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    Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, p;lt;mce:script type=">_bl<mce:script type=">are here.​
    Hola everyone... ! (Spanish salutation for the olympics... next weekend we`ll know the IOC verdict. The winner will have one of the most photogenic events in the world. Good luck to all candidatures).
    Past weekend I did something I like from time to time; to force myself to shoot with an old MF prime, better if very wide or too long, under unknown conditions. I took a 180mm lens. Definitely long for what I`m used... it was fun.
    At dusk I visualized this backlighted rush flowers; I shot them at different angles... I see I should have used f4 instead of f2.8.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, AiS 180/2.8ED, 1/4000sec. - f2.8, all camera tricks off. Hand held, full processing in Aperture2. I finally disabled that Auto-ISO feature.
    Please post your favourite pic taken with Nikon gear. Thank you all.
    [P.S. about WeD PiC #39 - Once again I want to thank you all for your participation, comments and support. I appreciate it so much.)
  2. Monkey business at Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano, Japan:
    D700 with 105mm f/2.8 VR Micro. f/6.3, 1/200sec, ISO 200.
  3. Good morning everyone! WOW! It feels strange to post at real time…. I'm mean, I am in Prague and it is WeDNeSDaY 09:10 in the morning here!
    Anyway, last night, after 20 hours of traveling I din't feel like taking any pictures and now it is a raining so I will use a shoot from couple of weeks ago. I just processed it coz I'm still way behind.
    I was visiting my costumer in Shiga Prefecture. I starting drinking with him very early in the afternoon so by 9 pm I was really drunk. I went to my hotel and slept really early. I woke up around 4:30 in the morning and when I looked out from my window this is what I saw. Biwa Lake. The largest lake in Japan. The tripod was in my car so I just reclined against the wall and braced myself at the window. This is the result.
    I hope is good enough for WeDNeSDaY thread! Cheers!
    Per…. Thank you for your words of support! You'll be the first one to get a deal on my equipment! :)
  4. Moon Rise thru the fog over New Rochelle Bay
    Sometimes a shot just presents its self when you’re not ready. I would never plan to only handhold a shot at night just illuminated by the moon with a slower lens.
    But that’s exactly what happened here. Good thing that the D300 has such good high ISO ability (My D700 is even better but of course it was home). I really like how the noise gave the photo a film grain look. If you didn’t know, and I removed the EXIF data I could almost convince you that it was film.
    The cloudy sky with a touch of fog completed the photo
    Mental note to self – buy smaller portable tripod to keep in car at all times.
    Nikon D300 AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED at 18mm
    Aperture-priority AE, 0.8 sec, f/3.5, ISO 3200
  5. Hello everybody
    He is Lucas, son of one of my cousins. In a rare, for him, calm mood
    D300+18-200 VR @80mm - 1/30 - f 5.6 - ISO 1250
  6. Happy Wednesday, everybody.
    This time, another picture from Fredriksten Castle in Norway, which I told you a story from last week.
  7. Hello, good morning
    Once again, thank you all for the nice comments about my picture from last week.
    My picture is from a trip to Switzerland last month, to Gruyére. There was a folk festival in town that weekend and they got together in the Gruyére Castle.
    This girl was kind enough to smile for me while taking her picture =)
    D700 and AF-D 50 f/1.4.
    For a larger version on black, click here .
  8. René, if you're turning pro, you need the equipment yourself. I'm a cheapskate, so I would probably offer just a fraction of its worth! ;) ;)
  9. Do you see how great the start of this thread is this week. WOW
  10. Good morning everyone!
    Another nice wednesday, and I can't wait to see what today will bring!
    I've been sightseeing in Sicily this weekend and monday, and the D300 had its work cut out. This picture is from the Valle dei Templi, near Agrigento. The Concordia temple is one of the best kept Greek temples in the world.
    D300, Tokina 12-24 f/4 @ 12mm, 1/500th and f/8, ISO200.
  11. Well I'm ready...... kind of....
    As some may know, I've been working on getting some candids over the Summer. All paying homage to Ton's amazing candids which has so inspired me. In August I got one shot of my sister's new man I really like. I've been wanting to present it as a B&W & Ton was sweet enough to share some of his pp techniques. Now I have to admit that from simply reading them I've established that I'm in line for a "CS3 for I*iots" or whatever the title is. I am completely lost in CS3. End of story.
    Anyhow, thank you Ton for trying to help. It's all on me & a class in CS3 is in order for sure.
    Anyhow, after making about 15 different versions of this one shot I'm presenting this version. It is no where near Ton's amazing candids, but Ton has inspired me to try something I normally shy away from & I hope to try to work more on.
    Taken during a visit to Universal Studios I managed to catch Francis in a moment when he was no prepared, but ended up looking at me & smiling. I like this photo because I see so much character in this face.
    So I'm at least trying - - -
    Shot with the D700 & 24-70 f/2.8 at 70mm f/8 1/125s -2/3 EV. A mode ISO 400
  12. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D5000 with 10-24mm/f3.5-4.5 AF-S DX at 14mm, f11 and 1/400 sec.
  13. Morning, on the money today (08:20 BST), just hope my selected shot is equally up to the mark. This was taken at a Charity Bungee Jump at the many shots to choose from but this to me says Bungee!
    Shot at: 135mm F/5.6 @ 1/500s ISO 360 with: Nikon D40X with 50-500mm F/4-6.3G
  14. Alejandro, thank you for your nice comment from last week.
  15. Happy Wednesday! Seems we have a few "surprise" shots already that came out very well. Mine was also a surprise shot, since I was taking pictures of the flowers and the bee flew in with perfect timing. Best "in flight" shot I've ever done and didn't see it coming!
    D90/Sigma 150mm
  16. Taken on Monday afternoon. After work we went for a short walk up a local hill. Minus 2 degrees, storm winds and snow showers. Just a little reminder that summer is over, I guess. After taking 30 shots or so the filter on my lens was caked with snow.
    D300 and 10-24 @ 10mm. F4.5, ISO 200, 1/400s.
  17. Blondes ...
  18. Here's a fairy I found at the local fair this weekend. D60 and 18-105mm VR lens 1/160 sec. F/7.1
  19. No time lately for recent photos. Too busy editing and archiving older photos. Found this one again from 2006, of my nephew Stewie in recovery from open heart surgery. I used Bibble Pro to edit those files. I overdid the noise reduction on that batch so the originals don't look so great. But resized for the web they're okay. I do like the muted colors and soft contrast from those Bibble edits, compared with the same batch done with Nikon Capture 4.x from that era.
  20. I'll try uploading the fairy again.
  21. Hello everyone..
    A big thanks to everyone who commented on my pic last week. I haven't had a chance to reply to them but thanks anyway :)
    I finally took the plunge and got myself a D3. My initial experience with the camera was mindblowing (coming from a D2x) but we'll leave that for some other time.
    Although I haven't been able to get the best out of the camera yet, I did find an opportunity to take yet another picture of Tower Bridge last week.
  22. Well, as usually already there is great work here and I’m sure today we’ll see incredible pictures. The following one (which I’ve titled “Victory”) was taken just in the moment when the local soccer team scored the definitive goal. I hope you enjoy it.
