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    Hi all,
    I think digital is better for almost everything, the D700 is a wonder of a camera, post processing digital archives (specially RAWs) are spectacularly easy and satisfaying. Sharpness on final prints seem to me the best ever on a Nikon camera and lenses, but...
    The magic of film is still there... ok, it has dust, scratches, difficult exposure control, no instant feedback (=some bad exposures), etc. etc. but I love it. Perhaps too many digital shots (thousands and thousands per year!).
    It`s funny, but when I take the F3 I feel it like my camera, when I take the D700 I feel it like loaned, or something like my computer, a temporarily tool that I`m currently using. And nothing like a well exposed film with that lovely grain... I`m sorry, I must recognize that I`m still on the film era.
    The pic below has been scanned with a V750 Pro @ 1200ppi, processed in NX2 (unsharp masking), Ps (letters) and Aperture2 (framing). Please notice that there is a typo, it has been taken at 1/1000sec.- f16, instead of 1/250sec. - f8. Too late for editing the pic.
    Please feel free to post your pic if you like, taken with Nikon gear. Thank you all.

    -Shun, thank you very, very much. I really appreciate it. My gratitude for Lex and Josh, too.-
  2. Thanks to Alex Foto, Tiffany Brook and John DeMarco for your kind words about my last week photo.
    This week: A very tiny ant inside a small flower
    D300 + Tamron 90mm - 1/200 - f 4.5 - ISO 200
  3. Hello everyone..
    There were a lot of things happening this weekend that I thought I’d have quite a lot of opportunities to take some pictures. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best on Saturday. The Lord Mayor of the City of London had a procession around the City of London, which is a small area in Greater London, and not to be mistaken for London city. This procession has been going on for the past 800 years I’ve read with fireworks in the evening. Due to the heavy rains and strong winds, the fireworks were cancelled – which was a disappointment but a good idea nonetheless.
    Here’s a picture from the procession before it started to pour.
  4. Jose, we all applaud Shun's and the other moderators' desicion. This thread is the peak of the week! Thank YOU!
  5. This week has been the photographically most unproductive for me in a long time if we count the number of photos taken, for which I blame the weather (I did however spend some time doing editing work). There was one night with snowfall, so I snapped this pic while on the way to work.
  6. Thanks to those commented on last week’s picture.
    Yesterday from a walk around a small lake with my IR converted D70.
    Have a nice Wednesday Guys.
  7. the eye of the beholder
    Corrected - lens was Zeiss ZF 100mm Makro Planar F/2
  8. [​IMG]
    I had fun posting and commenting on everyone's photos for my first week last week, and look forward to getting to know all of you! I'm slowly crawling through my library of 12,000 unprocessed photos and came across a lovely summer tradition in Seattle – Seafair.
    Nikon D80, 55-200mm ED @ 125mm, ISO 250, f/10, 1/640 sec.
  9. Happy WeDNeSDaY everyone!
    Thank you for the comments on my last week's image! I appreciate them!
    SO? Another avian image! I really enjoy shooting all these feather guys! This was just a "Common Coot" but now I made him a World famous Coot!
    No much to tell about it just shooting these birds I broke my TC. Lucky me that Jose Angel is paying to fix it! Hopefully the check is already on the mail!
    So let's have fun and see the products of this past week!
  10. Duttons Farm, A Different type of Fall Color
    There’s more color in fall other than trees and bushes changing color. There’s this great farm stand in Newfane Vermont call Duttons. All year round they have great fruits and vegetables but always highlight what’s in season. They always have plenty from their own farm or local growers. They also bake on premises. Being fall, with the apple harvest you can only imagine the sweet smells of apple pie that fill the place. Its one of my favorite places in VT.
    Being fall, there are plenty of Pumpkins.(more pies) Squashes and Gourds that are locally grown. Just walking thru their rear room where they have them all pilled up for sale, I came upon this setup. This one’s from last year, but its one of my favorite fall photos.
    Thank you for the comments on my last week's image! I appreciate them and they mean a lot
    Taken on Film and scanned from a print.
    Nikon F3HP with MD4, 50mm 1.4 AI Nikkor. Available light on Kodak Porta NC

