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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
    Hi all, thank you for your comments and participation in last week thread.
    My contri today belong to a portfolio I made for a contest promoted by a well know car manufacturer. I was adviced to participate during an event, and decided to do so using my head, looking for the prize but... when I had the pics, while reading the contest` small print I felt so dissapointed. The prize is so stingy, and the "disclaimer" section too long... finally I have decided not to participate. I don`t want to give them a lot of big sized publishable photos, models, logos, etc. for almost free.
    The one below is a ruled out pic. Think that it belong to a portfolio related to reafforestation.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 24-70AFS (52mm), 1/4000 - f2.8. Processed in NX2.
    Please feel free to post your pic if you like, taken with Nikon gear. Thanks!
  2. Happy WeDNeSDaY!
    Thank you for those nice comments on my image last week!
    This week a have a fishy shot! Cheers!
  3. Kids at play - Mutrah, Muscat
  4. It's getting rather dark here with about 7 hours a day of daylight, so I'm focusing more on night photography. Interesting how man-made light typically looks like...
  5. Greetings, and Happy Wednesday! I'm back again after some travelling and heavy work! ;)
    "Domestic fights" are not only happening in human relations, these ducks were fighting over a small bit of food. She won! ;)
  6. [​IMG]
    D700, 50mm f/1.4 @ f/3.2, 1/125 sec, ISO 800
  7. First I'd like to thank Jonas Fjellstedt, Marc Henry and Jeannean Buglady (in the critique section) for the kind words on my last week's photo.
    The Feria of San Telmo is the biggest antique market in Buenos Aires. Every Sunday the small Dorrego Square is invaded with more than 270 stalls.
    In November they celebrate the birthday of the Feria ( 39 this year) and some of the vendors clad in fancy dress costumes
    Many asked him if the pirate outfit are his real cloths (for the price he charge his junk)
    D300 + 18-200 VR @24mm - 1/30 - f13 - ISO 400
  8. Hello, and happy Wednesday!
    Went for a walk in the woods and came across this miraculous little spot. I'd like to call it "Living on an island", which reminds me of an old Status Quo song... ;-)
    Nikon D700 / 24-70 2.8, ISO 400, 1/125, f5.6
  9. mbh


  10. View from "Donau turm" in Vienna, 165 m high ...
  11. Hello Everybody,
    Greg, thank you for your very kind comment.
    This week has started off well, I can already see the quality here. My photo is of a tree in my garden, the sky was beautiful today, we are really fortunate in Australia to have such a scenery.
    I look forward to the rest of this thread.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8, ISO 200, f/10, 1/320s
  12. [​IMG]
    Good day Wdayers, here is my contribution this week
    Nikon D700+Samyang 85 1.4 @ 5.6 1/320 ISO 250
  13. Guitarists at Strawberry Fields in Autumn Color
  14. Even Rainy Days end Beautifully on City Island
    City Island. It’s a local island rich in nautical themes. Boats, ship yards, docks and moorings all over the place. Probably has the largest concentration of Seafood restaurants of anywhere. On its 2 mile long main street there are about 30. There’s also fishing galore with many charter and party boats making their home there. Plenty of Piers and surfcasting for fishing from land. Sometime in the future I’ll do a photo of a colorful eatery called Johnny’s Reef.
    Lately I’ve had a film rebirth. I’m having a lot of fun with some of my old toys that have been sitting in a drawer for a while. Press the shutter button and the camera has a whole different feel. The motor drive advancing film after each shot makes it feel like photography. You’ll also be surprised how fast you go thru 36 shots after shooting digital with cards that hold a few hundred photos. Also nothing like coming home from work and finding slides in the mail.
    Sunset at the end of a rainy day about 2 weeks ago taken from one of my favorite fishing spots on City Island
    Nikon F100 with MB-15 AF Zoom-Nikkor 24-85mm f/2.8-4D IF @ 85mm
    Fuji Velvia 100 - Nikon 4000 ED film scanner & Processed in NX2

    I really like the new catch phrase on – “Going Photographic”
    With thanks to Rashed Abdulla in casual conversations
  15. D5000, ISO 200, 1/400 sec, 55-200mm @68mm (cropped), f5
  16. D80, 18mm but not sure which zoom used.
  17. Nice pictures already.
    Mine is actually the only one I did in the entire week :-(
  18. Morning,
    my photo this week was taken on Sunday. It shows just how much rain we've been having. It's not just North West England getting a soaking but North Wales aswell. This is the car park at Bala Lake. D700, Nikon 18-35mm, tripod. 2.5 secs @ f/11, iso 200.
  19. Good Morning to all. Great start so far. My pic this week is to make all those of you who are cold and maybe snowed in jealous of our great Florida weather. This is a Spotted Sea Trout that I caught Sat. My friend Tony was the Model holding the Trout for me. I'm doing a seminar in Jan. on how to take good fishing pictures, so we were doing some shots for my slide show. Nikon D200,35mm, F11, 1/640S, ISO 200
  20. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    A not too young but very nice Laos model.
  21. D700 + AF-S 50mm f/1.4, ISO 800, 1/8000s, f/2.8, EV -1, Raw 14 bit, Capture NX2. Why is it so difficult to remeber to return ISO to 200?
  22. Taken earier this year on a Spring hike. Mac was getting down.
  23. My contribution this week is from yesterday, not many interesting sights in a grey November but this, from the part old town, caught my eye.
  24. Hello everyone..
    My contribution this week is from one of the acts at the London Jazz Festival. It’s an annual event spread over two weeks. Although I did manage to go for a few gigs, I only carried my camera once last week. It was quite challenging to get a shot of the bassist with the 80-400mm but in the end, I managed to get this picture.
  25. My son the goalie got to play a couple of games at the BankAtlantic Center (home of the 'hot' Florida Panthers) on Monday - a real thrill for all 25 kids that got to play, and a bigger thrill for the 'big' kids who got to watch!
  26. Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thank you all who commented on last week's image. This is another frequent visitor to my backyard. D300, 80-400mm VR at f8, 1/250 sec, iso 400, 270 mm, tripod.
    Have a fine and prosperous week!
  27. D80, 18-200 @ 18mm, ISO 200.
  28. [​IMG]
    Nikkor 200mm f4
  29. Try again
  30. bms


    This weeks contribution is from 2 weeks ago (don't really like to do that), but I processeed it thsi mornign trying a new (for me) B&W conversion method. Happy shooting and happy Wednesday!
  31. Happy Day before Thanksgiving! Although no snow, we are now getting frost regularly. I got this shot about a minute before the sun hit the frost. I hope you like the colors. They remind me of what fall should be all about. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!
  32. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    This is the ruins from an old whaling station at Prince Olav Harbour on the north coast of South Georgia Island in the Antarctic.
    Nikon D300S with the 18-200mm/f3.5-5.6 version II "travel lens" at 35mm, f8 and 1/640. I captured this image from a Zodiac landing boat off shore.
  33. Some handsome work already up this morning, folks. Happy Wednesday.

