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    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
    Hi all! After a long weekend I`m just arrived for the wed pic. Every week Hamish likes to post wonderful mountain pics, I`m green with envy looking at his activities, it seems to me that are close to what I used to do years ago.
    He is my climbing buddy and a good old friend, the portrait has been taken on a break during a one journey ski tour, at the end of the winter, sixteen years ago. He likes to wear all kind of hats because he use to have scalp burning issues... don`t ask me... he is not Afghan! :)
    Nikon FM2n loaded with Tri-X, I used to use D76 (diluted) and although I haven`t recorded it I believe it was a 35/2AiS. Scanned on a V750pro, slightly processed in NX2 + Ps.
    Please feel free to post your favourite pic if you like, taken with Nikon gear. Thank you all.
  2. The Rye Beach Pier at Twilight
    Recently I took a ride up Boston Post Road (US 1) to the Rye Beach Pier in Westchester. The sunset was OK but after the sun disappeared under the horizon, all the color came out. One shot was better than the next,
    I had my D300 with me. The camera just amazed me with its performance. It’s fantastic what it does with a little bit of light. Turned out to be a very productive shoot.. I think it was a case of right time, right place. This one was taken after all the light was gone and it was getting really dark. I held the camera against a light pole to stabilize it for the slow shutter. The lighting changed drastically over a 15 minute span resulting in very different photos
    There’s a view of the pier in here along with some more of the shots. It extends out from shore about 500 feet.
    Nikon D300 AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED at 18mm
    Program AE, 1/4 sec, f/3.5, ISO 160 Processed in NX2

    Only 15 shopping days till Christmas

  3. Another week went by! Happy WeDNeSDaY everyone!
    So let's see what today's trip around the World has to offer!
    I thought this would be a very interesting snap shot for our weekly thread!
    Thank you for participating and sharing! Cheers!
  4. Happy WedNEsDAy everybody.
    As Monty Python once said: "And now something completely different", at least from what you have seen from me this year.
    My image this time is taken last week, after a trip to the local art museum, where a young (at least my age! ;) ) photographer inspired me. He had taken a lot of photos with long exposure, and moved the camera. Of course, I had to try something like that!
    What a dull place the world had been if it wasn't for our photos!
  5. Uhmmmm! it doesn't wanna take my image!
  6. Hello everyone..
    I got this shot of a carousel on the South Bank over the weekend.
    Looking forward to the other photos this week!!
  7. Hello everyone..
    I got this shot of a carousel on the South Bank over the weekend.
    Looking forward to the other photos this week!!
  8. Rene: I'd like one of those too!
  9. typo - mine was at ISO 1600 not 160
  10. Rene' - nice bike - yours?
    Going through the archives and working up shots from the year, I ran across this one. Paris, Les Invalides, Dome Church - this is what the golden dome looks like from the inside. Napoleon Bonaparte sarcophagus sits directly under this dome. Nikon D200, 12-24/4, f4, ISO800, 5-exposure HDR, shot taken very close to sunset.
  11. Happy Wednesday everybody! (And please don't remind me about the countdown to Christmas...)
    Thank you, Dieter Schaefer, Walter Ryan, Ken Yamamoto, James Hart, Paul V. Gorky, René Villela, and Lil Judd, for your kind comments of last week.
    As Per-Christian said... something completely different: felt a bit explorish this week, and came out with this result. A bit of film noir, alas... Taken with D700, 24-70 2.8, f 3.2 on ISO 100 and 1.3 sec . Oh, and a bit of b/w conversion and some noise added.
  12. Thank you to Jose, René and Lil for commenting on my photo last week. My photo this week is from a session on Monday. These 3 children were incredibly fun to work with. I really liked their expressions in this one.
    Jose, good to see one of your shots from the great outdoors!
  13. Actually, Renè`s bike is a compensation for his broken TC... I suspect he is now happy.

    Monika... GREAT!
  14. Nice beginning of WedNEsDAy. I'm looking forward to see the rest of your great work ...
  15. I'm back home, well rested after a week's holiday on this island paradise in the South Pacific. Lord Howe Island, a World Heritage Site is close to 900km Nth East of the coast of Sydney Australia.
    This was my second trip to Lord Howe Island in 18 months. Same beautiful landscapes but a different time of year. This photo taken after hauling my small Gitzo tripod up a steep mountainside trail including some roped haul sections.
  16. Greetings, everybody! It's wonderful to go to bed here in California with your beautiful images on my mind, rather than the work I've been doing pretty late tonight.
    Again, no time even to look at my camera last week, so here is something from my archives: Burano, Italy, May 2009.
  17. D700 + AF-S 50mm f/1.4G, 14 bit RAW, ISO 800, f/4, 1/80s, EV - 0.7. Handheld. Postprocessed in Capture NX2.
  18. Hi all,
    I'm taken this photo two weeks ago. The weather was rainy and foggy. I'm hold the camera in my hands not on a tripod. Shutter speed was 1 second, lens set F1.8 Film is Ilford Pan F 100 ASA. Development Perceptol 1+1. I'm not crop the negative but my scanner Epson 4490 is cropped automaticly. This is the original scanned version. Camera is Nikon FM2, lens Nikon 50mm F1.4
    Happy wednesday...
    Best wishes from Ankara / Turkey.
  19. Jose... I have to agree with hamish! Very nice to see a shot out of your real life! :)
    Per-Christian... Really? Do you want one of them? No problem! Give me your mail add and I will send it to you! Do you want in in RAW or JPG format? :)
    Dieter... Are you joking? In case you don't know I'm unemployed! I can't afford one! Besides I'm a Honda rider (Honda Transalp).
    I just wanna add: I saw that bike at this lake north of Prague and as soon as I saw it I thought about the WeDNeSDaY thread but then I forgot about it. I saw it yesterday so I used it here today. Also, even though I call it a snapshot it was very difficult. I don't know how many frames I took. The problem being my D300 over exposing reds and yellows so it was so hard to get a good exposure with the bright nikon yellow and the dark tires.
  20. Hello All
    This girl was in a stand in San Telmo's Antiques Market a few Sundays ago.
    D300 + 18-200 VR @44 mm - 1/80 - f16 - ISO 400
  21. Jose, Dieter, Monika, great shots.
    Thanks to all who commented on my flooded car park shot a couple of weeks ago. I missed last week due to me not having anything new to post. It's the same this week so this shot is from October when i went to Anglesey for a short break with my kids.
    D700, 200mm f/4 @ f/5.6, 1/1250 sec, iso 200.
  22. [​IMG]
    D700+Samyang 85 1.4
  23. Hamish, are you laughing about my photo??? Or is José your target?
  24. Hi all,
    Good morning, good evening and good night...
    Here is my contribution to this Happy Wednesday.
    Nikon D300 and 70-300 mm VR @ 300 mm, ISO 400, 1/200, f/7...
  25. [​IMG]
    Fukuoka, Japan. In Japan, children walk to school and back home all alone - at any age. The yellow color of the umbrella indicates Kindergarten
  26. [​IMG]
    Antwerp Station, Nikon 35ti, Coolscan V, Fuji Pro400H and Photoshop
  27. hbs