    I still love to shoot with film and manual focus cameras occasionally.
  11. This picture is actully from earlier this year, but I recently rediscovered it and gave it new life in post processing.
    D700 with my favourite lens, the legendary AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8. Nikon circular polarizer.
    ISO 200, f/8, 1/125s, EV -0.7, 14 bit RAW. Processed in Capture NX2.
  12. First I'd like to thank Tiffany, Dan South, Bernard, Paul Gorky and Lil for the kind words last week.
    Just a snapshot this week, taken on Sunday. Ice skating on the lake in the afternoon sunshine. D300 and 35mm AFS (quite heavily cropped). ISO 800, 1/640, f2.8.
  13. My camera is away for a sensor clean this week so this from a few weeks back. This is about as close as I can get to filling the frame using my 500mm f/4 + the TC 1.7x The Yellow Robin here is approx. 10cm long and poses nicely on a hot and sunny afternoon on the bird bath.......
  14. My camera is away for a sensor clean this week so this from a few weeks back. This is about as close as I can get to filling the frame using my 500mm f/4 + the TC 1.7x The Yellow Robin here is approx. 10cm long and poses nicely on a hot and sunny afternoon on the bird bath.......
  15. Happy HuMpDAy everyone! Thanks for the comments last week. I really appreciate the high quality of images everyone is posting every week. I hope Nikon is taking note. It sets the bar very high.
    This week's submission is for a book project I am working on. Shot with a D200, 50mm f/1.4 AIS (seems like a theme this week). Taken last week on a walk with my dog, Calvin. We don't get a lot of rain here on the High Desert of Oregon, so we were pretty thrilled to have some visible atmosphere to work with, and the very last of the fall leaves were clinging for dear death on the wet pavement.
  16. Hi,
    As many other photographers, I recently got into wedding photography.
    Dresses of the bride and the groom are originally designed by the bride's mother :)
    Happy Wednesday!
    MS Keil
  17. Jose Angel: Obviously all camera systems have their own personality when it comes to the look. However, the Tri-X has something special that gives me a nice experience. It's a pretty funky pump!
    Alejandro Held: Nice close-up.
    Arish Mankuthel: Sorry about the fireworks. Hope you enjoyed the brass band. Nice clear shot of the procession.
    Oskar Ojala: Brrr, here comes winter again. Nice colours contrasting agains the white sky and snow.
    Jens Frederiksen: Like your composition.
    Bogdan Nicolescu: Makes me wonder what it is. A camel?
    James Hart: Nice diagonals.
    Rene' Villela: Beautiful low saturated colours and sharpness. The interesting position of the wings works great in your composition.
    Joseph Leotta: Beautiful colours and nice composition. I also enjoyed your brief background. I also want pie.
    Hamish Gray: Really enjoy the reflections!
    Matthew Brennan: Nice colour and sharpness. How was the bird lit?
    Michael Axen: Highly aesthetic. Like how you worked with the light.
  18. I'm really enjoying the photos posted so far. Nice work and looking forward to the rest. I got a Nikon 70-300mmVR this past week, so was finally able to get a closer shot of one of the snowy egrets that hangs out in the canal behind my house early yesterday morning. The water is really ugly, so tried my hand at doing something different in post-processing. Not entirely successful, but at least it's a little more subdued than it was. This week has made me realize how little I know. (Thank you Roberta for the PS tutorial link. :) Anyway, I liked the pose, the lighting on the egret, and the still and patient waiting the bird was displaying. (Nikon D90/70-300mmVR)
  19. [​IMG]
    D700 CZJ Pancolar 50mm 1.8 f/1.8 1/320 ISO 3200
  20. Sibelius high school concert last week.
  21. Red Shoe
  22. Hello Everybody,
    I like the photos so far, Matthew, you will never stop surprising me with the incredible sharpness of your photos. How do you do it?
    Dan and Lil, thank you very much for your kind words on my last week's photo.
    I am sending an experimental pictures this week, I took some photos of my friend's daughter and followed a tutorial from a Photoshop Creative magazine on fantasy photos. This is the result.
    Nikon D700, 70-200mm f/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/100s, f/2.8
  23. D300, 24-70, SB-900 in white umbrella, ISO 800, 1/50 @ f/8.
  24. Good morning to all. This is the dash board of a 55 Chevy thats had a complete off frame restoration. My friend has about 15 of these old beauties. The detail on them is amazing. Shot yesterday Nikon D3, Nikkor VR 24-120mm, 70mm, F/5.6, 1/10s, hand held iso 800
  25. Good day everyone. This was taken last year while flying from Atlanta to Bogotá. I didn't know the young woman sitting next to me but she was more than willing to pose for the pictures :) I only cropped a bit, no color correction.

    Sunset in a Plane
    Nikon D80 1/40 f/8.0 18-135 kit lens @ 18mm
  26. The Wedding DJ
    Nikon D80 Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8D
    ISO200 1/30 F/3.5 0EV
    Aperture Priority
    Bounce Flash -0.3EV
    Pbotoshop to Mono
  27. Happy Wednesday. Didn't go out last weekend (bad weather) and therefore in-house shot this week. A watch - just took casually as it was sitting on my desk and I thought the back side was so cool with the available light then - just a matter of another hobby of mine :)
    I am heading for Tokyo this morning and hope to take some pic over there.
  28. Jonas Fjellstedt - thanks for your compliments, the yellow robin was naturally lit by low angle late afternoon / evening sun - it looks like a flash unit was used to me but this is all natural light. I was just about as close as I could get focus for this exposure but close enough for the fill flash to make an ounce of difference (I don't have an auxillary flash)
    Jana Hughes - I take plenty of less sharp shots. My long lens technique is improving with practice............. I have a truly fine lens and top quality ballhead / tri-pod combination to thank for the really sharp exposures. I also use a light sharpening mask in PS
    Hamish Gray - Extraordinary image, like walking on water, I was not aware that ice thick enough to support a child skater could appear so much like a liquid body of water. Great image, quite a revelation to a hotter climate dweller such as myself!
  29. Off to an interesting start already today. I'm particularly struck so far by Jonas' moored sailboat and its environs.

