Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #49

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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
    Hi. Coming and going to my office, I visualized this scene. It`s a "don`t-know-why" pic. I simply took my camera and gone for it.
    It is a litter near the metro entrance. It`s placement is unusual, and also very unusual people put out and leave their smokes in the top... it doesn`t happen on others. I waited a few minutes to have somebody`s legs in the background.
    D700 @ 400ISO, 14bit RAW, 50AFS, f1.4 - 1/125sec. Late streetlight illumination. I wish I had my 35/1.4, I`d have prefered a wider angle of view.
    Please feel free to post your favourite pic if you like, taken with Nikon gear, as usual. Thanks!
  2. It's wednesday again folks, and Jose is reliable as always.
    My pic is from a stroll at the harbour, when the morning fog over the river slowly started to rise.
  3. One More Fall Shot
    I just had to post one more fall foliage photo this year. Again in Vermont off of a country road. East Dover Road, Dover Vermont. I was going thru my shots from this fall and somehow this one got mixed in from a while ago. After some post processing it cleaned up nicely.
    This was from the first time I shot digital instead of film during a fall season.. There are a lot of people who say that digital cameras become obsolete and pretty useless after newer model get released. I beg to differ. The D100 .was one of Nikon’s first generation of digital cameras. .When it came out it cost more that a d300s does today ($1995.00) and was the hottest camera on the market. Today you can’t give a used one away.
    It still takes the same great pictures today as it did when it was new and all the rage. Here’s the proof below. Remember the equipment is not the most important part of photography.
    Nikon D100 AF Zoom-Nikkor 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6D IF at 28 mm
    Program AE, 1/800 sec, f/14, ISO 800 Processed in NX2
  4. Glad I stayed up late tonight. Nikon D80, 18-200mm Nikor zoom.
  5. Happy WeDNeSDaY everyone! Every week flies by fast!
    As usual, first of all let me thank those who took the time to see and even more to those who mentioned my image last week!
    I wasn't sure what to post today and what I have more than being artistic I think it's just funny!
    I like the contrast of the white heron landing between all the black cormorants! Also the way they are looking at him!
    I hope you guys like it!
    Thank you all for participating and sharing your fabulous work! Cheers!
  6. Oh, it's Wednesday again! Brilliant!
    José, that looks like someone dumped their cigarette butts on a table... disgusting.
    Thanks to the Richards (Karash and Armstrong), René, Janne, Benjamin, Dan, Peter, Tiffany and Tom for your kind comments. I appreciate these - on bleak days, they pull me up.
    Here's my workplace. It's not stairway to heaven, really, but a nice thing to capture: D700, 24-70/2.8 at f11 and ISO 200 - and yes, the colours are like that; in fact, the entire building is an artistic oeuvre.
  7. Watching the sunset on saturday afternoon.

