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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
    Hi all. Don`t know what to say... I was planning to post a pic with somekind of trick to show that we can post lighter images (smaller filesizes) in order to make the thread downloading faster, but I will leave it for the next week. I need a representative one. The pic I`m posting is 56Kb (not representative as it doesn`t need to be bigger given its characteristics).
    My contri today is for those of you who like to see my fashion, here it is a "see-nothing classic reflection photographer self-portrait". Check that I also belong to the "chinese policeman look" group, commented in a previous post. No gold solid Rolex or smoking, I`m afraid... ;) Seriously speaking, I took this photo while walking in front of a hairdressing salon. No Photoshopping or double images. Processed in NX2 and framed in Ps.
    Taken with a D700 @ 1600ISO, 50AFS (1/15sec. - f5.6), matrix metering with exposure compensation -0.7EV, all camera tricks off.
    Please post your favourite pic taken with Nikon gear, as usual... the thread is alive! Thank you all.
  2. D300 + 18-200 VR
  3. I had some time on Monday night and decided to play a bit with some flowers that my wife had bought at the market last Saturday.

    strobist info: Cactus KF36 at 1/16th, camera right, above subject through a DIY mini softbox. Lumiquest Tabletop reflector camera left. Background was done with an SB800 @ 1/8th and zoomed to 105mm and gridded with a Coroplast DIY snoot, half gelled red and half gelled red hitting some wine glasses on a shoebox.
    Both triggered via Cactus V4
    For the setup shot, click here.
    camera: D700 and Micro 60 AF-D, 1/30, f/10 and ISO200 on tripod
  4. Well thank you Jose for keeping us going. The highlight of the week - the Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC thread.
    Went to one of the California Missions the other day. Bob Hope resides here.
    Shot with the D70 IR Converted with the 10-24mm Nikkor lens . EXIFs 20mm f/11 1/160s -0.3 EV ISO 200 A Mode EXIFs embedded. Larger version on my site should anyone wish to see. Hand held 268KB file size
  5. My photo this week was taken on Sunday. As I mentioned last week, winter has come to my corner of the globe and continues to pound the already weather-beaten landscape. Saturday night was no exception. We were out camping in a nearby forest and from the comfort of our tent we listened to the wind howling through the trees all night. And with the howling in mind, this picture is for me reminiscent of mother-nature baring her teeth.
    With regard to the comments last week, thank you to all who took the time. I didn’t get a chance to reply before the thread was closed.
    D300 with 35mm AFS @ f4, ISO 200, 1/2000s
  6. Oh wow, Wednesday again! Happy Wednesday alas: a highly reduced Italian souvenir of the most lovely card playing space in town - a normal version is in my portfolio, but that would be 500 kB ;)

    D700, 24-85 2.8-4, ISO 1200, 1/125 sec
  7. Definitely autumn here, I went out to enjoy the first rays of the sun.
  8. Lets go Wide
    Each week in the Wednesday thread, there’s always very creative use of perspective. I wanted to draw inspiration from this and decided that using an extreme wide angle would help get me there. I took the 17-35 out on the full frame D700 and went to the NY Botanical Gardens on Sunday. I was planning to try a close-up of something floral with an exaggerated background.
    Only I can go to the Botanical Gardens and come back with a picture of a building. The Haupt Conservatory is a beautiful art deco green house on the grounds. Here’s the main entrance.
    Nikon D700 AF-S Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED at 17mm
    Program AE, 1/250 sec, f/8, ISO 400
  9. Happy Wednesday everybody!
    I could not resist it, but since Joseph, Lil and others wanted to see more of the castle I have given you some photos of the latest few weeks, here it is, in all its glory. The famous castle spook, "The White Lady", was not present when the photo was taken ;)
    The city of Halden, Norway well protected at the bottom of the hill.
  10. Autumn leaf. Playing about with the white balance.
  11. Hello, for this
    Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #41

    It's early October and time to press the grape mulch for the wine. The mulch in the press is a blend of ruby cab and cab sauvignon. This is a picture of a grape press I took this past Sunday. It was shot with a 35 f1.4 AiS attached to a D300 iso 200. It is available light and handheld.
  12. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I purposely saved this image to 82K bytes only. I think that is sufficient for web viewing.
    Nikon D700 with 200mm/f4 AF-D macro lens at f11.
  13. Good morning everyone! I'm still enjoying the beauty of Prague.
    This shot was taken at Charles Bridge. Is the oldest preserved Prague bridge that still serves its original purposes. It was finished in 1402. This is one of the watch towers (Malostranska Bridge Tower). We were walking away from it but when I looked back I really loved the reflection on the brick road and even though the shot looks a bit busy with the main tower, a smaller tower on the left and a cathedral on the back I thought it was a nice composition. this is one of many shots I took but my friend really likes this one.
    I hope it meets the standards! Cheers!
  14. Hi everyone ! This is my latest client ... It seems that , for some reason, my camera really amuses him !?! I purposely saved this image to 67K bytes...
  15. Water polo match at Espoonlahti on Sunday.
  16. Summer heat
  17. Hi everyone!
    Got a photo here from an airshow last week at my local airport celebrating the 1000th locally built aircraft. This is one of them, called a Fletcher, it's a topdresser (cropduster) with a 400hp piston engine. Lovely noise!
  18. D700 85 1.8 Bubbles
  19. Well, its time for a new pic with Nikon gear. I took this one two days ago with my new D700. As you can see, the ashtray seems at first the subject of the picture. However it isn’t. The main subject is the three women in the background, but they are defocused. Is this a fault of the D700’s focusing system? Absolutely no! This is a compositional trick that I love to use: Let the main subject defocused and focus the camera in a secondary element (maybe my best known photo using this technique is this one: where the main subject is the couple in the background)
    About technical details, it has been taken with a Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AF-D at f/2.8. Not sure about ISO, maybe 800 or 1250. Processed in Lightroom.
  20. well, great start already
    my pic was taken last friday at the den, a bar at the fox theater in oakland, which was recently remodeled. to me it recalled the classic nostalgia of harlem circa the cotton club, even more so with the sepia tone i converted it to. other than that, straight from the camera.
  21. Nikon D700 85 1.8.
  22. Thank you for your last week's comments of my pictures!
    I'm looking forward to see all the beautiful pictures this week.

