Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #45

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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
    Another "two spontaneous subjects that meet" street shot. I found this T-shirted "bye" man having a break over the bronze luggage sculpture... I had my camera hanged and took some shots. "I will see later what I can get from this shots... " I thought. Well, I see that not so much.
    D700 @ 800ISO, 14bit RAW, 50AFS (f4 - 1/250sec.). All camera tricks off. Processed as usual in NX2 (top rigth corner burning), framed in Aperture.
    Please feel free to post your favourite pic if you like, taken with Nikon gear. Thanks!
  2. Happy WeDNeSDaY everyone!
    Nothing fancy this week.... just a landscape wanna be..... and then I tried to play with some digital filters..... This is the result! Cheers!
  3. Hello everyone..
    Continuing with my fall foliage series from last week, I took this picture at Reigate Hill, which is outside London. It was raining when I got there and just when I thought I wasn’t going to get any pictures, it stopped and this was one of the few pics that I got on top of the hill.
    Rene – like the colours..
  4. Nikon Wednesday Pic - a wonderful weekly documentary canvasing the world as seen through the lenses of's Nikon equiped contributors.
    My photo for this week is a simple tri-pod timed shot of the very first thunderstorm of the spring season in my part of S.E. Australia. I'm too timid to go and find a more interesting foreground subject in which to capture lightening in the skies so I shoot from the relative safety of the sun deck overlooking part of our garden.
  5. Hello everybody,
    I hope the standard this week is as good, as last week, there were some amazing pictures displayed. Lots of inspiration.
    Thank you MS Keil and Isaac Sam for your kind comments on my photo, Isaac, thank you for a good idea.
    Jose, I love your picture!
    Here is my contribution for this week's thread.
    Nikon D700; 70-200 mm f/2.8; ISO 560, 1/160s, f/4
  6. Aaaah, Wednesday! A real treat and source of inspiration!

    Thanks to all who so gently commented on my last week's picture - it's appreciated!
    This one was from a walk taken Monday, when I had a day off due to a holiday. It's all turning yellow and red now - so this is a bit for Dieter Schaefer , who last week thought it wasn't sufficiently yellow where I live. It is now. Here's proof. ;-)