    Here's Robert, a Marylander who sells his produce at local weekend farm markets.
  34. Yay! Wednesday again! Marvelous photos already...
    My Favourites so far:
    Per-Christian Nilssen, Kris Heylen, Gary McGhee, Benjamin Schaefer
    My Contribution this week is a photo I took in Istanbul. It dates back to September but I only had the chance to process it this weekend. Please let me know if the post processing is excessive, which I tend to think the more I look at the photo...
  35. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    My contribution is couple of weeks back, when I took this picture of my daughter at her school DJ party. I was in manual mode, using built-in flash with -FV value to keep the mood of lighting in the gym area. I guess this captured very well seeing my daughter's dancing and lighting on her face and surrounding. I used 1/10 sec shutter speed to lighten up the background.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1/10 sec
    Aperture: 2.5
    Focal Length: 35mm
    Flash Used: Yes

    Ray Gosalia
  36. Very little time for photography these last days (including processing on a big backlog of photos!).
    But my son gets always a photo, every week. So this time, here he is. My little 17-months boy playing with fallen leaves for the first time.

    D700, 50/1.4G, f/4, 1/200s, iso900
  37. From a Portrait session taken for a friend's family. She had a riot with the dress-up props!
  38. From a Portrait session taken for a friend's family. She had a riot with the dress-up props!
  39. Hi Everyone,
    First, Thank you Oskar, I haven't enlarged any of these shots yet but I probably will later. This weeks shot is again a shot of the Circle B fogged in.
  40. Not sure what happened there?
  41. Happy Wednesday to ALL and an early Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate this gastronomical feast. ;-). I shot this weeks photo, last wednesday, while out playing around w/ one of my fathers old manual focus lenses, a Nikkor Auto 85mm f1.8. I'm so used to having a zoom lens on, it was quite a challenge to not only worry about distance to subject, but the focusing and always checking the histogram, for exposure, since my D80 doesn't TTL w/ these lenses. All in all still lot of fun. Shot at the Frelinghysen Aboretum in Morristown, NJ.
  42. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US. My selection this week goes with the Thanksgiving theme using a wild turkey that I captured back in the spring.
  43. Nikon D300 with 17-55 2.8 zoom
  44. Tribal Leader
    I recently had the unique opportunity to photograph a group of Native American's, in traditional dress, from a local dance performance group using my Nikon D700 and 4x5 film camera. To see more images from this project check out my post here:
  45. Happy Wednesday All, This week I am breaking from my Europe pictures to share an on going project I am doing. There are about 20 Piers in the state of Florida and I am out to capture something unique or telling of that pier in each place. I have about 13 left to go. Here is what I have so far.
  46. The nikkor-0 auto 35 f2 is one of my standout lenses especially if I can nail the focus with it wide open. It has survived a drop from 4 foot onto a hardwood floor, many sandy days @ the beach and many years of hard use but it still delivers wonderful image quality. Most wont like the portrait I am including cause 35mm tends to distort the face a bit especially on a full frame camera. But I mainly like the following image because its a testament to the old nikkors sharpness, contrast and bokeh when shot @ f2.
  47. [​IMG]
    D2X 3.2 70-200
  48. What a great assortment of photos and know there will be many more. I'd like to wish those in the US a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. My contribution this week was chosen by my nephews, who are here visiting with my sister for the holiday. They thought the reflection made this baby shield bug especiallly "cool". Sorry for the length of the photo, but in order to get the bug and reflection in the photo, it was unavoidable. Taken with D90/Sigma 150/Sigma 1.4x teleconverter.
  49. Here's a recent picture of Arthur, a "dragon" my daughter ended up with after a visit to a Renaissance fair this past summer.
  50. Hi all,
    Nice shots today so far especially:
    Rene - nice color capture from the Koi
    Alejandro - It's a pirate life, and great color
    Monika - great contrast
    Jana - sometimes it pays to look up
    Joseph - Been years since I was to City Island, a very quant little setting either by boat or car
    David - Adorable shot
    Here's my entry, a staircase lined with mirrors on a huge yacht.
    Taken with a D50, 1/10 sec, f3.4, no flash, 18mm
    Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends. Everyone should give thanks no matter what country of origin.
  51. It's an American bowling tradition to award turkeys for high scores at Thanksgiving. This is the one I won this week.
    Coolpix L19, closeup mode. Two versions processed in ACR, one with snappy contrast for the turkey and the other with heavy fill light (and noise redution) for the background. Combined in CS4 using a mask.
  52. My eldest son played in an All Stars soccer tournament this past weekend. Lo and behold, they won it. Shot 1000+ photos last weekend (a lot for me). so this week's subject matter was a no-brainer. He's the Steelers fan. Most of the time I used a D300 & Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8D. I also had a D700 w/ 17-35mm too. It was a great weekend for the family.
  53. Good morning everyone. Happy Wednesday!
    My image this week is of an egret that lives near my house in Texas.
  54. [​IMG] This was taken at the end of September on my road trip to Waterton Lake national park of canada. This was always a dream of mine to visit this location and while I knew approximately what to expect, i was not expecting to find these beautiful stones in one place. Taken with my D300 with the Sigma 10-20mm. A quote from the park official site: "Rugged, windswept mountains rise abruptly out of gentle prairie grassland in spectacular Waterton Lakes National Park. Here, several different ecological regions meet and interact in a landscape shaped by wind, fire, flooding, and abundant plants and wildlife. The park helps protect the unique and unusually diverse physical, biological and cultural resources found in the Crown of the Continent: one of the narrowest places in the Rocky Mountains. The highlight of Waterton's sparkling chain of lakes is the international Upper Waterton Lake, the deepest lake in the Canadian Rockies. In 1932, the park was joined with Montana's Glacier National Park to form the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park - a world first".