    D300 and Sigma 8mm fisheye.
  8. Over in The No Words Forum the monthly highlight thread Favorite from November is running. See the best photos from the month of November, and post yours
  9. Hi everyone & excited about it being Wednesday. I'm feeling better & have something new to contribute. I was going to do an IR shot, but was so thrilled to get this Cedar Waxwing tossing a berry before it went down I decided I'd stick with my bird theme & share this one....
    This was shot with the D300 & the Sigmonster 300-800mm f/8 ISO 400, 1/1000s, A mode, -0.3 EV & it's a 50% crop as these birds were not willing to play fair. :-( I will however attempt at getting them again. I guess I could title this one "The Toss" or something like that....
    I hope you'll enjoy & thank you to everyone who's supported me over the last few weeks. It has meant so much to my family & I.
  10. Renè, I see you`re using a Kenko TC... I wonder about your decission with the broken Nikon.
    Monica, yours is a very nice place to work... mine is like that litter (well, I`m a bit negative about my office). You`re lucky... :)
    Per, thanks!
    Hamish, looking at your pics you cannot imagine how I miss my youthfulness, where I used to enjoy my life in places like yours...
  11. Missed last week, but I've finally processed some photos from last summer.
    Thanks for the comments two weeks ago from Jonas Fjellstedt and Douglas Mosman .
    One of my first HDRs that I'm happy about – the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
    D80 ISO 100 Tokina 12-24mm @ 12mm - F/10
  12. Holy cow. Nice images so far. I'm going to have to step up my game!<g>
    Nikon D200, 50mm f/1.4 AIS.
  13. Old trees in Waad - Oman
  14. Hi,
    great start to Wednesday as always. This is from a studio session last weekend. Included as I managed to get this effect accidently (with the Nik software vivenza plug-in) so will work on getting that into a process. D700, 24-70, Lastolite Hilite (great backdrop, not so many stars for the under-lit train which was why I was playing with vivenza in the first place......)
  15. It looks like there is a Bird theme developing. Shot yesterday at a wetland park here in south Florida. Here a Woodstork sits perched in a tree looking for a nice meal. Hope you like it. I am also up early to continue my Florida Pier project from last week, today I am reshooting one that was not so great, and heading to the west coast. Naples, to shoot another one lots of miles today. :)
  16. A dandelion blooming in November? Or is it something else? I'm so shamefully ignorant when it comes to flowers, among many other things.
  17. here's a shot of musician junior reid, converted to b&w
  18. Got a network error before I could put in my pic. Here it is.
    A dark, wet week.
  19. Happy Wednesday! My family came down for Thanksgiving and we all went to South Padre Island, TX to enjoy some fun in the sun. I took a lot of photos, but I think this one was my favorite. My brother and sister-in-law decided to renew their wedding vows after 20 yrs of marriage, so I got to play "wedding photographer" for the first time. I was nervous about it, although it was just a casual affair on the beach with just the family. I forgot to change lenses, so ended up taking them with my Sigma 150mm macro lens. I thought it performed pretty well, although I had to stand a ways back. This photo summed up the day for me, so titled it "Happiness". This was taken right after the ceremony when my brother picked her up and twirled her around:
    D90 Sigma 150mm @ 150mm f3/1/800 ISO 200
  20. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    The sun bear entertained the crowd
  21. Hi all,
    Good morning, good evening and good night to all of you...
    Happy Wednesday again and I'm here again after a two week-absence... :)
    Here is my contribution.
    Nikon D300 and 70 - 300 mm VR @ 300 mm, f/10, 1/400, ISO 400
  22. Hello all
    D300 + 18-200 VR@200 mm - 1/2 sec. - f18 - ISO 200