    D700 with 24-70/2.8 (my new little treasure...), f11

  7. Happy Wednesday everyone. Nicely caught street scene, Jose . Thanks Monika , looks like things are back to normal now...
    Didn't do any photography last week, so this shot from a few weeks ago must suffice. Convict Lake near the town of Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra. D200 with Tokina 11-16/2.8 at f16.
  8. It's amazing how fast these WedNEsDAy's show up.
    I shot this just a few minutes ago,- from my balcony, grey, cold, stormy and wet so I stay inside as long time as possible.
    Happy Wednesday everyone.
  9. Another one from the stars.
    Same place of last week pic.
  10. Last saturday, walking down the streets in the small Spanish village of Colunga, I saw a car that was showing an interesting reflection. Light falling on the church was gorgeous and the blue sky complemented the composition on the bright black paint of the car. You can see it at a bigger size here:
  11. and they're off...
    i see a street theme developing this week
    here's one from halloween night
  12. Good WedNEsDAy morning to everyone!
    My pic for this week was taken in work on last Thursday, and it is actually a poster background for a music video workshop organized by the project I'm leading at work. The small pic in the viewfinder of the video camera is a photo taken few years back with my first D50, and we actually used a different one in the real poster. So this one is a demo-version of the actual poster without any other informative texts, only the title of the workshop.
    Nikon D80 + Nikon 24-85 f/2.8-4.0 D + SB-28
    (& Nikon D50 + Nikon 18-55 f/3.5-5.6)
    You can also leave critique for this photo to my WedNEsDAy PiCs folder . Thanks!
    P.S. The doorbell just rang (I'm at home, got a flu, but not THE flu luckily) and I received the Nikon F5 I won at an auction couple weeks back! Oh joy!
  13. Jerry Butler
  14. Hello all
    Another from Iguazu Falls. This one taken from the Brazilian side
    D300 + Tamron 10-24 @12mm - 1/320 - f 8 - ISO 200
  15. New York City Marathon – Nov 1 2009
    40,000 Runners. Yes that’s 40 Thousand Runners running over 26 miles thru the streets of all 5 boros of New York City. Quite the event.. They cross 2 major bridges and run thru every type of neighborhood that the city has. The greatest and most popular marathon in the world. I found a spot right on a concrete barrier at the edge of the course right where it comes into the Bronx from Manhattan.. Photo Ops that you can only dream about. (I never shot runners before)
    Here are more marathon shots
    This was a difficult choice, Not only did I shoot over 600 shots at the marathon; I had 2 other shoots that went great this week. I also still have quite a few great foliage color shots. At least I’m set for a few Wednesdays to come.
    Nikon D700 AF VR Zoom-Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED at 260mm
    Program AE, 1/1,000 sec, f/10, ISO 1600
  16. Good morning everybody!
    I didn't get to writing any comment on last week's thread, but it was absolutely fabulous and made me ache to go out and enjoy the world through a viewfinder. Which, fortunately, was very possible last weekend. So after a few weeks of rather little and uninspiring photography, I at least had a chance to make something good out of it. Whether it succeeded is another thing of course.
    Nikon D300 with Tokina 12-24 f/4, at 12mm, f/11, 1/500th, ISO200. Minor postprocessing in CNX2.
  17. Thanks a lot for the comments on the photo I posted last week.
    This time it is something I took while walking around in the city where I live (Mechelen, BElgium) as part of my try out of walking around with a 50mm and see what comes out. This shot is a composition of an HDR out of 5 exposures with the sky coming from only one exposure instead.
    Title: Come to me
    D700, AFD 50/1.4, f/8
  18. Leaves.
  19. Hi everyone
    Another Wednesday - this is the highlight of my week and they seem to come round so quickly!
    My contribution this week is "the Aviator" and his machine. What do you think?
  20. One of my recent leaf photos. D700, Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 G, five-layer focus stack combined in Helicon Focus Lite. Each layer was shot at f/8.
    Sharpened with PS CS4's Smart Sharpen.
  21. A shot from halloween last weekend - lighting lanterns in the park to set off into the night sky. Spot metered, dodged and burnt a bit in CS3 afterwards. D700, 24-70.
  22. Out of the Australian natural flora, emerges a gorgeous nude.
  23. Additional note on my image from a few posts back: No RAW processing was applied. I converted each of the five NEF files to TIFF files in Capture NX2 without making any adjustments. The colors are "as shot" with no extra tweaks.
  24. Old factory in Philadelphia (Venango St., N of center-city). I grabbed the shot through the windshield of my car just after it had rained. Believe it or not, all the colors you see are for real, not painted in, but I obviously did crank up the saturation in NX2 and PS to bring them out.
  25. Lovely work as always. You can tell Autumn is here and how!
    I saw this Fly Agaric on Sunday, fresh from popping up through the forest floor. I used my Nikon F3, 35mm E and Superia 200 film. I look forward to seeing all the photos in the coming weeks, but in these shorter and darker days, I am finding it difficult to finish a film every week so I will have to bow out of entering weekly for a while.
  26. Hello all, good morning
    A coupe of weeks ago, my wife went to Lisbon and got me this beatiful Swatch. I couldn't resist but to photograph it.
    This time I didn't take a picture of the setup, but for the strobist curious: The watch was held on films canisters on each end of the bracelet and had a SB28 @ 1/32 on a translucent umbrella, camera right, roughly 1 foot from the watch, and 2 feet above. Camera front, below watch, is a white paper reflector. Black craft paper as background. Triggered by Cactus V4.
    Camera info: D700 | Nikon 60 f/2.8 AF-D Micro | Tripod
    For a bigger version, click here.
    Have a great week, everyone!
  27. I think Hector Andrade is trying to say something!
  28. Great beginning of the thread as always. I feel so bad, I've not been able to comment over the last few weeks. I've been very busy with my ill horse & though he's improving - I still spend a lot of time icing his leg & giving him meds.
    So please - thank you to those who were kind enough to comment on my Snowy Egret last week & no - I did not see the bird catch anything this time. But it must work as I know of several people who've seen that behavior.
    My husband took over caring for my horse one day over the weekend so that I would be able to get out & photograph a little. So I spent the day visiting a location I've located earlier this year.
    I happened to locate this Black-crowned Night Heron hiding in the shadows within a tree as it was fishing from a high advantage point. The water reflected these amazing plays of light over the bird's chest & this is one of the shots I got from that. Processed in between NX2 & CS3. Shot with the D300 & the 300AF-S f/4, Sport Metering -1.0 EV, 1/250s f/8 EXIFs embedded
  29. Captured on a beach between Sneem and Caherdaniel on Ireland.
    I'm attempting a HDR made out of three exposures +2,-2 and 0. Processed in Photomatix. D700, AF-S 17-35mm @ 17mm, f/11, ISO-200, 14 bit RAW.
  30. Hi all,
    Good morning, good evening and good night to everyone...
    For this Wednesday, my is contribution is a view of autumn.
    Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 16 mm, ISO 400, f/10, 1/400.
  31. Daddy's girl:
    D700, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D @ f/9, 1/125 sec, ISO 125
  32. Happy Wednesday. I wish I had time to comment more in details, but I really have to practice and study more to catch up or to qualify to post here :)
    This week, again "the fall in the park". Have a great week!
  33. Matthew Brennan,
    I love your thunderstorm. Funny how the leaves are not blurred on such a long exposure!
    Luis Argüelles and Richard Karash,
    Thanks a lot for your comments on my last week's pic.
  34. Very nice photos so far! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. I'm going to throw a curveball this week and post a photo from my Halloween party this past Saturday. I desaturated the colors some to take the brightness off his face and hopefully, balance out the photo more. I'm sure next week, I'll be back to my regularly scheduled bugs, but I wanted to post something different today. (Taken with my D90/55-200mm VR, 1/50, f5.6, ISO 200.)
    Halloween 2009
  35. Autumn is here...
  36. Colorful vehicle belonging to a guy who was painting a sign on the door of a restaurant in Minneapolis last week.
    D300, 24-70 @ 62mm, ISO 200, 1/100 @ f/8.
  37. Ops, having some problems with the attachments... Here it is:
  38. Portrait of Lotus
  39. New York City
  40. Happy Wednesday Everyone and enjoy the great images!
    Nikon D200, ISO 100, 28mm (28-105mm, 3.5-4.5), f3.5.
  41. Good Morning!
    In the spirit of last weekend I took this of my friend's daughter getting ready for trick or treating. It was with my D300, Sigma 30 mm at f2.2, 1/40 sec, iso 400, handheld.
    Have a great day!
  42. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    Here is a picture of a Halloween setup done at my work. We had a competition for Halloween Decoration and divided into 8 teams. Everyone took part into decoration with so much enthusiasm Judges had to declare "tie" between all teams and we all will have a pizza party this Friday :)
    This was taken with Nikon 35mm f/1.8G using matrix metering.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1/20 sec
    Aperture: 2.2
    Focal Length: 35mm

    Thanks for looking,
  43. Rock n Roll
    Nikon D80 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G
    1/60 F/5.6 ISO1600 0EV
  44. Continuing the Halloween theme - a view of our porch from this past Saturday night.
    D700 + 24-70 @ 62 mm, ISO 2500, 1/40s @ f/2.8
  45. bms


    I'll comment later but wow, it gets better every week. Great shots guys.
    Again, shamefully, not much from me this week, I just do not get out much these days.... picked up a TC-201 at our local photo store for s steal and had a few chances to play around with it and my 300 f/4. We had a recent warm spell and our Roses like it.

    Thanks to Issac (more detail this week!) and Paul for their comments last week.
  46. Could have been Nikon FG with 35mm f/2, @ f/2.8.
  47. Hi,
    It is quite a study. Using Lightroom or ACR and the curves of Photoshop I'm trying various B&W conversions this week. My aim is to go further in B&W and develop an own continuous style. It is difficult. But aren't all things that are really worthwhile difficult in the beginning? About a year ago I had an expositon in an art galery, everyone was enthousiastic and I sold quite a few prints. But If I look at those images now, I am not happy with them. To say the least.
    This one is taken underneath a long bridge in Holland (for the Dutch people here: De Zeelandbrug).
  48. Hello again,
    Indeed it seems that if you are responding later to this thread you will get rewarded with some (already posted) very nice photographs.
    Last week I told you that I went to a small village in Germany called Hell ("Hölle"), which is not ugly as hell but a very beautiful place surrounded by wild nature. So this is a picture from there - a picture from Hell.