  55. Lost my buddy Pip Squeek several hours after last Wednesday's thread post. We rescued him from under a house trailer after his mother was killed, and raised him on milk replacer and love. Two years ago we almost lost him to a heart failure, but pulled him through even though he was only given 6 more months. A cat with a bad heart who would play "fetch" for hours and gently wake me up in the morning for breakfast, I somehow believed that the vet was wrong, and that Pip would beat the odds. Last week his 9-year old bad heart just wouldn't go any further.
    Ah, the curse of a long life, you have to bury your loved ones and friends.
    D700, 105G f/2.8 in program mode, ISO 1000, hand-held, with available light.
  56. Taken at Arthur, IL last week.
  57. at a dog park on Long Island, NY
  58. Nikon F80 with 50mm F/1.8 with pop-up flash. Film and settings sadly forgotten.
  59. Hello Everybody,
    This bus takes tourista around the town I live in.
  60. This is a "found" photograph as in found in a box that has been stored away for several decades. It was taken on a 1969 cross country trip from Rhode Island to California. We stopped for sightseeing in NYC and this image was taken on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. My wife is wearing the Nikormat around her neck so I am using the Nikon F with Plus-X b&w film to make this image. I usually had two cameras with me, one for color slides and one for B&W. Both cameras probably had the 50mm 1.4 lens which were my usual "walking around" lens. The negative was scanned with an LS4000. I tried both the greyscale and the color negative modes, but this version is from the greyscale. The grain is very pronounced but seemed worse in the color negative mode. The day was very overcast so I can only estimate a shutter of speed of around 1/30th and probably nearly wide open on the 50mm 1.4 lens.
  61. I normally don't post heavily PSd images, but sometimes think the stylized result can capture the feel of the scene better than the attempt at "unchanged" capture. Missed posting this last week due to travel times, but this is one of Beijing's recent snows, at least one of which was helped along by government intervention, rather than relying on Mother Nature.
  62. Happy Wednesday everyone !!
    Here is my contribution this week. So far I do like the below pictures :
    - Jana H. - Good concept !
    - Kris H. - Like the way you created it and the contrast between foreground and background.
    - Erik C. - Very nice details !
    - Robert D. - Excellent color rendition and composition !
    - David L. - Good picture. Excellent contrast !
    Mine was taken last week. This is my grandaughter Ginette holding her partner. Hope you like it folks and have a happy shooting and holidays !!
  63. I have to say that there are some very inspiring images today, so far. A few things that struck me this morning while having some coffee and scrolling through the current offerings...
    I must congratulate Shun on the beautiful image that he captured with the 18-200mm VR zoom from a zodiac in Antarctica. After all of the ups and downs and conversations that this lens has generated here, it makes me smile to see it used well by Shun.
    I'm very impressed with the quality of the images that Matt Laur is getting from the new Sigma 50mm, f1.4 HSM. But, I wouldn't expect anything but quality images from Matt.
    I noticed that Gary McGhee is successfully transitioning his signature long exposure images of water from the D200/Sigma10-20 combo to the D700/nikkor 18-35. As always, excellent.
    Monika's simple island beauty is stunning, as is Ben's marvelous B&W shot that is so serene.
    There are so many more, But I just wanted to take a moment here to thank Jose, Shun and Lex as well as all of the participants in this forum.
    For all of us who will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US tomorrow, and for the rest of you around the world, I'm thankful that we have this place to share a small bit of ourselves with each other and to celebrate the joy of being human together with our art.
    I hope you all have a warm healthy day with your loved ones, tomorrow and in the days ahead.
  64. Stairwell, City Hall, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14-24/2.8, 14mm, f/9, 2.5s, ISO 200, matrix metered, manual mode.
  65. My cats love the bathroom, especially hanging out in the empty bath tub.
  66. Hi everyone another start to a great thread
    my contribution for this week is a rose I shot against my marble chess board
    hope you enjoy it.
  67. Happy Wednesday everyone. Images that caught my eye today are Erik 's Laos model, Matt 's Marylander portrait, Richard 's nuthatch, and Louis ' tribal leader.
    Created the following image on Sunday, the graphic elements and the monochrome color caught my attention. Obviously taken with the sun very low in the sky, a few minutes before sundown. D300 with 80-400/4.5-5.6 VR at 400mm, 1/800s, f/5.6, ISO400.
  68. [​IMG]
    Nikon d300/ 17-55 2.8
  69. Good Wednesday everyone! Thought i'd change it up a bit and post another subject that i love to shoot; sports. This was taken this past summer, wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving! D200, 55-200@130mm, f5.6, 1/3200, iso 400, NX2 pp.
  70. In my continuing effort to produce quality photos right out of my camera with little or no post, I took my D90 to Universal Studios Orlando a few weeks ago, with a custom Picture Control. What I like about my current setting is I get rich colors and good skin tones.
  71. Thanks for posting everyone.
    The wife's alarm clock quit working the other day. I found the cause. The original electrician never tightened the terminal screw so it's been arching for 25+ years. So that's how electrical fires start.
  72. all wet
  73. On campus at my Alma Mater. Getting set up for Light Up Night.
    Just trying to goof around with DOF stuff. Taken with D80, 18-70mm.
  74. No great shot ... just my two feline Photoshop assistants. As usual, sleeping on the job!
  75. pge