  23. Hello to everyone and Happy WedNEsDAy. It is such a treat to view all of the spectacular contributions each week. They make Wednesdays special. Thank you Douglas for your kind comment on my posting last week. Today I’m submitting my first experience shooting heavy, “pea soup” thick fog. This was taken in Orange Beach, Alabama. You are looking west at a 10+ story condominium and its lights are on. As a rank beginner, any comments would be appreciated
  24. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon 200-400mm/f4 AF-S VR at 400mm, f8, 1/640 sec on D700 body @ ISO 200. Gitzo tripod.
  25. Hi all, I've been following these posts for weeks now - finally got something to contribute - my friend working on a gear box & motor in the middle of a country field last weekend. Hope you like it.
    Nikon FM3A, 50mm f1.8 APX 100 in Rodinal 1+ 20
  26. [​IMG]
    D700+Samyang 85 1.4 @ f/2 1/250 ISO 800
  27. D700 + AF-S 50mm f/1.4, 14 bit Raw, ISO-800, f/1.4, 1/40s.
  28. Trying to get some fun ...(and some pictures) on Thanksgivings day, with my wife . D300+70-300VR at 250mm, ASA 200, F8, 1/250 :
  29. Good morning! Winter arrived briefly last Friday morning with a very light snow that melted by 9am. This is with my D300, Sigma 30 mm, f1.4 at f2.0, 1/400 sec, iso 200, handheld.
    Have a good week, everyone!
  30. Bear Mt Bridge
  31. Nikon d300/nikon50mm F1.4 1/20sec iso1250
  32. Modern Reflections.
  33. Hi all,
    My contribution for this week is from last Saturday.
    I had a chance to photograph this young musician.
    you can check out rest of his photos at my website under Paul.
    hope you enjoy this photo.
  34. Hi everyone and happy WedNEsDAy!
    My pic for this week was shot this Wednesday morning, around 9 am. Instead of going straight to the office, I decided to take a little walk with my trusted always-in-my-bag-D50. We haven't had this beautiful mornings for a while, so it was just too good to be wasted by just sitting in the office.

    Nikon D50 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8 (@ f/9, 1/160s, ISO 400)
    (Wish I had had my Fuji S5 with me...)
    And as usual, you can also leave critique for this PiC here .
  35. D700 + AF-S 50mm f/1.4, 14 bit RAW, ISO-800, f/1.4, 1/40s
  36. I spent 4 days over Thanksgiving with my Inlaws near Daytona Beach Fl. I got so many good pics. I was on the dock and saw this Dolphin playing with this Flounder. I was at least 1000 feet away. The Dolphin threw the fish in the air and caught it at least 8 times. More pics to come. Thanks for all the nice comments last week. Great start so far. Nikon D3, VR 80-400, 400mm, AF-C, F/13, 1/250s, ISO 320
  37. Dodger doing his thing.
  38. Oh my, it's only halfway the day here (CET) and this thread is already crowded with really awesome pictures. Honestly, it conveys a lot of inspiration and urge to go out, and also makes me very humble.... Some of you seem to consistently churn out pictures I only dream off.
    So, another humble attempt, not following the birds theme nor the late fall/winter theme... A more random thing:
    D300, AF-D 80-200 f/2.8 @ 200mm, ISO200, 1/400th and F/4.
  39. bms


    Great shots so far - I am trying something else this week.... back to color, trying to keep it simple.
  40. Nice images so far... My image is of the full moon setting in early morning. I had some horses that I wanted to include in the frame and wanted to include the moon as well. Didn't have much time to work with, but I did manage to get one. Thanks for looking...
  41. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    This photo was taken on Thanksgiving Day, near our town had organized 5miles/5km race and obviously for fun kids race too... my daughter was eager to take part in it and she was the first to wake up early morning on Thursday in my home. This was the first time I got a chance to take pictures (outside) using Nikon D90 with 18-105mm VR.
    I hope you all will like it. Adult race picture will be next week... :)
    Model: NIKON D90
    ISO: 200
    Exposure: 1/80 sec
    Aperture: 8.0
    Focal Length: 85mm
    Flash Used: No

