Wednesday again!
    This time, a part of a back lit ice sculpture, taken in Lillehammer, host for the Olympic Winter Games 1994!
    Merry Christmas everybody!
  52. Merry Christmas!
    To Jeannean Buglady. My dog was mesmerized by the “Hibiscus Reflection” you posted last week. It was an inspired work of art. Here he is studying it on my laptop (which I now have to share with him).
    I will be back later to pick my favourite five, which quickly becomes my top ten and then turns into my fabulous fifteen and then …
  53. Taken on vacation in St. Thomas.
    Nikon D80, 18-70mm.
    I'm back to the snow now, though!
  54. Good morning everyone and Merry Christmas to all.
    Today's image is called "GLORY WINDOW" and was taken at Thanksgiving Square Chapel in Dallas, Texas. This is part of a 60-foot spiral ceiling filled with stain glass. A wonderful place to shoot. On Christmas Eve this is the location for Tuba Christmas where Christmas carols will be played on tubas. There will be several hundred participants and it is worth attending. Again, Merry Christmas to all.
  55. May a Gold Box be Under Your Christmas Tree!
    D300s with Tokina 100mm 2.8 Macro lens at f/3, 1/60 sec at ISO 800.
  56. 3sh


    Another wednesday and indeed the first anniversary one. Happy anniversary to the forum and all the frequent posters as well as happy holidays and Merry Christmas. This week my contribution is again from stone zoo, ma. I was observing this majestic animal for nearly one hour and following its behavior, finally I got it. Through a glass window, dodging the reflections, lets see what you think.
    70-300VR at 270mm, 1/125s, f/5.6, Nikon D300.
  57. Finally got our snow this week in northern Ontario!!!! Nothing better than red cheeks and runny noses! This is my son enjoying the snow and warmer temperatures! Hope they stay for our Boxing Day tradition of sledding! Merry Christmas to all! I am sorry for the previous post..I think I have it :)
  58. [​IMG]
    D70s SB-800 Bounced Flash 80mm 1/60 f/5.6
    Merry Christmas to all!
    It's hard for some people to relax during the holidays.
  59. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/500th
    55-200 VR @ 200mm, f/5.6
  60. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    My submission this week is from Enchanted Village in Boston. Out of the camera/memory card no PP, just resizing for the post here.
    Nikon D90
    Tamron 17-50mm
    48mm - ISO 1600
    1/30s - f/3.5
    Center Weighted Metering
    Ray G
  61. A little Christmas angel.
  62. As ever, some truly stunning contributions here. It's an institution…

    After much reading up and mulling over, I managed - for once - to let my nearest and dearest know that this year I would love a new lens. Due to a lack of available internet stock at sensible prices (and a desire to document this holiday for my daughter, who is currently travelling) I ended up buying it myself yesterday, for a miniscule premium, at a local camera store. So, I had to test it, obviously. My first shot, (cropped) is appended.