    Hi everyone, happy wednesday!
  76. Good day everyone, taken in Vienna this summer with my D80 kit lens 18-135mm @135mm f/5.6 slightly cropped at the bottom. Thank you for the thread.
    D80 18-135mm - Waiting
  77. Good day - good captures!
    Happy Thanks Giving to those in the US and Canada!
    ---off to my contribution for this week, which was shot with D80 @100mm f/5.6 1/30th sec with ISO500
  78. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    To Richard Armstrong: Sorry to disappoint you, I should point out that neither the D300S body nor the 18-200 Version 2 I used to capture my image for this week is mine. Both are loaners from Nikon USA to for review.
    As we all know, the 18-200 is great for travel when you don't want to carry too many lenses. In this case I was cramped in a small (Zodiac) boat with a bunch of passengers so that it was difficult to change lenses, and having one lens to go from 18 to 200 was extremely handy. For the trip, I also had the 17-35mm/f2.8, 28-70mm/f2.8, 70-200mm/f2.8 VR, and 200-400mm/f4 VR with me. After using it for a few days, the image quality difference between the high-end f2.8 zooms and the 18-200 is very apparent to me.
    Of course, with a beautiful scene (and the right photographer :) ), one can still get good images with the 18-200, especially when we are only looking at small JPEGs.
    I know this is getting a bit off topic. I'll discuss the D300S (and perhaps the 18-200) in's up-coming review.
  79. Shot near Forks, Washington, Setting for the popular "Twilight" book series. Interestingly, the author has never been to the area and the movies made from the books weren't filmed there. Nikon D300, Tokina 12-24mm lens.
    Werewolf and Vampire Country
  80. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 1600, 1/5th
    18-55 @ 18mm, f/3.5
  81. Hi everyone!
    Missed last week's commenting phase - again... Sorry! Thanks to Jeannean, Tiffany B. & James H. for your comments (Yep, kids just love that creepy stuff, and in all honesty we don't have that many kids roaming around in our office-floor :) )! I'll try to be faster with this week's thread, great PiCs again everyone!
    My contribution is again another view from my daily path to the office. It's the darkest time of the year, the part of the year when days are gray and nights pitch black, and the snow has not yet fallen to brighten the scenery. This was taken today morning around 8 am.
    Nikon D50 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8 (@ f/2, 1/40 sec, ISO 400)
    And as usual, you can also leave critique for this PiC here .
  82. Taken just Monday , outside looking into art gallery on Royal Street in New Orleans. I liked the play of the lights and the reflections in the window.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all and thank you for the wonderful photos today.
    Taken with D300, 35mm f/1.8 at f/4 Iso 200
  83. My boss and I were in St George, UT last week and we both brought our cameras with us. Unfortunately his brand of camera doesn't qualify him to post here so I will share one of my photos.
    This is the LDS temple in St George, UT and I took this about 7:30 at night. With no visible moon at this time of night the very black background helped bring out the white on the outside of the temple. I took a number of other photos from different angles as well. If you would like to see them here is the link.
    Jana Hughes - Really like your picture of the trees.
    Erik Christensen - Great portrait
    Bill J Boyd - What a wonderful picture. I really like the color of the lake in the background. It helps accentuate the egret.
  84. Lots of very interesting photos today... great thread again as always!
    Fishing in an unlikely spot:
    D300, AF-D 85 f/1.8. ISO200, f/6.3 and 1/1250th sec. Slight use of the curve tool in CNX2.
    Thanks to all those last week who took the time to post comments! Unfortunately, I did not have time to get back. Hopefully this week...
  85. This is my first posting on Wednesday pic, but I have been following the thread for a long time. These pictures are always very nice and interesting.
    My pic is taken in La Jolla last week, when I was on a business trip in San Diego. D90, 24mm, F/13.
  86. Shun, I'm not disappointed, and I'm still smiling:)
    Thanks for the explanation, looking forward to the review. I can also see the difference myself and as you will probably note, f8 and the mid-range of the zoom is it's "sweet spot".
  87. This was shot from my desk opened the window and there she was. She is I beleive a Pacific-slope Flycatcher, for sure though she loves Persimmons
  88. Gettysburg . My first contribution to Nikon Wednesday!
    Taken with Nikon D50 and Tokina SD 12-24 F4 (IF) DXII. Taken at 12mm, F10 1/160, Matrix metering.
    Taken in RAW 12 bit format and processed in Photoshop Elements 7.0.
  89. F4, Nikkor 85mm 1:1.8D, Velvia 50, scan (no processing other than resize) of 4x6 print made at Swan Photo Labs at time film was processed. Image captured last month.
  90. This is what the D700 is capable of, with ISO 3200 and the small flash built in.
  91. Some very interesting things going on this week.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    -Shane Srogi
    Nikon F4s. Kodak TMX 100. Printed on Ilford Paper.
  92. A street scene from Quebec City.
    Cropped slightly, sharpened, colours adjusted.
    D70s 1/1250s f8 Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6
  93. Here is Wednesday Thread again and I am happy to see it. I look forward to this every week.

    This is a pumpkin that a young boy (11) has carved. When there is no candle in it you can not figure out what has been carved. I think that he has done a great job.<br>

    Wishing ALL a very Happy Thanksgiving.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  94. Lot's of great ones once again. For now I would single out Jana Hughes, Doug Santo and Dieter Schaefer. Good yob!

    And Mark Mandel, I understand you, as I too have a cat in my house for over ten years now, I know that Pip Squeek was not just a cat, he was family member.