    Ray Gosalia
  42. friends out at the beach,
  43. Hello Wdayers, too many great pics , my favs. so far belongs to;
    Alejandro Held
    Ilkka Nissila
    Jeannean Buglady
  44. I was visiting Las Vegas over the weekend. This is a shot of the Paris hotel. Hopefully I would be visiting the real Eiffel Tower one day. Taken with a D90, Tokina 12-24mm at 14mm, F8, 1/25 sec, ISO 1600.
  45. Nikon D300 with 17-55 2.8 zoom
  46. It snowed on Thanksgiving and just about everyday we were in the UP. This day was cloudy all day so we were quite surprised to see the lovely sunset colors. Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.
  47. On a beach in Costa Rica, some volcanic black sand mixing with "normal" sand. The tides and waves make patterns in the sands. I've been looking at this image as it cycles on my digital photo frame, and it has grown on me.
  48. Happy Wednesday everyone. Thanks to those who commented last week.
    Here is my contribution this week, attempt at photographing a strangers dogs at a local fair.
    D300 35mm f/1.8 lens at f/5.0 Iso 200 1/250 background blurred in PS
  49. Happy WedNEsDAy to all!! First off, Thank YOU, to those who commented on my picture last week, I appreciate the recognition. Unfortunately due to our holiday, here in the USA, I did not get back to comment. I will be sure to do so this week, especially since I already know that next week will be impossible, due to my travel schedule. This weeks photo was shot in my local arboretum, again playing around with the old Nikkor 85mm f1.8. Since it is still technially autumn and the snow has yet to fly here, I hope you enjoy a final touch of Fall. Can't wait to enjoy the days offerings!

  50. Hi!All,
    During this time of the year nomads bring along these dressed up bulls,believed to be harbingers of a good harvest.
  51. At my spotting spot again a couple of weeks ago, taken through the fence a few minutes before sundown, some cropping as the fence holes were smaller than the diameter of my lens. Can't hang about too much after the sun has set because there is a big saltlake/ marsh area in the vicinity which is a breeding ground for mosqitoes, and boy-oh-boy do they want their blood when the sun goes down.
    D700, sigma 70-300 at 300 mm, iso 1600, 1/640, f/32
  52. Hi everyone, great pictures today. Mine is from Bok Tower Gardens in the city of Lake Wales, Florida. It is a multi story marble bell tower that was built in the 1920's. It is as beautiful today as it was then. It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. I got to go inside the tower so this is a picture of the ground floor, my poor attempt at taking this shot doesn't do the tower justice, hope you enjoy it through, and if you ever get a chance to see it in person it is well worth the trip.
  53. When I was posting my shot today I had to rush or I would be late for work.
    So now I would like to thank everyone that commented on my shot last Wednesday. I realy appreciate your feedbacks.
    This week's thread is starting to look great, lots of great shots
  54. One of the first shots with my new Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC. It's not a particularly interesting picture, but I am posting it here for sentimentality reasons. Been waiting for this lens for a long time.
  55. Holy Wednesday to everyone,
    A young boy standing between prayers during Hindustani Muslims Eid Ul-Adha worship in Paramaribo, Suriname / South America.
    Dear Janne Kaakinen, I appreciated for your valuable words to my post last week. Thank you very much.
    NEF capture and processed in Capture NX2 as usual. Hope you like it and many cheers you to all. Regards
  56. Results of my daughter's Thanksgiving Day weekend home from art school.
  57. Wow Ertugrul, this one is spectacular, great one.
  58. A shot from the Marienplatz in Munich, just liked the way the geometry of these buildings at this corner. Nikon D80 w/ kit lens 18-55VR @ 26mm 1/1000 F16
  59. Hello Everybody,
    firstly I would like to thank all of you, who commented on my photo last week, your comments are much appreciated.
    I am sending a photo of an umbrella my 4 year old son left turned upside down on a grass. I can see, that Uzay has beat me to an umbrella photo this week and I have to admit, his is a fantastic shot. Well done, Uzay.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm, f/2.8; ISO 200, f/4, 1/320s
  60. Another really compelling trip around the world with this morning's posts, so far. What a treat, folks.

    Here's local structure that is monumentally uninteresting during the day, but presents much more interest at night when all of its layers show up. And yes, the local private security guy followed me and my tripod around while I was shooting on his turf. Turns out he's studying photography as part of a law enforcement curriculum, and wanted to know all about the hardware. This image is more interesting seen larger.
  61. Wauw, what great pictures, glad it is not a competition, so I will show my contribution anyway. Someone forgot to close the door.
  62. D70, ISO 200, 1/400 Sec, Exp Comp -1.0. Nikkor 12-24 at 18mm, F4.
  63. Hallway at Night, City Hall, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14-24/2.8, 22mm, f/9, ISO 200, matrix metered, manual mode, 5 shot bracket between 6s to 1/3s, processed with Photomatix. Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week.
  64. Cleveland Museum of Art - East Wing [​IMG]
    D3 ISO 500 1/6osec f22 28mm hand-held
  65. Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!. We are having our first snow flurries in Plano, Texas this morning.
  66. Happy Wednesday everyone !
    Here is my contribution for today. This is one of the whales ( ORCA ) dancing with its trainer at Sea World. I love the fact animals and nature will not hurt us when we treat them with love and respect. Hope you like it !!
  67. Terrific pictures so far. Mine is from Thanksgiving Day.
    Nikon D80, 28 - 105D, sb800
  68. It has been a couple of weeks since I last joined in on the Wednesday Thread due to a death in the family. Just havent been motivated to get out and take pics.
    But the Holidays are upon us and I took a lot of pics during the past week or so.
    Here is my submittal for today. It is a wooden cross in my front yard. I was playing around with B&W and thought it came out very well. Hope everyone likes it.
  69. Nikon D700, AIS 20/3.5, f8, 1/25s.
  70. Wednesday again!
  71. Jose - truly disgusting (not the image but the subject). Monika - gorgeous shot of the structure. Alejandro - wonderful abstract. Shun 's penguins are beautifully composed. Also quite like Doug 's hallway shot - nice HDR work.
    Another week has gone by without any shooting to speak of. Been going through my backlog of images from the year and found this one. Whitehorse Falls of the North Umpqua River in Oregon. D300, 17-55/2.8 at 38mm, f/13, 1/10s (hand held), ISO200.
  72. pge