    Our company's Olympics! :)
  23. Part of a mikoshi (portable shrine) from a festival in Tokyo:
    D700 with 24-70mm f/2.8 @ f/5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO 100
  24. Nathan Triathlon in Tempe, Arizona - [Olympic distance] Swim 0.94mi - Bike 24.64mi - Run 6.2mi - or - [Sprint distance] Swim 0.47mi - Bike 12.32mi - Run 3.1mi
    105mm f/2.8 AF-S is not the best focal length to use, longer would be nice, but if that's all you have, it has to do, and while it can miss some shots like coming out of the shadows racers, there are times when it does quite well[​IMG]
    2009-09-27-nathan-tri-cycle-114470.psd - Nikon D300
    2009-09-27 08:55:22 - (lens: 105mm f/2.8 AF-S VR)
    1/6000s f /4 - ISO-200 - 105mm (x1.5=157mm )
    Exp: Aper AE.Multi-segment. -1 step. (Flash:None)
    AdobeRGB - NEF(raw) - 22 MB - 5100K
    Size: 3448x2299 pixels - 65% crop
    Orig: 4288x2848 pixels - Res: 240x240dpi​
  25. Hooray, wednesday again, and the filesizes this week are exceptional! ;-)Mine is also small, around 62kB.
    After a bit rainy day, the sun peaked through some clouds in the early evening. In an attempts to catch the sunrays more prominently, I tried spot metering, which turned out a bad idea... but somehow the result has got something. I think.
    D300, 16-85VR @ 38mm, 1/8000th and f/11, ISO160 or 200. Bit of crop and exposure compensation in Capture NX2.
  26. Hi everyone! It's WedNEsDAy! Yey!
    This one was taken on the same graveyard as my last week's shot, on a bit sunnier day.
    (1/250s, F/2.8, ISO 100)
  27. I was walking thru the woods looking for bugs and I saw these droplets on leaves and the way the sun hit them they looked like jewels. Nikon D3,28mm 1/1600 F6.3 ISO 800
  28. Hello everybody, my today's contribution is from my early morning walk, where I was mesmerized by the very dainty looking spider webs.
    Thank you to all of you, who so kindly commented on my picture last week. It is much appreciated.
    Nikon D60, 55-200mm f4-5.6, ISO 400, 1/1250s, f5
  29. [​IMG] From San Francisco recently. D700, 17-35
  30. Well until everything is settled, I will go with what has been working. Shot yesterday morning, a rising sun behind a great blue heron purched atop a cluster of young trees. These trees were home to many birds just a few months ago, now just a few still hang out regularly. I believe this is still the immature heron that has been there all these months. His nest was there just a few weeks ago, not sure he digs change much. neither do the anhingas that are still partying just below him out of sight.
  31. On Sunday I was out walking through the Hertfordshire watermeadows and with the afternoon light, calm but curious cows and gentle sound of birds I found it very theraputic. I used my F80, 60mm AF-S and Superia 200 film.
    Thank you to those who commented on my photograph last week - I appreciate the input.
  32. This week I submit the picture I talked about last week.
    It is a picture I wanted to take for some time and finally got the perfect moment for it.
    It is one of the biggest and most photographed object ever. The moon.
    And I know it isn't the best moon picture but it was just something I wanted to try.
    I played with the colors a bit in lightroom to make it a more unusual picture and I like the results, I hope you do too. I took it two weekends ago at my parents house. I saw the nice half (well quarter actually) moon and ran to get the biggest lens we have, an ancient Novoflex 600mm F5.6 I think (One single lens element and a beautiful aperture). I went to the top floor and placed the long lens (+/-600mm) on a chair (I didn't have any tripod there) and lifted the front with a small pillow. I was hell trying to focus right because that is done with a gunlike grip. But the liveview helped. It was also fantastic to see the liveview, zoom in and see the moon moving across the screen in a minute or so. I made a video too ;-)
    Taken with the D90 + 600mm Novoflex @ F8 or F11.
    I hope this wonderful thread lives on.
  33. And now with picture
  34. Canadair CL 415 from the Malta International Air Show 2009. Nikon D200 + 18-200mm @ 170mm ISO 200 F5.6 1/1600s. Please keep the WedNEsDAy PiC alive! It's what keeps people like me coming back.
  35. I set out 8 sweet potato plants, hoping to get enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I got a bushel basket full like the ones shown in this image, with a 67mm lens cap for perspective. Thanks to the Nikon WedNEsDAy thread, I can show them off!
  36. Hi all,
    Good morning, good evening and good night to all of you...
    It's Wednesday and I'm happy to be here again.
    This is my contribution.
    Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 26 mm, ISO 400, 1/500, f/11
  37. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments last week!
    I took a whole bunch of photos this weekend at a local MMA tournament, but I'm still trying to figure out copyright issues... so instead of using one of those, here's my shameless pet photo... This is Trixi, more a child than a pet! :)
    D5000, 55-200mmVR @200mm, F5.6, 1/60sec, ISO 800
  38. Hi, just a quickie as dashing off to work. This is from a local bar. Back later to comment.
  39. Canadair CL 415 from the Malta International Air Show 2009. Nikon D200 + 18-200mm @ 170mm ISO 200 F5.6 1/1600s. Please keep the WedNEsDAy PiC alive! It's what keeps people like me coming back.
  40. hbs


    Good Morning:

    Again, a thank you to those who took the time to comment on my photo last week -- Jeannean, Paul, Roberta, Richard, Joseph, and Wouter.

    This week's photo seems appropriate for this time of year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). My wife fell in love with it when she saw it at the store, so now's it's in our side yard.

    To help with the still unresolved (?) problem of slow-loading threads, I compressed my image down to under 100K -- didn't seem to hurt it at all.
  41. Good Morning Nikon World....already lots of fantastic pictures
  42. Good morning,
    The thread is alive. That's good, Jose.
  43. Wednesday again!
  44. This one was taken 10 days ago. It is a bit noisy but not because of the high ISO (3200), but due to the use of levels.
    Thank you
  45. Spring is a time for widely varying weather, wind and clouds abound.
    Long live Nikon Wed. pic thread!!
    (file size is 127 kB)
  46. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    The boy was waiting for a ferry to a fishing village in Kota Kinabalu. Amazing to
    see such happy faces, when you know what kind of housing they have.
  47. Good Morning,
    Thanks to all who took the time to comment on last weeks lighthouse shot. This is just something from my front yard at f8, iso 200, 1/20 sec, 82 mm, handheld with the D300 and the 18-200mm VR zoom.
    Have a good day, all!
  48. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    The boy was waiting for a ferry to a fishing village in Kota Kinabalu. Amazing to
    see such happy faces, when you know what kind of housing they have.
  49. Good Morning WdNEsDAy :eek:)
    This week's picture is "tweaked" from two images merged in PS using picture move, gradient tool etc... and also I learned how to add borders in PS ;)
    Both were taken on Monday while on a walking trail nearby, wanted to capture beautiful image of a sunset in a "golden hour" but I saw this house and a sun set clouds. Thought of using PS to merge two different image and obviously "googling" helped me.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 400
    Exposure: 1/30 sec
    Aperture: 13.0
    Focal Length: 200mm
    File Size: 261kb
    I hope you like it.
  50. This I took at the museum when trying out WIDE, where I found one statue screaming at something while others were standing silent. Hoping to improve from "mediocre" :) Practice, practice, practice. 105KB.
  51. An update on the destruction/construction project around the block. They've now dug the new basement.
    D300, 12-24mm Nikkor @ 12mm, Nikon circular polarizer, ISO 800, 1/800 @ f/8. Tried to make the file as small as possible but couldn't go too far without losing sparkle—168K.
  52. Good Morning to all.
    Aguinaldo ... great shot!
    Got lucky with this touchdown catch at the high school football game. Regards ... Ray.
  53. This is by no means an aesthetic wonder. But I may point out that every digital image one sees today is to the credit of this device in the Alcatel-Lucent foyer museum in Murray Hill, NJ. George Smith who lives in a quaint bayside town about 2 miles from where I reside, just won a Nobel Prize as did his collaborator. I shot this photo last spring in Murray Hill while there giving an instructional class on Alarm System installation. Clueless at the time one of these dudes was practically my neighbor.
  54. bmm


    This one is fresh from the camera, taken in one of the wet markets in the Mong Kok area of Hong Kong just 3 days ago. Its of an old plastic light that was hanging in one of the vegetable stalls. I wish I was still there!
    (And in keeping with 'that' other discussion, I've got it to weigh in at around 75K)
  55. bms