    Good Morning:

    Last Sunday after our first snow, I caught this Eastern Bluebird perched near our birdfeeder. This shot was taken through a window and I didn't have time to reduce the ISO to a lower value for fear he'd fly off. Consequently I had to apply some noise reduction using NeatImage.

  28. London's Hyde Park in December from above. I used my F3 and 36-72mm Series E zoom and film was Fuji Superia 400.
  29. Happy WedNesDAy!
    I want to thank everyone for their kind comments last week. This week my photo was a quick grab from the car while driving home from work this week. Because of traffic, I couldn't take more than one quick shot.
    D5000 + VR 55-200 F4-5.6G @55 mm - 1/40 - f4 - ISO 1600
  30. In keeping with the "something different from me" theme, I decided to post this photo taken early Saturday morning of ICE. First freeze we've had in a couple of years and ice covered pretty much everything. This is a 1:1 macro shot of a red bougainvillea flower (actually the center and one petal). Wish I was better at photo stacking, since DOF is so narrow, but you get the idea. Temps were 32 Sat morning and by Sunday, back to mid/upper 70's, which is more normal for our area (south Texas). The bougainvillea is now an ugly dead maroon color, but it'll be back before too long. Taken with D90/Sigma 150. 1/200/5.6/ISO 200 (not the best setting...but was still half asleep :)
  31. D90 50MM Aperture Mode ISO 200 Exposure 4s F/11
  32. Monika, no, I'm not laughing about your photo! Your shot is fabulous!! I was laughing at Jose's comment about René getting a motorbike as compensation for his damaged TC. He damaged it a few weeks ago while taking a photo for the WedNEsDAy thread, so he insisted that Jose (or should replace it for him... Quite funny I thought :)
  33. Igor Smirnoff... Yes! All the kids walk to school and back home alone since the 1st grade (age 6). But the girl in your shot is NOT a kindergardener! She is already in elementary school (1st to 6th grade) The yellow umbrella and a yellow rain cover of the backpack (Which she is not carrying now) ndicates she is an elementary school student. Also the back pack is made of leather and they use only one from 1st grade to the 6th. It cost as much as a good Nikon lens
  34. Hamish, my remark was just one with a raised eyebrow... :))) With all these postings, nobody knows where the reference is, it seems. But I do agree with the TC situation - can I claim something too, just in case? *innocentlook*
  35. Bathroom accessories, circa 1839, home of Alexander Macleay, his wife Eliza and children. Nikon D700 28-70mm f3.5 zoom. 1/125 f5.6 @70mm
  36. Good Morning! There is a blizzard here! It's beginning to look like the season. This is a local B&B. Taken with the D300, 18-200mm VR zoom at f3.5, 1/25sec, iso 1600, 18 mm, handheld.
    Have a great week!
  37. Our son and doggies during one of his treasured visits here (Detroit) from his home in Minneapolis.
  38. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    Here is my contribution from Thanksgiving Five Mile Race. It was cold Thanksgiving morning, everyone was wearing jackets/sweatshirt etc... and this kid was different. I liked the expression on his face and this picture is from almost at the end of the race.
    Model: NIKON D90
    ISO: 200
    Exposure: 1/160 sec
    Aperture: 6.3
    Focal Length: 105m