    Hi everyone, great photos today.
    This is my 11 year old daughter posing for me under Normal lights.
  73. My life in one picture:
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/160
    35/1.8 @ f/2.5
  74. Hanging' out with the dog...
  75. pge


    little typo on my part, I meant Norman lights
  76. Amazing captures so far...
    The following photo was taken about 4 weeks ago with the following specs.
    D300s at 135mm f/6.3 1/15th sec with ISO640 ...PS CS used to crop the image.
  77. Union Square San Francisco, Ca Saturday night
  78. D40 @ 18mm 1/640 f/5.6 ISO200. HDR from 4 JPG from RAW.
  79. Happy
    Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #49

    Here is my contribution. Playing around with my 105 f2.8 AiS Micro on my D300.
    The picture is a bronze Etruscan owl atop a "Logan desktop light box"
    The iso was 200
  80. Shot this with a D300 and 18-200 Nikkor at 200mm.
    Snake River Canyon, southwestern Idaho
  81. Hi Everybody,
    Lots of fantastic pictures again. Here is one I shot over the weekend.
  82. Ertugrul - I just couldn't wait until later to comment, because your image is so compelling. What a great shot!
  83. [​IMG]
    Monterey Bay Aquarium - D80
  84. Great pictures so far everyone! My shot for the week is one that I took of my family this weekend to use on our Christmas cards. Everything went great except I forgot to clear my previous settings on my camera so I shot the pictures at 1600 ISO. They still turned out great, I just had some noise in the shadows. [​IMG]
    D90 - 1/60 @ f/11 using (2) 250 w/s studio strobes with softboxes
  85. My picture is from this past weekend in Monterey, CA. This guy and his friends were down on Cannery Row skimboarding on one of the small beaches in between the buildings. The waves there both Friday and Saturday were amazing! It was like it was high tide all day long. A couple of the locals said they'd never seen it like that.
  86. Hi all. This photo was taken with Nikon FM2, Nikon 35mm F2.8 Film is Ilford FP4 125 ASA. Development D76 1+0. Weather was cloudly, car is dark, all is dark...
    Have sunny days..
  87. Thanks to ALL again for the kind support. I get by with a little help from my friends. . .
    This week, the most photographed site in New Jersey. Got lucky with the light giving me just the right amount of shadow to pick up the detail of siding and stone foundation. This is one of my test shots with the new 24-85D
  88. A little late today, hoping everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break. Already some great images it the thread! D200, 18-55@28mm, 1/180, f9, iso 100, SB-600, NX2.
  89. Here is one from Thanksgiving weekend.
  90. I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking forward your comments/suggestions.
    It's been a Thanksgiving week in good old US of A. We went on a dinner cruise...
    Equipment: Nikon FE2, Tamron f/2.5 28mm, Fuji Pro 400H, hand-processed in Tetenal Press kit.
  91. One from Havana - Cuba. On a sunny day on Malecon
    Nikon D60 with Nikorr 18-55 VR
  92. Everyone, the shots are amazing as usual.
    Ertugrul, as I will be traveling and may not get back to this thread for a few days, just wanted to comment how amazing your shot is . You have the ability to capture the essence and soul of each situation. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  93. Santa was at a birthday party this past weekend. He agreed to pose for a few candids. Maybe I'll make the nice list. Extracted in PS and placed against white background.
  94. My 1st WedNEsDAy pic. D90 50mm f/1.8 @ 1/400, f10
  95. Mila Playing - My Daughter at a local park. Nikon D80 Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 - 28mm 1/125 F/5.6 ISO100 +2.0EV converted to mono in PS.
  96. Good morning fellow Nekunists! A lot of strong images here..
    Jose...yum, yum...looks tasty
    Per-Christian...Strong comp and GREAT feel
    Rene...I would title it "Show Off"
    Lil...Welcome back and nice catch...both of you.
    Kent...Nice...Looks like a dandy to me. They are tough.
    Ilkka...Lovely pano...great mood
    Jeannean...I can see why it's your fave...Great shot! Looks very spontaneous and the framing is perfect.
    Erik...The sun bears are awesome...great capture.
    Shun...Amazing shot! They take direction quite well (>8
    Tom...Brrrr...I really like it...conveys a great sense of the place
    Kris...Wonderful and artistic portrait of an artist
    Janne...Beautiful...I love the flow
    Benjamin...Well done. Love the colors.
    Ertugral...Wow...This is my fave so far. Wonderful shot. It should be published. The angle is perfect. I love the one little boy...just an outstanding shot.
    Jana...Creative and well done
    Doug...Love the treatment...nice comp too
    Robert...Very nice portrait
    Phil...Another great portrait. Not sure what "normal" is, but it works here.
    Epp..Always exceptional and unusual contributions from you
    Enrique...Ah! I know the place well. Our son, Ziggy got a green one there (with his name on it!)
    Here is my contribution from a recent band session. While I needed to keep balanced light for most of the shots, I just couldn't resist some extreme side lighting. D300 Tamron aspherical 28-105mm/2.8 with my trusty alienbees
  97. Great entrees everybody. My WedNEsDAy PiC is still strongly imbedded in the fall weather. We love to keep nasty winter away.
  98. My contribution to WedNEsDAy PiC comes from a session taken during the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester United (the team I support) and Besiktas of Turkey last Wednesday at Old Trafford. In this photo defender Patrice Evra is seen with the ball in action for Manchester United.
  99. Another sunflower pic....
  100. great shots
    the ones that cought my eyes are
    Shaun- Penguins for just a second I though Georgia? Can't be but I am enlightened that's different Georgia. Great shot.
    Doug- it's a nice shot looks as if the hallway was in an under water building.
    Janne- very peaceful scene good capture.
  101. As usual, the quality of work submitted each week is humbling indeed.
    From the cold and wet Mid-Atlantic, I'm contributing this shot from sunny and warm San Diego. Nikon D90, 18-200mm at 26mm, f8, 1/250
  102. [​IMG] A dog in the harsh So. Cal winter. D700 24/70 late afternoon
  103. [​IMG] What a fabulous variety and quality of images - like pandora's box - full of goodies and never quite sure what you are going to see. My contribution this week was taken in small residential area of candiac Quebec as the sun was beginning to dip and I was able to elicit these warm smiles.
  104. Hello People, beautiful pictures. It is slowly turning into winter in the northern hemisphere. Here is an abstract picture form last saturday at the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt i.e. Nürnberg Christmas Market. I hope you like it, hopefully I manage to take more this weekend.
    D80 1/500 f/5.6 kit lens 18-135mm @135 mm
  105. pge