    MS Keil

    Some of these especially attracted my attention:
    Jose Angel The person seems to contemplate
    Rene' Villela there's something to it :)
    Matthew Brennan pure electricity
    Monika Epsefass invites to take a walk
    Dieter Schaefer very nice
    Aguinaldo de Paula taken at the same location where you've got in trouble with the ticks? Anyway it's beautiful
    Luis Argüelles ¡Qué pasada de perspectiva! Very original!!
    Eric Arnold Blue woman group :)
    Sanford Gerald I've got a disk from Sammy Davis Jr. with nearly the same photo (yet with Sammy). Very "Jazz"-like
    Alejandro Held Very nice viewing angle
    Joseph Leotta Crazy people who run 42 km or so...I'd rather take a bicycle ;-)
    Tom Mann Impressive colors!! In this way it's a special photo
    Ian Rance eating this one gives you new "views" of reality (if I am right at identifying)
    Lil Judd Very nice against the dark background
    Jonas Fjellstedt attempt succeeded!
    Jeannean Buglady spooky...
  49. Hi everyone, great shots already. I had several favorite pictures from last week and all the pictures were really great, but I really liked the effect of Louis Maluso's "Mask". My picture this week is of my granddaughter as the Snow Princess, which is a little different because it hasn't snowed in this part of Florida in almost 40 years.
  50. This guy was crazy. The waves were 6' high and he was alone in a 12' boat. The water was 50 degrees with a 25 mph wind. He would stand on the bow and throw his net. I was so afraid he would fall overboard. His boat and mine were the only ones around. I kept my eye on him the whole time. He did fall out one time. Some how fully dressed with boots on he managed to climb back in his boat. He must have been real hungry to be out that day. D200 vr 80-400mm 300mm f/8 1/160 125 iso
  51. Taken in October at a street fair. Not my idea of fun!!
  52. Thanks Rene for the encouragement! I'm at the office and here I cannot seem to be able to resize my picture for posting. This is my last attemt. Anyway, nice work guys.
    Rene, I think your effect is amazing.
    Jose, you really have an "eye" for moments.
    Dieter: Really beautifull landscape. Can I "borrow" your lens? they keep been out of stock!
  53. Earlier picture of the bride, but this is my beginnings of b&w conversions
  54. Been doing an exercise where I do 5 minute photo shoots with my daughter. We just go outside, with whatever she's wearing, and we pick a spot in the yard and shoot for 5 minutes. We've gotten to the point where we get a good solid image every time out. Increases my competence and confidence to consistently produce a solid image or two out of every 5 minute shoot.
    D300, 70-200 2.8 VR @170mm, 1/640 @ f4. ISO 200
  55. Holy Wednesday to everyone,
    Audiences were watching to final of Singing Bird Competition of Paramaribo - 2009 in Suriname - South America. The competition continued five weeks. Luckily the weather was foggy for me. Hope you like it. Sort of more photos from the competition located in my blog as a slide show here ( Singing Bird Competition of Paramaribo - 2009 )
    Dear Paul V. Gorky, I appreciated for your kindly words to my post last week. Thank you very much. Many cheers you to all,
  56. My image this week was taken in the Cataloochee Valley area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park . This Bull Elk was looking back at his harem when I shot this image.
    Nikon D300 with 200-400mm F4 VR lens with Nikon TC-14EII 1.4X . ISO 800, 1/320 second @ f5.6 at 400mm, -0.3EV
  57. Like a few others, my WedNEsDAy PiC of this week is on the Halloween theme. This is a party I attended with the wife (we were dressed as devils). But alas my D200 kept calling me from the boot of my car and I had to succumb. This photo is one of my favourites because apart from the great costumes, I love how many of the people were not only dressed but in character.
  58. Like a few others, my WedNEsDAy PiC of this week is on the Halloween theme. This is a party I attended with the wife (we were dressed as devils). But alas my D200 kept calling me from the boot of my car and I had to succumb. This photo is one of my favourites because apart from the great costumes, I love how many of the people were not only dressed but in character.
  59. I have been viewing this forum for a couple months. This is my first posting.
    Please feel free to comment.
    D40x 18-200VR @ 130mm @ F5.6 ISO 200 Resized and sharpened in Photoscape.
  60. Fall in Toronto: Nikon D90 and 16-85mm lens
  61. On Danube river.
  62. A haunted house in Brooksville Florida
    It was also used as a sanitarium for a while
  63. Hi folks,
    Street photography is not the norm for me, but I took my camera with me to Liverpool on a recent shopping trip and fired off a couple of shots. This one was taken at the recently opened Liverpool One shopping area.
  64. Happy Wednesday everyone. Always love to view the photos from around the world. My photo today was taken overlooking Bedford, PA at subrise the morning we left for home. Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 at 50mm f/14.
  65. Hi Everyone and happy Wednesday.
    Here is my picture taken with Nikon D80.
  66. Fall pictures of the boys.
  67. jfz


    Hello WedNEsDAy, here is my photo
  68. To Aguinaldo – love the night shots.
    Shot 2 of a 3-shot sequel. Can anyone guess what these two birds were doing? (I don't think the shot even offers a clue – even if you are a bird expert).
    D300, Nikkor 70-300 (G VR version) @ 300 mm, f/5.6, ISO 720 and 1/2000 sec.
  69. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 200, 630.1 seconds (10 & 1/2 minutes), fluorescent WB
    18-55 @ 18mm, f/8
    Lit by a nearly-full moon behind a scattering of medium clouds.
  70. Greg, that is funny!
  71. Ah... Wednesday. I've been envious of twilight and night shots posted here, so I decided to try one. This is at the entrance to the Boston Public Garden, and the statue is George Washington. I was hoping for an urban version of Alpenglow on the buildings, and a colored twilight sky. I was envisioning an HDR merge, and I bracketed exposures on a steady tripod.
    The light moved from one area to the next as we moved into twilight.
    This is a composite of several images. Photoshop, "Load images into stack" and "Auto-Align." D200, 18-70 kit lens, big Manfroto tripod.
  72. Evergreen, CO on the 3-Sisters Trail
    D700 70mm f/11
  73. Hello everyone, great
    Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #45

    posts as usual!
    This shot is with an FM3A with a 35 f1.4 AiS lens. It is a street shot of a barred store front at night.
  74. Another wonderful Wednesday ! Such a variety and so much inspiration . Sorry I have not been able to comment these past few weeks, just too much going on.
    I was out and ran across these busts dedicated to various wars and just had to try to take a few shots. This one is dedicated to the Gulf War. Some were so very realistic, looked liked the guys were just covered in mud and dirty. There are a few in my portfolio if you are interested.
  75. Here's a sandpiper scurrying along on the Carolina coast. These little guys are fast!
  76. Forgot the details - D300 60 mm ISO 200 f9
  77. pge


    Hi all

    This week is less of a straight photo and more of a photoshop creation, however I did shoot both the photos, one in the studio with my old norman lights and one at the airport, snapshot variety.