    Merry Christmas and/or Season's Greetings to all!
  63. Merry Christmas WedNEsDAy posters
    ISO 100
    f8 10.00 s
  64. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays from the sunny South Coast in California!
    Many thanks to Jose Angel for initiating the marvelous Wednesday Pics every week of the year and to all who participate by posting their wonderful images from all over the world.
    Felt a bit like playing yesterday and got to use my newest toy - Nikon R1 macro flash. Nikon D200 with Sigma 150/2.8, f/14, 1/60s, ISO200.
  65. Happy Holidays to all. I have really enjoyed another year of WedNEsDAys. At this time of year I like to play around with long exposures around dusk or a little after - plenty of lights to see. Here is a self-portrait on one of my driving tours of the city lights. (yes, I was parked for this one...)
  66. Egret patrolling the golf links at Spanish Bay for mice. And I thought they only ate fish! Nikon D300, 18-200mm Nikkor zoom.
  67. Happy Holidays to and Nikon Wednesday.
  68. Merry Christmas everyone! I'm a bit later than usual today as I'm on the road and haven't had a chance to post before now. Here's a wintery picture I took on Sunday afternoon while out on a cross country ski trip. It was -12 degrees C, completely no wind and not a soul to see. Taken just as the sun was setting in the background, behind the trees.
    D300 and 105mm f2.8 VR @ f3.2, ISO 200, 1/80s
  69. Happy Holidays to All!. This weeks contribution was taken in warmer days at the Flying Circus in Bealeville, VA.
    Nikon D90, 18-200 VR at 200 mm, handheld, f16, 1/1000.
  70. Merry Christmas, everyone!
    This was on our Christmas card this year. Had fun playing with a new flashgun softbox and reflector and, of course, our daughter.
  71. Merry Christmas everyone! Nice pictures this week. I haven't done so much shooting, but last week the weather cooled down and there were some good days to shoot. I still haven't really got around to processing the photos, but here's one depicting a rather tranquil morning in -20 C morning and sun rising.
  72. Shot with D700 + 85mm PCE (f5.6; ISO800; 1/60s)
    Merry Christmas everybody!
    Christmas Shopping
  73. Monika... that's right! Let's see!?
    - After 9 hours waiting at my local airport due to snow!
    - An over night stay in Seoul for missing my connecting flight to Prague.
    - A flight to the wrong city (Frankfurt)!
    - An 8 hours drive on frozen streets and snowy weather!
    YES! I finally made it! That is the joy of traveling!
    Jose.... WOW! It's been a long while! The thread really turned around! I wonder what ever happened to Juanjo?? I never see him around anymore!
  74. Today's wasn't shot by me. It was sent to me by a Canadian friend who lives in Ottawa. Shot with a Nikon D700.
    Ottawa Christmas lights. Copyright 2009 by Dr. Tom Muhlstein
  75. Happy Wednesday again every one!
  76. Hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas around the world. Nikon D300 with Nikon 200-400mm f4.0 lens. Image details, f11 @ 1/200 second, ISO 200. Shot at 400 mm.
  77. Here is a shot I took from my car on the way to a bike show. As you can see I quickly got his "permission" for the shot. I thought he epitomizes the look of a laid back Harley Guy enjoying his ride. I shot this with a D300 18-200 at 18mm, s: 1/1000, iso; 200. Hope you enjoy. I know I enjoy looking at everybody's great shots on Wednesday. Have a very safe and Happy New Years to everyone!!
  78. Ornaments of the Christmas tree here at home. Happy Holidays everyone!
  79. Nikon D3 with 24-70mm lens ISO 2000 HDR 5 exposures
    QuickSilver the Persian Cat surveys the Christmas scene at The Edge.
  80. I simply wish to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas with all that you wish & can dream of. All I wish is for the Police to retrieve my Sigmonster, tripods, Wimberley & Markins heads..... Car is repaired..... But my heart aches for my equipment. At this time - not looking forward to Christmas, but have to pull myself together for our daughter...
    Merry Christmas everybody or if more appropriate Seasons Greetings and this thread is as always filled with wonderful shots.
    Lil :)
  81. My Christmas offering. Merry Christmas.
  82. Merry WedNEsDAy & Happy Holidays to everyone!
    Such a beautiful collection of photos again! This one was taken in a car speeding at 100 km/h, heading towards X-mas. Frost on a car side-window seemed like a good place test the lens. (And don't worry, I wasn't driving.)
    Fuji S5 Pro + Micro Nikkor 85mm 1:3.5G VR (@ f/3.8, 1/160 sec, ISO 2000)
  83. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my Nikon friends. In keeping with the holiday theme, here's a shot from the Holiday Boat Parade in Ft Lauderdale, FL (missed this year's parade, so shot from last year). I do miss the cold weather a little since I grew up in "NuYawk", but glad I didn't get stuck in two feet of snow they got last week. We have a saying down here in Florida, "You don't have to shovel heat".
  84. Merry Christmas to all!!
    A tradition in Winterhaven [one of the older neighborhoods in Tucson, AZ] for 60 years has been the "Festival of Lights" during the holidays. This last weekend, we joined thousands of others to enjoy the holiday cheer. Here's one of the pics I rather liked. Post processing in Lightroom 3 Beta, which did a nice job of handling the noise.
  85. Have a safe and wonderful holiday
  86. Calico California.
    Happy Holidays!!!
  87. The Blizzard of 2009 provided some memorable family photos, especially with Ruby, our American Pit Bull Terrier. D700 & Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D @35mm. Imported into LR2 and just cropped
  88. Happy Holidays...
  89. Joyeux Noel...
  90. Hello Everyone..
    Took this picture at the Basement Jaxx concert last week.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!
  91. bms