    Thanks Tiffany B, "Normal Lights" is me typing Norman Lights to fast. My strobes are a set of Norman's from the early mid 80's.
  106. To conclude my Native American documentary project, I'll submit this image of the Spirit Dance from the Kwakwakwa'wakw people of the Pacific North coast. This ancient dance is rarely seen outside secluded tribal ceremonies.
    Nikon D700, AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 @ F/11. Lit by a single Broncolor Pulso umbrella light using a Broncolor Grafit A4 power pack.
  107. So many beautiful Photos this week, I guess that it will never end. I hope!
    Today it just rained and was cold on top of that, here in western Kentucky, so I got a shot from my patio.
    Others I took today will be in my blog at
    please visit if you have a few minutes. All comments are appreciated as I am trying to learn.
    Nikon D90, Sigma 70-200 @ 185mmF4.0, 1/125, iso 200
    Thanks to all that post their work here it help us novices greatly.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  108. A Fall Day at the Races. This was the last race of the day. Was able to add a little 'speed' to the pic.
    I would appreciate comments! Thanks
  109. A photo from the cathedral in Lisbon, Portugal.
  110. Man and his best friend go for a ride....
    I took this shot a few weeks ago while I was in Glendale, CA to shoot some pics at a bike show. I was looking down right before this shot and as I looked up, I saw this bike with a side car coming at me, I only had about 1/2 second to fire off two shots, and was very happy with the intense look on their faces..
  111. Lots of nice photos this time. Pity I will not join (nothing done this week).
    Keith and Ertugral: I really like your photos!
  112. Hello, this is my first posting to Nikon Wednesday...taken the day after Thanksgiving~ a boy and his grandmother...on a horse farm.
  113. Tiffany, thank you for your kind words.
  114. Thank you for your kind photo Per-Christian.
    Phil...I have some of those too! Although I think mine saw their hayday in the 70's. they still work for certain situations...tough lights.
  115. Wednesday is a favorite day
    Mr B's Restaurant on Royal St around 9am on a Monday morning. Outside looking in with a d700 and nikkor 35 f2
  116. Watches . Here is a close up I took with a Nikon D50 and the infamous manual focus Japanese Kiron 105mm f/2.8 Macro. Used a Nikon Speedlight SB-16 (I'm a little behind!) on the camera with micro Apollo covering and a Vivitar 285HV off to the side into an umbrella.
  117. As good as ever! This thread just gets stronger.
    For my entry this week I have this 'penny bun' boletus that was growing in the beechy groves near Ashridge Management College. In central Europe these are a popular eating mushroom, but in the UK we have not yet come around to picking wild mushrooms - maybe in time.
    I used my Pronea 6i, 30-60mm zoom and Kodak Advantix 200.
  118. Tiffany Thank you for you comment I really like your shot. I always admired women playing accordions (love german polkas).
  119. I just skimmed through today's post. Looks great, I will have to sit down and go through them on the weekend.
    Missed the last 3 or 4 Wednesdays; haven't touched my camera for a while. I got around to playing with it last night before bed. This is a burnt out bulb that was on my desk.
  120. Per-Christian: You missed the boat, but got the image.
    Ilkka: You and Gej get the "Quiet Award." I love walking in the fog.
    Shun: I love a parade, but have to ask what happened when he cut the line?
    Keith: You've got proof that ghost buildings do exist! Nice job.
    Richard: Great context shift.
    Jens: Fascinating light; high contrast but almost no shadows. Source?
    Tiffany: That song keeps going through my head about "daddy gets no rest night"
    Jennifer: My favorite this week. This image operates on a number of levels. The trees and sky push this family image into a very different realm. Thanks
  121. Monty and his unusual eyes.
  122. Another great Wednesday, it is a world tour every week. A few for special mention:
    Monika – spirals giving me vertigo, feel like I am in the shot
    Michael – love the DOF on this shot
    Dallas – color super vibrant, great image
    Peter – great fall colors around the bridge, wonderful perspective
    Benjamin – nice still life, good shadows and lighting
    Paul – excellent end of fall shot, conveys the season perfectly
    Jana – very original, wonderful cropping and framing
    Matt – great picture
    Doug – excellent shot, my favorite this week
    Zoltan – nice shot
    Darren – what a perfect Father Christmas, should be a greeting card
    Enrique – welcome to the Wed forum, nice guitars
    Tiffany – nice portrait, great lighting
  123. Jennifer - Its about time that you finally posted here. Welcome
  124. Nice shots this week.
    Here's a recent one of mine from a trip to New Zealand that regrettably ended a few days ago. D700 + CZ 100mm ZF.
  125. Having trouble engaging my brain - here's the photo.
  126. I finally mustered up some courage, Joseph~ there are some incredible photos here and I am still a newbie of sorts...and thank you...
  127. James Symington, wonderful image!!!! I'm so jealous I did not take this one..... :)
  128. this picture was taken at the Teotihuacan Pyramids right outside Mexico City.
    Nikon D90 17-50mm f2.8 Tamron lens.
  129. San Antonio Riverwalk with Holiday lights
  130. San Antonio Riverwalk with Holiday lights with Photo
  131. Late entry this week. As always, great photos. What caught my eyes so far are:
    Jose - interesting angle and composition. I like it.
    Per-Christian - Like the scene and nice bokehed bridge behind.
    Monika - simply mesmerizingly nice.
    Lil - how could you take such a timing???
    Bogdan - impressive tree.
    Jeannean - wonderful shot. as good as your bug photos, or better :)
    Gej - nice whitey scene and I like it.
    Shun - nice penguin march.
    Paul B - I don't know why, but I think this is a very nice shot. It is great to share this hobby with your wife.
    Keith - impressive reflective building. Wow.
    Paul V - nice fallen leaves color.
    Ertugrul - interesting and nice, as many others have mentioned.
    Matt Laur - Very interesting and sharp. Where is your dog?
    Doug Santo - Wonderfully taken hallway.
    Mark Gordon - Very, very nice BW. And very cute, of course.
    Aguinaldo - love the contrast of the Sunflower and the sky.
    Thomas B - love the composition, shadow/sun and color, depth.
    Mark Jordan - I can't ignore the watch photos!
    James S. - wow, beautiful sky!
    Well, my entry this week is my first try of IR photo. I don't know if I did good or bad. But among the bunch I took, this is most interesting.
  132. In L.A./Chinatown
  133. The life of a Roman statue...
  134. Good Wednesday to all! Very interesting images today.
    Again, I spent the week without even touching the camera. So I have found something among the photos I made in Venice in May.
  135. Happy Wednesday.
    I am back, back from my vacation from Spain. My contribution of this week is taken from this trip.
    D700 with 24-70mm lens at 36mm. F14, ISO 400, 1/1600 Sec
  136. [​IMG]
    Arago Shrine, Fukuoka - Japan (today) - D300 Nikkor 1.4 /50mm
  137. Mark, the photo of your daughter is precious. Good work...and, the other photo I really think is great is Phil's of his daughter, both excellent photos that capture interesting moments in different ways. The look on Phil's daughter is classic and beautifully caught.
  138. Oregon Coast Thanksgiving evening.
  139. Dried flowers on the dining room table
  140. This past Saturday.
  141. mbh