    The main subject is my youngest child and the older boy is my oldest one.
  78. Corner detail, Gamble House, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14-24/2.8, 14mm, f/14, ISO 200 matrix metered, manual mode, 5 shot bracket between 1/3s to 1/50s, processed with Photomatix.
  79. From this weekend, winter's teeth are starting to show but not enough to stop the fun. Conversion in NX2.
    Luis - I like the color of the church and the texture of the sky.
    Greg - Humorous, I was thinking "Shut your mouth, bird"
  80. Hello Friends,
    Another beautiful WedNEsDAy. Great work all! Thanks a lot for all who commented on my work on Day #43.
    Bogelan N and Greg guys have amazing and funny themes today and I like them a lot. BTW Greg, you photo has a clue on what the love-birds were doing, hence, "Hush".
    My contribution comes from a couple of Sundays ago - converted in PS to celebrate the Halloween traditional.
    D300s @ 45mm f/8 ISO320 at 1/160th sec with a natural sunlight setting [no flash].
  81. With Veterans Day coming up next week in the U.S., I thought I'd post this shot of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Thanks to all the vets out there!
    Nikon D90, 18-200mm f/22 @ 1/60.
  82. This was the first picture I took with my new Nikon 35mm lens.
  83. Another fab Wednesday. My post is my toddler in his Halloween costume, Raggedy Andy.
  84. Wow! You sure have to get up early to beat the rush on a WedNEsDAy morning!
    Took this on Saturday at our neighborhood Halloween party... meet "Betty Boop"
  85. Another out-take from some ongoing bird dog litter portraits. Personally, I have more fun with stuff like this than I do the shots I'm supposed to actually deliver.
  86. Happy Wednesday. Another fabulous photo day. The postings are just better and better.
    Here’s my contribution of the week taken last Saturday.
    D300 with 300mm f4 lens at 300mm, F7.1 -0.3 step, 1/4000 sec. ISO 500
  87. Hi all my contribution for this week is a photo of a local temple
  88. Hi Everybody,
    A street performer I snapped in Paris, France.
    Desat, history brush, and slight crop done in Photoshop.
  89. Old Detroit Iron.
  90. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    A butterfly from Borneo - cropped
  91. Bruce Springsteen in concert Monday night. D300, Nikon 300mm f/2.8 AF-S version I, f/2.8 at 1/400 sec and ISO 1600.
  92. Happy Wednesday to all! Really great work so early in the day. My photo this week captures the temperature gauge/coolant fill on the 1906 Alco-6 Black Beast Racer. In motor racing circles this is a historical car because it won the prestigious Vanderbilt Cup race on Long Island in 1909 and 1910. The car also raced in the inaugural Inianapolis 500 held in 1911, unfortunately it finished 33rd out of 40 due to bearing failure. D200, SB-600, 18-55@55mm, f8, 1/80, iso 200.
  93. Hello everyone,
    I had a photoshoot at a beachside resort last saturday. The Chef at the resort had done a seafood platter for the guests, not part of the shoot though. Captured the delicious food. No props or styling done - just a quick straight shot with Elinchrome 400FXRi providing the key light and a white reflector for the fill. The manual 105mm 2.5 lens, originally meant to be a portrait lens, was used for this shot. Lovely lens, great saturation and stunning color rendering. The tech stuff - 105mm f2.5 Ai lens on a Nikon D700; 1/200S @ F/16 handheld.
    Meanwhile, some good pictures in the list this week:
    Matthew Brennan - I tend to agree with you, had you chosen a better location, the pic would've been super. Love those quaint colors.
    Jana - Great. Nice tone.
    Monika Epsefass - you got some lovely colors in your area.
    Luis Argüelles - I must hand it to you. Really observant and super picture too.
    Eric Arnold - Blue peacocks, halloween brings out the costumed characters in all their glory.
    Sanford Gerald - Wow!
    Alejandro Held - Solid subject and good composition.
    Dan South - I like the way you've composed the picture. You people have such awesome colors during autumn.
    Jonas Fjellstedt - Good capture. Though HDR, you've not gone overboard with the colors. Equally good composition too.
    Jeannean Buglady - downright creepy. That guy is a CHARACTER.
    Louis Meluso - Nice portrait and excellent composition.
    John Morris - I love this sensitive portrait.
    Rick Dohme - You have captured his intense focus. This picture would've been stunning if it was not this grainy. Colors too seem to be off. Is this a OOC Jpeg and a hard crop?
    Joe Elrod - Crazy people.
    Brian Chmura - you are good. The colors are quaint too. Good one.
    John Novince - You've cropped too much. A longer lens would have worked better if you needed a tight composition or maybe you could have moved in closer. The picture is good though.
    Charles Becker - The compositon and subject selection adds drama to the scene. I think you need to sharpen the picture a bit. It looks fuzzy.
    Gary McGhee - Credible effort.
    Doug Santo - Is this HDR?
    Paula Wang - Bravo. Superb.
    Thanks people.
    ~~ Issac Sam
  94. Nikon D50, Tokina 17mm lens
    Still standing
  95. Opal Apple O'hare
  96. been a few weeks. Here's my friend, posed to mimick a Mohammed Ali shot from the Magnum collection. Shot this with a D90 and Sigma 10-20mm @ 12mm, manual focus, 2 SB800s, one camera left with shoot thru umbrella and one on background (white wall).
  97. Here it is time again for all of the talent around the globe to show some absolutely beautiful photos. This WedNEsDAy PiC thread just keeps growing and growing, not just in size but quality. I feel honored to be able to participate.
    I picked this today for different reasons, I wanted to go away from my barns for a few weeks and branch out a little. I'm going to try to do a HDR next week.
    Take care and "Thanks" for all the beautiful works of art.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  98. D300, Tokina AT-X 12-24 at 20mm, ISO 200, f/18, 1/100 sec
  99. Still summer on the West Coast
  100. Great pictures everyone! I especially like the long exposure shot by Epp B. I love experimenting with long exposures outside at night. I need to put more of those shots out here on Wednesdays. As it is, this week my shot is of my son in the studio. I just recently set up the studio and this was only my second attempt at taking shots of him.
    [​IMG] D90, 17-55 @ f/8, 1/125s
  101. To: Issac Sam. Thanks Issac-I have a few vision problems (not good for someone into photography!) so quite often I cannot tell if there is a problem. Thanks for the comments-whether positive or negative or both; they are appreciated! regards, cb :)
  102. Thanks for last week's comments.
    Luis Arguelles; your mention of my image was especially generous.
    These guys were vying for the attention of large group of wedding reception guests. Cropping an elbow or two made the image a bit more dramatic.
    D70s 1/200 f8 Tamrom 90mm
  103. I didn't shoot much this week, but I was able to document some sort of battle between a girl named Dorothy and a wicked witch in my living room. D700, 38mm f/4, 1/60, ISO 400, SB800 held low and left with -2 EV compensation.
  104. South Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metropark System - 10/29/09
    D3, f22 .60sec, 17mm
  105. Bethel Alaska resident, Aloysius the Pumpkin Eater; D300s with Voigtlander 58mm Nokton.
  106. Just begged me to click. A loco excited at the currency on the floor....
    D200, Lens 85 1.8 @ 5.6 1/25 sec. ISO 800. No flash
  107. Here is a photo of my son shooting his Nikon D90 from the top of Enchanted Rock which is near Fredericksburg, Texas. Enchanted Rock is an enormous pink granite and rises approximately 425 feet above the surrounding terrain to an elevation of 1,825 feet. It is the largest pink granite monadnock in the United States. Archaeological evidence indicates human visitation at the rock going back at least 11,000 years.