    My photo was taken last Sunday, on a stroll through a park, some leaves were still hanging on, so I took a chance to take some fall shots after all, as fall just flew by me...
  95. Mark Mandell--sorry about the loss of Pip.
    Losing a beloved pet is never easy--
    Hope you have a great holiday--Pip would have wanted you to eat lots of turkey!
  96. There's something magnifent and majestic about an aircraft like an A330 screaming in over your head like this. A couple of weekends ago, on finals at Larnaca, sun very low on the horizon giving a nice glow to the front of the aircraft. Always a fast moving scene, so the D700 is at ISO 1600, 1/1250 sec at f/5.6, 240mm on the Sigma 70-300
  97. Happy Wednesday everyone. Great images. As usual, only time to comment on a few.
    Monika...I love the life...the green on that beautiful little piece of pie you found.
    Darko...Beautiful! It looks like you found the sweet spot, for sure.
    Erik...Agreed...lovely face. Nice portrait.
    Robert...Great portrait. The beautiful and fleeting Fall light.
    Richard...Great capture. I just love those little guys...they are much too fast for my sluggish lenses.
    Dallas...Nice work! It looks like a tough job, but someone had to do it, eh?
    Tony...Wow....uh, wow!!
    Rodger...Totally works for me...compelling image.
    Doug...Terrific abstract..your eye and the stairs.
    David...Hilarious! Well done, too.
    Wade...Zikes! I am glad that someone was paying attention.
    Ray...Well, it's clear who is in charge.
    Janne...Love the mood of your image...A great time of the morning.
    Here is my kids and the obligatory holiday family shoot. When they are in sync, it is a symphony.
  98. Steam ice breaker Turso in Helsinki.
  99. Great takes Jeannean and Dieter and all the participants. After so many Wednesdays I wouldn’t expect anything less.
    In my today’s photograph is Kissing Bridge in West Montrose in area I live. Nothing really special. It’s digital take but I went there last Sunday to primarily document it on already discontinued Kodachrome 64. I still have couple of dozens left and Dwayne’s is still developing it until Dec 2010. If you still have some of it stashed it somewhere - take it out and shoot it because when is gone is gone. I have few little Kodachrome projects on the go. Main one is my closest family and friends. A lot of young kids in few last years were born. We are not getting any younger. I’m sure it will be a blast to pull Ektagraphic out and to see familiar but different faces 30 years from now with everlasting colors of Kodachrome.
  100. D80 + Nikon 18-200VR @80mm, 1/15s,f/5.3,ISO 800. Desaturated and cropped a little bit.
  101. D700, Nikkor 24-85 @ 45mm, f/8, ISO 200, 1/100
    2 Paul C. Buff White Lightning 1600s with shoot through umbrellas on bg, WL1600 with Softbox for key, Alien Bee 800 for fill.
  102. Hello everybody,
    This week's got some great pics. Good effort everyone.
    My contribution for this week is a shot of Blue Tailed Bee eaters. These guys were having a great time snapping up Bees, dragonflies & the like. Was not fortunate enough to get a bee-eater catching its prey in flight - but I'm working on that :).
    Shot this pic using a D700 with a 300mm F/4 AFS lens coupled with a TC-14EII. ISO:1600, Shutter Speed: 1/1000 @ F8. Handheld.
    My top ones for this week (not in order of ranking though) till now:
    Darko Vrsic - Interesting!
    Gary McGhee - Park at your own risk, eh? Out of curiosity - how long do these places remain flooded?
    Erik Christensen - This portrait is excellent. Keep it coming.
    Robert Davies - Natural expression. Love that. Perhaps you could've taken out the color cast.
    Richard Armstrong - Wow & it's quite detailed. Lucky to have such beauties visiting your backyard.
    Carey Moulton - Abstract??
    Shun Cheung - Nice composition & spot on exposure. Think the pic's got a bit of color cast.
    Francesco Pessolano - Your toddler seem to be in a world of his own. Good one.
    Epp B - Good picture. What exactly is this structure?
    Issac Sam
  103. WOW Did not know about this, been away. Really great, what a group of photos all so different really enjoy it!
  104. Blue Hen Falls - Cuyahoga Valley National Park
    10/16/09 - D3, ISO160, f22 2sec.
  105. Greg, thanks for your kind comment last week.
    Great stuff, once again. Special favourites:
    • Monika, I love the splash of colour against the winter mutedness.
    • Gary, a very artistic take on the appalling weather we're having. Please make it look less good!
    • Jens Frederiksen, lovely muted colours - wish I was there!
    • Richard Armstrong, great capture.
    • Paul Gorky, superb clarity.
    • Dieter Schaefer, simply marvellous.
    I can't hope to match Jeanneann Buglady's snowy egret from last week, but I also acquired a 70-300 VR this week. The weather was truly dire (as Gary has reminded us) but I braved the beach nonetheless. Even the seagulls were dispirited, as you can see. This is my very first shot with the new lens.
  106. Hi everyone, wonderful pictures above... Mine was taken trough my rifle scope (or at least , this was my intention). D3 + 24-70/2,8g at F2,8 and 1/80 :
  107. A recent shot of Istanbul at night...
    Feel free to comment!!!!
  108. pge