    D700, Nikon 80-200 2.8
  142. Monika Epsefass : Wonderful colors and shapes.
    Eric Arnold : Great portrait.
    Ilkka Nissila : Beautiful. Looks cold!
    Alejandro Held : Dreamy lines and great color.
    Benjamin Schaefer : Back to color indeed, orange!
    Doug Santo : Great light.
    Draganco Veljanovski : Great feeling of a lazy, warm day.
    Darren Shipley : Great composition
    Mark Gordon : Beatufiul picture, the lighting is excellent
    Jeff Lipsman : Hilarious picture. The facial expression is perfect!
    Lance Noell : Great lighting and composition. Cannon beach?
    Great pictures again everyone! One of the highlights of my week.
  143. Mark & Ken: Thank you.
  144. Tom and Mark, thank you for commenting.
    The ligth comes from the door and the windoes only, but it's heavily manipulated in NX2 with NIK Efex filter 'tonal contrast'.
  145. Thank you for the comment James
  146. I have to say that IMO this is by far the strongest/most interesting group of photos that I have seen on Wednesday, in quite some time. From long standing posters to newbies, truly an impressive body of work. For those people "lurking" in the sidelines and just viewing, I hope that these submissions inspire you to join in the fun! For me, the ones that kept calling me back for another closer look are:
    Monika- Nice colors in your abstract. If I worked there, I'd be getting dizzy every morning.
    Lil- Your timing couldn't have been more perfect.
    Ilkka-Beautiful moody photo. The B&W works especially well.
    Kemal- Well Done. Strong image
    Alejandro- You have certainly captured a sense of movement.
    Shun- Beautiful. I like the way you composed it.
    Janne- I love the coloring, it looks so peaceful.
    Aninda- I like the perspective, it's different.
    Tim- beautiful. It evokes such a feeling of looking into a scene.
    Ertugrul- Once again.....WOW. Fantastic shot.
    Matt- I took a look at the larger image and it is even better. There is so much to look at in the details, but yet the shot doesn't look busy. Well done.
    Doug- Very well done. Your work in Photomatix is wonderful.
    Mark- Beautiful shot of your daughter.
    Jennifer- Welcome to the Wednesdy forum and you are off to an impressive start. Your picture certainly tells a story. Well done.
    James- Looks like someting from a sci-fi movie set. Beautiful.
    Richard- The colors really make this shot work. Good eye.
    Lance- Nicelty done. The foot prints really add to the shot.
    Greg- Wow, talk about timing!! Well done.
    Until next time, happy shooting.
  147. Thanks for all the great submissions this week. A few that really spoke to me:
    • Lester-great Riverwalk scene, colorful & crisp. Where did all the people go?
    • Tiffany - nice portrait - I like the side lighting.
    • Bill - perfect focus and timing
    • Doug - an arresting image, the HDR really pops
    • Ertugural - interesting focal point
    • Ken - thanks for your words of encouragement; you've got many great images in your slideshow.
    Looking forward to next week.
  148. Wow some amazing inspiring photos everyone. I never come to this section I will start
  149. Better late than never! From my Christmas Tree...
    D80. 50mm 1.8 lens.
  150. Thank you very much Ken Yamamoto ! I had the same feeling when I decided to post this picture ...
  151. Also better late then never, hope this works first time for me..
    D300 55 f2.8 Micro on PB4 Bellows.
    1/10 sec. F11 daylight and oncam builtin flash reflected whit wite sheet of paper.
  152. Thank you all for sharing your work!
    Also thank you for any comments on my shot!
    Jose… Your shot reminds me my room when a teenager! :) Those were wonderful days! About my TC, I always had this Kenko one. I used to use it with my old AF 300 and I keep it coz it works with my AF180 but to be honest I never use it. My TC17eII its fixed now. i just have to go get it. It costed like 160 USD. Which reminds me, WHERE IS MY CHECK? :)
    Per-Christian…. Nice shot! But…. where is the subject? :) Did it fly away? Did it sail away? Did it swim away? :)
    Hamish… perfect use of a fisheye lens!
    Lil… The timing couldn't be better!
    Again, my top 3 shots of the week:
    Monika - Bogdan Nicolescu - Dallas McVicker - Peter Giraudin - Keith Powell - Tim Holte - Paul V. Gorky - Matt Laur (I just can't find any dog in that shot) - Doug Santo - James Kazan - Mark Gordon - Tiffany Brook - Thomas Burden - James Symington - Lester Rosebrock - Ken Yamamoto and Paula Wang
    The year is anding! We have just 4 more weeks to go…. You have done a really good job and specially your reliability has been impeccable…. Thanks a lot! I just have one observation. I have no idea why you started this year with week #2 instead of #1…. Uhmmm! And we'll finish with week #53 instead of #52!
    See you all next week! Cheers!
  153. It was again a very inspiring trip around a world full of Nikon users. Big thanks to all!
    My top something this week:
    Jose - Yuck, that made me happy to have quit smoking :)
    Per-Christian - lovely quiet and well-composed scene.
    Lil - Impeccable timing!
    Dallas - Great silhouette
    Jeannean - Lovely shot! The timing seems spot-on to me, and it just breaths warmth and love.
    Shun - Great composition. And a thing learnt on penguins.
    Jana - very nice shot, the red of the umbrella makes the picture pop!
    Enrique - That's not much money for a guitar... But for a first entrance, that's a great entrance, I'd say!
    Andrés - lovely simplicity!
    But like many before, for me the number 1 this week was Ertugrul. Absolutely fabulous. Your pictures are consistently among the best on wednesday (in my humble opinion), and this one really shows the skills of a master. Love your work.
  154. I've looked through this week's thread many times and as usual, am amazed by the diversity and quality and can't keep my comments to under 10-20, but just wanted to say how much I liked all of them and appreciated the comments about mine. This was definitely new water for me.