  23. D700, 17-35/2.8 and the rest forgotten, but probably something like f5.6 and ISO400.
    Diving on a wall bottoming out at 87m, one needs a lot of gear :)
  24. Morning everyone, thanks for your comments last week .
    There were lots of these little tree frogs after the rains we had recently (Durban, South Africa). Fun to shoot, but they were quite "jumpy"... :)
    D5000 with 55-200mm VR @ 190mm, ISO 800, f5.6, 1/200 sec
  25. Already Wednesday?! Need to do a post and run - really time for bed. Like the tones in Rene`s image and that's a very nice candid, Lil. Thanks everyone for the nice comments last week, very much appreciated.
  26. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    We never became friends!
    A native from Sabah.
  27. Hello guy's.
    Can't wait to see pictures from all over the world, mine is from today a few hour's ago and it's autumn in Denmark now.
  28. Some great photos already - and I see a water theme this week (water is always photogenic I find). I did have a photo ready, but decided to change it to this one of the 'blind river' at Seatown. This river finishes as a pool on the beach and then filters through the stones. The tones and shapes appealed to me and although a photo never catches all of what makes each location special, I hope that some of it comes across to you.
    Thank you so much to those who commented on my photo last week - it is always very much appreciated.
  29. This is Nessie, from "ArtPrize" a large art contest going on in Grand Rapids.
  30. morning all,
    Justin - thants a fantastic shot. love the backlight.
    Rene' - beautifully peaceful shot, love the colours in the sky.
    Hamish - your summer didn't seem to last long at all.
    Anish - cracking shot of Tower Bridge.
    Dieter - stunning view, the colours look terrific.
    My shot again was taken a couple of weeks ago up in cumbria. it's a small section of Aira Force waterfall. D700, 135mm f/2.8mm series E lens. 1/6 sec @ f/16.
  31. Hi everybody,
    Didn't have time last week to comment and when I had time, I was too late and the thread was closed. Many great pictures and comments last week as usual. Thanks to Erik (I have seen logan's run before, but it doesn't ring a bell, I will have a look when I find it), Per-Christian, Jeannean, Joseph, Lil (loved your Aplha Egret) and Roberta (I think the faces underneath looked a bit dummy ;-) ) for commenting on my picture.
    This weekend I took a picture that I planned to take for a while and it's picture that has been made for a million times (and probably 999000 times with better results) but it was something I just wanted to try.
    BUT, I wanted to make it a bit different with processing, but I haven't had time for it yet.
    So, I submit an older picture of a house of a friend of mine (hopefully I didn't post it before). I liked the shapes of the stairs and ceiling. They were reconstructing the house and that is why there were some white boards placed on the second floor and I don't like the wire hanging there, but I didn't notice until I viewed the picture on the computer and didn't feel like cloning it out.
    Taken with the D90 + 18-200mm @ 18mm F8 1/250s iso 200
  32. Very nice photos here already, I look forward to seeing many more throughout the day. Thank you for commenting on my picture last week, I appreciate it very much.
    This one I took on my Sunday morning walk, I hope you like it.
    Nikon D60, 55-200mm f/4-5.6 VR at 200mm, ISO 400, 1/80s, f/5.6
  33. This is a follow-up to last week's pic of the demolition/construction project in our neighborhoold in suburban Detroit. You might remember that there was a complete house at 8:00 a.m. and half a house at 8:15. This is all there was left by 6:00 p.m.
    D300, 24-70 f/2.8 at 24mm, ISO 400, f/8, 1/80 and 1/1,250 sec, handheld HDR.
  34. Wow, so great everyone! I didn't have much time to shoot this week and don't have the "best of the week".... Anyway, here you go. In this case, I kinda like the flare/ghost.
  35. hbs


    Good Morning:

    First of all, thank you to Jeannean, Joseph, Lil, Finlay and Roberta for your comments last week.

    Here's a shot I took this past week of my 3-year old granddaughter. My new (used) 300mm f/4 Nikkor AF lens is great for this type of photography -- it lets you take closeups without getting close to your subject, perfect for photographing kids without disturbing their spontaneity. The sharpness and shallow DOF don't hurt either.
  36. [​IMG]
    Here's my shot for this week! Taken over the weekend at Bushy Park, UK. I'd spent a bit of time with this critter, experimenting with a shot of this big buck at eye level but didn't like the background. The dof makes him feel small, but he's pretty big!
    D300, 70-200VR, SB600
  37. Hi everyone, beautiful shots so far... Mine was taken this sunday with D3 + 24-70/2,8G , at ISO 3200, 1/40 and F2,8 :
  38. Spring Rolls on in S.E. Australia, and at last a sunny warm day today to shoot my favourite birds at work again. It is very pleasing to observe these New Holland Honey Eaters feeding on an echium bush that I planted myself several years ago. Life in a large garden has many rewards.
  39. Orlando.
    Thank you for viewing.
  40. bmm


    More post-production on my older images. Though this is one that I am happy with. Off to Hong Kong tomorrow for a week, so I'll have a batch of 'fresh' stuff to show over the next month or so.
    Wonderful work so-far everyone. And Jose, yes I hear you about going out with just one crazy lens and forcing yourself to think about how best to use it. Something I do frequently. I think your image is just wonderful too.
  41. I went back to 2003 for today's image. Taken on Lake Michigan's shore (South Haven, I think) on a cold October day. But I love to go there in the Fall. Not the greatest pic, but it brings back good memories to me.
  42. Here's one taken this weekend. Nikon D300 with a 20mm f/2.8 Nikkor.
  43. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    It's beautiful Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #40, many more nice picture to come.
    This was taken yesterday evening, "half face" candid of my 11month old son looking out from patio railings. It was taken with nice little gem Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G on Nikon D40 with Matrix metering. No post processing is done except resizing to make it to this thread.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1/100 sec
    Aperture: 2.0
    Focal Length: 35mm
    Flash Used: No

    Thanks for looking,
  44. Good Morn to all. Jeanann I love the bee in flight. I know how long it takes to get a shot like that. I was out yesterday trying to capture a wood pecker and our cat showed up as usual and scared the birds off. Great shots so far can't wait to see todays Pics.
  45. Hi All,
    Great images already. Jose, Renee and Jeannann: Excellent shots.
    My image for this week is a candid from last winter. I work at the university in Madison, WI and the image is the artwork of a n undergrad! Reasons for this creativity: anybody's guess!
  46. Hi mathew,
    That is one crisp shot of the New Holland honey eater!
  47. Hi Everyone,
    After last week's discussion, I was wondering how my camera fairs at high ISO (800-1600). I tried shooting in a local gym on Sunday. It seems the results are good for web image sizes, but too noisy for anything else, although I'm not using any noise reduction software and I edit in PS Elements 2. I might invest in noise reduction software in the future.
    This is a friend practicing for a martial arts demonstration:
  48. Hi!This weeks contributors have already made a heady start to what promises to be an exciting wednesday.
    My contribution for the week is from a visit to the Mysore Silk Factory that manufactures an exclusive variety of sarees called 'Mysore Crepe' in which these beauties are draped.
  49. bms


    Never got to come back and comment last week. Well, some job's gotta pay for the camera, right :) ?
    Jeannean , Joseph , Lil , Finlay , Roberta , thanks for the comment and tips. And Finlay, Dog Biscuits were used... to no avail :)
    Last weekend I wanted to set out to shoot some of the Maine foliage, but I had to work Saturday, which was a gorgeous day according to my wife (I never saw the light of day really). Sunday then: rain. Monday: rain. Yesterday: rain. Grey skies all along. So here is the best I got:
  50. it was a bit of a traffic jam with all these insects jockeying for space on the thistle flowers. taken in nelson county, va., at the north fork of the tye river.