    Issac Sam my monitor does not show a color cast on Shun's photo. Perhaps the snow has the smallest amount of blue but nothing that I wouldn't expect under a bright blue sky. Maybe it is your monitor, or maybe it is mine.
  109. Bad attitude Santa- taken last weekend at town Christmas tree lighting ceremony. F90, 55mm 3.5 @f4, ektar100
  110. Here is my photo of the fall leaves in my backyard, taken with Nikon D300/35-70 2.8D lens , PS Dry Brushed.
  111. Paul and Filip, Thanks for the thoughts. When I bring up the picture, I have a tendency to reach out to straighten his curved whiskers. Silly, huh?
  112. Greetings, everyone! Great photographs, again. Here is my contribution, test driving a new lens.
  113. I've been busy all day transfering a million photo files and all my personal documents to a new computer... Haven't had time to much this week other than work shots, so here's one from 4 or 5 weeks back.
    -2 degrees, gale-force winds, 20-30cm snow, a tripod, a head-light, a D300, the trusty nikon 10-24mm @ 17mm and f8, ISO 200, a one second exposure, a good sleeping bag and the best tent The North Face can offer. What more could you want, eh? Oh, and my youngest son was with me... a father-son day out :)
  114. Here's one from this summer. Couldn't get the mask quite right...
  115. First up I wish to say to Mark Mandell how sorry I am for the loss of his Pip Squeek. You have my deepest condolences & I know what you're going through. I have not touched the cameras since we lost our Marahute almost two weeks ago now & I was not going to post here this week either. But, with Mark sharing his sadness I figured I can post a very old photo of our family (I'm hoping Shun, Lex & the rest of you will understand as it took me days to even be able to eat) - this was taken with one of my old Nikon film cameras. I don't remember which. Not the FM - I think it was a F2A but as I don't have it anymore ??? - with the 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 (I think). Yes I shot this (even though I'm in the shot) I set the camera up, focused MF & started the timer.
    Mark - my heart goes out to you & yours. And to everyone who's sent me e-mails & visited Marahute's gallery on my page - - thank you all so very much.
    This was our family long ago. Ross, Andrea about 5 years old, Marahute less than a year & I. Rest in Peace Baby Bird.....
    Larger version & others of our boy can be seen in this gallery
  116. Happy Thanksgiving, Nikonoids! Lots of nice work, as always.
    - Monika Epsefass, nice effect with the gray background. The small structure on the island is really cool.
    - Jana Hughes, great colors and nice perspective!
    - Kris Heylen, excellent technical shot that's also quite fun. "Fumar puede matar," indeed. "Killer" shot!
    - Rick Dohme, excellent sharpness, composition, and color.
    - Erik C., this is the best of your series so far.
    - Robert Davies, nice portrait.
    - Richard Armstrong, excellent bird photo.
    - Benjamin Schaefer, excellent composition and effect.
    - Shun, great locale. I thought it was Switzerland or Austria at first.
    - Matt Laur, sharp and well-executed.
    - Francesco P., darling child photo!
    - David Love, spectcular lighting, pose, and subject!
    - Louis Meluso, very moving portrait. Quiet and elegant.
    - Jeannean, amazing depth-of-field effect!
    - Bill J Boyd, excellent capture of the bird in flight.
    - Mark Mandell, perfect focus and light. Your love for your regrettably lost pet comes through the photo. I feel the connection.
    - Michael Spencer, nice capture of the 60's look and vibe. The old camera adds a lot to the image.
    - Doug Santo, excellent composition.
    - David L., you captured a wonderful moment!
    - Kris B., beautiful light and composition.
    - Phil Evans, great light and a delightful pose!
    - Steve Hughes, excellent color and sharpness.
    - Mark Jordan, outstanding color, composition, and lighting. Best photo of the week!
    - Tiffany, lovely portrait.
    - Waldemar, great color!
    - James Kazan, excellent composition, impressively sharp capture!
    - Mikhail T., great shot. You've captured the Golden Retriever's personality very well.
    - Les, very nice rendering of skin tones and smoothness.
  117. [​IMG]
    D90, off camera SB-600
  118. Mark Mandell, my condolences on the loss of your buddy, Pip Squeak. I lost Ernie last year to old age after adopting him as a kitten 17 years earlier. He was more than a cat, he helped me through some rough changes in my life. I still miss him. May pleasant memories comfort you, and for you too Lil Judd.
  119. Tiffany, yet another beautiful shot.
    Thanks to all the posters for the beauty and inspiration
    On Iberville Street across from Acme in the French Quarter; D700, nikkor 35/2
  120. Lil, David, and Dan,
    A "Song Sung Blue" does come to mind, along with the perception of the very basic power of photography to communicate the amorphous and intangible, yet most powerful, emotions we humans experience. It is that communication, on levels both above and below spoken language, that forms the base of our personal healing and our joining as a species.
    So many of the images in this and the other Wednesday threads come from all over the planet, yet their messages could have been captured next door to my house.
    Lil, It's good that you share through your memories and vision. You turn your grief into a cherished memory for all who see your image to share. Our ability to transmute a aching loss into a warm treasure is our power to endure and overcome.
  121. The beach is that way ... and it costs nothing to fly.
  122. Backpacking trip in Wyoming, Wind River Range, just east of the Cirque of the Towers, probably Papoose Lake.
    This shot at sunrise, looking north. Nikon N90s with Nikkor 50-135 f/3.5 lens. Two-stop grad ND filter. Exposure? Don't even remember what film, but probably a chrome. PhotoCD scan, back in the old days.
  123. I do not have anything to post although I shot quite a bit. I am still processing them. I want to make a note of the several images that I found quite interesting, moving and to talk to me.
    Erik: fantastic portrait of an old woman. Speaks volumes of all the years and her experiences. Even with all the years gone by, she seems to have a broad smile on her face. Although the lines, wrinkles and the gray hair speak volumes of times past, the smile simply fades them all away!!!!! have you tried a B/W version.
    Richard: A very sharp res breasted nuthatch.
    Bill: Great shot of a flying egret.
    Mark: Again, a great candid portrait.
    Michael: Great shot of your family on a road trip. An excellent image that portrays the 60's; the dress style, the camera, the sun glasses.. Awesome. I am probably as old as your daughter and growing up the same time half way around the globe, I recall seeing images such as these in magazines from the USA! Thanks for posting!
  124. A guess shot of a mother with her baby on the road. A bit out of focus so did not do justice to the lens. At f4, it should be sharper than the eyes or words of any critics.
  125. This was taken at a HiJinx, it was my first shot of the day :)
  126. after sunset on Oneida lake
    this is my first post .sorry about the Image size
    Nikon D-200 28-70 3.5-5.6 1/500th sec f/4
  127. Another excellent collection of pictures. These folks had my favorites

    Jana Hughes
    Jonas Fjellstedt
    Benjamin Schaefer
    George Jones
    Durukan Payzanoglu
    David Love
    Paul V. Gorky
    Rodger Baker
    David L
    Larry Gardner
    Juhani Vanhala

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  128. This was taken from a recent trip to Japan. What a lovely country!
  129. Hello. I was in Tokyo for 4 days with camera, but there is nothing to show here this week, unfortunately. As always, there are many great photos this week again. I will try to have something to post here next week (holiday season is kinda depressing time for me).
    Okay, my top 10 this week are:
    - Oskar Ojala - impressive night construction scene
    - Per-Christian - very cute pair
    - Jana - interesting perspective
    - Gary McGhee - funny sign :)
    - Richard Armstrong - very sharp and nice shot
    - Benjamin Schaefer - very nicely done fog and bridge in BW
    - Shun - I like this type of landscape
    - Bill J Boyd - Nice shot! Beautiful.
    - Doug Santo - Wonderful staircase shot
    - Wayne Cornell - nice shot of woods. nice color.
    - Janne Kaakinen - nice night shot!
    - Roberta Davidson - I like the paintings through the window.
    - Larry Gardner - very nicely done night scene.
    - Tiffany - a VERY cute pair!
    - James Kazan - very nice and sharp
    - Lil - again, so sorry for your loss. Beautiful guy you got there.
    - Richard Karash - nice landscape.
    - cc chang - well done!
    Well, a bit more than 10 :) See you next Wednesday. Happy holiday to all of you!
  130. I went to a local market and picked up a couple of lilies, took them home shot some pictures then gave em to the wife she was very happy to get flowers!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  131. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Sorry - my Laos model had been shown previously. I shall try to be better organized.
  132. Greg K's birdie love scene also looks familiar to me. Has this been in here before?
    Mark, sorry to hear about your cat friend. I've gone through that some time ago.
    And here's for my favourites:
    Louis Meluso: what an expressive portrait!
    José, your pic reminds me of my last weekend digging in the dirt... :)))
    Justin: what a shot! Makes me laugh instantly.
    Kris, what's your secret? Well done!
    Roberta, and also Tiffany, that's lovely! So fragile, and those eyes!
    Benjamin, super weatherpic!
    Jeannean, your bugs are always a treat!
    David L: that's so funny! Expect the unexpected...
    Janne, I really don't like this dark time of year - the good thing about it are the night shots. :)
    James, lovely autumn light on your falls.
    Richard: nice mirror lake!
    Just to mention a few. All the others: well done!
  133. Model: NIKON D300s
    ISO: 2000
    Exposure: 0.03(1/640)
    Aperture: f/13
    Focal Length: 100mm
  134. Lil, Sympathize with your loss. Loss of a loved one, be it in the family or a pet, is always painful. But time is a great healer! Finally, a face to go with your name!
    W Chen, IMHO an excellent shot. the expression on the face of the mother SAYS IT ALL!
  135. Hello, here is my Wednesday pic :)
    Hope you like it :)
    Nikon D60
    Nikkor AF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED DX
    Nikon SB-800