    Here's a chance encounter on the street. The busy suburban background called for a very shallow depth of field. Shot on a bright but cloudy day from about a meter away, a D300 was handheld at ISO 200 and 1/400th, using a Sigma 50/1.4 HSM opened to f/1.8.
  30. I want to thank Lil for her kind comments on my images on past Wednesdays. She always has great shots herself, and that makes her thoughts on my offering mean more to me.
    My pic this week is one of my favorite subjects. Taken at the hospital the day his sister was born.
  31. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Ideal weather for kite surfing just after the Typhoon Mirinae had
    hit Vietnam
  32. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Sorry, I try once again
    Ideal weather for kite surfing just after the Typhoon Mirinae had
    hit Vietnam
  33. Good Morning! Thank you to all who commented on my flipped reflection from last week! This shot is from a drive this past Saturday. Taken with my D300, 18-200mm VR zoom at f8, 1/50sec, iso 640, 29mm, handheld.
    Have a great week!
  34. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :eek:)
    My picture this week is of Office Stairs, taken couple of weeks back. I was trying to capture the ligthing in that area with yellow railings. It was taken as landscape mode but after PP found that portrait looks much better, I hope you all like it.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 0.6 sec
    Aperture: 8.0
    Focal Length: 18mm

    Ray Gosalia
  35. Ceremonial Dancer from the Omaha Tribe
    Michael-Very nice Composition.
    Matt-Great face on that pup
    Jens-Beautiful Landscape, well seen
  36. Fall Fuller Teazle
  37. My contribution this week is fall color. I have been dabbling with fall colors in the context of human presence, hence the image of a vine growing on a building. The colored leaves provide the presence of nature and beauty in the concrete jungle we live or work in. Nikon D200 ISO640, 18-70mm (3.5-4.5) @70mm, f9.0, 1/60.
  38. [​IMG]I have been viewing this thread for months now, so I figured I'd jump in and join the party.... I took the day a month or two ago and did some sight-seeing in my own back-yard.....
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 200
    Exposure: 0.03(1/400)
    Aperture: f/10.0
    Focal Length: 30mm
  39. bms