  51. Well, hello! Wednesday again, great! And what impossibly fantastic pictures!
    I've just returned from Bella Italia, surviving nightly thunderstorms and loads of rain. Never mind, some good hours came along, too. Here's one from Sorrento - curiosity killed the cat...
    Nikon D700 with 70-200/2.8
  52. Hello Everyone,
    Did not have much time to shoot this week, huge visits from the Corp Office. But who cares about that? This was taken a last week; I could not decide between this one and one of the iguana that was right in front of our door. But as I resized the iguana it lost everything I loved about the shot. His sharp scaly skin. I also have no where to link a larger size to so. Here is one of an Great Egret, feeding on a Mosquito fish caught while hunting in the spatterdock covered water. Anyone know a good web guy/gal? :)
  53. A contribution taken in Southend on Sea last week. Great diversity this week.
  54. Happy Wednesday everyone. Here's another shot from some Texas longhorns I took a couple of weeks ago.
    D80, Nikon 70-210 at 210mm, 1/800, f4, iso100, ev -67
  55. I was doing a shoot of a 2 yr old by a garden and happened to catch some butterflies. I took this with my D90 and the Tamron 70-200mm while I had it for the week or so. Super sharp, but as is well known the autofocus system was HORRIBLE. It was worse than advertised.
  56. Good Morning Everyone. This past week I decide to raid my fathers closet and "confiscated" three old 70's vintage Nikon lenses. So off I went to play with my ill gotten loot. Today's posting is of a Nasturtium flower from my back deck. Nikon D80, Micro Nikkor P Auto 55mm F3.5, 1/20s, iso 200. I find shooting macro is soooooo much fun. The things you get to see. I will be back later to comment.
  57. Taken in Chicago Sunday. I am hoping that the windy city gets the Summer Olympics bid in 2016 because Milwaukee is only an hour away. Come on Obama, do your thing this week and get the bid wrapped up nice and tight for your home town. I plan on inviting photographers from all over the world to stay at my house if that happens.
  58. Cannery Row
  59. Hi all,
    beautiful pictures!
    Here's mine. Taken with D70s, 18-200 VR.
  60. EXCELLENT!!!!!
    While looking at your work, I'm enjoying an afternoon beer with great bread and fabulous cheese!
    Per… Turning pro?? Me?? no way! BTW, when you are homeless, hungry and have kids to feed, any fraction would do! Uhmmm! scary!
    Luis… Who was playing? Who won? final score?
    Dieter…. Thanks! I took that shot with picture control on "vivid" then I cracked up the saturation a notch!
    Gary… It was really peaceful! 4:30 am I think. I didn't know my window was facing the lake so I was really surprised when I saw it in the morning!
    Murali… I think you are referring to me! So Thank you!
    Tim… Great and thanks in advance! Just let me know when! :) If it isn't too much to ask, please send me the ticket too! :)
  61. gentle evening in the green hills,
    Nikkor-P 105mm f2.5 AI'd at f8 and 1/160th, D70
  62. Another great Wednesday! These buoys were in a waterfront restaurant we visited on vacation recently.
  63. Hi all,
    Good morning, good evening and good night to all of you...
    This is my contribution to the Happy Wednesday :)
    Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @85 mm, ISO 400, 1/320, f/9
  64. Tim - nice one! See you in 2016 :)
  65. Oouuppsss... My browser crashed...
    I restart...
    Hi all,
    Good morning, good evening and good night to all of you...
    This is my contribution to the Happy Wednesday :)
    Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @85 mm, ISO 400, 1/320, f/9
  66. St Marys church Stoughton. (Built 1050) and still going strong.
    Just need to learn a lot more about exposure (and a few other things!) I do try.
  67. By the way...
    Jeannean Ryman, Joseph Leotta, Lil Judd and Roberta Davidson, thank you for your comments on my last week's post. That's very kind of you. Thanks again...
  68. Happy Wednesday to all, lots of great images already this week! Shifting gears a little this week :). Instead of a car shot this week, it's a----motorcycle shot. Hope you like it, John D. D200, 18-55@46mm, 1/125, f8, iso 200, mimimal pp in NX2.
  69. Chama, New Mexico
    The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad , station is in the center of town on Hwy 17, one of the main attractions of the town. The narrow-gauge railroad runs into the high country near Cumbres Pass , through scenic Toltec Gorge, and on to its opposite terminus at tiny Antonito , Colorado . Built in 1880 and little changed since, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is the most spectacular example of steam era mountain railroading in North America.
    I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. I “chased” this train taking pictures for several miles. I captured this image with a Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens. Exposure was f11 @ 1/125 second, ISO 200. Thanks for looking and thanks for all the comments I got last week.
  70. Great , great shots today. I went to a very small American Indian Exhibition this weekend. There was one lady doing painting on leather she tans herself using the animals brains ( old traditional way, or so she said).
    From the shells holding the paints made from earth pods, to the birch branches for the brushes, all wonders from nature. The red table cloth on the other hand, well I had a hard time with that. Any suggestions on how to deal with that type of back ground would be appreciated.
  71. Some very nice work here today, as always. This shot is from my daughter's high school graduation party in June - her friend came dressed in pirate motif, much to his young friend's delight.
    Tim, if that happens I'll take you up on your offer!
  72. Good morning everyone. Took this pic while wondering around the zoo a few days ago.
  73. He is enjoying his cupcake every bit as I'm enjoying my compact little nikkor 50mm f1.8 ai.
  74. I didn't have a chance to shoot much this past week, This was taken a little over a week ago in a dog run in Long Island, NY
  75. I saw this little guy hanging around my garage on the window of the service door. grabbed my D200, 60mm AF-D Nikon macro, SB600 flash and SC-17 held up high. All handheld.
  76. Remember the buskerfest that I took I picture of the mechete juggler? Here is another one at the same event. I actually hanged around the ice-cream truck for a good 15 minutes hoping to catch a toddler's hand grabbing the yummy ice-cream from the vendor but to no avails. Shot with D700 and 70-200mm f2.8; 1/400s, ISO200 and 2.8f.
  77. Got up early on a Sunday morning to catch this at sunrise. Taken with a f4 on superia 400 film using a Tokina 70-210 lens.
  78. Good morning!
    First, thank you all who made kind comments on my lighthouse shot last week. It's been a busy week and I'm on the road now. Not much time for photography this week so here is another view of the lighthouse. It's with my D300 and the Sigma 10-20 mm zoom.
  79. Lots of good pics, as always.
    Wayne Wrights: I love this train. Very nice composition;
    Lawrence Ho: wonderful colors and bokeh. Beautiful pic.
  80. Hamish I like your shot, it captured the feeling of the first days of winter.
    A street shot from a couple of weeks ago, the tatoo message caught my eye.
  81. Very impressive work today. My contribution was taken at the Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, VA.
    Made with Nikon D90, 18-200mm. f 5.6 @ 1/500
  82. Good Wednesday Morning from Louisiana. Here is my contribution for today. It is another vacation shot from Florida.
  83. Hi to All,
    Great start to another Wednesday. Spent some time at the Strasburg RR in Pennsylvania. To late to ride, but plenty of time for pictures. Nikon D80 w/ 18 - 70
  84. Good Morning everyone- Wed. is off to another great start. This is a shot taken last week At the Toledo, Ohio zoo. Nikon D70, Tokina 80-200 f/2.8 @ f/6.3 1/320sec.
  85. Lets try again
  86. Happy WedNEsDAy everyone. Oh boy, so many great shots.
    Thanks for the commentary on my last week’s picture- Little Owl (Northern Saw-whet Owl). I am grateful.