  108. Here is a photo of my son shooting his Nikon D90 from the top of Enchanted Rock which is near Fredericksburg, Texas. Enchanted Rock is an enormous pink granite and rises approximately 425 feet above the surrounding terrain to an elevation of 1,825 feet. It is the largest pink granite monadnock in the United States. Archaeological evidence indicates human visitation at the rock going back at least 11,000 years.
  109. Isaac, thanks for the kind compliments. I've been putting a lot of thought into composition lately.
    Your seafood photo is very well-composed and the color and clarity are magical. That 105 mm lens is quite a find!
  110. Hooray, it's Wednesday again. This time from a recent dance competition. My daughter has now reached the "master" level, and the competition is fiercer and the demands higher. Being a "master" also means that the girls are allowed to use feathers and stones as part of the dance costumes, so that is the goal of many of the small girls starting in this sport.
    In Norway, many are hit by the swine flu, so our family has decided to stop training and competition until we all are vaccinated in about 3 weeks time. Thats most hard for my daughter, but her father (me) thinks that is OK - now he can do something else that driving her to training 3-4 times a week! ;)
    Looking forward to all the other photos this week!
  111. it's taken back in summer time at a beach of Half Moon Bay in California with D100 and 70-210mm AFD in 1/1000s F/8
  112. try again
    Terrific images everyone. I am particularly thrilled at the Halloween posts.
    Aguinaldo...just amazing, again. Your attention to shadows and detail is perfect. I see no noise...just still and beauty.
    Eric...THAT'S what I'm talking about...thank you! Hope it was great!
    Sanford...Wonderful portrait of an artist at work. Great use of light.
    Alejandro...Wonderful, telling image. I am always envious of the photogs that can use the obstacles (guard rails. etc...)to their advantage.
    Hamish...Beautiful, simple, effective.
    Tom...Wow! Tremendous colors. Sometimes, that extra glass works really well. always seem to find that sweet spot and keep it still and unspoiled.
    Jonas...Well done. Subtle and beautiful. Great use of HDR.
    Justin...Very sweet. Looks like the feeling is mutual.
    Jeannean...Thank you! More of these!
    Richard...Great shot. A charming witch, indeed!
    Scott...Love the artistry. Lovely light.
    William...Great shot. I love the Halloween pix.
    Kevin...Great shot. It looks like a fun evening. Too bad Halloween is only once a year.
    Greg...What an amazing shot! What kind of birds are they? What do you think they are doing? Fascinating.
    Epp...I will classify that as a Halloween shot. Beautiful, haunting.
    Phil...Love it! I hope your kids enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed making it.
    Walter...Adorable! Long live the classics.
    Brandon...Great shot. Wonderful capture. I really love the hands.
    Darrell...Hooray...kindred spirits!
    Here is my contribution. We really love Halloween. We won 2nd in a contest. That's me as you know who (>8
  113. Quickly fading colors of the fall...
  114. Nikon D60/ 55-200mm
    Was in San Diego over the weekend and caught this elderly guy walking down one of the halls. One of my favorite shots of the weekend.
  115. Wednesday again!
  116. Autumn vineyard
  117. This is a work in progress, there are some glaring editing issues, and will I probably reshoot for a number of reasons, but this is a first attempt at doing a still life. Seed pods from a tree in my front yard, lit by north facing window, D80, f1.8/50mm shot at ISO 100 f/4, 1s.
  118. Great pics everyone!
    Hope to upload a pic shortly.
  119. In a park in Lahti.
  120. Wow, great stuff! Very nice and interesting point of views!
    These images caught my eyes the most:
    Luis: Nice reflection!
    Alejandro: Love the view
    Ian: Awesome! Would like to try this one day!
    Pedro: That is one nice watch
    Jonas: You make seaweeds yummy to look at
    Louis: The expression is great
    Cees: Love the perspective and I'd like to find my style too
    Brian: I really like how you process this image
    Greg: Were those birds staged? :)
    Phil: Creative!
    Doug: That's one nice house!
    Matt: This is great but I have to say last week's expression was the best of these two :)
    Brandon: That's a nice clear shot of Bruce
    Issac: Delish! Lovely crisp shot!
    L Roth: Gorgeous horses!
    Richard: Somehow I love that old man. Nice photo!
    My simple photo. I need to start photographing other things/people besides my little M.
    D300, 50mm f/1.8. My settings: f/2.8 ISO 320 1/80
  121. It's funny that Waldemar Giers's picture of quickly fading colors of fall looks much more like Enchanted Rock than Bill J Boyd's picture that says it's at Enchanted Rock.
  122. [​IMG]
    Villette, Paris - France
    Nikon D80
  123. I was in my backyard and saw this one leaf lite up, I took the picture hand held so not as sharp as I wanted . ran back in the house to get my other lens and when I came back out........... all the leaves were now illuminated, 15 scs at most the light changed moment gone.
  124. Autumn is finally coming to central Texas, last weekend we dropped into the 30s while camping. Here are the Tikis to keep things light on the dark fall nights.
  125. Chocolate factory ...
  126. Taken this past July at the Grand Tetons..
    Wonderful images this week everyone.. wow.
    Camera Model: NIKON D700
    Exposure Time: 5.0 seconds
    FNumber: 22.0
    ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 100
    Exposure Program: Manual
    FocalLength: 25.0 mm
  127. Hector Andrade. Is that Tromsdalstinden? I took my 7 year old son up there this summer. We walked up from the fjord (sea level) and spent 9 hours on the 1200m ascent and 16km round trip, and when we got to the top low cloud came in and destroyed our view!! I would love to have been on the summit the day you took this. It's such a beautiful area with the fjords and the jagged Lyng Alps stretching out as far as the eye can see.
    Matthew, nice lightning shot! Is that your garden? It looks like a paradise for macros.
    Lil, Great detail. Fantastic shot. Just wondering what 'sport' metering is though...? can't find the button on my D300...
    (just kidding - I couldn't resist :) )
    Matt, excellent as usual.
    Ilkka, beautiful shot. Very tranquil.
    Tiffany thank you for your kind comment. You just have to smile when you see the happy faces in your picture.
  128. Nice shots everyone, keeping the fall spirit I took this one last friday in my garden:
    D80 1/400 f/5.3 ISO 400 AE 18-135mm kit lens @66mm
  129. I've enjoyed your photos for weeks!
    This is my 1st posting. D90 18-200VR @ 18mm 1/640sec F4.5
    While returning from our daughter's wedding I shot this of the Golden Gate.
  130. Issac Sam,You can go to my people gallery on PN and I posted the original jpeg, resized for this thread only. this photo is not very grainy. is was very cloudy and raining.
  131. Another great Wednesday thread! Here is a photo of a feeding pelican, photographer at the Pfeiffer Beach, CA. I recognize that technically it's not good, photographed against the sun, at the long end of the 18-200 mm lens. But the moment was quite interesting.
  132. Hamish - - that's too amusing. ;-) That's what I get for posting at 2am my time & knowing that I'm still adjusting to daylight savings time - 3am according to my body. :)
    I really think Nikon should add Sport Metering to the current setup. :-D Don't you? ;-)
    Oh - Tiffany & Hamish - thank you for your kind words. :) And Tiffany, the trick is to shoot a lot & especially to wait your subject out. When a bird gives me 5 minutes - I take it & keep shooting. :)
  133. Ridge Parkway, D90 with Tokina 12-24
  134. My first posting on a Nikon Wednesday!