    Merry Holiday Season everyone. Just took this shot in our hospital cafeferia - each year, one of their staff makes an extravagant Gingerbread village . I think this year it is particularly cute.
    I'll be back later to take a closer look.
    On a side note, I apologize for last weeks image. After it look Ok on my Mac in the morning darkness, looking at it on a regular monitor it is terribly underexposed.
  92. Fun portrait session out in the cold, with one trooper of a model! D700, 24-70/2.8 at f/4.0, 1/100 sec, ISO 200. Tungsten WB. Two strobes: SB-800 camera right, shoot-thru umbrella, gelled with a full CTO and a 1/4 CTO. SB-600 camera left, full CTO.
  93. Christmas cactus decided to bloom this year. Merry Christmas all.
    D700, 24-70/2.8 @ 62mm, 1/2s, f/16 ISO 200
  94. A very happy christmas to all!
    Nikon D300, Nikkor-P 105 f/2.5 @ F/4, 1/250, ISO800, no post-processing and some really weird colour-shift throughout the frame.
  95. Beautiful contributions this week as always. Sankha, that cat image is fantastic - great colour and wonderful timing with patience. Rick, I love the dog shot.
    My image his week isn't at all about Christmas but is of the Battle of Britain Memorial in Kent, UK. Shot on an FM with a 50mm f1.8 I have been enjoying a return to the basics.
  96. So I have come to the conclusion that I need dual screens to be able to give some decent reviews for all these wonderful pictures.
    A few that really stood out to me:
    Gej Jones: wonderful opportunity well used!
    Matthew Brennan: you have a lot of patience! Great result
    Alejandro Heldl: great lighting!
    Jeannean Buglady: beautiful Macro!
    Jennifer Meighan: Wow! wonderful window shot for sure!
    Doug Santo: Great landscape! Weren't you cold in those shorts?
    Greg Kowalczewski: beautiful dog and picture!
    James Kazan: absolutely wonderful "cityscape" Where is this?
    Andrew Kass: really describes the "biker" personality very well!
    Raaj Kovintha: great Xmas mood shot
    Rick Larkin: really makes me miss living in the "snow belt" with our dog
    Merry Xmas to all!
  97. Happy Holidays.
  98. Pfff... I told my self I'd limit my selection to only three images...
    It's so hard, lots of good photos.

    So, some of the best IMHO:
    Jana Hughes, good job, I like the toning.
    Pedro Cardoso, great use of bokeh.
    Paul V. Gorky , i just love the red color scene has.
    Jennifer Meighan , it's always good to see photo in large format, especially if it's yours photo!
    Lawrence Ho , this lenses are so great, and you used them very good to get really interesting photo.
    Don Harper , so idyllic scene, vise use of HDR. I would saturate little bit more, bat no matter.

    I must of course say thanks to all of you who noticed my photo last week. It's inspiring to be noticed between so many photos. Thank you!