    Happy W-Day. It was 15 ºC/58ºF on the weekend - in November in Maine... if you have seen or read Mainer Stephen King's "Mist", I found this scene quite reminiscent of that..:)
  40. Happy Wednesday guys !!
    Here is my picture this week. This american eagle was photographed at the tampa zoo. I was trying to capture the eagle while doing exactly what its doing and at the same time, tried to isolate it from the background since it was not that appropiate for the composition. Hope you like it.
  41. Hi everyone
    D5000, ISO200, 55-200mm @200, F5.6, 1/400sec
  42. D70 and Kiron 105mm f2.8 lens at f11, Generic Flash on Sync cord behind orchid, and since D70 does not meter manual lenses, trial and error exosure
    D70 and Kiron 105mm f2.8 lens
  43. A friend is having his landscape lighting redone and asked me to take a few for him to send family members for comments. Was a bit tricky to isolate the lit structure. I'll go back after the leaves come back on and do it again.
  44. Goodmorning everyone,
  45. Happy WedNEsDAy to All!! This weeks pick was from a few weeks ago, during my trip to Longwood Gardens, in Pennsylvania. It was during their pumpkin festival and there were several carvers showcasing their talents.
  46. Nikon D300 with 80-200 2.8 push pull Nikon zoom
  47. Seems like there are quite a few fall colors shots. Here is mine from the mountains of TN, just a small waterfall right beside the highway. I couldn't resist as I know this probably doesn't exist now with all the rain we had since I shot this image. Hope you enjoy. Have a great Wednesday..
  48. loudmouth
  49. Hi!Everybody.
    Red Lily and Stamens.
  50. Hope this Wednesday finds evryone well, some stunning work already! My wife gave me an early Christmas present, so i tested it out the other morning while getting the kids in the car. D200, 18-200 (new version), @75mm, f5, 1/350, iso 100, NX2pp.
  51. Lavender outlined by early sunset one evening. Nikon D300 75-300 zoom @ 230mm, 1/80sec, f5.3
  52. Taken on Sunday, this is the departures hall of the just opened this week, new multimillion dollar terminal at Larnaka International. The spotlight lit sculpture in the forground and the dark recesses in the background were a light meter's nightmare. I did try my first attempt at a HDR for this scene, but wasn't satisfied with the result, so I left the normal optimum exposure.
    D700, iso 2500, 1/50sec, f/8, Sigma 17-35 at 17mm[​IMG]
  53. Took a shot of this cat resting on a bench of some tram stop in Ukraine last week...
  54. Museum of Science, city of Valladolid, Spain
  55. Hi Everyone.
    There is so much talent on this forum and I am loving it. This week, I am posting my Flying Egret. He surprised me and I was lucky to get this shot. Nikon D80, 70-300mm lens, 1/500, f/5.6.
  56. Ken, that L&S watch is just going to stop my sleeping today! ;-)
  57. Hello Wednesdayers -- Another portrait this week. I take my D200 along most of the time to gatherings of all kinds. Smaller is better in these settings, so I mount a small prime, either the 35 f/2 or 50 f/1.4. I try to shoot available light or a little fill with the built-in flash. My friends and associates appreciate the pictures.
    This is my good friend Michael at a dinner in a garden gazebo back in August. Just a tiny bit of fill (-1.7 stops flash comp, built-in flash). 35mm f/2, 1/90th at f/4, ISO 400. Auto white balance didn't do the job in this light, so I adjusted in Photoshop. I printed the image for him as a birthday gift.
  58. In keeping with the film theme, here's a scan of picture taken around Windsor Castle in England some time ago that I found recently while scrounging through some old boxes of photos.
  59. Great variation of WedNEsDAy PiCs today, off to a great start. I say "Thank You" to all that provide a sample of their work here as it does inspire and teach those of us that are less talented. To me I think they all look wonderful.
    My photo today is a local band in our Bluegrass Association here in Benton, KY.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  60. Static scene taking at the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. I'd consider it a still life, but I love the "movement" in it.
    D700, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
  61. [​IMG] Good stuff by everyone - as usual - This one was taken on Sunday afternoon in Quebec where we were experiencing 'Indian summer' which represents unseasonably warm days for November. This day there was a little fog on the water and it was about 15:30 hrs. D300 18-70mm (no filter)
  62. I'll try this again, it didn't take my pic.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  63. [​IMG]
    Trying out a new lens
    D700 + 85 1.8
  64. Lovely photographs as ever this week. My particular favorites are :
    Alejandro - great spot and depth of field.
    Uzay - Nice composition and use of focus.
    Steven - great contrast between the artist and his work.
    My contribution this week certainly has a few technical flaws but somehow I don't mind them in the overall composition.
  65. In keeping with the film theme, here's a scan of picture taken around Windsor Castle in England some time ago that I found recently while scrounging through some old boxes of photos.
  66. Taken outside my front door.
  67. Thank you for the comments about my last weeks entry. Sadly the leaves are almost gone from the trees now so everything is starting to look a little bit drab.
    I took this a three weeks ago, but only had it processed the other day.
  68. D90 18-200VR at 18MM 1/640sec F4.5
    Golden Gate in the Fog.
    I took this while returning from our youngest daughter's wedding.
  69. More from our trip to Europe! Here we were at the peak in the Swiss Alps. Beautiful!!! From here we sat on the side of the Mountain for as long as we could, feet hanging over the edge, slight breeze, 70F degrees, sun shining, the only thing we could here was the cow bells from the base of the mountain. Stunning, and surreal, and awe inspiring!
  70. Lots of beautiful shots already. Here's a photo taken on the malecon earlier this year in Puerto Vallarta. Nikon D90, 18-200mm at 26mm, f11, 1/160.
  71. Wonderful Wednesday again! This weekend went to the Destrehan Plantation Festival . There were so many vendors under the moss draped oaks displaying their wares.
    Thank you Joseph for the suggestions and NX2 help! I am learning so very much.
    Thanks to everyone who commented last week on my photo.
  72. Wonderful Wednesday again! This weekend went to the Destrehan Plantation Festival . There were so many vendors under the moss draped oaks displaying their wares.
    Thank you Joseph for the suggestions and NX2 help! I am learning so very much.
    Thanks to everyone who commented last week on my photo.
  73. I'm still trying to post.
    I took this while returning from our youngest daughter's wedding.
    Had hoped for a sunny day but all things considered, the fog was fine.
  74. Evening Walk. Altered composite image. Base photo taken with a D700 with 14-24/2.8 at 14mm, 14s, f/9, ISO 200, manual mode.
  75. "Haunted Homestead" (my house).
    Halloween being my other expensive hobby, we decorate the yard each year with homemade zombies, joking skeletons, animated witch stirring a cauldron, fog machines, air canon and a flying ghost in the upstairs window. Last year's video is on you tube, if you want to see it search "Haunted Homestead 2008".
    We got over 250 Trick or Treaters this year with a clear sky, near full moon and 70 degrees! Awesome weather for Boston in October. We've won the town halloween decorating contest so often we don't enter it, just do it for the fun of it.
    D70s 1/4 f/3.3 28mm, monopod
  76. Incredible timepiece Ken.
    Here's a macro of the regulator in another famous mechanical movement. The movement is actually quite cheap but is found in some very expensive watches.
    D300, reversed 55/3.5 Ai on PB-4 bellows, about 3:1 mag.
  77. Nice pictures as always everyone. Monsoon season now in SE Asia. Not much chance of blue skies, so this is all I got. D90 Tamron 17-50 50mm 1/100 @ f/5.6
  78. My first attempt at arguably a cheesy and overdone technique. Apologies in advance, but I rather liked it!
  79. This year winter is in no rush to arrive. Weather is very gentle and trying to make up for rainy and cool summer. We love it.
  80. pge


    Good morning everyone. I am sitting here at my desk when suddenly I realize that it is Wednesday, cool. This photo was taken in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