    Hi Lil, I did finally find the description of my little owl in a bird book and you were right. I like to shoot all kinds of subjects. Whatever it is that interests me. But it is true, more often than not; I find birds showing up in most of my pics.
    My contribution of this Wednesday is “Rage”, shot at SF Zoo back in March. Hope you like it.
    D300 with 18-200mm lens, f/5, 1/5, 1/640 sec, ISO 200
  87. Good morning to all WedNEsDAy photographers! Here's my contribution, from a vacation a few weeks ago. Taken sometime around midnight, with a D80, 18-135mm lens at 18mm, 25 sec at f/4.0, and at ISO 800.

  88. A roughly half-inch section of a highly polished carnelian/mauve agate disk. The lapidary who cut and finished the stone desiged the piece around an interesting quartz inclusion and druzy-textured faceted crystal section that had formed near it. Seen up close, the translucency of the agate makes the half-buried druzy structure and the quartz elements seem oddly but enjoyably out of place. This was part of a product shoot, but I got distracted! It's lit with an overhead softbox and a reflector below and to one side.
  89. Good morning everyone, great start. Mine is from our recent trip to Santa Fe. Taken w\D200 and Tamron 18-270.
  90. This is a picture I took over the weekend at Caesars Head State Park in South Carolina.
    This Was Taken with my Nikon D5000
  91. Taken during a high school senior portrait shoot. Used my D300, 18-70, f4.5, 1/80 second. Converted to B/W in PS elements.
    Thank you for the comments and thoughts.
  92. Sunday afternoon I was walking about in an area of Toronto, that I believe has great character. Some fantastic street shooting opportunities did prevail and as a result I was able to capture a host of interesting scenes. I challenged myself to two prime lenses on two very different cameras. One was a mechanical film FM3A with its' 45AiP exposing a roll of B&W Delta 100. The other was a D300 with a 50 f1.2 Nikkor, a lens I am still trying to master. In keeping with Jose's use of an old lens on a new DSLR, the photo I am presenting is from the D300-50f1.2 combo that was captured at f1.2. It is of a band performing on a downtown neighborhood side street in the city.
  93. My Favourite Wall Art ever-Nikon D70 and 18-70 Nikon lens
  94. Hello All.
  95. Hi All,
    My contribution this week a web friend for Ken R.
    Nikon D90 with Sigma 70-200 2.8 @ f6 1/60 hand held.
  96. Nikon D300, 17mm Tokina ATX
  97. Millenium Park, Chicago at lunch. Taken back in late August.
    Here are the tech specs:
    Copyright: Copyright 2009 by Jeffrey Aiello
    Camera Model: NIKON D700
    Exposure Time: 1/40.0 seconds
    FNumber: 11.0
    ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 320
    Exposure Program: Manual
    ExposureBiasValue: +-1 2/3
    FocalLength: 200.0 mm
  98. Here are a few that I shot at my (very small) homecoming. It was in my hometown that I no longer live in, but I like to go back for some interesting pictures. I don't have the metadata with me, but they were both shot with a D70, and an 80-200 2.8, no flash.
  99. Wonderful Wednesday!
    Didn't get to shoot much this past week - too much work and school and all the other stuff that makes up a full, enjoyable life.
    Took this picture of my new cousin's foot on a visit the week after she was born. Baby feet get me every time.
  100. Wow, so many great entries already!
    I stole an hour of time from my work (Don't tell my boss! :) ) just to get few shots for this week and went for a short walk. I came home with this, shot in a local graveyard, just before the rain came pouring down.
  101. [​IMG]A few days ago I was in the Yukon and took quite a number of images there. Here is one taken in the lake dezadeash area as the sun was sinking for the afternoon. The predominant colors of Fall in the Yukon are yellow, gold, green and little dashes of red and orange. Fabulous images thus far in this forum and i will check in again to see all of the other images that I know will be loaded today.
    This morning I woke in Lethbridge Alberta (Canada) - about one hour drive away from Waterton National Park. It is very overcast at the moment but I am hoping things will improve during the day (time here is 8:31 am).
  102. Holy Wednesday again... Amazing photos as usual from all prayers ;)
    I appreciated to Jeannean Ryman, Joseph Leotta, Lil Judd and Roberta Davidson for their great words to my post last week. I captured my photo two weeks ago. It was a foggy morning and the boat was visible only for a few seconds. Converted from NEF while using Capture NX2. Many cheers you to all. Friendly Regards,
  103. [​IMG]
    "Hard Work with Hay Bales"
    EXIF: D40, 55-200 VR @ 200mm, f/5.6, 1/100, ISO 200, manual exposure mode, sunny WB.
    I love the soft effect and vignetting this lens creates when used wide open.
  104. [​IMG]A few days ago I was in the Yukon and took quite a number of images there. Here is one taken in the lake dezadeash area as the sun was sinking for the afternoon. The predominant colors of Fall in the Yukon are yellow, gold, green and little dashes of red and orange. Fabulous images thus far in this forum and i will check in again to see all of the other images that I know will be loaded today.
    This morning I woke in Lethbridge Alberta (Canada) - about one hour drive away from Waterton National Park. It is very overcast at the moment but I am hoping things will improve during the day (time here is 8:31 am).
  105. Good morning everyone, great photos as always.
  106. D40 + Nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 VR @ 78mm f/13 1/15sec ISO 640
  107. Apparently, I uploaded a file that was too large. Here it is again.
    Nikon D90, 18-200mm; f5.6 @ 1/500
  108. Good afternoon everyone. Another Wednesday and more great photos. I was going through my files to find a landscape pic to print 13 x 19 to frame and give to my daughter to hang in her new home and one that would match her decor. Came upon this one of the northern most point of Traverse Bay in Michigan. We drove up north to see the fall colors. I used my first Nikon digital, a D70s and a newly purchased Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8.
  109. Wow, am I late. This is from the opening of the Los Angeles Bar Association offices of the recently formed Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic made up of lawyers, judges and law students. The light behind the conductor (Gary S. Greene of the California Jr. Philharmonic) gave an interesting halo effect. It took about 20 shots to get this one, he kept moving and I was far away.
  110. Hello everybody!
  111. D200 with Sigma 105, f2.8, ISO 500 1/320
    Taken in a Nueva Segovia village of Nicaragua on Wednesday last week.
  112. Hello everybody!
    This photo was taken in Frankfurt (Germany) at the International Car Exhibition.
  113. I spent four weeks in China. This is a pretty typical view from the West Lake in Hangzhou. Still have a ton to edit and the fall photo season is starting here in Finland...
  114. Big Thanx for all commenting my monarch butterfly picture last week. I greatly appreciate that.
    Picture bellow - crayfish in the minnow-floating bucket. This guy looks a little different then others. Sure think he’s not symmetrical.
  115. Hello all...I am a bit late for this today...
    Thank you, Joseph, Hamish and Lil Jude for last week's comments!
    Here is my contribution this week. It was taken yesterday- my friend/co-worker and her husband are expecting a baby girl and got a chance to take some photos.
    D300s with Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 and SB900 @ f/4 34mm 1/160sec ISO200
  116. [​IMG]
    The morning sky near Journet (France)
    D300 / Nikkor 1.4 - 50mm
  117. pge


    Hi all. Wednesday snuck up on me again and caught me unprepared. Here is a vaction picture from last summer of my girls going over Niagara Falls. The one on the right would want me to tell you that she doesn't have braces anymore.
  118. hmm, wednesday already? it must be..