  39. Is it so surprising that kids go to school and back home alone??? I was so used to it and was surprised to find it a "crime" to leave kids alone in US, though :)
    Anyhow, great shots everyone. I don't have one to enter this week, so just browsing... Will make comments later this week.
  40. Hello Everybody,
    first I would like to thank Tiffany, Walter and Wouter for your very kind words on my photo last week.
    This week looking great, I have to say, that Monika Epsefass' photo is outstanding and Jeannean Buglady charmed me with the delicate flower, that looks like it's been coated in sugar.
    I took mine late afternoon today (I always leave everything to the last minute) we have a spring here in Australia, so everything is in full bloom, I rather liked the red flowers on this tree, as the colours are pretty much Christmassy, although 40 degrees heat doesn't fit my idea of Christmas at all.
    Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8; ISO 200, f/2,8, 1/125s
  41. Wednesday's without a contribution to this thread makes me feel guilty in ??? I do not know what. So here is my contribution, took i only about an hour ago in a nearby forrest.
    D700 iso 400 1/100s f/22 BW in NX2 used tripod
  42. Good morning to all. Great pictures so far. Looks very cold in most of the pics. Its still very warm here in Florida. This poor Pelican caught my eye as he walked down the dock last week. He was staggering like a drunk sailor. Then I noticed he has fishing line wrapped around his foot and his foot looked broken and deformed. We have such a problem with the birds getting tied up in old fishing line here. My favorite so far is Harvey's Bluebird perched in the snow. Nikon D3, Nikkor 80-400 VR F/4.5, 340mm, f/5.6,1/2000s, ISO 400
  43. Hi! All,
    The winter chill is setting in and the sunlight has a slant.
  44. Coming out from the new terminal building at Larnaca International on Sunday, I stood admiring the glass fronted building facade, and took a couple of photos. The light variation between the building interior, the pavement under the spotlights, and the outside was quite substantial so I opted for a 7 exposure bracket to even things out. This is how it turned out for a first attempt at the method. The D700 was on iso 1600, 1/30 sec, 17mm on the Sigma 17-35mm. Aperture, I found out afterwards was varying between f/13 to f/2.8, which I realise is wrong, because I thought I had it set to vary the shutter speed, but I had the exposure on shutter priority instead of aperture priority or manual. [​IMG]
  45. A snowy afternoon this weekend, some hats and a few old scarves came together to provide my wife and I a little photographic amusement. The camera is a D100 set to manual exposure, Auto ISO = off, and ISO was set to 200. Auto focus is used. The lights are a pair of Alien Bees: a 2' x 3' softbox to camera right, and a 36" gold umbrella to camera left. I tried to set umbrella 2 stops lower than the main light to add a little drama to the scene. Exposure at 1/60 and F16 was determined by a Sekonic light meter. A PC synch cord was attached to the camera with an AS-15 Hot shoe adapter. The built-in speedlight remained closed. I used the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF (pre "D" model) because I wanted to see if it was really as sharp a lens as many report. I think it does fine, although I did lose several images due to camera movement. The image here was cropped slightly, a small bit of sharpening to the eyes and hair, and a little touching up for some minor skin blemishes. The exposure and contrast are as shot.
  46. Hi everyone.
    Thanks to Paul V Gorky for last weeks comments.
    Jana Hughes - my favourite at this point. Rich vibrant colours. Really nice.
    Jeannean Buglady - also very nice shot and effect.
    In cricket getting bowled is never good but getting bowled leg stump is even worse because the batsman's pads should always be in the way.
  47. Here is my second contribution to the Wednesday Pic.....
    ISO 200-70mm-f/8.0 - 2seconds
    Feel free to critic!
    Thanks to all for your time...
    Happy Holidays!
  48. Hello Everyone,
    Thanks to those who enjoyed my image last week. I did not get out shooting except yesterday to continue my project, But that I am not allowed to share. So this image was from last week too. This was also taken the same day as my sunset Woodstork. This one has just a little croping to rid a few nasty sensor spots. I think I would call this one 'hey what is that" as I must have caught his eye.
  49. Good morning everyone.
    Thank you for the many comments from last week. Today my contribution is an image of a duck that nearly landed on my head.
  50. I've always wanted a true macro lens so I did my homework and picked up a Nikkor 55mm f3.5 off fleebay the other day. It's supposed to be one of Nikons sharpest lenses corner to corner so I figured what the heck. So far it has not let me down. The main body I use is a Canon 5D only because it is a great platform for many different mounts and lenses. My next lens will probably be a Zeiss Flektogon (not sure which focal length yet).
  51. Another Wednesday, another day of great photos by the Nikon enthusiasts on this forum.
    This shot of a ship's bell was taken at a show while on display. Used a telephoto lense and stepped back about 20 feet to capture the bell but not my reflection. Existing light from the hall highlights the edge and the lines on the bell are from the tent's frame.
  52. What I woke up to this morning
  53. bms


    Thanks for last week goes to: Tiffany, Walter and James. Much appreciated!
    This week I ventured out of my comfort zone. I attend a health care rally last night in Times Square, a friend from an organization I work with was speaking and I was going to capture some shots. About three people asked me if I was press ("You are from the NY Times?") that's what you get for a big camera hanging around you neck :)
  54. Good morning all. My image this week is from Cades Cove, Tn. It was a really cold morning and foggy as well. I spotted this deer and hope that it would come closer, but that never happend. Nikon D300 with 200-400mm f4 with 1.4 TC. Shot at ISO 200 f5.6 @ 1/2000 second.
  55. Looking down in the Capitol in Austin, TX. Had a chance to take a tour up into the rotunda, outside and inside; thought the way the circles lined up made for an interesting pattern inside.
  56. Been away for a couple of weeks. Back in the mix 8>
    This one was a fluke, kind of. I was waiting to cross the junction and saw a pizza delivery bike approaching fast. I just pivoted the camera on my chest (did not have time to raise the camera) and panned. It just showed how capable modern cameras/lenses are.
    Shot with D700 + 24-70mm lens
    ISO800; f3.2; 1/15s; focal length 24mm
    Delivery in a Hurry.
  57. Portrait of Renee
  58. Not much photography last week. I took my nephews to the rifle range. This is Alex during his first shot with a .300 magnum. He was about 6 inches high of bull’s-eye with a slight pull to the right at 100 yards. Not bad for his first shot especially considering the ballistics of this round. Turned out this was his best effort at this chambering. The 300 magnum can be intimidating! The rifle is a Remington 700. We were firing 150gr Nosler Partitions with a muzzle velocity of 3380 f/s. The range is Burro Canyon near Azusa, CA. A great time was had by all.
    D700, 24-70/2.8, 44mm, f/9, 1/320s, ISO 200, matrix metered, normal program.
    Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week. A special tip-of-the-hat to Jeannean who is very kind.
  59. A recent dark winter's night, comparing cell phone "features" (uh... games, actually) by the light of a single overhead lamp in the in-law's kitchen.

    In the dim light, I was shooting wide open and had only a sliver of in-focus depth with which to work. In the interests of getting his eyes and what he was doing both in focus, I stood up so that - in looking down at an angle - the camera's sensor was parallel to a plane that included his eyes and his right hand. That's why his out of focus left hand can actually be in between in-focus areas that are both closer to and farther from the photographer.
  60. Holy Wednesday my dear colleagues,
    I'm honored with your unbeatable words to my post Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #49 last week. I'm so glad as one of participant of this amazing forum. Thank you, thank you very much.
    My special thanks to dear Uzay Kişi, Paul V. Gorky, Roberta Davidson, Tiffany Brook, Francesco Pessolano, Ken Yamamoto, Paul V. Gorky - again ,) , Thomas Burden, Wouter Willemse, Alejandro Held, Jeannean Buglady and Jana Hughes. I appreciated.
    My photo taken during the yearly pilgrimage of Batavia, organized by Bisdom of Paramaribo. Young scout boy was helping to elder lady on large barge. You may found more photos as a slide show on my blog here : Grand pilgrimage to Batavia / Suriname - South America
    Hope you like it and many cheers you to all. Regards,
  61. I went to Shoreline again early last Sunday morning. It was cold. I did not expect to get many shots that day. When I got there, I saw hundreds and hundreds of all kind of birds that were fishing at the estuary. They put on a great show. In the end, I took more than 400 pictures within an hour. I was amazed to watch Brown Pelicans fishing. They dive into the water from the sky and get mouths full of fish. I shot this one as he just came out of the water after catching a fish.
  62. pge