    Taken on day 2 of getting my new digital body (D700), 28-105 F3.5-4.5 AF-D IF @ 70mm; F4.5 @ 1/60s, ISO 640.

    Location is an open-air museum in the UK, based around an imaginary Victorian industrial town. This is the haberdasher's shop and the lady is resident there on most days.
  135. Hello all, there are some incredible photos on here. I've been wanting to begin getting some of my images out there and then I saw this forum and decided that today is the day. Hope you enjoy any critiques or comments are desired.
    Chili Pepper Farm in Southern New Mexico. Shot with Nikon D90 and Nikkor 24-85mm. Shot at 1/250 sec. f/10
  136. Ooops, technical problems, see above for details of this post.
  137. D90 F/16 1/125 iso 200 lens 50/1.8
  138. hi everyone,
    many very nice pics,
    few weeks ago myself and my wife had gone up a hill in the evening, when v reached the top this is what we saw, took few pics, this one i liked
  139. Wauw, great pictures again.
    I was planning to submit a marathon or mushroom picture and then there were two already, haha.
    Well, maybe next week.
    Just some nikon-fun this week
    D90 and micro 55mm F2.8 (F1.00 it says, haha, if I should be so lucky) @ F-can't remember with an extra macro converter from an unknown but high quality brand, SB600 for some extra light
  140. [​IMG]
    We all sure could use a Nikon one of these. :)
    D700 AF-S 50mm 1.4
  141. MS Keil: yes, same place of last week`s pic of mine;
    Lil Judd: hope your horse get better soon;
    Jf Zhang: wonderful lake & sky. Love the pic;
    Greg Kowalczewski and Tiffany Brook: thank you very much for your kind remarks on my photo.
  142. Another of my son at Jupiter Beach in Jupiter, Florida, USA. This is what Autumn looks like around here! Some awesome shots this week!
  143. Nikon D40. AF-S 35mm f/1.8. ISO 800 1/60 @ f2.2.
    Shueili, Taiwan
  144. Nikon D3 +24-70, at 50mm, 1/200, F9, ISO 200 :
  145. Nice photos everyone.
  146. From Italy. Just recently processed.
  147. Eli Guerra's concert last month in Mexico City
  148. Fall color, too.
  149. Partly cropped.
  150. Great stuff for the past several weeks. It seems like everyone has stepped up their game!
  151. Great shots as usual. I started out jotting down a comment or two on the pictures that stood out for me....but ended up with way too many to actually comment. So, I repeat, great shots every one.
    It is cold and rainy here in SE Ohio today, I was cooped up inside working the last week, so my submission is from several weeks ago. Looking out towards the back 40 of our farm where some of our sheep were grazing. This is my first ever cropped picture that I've posted on PN.
    I don't usually get to view WedNEsDAy PiC on Wednesday because of my work schedule. But, I always check it out the first chance I get when I do get broadband access at work (dial-up only at home). I am always impressed with the vision and the variety of the submissions. Every Wednesday is truly a world tour.
  152. [​IMG]
    The Apple Butter Stirrin Festival in Roscoe Village. Ohio a couple of weeks ago.
    D700; 35/2
  153. Last weekend we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls. It was booming due to recent snow melt in the Cascade Mountains.
    Nikon P6000, a great little camera.
  154. Hi!Everybody,
    Joining the party rather late this week.This flower is not an orchid,but a bean plant.
  155. As usual the photos are tremendous. I learn so much from all of you. I have been playing with my 105 2.5 ais and am again amazed at the photos. This is a photo of an autumn vineyard in Sonoma County, CA Taken with D70s with an old Nikno 75-300 AF. HDR from 3 images.
  156. Nikkormat FTN - Nikkor 50mm/f2 - Tmax 100.
  157. My nephew in black and white
  158. "Starbuks" sunrise over the Atlanta Airport.
    D80 - 50mm 1.4 ISO200 1/30th @ 1.4 handheld
  159. So many great pictures again this week!
  160. Oops, that's supposed to be tamron 28-75 f2.8.
  161. Kind of late to the show this week (it's 11pm Pacific Time). Lots and lots of good stuff. Took this Saturday afternoon at the L.A. Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax, knowing I would find something to put up here.
  162. Lovely, lovely pictures! Those that really caught my eyes are the ones from
    José Angel , Bogdan Nicolescu, John Morris for their quirky humour,
    Anish , Dieter , Ian Rance and Ken Yamamoto, Charles Becker, jf zhang , James Kazan, Miles Riggin and John DiLeo for the beautiful autumn landscapes - they're so inviting!
    Aguinaldo - I'm deeply awed by such scenes, and it's perfectly captured
    Luis Argüelles - very quirky indeed!
    Sanford for giving me the blues. ;-)
    Lil Judd - good catch!
    Brian Chmura and Savitri Wilder - lovely half-desat... very dreamy quality!
    epp b - wow! a stunner.
    alex foto - good abstract!
    matt laur - I simply love those puppies. Don't stop yet!
    Isaac Sam - that was evil, showing such an image just before lunchtime... ;-)
    Rodger Baker - the light in the dark, truly.
    Igor Smirnoff , Peter Heritage and Jeff Lipsman - feels like being right there.
  163. Yes Hamish, it is Tromsdalstin. It is a pitty you did not get the view. I recommend Storeblåman for the next time you are here. The trip is shorter but more challenging. And bring your 10-24!
  164. Alejandro Held, what a great picture! I want to hang it on my wall!
  165. Being quite European, the Halloween atmosphere is fun to see - it's a festivity that hardly rings any bells for me, but one that clearly inspires a lot of creativity.
    All the colours of fall: it is just a great season for photography. Seeing all these pictures with all the colours also makes me miss cold, wet and fall-coloured Netherlands...a bit. Where I live now, I have to do without these colours - it stays green and sunny.
    There are - as always - a lot of great photos to adore, and choosing a "week's best" is hard: Matt's dog (recurring theme), Brandon Wu (you were there for work, or did they allow a massive lens in the "normal" crowd?), Cees, beautiful and original view of the Zeelandbrug, Lill's Heron, Aguinaldo's truly awesome nightsky and Greg's playing birds (is it telling the other bird to shut up?) - all photos that stood out for me. Quality work.
    But this week for me started with a bang and a benchmark. Jose's Au Revoir picture just really grabbed me. It has a very nice melancholy over it, and to me, it's like a story-telling picture. Adorable photo, great catch.
  166. Savitri and Wouter, thanks for the kind words. For me, (one of) the most beautiful and interesting images in this series this week is Ireland from Jonas.
  167. Monika Epsefass and Wouter Willemse,
    Thank you for your kind words
  168. Monika,
    Thanks for the kind comment - I feel honoured, especially considering the extraordinary technical and artistic quality of the photos making up this thread.
    I wouldn't presume to pass judgement on most of them, but Aguinaldo's I feel I can comment on (as an amateur astronomer). In a word, AWESOME. Thank you very much for posting this wonderfully balanced image.
    (I'd love dark skies and an unobstructed view around here, but the UK is horribly light-polluted and essentially too populated to properly escape it.)
  169. Peter Heritage,
    your words make me very proud. Thanks a lot. Please take a look at my pic of last week. It is all about stars too.
    These photos gave me a lot o work and physical suffering to get but satisfaction too. Some people suspect they are not real, and their thoghts made even more proud.
    I think the technology brought by the newer cameras and lenses opens a new world for us.
    Best regards for you all!!!
  170. Like Wouter, I deduced that Brandon Wu must have made his great picture in a professional capacity. Can't imagine sneaking such a lens into a concert. (I think Mae West quipped, "Is that a Nikon 300mm f/2.8 AF-S version I in your pocket, or . . .?")
  171. Blind peasant (Nikon D70S. f:4,2)
  172. Much good work here.
  173. Well, although every Wednesday the pictures are better and better, the following ones have catched my eyes this week:
    Aguinaldo de Paula & again the fusion processes in the sky (I can't help, I just love Astronomy)
    Ian Rance & the well bokehed mushroom
    Kevin Cassar & the well illuminated (and posed) Halloween
    Alex foto & the ghost
    Eric Christensen & the Borneo colors
    Isaac Sam & ... well, my stomach votes here :)
    Phil Burt & the popcorn
    James Kazan & the slow waters
    Robert Davis & the bw reflections
    Jeff Lipsman & the Italy speed
    John DiLeo & the lovely 3D way
    My favourite this week is the one from Jeff Lipsman, taken in Italy. The picture gathers at the same time a colorful country full of art, the freedom of textures and the behavior of people in their “vespas” (motorcycles). Everything is arranged in a “street-photo” style that, I must confess, I’m devoted to.