  119. Hi all,
    Late and in a hurry...
  120. HI Nikonians
    My contribution this week is from Oktoberfest in Munich.
    Nikon D60, Nikon 35mm 1.8
  121. Lot's of great photos this week. Why I'm not surprised? :)
    Anyway, thank you all that commented on my photo, and especially thank you all that take your time to comment every photo. Your effort is much appreciated!

    Grape picking time came three weeks earlier this year here in my part of Croatia, and this photo was made last Saturday when I was in my uncle's vineyard, picking grapes. And imagine, I didn't use my ultra wide sigma this time, for a change! :)

  122. Matterhorn ,taken on Sept 9 2009
  123. Rufous hummingbird. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, 1.4x teleconverter, effective focal length 630mm, 1/2500s, f/2.8, ISO 640.
  124. Wonderful contributions, as always! Only time to comment on a few, but all deserve accolades.
    Justin...great shot...I am always envious of a well back lit image
    Jana...amazing colors...great clarity, just lovely
    Alvin..Beautiful shot of a magnificent animal. Great Fall colors to frame him.
    Aguinaldo...gorgeous night scene are a great light catcher. I love the red bag complimenting the red awning
    Lawrence...fabulous capture. The blue sleeve and bg are great! The scene makes me miss summer already!! Quite a spider...quite a capture
    Janne...Beautiful. Let the Fall pix begin. I never tire of them. The blue bench works really well with the autumn colors
    Tony...gorgeous. It is hard to capture all that is there. You have done a remarkable job in bringing us the Yukon
    Michael...excellent capture of the maestro. Great backlight...bravo!
    Eric...beautiful capture...wonderful colors and flow
    Draganco...bravo! I love the angle, the colors...most of all, the blurred waving figure.
    Here is my submission. I don't have releases yet, so I thought that I would post this.
  125. Tiffany Brook,
    thank you for the kind words on my photo.
    best regards
  126. From the Malta International Air Show. Nikon D200 - 18-200 @ 200mm F5.6 ISO 400 1/2500s
  127. Visiting this thread every wednesday is always a learning experience. Posting for the second time this week.
    This was taken last Saturday on Lake Munroe, Indiana - a portrait of a friend with his daughter. Taken with D90 with 70-300mm VR at 70mm.
  128. Hi everyone. Although all the photos are great I like Wayne Wright's locomotive a lot I just love the fall colors and the smoke is just amazing it looks HDR'ed is it?
    Also I would like to thank
    Lil Judd, Roberta Davidson, Joseph Leotta, Paul V, Jeannean
    for taking their time to comment on my photo.
    My contribution for this week is a shot from last Saturday.
    groom getting ready hope you'll like it.
  129. hbs


    I'm looking forward next Wednesday to seeing your photo of a new house being built on the same site.
  130. Hi,
    My friend and his family from Atlanta, GA were at Washington DC National Mall a fortnight a go and I took his doghters pictuer. As you see it was fantastic day.
    (Hilina) - Nikon D90 F18 mm f/10 ISO 200
  131. [​IMG] D700 and 17-35 2.8. I really wanted to put up a photo from the Folsom St. Fair in S.F. but even though it isn't straight nudity, some might find it disturbing. So instead, you can look at Tim, the 1-eyed cat.
  132. Kris... Thanks for the kind comments. This image was just a straight shot, with a little PS tweaking. All my train shots that day came out very good. The lighting was just right as well as the fall colors were perfect. This was one of those days that you dream about. Wish we had more.....
  133. Thanks for posting everyone. I couldn't find something to post last week that I liked. This week is a little better (marginally better at that but I'll take it).
  134. Ran into a classic car auction last Sunday. Took a wrong turn, saw the sign and decided to pull over. The lighting was a real challenge but I figured the worst that could happen is that I learned something :)
    D40, 31mm, f4.5 ISO 400 1/30
  135. Some fantastic photos in this thread as always. =)

    D40 + 80-200 AF-S -- ISO 400, F4, 200mm, 1/2000
  136. Sunrise, Phoenix, Arizona from South Mountain. D80, 50mm f/1.8 shot at f9; multiple exposures blended.
  137. A church on the Avenue, Hampden, Baltimore.
    Velvia shot a couple of years back, scanned recently. Nikon F100, Nikon 50/1.4 AIS (I think). Minimum curve adjustment.
  138. A moment at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountains, GA.
  139. Here's a pic of my CatDog Odie. He thinks he's soo funny eating my daughters homework.
    Shot with a D80 & 180mm 2.8 1/640 @ f8
  140. " CatDog..."​
    I had to laugh. Fits both of my cats. One comes when I whistle. The other fetches when I toss her toys around the room.
  141. All the work and a jet lag have nearly made me forget that it is another Wednesday. Jose Angel's flowers reminded me of a photo I took a couple of weeks ago at Fort Ord, CA.
  142. Rene', we are in the same country at the moment (I come from the Czech Republic, but live in Australia now), and I hope you are really enjoying yourself. Prague is truly fantastic at this time of the year and I look forward to some photos from there in the next week's thread. Your picture this week is beautiful, good hangover cure, I suppose :)
    Pedro's smiling girl and Jerry's fairy make me jealous, the colours are pretty amazing.
    Wayne, your double headed steam train made my 4 year old son very happy, he loves steam engines and wants to see your picture few times a day. Great shot and setting.
    Matthew, how on earth do you make your pictures so sharp? Perfect.
    Tiffany, thank you very much for your kind comment. Your picture is one of those I keep coming back to. Well done.
    I love many more shots, unfortunately don't have time to comment on all of them, maybe later, as my son is pretty difficult at the moment.
  143. Hello all! Amazing pictures again this week everyone. I'm a little late in the day this week, but there's still an hour of Wednes day left here. This is another shot from the Reno hotair balloon races acouple weeks ago.
  144. Hi y'all.
    This is my first posting on w'day pics but after getting the d700 just a week ago I realised I must be more active (and it's such a fun camera to use) so I will try to post more in the future. Sorry for the lack of comments, I will try to better myself. This is from our citys newly built, and hotly debated, auditorium. I like it, but a lot of people don't.
    Nikon D700 28mm F/2,8 1/125s ISO 200
    Thanks for viewing.
  145. Bryan, fantastic picture, looks like an abstract.
  146. Anders, you'll need to adjust the linking permissions on your zenfolio account in order for your photo to appear here. At the moment I'm seeing only a graphic reading "Content Protected by Owner". Following the link to your zenfolio account shows a b&w photo that seems to match your caption description.
  147. Thanks for the info. The preview worked for me but then I've got the permission so that's why, I'll see what I can do. I tried other linkadresses first but none seemed to work in preview, I tried both with and without suffixing .jpg. Ill try to post another link to see if I get it to work.
    Does it work ok now? Recently subscribed to zenfolio and haven't done much sharing before either, but learning. If things work out what you see is a downscaled version of an already small file, but now I know 'til next time.
  148. Yup, it's visible now.
  149. Jana Hughes… I think Prague is really a beautiful city. This my second visit. I was here in August this year. I posted a shot of St. Vaclav Square at night on WeDNeSDaY PiC #35 thread. You can see it here: This time I'm here for therapy :) I got absolutely nothing to do at home and instead of being depressed in Japan, I decided to come here for the next 2 weeks. So yeah! Next week I'll post something from Prague again.
    Well, I'll try something different. My client/friend is at work so I have nothing to do all morning long. So I decided to mention the 10 shots that stroked me most. I don't intent to say they are the best, I just feel they are closer to my own preferences or style.