    I just got up and there are so many great shots already! Here is mine, taken 2 weeks ago (no Nikon stuff done last week, except using an SB-600 on a non-Nikon camera). This one is 2 weeks old (sorry), it was more of a "test" shot while at a friends house. I was playing around with manual flash settings and unfortunately underexposed it, but I thought the little guy's "pose" was just priceless.
  56. HEAD shot!
  57. Hello to all. It will be interesting to see the shape of this weeks thread. The discussion on accessibility over the past few days was quite interesting, but not nearly as interesting as today's wonderful posts.
    We had a proliferation of chipmunks in our neighborhood this year for some unknown reason...the result a proliferation of chipmunk predators. This one is a young Cooper's Hawk that I spotted resting on a tree limb in our backyard the other day.
    D3 70-200 f/2.8 shot at ISO 800 f/4.5 1/80 file size 136 Kb
  58. [​IMG]
    Breakfast of the sacred candy "bayram " in my home in Istanbul. World is so small with Nikon D300 through 35mm/1.8.[​IMG]
  59. Hi All,
    Happy Wednesday Picture Viewing!
    Taken over the summer in tropical western coast of India. Do not know the genus name. Nikon D200, ISO250, 28-105mm, @105/4.5 in macro mode, 1/45 second, hand held.
  60. After 2 unsuccessful attempts (6:55am being 9:55pm in Sydney), I offer a photograph of late sunlight on a humble flower & branch sans spider...
  61. Too bad about Chicago not getting the Olympics in 2016 but good news for Brazil I guess.
  62. Happy Wednesday everyone. I haven't had much time to shoot recently. My contribution comes from a wedding a few weeks ago in which the bride and groom brought in a mariachi group to serenade the couple after their vows were complete.
    D80, Tammy 28-75 at 50mm, f5, iso200, ev -.67
  63. Good Morning all and Happy Wednesday! For those who were participating in yesterdays discussion, wow it sure was a lively one. Sure does point to the popularity of this thread. My pic for this week was shot a few weeks ago while on a sailing trip in Maine. While it captures a spectacular sunset (although a bit noisy due to high iso) it doesn't capture the excitement of losing ones engine in 25-30 knot winds and having to sail back into a harbor, up-wind. One final totally useless point of information, the boat on the left belongs to Martha Stewart. I'll be back later to add a few comments on the ones that catch my eye.
  64. [​IMG]
    Nikkor S.C. 55f1.2 at f1.2
  65. Bok Tower D80 Infared filter
  66. Shot Yesterday with D300 and AFS -70-200 f/2.8 VR at 200 mm and 1" sec at f16.
  67. I shot this yesterday with my D40 and 200mm Micro-Nikkor AIS. Adjusted Color Temp, Clarity and Vibrance in ACR and added a Hue/Saturation layer in PS.
  68. Sorry new to this lets try again.
  69. A recent client and his child with beautiful Sunday morning light coming in from over his shoulder.
    D80 50mm F/1.8D Focus mode AF-S Single Area. Shot at F/2.5 1/200 ISO100 No compensation - TTL Bounced Flash 0EV
    Sharpened and Colour removal in PhotoShop
  70. The little guy was having a great time-Mom; not so much.
  71. Is it loud enough?
  72. Hi everybody,
    Shot this at a church in Davis, Ca at a wedding.
  73. This was taken on Sunday.
  74. A close-up of my son Brady, taken while at my daughter's soccer game this past June. Taken with my D80 and Sigma 50-150mm at 135mm, f/5.6, 1/320 sec, ISO 100. No post processing other than resizing and adding the copyright. File size is about 68KB. Thanks!
  75. I promise that this will be the last of the batch from the Buskerfest ...
    Shot with D700 + 70-200mm f2.8; ISO280, f2.8, 1/640s, 200mm
  76. Fall colors emerging - taken on my ride home last night (92kb)
  77. Mount Washington, New Hampshire
    Thanks for all the nice comments on my train shot last week. Here is another different kind of train, utilizing a cog system on the track.
    The railway ascends the mountain beginning at an elevation of approximately 2,700 feet above sea level and ending at the summit of Mt. Washington at an elevation of 6,288 feet. It is the second steepest rack railway in the world with an average grade of over 25% and a maximum grade of 37.41%. While going up, the passengers in front are 14 ft higher than the passengers in the back at the steepest point.
    Taken with a Nikon D70 18-70mm lens, f22 @ 1/6 second ISO 200
  78. Seen in downtown St. Louis. Taken with a Nikon f4, tokina 70-210 zoom, on kodak portra 400VC.
  79. Rufous Hummingbird. Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, CA. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, 1.4x teleconverter, 1/2000s, f/2.8, ISO 360, spot metered, shutter priority.
  80. Wow, seemingly more wonderful than usual work submitted today. I am breaking with two nagging personal guidelines for posting here. One, I did not want to post anything that was not shot within the previous week and more recently, not posting again until I too could take the time to reply so kindly as many others have done. A very busy schedule has precluded both. Shot on a recent vacation in Florida. D40x 18-200 135mm at 1/200 f5 converted to Agfa APX 100 in Silver Efex.
    Thanks again to all that make this baby fly. I hope to follow up later on the great photos submitted.
  81. Hello all,
    Great day-Great posting.
    I would like to, first, thank Jeannea R, Roberta D, and Joseph Leotta for their kind words and complements on my last WedNEsDAy's posting.
    Lil Judd - I hope you are feeling better. I hate headaches - I am actually feeling it now. :(
    I like you IR converted-shots!
    Jose A - Fantastic work!
    Hamish G - Wonderful caption for a wonderful image!
    Rene' V - I like the PP work!
    Eric A - I like your choice of photo-tone to make your photo meaningful - you nailed it!
    Rick D & Richard A - your photos look similar and they both are amazing!
    Cees M - I like the shot!
    David L - Perfect lilly you got right there!
    Mark G - Great one!
    My contribution this week is from a wedding I did the second week of last month and it was shot with---
    D300s Sigma 24-70mm/f2.8 @ f/5.6 34mm at 1/125sec with ISO400 flash on a hot-shoe [SB900 or SB800 - not sure] hand-held [this image has been rendered in photoshop CS]
  82. Lots of very impressive work so far. A few that caught my eye:
    Richard - nice macro work
    Monika - beautiful background, nice composition
    Elliot - great timing
    John - doesn't look good for the chipmunks! You nailed the focus & exposure
    Doug - great hummingbird shot.
    My contribution this week is a street shot from Nurnburg. Nikon D90 w/ 18-105mm kit lens. f 5.6 @ 1/100
  83. D3 IS0 200 1/250th f5.6
  84. Helleo Guys.
    140Kb IR from my converted D70.
    Taken a few days ago at an Open Air Museeum i Denmark. A Swedish house, but when it was build and used that part of Sweden was danish.
    Lets keep this thread alive.
  85. Good Dreary Wednesday Morning for Louisiana. Great shots (as always) so far in the thread with many more to come.
    I had a hard time choosing my shot for this week as my family and I attended our local fair/carnival this past Thursday night. Got some really great shots IMHO.
    Here is mine for this week. My son waiting to get on a ride.
  86. Good Wednesday to the Nikon bunch! As usual, some stellar images this week thus far. Back to the car shots for me this week from a show on Sunday. I don't know why i picked this one, just looked interesting. D200,18-55@35mm,f8,1/80, iso100, SB-600 for some fill. Looking forward to seeing more contributions later today.
  87. Nikon D300, 105mm AIS Nikkor
  88. Good WedNEsDAy to all photographers. I love the shots this week. My contribution shows some kind of polluting agents and junk forming curious patterns in a nearby river. Almost looks like a frothy latte or cappuccino or something.
    Shot with a D80, with a 50mm f/1.8, 1/200 f/6.3 ISO 100
  89. Stunt bike competition in Tampa, Florida. They just made my day !!
  90. pge


    The variety of photos this week is amazing. What is also amazing is that there are about 90 photos already as I sit here before 10 in the morning at my desk. For me this week, I shot a photo on Saturday night in Toronto during the annual Nuit Blanche.