    Welcome to the new posters! Keep coming back and spread the word. :)

    Ernie T: My condolences on the loss of your family member. I'm glad you are starting to heal. It takes time.

    See you all again on Wednesday and thanks for sharing your photos!
  155. Jeannean, that photo of your brother and sis-in-law wedding vow renewal pic? Drop dead gorgeous. I love that kinda stuff. You should consider placing it for stock or micro-stock use. I could see that in an ad.
  156. Rene and Wouter: Thank you.
    Rene, I think this was one of my "getting bored waiting for the main motive so therefore I take a photo of something quite different"-kind of shots. :D :D
  157. Another great week of shots presented. :) I want to start by thanking everyone who has offered support so very much for it. This for the last time. I also want to thank those who've commented on shots I've not replied to or thanked them for. The last three weeks have been a bit of a blur.... :(
    Anyhow - to the task at hand. :)
    Per-Christian - love the lines & depth of this shot.
    Joe - beautiful landscape & wonderful colors.
    Rene' - love the action & reaction of the Cormorants. ;) Great fun shot.
    Monika - great framing & depth of this shot. Pulls me in....
    Hamish - super use of a fisheye lens. Great shot.
    James - beautiful landscape & it so makes me want to visit Australia again...
    Bogdan - I love beat up weathered trees. Here you sure have one. Love it.
    Andy - sweet shot of the kids.
    Dallas - sweet sunrise shot
    Kent - love the warm inviting Fall colors, excellent framing
    Eric - great portrait & B&W conversion
    Ilkka - what can I say...... Stunning. :)
    Jeannean - Just beautiful. Well done - print it large for your sister. :)
    E rik - great action/pose of the bear Erik I have about five times tried to get your name in one word, program simply refuses to let me fix this for some reason..... So sorry...
    Kemal - elegant
    Gej Jones - great shot & super B&W conversion
    Shun - wonderful shot as you well know
    Richard - love this simple elegance shot - print it & frame it large. It's shots like this which makes me miss snow. :)
    Kris - great cover shot
    Janne - beautiful shot showing the great beauty of the North. ;) Makes me miss home.
    Tim - beautiful shot. Just wonderful. Love the framing of the trees, dog & person in the perfect spot. Super framing. :)
    Roberta - such a fun shot. Makes me want a little dog. :)
    Jon - I remember those days. Now I just refuse to enter my daughter's room - - unfortunately it doesn't look like they get any better.... :( Say - is that a Birman?
    Jens - I love the post processing on this one. Almost looks like a drawing.
    Doug - very well execute - super post processing
    James - something which could well be in a museum catalog
    Bill - great catch for both you & the Great Egret
    Keith - sweet & love the B&W conversion
    Dieter - lovely landscape
    Phil - great shot of your daughter
    Chauncey - great Christmas card
    Darren - great Santa photo
    Mark - great capture of your daughter
    Tiffany - great portrait - love the play of light & dark in it.
    Aguinaldo - great shot of the sunflower landscape
    Tony - lovely shot of the little girls
    Andrew - that's one fun subject shot
    Jennifer - wonderful shot.
    Steve - I thought my cat had unusual eyes, but they're nothing compared to Monty's. Sweet shot of him.
    James - amazing post processing on this amazing shot.
    Ken - lovely IR shot. I find to make them really pop I set white & black points. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like a few pointers. :)
    Richard - I really like this shot & it's presentation. Well done.
    Mikhail - wonderful shot from one of the canals in Venice.
    Paula - love the Roman Aqueduct.
    Igor - I love the shot from the shrine - very peaceful.
    Lance - love the landscape - beautiful shot.
    Steve - love the dried flowers. May I make a suggestion.... run a NR (Noise Reduction) on it & it will potentially become even lovelier. :)
    Robert - one great shot so showing the spirit of a young boy. Great capture. :)
    Melinda - I love your Christmas Card. Lovely
    And Thank You to those of you who've for commented on my shot. Tiffany :) Ken - it comes down to shooting many shots & hoping that one will get the action. But of all the ones I shot - I only got one I'm really happy with. Paul - I shoot in 14 bit, so I only get 2,5 shots a second. I'm so thrilled I got the toss. :) More than anything with birds - it's luck. And taking the time. ;) Rene' thank you, you know as well as I how difficult birds are & how much luck has to do with it. Wouter - isn't it always. ;) Thank you all. :)
  158. James, that is epic in every way. The sheer depth, subtle movement, light and shadow, dust haze over the valley...
  159. Thank you, Lil.
    Good to see you "back in business" !
  160. Thanks to Uzay Kişi , Dieter Schaefer , James Hart , Paul V. Gorky and Jennifer Meighan (in the Critique Section) for your comments on my shot.

    Again great photos everyone! the ones that I like a little more are:

    Jeannean Buglady
    's Beautiful pair of happy Homo Sapiens, Gej Jones 's Fog, Uzay Kişi 's Umbrella, Richard Armstrong 's Snow, Janne Kaakinen 's Scape from office (by the way I'd like to know your boss opinion ;-) Ertugrul Kilic 's Young boy standing, James Kazan 's Cleveland Museum, Mark Gordon 's Daughter and Lance Noell 's Beach

    Very happy to see Lil Judd back in form and Jennifer Meighan here with us!
    byby and see you next Wednesday!!
  161. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Lill - do not worry if you computer cannot spell my name correct - in this country there are
    about 85 mill who cannot spell it correct!!
  162. Thank you Per-Christian & Alejandro for caring -
    I'm feeling better & am trying to not dwell on the bad stuff.....
    Erik - I still don't get why the reply box refused to let me write your name Erik, but would only accept E rik..... Makes no sense as I could do it later on the my post to you....
  163. Thanks Wouter W. for the comments :)
  164. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Oh, it is Tuesday now.

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