    I have to say you bunch are incredibly creative!
  81. The silhouette of Mr. Incredible
  82. This is my first submission to the Nikon WedNesDAy PiC. I just recently purchased my first DSLR and have been playing with it. Here is a picture taken last weekend at a local park.
    Nikon D500, AF 18-55/3.5 @ 35mm, F/8, 1/800, ISO 200
  83. hello Everybody,
    My photo for this week was taken in the Haight and Ashbury district in San Francisco. Many interesting people and sights in that area.
  84. My picture this week is an abstract of a random building around town.
  85. A cold front moved through Tuesday and the 30 mph winds were whipping around the decorative grasses across the street, so I tried to catch the mood with my D50 and Tokina 17mm lens.
    Note to Jonas: I really like your boat image.
    Wind whipped
  86. [​IMG]
    D3 - ISO 200, F22 1.3sec, 80mm
  87. Holy Wednesday to everyone,
    Dear Lil I appreciated for your valuable words to my post last week.
    Typical passenger boat in the fog while rookie photographer waiting for sun. Captured NEF and processed in Capture NX 2 as usual. Hope you like it and many cheers you to all. Regards,
  88. A typical California beach scene ?
  89. Wonderful day to all!
    Thank you to all who commented on my last post!
    Today's contribution is from last night's strobe lighting experiment at home - two strobes - one with umbrella and the other one with a light bouncer dome, all trigered by elien bees radio transmitter. Shot at 135mm 1/160th sec f/11 with ISO200 - cropped in Photoshop.
  90. Hooray for Wednesday. I am running out right now and hopefully the thread will still be open when I come many to comment on.
    For now, here is my contribution. This is my boyfriend, "Wishbone". I was part of a volunteer training at, a sanctuary for abused, neglected and abandoned domestic and farm animals. I was really surprised at how cool the turkeys were. I always thought that they were dumb and mean. They are actually the sweetest, most affectionate, super social and oddly beautiful birds I have ever encountered. I wish that the other turkeys I meet on a daily basis were this cool.
  91. Hooray for Wednesday. I am running out right now and hopefully the thread will still be open when I come many to comment on.
    For now, here is my contribution. This is my boyfriend, "Wishbone". I was part of a volunteer training at, a sanctuary for abused, neglected and abandoned domestic and farm animals. I was really surprised at how cool the turkeys were. I always thought that they were dumb and mean. They are actually the sweetest, most affectionate, super social and oddly beautiful birds I have ever encountered. I wish that the other turkeys I meet on a daily basis were this cool.
  92. oops..try again
  93. hi all, some great shots as per usual,
    Hamish, it looks like your son is walking on water.
    Tony Hadley, it looks like a beautifully peaceful afternoon.
    Dallas, wonderful scenery.
    Peter Heritage, i'd recognise that beach anywhere, Crosby?
    Zoltan, nice legs.
    My shot this week was taken last week at the local woods. D700, Nikon 18-35mm, tripod.
  94. Tiffany - does he know what happens next Thursday? (just kidding)
  95. Happy Wednesday everyone - another slew of beautiful pictures. Didn't even touch camera at all last week - shame on me for sure. The image below was taken a while back - a well-known and easily accessible location in the Columbia River Gorge, literally a few feet off the highway and with its own highway exit: Multnomah Falls.
    D300 with 17-55/2.8 at 38mm, f/11, 1/30s hand held, ISO 200. Except for curves and saturation adjustment, straight out of camera.
  96. The game ...
  97. Hello Everyone,
    It's my favourite day of the week. My picture for today was not taken recently, actually took this portrait in 2007.
    NIKON D200 & 18-70mm Nikkor DX Kit lens Handheld at 1/40sec at approx. 40mm.
    Some very good pictures this week. Keep it up people.
    Jose Angel - Must agree with you regarding Film vs Digital cameras. You've a nice picture there.
    Oskar Ojala - Did you do some PP on this beautiful picture?
    Jonas Fjellstedt - Ah! the smell of the sea & the lapping waves, great!
    Mark Gordon - Stunner.
    Richard Armstrong - Love your composition & choice of monochrome.
    Cees Maas - Tonality is very good.
    Temi Kujore - Good picture. The brake light of the car in the background seems to be intrusive.
    Doug Santo - Great!
    Aguinaldo de Paula - Excellent composition & you timed it right too.

    Have a lovely week ahead.
    ~~Issac Sam
  98. Bridgeland... Shot on my D70 with Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f4 G ED at 12mm, f/11, 1/320 sec, ISO 200, -1.0EV exposure compensation.
  99. Hi everyone!
    This one is my daily "view" at the office, taken on early Monday morning. And no, those things on the wall behind my colleague's desk are not just props for Halloween, but have been hanging there quite a while - from last spring actually. Well, we work at an art center for children and young people, so we have some liberties when it comes to "decorating" our office. This one was basically the only shot I took in this week, been way too busy and tired (and the weather has been quite bad and it's been really dark in here), so I didn't have that many shots to choose from. Sorry. :)
    Nikon D50 & Nikon 35mm f/1.8 (@ f/3.5, 1/80s, ISO 200)
    As usual, you can also leave comments and critique to my WedNEsDAy PiCs-folder . Thanks!
    Oh, and thanks to Jeannean, Tiffany B., Lil J. & Richard K. for your comments on my last week's shot. Your kind words were highly appreciated. (I need to find some time to comment on this week's shots, great PiCs here again everyone!)
  100. Hi everyone - such beautiful & amazing entries as always. :) I've tried to stay away from the thread this week - but it is rather addicting. I have nothing new shot & I'm rather numb since last week. We had a much beloved pet killed by a raccoon & I found him murdered in his covered & locked cage in the morning. I'm still very much in shock over it all. For now I'll just enjoy everyone else's beautiful shots.
  101. Very nice photos today.
    D700, 70-200VR, f/16, 1/125s
  102. Taken in a local animal conservation park......
    (conversion to monochrome in CS4)
  103. A picture of the neighbors lakeshore one summer evening. I was attracted by the bright day-glo colors contrasting with the velvet darkness of the night.