  174. Luis Arguelles,
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    best regards
  175. Thank you, Luis
  176. This thread just keeps getting better and better.
    To Everyone: Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo for this week! I liked all of them very much and appreciate the comments on my attempt at something different (for me). :)
    To Matt: You have a new title, "Dog Photographer Extraordinaire" in my book. I think you're a Dog Whisperer or something magical like that to capture them SO well. I see big bucks amongst those fleas in your future. I adore your puppy/dog shots. Please keep them coming...or put them in a book and I'll buy it. :D
  177. And thank you, Monika.
    This is a great site and Wednesdays are the best.
  178. From the photos I've managed to see, there are some wonderful contributions as usual, but it takes many refreshes and openings of the page before I can see most of them. Alexandro H, lovely waterfall shot, James K, super river shot.
    However, I have to pass comment on certain aspects of this thread. Its bad enough that half way through wednesday there are already a couple of hundred entries and so many are at the starting gate waiting for the go, but I have noticed a trend where many people seem to be posting almost identical shots as their previous weeks, just for the sake of posting a photo. This is grossly unfair on those others trying to post something new and its hoarding the bandwidth and space of this thread. Not nameing any names, but I have noticed photos of the same girls at the same cafe, but with a different body position or expression from last week. I've noticed buskers with the guitar in a different position from what it was the previous week, etc, and I'm sure there are many more that I haven't noticed. If there's nothing new or different lets not post just for the sake of posting and getting our names on the forum, its infair on the others and causes unnecessary delay in downloading. Also, another trend I have noticed is for vertical photos to be as big as possible, to be noticed more, and you are scrolling up and down to see part of the photo. I cite one example on todays page, of a rock singer, that is 1050 pixels high and 750kb (what happened to the 300 kb limit ???). If there's a 700 pixel width limit, there should be one for the height also.
    I'm sure my comments won't agree with everyone, but what do our moderators have to say about this ?
  179. Andrew.... Hi there!
    You are right! Some people won't agree with everything you said and some will.....
    I FIRMLY agree with people posting extremely large files when they use the portrait mode. YES, there should be a 700 pixel limit on hight too. That is the way I do it. I export my files not to exceed this size. Also the files should be less than 300 kb as stipulated many times before.
    What I don't agree is why it bothers you about those people who post first? I live in Japan and I am ahead in time of almost everyone else. I think 90% of the time, my shot is on the first 5. I just didn't know someone would be upset about it. When in Japan, I usually posted before leaving my company. Which means I was always done with my work and killing time on the net so YEAH! I get to be first. Now I don't have a job so I have nothing better to do and when Jose posts it's 5 pm here and I'm home drinking a beer. When in Europe, I am just waking up and the first thing I do is read the threads so again, I am one of the first. Do you think I should wait until Friday to post? just give me a good reason and I will!
    People posting similar pictures doesn't bother me either. If the picture is different and taken with Nikon gear it should be welcome.
    And I am sorry about people with a slow internet connection. With mine a get like 8 MB/s and the thread downloads within 5 seconds. Some times I am on the road and because I wanna see the thread I use my mobile internet connection which is VERY slow. But I just wanna see the thread so I don't mind reloading the thread many many times until I see it all. What I mean is that we all have options.
    Let's just stay within the few rules already stipulated!
    Thank you everyone for participating and sharing your work! Cheers!
  180. Rene', I'm not upset by people posting first, you misunderstand me. The point I'm making is that there is already so much traffic, so to speak, that clogging it up with unnecessary traffic is unfair to others, regardless of slow or fast connections. And its not just 'similar' pictures, its practically the same pictures. The same photo as the week before, but the person is looking elsewhere, in this case. As to vertical pictures, they should be within most monitors' vertical confines ie, about 800 pixels top to bottom, not ginormous "look at me" 1000-plus pixels. That one picture of the guitar playing rocker is the size and file size of three othors roughly, I don't think thats fair on everyone else participating.
  181. MS Keil, Issac Sam, Tiffany Brook, Savitri Wilder and Cees Maas. Thank you for your kind comments!
  182. Andrew - A lot of people like this thread the way it is. People will post an arc of photos over a few week. Its enjoyable.
    It's very simple - If you don't like the way this thread runs, don't visit it, The large majority are very happy with it and don't wish to see it changed. We went thru this last month in a heated discussion
    This thread has evolved into the best recurring thread on photonet for a reason. If its not broke. don't fix it. Its not broke because you don't like people posting similar photos each week.
    and as far as the similar photos go - I like seeing the next evolution.
  183. Andrew- as a newbie myself (with a 16mps cable connection), I'm less sensitive to the issues fueling your concerns, but I have to say that I'm waiting for Igor's next pic in that series because I'm wondering how long it will be before the chic in the red sweater smacks somebody. Being from NewJersey, I recognize real "attitude" when I see it!!
  184. Please, let us NOT start a similar discussion as one month ago, which almost killed this thread series, which in my opinion is the best on ever.
  185. Great work everyone, another wonderful Wednesday collection. As usual, I'll mention the images that particularly caught my attention:
    @Anish, the fall colors at Reigate Hill
    @Aguinaldo, another winning sky and stars
    @Pedro, that's a really fine macro shot of the watch
    @Lil, the night heron
    @Louis, your portrait of Lotus
    @Richard, a fabulous Halloween kid picture
    @John, homework with the cat
    @JF Zhang, you've really hit this one just right, blue sky, fall foliage, and the lake
    @Epp, the green silos are really funny.
    @Ofey, nice shot, I thought it was a prison
    @Phil, it's a great image on your mocked-up Cosmo cover
    @Alex, great ghost shot
    @Matt, I'm really enjoying the dog portraits
    @Brandon, fab shot of Springsteen. You did have a photographer's pass, right?
    @Isaac, the seafood image is very nice.
    @Evan, your boxer is a great shot
    @Chauncey, great shot of your son
    @James, nice fall waterfall
    @Miles, I really like the vineyard shot
    @Peter Heritage, great shot in the sewing shop
    As for the comments... This thread is great as is. Ain't broke, don't fix it. I do like the idea of changing the rule to "700 pixels on the longest edge" so that verticals fit on one screen.
    My best to all!
  186. Andrew Fedon, I like this thread. It is as fun watching other peoples pictures as getting comments on my own picture. I try to comment myself when I have something to say.
    There are clear rules on how to post pictures in this thread. Sorry, but I follow those, not your rules.
  187. @Jonas Fjellstedt
    "There are clear rules on how to post pictures in this thread. Sorry, but I follow those, not your rules."
    Ok, putting the 'similar pictures' issue to the side, the rules of this thread clearly state pictures under 300 kb, and I clearly make reference to oversize vertical pictures in general and specifically to one example that is 750 kb file size on the current page. By what logic do you deduce that it is "my rules" ?? Its the threads' own rules. Its at the top of the page, read it. I simply pointed out the infraction in fairness to everyone, with good intention, and I'm being abused for it instead the of perpetraters. I didn't realise that stating some opinion I would ruffle so many feathers in the process. At 1092 pixels height, the tallest photo on todays thread, I can understand why Joseph is upset by my comments. Don't worry Jonas, you'll still get your weekly pat on the back.
    Subject closed as far as I'm concerned
  188. My photo is 144 K, less than half the 300K limit
    Joseph is upset by people who go 20 weeks in between post on this thread and don't understand the true nature of the thread, and want to change the way it runs.
  189. bms