    Hi all, great that it is Wednesday. My contribution this week is a portrait I took of friends of mine who are a couple, I tried to do something a bit different.
  63. Hello everybody,
    Some great pictures this week. My picture for this week is this shot of a fish farm in Kerala, Southern India. Shot this last saturday.
    Nikon D700 with 300mm F/4 AFS, 1/200s @ F11.
    Thanks for looking.
    Issac Sam
  64. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Dieter, very nice interior image from Paris.
    The black-browed albatross colony on the Steeple Jason Island in the Falklands (Melvinas) is the second largest albatross colony in the world with an estimated 220K pairs. The largest albatross (of any type) colony is in Midway Island. The black browded is a large bird with a adult wingspan around 220cm (over 7 feet).
    Nikon D700 @ ISO 400 with 70-200mm/f2.8 AF-S VR version 1 at 130mm, f4, 1/2000 sec.
  65. Alejandro - right place, right time, right subject.
  66. Dieter: Now that is using HDR with a purpose and with skill. Very nice!
  67. Modern Art
    D3 - ISO4000, f6.3, 1/100 sec, 32mm.
  68. Farmers Market 8-12-09
  69. Another wonderful trip around the world today.
    Weather has been very bad, so I am posting a photo from several weeks ago. A friend asked me to take photos of her children. Never have done that before. Since I have no light set up, we went to the park hoping from some wonderful natural light. As luck would have it , it was very over cast with a lot of glare, but fun was had by all.
    The portrait photographers have nothing to worry about, but it was great fun and a learning experience.
  70. D300, Tokina 12-24mm zoom, ISO 1600
  71. Happy
    Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #50
    Here is an old-school style from a few winters back. The image was taken on a walk about with an F100 equipped with Fuji Reala 100 film. The lens was an 18-35 mm Nikkor AFD @ 18 mm. The color saturation was that great as it was a grey overcast day, so I desaturated the color in Apperture. The film strip was scanned with a Dimage Elite 5400 using Silverfast Ai vs6 x.
  72. When I was a teenager I "bucked" hay and straw bales (loaded them on a wagon by hand) to make spending money. Modern bales like these weigh at least 500 pounds--a little more than most individuals can "buck." Nikon D300, 18-200mm Nikkor.
    "Unbuckable" bales
  73. Happy Wednesday Everyone !!
    So far I do like the below pictures :
    1 - Hamish G : Greant contrast and composition.
    2 - Mikhail T : Great eye and perspective
    3 - Andres F : Great use of light
    4 - Dalls M : Well done. Sharp and great composition
    5 - Shun C : Very good capture and composition
    Here is mine for today. This man was cleaning the windows in the builduing where I do work and because I do keep my camera with me almost all the time, I had the chance to take this picture and I do hope you like it. This was taken with my D80. Have a happy shooting !!
  74. My wife makes glass beads. This is done by using a torch to heat glass to about 1500 F and then applying the molten glass to a steel rod as she is doing here.
  75. Hello to everyone and Happy WedNEsDAy. As always, the contributions this week are spectacular. I really look forward to Wednesdays! Thank you Mark and Ken for your interest and comments on my posting last week.
    The weather, freezing rain mixed with snow, here in Michigan is not pleasant. I thought a picture of warm winds and sunny skies would brighten the day. The lighthouse at Kilauea Point was closed when we arrived (6:51) and the sun was far to the west. I hope it brightens your day.
  76. The photo was taken during early morning at sunrise.
    Equipment: Nikon D300. Nikon 18-135 lens. F/7.1 32mm 1/400 sec
  77. [​IMG]
    I found this carrot between the leftovers of this year's vegetable garden. My wife got artsy and gave it a face and a hat, and I just pictured it :)
    Happy WedNEsDAy to all!
  78. As winter approaches, with more darkness and colder temperatures, our cat Midnight seems to loose her interest in stalking things outside through the window and wants to spend more time curled up in a lap or the warm spot on the couch when you get up. Hard to resist those subjects, but a black cat in the light pool from a 150 Watt light bulb is a tough subject! Here's my latest attempt, converted to BW and cropped square in Lightroom 3 Beta.
  79. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    A man who run after me asking for some photos of him and the family - the latter however refused
  80. This week I thought I'd contribute a B&W photo. Taken from the Zugspitze in Garmische, Germany. We arrived at the summit to a total whiteout, but the sky cleared in about five minutes to beautiful vistas in every direction.
    Nikon D90, 18-135mm at 21mm. F22, 1/200
  81. Lovely pictures, ye'all. Bravo!!
    D200 - 80-200 @ f5, 1/180s and ISO200.
  82. 3sh


  83. Stipple awaiting a huge rain least he has his coat on :)
  84. Very nice pictures everyone!
    Photo is from a Pelican taken last fall in Walt Disney Animal's Kingdom.
  85. 3sh