    Now, finally, the photo! :)
    We had heavy snow fall last Sunday, combined with very low temperatures on Sunday (-22C), and of course I went out to shoot. :) So I made this panorama, combined of 8 vertical shots. D80 Sigma 10-20, at 10mm, hand held. Made panorama in Microsoft ICE.
    Size of photo that this forum allows is not very flattering for over 180 degrees panorama, so I'll include link to bigger one, if you would like to see it. Thanks for your time and merry Christmas!
  99. Lil! Are you serious!? I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope your gear is recovered and you can enjoy your Christmas.
  100. Everybody
    Great News!!!!
    An Officer just called me. He's an undercover policeman with the LAPD.
    With my help of where to locate the serial # etc - he knew exactly where to look.
    He has my equipment - - they have two suspects in custody.
    My equipment is in the hands of the LAPD - sounds like I'm getting the equipment back later today.
    Everybody - -
    Ross & I are so touched over all the support & help I've received. From Adam on FM who located it on Craigs List to everyone who offered help with equipment to Jimmy who sent in the message to the tip line for LAPD
    Thank you everyone - -
    It's going to be a great Christmas after all.
  101. It was so nice to hear that, Lil.
    Merry Christmas to All Nikonians :)
  102. Congrats Lil!
    I'd like to think my photo captures the "spirit" of christmas.
    Taken with a D80 and one SB-28 flash triggered off camera to the left through a paper towel for diffusion and the blue plastic bag the ice came in to add a cooling color cast... Edited in aperture 2.
  103. Congrats Lil!
    I'd like to think my photo captures the "spirit" of christmas.
    Taken with a D80 and one SB-28 flash triggered off camera to the left through a paper towel for diffusion and the blue plastic bag the ice came in to add a cooling color cast... Edited in aperture 2.
  104. Knowing that I will be unable to get back later and comment...............those photos that captured a bit more of my interest this week are:
    Gej - Beautiful sunset.
    Gary McGhee - Love the reflection and the way fences and road lead you to explore the picture.
    Jana - Well done. Are you going to go for the whole court?
    Aquinaldo - You make me want to go camping. The pop of blue against the black really makes this standout.
    Jeannean- Love it! the added DOF, really helps.
    Jennifer- Beautiful shot. I know how you feel about seeing your shot enlarged and framed. Just went thru the same feeling w/ one of my own this autumn.
    Sankha- Well worth the wait, you nailed the shot!
    Tiffany- I think this is one of the most adorable "Christmas Cards" that I have seen. Your kids look soooooooo precious.
    Filip- For a handheld 8 exposure panorama, that is beautiful shot. Nicely done.
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.
  105. Wow Lil thats great news. I had $14,000.00 worth of Nikon gear stolen from my Truck 18 months ago. My brand new D3. I know how you feel. Nothing of mine was recovered. I still haven't recovered. Great Christmas pics today. I love them all. Have to say Ricks dog was the cutest.
  106. Wow Lil, that is GREAT news! Christmas did come early for you this year. Can't wait to see more of your amazing photos!!
  107. I'm glad to hear you are getting your photo gear back Lil, and your experience reminds me that I don't have a list of all my serial numbers in one place. I think I will take this opportunity to correct that oversight.
    Happy holidays to all.
  108. This is my first contribution to "Nikon Wednesday." This image was captured a few weeks ago, just before the winter weather started visiting us in the northeast. I had given myself a photo assignment at the National Aviary, and afterward I discovered a wonderful hidden park with a group of trees still shedding their bright yellow leaves. Equipment: Nikon D90 and Nikkor 18-55mm lens with some pp in Lightroom 2.[​IMG]
  109. Happy Holidays everyone! This is also my first post to "Nikon Wednesday." Here's a picture of Radnor Lake State Natural Area in some early morning fog.
    I love everyone's photos!
  110. Our back yard (with a little help from PS) after the big snow a few days ago ...
    Tom M
  111. N80+ 50/1.8 on Delta 400.
  112. D90 48MM f1/14 Shutter 1/250 iso200 Aperture mode
  113. Paxtang Cemetery, Harrisburg. Nikon D50. Tokina 12-24 F4 (IF) DXII, at 12mm, F/9, 1/125s. ISO 200. Converted to B&W in Photoshop Elements.
  114. Lil it's just great news, Merry Xmas.
  115. Merry Christmas/Buon Natale
  116. Lil,
    Very nice to hear your news. I do hope you get your stuff back soon, but such things sometimes take more time than we'd like because of the whole "evidence" thing. At least the two(?) dirtbags won't be having the Christmas they expected.
  117. Lil, fantastic news! Sometime good things DO happen to GOOD people. A Very Merry-ier (now) Christmas. Joe
  118. [​IMG] Ice skating, Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA D700, 24-70
  119. Great images! Here is my submission for this Wednesday. Not something I usually photograph, but the color in the sunset light was too tempting.
  120. Beautiful photos all!
    My contribution this week comes from Santa's visit to the east coast.
    D80 @ 1/125th sec f/18 32mm at ISO200
  121. Record December snowstorm in Maryland. Before sunrise the following morning.
    Merry Christmas!
  122. Merry Christmas to all!
    My favorite is Steve Lyon's jeep. Wonderful new Lil!
  123. Lil,
    That is truely great news ! It seems Christmas, of a sort, came early for you, this year.
    Remember, however, as George Carlin said, " It's just stuff " . I'm glad it wasn't a crime that hurt you or a family member.
  124. Great News Lil. Wish they would've found my stuff (Nov 08). The caught the guy but my equip & laptop were never recoverd.
  125. Great news, Lil... getting my stuff stolen would be nightmarish and more... have a great Christmas after all!
  126. Sanford,
    I have seen them eat all kinds of things. Fish, Ducklings, Turtles(baby ones), Snakes, Rats, you name it. They are not too picky. The ducklings are just wrong!
  127. Lovely Victorian homes John Harper, very nice.
  128. [​IMG]
    A little late, from my mother's 90th birthday party last Saturday: D700 35/2
  129. Happy Festivess and Happy
    Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #52