    Charles, it was shot on Queen Street just east of Dufferin. Your photo is hilarious this week, certainly catches the essence of being a parent. Sorry none of my Polish Festival pics were worth posting.
    Photo is two posts below, user error.
  91. Snowy Egret”. It was taken this past Saturday at Shoreline, Mountain View, CA. Minimum editing, no crop.
    D300 with 300mm lens. f4, 1/1600 sec. ISO-200, -0.7 step.
  92. D300, 20mm f/2.8 Nikkor
  93. pge


    And now for the photo
  94. First time participating! Here's my contribution. D700, Rodenstock TV-Heligon 42mm f/0.75 lens. ISO 800, 1/100 sec.
  95. The Nikon forum has had a few recent threads discussing optical triggering of off-camera CLS speedlights using the camera body's pop-up flash, outdoors in daylight, as a commander. I spent a few minutes yesterday reminding myself how well the SB-800's IR sensor, buried in a shoot-through umbrella on a stand near the subject, can take direction from the camera's position. In this case, the SB-800 is being told to fire at 1/4 power, and the pop-up is set to no power. Used a D300 at ISO 200 and 1/250th, with the Sigma 30/1.4 at f/3.2.
  96. A little bugsy cut red handed stealing sweet nectar inside of flower bell.
  97. Still stand'n...... D80 70-300VR@165 f8@1/60 iso 100
  98. Happy Wednesday!
    I read in the "other post" that there is some debate on requiring images created this week. I can understand the sentiment, and I strive to post only my most recent work. This week, though, please allow me to present a different viewpoint, along with my "old" image from a few weeks ago. This week my husband's grandmother fell and broke her hip (surgery today - and my little family is her only family), an uncle fell and gave himself a concussion (he's fine, but home resting for several days), work is an absolute madhouse, my two grad school classes are going into finals week, I had my second professional photo shoot, a doctor's visit to discuss another surgery to remove the ganglion cyst that has returned with a vengeance, and I still have the usual joys of life like raising my 4-year-old. Needless to say, I have images backed up in the D300 that I simply haven't had time to process.
    This thread, and the people who participate, are truly a high point of my week. Especially this week. I so desperately want to participate (and remain a part of this wonderful little community that's sprouted up within, that I'm pulling one of my images from several weeks ago. I apologize for "cheating," but desperate times call for desperate measures! I guess I'm asking that a little slack be cut when life gets in the way of creating photographs.
    Thank you to everyone all give me the most grand escape from my worries and I so appreciate that!
  99. [​IMG]Taken yesterday in mineral rich north west Ontario (Canada) - yes it is Autumn.
  100. Mount McKinley (6194m) and Hunter (4442m) in Alaska on Monday afternoon this week.
  101. [​IMG]
    D40, 18-55 @ 18mm, f/3.5 ISO 800, manual control, tungsten WB
  102. Joseph Leotta
    Nice photo, I hope to be there next year ...if I overcome my fear to enter the Bronx ;-)
    Only a small correction is not Art Deco, the style its more a kind of Historicism NeoClassical Stravaganza used by Victorian architecs to decorate sheds and industrial buildings. By By
  103. Hi,
    Yeab - good morning taken early morning with a D90 @ 400ISO, 50AFS (1/25sec. - f5.0) ;-)
  104. Portrait of Joyce. Got this down to 140K. Looks fine. Brandon-Beautiful color in that close up. Matt- both sitters look very regal. Shun- Wonderful!
  105. Hello Everybody,
    Couldn't get out there in ideal dusk conditions, but here is a picture of the Chicago skyline, taken in the middle of the night.
  106. Fantastic Images!! The thread did load faster, worth a little wait to see the great photography here.
  107. Hello to all of you! Plenty of good photos again.

    As for that other thread, I did read it as well, but it's not nearly interesting as this one. ;)
    My pics are always under 150K, and so is this one. And about photo, it was taken last Saturday on a biking trip I had with friends from local photo club. Since days are increasingly shorter, it was last bigger bicycle trip (almost 100km) I'll undertake this year. This photo was taken on place where Mura river flows into Drava river. It's near Croatian-Hungarian border, so it's Hungary you see on the other side. :)If some of you use Google Earth, and are interested in where the heck is this, here are the coordinates:
    Just paste them in search box.

    Thank you all that take your time to comment everyone's photos. I don't mind. If you have the will, just go for it! And finally the photo. :)
  108. This week, from New England... Fall Foliage, what else? I wanted to shoot an image that captured the personal experience of being in this color, on a beautiful lake. I also wanted to document the condition of the lake shore since there are issues in the community as homeowners cut a bit to improve their views.
    My method... D200 on a tripod on a little point sticking out into the lake. I had 180+ degree view. Shoot and stitch with PTGui. I used a little digital Velvia (vibrance). The image posted here is a small section of a much wider pano. Click on the image to explore the whole pano using Zoomify (Photoshop... Export... Zoomify). This way, you look at any portion of the 70MPx image with reasonable performance.
    Overall, the condition of the shoreline looks quite good to me... There are homes all along the shoreline, but how many houses can you find?
    Eastman Lake N, E, and SE shores, D200, Part of a Wider Pano, Click on Image to Explore
  109. Okay, so the only picture I have taken in the last week was of the pickup I just bought. I wanted to snap a pic to show off to some of my freinds that don't live so near.