    My first ever contribution to this thread. Nikon D300, 70-300 VR, f/5.6, 1/2000, 280mm taken at Stone Zoo, MA through a dirty glass window.
  86. Good morning from a very chilly Seattle! Great and diverse images today. A few that grabbed me...
    Rene...Wow! Now THAT'S a fast lens!
    Anish...Perfect combo of speed and light...lovely.
    Dieter...I have only heard of this beautiful place. Thank you for sharing the splendor.
    Monika...Fabulous shot. Clever, well done and extremely artistic.
    Hamish...They do look like a lot of fun. Nice shot. Aren't kids the best subjects?
    Gary...Powerful image. The surfer looks so calm and graceful on a moody and stormy sea.
    Kemal...Thank you for this beauty. I always find pidgeons really beautiful and quite overlooked.
    Rick...A perfect example of things not being as they appear. Initially, I found the birds pose funny and started to laugh. Then I read the incredibly sad. It is such a shame that people don't clean up after themselves. I try to teach my kids "Leave the place nicer than how you found it".
    Bill...Wonderful! She looks just as surprised as you were.
    Benjamin...Perfect street shot. The lighting almost looks studio. Congrats...again!
    Shun...Wow! Super shot. The lines of the birds, the grass and the sky make a perfect backdrop.
    Roberta...Very sweet shot...adorable model.
    Kris...Love 2 must be a great team (your wife, not the carrot dude (>8)
    Here is my contribution from the obligatory holiday photo shoot with my kids.
    "Who has been naughty and who has been nice?"...any guesses?
  87. oops....problems...try again
  88. Hello everyone. I'm glad it's WedNEsDAy.
  89. Happy Holidays!
    Some very interesting work this week.
    Nikon as always.
  90. As ever, some marvellous images in this thread. Thanks for sharing.
    Finally got briefly out at the weekend, despite the poor light, but only managed some shots of this critter at a local country park.
    D700, 70-300@102mm, f4.5, 1/90", ISO 1600, significantly cropped and slightly sharpened post-shot.
  91. Hi All,
    We have been hammered with over a foot of snow and the winds are picking up. So plenty of time snowed in and to look at WED PICS at leisure! Some very interesting images today. I will post my comments later.
    Photographed this guy last weekend, hanging on for dear life! He moved on a few hrs after I had photographed him. Ways of nature I suppose!
    Nikon D200, ISO400, 28-105mm AFD @105mm and macro setting, f=11; 1/30s handheld.
  92. Another week of wonderful photos.
    It has been raining here so I didn't venture anywhere there wasn't complete shelter, took this while on my back patio. I did use a tripod as I am starting to use one most of the time when the opportunity calls for one.
    As the year is getting near it's end I don't want to forget to "Thank" everyone for a great year of beautiful images. So to all a Merry Christmas where appropiate and to all others a wish for a wonderful Holiday Season, and the hope for a great New Year of health and happiness.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  93. The picture wording should say " A Rainy Day in Kentucky " not "The Work Day is Over", that one is for another picture
    philb, benton, ky
  94. The big news this week on Maui is the high surf warning. Coincidently, the big joke on Maui is that everyone everywhere is calling in sick. Walking along the shore just north of Kapalua Bay, I found this view of Oneloa Bay at first light. The lady in the foreground stood watching the waves crash on the rocks below her. The white explosion towered above us.
    D200, 18-70 kit lens, polarizer. B&W conversion in Photoshop.
  95. And good WedNEsDAy evening from dark, damp, cold and gray Finland! Wonderful shots again from everyone! My PiC was actually shot couple of weeks ago, but I just got the photos back from the lab. We had few days of snow here and while going from office to a school nearby, I took my newly acquired F5 for a test run. So this is from the first film I run through my F5, and actually the first film I've shot since the 80's when I was a kid and had a little P&S film camera.
    Nikon F5 + Nikon 24-85 f/2.8-4 (+ Kodak T-MAX 400)
    And you can also leave critique to my WedNEsDAy PiC's folder .
    P.S. And huge thanks to Tiffany, Jeannean, Kris, Paul, Lil & Alejandro for your kind comments in last week's thread! I'm sorry that I missed the commenting phase again, you all had such wonderful shots posted last week! And Alejandro, actually my boss is supercool young lady who has a great appreciation for culture and arts and supports us in everything we do, even when we take a few moments to follow our inner "cultural callings" and take a short break from the "desk" (as long as it does not interfere too much with our work, of course). So we're really blessed in that way, those kind of bosses are rare gems!
  96. Good Maui Morning!
    The winter swells arrived this week, and "Jaws" put on quite a show. The waves were in the thirty foot range, and the tow-in surf crew took advantage of the conditions. The rumbling of the crashing waves, and the amount of spray in the air was amazing. The guys that ride these giants are fearless. Nikon D200,18-200AF.
    Aloha, Barry
  97. My contribution for Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #50 is another from the recent session at the UEFA Champions' League match between Manchester United and Besiktas. This one shows the fans going to Old Trafford (stadium) before the match. Nikon D200 with Nikon 18-200 @ 18mm ISO 400 F3.5 1/10sec
  98. Greetings Nikonians! This is my 1st contribution to the Wed Nikon Pic forum. Recently enthralled by the courtship behavior of Hooded Mergansers in nearby pond in Newton, MA. Amazing birds! Nikon D300, Nikkor 70-300 VR lens. Lightroom and Photoshop CS3. Sorry -- the size was still too large. Will revise later.
  99. I also humbly offer my 1st contribution. Amazing to watch this thread week after week and see the quality of posts. Dave
  100. From a few weeks ago during Thanksgiving. Nikon D80, Nikkor 35mm /f1.8
  101. So many great shots this week I'm going to be stuck in front of the computer for hours looking at them - - Wonderful :)
    Late in today as I couldn't decide what to post. Last week I only went out one day & only got more Cedar Waxwings & not wanting to post that again my choices were limited.... I didn't like what my husband & daughter liked & finally requested the help of a friend who gave me some great feedback only for us to realize that we both liked this one photo the best.... So this was taken about 1 1/2 weeks ago at a park. I've chosen an IR again as I so love experimenting with IR.
    Shot with my IR converted D70 & the Nikkor 10-24 EXIFs are as always embedded.. As always a larger version can be seen at my Zenfolio site
    and I hope you'll enjoy.... D70 (IR), 10-24mm, at 12mm f/8, 1/200s, -0.03 EV, ISO 200
  102. San Diego Ca.
  103. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/1000
    18-55 @ 18mm, f/5.6
  104. Taken at work last saturday on the official UK launch of the BMW S1000RR superbike. First real test of my 50mm 1.8 on my D300
  105. Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm a bit late today, but here is my pick for this week. Taken at a hillclimb event, decided to go with the slow shutter speed, hand held shot. D200, 55-200@60mm, f16, 1/80, -0.3EV, iso400, NX2.
  106. First big snowstorm of the year here in Chicago, I thought I'd capture it.
    Nikon D700 @ ISO 200
    Nikkor 200mm f/4 AI
    Speedlight SB-25, manual @1/16
  107. Hello to all of you!

    It's hard to pick three favorites for this weak. Some really outstanding photos! But, I've promised my self that I'll limit my praises to best of the best. IMHO that is. :)
    So, my favorites are:
    Monika Epsefass
    Shane Srogi
    Shun Cheung

    Great job people!