    Todays tradition is to gather with family and friends around the "aluminum pole" and engage in the "feats of strength"
    Here is a micro Nikkor photo of a little critter for this weeks contribution.
  130. Another image from my recent trip to Maui. Rock and surf were a big addictive magnet for photography, and I was looking for a different angle, something different from the big waves-crash-on-rocks images that are everywhere.
    I found it with my 10.5mm full-frame fisheye.
    My holiday greetings and best wishes to everyone!
  131. My backyard.......
  132. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I was so busy with the Jose to Matt transition in the last few days that I haven't posted an image to this week's thread.
    Here is another image from the Falklands: a pair of Silvery Grebes (Podiceps occipitalis) from Sea Lion Island.
    The equipment was a Nikon D300S at ISO 400 and a 200-400mm/f4 AF-S VR lens at 380mm. Since there are multiple animals, I stopped down to f8 to gain a bit of depth of field and still maintained an 1/800 sec shutter speed.
    Once again, happy holidays everyone.
  133. Lots of good stuff the past weeks. just wanted to submit anything after a bit of an absence. A little brook in a condo complex on the site of the old MGM backlot in Culver City.
  134. A crop of beautiful images. Here are the ones that have a particular appeal for me:
    © Gary McGhee -- the winter reflections are refined
    © Aguinaldo de Paula -- I like the mysterious blue light inside the tend combined with the light of the sunset
    © Alejandro Held -- you caught the moment very well
    © Kent Shafer -- interesting colors and light, and I like family heirlooms, perhaps because the century of wars, terror and emigration has left me with practically none
    © Harvey Serreze -- your snowy morning cheers me up, the sun and the shadows and the colors. Enjoy your new Sigma -- it's a good lens.
    © Uzay Ki?i -- a good capture, the geometry of the columns and steps really help.
    © Matt Laur -- a simple thing made beautiful with such a precise understanding of light!
    © Katrina Chickloski -- a great capture of the expression, the complexion of a child is right on target
    © James Kazan -- I like the colorful reflections.
    © Bryan Meadows -- look like the Monterey Plaza Hotel at Cannery Row in Monterey
    © Andrew Kass -- looks like you took this picture while driving! A great capture!
  135. Well I'm not going to do any commenting this week. I'm still far too tired after last week's experience... Just too much....
    I'm just going to say that this week's thread is wonderful as usual & congratulations to you all. :)
  136. Time for a couple of quickies.
    Aquinaldo P, beautiful sky shot, as usual.
    Sen C, Excellent Lion photo, thats about as close as you want to get.
    Jeannean B, beautiful.
    Rick D, good action shot, why did you have to smuggle the camera through ?
    Jennifer M, very nice Xmas card photo
    Greg K , only thing missing is a pair of glasses on his nose.
    Sanka H, very nice, well timed.
    James K, Just beautiful, and razor sharp as always. What lens ?
    Tiffany B, beautiful, as always.
  137. Hope you all had a truly Merry Xmas/Holidays. Such a beautiful collection photos again! The ten(ish) pics I liked the most for one reason or another are the photos by
    Jose Angel (weird stuff!), Gary McGhee (love the serenity), Jana Hughes (finely executed idea), Alejandro Held (great capture), Ilkka Nissila (beautiful detail), Jeannean Buglady (I just love your macros!), Tim Holte (truly a stopping image!), Bill J Boyd (beautiful!), Sankha Hota (after the xmas, I can really relate to that photo), Epp B (there's something truly calming in your photo!) & Tiffany Brook (looks like a fun session, and it shows!).
    Until tomorrow then!
  138. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Yes, until tomorrow.

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