    Per-Christian… Anish Mankuthel… Dieter… Ian Rance… Sjoerd… Paul B… Bernard… Tim Holt (Don't forget my ticket)... Richard Armstrong… Paula Wang… Adam Neinstein… Matt Laur (Trying something different???)… Chris Vicino… Wayne Cornell… Tony Hadley… Eric Arnold… Peter Giraudin…
    And the one that really popped out from my screen is Wayne Wrights' Locomotive Breath! No, wait! That's Jethro Tull's :) but close enough!
    Please forgive me for my Math. Maybe is not exactly 10 :)
    Anyway, everyone deserves recognition for his/her work. It's been another breathtaking thread! Congratulations everyone!
    We'll meet again next WeDNeSDaY. Cheers!
  150. Lex, thanks for the help.
  151. Once again, another Wednesday full of wonderful pictures and stories. I looked at this thread several times on different monitors and was surprised at how some pictures look really different on certain monitors...especially the B&W photos. They look best on my MacBook Pro vs. my 24" iMac or the Dell at work....but they all looked good on any of them. Thanks for participating and adding to this special thread. and of course to Jose who started this. My comments for this week:

    Jose: Very nice and I like your idea. I can feel the texture in this. Beautiful.
    Justin: Such a cute little monkey and the highlight in his/her hair really gives the feel of soft and hairy.
    Rene: That's a beautiful shot (especially hand held after a night of drinking ;-). Have a GREAT time on your trip and good luck with your new endeavor.
    Joseph: Wow. Good job! That moon reflection in the water is super.
    Alejandro: What a great capture. To look at this, you'd think calm was a normal mood for him.
    Per-Christian: The contrast with the fog and sun and the sheer expanse of the photo are very compelling.
    Pedro: Very nice candid shot (what a pretty girl).
    Wouter: Nice composition and I'm so jealous of all you out traveling!
    Lil: I think you captured him well. I understand the lost in CS3 part. I'm lost in any version of PS except the basics, nevertheless, you did a nice job.
    Shun: Very inviting photo and love the reflection in the water.
    Finlay: That says Bungee to me too! I like bungee jumping nearly as much as I like skydiving and this photo lets me experience it all over again.
    Hamish: I can't even imagine this. It looks so COLD.
    Darko: Love it! They say dogs and owners start to look alike after a while. (I sincerely hope I don't start looking like a mini Schnauzer, although I think they're cute as can be. ;-)
    Lex: I agree. Nice colors and soft contrast. I hope Stewie has fully recovered and doing well.
    Jerry: What a great costume she has. I like the way you faded the background color to focus on her.
    Ton: Wonderful image. The reflections add a whole other dimension.
    Anish: First, congratulations on the new camera! Beautiful photo and the lighting is fantastic.
    Luis: Great candid capture. We were discussing the socialization of sport the other day and this photo completely captures this.
    Anders: That IS a lot of gear! I'm a wimp and prefer diving in warm water with a thin wetsuit at most. This is hard core.
    Steven: What a great little frog and very precise DOF.
    Dieter: I feel as if I'm there looking at it in person. Very nicely done (and not so easy to capture all the different tones/ least for me.)
    Erik: That is one scary looking creature! Very sharp.
    Jens: Lovely. Makes me wish I was riding on a bike down that road taking in the sights.
    Ian: What a great spot, and yes, I can feel why this is special.
    Rob: What a cool piece of art. I'd love to see more entries.
    Gary: Very nice waterfall shot.
    Sjoerd: I haven't seen it before and really like it with the angles and lines.
    Jana: Love the colors and the berries look wonderful.
    Kent: Kind of sad, but I guess this sort of thing occurs all the time. Nice HDR shot.
    Ken: Very neat angle and I find the flare interesting too.
    Harvey: Your granddaughter is precious and your right about the length of the lens. Very nice.
    Alvin: I like the DOF and the overall mood (plus a wonderful subject).
    Paul B: What a great fountain shot. I really like the blues mixed with the different water textures.
    Matthew: Wow! Great shot. I'm jealous of the large garden you have. To be able to walk out in your own yard and find so many interesting things to take pictures of must be wonderful.
    Aguinaldo: Wonderful capture of all the lights. The blue search light is especially eye catching.
    Bernard: I would love to see this in person. Very nice light focus. Have a great trip!
    Joe: I like it and know what you mean about not being the greatest photo, but having a lot of personal meaning. Those are some of the best kinds.
    Jarle: Funny. I'm perplexed about the head/chest.
    Ray: What a sweet photo and your son is adorable.
    Rick: Beautiful cat and lighting...and those eyes! I'd run too. Thanks for the kind words. I've tried many times and gotten a few, but this was the best and I wasn't trying. What does that tell me?! Luck is still the best arsenal in my toolbox. Hopefully, I'll get better at this and be able to get shots when I set out to get them. ;-)
    Murali: My guess: the artist had enough of dealing with the inane bureaucracy of higher education. (I work at a university too ;-)
    Raaj: Looks good to me. Interesting shot with the ipod combined with what I always envisioned as a very disciplined art requiring total concentration. To me, it conveys a youthfulness that shows independence.
    Keerthi: Gorgeous fabrics/colors and I like the mural in the background as well.
    Benjamin: Sorry about the weather being uncooperative, but I like the gray skies in this.
    William: I'm always amazed by those "traffic jams". Nice capture.
    Monika: Welcome back! Glad you had some good hours there. Neat composition and colors.
    Dallas: Very nice Egret shot... and that's one tiny fish!
    Marc: Looks like a storm is coming...broody atmosphere.
    Jeff: I really like this done in B&W. Very nice.
    Ryan: Sorry about the lens, but very nice capture.
    Paul: Beautiful...and I agree about macro shooting being so much fun. Never knew this "other" world existed and love seeing it. Seems I'm always seeing something surprising when I look closely.
    Tim: Nice contrasts with color, lighting, and shadows.
    Sanford: That's a fun place to visit and you've captured the diversity of the people you see.
    Christian: Nice composition and perspective.
    Carey: So peaceful looking and the view is wonderful.
    Brent: Interesting composition and love the weathered look.
    Kemal: Nice photo. I like seeing a shot like this of Istanbul.
    Graham: Very pretty. I'm still on that learning curve too.
    John: Very nice. I have a couple of friends who would drool over this.
    Wayne: Your efforts at chasing the train paid off. Really nice!
    Roberta: First, thank you for joining in on the comments to everyone. We all appreciate it. Great story and I especially like seeing the tip of the birch branch foreground. As for how to deal with that type of background, I'm probably not one to ask, but someone pointed out to me that having a larger aprature can help increase the DOF giving more distinction. Also, flash can be helpful in bringing out depth/details.
    Jon: That's such a sweet photo. Love the look on both their faces.
    Jason: Nice detail in the goose. The eye really pops.
    Dan: That's so cute and now I want a cupcake.
    Jim: Nice capture and composition. You capture dogs so well.
    Ken: Nice spider shot!
    Lawrence: Yummy looking. Reminds me of the DQ cones.
    Jeffrey: That was worth getting up early for. Very nice tones.
    Richard: Another nice shot. I like this perspective too.
    Dave: I like the "No Regrets" tattoo and also seeing that she's young. She may change her mind in time, but let's hope not.
    Thomas: Nice shot of the memorial.
    Erine: I like the soft "feel" of this.
    Keith: I like these RR shots. I don't know much about trains, but am learning more from the shots posted here. Thank you.