    Just returned to look over the entries more closely and looked at the last few psosts - guys, take you bickering elsewhere. This thread, if I am correct, has run every week for over a year now, thanks to Jose and all the others contributing.... I use it for inspiration and a reminder to get out there and have fun. Matt Lauer , great shot. Now I'll stop taking up bandwidth....
  190. Monika, thank you so much for your mention. Being mentioned does encourage me to go out every weekend to get better at this hobby. Certainly, even without any mention, I will strive, needless to say :) No mention means not good enough, I understand.
    My top 10 favorite this week -
    Anish, Monika, Dan South, JF Zhang, Richard Karash, James Kazan - I wish I could do the autumn color and depth of the scene like you.
    Aguinaldo - I never get tired of your night starly night photo. I would LOVE to be able to take such photo.
    Luis - I feel like I am sucked into the engine hood of the car!
    Alejandro - Lonely? I know how it feels.
    Joseph - I was foolishly thinking (and waiting) that the start would be the Central Park :-( Yours tells the feeling of the "race".
    Wouter - Man, I always admire such sky landscape.
    Lil - I am always amazed by the photos of birds you take.
    Jonus F - Very nicely done HDR.
    Justin - are you becoming oya baka (fool parent :) ? Kidding. Cute girl!
    Cees Maas - beautiful angle and perspective architectural photo.
    Greg, and Paul Wang - You captured the moment!
    Matt - As everyone said. The master of dog photos!
    deep vishy - I like that, too. Well done.
    Well, a bit more than 10, but couldn't limit to 10. Many others I like, too, but sorry couldn't mention all. Nice weather this weekend I am now in the process of selection for the next Wednesday photo. See you again in a few days!

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