  136. "Babin zub" ("Grandmonther's tooth"), top of "Stara Planina" ("Old Mountain").
  137. pge


    Lil, are you sure that isn't a photo of you and Tom Cruise? ; )
  138. Lil, it is Tom Cruise!
    I am also very sorry for your loss. I know how it is to loose a best friend.
  139. Mark Mandell This is a lovely cat. Sorry for your loss.
  140. Many great photos in this thread. A few that stand out for me are the people shots/portraits by:
    Matt Laur - You have caught his character very well. Makes a pretty B/W. I really like the 'bokeh' of this lens.
    Louis Meluso - Also a great character and beautiful lightening!
    Wenshu Chen - Very nice contact between the woman and her child. She radiates happiness. Nicely framed and beautiful grayscales. Her dark coat works great together with the lighter tones in the head of the child and the mid-tones in the background.
    I also like the landscape of
    James Kazan - Beautiful colours and very nicely composed.
  141. Ken, thanks for the compliment, I'm hoping to make a series of night shots in this city. Just need to drag myself out at the right time...
  142. Happy Thanksgiving and Holy Wednesday to everyone,
    Dear Lil I'm very sorry for your lost, hope you can be here soon.
    Dear Paul I appreciated for your valuable words to my post last week. Thank you very much.
    I'm late this week. Yesterday was Srefidensi in Suriname. Srefidensi is a Sranan-Tongo word that describes independence in Suriname. My photo taken last Saturday during opening ceremony of traditional Srefidensi Marathon. Student were releasing balloons. Converted from NEF only while using Capture NX.
    You may found more photos and notes as a news here : Srefidensi Marathon 2009 Suriname
    Hope you like it and many cheers you to all. Regards
  143. Still not visible, I'll try later. Sorry for this.
  144. Mark and Lil, I am sorry for you loss, your pets were both very beautiful.
    Lil, I too think, that your husband looks like Tom Cruise. Jana
  145. Must be come now.
    Dear Mark, I'm sorry for loss too. I saw lately. Regards,
  146. mark, my sympathies to you on the loss of your pet.
  147. Attended a conference in Singapore this week and missed this Wednesday! Here's a photo out of the hotel window at 720am. Picture setting Vivid, auto white balance, medium D-lighting. D90 with 18-55 at 18mm, 1/125s f5.6.
  148. A couple of nights ago, we were supposed to have dense fog here in the DC area. With my luck, where I went, there was no fog at ground level, but there was lots of light bouncing around from a shopping center lighting up this tree, so, instead of misty and soft, I switched gears and went for sharp, hard, and a bit spooky.
    Tom M
  149. Here is a film shot of a steam pipe. It's cold outside...
  150. bms