    Lake Shore Still Life
  104. Night shot from the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show in October. Shot with a D50, 18-55 lens, exp 1/6 sec, 27mm.
  105. Very nice pictures everyone!
  106. [​IMG]
    D700, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D @ f/11, 1/320 sec, ISO 400
  107. Great collection, everyone! On my first pass, here are a few that caught my eye:
    - Jens' IR lake
    - Matthew's little bird
    - Mark's DJ (looks more like a comedian!)
    - Dallas' mountain vista (I love Switzerland!)
    - Dieter's waterfall
    - Isaac's woman and child
    - Kris H's stone church
    I'll go back and give everyone a more thorough look later.
    Here's one from a few weeks ago when the color was at its peak.
  108. Happy Wednesday to all, and kind thanks to those who so gently commented my last week's contribution! And such lovely pictures already!
    While some of you are just having dessert, I'm past the evening rush hour already. This is the view from my office building's roof terrace tonight at 17.30 - heavy winds make the clouds race, and the sunset promises the first lovely day for weeks tomorrow.
    Nikon D700 24-70/2.8 at ISO 100, exp. 8 sec
  109. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/1.6th (bulb)
    18-55 @ 18mm, f/8
    SB-600 fired off-camera by hand mid-way through the exposure
  110. Wonderful vision shown as usual. This shot was taken today at lunch time at a client's office. There is a pond out back with some visiting geese that were nice enough to give me an action shot.
  111. Gary, I have the sense that your "neck of the woods" may just be near Thurstaston Common (as is mine). Very nice shot. You are correct, my contribution this week is of Crosby beach, taken at 3.30 p.m. last Saturday in appalling weather conditions as part of a lens test (the 70-300 ED didn't fare as well as my lovely wider zoom which I used for the shot posted). If anything, the day was even more bleak than it looks here. For the uninitiated, many of the figures in the photograph are really iron statues, part of a permanent static exhibit by the artist Antony Gormley.
    Monika, 8 seconds in heavy winds from the office? I'm impressed!
    Special favourites:
    • Bogdan Nicolescu - the eye has it!
    • Hamish Gray - great capture.
    • Matthew Brennan - lovely, it's a shame we don't see these in the UK.
    • Matt Laur - what a delightful dog "candid".
    • Louis Meluso - a stunning portrait.
    As others have said, this is a phenomenal thread. Thank you all for brightening my day.
  112. Hi all.
    First contribution. I snapped it this weekend.
    D70 w/ 105mm 2.8. 125/sec at 2.8.
  113. It's been a while from my last post. Didn't have time. :( Today, shot from last Saturday, town center of my hometown. Shot with D80, Sigma10-20@17mm, f8, 1/500. Today's thread is really great! So many really good photos....
  114. d80, 50mm f1.8, exposure f13 at 1/500s, ISO 400. Playing around with RAW processing using Raw Therapee, had to do resize and final sharpening in paintshop pro because I could get RT to size small enough - probably more a limitation of mine than the software though. I am a bit disappointed in the noise that was in the blue sky in this - lots of blotchy-ness that I'm not sure how to fix and am wondering if this is a limitation of the sensor and a challenge of the subject matter.
  115. Dan, Nice capture of a much photographed local (to me) landmark, Clinton, NJ.
  116. Peter,
    I am near Thurstaston Common, I live in Bromborough. My shot though was taken in Eastham Woods. I was out looking for mushrooms to photograph after all the rain we've been having but most were rotten.
    cheers, Gary.
  117. I made it back to comment on a few...sorry about my earlier duplicate posts.
    Joseph...I really believe that all the critters that I met that day know very well what they were rescued from. I know that turkeys aren't known for their intelligence, but I think there is an innate wisdom...I felt it...they know. BTW, lovely colors that you sad to see our vanishing Fall beauty. Bring on the winter!