    But I have to mention Tiffany Brook and Hamish Gray, your photos are bursting with kids emotions, I like them very much!
    As for me... I went to nearby river last Sunday, to test my newest B+W 10x filter for my wide angle sigma. I did some long exposures but nothing that you didn't already see, so I opted for this 'normal' photo. :) I loved the clouds on this one...
  108. A few words on some of the other photographs among this week's collection - Jeannean Buglady - crunchy frozen confection! Jana Hughes - reminds me of the poinciana in my home town; I like the square format on this one, and the border works well too. Jens Frederiksen - reminds us that b/w photography has as much appeal as ever. Ertugrul Kilic - the intertwined arms give this picture an essential focus; the sky is magnificent. Isaac Sam - this is the very definition of the word "lagoon". James Kazan - you chose just the right person looking at just the right pictures; the focus rules in this one. Sanford Gerard - I am there again and it is the nineteen forties. Erik Christensen - good for him! Phil Burt - now this is one alive photograph! Lil Judd - another of the b/w gems of the week. But I should say sable and silver for this one. Interesting that the tree is in the exact center of the frame, much of it cropped, and the picture still works a wonder; it must be that silver edge on the tree. IR is a world between.
  109. Philip Lucin, yes, I like the clouds too, as well as the coloration and the aspect of this photograph. But what really gets me - delayed reaction thing - is the 'contour map' of the clouds reflected in the water. And just now, the way the clouds start to diffuse at the top leading us up and out of the picture into the realm of imagination. This is another of those 'one picture sufficient for an entire room' shots. A place like this should be in everyone's environment.
  110. 'tis the season
  111. Roberta Davidson: That is a gorgeous portrait -- what a face! You seem to have great rapport with her. Really nice work.
  112. I'll try again. I kept it to the limits of the file size, 700/300. Last time it showed as a link. Maybe there was an error in captioning. Drat! Same problem. I'll try next week.
  113. O.K., one more time: A tiny 192KB, 600x284 jpg. Hooded Mergansers, Courting. Nikon D300, Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens.
  114. I like to explore abandoned buildings when I can figure how to get in to them. Last Sunday I was able to gain entry into an old building that will be facing the wrecking ball shortly and had a great time shooting for a couple of hours with a photographer friend that loves to take a few risks.
  115. Good Wednesday to all of you!
    Just a natural light pic of my Daughter taken Saturday here in Florida. D700, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G. Overcast evening light.
  116. A bit late but
    You can't have a Christmas Parade without a true antique fire engine. Or at least you can't do it in Clinton, New Jersey!! Was having some hassles with AF in the dark, [shooting one handed while holding wine glass |;-}}} ] but this one sparkles

    D700, 24-85 in Program with pop-up flash
  117. Lets try something different....D80 + inverted colors
  118. A bit more Photoshop in this one than the usual (to get the black background)
  119. Took this last picture week in the Santee Cooper Wildlife area. Just off I95, I stopped for a snack and to run my dog a bit. D700 / 17-35mm F/2.8 at 20mm. ISO800, f/13 1/160 sec. Shot hand-held and imported into LR with no retouching.
  120. Toying with my Tamron 17-50 and depth-of-field.
  121. Every year I "get" to the picture of the grandkids for the Christmas card. It is always an event. This is my daughter, Liza's, brood, 4 of the 6 grandchildren. The triplets-almost 3- are from left, Rosalie, Jake and Mack, far right. "Big" sister Cecile, 4 1/2, is second from right. A little one is on the way so Liza will have 5 kiddos 4 and under!
    Shot in full shade in the very late afternoon at iso 6400 1/40 sec; D700 and 35 F2 nikkor. The high iso performance of this camera is pretty amazing
  122. Here is mine for this week. It is of my Dad, a young cousin and his dog Lucy at Thanksgiving this year. This is the last picture I have of him. He passed away unexpectedly Sunday December 6, 2009. The Day after my step-mothers birthday. They were married for 30 years. He was the best father a person could have.
    Love you Dad
    Ernie T
  123. [​IMG]This will be my first attempt at submitting a photo to the Wednesday Pic
  124. Ernie,
    Can only wish you the peace that I hope he has.
    Mine moved on 16 years ago; still miss him.
  125. Here is my first attempt to post to the Wednesday Pic forum.
    Some Seagulls in New Zealand.
  126. The Seagull Trinity picture was shot with a Nikon D90. I entered this picture in my local Photo Club Competition, and the judge didn't believe that this was not a composite image. It is indeed one image. Because she didn't believe this was one image, she only gave me 7/10 for it. She said it looked "unreal".
  127. No time for commenting this week, but all of your pictures are exceptionally good this week!
    This picture is atop Mrs. Macquarie's Chair overlooking the Sydney cityscape.
    D80 - Tokina 12-24mm at 2 seconds
  128. Hi's mine for the week.
  129. moon pyramid at teotihuacan- mexico city
  130. My extremely expensive supermodel, my two-and-half-year old daughter, is straying to a building on the way to our apartment.
    Jones, Murali, Richard and Tom: thank you for kind words and suggestions on my WedNEsDAy PiC two weeks back. I am really pleased. I will keep shooting without looking through viewfinder :).
  131. Copacabana beach....
  132. Hairdresser In Action (100 percent crop)
    I'm submitting this extremely small crop to demonstrate how CLEAN a D700 file is at 100 percent and also to show the SHARPNESS of the 24-70 f/2.8 G lens.
    D700, 24-70 f/2.8 G, two SB-800s with various diffusers, handheld.
    Note: I applied slight compression during NEF-to-JPEG conversion to keep the file size under 300 kb. At the largest JPEG setting the image is sharper still.
  133. Two thumbs up for...
    Jonathan Ventura's Pyramid - I LOVE Teotihuacan!
    Monika's staircase - very creative
    Kris Heylen's carrot person - made me smile!
    John DiLeo's children in red - great expressions in excellent light
  134. Hello everyone. My picture this week is of some sort of plant that I saw in Monterey that I thought looked cool.
  135. I finally got a picture of my wife that she'll let me show off!!!
    Taken at the Oregon Coast Thanksgiving weekend, just outside of Newport.
    Nikon D80 - 24mm 2.8, ISO200 1/640 @ f3.2
    Also wanted to thank the following for the comments from last week:
    Allejandro, Paul, and Lil, thanks very much, means a lot.
    James Hart - Thank you. That shot was taken a little further south at Fogerty Beach, just north of Depot Bay at around 8pm. The hotel we stay at has flood lights that they shine on the beach at night. Still pretty creepy being down there at night, by yourself, at high tide :) But fun!!
    I've got a couple more shots from the next evening that I'll share later.
    PS-Ernie - So sorry about your Dad.
  136. A very late posting out here on the West Coast. I was at the airport on December 3rd dropping my wife off to fly to Japan. I was going to go but a final exam got in the way and I had to cancel. The exam was this morning and I think I did pretty well. Here is a photo I took at the airport shortly before returning to my car.