    I got it down to 143kb @ 600x400, I tried a little more but I started to get artifacts.
  110. Wow, some really great pictures here! Here's my latest taken two weeks ago near Toulumne Meadows, California. D700, 24-70/2.8 zoom at 45mm, f/8, 5 exposure HDR combined with Photomatix Pro. Exposures range from 0.8 to 13 secs.
  111. Thanks to all who commented on my Strasburg RR picture last week. In answer to the question regarding black and white, I did try a black and white conversion but liked the color better. This week, another phot from Strasburg RR. This one I did like the black and white better.
    Nikon D80, 18 - 70 @65mm, ISO100. All post-processing in Lightroom 2.5. 81kb file
  112. Shot last week, Kenny Rogers concert. D300, ISO 3200, 18-70@ 27mm, 1/200s, f 7.1. Great man, had the chance to sit and talk photography with him, one on one for about 40 minutes on his tour bus.
    Thank you for all the kind comments on my hockey photo last week, keep up the great work everyone.
  113. Yet another bunch of fine pics.
    I specially noticed
    Monika - sense I am there.
    Ian - it's timeless
    Graham - Exactly at the right moment
    Tony - Great colors
    See you all next week
  114. Great Shots Everyone, Here's a couple of my favorites:
    Gary McGhee's lovely leaf composition
    Kevin Cassar's cool Canadair
    Elliot Berstein's great hockey action shot
    William Nickens Bok Tower IR
    Jon Eckman's Fall color....Very creative
    Paula Wang's strikingly soft egret
    Shane Srogi's Moab shot...always wanted to go there.
    Also a warm welcome to all the new posters at the WedNEsDAy PiCk !!!
  115. We have several friends that are currently pregnant and did some shoots for them. This pic is taken with a D90 and 50mm f/1.2 AI-S lens wide open.
  116. Just happened to notice these and took the pic.
  117. The other comment thread has gotten me thinking more about this wonderful forum...
    The words... The stories... They are also very important here. The little pieces of background, the stuff about photography and also the little items about our lives, joys, and tensions. This page, every week, connects us, human to human. Thank you all for the wonderful contributions in all forms, both images and words.
  118. After opening up I almost didn't want to put my photo on today. I looked at Jose's, which is superb and every thing after is just as wonderful. But I decided to do it anyway.
    I say "Thank You" to all that helped me make a choice of Ball heads, I choose the AcraTech Ultimate and after using it just once (today for these shots) I can see why you need to pay more and get the right stuff the first time. A special thanks to Kent Staubus who has steered me in the right direction more than once.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  119. Hello everyone..
    I finally got the chance to put my D3 to the test. I decided to take a similar photo and and I must say, I was impressed with the results coming from the D2x.
    Here's a photo of the Painted Hall at Greenwich.
  120. Wow. This week’s pics are all extremely good. We are just getting better and better. J High fives to everyone.
  121. D700+24mm AF, f/6.3 1/400 ISO 400 Handheld
  122. Alex, Thank you for your comment. Your wedding photo is lovely!
    Jose A. You always post wonderful pictures, but today I really like it! My first impression was that you had developed some fantastic photoshop skills, but when I realised it was unmanipulated I liked it even more! Great photo!
    Lil, your IR work is beautiful! Thank you for your comment last week. (Skandinavian winters aren't that bad :) ).
    John C. Great bird shot!
    René. I like it a lot! Great reflections on the cobble stones. I love Prague!
    Kent, I'm hooked :). Your last three photo's are like a soap opera! I'm already looking forward to what happens next week :)
    Dave Greenidge, I love the mountains (maybe people have noticed :) ). One day I'm going to be on the top of Mount McKinley (or Denali as I have grown to know it). Beautiful photo of beautiful mountains!
    Pedro C. I love your flower and I was very interested in your setup. Thank you for sharing it.
    Richard A., beautiful ornamental grass!
    And everyone else. Fantastic work! Long live WedNEsDAy PiC!
  123. Sorry if i missed something but where are the comments, in another thread?
  124. Sunrise in Tuscany, Italy.
  125. Hey guys I haven't got the chance of posting for the last two weeks but here's mine :)
    @CeesMaas: Niiice!
    @JeffLipsman: I love that shot!​
    [D90, 16-85mm@25mm , Manual 1s f/25
    ,ISO 100 ]
  126. Had these boots 37 years. Got 'em when I was 15. They still fit, more comfortable than ever. They've held up better than I have. D2H, 85/2 AIS, ISO 1600, 1/30 (whoops, my bad, ISO 6400, 1/60th sec) @ f/2, green channel, various tweaks, no noise reduction.
  127. I am new here. This was taken with my D80, Aperture Priority, Spot Metering, ISO 640, 1/2000 s, F/5.6, 135mm with the 18mm-135mm kit lens. I hope you like it. I am so excited about posting here that I haven't checked the thread yet today, but I have been doing it since it began.
  128. Andrés A, what a fun shot! I like it a lot. Welcome to the thread!
  129. Holly Wednesday to everyone. I'm late for this week's worship too...
    I appreciated to Jeannean Ryman, Paul V. Gorky, Roberta Davidson, Joseph Leotta, and Lil Judd for their great words to my post last week.
    Dear Joseph Leotta, my post at Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #40 last week was not a cropped one. Personally I dislike manipulated even cropped photos.
    I captured my photo last month. Young fisherman was filling their storage with ice before leaving for next hunt. Converted from NEF using Capture NX2. Many cheers you to all. Friendly Regards,
  130. My contribution this week is an image taken at sunrise en route to a fishing trip on Martha's Vineyard. This ferry makes the trip a couple times a day transporting people and cars to The Vineyard. Captured with my D200 and 17-55 F2.8 ISO 200 1/160 @F5.6
  131. Late to the party... beautiful shots abound in these threads.
    Here's my entry, shot last summer at La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
  132. I took this one last month during a wedding practice, but it looked like a fitting picture to add.
    I wasn't sure how to make this image much smaller without losing the detail in my daughter's eyes, plus I'm still not very good with PS.
    This image was taken with a Nikon D40, 55 - 200 lens @ 82mm, SB600 flash at 1/8(?) inside a church... it's been slightly cropped to knock down the image size, but the crop is one I'm happy with.
    now if only I could afford off-camera flash, I'd get rid of that harsh shadow :)
  133. [​IMG] this is my first attempt at using html to upload a pic. The original image was obscured by glare off the water, ( hadn't brought a polarizing filter ) so used levels adjustments in photoshop to fix.
    nikon D5000 f/7.1 1/200 ISO 400
  134. nikon d90 with nikon 80-200
  135. Nikon D80
  136. Hello Nokonians,
    Great this week. My contribution....
    Taken with Nikon D200 and Tamron 28-75.....68mm f/2.8 1/250 ISO 100
  137. Eid in Malaysia is the time to go back to one's roots, visit relatives and eat traditional foods and sweets. This year Eid falls on September 21st, but the visits and open houses last a month. Here's my children and their cousins visiting my cousin in the village where I was born. Outside are rows and rows of coconut trees but they don't show in the picture.
  138. Well, not so organised today, wee small hours of Thursday now. What an amazingly broad range of images, think we have almost every theme covered!
    Early morning expedition two weekends ago to try photograph a Sea Eagle which has set up home at a local nature reserve, sadly no joy but plenty of other subject matter. These seals were resting on the beach, then along the beach comes a guy jogging…so a quick dash forward along the dunes to try get the pack before they vanished into the North Sea.
    500mm ISO 1600, F/6.3 @ 1/320s just what Auto had to offer, had to move quick.
  139. Hi everyone, was away for some time. Lots of good shots today.
    Here is mine.[​IMG]
    Nikon D300, 80-200, 2.8.
  140. A lot of striking pictures this week. Quite a few stood out, but I'm too tired,sorry, to leave any comments right now( it's two o'clock in the mornign here in Sweden and I've just home from work) so I'll just mention them: Pedro, Lil, Monika, Matthew, Benjamin, Carey, Thangavelu, William, Mark, Jim, Adam, Uzay, Ton and Jeff. I also did like most of the macros, if not all. My contribution this weekwill give you lensflare but at least I find the pic. somewhat dramatic as well. D700, Nikkor 50 at f2.5 and 1/2500 s. Location: Stabby, Uppsala.
  141. Springsteen Live in New Jersey's Giants Stadium - Sat 10/3/09
  142. Long day and this is about how I feel...just hanging on. Nikon D90/Sigma 150mm 2.8 macro. 1/200, f/4, shutter priority, no flash, file size 190kb. Weather conditions: sunny and windy, temp was around 100 degrees. The Monarchs are crazy to come this early if you ask me.
    Hanging On
  143. Hi!All,
    Took this picture while on a moving train.
  144. On Saturday I was able to tour the inside of a very soon to be retired Boeing 747-200 passenger airliner. The airplane is 30 years old and was about to takeoff for the last time carrying passengers.

    Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-251B N624US 30 years old about to takeoff for the final time carrying passengers.

    Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington. Sunday, October 4th, 2009 Nikon D300, 70-300mm ED zoom
  145. Thanks for posting this week.
  146. jeanneann, very cool butterfly shot. looks like he's posing for you. hang in there.
    evan, that shot has a feel to it of tradition and a nice balance between vibrancy and understatement.
    epp, nice live shot.i'm always amazed at what you pull out of your D40.
    waldemar, now THAT's bokeh.
    ton, what's the story behind that pic? voodoo priest? reptilian cleric? carnival reveler?
    lex, nothing like a well-worn pair of boots.
    freddy, very moving shot. could be in a CEO's office, posterized.
    matt, two nice models.
    adam, it looks like the icky mess spilled from the latte cup. cool capture.
    wayne, looks like a cartoon train.
    jon, very abstract. nice colors.
    robert, quite the golden angel.
    william, awesome IR. very LOTR.
    elliot, the caption says it all.
    bernard, dig the translucence.
    cees, your picture is alive as well.
    aaron, that's cherubic for sure.
    justin, amazing detail.
    lots of other standouts, but those were the ones which spoke the loudest to me. thanks to those who commented on my pic and everyone else who contributed, especially newcomers.
    well that's it. short and sweet.
  147. Late to the party. Some really good shots by all.
    Weather not so great around here of late, but the spider is still in my yard.
    This is another view and I thought it looks like a smiley face and after today I felt I needed a smile.
    Nikon D300
    f 4.5
  148. Yap Jeannean. I know this guy. 3 weeks ago I met him at the shore of Huron Lake having last sip of nectar before long journey to Mexico. I'm glad it reached your area already. It's 2/3 of the way to its final destination. Great take Jeannean.
    Very strong week everyone. I would like to leave form and shape of the WedNEsDAy tread as it is. Any changes even well meant may have negatively effect chemistry of this so popular tread.
  149. A tree and root system on the Oregon Coast
    Shot with a D80 - 50mm/1.4 ISO200 1/125th @ f2.5
  150. Sorry, I'm 35 minutes late. I wanted to post an outdoor photo this week, but couldn't get out to shoot at all. Here's a bit of last minute work. A bottle of sake I picked up in Japan last year, being saved for a special occasion.
  151. I like them all. The pics I like the most so far:
    Lil Judd: Your IR photos always give me the “wow”. I like the IR effect. I will give it a try someday. May be not a converted camera, but an IR filter.
    Per-Christian Nilssen: Did you combine three different photos in to one? I like it.
    Rene’s Villela: I like the lighting, the towers and the dark blue sky.
    Matthew Brenna: Sharp. All most like a painting.
    William Nickens: Nice. I like the IR filter effect. Very dreamlike and mysterious.
    Brandon Wu: Very nice close-up shot. I like the colors.
    Dave Greenidge: It’s a poster material.
    Richard Karash: The color of Fall. Beautiful.
    Jeff Lipsman: Beautiful sunrise. Like the sun shining through the morning fog.
    Freddy Tu: It’s so quiet/peaceful. I like your composition.
    Lex Jenkins: It’s a classic.
  152. Evan Browning - that's an excellent picture. Was that in Baltimore?
  153. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    now if only I could afford off-camera flash, I'd get rid of that harsh shadow :)
    To Josh Sauer: You have a very nice subject, and you already have a good SB-600 flash. I would attach a bounce card on the flash to soften the harsh shadows from frontal direct flash. Additionally, your EXIF data show that you are using 1/500 sec. If you change that to something like 1/30 sec, you'll get more ambient light contribution to brighten up the background.
    Hope you can try those and show us some new images in the following weeks.
  154. David L-
    Thank you!!! The show was in NY last friday, one of my favorite groups, check out a few more on my blog if you like:
  155. Ian: Very nice, I especially like the reflection and the colors of the cows and grass - I think I have 40+ rolls of Superia 200 in the freezer.
    Jeff: The layers in your Tuscany shot are fabulous.
    Hamish: Thank you, I hope you will one day be able to climb Denali (I prefer the name to McKinley also). It is an incredible sight, it is so massive. I was awe struck the first time I saw it a few years ago. My photo was taken ~38 miles away from the summit.
    Paula: Thank you, I've wanted a picture of Denali to print large and give to my wife, I'm hoping it's the one.
  156. @Paula: Thank you. The picture was taken as you see it. It is not a composite. The white balance was set to "tungsten", but as you see, the streetlights have different color temperatures, and are therefore way off.
  157. For my part, the ones that have strongly catched my eye are the following:
    Bogdan Nicolescu and the summr heat
    Wouter Willemse and the cloudy moon
    Kemal Riza and the Swiss lake (Lucern?)
    Aguinaldo de Paula and the night party
    Matthew Brennan and the grass that can be smelled
    Kan Yakamoto and the shouting stone
    Tom Pernal and the documentation of Nobel compositions
    Carey Moulton and the lovely hair
    Shane Srogi and the Velvia Canyons
    Ryan Solti and the new life
    Evan Browling and that romantic bandoneon
    Jeannean Ryman and the 100F macro
    Nice pictures everybody!
  158. So instead of making a list of the ones that stand out for me - since that list always tends to be rather long - I'll just select "my favourite of the week" instead.
    That of course does not mean that's the only picture I like, in fact the standard is again very high, and inspiration just breathes throughout the thread. Many lovely quiet landscapes, great portraits, a great f/0.75 (wow!) shot... so much different point of views, subjects and so much talented photographers, it cannot stop to amaze. A big thanks to all!
    So, my favourite of the pictures so far, after lots and lots of scrolling, is Adam Neinstein's polluted water. How something filthy and sad can still be beautiful.
    Luis, Thanks for the compliment, but it is in fact a cloudy sun :)
  159. Another wonderful thread! I think it is really amazing how everyone's eyes see things in a different way!
    I hope this is not too long!
    Alex Foto….. You made me take a look at the file one more time to see what PP I had done. I use Capture NX2 and what I did to it was sharpening and I used 1 color control point on the roof of the main tower to brighten it up so it can be visible against the dark sky.
    Hamish Gray… Thank you! I love it here to. I was telling my friend that prague looks like a giant Disneyland! :) Too bad 2 weeks is not long enough but I'll be back in December!
    Paula Wang… Thank you for mentioning my shot!
    I think all the images are beautiful in its own way. I will just named those that caught my eyes
    Jose Angel, Pedro Cardoso, Lil Judd, Monika Epsefass, Per-Christian, Chries Nielsen, Kevin Cassar, Aaron Bonnici, Cees Maas, Matthew Brennan, Ray Gosalia, Paul V. Gorky, Doug Santo, Jens Frederiksen, Dave Greenidge, Shane Srogi, Richard Karash, Darrell Styner, Anish Mankuthel and Lex.
    Everyone else... congratulations for such a great work! See you next week!
  160. Thanks to everyone for another great trip around the world! And welcome to those new comers who are just joining the group. Pictures that caught my eye this week are:
    Jose- Typical self portrait, that looks so atypical. Well done.
    Alejandro- I love the whimsy of your shot. Makes me smile
    Pedro- Beautiful shot and thanks so much for all of the details on the shoot. Also the link to a shot of your set-up was a good idea.
    Per- I'm glad we were finally able to see the castle. It looks like a fun location to be shooting!
    Rene'- You have my vote for the best shot this week. I love the perspective and the "pop" of yellow in the middle tower.
    Kemal- Well done. Strong subject and good title.
    Tim- I love this shot. Nice perspective. It took me a moment to figure out that the background wall is a waterfall.
    William- Beautiful shot of the tower. Looks surreal!
    Doug- Anytime someone gets a shot of a hummingbird, that clear and sharp, that is good shooting!
    Sanford- Is the pic taken at a mission or is the woman on a mission? Either way very nice and aptly titled.
    Paula- Lovely shot and I love the water background.
    Brandon- Welcome and good job!! I love the pastel coloring.
    Amy- IMO you have one of the most unusual perspectives of the arch that I have seen!!
    Zoltan- Nice skyline shot. Try cropping out some of the sky and maybe a little of the water and I think you will have a stronger photo.
    Richard-I love New England and I love FALL and you have done a nice capture of both. Kudos on imbedding the scrolling feature!!!
    Lex-The noise makes the photo look as old as the boots. Nice!
    Jeannean- Once again you nailed the macro shot. Nice colors and sharpness.
    Until next Wednesday............
    “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

    -Aaron Siskind-
  161. Luis Argüelles and Paul V. Gorky, thanks for your compliment and comments. Highly appreciated. :)
    Luis, this is not Lucern but Lugano...
  162. Luis Argüelles and Ray Yaeger, thank you for commenting my photo.
    Lawrence Ho's pic is the one that has impressed me the most. Congrats.
  163. Luis Argüelles and Ray Yaeger, thank you for commenting my photo.
    Lawrence Ho's pic is the one that has impressed me the most. Congrats.
  164. No photo from me this week. Thanks to all for the positive comments on last weeks shot.
    Wanted to send kudo's to Pedro Cardoso, Oskar Ojala, Matthew Brennan, Bernard Mills, Wayne Wrights, Shane Srogi, Keith Gierman, Jeff Lipsman & Raaj K -- I found your photo's most inspiring this week.
    In light of the discussion in another thread about file size and loading speed, etc, I did want to mention to Keith Gierman that (at least on my screen) it appears we've lost some of the detail in the steam on the left side. The edge has some banding instead of a smooth transition. I think this might be caused by trying to get smaller file size? Not a criticism, but hopefully a helpful comment that perhaps with this subject a little less jpeg compression might have been called for. I love the way you held all the detail in the black parts of the locomotive.
  165. Took this 3 stop HDR, finished in Photoshop Elements 7, then Lightroom 2.