    Roger: Cute meerkat!
    Paula: Great title and photo. (I understand about your birds. I'm the same way with bugs.)
    Adam: That's so calm and peaceful. Nice capture at midnight!
    Matt: That's not only beautiful, but very interesting. Thanks for the background story.
    Mark: Very nicely lighting and capture of the sky.
    Chris: Very pretty and I like the muted light coming through the clouds.
    Randy: What a cool senior portrait. Love the framing of the eyes and nose in relation to the chrome face guard.
    Ofey: Nice candid. The lighting looks very soft through that lens.
    Charles: I like it too!
    Louis: Nice IR. Looks "otherworldly".
    Walter: Another nice spider shot!
    Wayne C: Interesting perspective.
    Jeffrey: Nice capture and feel of the park. I've been there a few times and enjoy doing what they're doing.
    Chauncey: I'd love to see a larger version. She looks so cute. Is that Elvis in the front seat? I'm guessing the moderators will remove
    Amy: Lovely. I like baby feet too. Nice tones in the B&W.
    Janne: What beautiful colors. I would never guess that was shot in a graveyard.
    Ertugrul: Lovely blues and nice "foggy" feel.
    Epp: Nice candid and I like that lens too.
    Tony: Lovely capture.
    Kiem: Very nice action shot.
    Steve: Nice composition and lighting.
    Gwen: Beautiful setting.
    Michael: What a neat idea for the lawyers. Nice halo effect and the look of concentration is very evident.
    Benjamin M: Awesome car.
    Darren: Lovely photograph. The colors are so vibrant and love all the balloons she has in her arms.
    Oskar: Very nice peaceful tones contrast nicely with the movement of the people.
    Waldemar: You're right, he's not symmetrical. Great capture. Yellow on yellow is hard to do well and you have.
    Alex: Aww...she looks so happy.
    Igor: Beautiful sky and love the fog along with it.
    Phil: Too funny. They look like they had a great time.
    Eric A: Love the angle and the way the material is flowing through the air.
    Aaron: Breaks my heart. (wonderful capture)
    Draganco: What fun! Love the perspective.
    Filip: Very nice focus and DOF (I like the story too :).
    Peter: Wow. Great landscape.
    Miles: Nice elements blending to come together in a harmonious way.
    Doug: Nice capture! Those little buggers are hard to get. That's actually what I was trying for in my pic, but got the bee instead. The hummingbird flitted way too fast for me.
    Tiffany: Very nice lighting.
    Kevin: I can see the pilot in the cockpit. Great contrasts of colors.
    Aninda: The adoration in both their eyes comes through with that one look. Nicely done.
    Kris: I'd love to know what he's thinking. Poor guy has four female hands fussing at his neck!
    Biniyam: Looks like a lovely day and a lovely subject.
    Barry: Tim is a handsome cat and I'm sure he can see better with one eye than many can with two.
    Wade: I like those kinds of shots, so marginal in your book, but in mine, very nice.
    Hans: Sometimes wrong turns present unexpected pleasures. What a neat old truck.
    Eli: I have to ask...what is this guy doing? Nice DOF. I can make out the band in the background, but just enough to tell what's there.
    Christopher: Beautiful and nice processing. Wish I knew more in that area.
    Elvin: Nice rustic cross and the sky is wonderful. Great colors.
    Wenshu: Very pretty place. I've been taking pics of the egrets, but they hang out in a canal that isn't pretty at all. Trash and people dumping things illegally make for really ugly (and sad) backgrounds.
    Lance:'re daughter has PROOF for the teacher! Great shot.
    Mikhail: Hope you get some rest. Very nice photo.
    Bryan: Love the colors, angle, and textures. Well done.
    Anders: Welcome to posting! I like it too. Nice job.

    Until next WedNEsDAy...happy shooting!
  152. Rene' : Thank you. I hope you find Europe a nice place to stay, and to build yourself up!
    Jeannean: Thank you for your comment. I must say I envy your stamina to make positive comments on every photo posted in these threads.
  153. Over in the No Words Forum it's that time of the month again, The Thread Favorite from September has started.
    This is another great place for super photos. Post your best from September or a Wednesday leftover there.
  154. Hello All -- Great work by everyone, so many stimulating shots here.
    I made a try at some "self-portrait with camera" shots. I set up with a neutral background, a skylight overhead, and a SB600 for fill. This was harder than I thought... I wanted hands in the image. I used a wired remote taped to the floor so I could click it with my foot. Auto-focus. D200, Nikkor 50mm, MC-30 remote cord (lengthened to 20').
    Self-Portrait is harder to do than I thought.
  155. So for another week, the "trip around the world" has ended. The pictures and the stories/background have brought me so much enjoyment. Thanks to all who chose to be a part of this thread. The ones that sparked the most interest for me are:
    Jose-Nicely done. for some reason the post light in the background adds just the right amount of interest and depth.
    Rene-for a drunk guy hand holding a camera......I'm amazed. Lovely shot.
    Joseph-The noise give this a nice water color effect
    Alejandro-Nice portriat, the background wall color certainly adds to the over-all picture.
    Lil-The B&W really works for this shot.
    Shun- I want to zoom in on the reflection. It is definitely the picture w/in the picture.
    Jeannean-Nothing worse than some no name bug trying to crash the scene!! :) GREAT
    Hamish-I feel like I'm looking at the top of the world, w/ the subtle curve that you have captured
    Darko-Proof yet again that dogs and their owners tend to look like each other!!
    Ton-NICE, the reflection makes it pop!
    Anish- nice job, I love the crispness of the image.
    Steven- I like the frog, but I keep wanting to make him horizontal.
    Dieter- Nice GLOW to the photo. The moon is a nice touch, did you order it special? :)
    Jana- I love the colors!!
    Harvey- Ohhh sooo cute. Nice capture.
    Paul B- The blue really brings this to life
    Matthew-I'm jealous, beautiful shot.
    William-this is the kind of traffic jam I wish I was caught in all the time. HA
    Tim- Love the splash of red, adds so much interest.
    Wayne-Far and away my favorite for this week. Your running certainly paid off. Well Done!!
    Jason-The hint of the wall running along the bottom, adds a certain touch of whimsy. Love it.
    Lawrence-It may not be a childs hand, but you certainly tell a really nice photo story.
    Richard- I love light houses and you certainly did this one justice.
    Keith- Nice train photo, have you taken a look at this one in B&W?
    Paula- looks like someone is having a bad hair day. :)
    Walter- It looks like your friend is dropping down out of the heavens for lunch!
    Amy- Nice job, I'll bet the parents will love this one too.
    Janne-The blue against the fall colors is lovely.
    Ertugrul-Something almost mystical about this.
    Steve-I like it and especially the title. You should see if the restaurant would be interested in it.
    Waldemar-This looks like a x-ray exposure, interesting!
    Doug- Beautiful hummingbird. Well done
    Bryan- I find ballons so hard to shoot and get a different perspective, but you have done it w/ this one. Nice going.
    Until next week.........
    “Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a major force in explaining man to man.”[​IMG] -Edward Steichen-
  156. Wow!Jeannean, Thanks for the nice comments. It would take me till next Wednesday to type all that with one finger. Until next week. Thanks everyone for your inspiration.