    Nikon P6000 1/100sec at f4.1, ISO 64. Processed from NRW Raw file in NX2. I like this little camera very much.
  137. [​IMG] D700 24-70
  138. I had time to look more closely. These stood out for me …
    Dieter Schaefer – HDR, very nice.
    Alejandra Held – Nice eye contact.
    Kemal Riza – Kept coming back to this one. The pose is interesting.
    Jeannean Buglady – Narrow DOF, red and ice, all nice.
    Jana Hughes – My favourite this week. Rich colours and nice framing.
    Matt Laur – Always learning from the way you explain your shots. Thank you.
    James Kazan – Nice illumination and precise angles.
    Douglas Mosman – This is a great way to show how to burn glass beads.
    Kris Heylen – Cute and creative.
    Jennifer Meighan – The “about-to-happen” storm is very convincing.
    Tiffany Brook – The one on the left transgressed?
    Epp B – Spectacular view.
    Michael Brown – You should be proud of this shot (and so should she).
    Anna Taher – I wonder about judges who chose not to believe what you tell them (your shot looks fine to me).
    Bryan Meadows – Great colours and shapes. This is my equal favourite this week (along with Jana).
    Thanks to all for posting.
  139. bms


    Tiffany -thanks! I love you Santa shot, those kids expressions are priceless!
    Great job everyone. A few that caught my eye:
    Jose - great B&W, perfect exposure
    Rene - is the camera built in? and people complaine about the price of the D3x!
    Dieter - love how you processed the HDR
    Monika - very interesting idea, noir indeed
    Hamish - you can see the fun!
    Uzay - love the tranquility
    Jeannean - truly exceptional flower shot
    Greg - perfect timing
    Rodger - great composition
    Louis - love the portrait
    Roberta - I agree, nicely captured expression
    Sanford - like it
    Erik - Nice to be wanted, great shot. Too bad the family wasn't game
  140. Go with the flow.Taken at Coylumbridge Scotland
  141. Nikon D80 18-70 VR
  142. 18-70 VR - didn't know Nikon made that one...
  143. Greg Kowalczewski, Thanks for your support.
    When I reduced the image to fit into this forum, it looks pixelated. Why is that, and how do I avoid it?
    Taken with a Nikon D90
  144. Anna, your image looks pixelated because it is a very highly compressed jpeg—only about 17K bytes. Most of the images here are at least 100K or so, and some are close to 300K, which is the legal limit. How did you reduce the image? Photoshop (and I believe most other editing programs) let you specify the degree of jpeg compression so that you can strike an appropriate balance between image quality and file size.
    Very nice picture by the way.
  145. OK, my favorites for the week
    Hamish Gray - great kids!
    Peter Giraudin - clever use of light
    Issac Sam - pretty jewel tones
    James Kazan - nice composition
    Gej Jones - looks like a painting, nice vanishing point
    Tiffany Brook - great kids too!
    And thanks Greg for the comment.
  146. Man, what a thread these HuMPdaYs have become.
    I'm a little late this week, but the weather on the High Desert has caused a lot of extra work I wasn't planning on. Thanks for everyone's kind comments in the past. Now I get to give some feedback since I'm posting so late.
    Jose, I miss getting high. I used to mountain climb.
    Joseph, Beautiful reflections.
    Rene, I might give up a Leica for that bike.
    Anish, Nice light and motion.
    Dieter, That shot blows me away! Beautiful colors.
    Monika, Absolutely fabulous. Love your creativity. I know a great image when I wish I had taken it<g>.
    Jonas, I like the way the foreground pops.
    Tolga, It take courage to photograph movement and trading sharpness for ambiance.
    Alejandro, What a cutie. I'm a sucker for a kid with ears on.
    Gary, I like the way the kite color pops against the subdued background.
    Ian, I love these high shots. I can't think of a vantage point near Hyde Park with that high of view. I like the subtle color.
    Jeannean, Gorgeous color and composition.
    Richard, I like the house in the snow. Very old fashioned. I like the light.
    Rick, Peg Leg Pete looks like he had a bit too much to drink.
    Keerthi, Beautiful light.
    Greg, I like the action.
    Pascal... you lived to post it. Amazing.
    Dallas, Another vote for the 70-300. Nice and sharp.
    Bill, Love it. I love to watch ducks land.
    Benjamin, Funny shot.
    Rodger, Nice angle, sharp, and interesting.
    Doug, I can smell the gun powder. Fired a .458 Magnum a few times. It about took off my finger.
    Matt, No dogs?
    Ertugrul, Lovely shot.
    Phil, It's nice that we can photograph and show all of our friends and relatives.
    Issac, Love the green against the blue.
    Shun, Nice shot. Kind of an old lens for you though.<g>
    James, Clean as always.
    Steve, I like the strong colors and composition.
    Maurice, Nice vantage point.
    Robert, Beautiful shot and light.
    Kris, Maybe you're not getting enough meat in your diet.
    Erik, Nice portrait.
    Jennifer, I like the feeling of this shot and that the horse is looking back toward the camera.
    Tiffany, I'm not a fan of the border, but I like the photo. Expressions are great, and the range of values in the white and skin tones are beautiful.
    Shane, Very nice.
    Peter, Vermin? Looks like well cared for vermin.
    Murali, Freakie!
    Richard, Beautiful shot. I miss being closer to the ocean.
    Barry, Very nice shot. I love the perspective and the trail behind the surfer.
    Lil, Nice IR shot. I've got a replacement filter coming this week, and can't wait to do more of it.
    Epp, Very neat photo.
    Tony, My next bike is going to be a K1300 GT I think. Too much snow around here to think about it yet.
    Richard V., We've had a lot of these guys in my neck of the woods. Haven't seen them in these parts for a long time.
    Tim, Fascinating image. I really like it. The flare in the middle really helps, I think.
    Raden, Beautiful flower, composition, color, and background.
    Bryan, Wonderful color and PP. Very subtle.
    Lance, I instantly recognized the location. Hope to get to the coast over Xmas. Did you whale watch?
    Dave, Strong imagery with the plane above and the delicate features below. Really works.
    Barry, I really like this picture. Makes you wonder.