    Chelan, WA. great portrait prop for me.
  166. I don't normally post comments so I will keep it short.
    Thank you, Aguinaldo. I am really flattered.
  167. Excellent pictures everyone, the bar keeps getting raised.
    The 3 pictures that caught my eyes were
    Jose's reflection
    Jeff Lipsman Tuscanny sunrise
    Evan Browning's Martín Ferres of Bajofondo
    I think that since photographers from all over the world post in this forum, it will be nice to tell from which country we come from....I'm from Malta (Europe)
    Well done everyone till next Wednesday
  168. bmm


    Thankyou for the kind words about my image. I really love this thread each week - and the kindness and talent of the people in it.
    As always hard to pick favourites but here are a handful of the stand-outs for me (not on any rational criteria, just those images that speak to me particularly strongly) - Alejandro, Monica, Ofey, Wouter, Jana, Richard, Tim, Carey, John, Thomas, Adam, Keith, Jeff, Freddy and Evan.
    Long live this fabulous thread.
  169. Another fabulous Wednesday! Stimulating as always.
    Here are the images that particularly caught my attention:
    @Alejandro, the clown with mini-umbrella.
    @Pedro, the flower and bokeh are terrific; thanks for sharing the setup shot.
    @Lil, terrific IR
    @Oscar, grass and dark rocks,
    @Gary, red leaf on blue
    @Paul B, congrats on a happy new client
    @Luis, three women, has a bit of Edward Hopper feeling to me.
    @Graham, little girl with bubbles, wow.
    @Steven, great pet portrait.
    @Aaron, your angel and rose. Nice lighting.
    @Carey, the hair-knot portrait in B&W. Very interesting.
    @David, the cala lily
    @William Nickens, the Bok Tower infrared feels like a miniature. Or another universe. Nice.
    @Mark, dad and baby.
    @William Pahnelas, little girl in driver's seat. Great kid portrait.
    @Travis, your son Brady.
    @Jon, fall colors, beautiful abstract makes one think.
    @Brandon, nice TV-Heligon shot, great color and bokeh. I'm experimenting with similar lenses myself.
    @Amy, Zoe visits the Arch... So glad you posted this image.
    @Adnrés Arteaga, ladybug on final approach to landing. Pretty amazing shot.
    @Evan Browning, acordianist
    @Bill J Boyd, trumpeteer in red.
    @Jeannean, butterfly "hanging on."
  170. Here is a photo of my 14 year old grand daughter Elsie taken this week. I thought it was pretty good.
  171. Of course not everyone has such material to work with.
  172. Hi
    First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Hamish, Anders, René, Paul Gorky, Steve Lyon and Richard Karash for the kind words. I try my best to explain how the shot was made to share the knowledge. No point in holding it back =)
    Now, the pictures that really caught my attention are a handfull:
    Evan Browning's shot of Martin Ferres is absolutely stunning. The light, the mood, the composition. I love everything about it.
    Matt's beautiful patient wife and the coolest dog =). What a pleasing portrait. It shows that a small strobe and an umbrella can do wonders (I'm getting there very, very slowly..)
    Jim Intelicchio's dog looks like a 18th century painting. Very nice work! I would print it and hang it on my walls.
    Cees Mass' seascape is so calming and so minimalistic. D700 is the nicest camera, huh? =)
    Last, but not least, Janne Kaakin's Fall colors over the cemetery are absolutely gorgeous. Great image and very nice composition.
    To all the others, I can't wait for next week! Every Wednesday is a better Wednesday!
    PS - Please excuse my poor English, as it's not my native language.
  173. Richard, thanks very much for your comment. The truth is that I'm an admirer of the works by Edward Hopper. In fact, I think there always had existed a bridge between photography and painting.
  174. I was going to write "NEED MORE COMMENTS" because the first 24hours saw a lot of pictures but not a lot of comments... but it seems to have balanced out in the following 48hours.
    As Lex wrote, no new rules have been imposed, so don't be afraid to comment... even though I think it's a good practice to wait with long comments until after most pictures are posted in those first 24 hours..... but no new rules...
    The best thread around is still... around... nothing has changed, it's all good :)
  175. @Robert,
    as you write, no new rules have been imposed, but I fear (I really hope I am mistaken) that last week's discussion has reduced the commenting interest. Speaking for myself, I do not want to comment anything until the weekend.
  176. bmm


    Per-Christian - I'll only start getting worried if there are only a few comments by the time I get back to work on Monday. As I've said before this thread has a 'double-pulse'... a first pulse of image posting from Wed to Fri, and a second pulse of wonderful comments usually Fri to Sun. I personally really love how it develops it each week.
  177. I’ve thought about this very carefully after what has been said. I wanted this week to be business as usual., but a short break was needed. This thread has worked nicely for quite a while; People put a lot of work into getting images ready for the Wednesday thread. For some this is the only place that they share their work, The comments made on their photos have been a source of encouragement and satisfaction to many. It’s like the icing on the cake. It’s a learning experience to see what others comment on. There’s a lot of passion here and that’s a good thing. This thread is very unique to photo net and takes you on a wonderful tour around the world and show many very creative ideas,. This week is no exception and there are many tremendous photo s and it show that a lot of effort and pride went into them. Every single person who posted here should be proud of what they produced.. Back to normal next week. For now:
    . Please insert your own name into the blank space –
    ______________ - you did a great job, excellent photo, be proud of it.
  178. René: Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. It means a lot for the beginners like me... :eek:)
    Images that caught my eye
    Jose: I liked the self-portrait, very nice
    Pedro: beautiful macro and "bokeh" wow...
    Lil: nicely done IR, always makes me think to convert my D40 to IR and buy another body may be D90...
    Hamish: already started feeling cold, winter is not far for new englander
    Per-Christian: i liked the different colors, very well
    René: very well done night shot, liked the colors white and yellowish light with blue clouds
    Paul B: Congratulations for the new client :eek:)
    Eric: open mouth guy and open eye lady caught my eye ^_^
    Janne: beautiful colors
    Aaron: liked the picture and contrasting colors
    Paul V: wow colors
    William: nicely done with IR filter
    Richard: beautiful fall colors
    Ton: his eye caught my eye
    Jeannean: beautiful macro... hanging on
    everyone well done and keep posting every WedNEsDAy
  179. Pedro, Richarrd, Aaron, Luis, David L, and Eric,
    Thank you for the comments, I am glad you enjoy the photo. For me, shooting Bajofondo last Friday once again reinforces the correlation between shooting things that you love and positive results. Have a good weekend
  180. Alejandro - thanks for the info on the style of the building. I stand corrected.
    BTW your shot of the clown and umbrella over the black wall is superb.
  181. As usual, great images posted by everyone! Loving these Wednesdays.
    Lil- Your I/R's never dissapoint.
    Joseph Leotta- Very nice perspective.
    Jeannean- Another great macro.
    Roberta Davidson- Never saw a spider like that, nice capture.
    Keith Aldrich- Cool truck, must be a blast to drive.
    Elliot Bernstein- Excellent shot!
    Bernard Mills- Like it a lot.
    Ray Yeager- Nice Job!
    Keep up the good work, see you all next week. John D.
  182. Thank you all for sharing. Wednesdays are no longer just a marker indicating that half of the work week is over. The following photos peeked my interest:
    Monika Epsefass - nice neutral tone, the subjects blend so well with the background
    Ofey Kalakar - looks just like a painting
    Luis Argüelles - nice photo and explanation, I find it especially interesting because one of the ladies is looking at the me looking at the ash tray, it makes it feel even more interactive than a regular portrait shot, I will definitely keep this in mind
    Rick Dohme - I see what you mean by jewels; I also like the lushness of the image
    Tim Holte - nice background and timing
    Evan Browning - I like the lighting and how the subject divides the frame diagonally
    Thomas Burden - your capture of their expressions makes feel like I'm listening to the conversation
    Oskar Ojala - I like the simplicity and colors
    Robert Body - I see the technique described by Luis Argüelles in your shot, but it might just be my interpretation; nice shot
    Steve Lyon, I'm happy to hear that you liked my photo
    Till next week.....
  183. Keith: Neat truck—lift, tires, tassel, correct number of doors—just right!
  184. A lot of pictures caught my attention, very quickly:

    The charm of Old Europe through the lens of Per-Christian Nilssen and Rene' Villela night shots.

    The two beautiful Trompe-l'oeil in the thread: Monika Epsefass , the Sedile Dominova is always photogenic, don't you think? hope to see more of your trip here, Anish Mankuthel beautiful rendering or the vast space ( I almost broke my neck for half an hour looking at that ceiling until I found the small mobile tables with mirrors!)
    I also like the use of wideangle in the architectural shots of Joseph Leotta greenhouse entrance and Amy Zlatic Arch.

    The landscapes of Darrell Styner , Jeff Lipsman and Matthew Brennan . The calm atmosphere in the works of Kemal Riza, Cees Maas, Paul V. Gorky, Filip Lucin : good idea the Google Earth coordinates!, Richard Karash , Ian Rance and Freddy Tu .

    The elegance or Matt Laur shot: who chose the shoes color?

    From the monochrome section I like the hilarious shot of Eric Arnold , the "open mouth" man and the looks of the lady nearby are a picture inside the big one, The florid Chavez lookalike of Ton Mestrom , Benjamin Schaefer baby, Carey Moulton hair and Barry Fisher bare and muted: an editorial image about the "Other Thread", perhaps?

    The IR Club is growing! apart of the beautiful details in the Lil Judd Mission shot, I like the barn of Jens Frederiksen and the colored tower of William Nickens .

    From the abstracts and patterns in nature, I like Hamish Gray Sabre-toothed ice, Jana Hughes spiderwebs, Jon Eckman fall waves, Tony Hadley minerals and Richard Armstrong drops

    The action shot of Maurice Orozco and the bugs of Waldemar Giers, Andrés Arteaga takeoff, Jeannean "hanging on" Ryman, Roberta Davidson spider, smiley? more like Jason mask to me!

    But the two favourite to me this week are:

    Adam Neinstein filthy waters, It almost made me touch the screen to feel the embossed texture! (although more Guinness and Dulce de Leche to me than cappuccino)

    and the concert shot made by Evan Browning of my compatriot, the musician and actor Martin Ferres Trahtenbroit, reflecting the soul and looks of the younger generation of Bandoneon players.

    opps! Asked to be brief and I wrote more than ever!! sorry. Also sorry for my English

    Many thanks to the ones that commented on my picture and to everyone for being part of this unique thread. (hope it will be alive till tuesday)

    see you next wednesday
  185. Back to work again along with my broadband connection. Wonderful thread as usual! This was taken this afternoon just outside the back door of one of my client offices. 120K
  186. Have been away also and haven't had time to organise my photos yet, but another fine collection here from evrybody. Jose, looking at your reflection taking the very first photo, are you comfortable holding the camera like that ? Isn't the proper way for your shutter hand to be over the camera, and your lens hand to be cupping the lens and supporting the camera ? Your method looks so awkward.
  187. Andrew great eye catching Jose holding the camera that way. I was at a wedding recently and the women photographer held the camera that way. Drove me nuts.
  189. I shoot about 85% of my photos in the vertical and sometimes I hold my camera the way Jose does in his photo. It depends on how much stabilization I need, what I want to see around my camera's eyepiece, and what just feels right to me at the time. Just because most of the time everyone else does it the other way doesn't mean there is anything wrong with this grip, it just means whenever we do it this way, assuming we know what we are doing and our own strength, we have done what will work best at that particular time.
  190. Lots of folks find the right-hand-under technique more stable and secure. You can see how Jose has both elbows tucked into his chest. Excellent technique for handheld shooting. When done properly, to both support the camera and trigger the shutter, the left hand is free to quickly adjust focus or aperture as needed, a real plus with manual-everything cameras.
    My teachers tried to get me to use this hold. It felt unnatural to me. And after injuring my right wrist it was also uncomfortable. So I use the right-hand-over hold for verticals. It's not as stable and secure, but for me it's comfortable. And since almost everything is controlled with the right hand - shutter speed via the thumb, aperture via the forefinger, autofocus, etc. - it's just as quick with auto-everything cameras.
    The best solution I've found? Those nifty vertical grips with the shutter release. Very comfy, natural hold and stable. Wish they didn't add so much bulk and weight, but can't have everything.
  191. In order to keep this thread as short as possible, I'll this week just express my thanks to everyone, either for commenting on my photo, or for posting your marvellous photos. A new Wednesday in just 48 hours!
  192. Ditto what Per-Christian said. I enjoyed the world tour very much.
  193. I want to be extremely brief... I`m surprised some (many!) of you liked my post... I thought it was going to be another typical&boring see-nothing self portrait. Thank you very much for you comments.

    About the right-hand-under holding technique: To be sincere I don`t have a "perfect" technique for "portrait" shots... This time I was specially hesitant... I shot in both ways (right hand under and over). The right-hand-under pic is perfectly sharp (the posted one), the right-hand-over pics are all blurred... all at 1/15sec. This technique works for me.

    I spent more time looking at Monika`s pic with the wonderful Renaissance atmosphere, Eric`s birthday party,Ian`s contryside calm, Doug`s hummingbird, Matt`s perfectionist portrait of elegant woman and dog,Waldemar`s bug, Tom`s reencarnation of Hugo Chaves... but my favourite this week is certainly the rock group of Epp B. with that great funny singer at a second plane!

    I wish next week we all have returned into normality... I`m missing some things. See you on week #42!
  194. I've always believed that there is a 'proper' way to hold a camera, and that is for the left hand to 'cup' the lens from underneath, thus, not only focusing and zooming, but supporting the weight of the camera in the palm of your hand, whether it be in the horizontal or vertical mode, leaving the right hand to operate the shutter, preferably in the overcamera position which also gives you more freedom of movement. The Jose position ( I call it this just for reference and not in any derogarory way on Jose), is supporting the weight of the camera on his thumb or fingertips of his shutterhand, is probably easier to drop the camera, and generally seems unstable and uncomfortable. I've never seen a pro hold a camera like that.
    Lex, I like the vertical grip also, but the annoying thing with that is that when you turn the camera vertical and try to use the shutter button on the grip, the damn camera strap falls bang across the eyepiece, and I end up using the normal shutter button just so the strap falls across my raised wrist, if you get what I mean.
  195. Well, Andrew -- God knows I wouldn't want to do anything you've never seen a pro do, especially something that works really well. And you're really wrong about how it works. You just don't know how to do it.
  196. "And you're really wrong about how it works. You just don't know how to do it."
    Oh really ? Care to elaborate ?
  197. Hey guys, this is going in the wrong direction. Let's cool down a bit, shall we?

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