    Durukan , Uzay , Dan S , Douglas M, Ken Y and Monika - thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated!
    Some of my favorites:
    Rich A - excellent capture.
    Shun - cool (literally?) - must be a great trip
    David L - you can see the fun
    Paul V G . - nice rich colors
    Louis M - very classic portrait
    Jeannean - spot on
    Tony H - great composition and colors
    David L - priceless!
    Shane - nice to see some film, great capture
    Tiffany - angles, by the looks of it? or not....
    Richard K - idyllic place, nicely captured
    Mark M - sorry for you loss
  151. Finally in time for comment phase!
    Great shots again everyone, it's always such a treat to look through this thread! My favorite ten(ish) PiCs in this weeks thread were shots by
    Oskar Ojala - Impressive clarity and sharpness
    Monika Epsefass - Lovely scene, love that green
    Erik Christensen - Great portrait, great model
    Carey Moulton - I like the mood, made me think the films by David Lynch
    Benjamin Schaefer - Beautiful shot, such serenity
    Louis Meluso - I liked your portrait-shot in last week's thread too, simply great
    Jeannean Buglady - I'm always amazed by your macro-shots, love that blue
    Mark Mandell - My condolences, such a sad story behind your pic, brings your shot to a truly personal level that I can relate to. Loss of a loved pet is always tough, but we'll always have the beautiful memories (and pics) of them with us
    David L - The cat in the tub is just hilarious, great capture
    Kris Bochenek - Beautiful light indeed
    Tiffany Brook - Beautiful portrait, I like what you have done in PP
    Liz Moulton - Funniest shot in the thread!
    Ertugrul Kilic - Great capture
    Ofey Kalakar - The mood in your shot is perfect
    And thanks to Tiffany B., Ken Y., Monika E. and Jeannean B. for your comments, they were highly appreciated.
    See you all next week!
  152. Durukan and Ken, thank you for your nice comments.
  153. Mark, so very sorry for your loss.
    Thanks to those who commented on my photo as it is appreciated.
  154. Thanks again for the kind support and comments on the image; it was one of the first satisfying photos I've taken since jumping into this digital "pool." Right camera, right lens.
  155. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    I thank all of you, who commented on the Lao Beauty - also at this upload.
  156. If I could keep my comments to under 20 photos I would, but I can't. I see so much in every photo I like. Thank you all for sharing them (and for commenting on my bug shot).
    Mark and Lil, I hope the healing process will soon ease the pain. For some, it's hard to imagine the pain of a lost pet, but not for me. I don't want to ever face that, but know most likely, I will. My heartfelt condolences.
  157. It's almost WeDNeSDaY again!
    Mark Mandel…. I'm really sorry for your lost! I went through the same thing when I lost my own Rescue Dog (Jiroh) in March this year!
    Tom Serio…. Thank you for mentioning my koi!
    I know everyone works so hard on his/her picture taking every week. All the shots are great and they get better by the week. I'm sorry not to mention everyone and my choices are based on my personal preferences.
    These are the three top shots that caught my eyes:
    Oskar Ojala / Mokika Epsefass / Mark H / Darko Vrsic / Jana Hughes / Gary McGhee / Erik Christensen / Jens Frederiksen / Anish Mnkuthel / Richard Armstrong / Benjamin Schaefer / Gej Jones / Shun Cheung / Durukan Payzanoglu / Paul V, Gorky / Bill J Boyd / Tony Hadley / Mark Gordon / Doug Santo / Dieter Schaefer / Epp B / Larry Gardner / Steve Hughes / Mark Jordan / Tiffany Brook / Waldemar Giers / James Kazan / Pascal Burel / Richard Karash / Liz Moulton / Eric Angelo / Sasa Milic / Tom Mann and Ofey Kalakar
    Let's meet agin in a few days! Cheers!
  158. I find it really difficult to single out a few of the contributions to this thread because the quality is generally so high and the content interesting. Nevertheless, here's a few that caught my quirky attention ;-)
    • Rene Villela - spooky. I wouldn't want to run into that little guy in the corner of a dark fish tank. :)
    • Oskar O. - I'm always a sucker for nice sharp shots, and it's even better if they are at night.
    • Uzay Kisi - I could imagine a thousand stories behind your shot. Nice use of negative space & the rim lighting of the face.
    • Sanford Gerald - Like with Uzay, I would love to know the real story behind the old guy buying the flowers. Nice shooting angle, framing and contrasty lighting.
    • Gary McGhee - Good capture of an unusual situation. From the height of the sign, it looks like the water was at least 3 feet deep! I hope you weren't in danger when you ventured out into it. Eek!
    • Rick Dohme - Great, absolutely classic fishing shot!
    • Erik Christensen - Probably my favorite for this week's thread. The technical execution, the implied story behind the shot and of the woman's life, etc. all come together for me.
    • Robert Davies - Really nice shot of the boy! I'm not usually a fan of angling the camera / crop, but in this case I like it.
    • Benjamin Schaefer - I love misty / bad weather shots. Good composition, good BW conversion.
    • Matt Laur - I love shots like yours where I feel so "there" that I could just begin talking to the subject.
    • David Love - Cute, great expression, great props, technical execution couldn't have been better.
    • Louis Meluso - Another in your great series of shots. Everyone loves them, so all I can add is a "me, too" to your long list of kudos.
    • Kent Shafer - Nice processing. I could easily see this image as part of a series about Thanksgiving.
    • Tony Hadley - Nice shot. The colors of the stones are so vivid that they almost look like they were photoshopped in. It must be some wild geology going on that would generate stones of so many different colors.
    • Mark Mandell - Sorry to hear about your cat. We just dropped a few hundred $ over the weekend taking care of ours. They really are members of the family.
    • Mark Gordon - Great shot! It looks to me like the light must have come from a source almost 90 degrees to the left of the camera, not from a camera mounted pop-up flash. Was there a second light source?
    • Rodger Baker - A highly competent image that tells a story. What more could one ask for.
    • David L - Hillarious! (and technically great). I saved your image in my "cat humor" folder.
    • Jamie Mahoney - Great simulation of a classic shot. Great colors.
    • Roberta Davidson - I really feel like I'm standing there with you looking in to that gallery. Nice control of colors with the mixed lighting.
    • Aguinaldo de Paula - Whoa! What a great setup and capture of that situation. Great balance between the rim lighting and the pop-up flash.
    • Tiffany Brook - Just WONDERFUL! (in all ways). Definitely in my top 2 or 3 for this week.
    • Darren Shipley - Technically great, but I had the same thought about THX1138 and it causes me a feeling of unease in a picture of kids. Their separate / parallel play also adds to the vaguely uneasy feeling I get looking at this image.
    • James Kazan - Great ... as usual. I'm jealous ... as usual. :-(
    • Les Berkley - Love her expression.
    • Wenshu Chen - Nice shot, but I would crop away the guard railing and most of the background on the RHS of the image. I think that would make the image more timeless.
    • Eric Angelo - Oooh, ahh. Nice flower B&W.

    Again, nice shots by all!
    Tom M
  159. Thanks to the holiday break, I've had some time to enjoy studying all of these excellent images. I would like to thank the following people for their kind mention of my lucky nuthatch shot...
    Dieter Schaefer
    Tiffany Brook
    Isaac Sam
    Peter Heritage
    Dan South
    Benjamin Schaefer
    Ken Yamamoto
    Rene' Villela
    As always, there are too numerous excellent images to comment upon. But, these specifically caught my eye...
    Louis Meluso, wonderfully classic native American portrait.
    Dieter Schaefer, such a nice composition of subject, color, texture and geometry.
    Roberta Davidson, I love Royal Street and you put me directly in front of that window...excellent!
    Tiffany Brook, gorgeous shot of your kids!
    James Kazan, just an excellent shot of a place that I visited in college, thanks for the memory!
    And, I'm sorry to hear about the terrible loss of Lil's and Mark's beloved pets and companions. My heart goes out to you both!
    I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend!
  160. Great images, everyone. This is a wonderful weekly event that is stimulating and rewarding to view.
    These are the images that particularly got my attention this week:
    @Bogdan, kids at play
    @Monika, the subtle colors on your "Living on an island" shot
    @Rick Dohme, that a good fishing picture!
    @Erik, your not too young model
    @Richard Armstrong, your red-breasted nuthatch
    @Paul, your shot in the arboretum with gorgeous warm-tones and nice background
    @Tom, your stairway to heaven (must have been quite a yacht!)
    @Mark, so sorry to hear. That's a great image of your buddy.
    @Roberta, nice light in that art gallery window
    @Steve, great bird image
    @L Roth, your horse and carriage in Quebec
    @Tiffany, those are two gorgeous kids
    @James, the falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
    @Wenshu, the B&W of mother and baby outdoors
    @Anthony, your sunset
    @Eric Angelo, a great lily
    Thanks to Ken, Monika, Benjamin, and Rene' who commented on my Wyoming image this week.
  161. Thank you all for your pics and comments. In less than twenty-four hours we will be on wednesday again...

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