    Here's my shot. I reshot this image to include the second pony in the background. Don't know if I posted the original. This is with a D200 and 85mm f/1.8.
  147. Michael thats what I thought when I saw him staggering down the dock. He almost fell off. Then I saw his foot was actually broken and turrned backwards. Thanks for the comment.
    Tiffany Brooks- I loved your kids in the Santa hats very cute and nice lighting.
    Kris- Just loved Carrot Man cute and great picture.
    Jeannean- I thought your Frosted Bougainvillea gave me cold shivers. I'm glad I'm in Fl. Great pic.
    I wish I had the time to comment on everyone the were great this week again.
  148. Here is my contribution this week from Chicago. This is a picture of a motorcycle in the Toys for Tots Parade, an annual motorcycle parade in Chicago every December with about 30,000 bikes. Each biker donates a gift for a needy child.
    Nikon d300, nikon 16-85, s:1/1000, a: 4.0 iso: 400
  149. here is the pic
  150. It's been just another great thread!
    Thank you to those that mentioned my shot. It makes me happy to get a reaction from you guys!
    Congratulations everybody for such a great work…. hoping to see you all again next week….
    Again, just picking a few shots that caught my eyes:
    Jose Angel - Joseph Lotta - Anish Mankuthel - Dieter Schaefer - Monika Epsefass - Hamish Gray - Matthew Brennan - PW Franks - Keith Powell - Jeannean Buglady - Peter Giraudini - Jens Frederiksen - Michael Spencer - Rodger Baker - Shun Cheung - James Kazan - Roberta Davidson - Sanford Gerald - Thomas Burden - Jennifer Meighan - Tiffany Brook - Waldemar Giers - Richard Karash - Dave H and Filip Lucin
    Xmas is coming… I hope all of your shopping is almost done…. Cheers!
  151. Monika Epsefass, I am trying to send you an email, but all my messages are being returned. Could you send me your email address, please? Thank you. Jana Hughes
  152. Michaek and Rene' thank youvery much,
    Rene , you honor me by taking the time to notice the photo but even more so my mentioning my name in the same context as such great masters.
    There are several folks here whose work inspires me each week. I only hope that I can try and keep up with them. The core regulars such as yourself and about 20 others produce stunning images week after week.
    Congratulations to all who contribute. All of the shots in this thread have turned wednesdays into something special.
  153. As Always, an enjoyable thread; a great learning experience.
    Her's a pic I took hiking across Haleakala Crater on Maui, to the far east side, due north of Kaupo Gap. A lone cabin on the pristine wet side of the crater, where few go.
    Nikon D70, f22, at 1/30, iso 320, with a 18-200 lens, at 27.0mm
  154. Michael...thank you for taking the time to make a thoughtful comment on each photo. It's appreciated by all. I would also like to thank everyone for posting. Once again, I can't limit my "favorite" pics, and don't have the time to comment on each, so will just say...thanks for the inspiration and sharing your corner of the world. It's always a pleasant journey, and I'm glad my contribution added something to the thread for some of you. Thankfully, we haven't had any more ice. The bugs are out and about again. Looking forward to this Wednesday! :)
  155. What a wonderful collection and how you all inspire me.
    I just wanted to say thank you to Tiffany, Richard, Benjamin and Rene for the very kind comments.
  156. Another great week, with lots of inspiring photos in this thread. Thank you, everyone, for making this thread something I look forward to every time!
  157. Thank you to those who commmented on my photo. It's been a while since I mentioned anyone, but I have some time now, so here's a few that caught my eye:
    Jose: I really like it! It's great. I wish you'd post a few more like this. By the way where do you (did you) climb? I was in Zermatt a few years ago and did some rock climbing at the local crag there. Such a beautiful place. My wife and I dream of climbing the Matterhorn. While we were there our youngest son (whom you see in many of my photos) was only 3 years old so the closest we came was the cable-car up to the top of Klein Matterhorn. None-the-less a fantastic view from the top! Unfortunately my photos from that trip were not done with Nikon gear so I can't show you them here :-(
    Dieter: Beautiful HDR!
    Monika: great photo! I love the effect you have created with the added noise.
    Ian: Great perspective! Have you started parachuting?
    Jeannean: Lovely DOF!
    Rick Dohme: Fantastic capture!
    Matt: I love the way you put so much thought into your pictures. Impressive, as always!
    Shun: Excellent of course! I wouldn't expect anything less :)
    Tiffany: WOW! I really love that shot! It's so good. The expressions, lighting, everything. Perfect!
    And to everyone else: Keep up the great work! see you all on Wednesday!
  158. As always great photos in the thread.

    Thanks to Jon Aymon , Greg Kowalczewski and Michael Axel for your kind words

    The ones that hat caught my atention a little more are: Joseph Leotta's Pier at Twilight, Dieter Schaefer's Invalides Dome HDR (I've been there 3 times but with your pic I realised that I never looked at the Dome, always down to the sarcophagus! shame on me) Monika Epsefass's Stair (the color version that you posted several Wednesdays ago was very good but this "Noir" one is superb!) Jeannean Buglady's Bougainvillea Frost, Pascal Burel's Paris, Dan Park's macro, Lawrence Ho's Pizza Bike, Issac Sam's Fish Farm, James Kazan's Modern Art, Gej Jones's Lighthouse, Tiffany Brook's Portrait, Janne Kaakinen's Ruins (don't know what it is but I love the texture, congratulations for your F5 and Boss!!!) Lil Judd's Mysterious IR, Filip Lucin's River, James Hart's Sidney Nightscape, Michael Axel' s Horses. And the one I would love to have taken Tim Holte's abandoned building.
    By By and see you tomorrow
  159. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    It is Tuesday again and it is time to close this thread. Since this is Wednesday thread #50 for 2009, this year is approaching its end also although there should be a thread #53 this year.

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