    Hamish...Marvelous! It looks more like "walking on water"
    Louis...Great portrait. It looks like an authentic image from the wild west.
    Paul...Holy smokes! That is amazing...a real artist at work.
    Bill...Lovely capture! Beauty.
    Tony...Lovely and peaceful shot. Great tones and shadows.
    Dave...Fabulous and frightful! There is a house near us that does it right every year, like you do. Thanks for giving that to your neighborhood.
    Raden...And that's a lot! Sweet.
    Phil...Great angle and lines.
    Dieter...Gorgeous doubt. Great shot.
    Isaac...Beautiful and tender portrait.
    Janne...Hmmm, for kids, eh?
    Tom...Great colors...looks like quite the ride.
    Epp...Always interesting contributions from you. Definitely defines the moment.
  118. Nice thread today as always!
    I've had some luck with sunsets recently. Last sunday:
    D300 with Ai 24mm f/2.8 (1/125th, F/4, ISO400). No PP done.
  119. [​IMG]
    Nikon N75, Nikkor 1.4/50mm; Arista 35mm film - Paris, France
  120. Thanks, Paul! The mill is fairly local for me, too.
    BTW, that's some pumpkin you've got there! Did you get a shot of the finished product?
  121. Greetings, everyone. I had no time at all even to look at my camera, let alone make photographs. But the urge to post is here, so I am submitting a photo made at the Chinese New Year Parade in February 2009 in San Francisco
  122. Sorry, it didn't upload. Here is another attempt
  123. D700, Sigma 70-300 4-5.6, ISO 500 at f.56, 300mm, 1/160
  124. Part of the instrument panel from an original piper cub.
  125. In the French Quarter Monday morning. Somebody's had a long night. D700 nikkor 35/2[​IMG]
  126. Marveling at lots of images taken with 50mm f1.8 AF-D in this thread, so last weekend I gave my long neglected one an opportunity to see some light and got this flower in our campus.
  127. Hi everyone, great pictures, mine is from the wildlife preserve in Lakeland Florida.
  128. Lil, sorry to hear about your pet.
  129. Amelia Island, Northside
  130. Wonderful work here today. My late offering was shot this afternoon here in the midwest. This is a shot of my bird dog "Cody Boy". He is a fantastic Hungarian Vizsla. Taken in the field with a Nikon F3HP, Nikkor 35mm f2 @ f4 1/250 Kodak Pro BW400CN scanned.
  131. [​IMG]
    D700 Sigma 50 1.4
    Under a stop or so but I kinda like it.
    Excellent shots everyone!
  132. Hi Nikon shooters..
    Great pictures this week. I've been absent here for quite some time.. while work and travel had something to do with it, on most weeks I remembered about photo Wednesday only on the subsequent Thursday or later. I almost missed this week's posts too.
    Here's one from this week.
    Nikon D700, Nikon 20mm f/3.5 AI-(S?), ISO 1600, 1.6 sec, no tripod but tried to balance it with something. applied noise reduction, resize and sharpening.
    hope you enjoy it. cheers.
  133. the entries this week were good. thanks for sharing. the ones that captured my attention more than the others were by:
    Issac Sam, Gary McGhee, James Kazan, Aguinaldo de Paula, Phil Evans, Eddy Furlong, Steven van Heerden, Louis Meluso, Richard Armstrong. Esp. Isaac's lighting and the mood is great!
    cheers, A.
  134. Film is nice.
    Jasmine posing
  135. Another wonderful collection. Here's the highlights for me.
    Jens Frederiksen - very 3-dimensional
    James Hart - nice feeling of speed
    Hamish Gray - my favorite this week, great personality and sense of action
    Louis Meluso - nice light tones, good capture
    Murali Palangat - striking color
    Wayne Wrights - harmonious color and composition
    Andy AArdema - dramatic mechanicals, small scale
    Phil Evans - dramatic mechanicals, big scale!
    James Kazan - compelling architecture look
    Steve Hughes - story in a picture
    Issac Sam - sense of quietude, madonna archetype
    Victor Chelf - nice bridge shot
    Justin Weiss - light and color
  136. [​IMG] My 1st and only photo of my cousin taken at my auntie's 85th b-day with D700 with 24-70 and flash.
  137. Thanks to Jonas Fjellstedt and Douglas Mosman for your comments.

    Bogdan Nicolescu - Great depth and funny subject.
    Rick Dohme - Amazing looking interior, good lighting.
    Ken Yamamoto - Excellent clarity. Amazing piece of mechanics.
    Matt Laur - Great focus and color.
    Louis Meluso - Wonderful portrait
    John DeMarco - Cool dew!
    Eddy Furlong - Brilliant lighting.
    Tony Hadley - Great feel of this picture.
    Dallas McVicker - I can't wait to travel to Switzerland.. Beautiful scene.
    Phil Evans - Good composition.
    James Kazan - Great composition again.
    Janne Kaakinen - Creepy!
    Wouter Willemse - Wonderful Sunset
    John DiLeo - I love the dog in the doorway picture. Plus the peanuts characters hidden above it at an added bonus. :) Especially with Christmas around the corner!
    Steve Vanderford: A noble looking dog.

    Whew! That took a while. Great job everyone.
  138. Lots of very good pic's this week, folks. Have been too busy to take photos this week (I hate to admit it - on the other hand, it is dark when I leave for word, and dark when I return), but I always look forward to this weekly world tour.
    This week, Darren's lovely child portrait found a special place in my heart. Keep the photos coming, guys!
  139. Lil, I feel with you. Maybe you should post one of your lovely pictures of your bird?
  140. This was taken with my Nikon D70s and Tamron 90mm macro lens.
  141. Matthew Brennan, Jonas Fjellstedt, Gary McGhee, Peter Heritage, Tiffany Brook and Douglas Mosman: Thank you for your kind commments.
    @ Matthew:
    About the ice... we had just had a cold period that lasted about a week with temperatures around -10/-12 degrees C. That was enough to give us ice that was thick enough to drive our car on (sometimes we do that too:)), but on this particular day the temperature had risen to 5 or 6 degrees above zero creating a paper thin layer of water on the surface. This made for fantastic, glassy skating ice. And that is why the reflection is so clear :)
  142. Thanks to Jonas, Louis, Dan and Douglas for their kind remarks.
    My favourite this week is the great portrait from Issac Sam with the exceptional beautiful light.
  143. Good morning! Hallo to everybody!
    Here is my cat, Richie, on a 500w speaker :)
    Nikon D300, Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AF, ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/40
  144. Doug, thanks fo ryour comments.
  145. Same Dog, Same Day, New Hair Cut. This is Benji (my Mother’s Dog). Due to an extreme heat wave Benji needed a clip but he ended up with a complete makeover. My mother does not recognize him and the fleas are terrified. It just goes to show what a difference a haircut can make.
    D200 with Nikon 18-200 mm VR,
    1/100 sec @ 200 mm ISO 400 (BEFORE SHOT) and
    1/400 sec @ 200 mm ISO 280 (AFTER SHOT)
  146. From last week
    Jose Angel – great start on the fly
    Paul B – I like the effect and the colour (works for me)
    Elliot Bernstein – great action
    Tiffany Brook – really like the way the dress merges from the wall
    Aguinaldo de Paula – just love the night stars
    Sergio Galicia – zooming out to create that great effect
    Hamish Gray – great contemplation and lighting
    John Harper – great wide angle capture of the steam tractor
    Peter Heritage – nice shot of glider into the sun
    Anirban Halder – great night view from your office window
    Lil Judd – reminds me of porcelain (Mandarin duck’s beak) plus extra points for uncropped capture
    Matt Laur – I like it (many cropping possibilities too)
    Tony Mann – the B&W works really well with this street scene
    Paul Soohoo – great movement and capture
    Rene Villela – nice shot and background (as usual)
    Just Weiss – nice shot (what a tongue!)
    And so many other great shots …
    Thanks Tiffany Brook, Aguinaldo de Paula, Paul V. Gorky and Lil Judd for your kind remarks and a special thanks to Tiffany for identifying the “Starlings” (which might be back next week).
    This week (and I am skipping a truck load of great shots)
    Jonas Fjellstedt - the calm before the storm
    Mark Gordon - great expression, perfect in B&W
    Hamish Gray - so that's how you walk on water
    Jana Hughes - nice effect
    Ilkka Nissila - great colours (and envious of the equipment)
  147. NIKON D70, AF Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D
    1/160 at f/1.8, -0.3EV

    Spontaneous doorman portrait. I was checking my friends D70 camera he brought recently, and I have spoted this guy having his late night "medication"...and took this shot behind my back :)
  148. Luis, Andy - am glad to find other watchnuts around here. Should have taken it more seriously :) Will upload some of my other watch photos in my album here when I have time.
    James, thank you for your kind words.
    Lil - I feel for you. Losing close familiy member hurts alot, I know. Will never heal but time will help.

    Ken from Tokyo (may be too busy to take photos :-( )
  149. @Ken: Was that a Datograph?
    That's got to exceed my net worth (and I have a lot of telephotos). =) Would love to see more.
  150. Standouts for me this week are:
    Hamish- Fun shot and nice reflection.
    Matthew- The crispness is absolutely amazing
    Mark- The title says it all. What an expression on his face.
    Matt- Just can't get away from those furry friends? Nice expression.
    Louis- I love that you did this in sepia. Looks like a shot from the 1800's
    Cees- I love those clouds.
    Andrew- Beautiful shot of the terminal. Love the colors.
    Phil- I like the perspective that you have captured.
    Aquinaldo- I like the sillouette, but I keep wanting to turn down the yellow around the head.
    James- another great architecture shot. Keep them coming.
    Ertugrul- Very moody shot and well done
    Wouter- I love sunsets and you did a good job w/ this one.
    Boris- I'm glad I waited till today to post my responses, because this week your shot is by far my favorite. The framing and shadow are perfect. Well Done.
    Have a great week everyone
  151. a little post processing, fern fond growing between the slats in my fence
  152. Not sure what happened to my upload?
  153. Not sure what happened to my upload?
  154. (Guide for members of our ex colonies)
    (Old British coinage)
    4 farthings = 1 penny. 12 pennies = 1 shilling. 20 shillings = 1 GBP
  155. Issac, than you for your comments, there is actually no post processing involved, not even contrast adjustment. I was lucky with the conditions. Also, very nice picture you have, the light and the subject is just perfect.
    Jonas, thank you for your comments. I like the mooring, I'm a sucker for pictures with a sea theme, maybe that's due to living on the coast for the Nth generation.
    In addition to the pics I mentioned, I wish to add comments about two other pics that particularly caught my eye (many though provoking images here, I need to keep this brief):
    William Nickens -- I love the mysterious mood of the dawn mist. Probably look great as a big print.
    Boris Miljevic -- very good catch, I really like the limited palette and minimalist expression.
  156. Oskar,
    Thank you. I enjoyed your photo also, I love pictures of snow, it gives the landscape such a clean fresh look. But whenever I see a picture of snow I am reminded of a card a friend of mine sent me from Ohio, it was of an outhouse covered part of the way up in snow, beautiful shot but it looked really cold, the caption read "Ah, the good old days", below it my friend had written, "Yeah, Thank God for indoor plumbing".
  157. Another great Nikon Wednesday!
    Lil- Sorry about the loss.
    James Hart- Thank You! Very nice shot, i'm planning to shoot to the annual Memorial Day airshow at Jones Beach this spring.
    Joseph Leotta- Love the look of your image, i have to break out the old film bodies one of these days :)
    Rick Dohme- Gotta love those shoebox Chevy's!
    Roberta Davidson- Like the nice colors against the flat background, works very well.
    Phil Evans- Great composition.
    Till Wednesday, happy shooting everyone.
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    Closing this thread in preparating for the next Wednesday's thread.

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