  157. So many wonderful shots. I can not comment on any techniques , but love looking and enjoying.
    Jose - Lovely, you can feel the breeze
    Justin - Love the play of the light
    Rene - Beautiful colors
    Joseph - You never fail with your submissions even if the tripod was not available
    Alejandro - You have captured the quite side
    Pre- Christian - You can sense the soldiers marching on the road
    Pedro - Nice that she smiled. It makes the shot
    Wouter - I like the framing
    Lil - I certainly am no expert by ANY means, but it looks great to me
    Shun - What can I possibly say - Great shot
    Finlay - That is one fun shot and one brave man
    Jeannean - Your macros are amazing. I looked at your portfolio and I can only aspire to try and achieve half of what you have. Great shot, accident or not
    Hamish - It looks so cold
    Darko - Proves that dogs do look like their owners.
    Lex - You must be a great uncle to have. Very tender shot
    Jerry - Beautiful colors
    Ton - Great image. I keep looking at the reflection
    Anish - I really like the contrast on this
    Luis - Look like everyone is enjoying the victory.
    Anders - The step into the unknow.
    Steven - The colors are very interesting. Good catch
    Dieter - So peaceful
    Erik - I can only imagine what another insect feels seeing this guy
    Jens - Beautiful yellow flowers
    Ian - It does come across, love the rocks and the shades of brown
    Rob - Nessie has migrated! Are those 2 men fishing in the back ground?
    Gary - Very nice
    Sjoerd - Love the lines of this
    Jana - Beautiful berries , such color
    Kent - All the memories are gone. Destruction does not take much time
    Ken - One could only wish that all laws were based on wisdom
    Harvey - I love this , the wispy hair, the look.
    Alvin - Wonderful autumn picture - wildlife and the fallen leaves
    Paul - Very nice , love the blue
    Matthew - Welcome spring ! How small is that bird. I get the sense it is not very large at all
    Aguinaldo - Great night shot
    Bernard - Looks as if they are waiting to move. Enjoy Hong Kong
    Joe - I like the view through the grass.
    Jarle - Reminds me of a painter, name escapes me at the moment, but his works are very similar
    Ray - A very sweet inquistive look
    Rick - Makes me smile.
    Murali - Art is in the eye of the beholder!
    Raaj - Good catch. Hope your friend did well in the demonstration
    Keerthi - Beautiful colors
    Benjamin - Grey skies or not , I like the feel of fall in this shot
    William - Great shot
    Monica- I love the lines on this and just the one cat
    Marc - Like the black and white
    Jeff - the Texas longhorns are quite impressive
    Ryan - Sorry about the autofocus system , the shot is great
    Paul - What a lovely picutre of the nasturtium. Love the colors
    Tim - Hope the city gets the bid also. Love the touch of red
    Sanford - Interesting folks
    Christian - Very nice
    Carey - Very calming
    Brent - Love the color against the door
    Kemal - Really get the feel of a busy place
    Graham - Beautiful stained glass window
    John - Nice
    Wayne - Wonderful
    Jon - you can see the delight on his face
    Jason - Is he ready to say AFLAC
    Dan - Oh the simple pleasures
    Jim - Love the doggie looks
    Ken - Nice shot
    Lawrence - Very nice indeed
    Jeffrey - Rust , age , neglect very nice
    Richard - Love the black and white
    Dave - You think she'll reget the tatoos one day!
    Ernie - Great shot . Where in LA are you. I , too am from Louisiana
    Keith - The really has the feel of a ole time train running on coal
    Roger - Almost a look on longing
    Paula - Wow - that is one angry looking bird.
    Adam - Solitude , not a ripple on the water
    Matt- Such color and texture , very nice
    Mark - Santa Fe is such a beautiful place with the colors. Very nice
    Chris - Love the sky
    Randy - Very nice and different
    Ofey - Very nice
    Charles - This makes me smile everytime I look at it
    Louis - I like the way the grass pops out
    Walter - Beautiful colors
    Wayne - Great angle
    Jeffrey - Everyone just enjoying themselves!
    Chauncey - Your own parade! Very nice. Great shot.
    Amy - Very sweet and tender
    Janne - You nailed autumn
    Ertugrul - Beautiful
    Epp - You can see the concentration on the face
    Tony - Such a variety of colors
    Kiem - Great catch . Look at those faces
    Steve - The shot does draw you to the back, very nice
    Thomas - Nice work
    Gwen - Lovey picture
    Micael - The light makes this for me
    Darren - Love the contrast of the colors
    Benjamin - And do you own one those?
    Oskar - Interesting shot
    Waldemar - Where I come from we eat Crayfish!
    Alex - Very nice. She will cherish this picture
    Igor - Beautiful sky and love the fog/mist
    Phil - What a fun photo
    Eric - What was the occasion
    Aaron - Very touching
    Draganco - I can feel the motion. Hope they don't have too much beer before the ride
    Filip - Very very nice
    Peter - So majestic
    Miles - Beauty in the ordinary
    Doug - Great shot. One of these days I'll do it too
    Tiffany - Very nice
    Kevin - Nice . Like the clouds in the frame
    Aninda - Love the look on the daughters face
    Kris - The groom looks a bit in shock
    Biniyam - Looks like a great day
    Barry - Love Tim!
    Wade - Very nice
    Hans - Talk about taking advantage of a wrong turn. Good shot
    Eli - Love the background
    Chrisotpher - Beautiful
    Elvin - Very nice
    Wenshu - Peaceful
    Lance - Great shot. Our cat walks with us when we take the dog for a walk.
    Mikhail - Love this
    Bryan - Feel as if I am in the basket
    Anders - Nice picture
    Richard - creative and a nice shot
    If I missed anyone , it was not intentional . I enjoy all of the pictures. So many different styles and subjects.
  158. To everyone, this is always a wonderfully stimulating thread which has pushed me to try things I wouldn't have thought about otherwise. The whole thread does this, it's not any one photo or photographer. All the contributions have combined to produce this result. Thank you to all.
    As usual, I'll mention the images that particularly caught my attention:
    @Alejandro, that's a great portrait of your young cousin. Thoughtful, great lighting, nice composition.
    @Lil, your candid portrait of Francis in B&W. Timing is everything, and I think you've captured the decisive moment. I'm also inspired by the terrific B&W portraits he's posted here.
    @Jeannean, the bee on final approach to the purple landing pad.
    @Jerry, wow, that's the best fairy! I like what you've done with the background.
    @Ton, inspiring as always.
    @Anish, an excellent twilight capture of London Bridge. I like the tone of the sky.
    @Erik, dangerous looking beetle, clean, sharp, well separated from the background.
    @Jana, wonderful color in your shot of berries.
    @Harvey, your granddaughter with the 300 f/4, nice moment, good light, love the bokeh.
    @Alvin, the big buck taking a nap. I like the angle of this one. I like the greens and browns.
    @Ray, the "half face" portrait. Again, the right moment.
    @Rick, the cat is ethereal, even glowing,
    @Paul, the red/orange/yellow nasturtium is terrific, great color, the sharpness in the little pieces. I have the same lens and really like it.
    @Christian, these statues have real character. I particularly like this image for it's angle, the blurred cross above, and the nice tones.
    @Graham, the Stoughton church interrior. I think you have the exposure nailed.
    @Charles, the wall art cartoon is terrific.
    @Walter, the yellow/black spider with a morsel. Sharp, interesting highlights, nice background.
    @Wayne, the 17mm shot, rail track and station. I've seen this done many times (extreme perspective on the rail), but this one really grabbed me, the rail kinda sneaks up on me.
    @Kiem, that's one of the best kids-sports shots ever.
    @Steve, interior shot back to person leaning over table. I like the depth, and that the exposure works throughout the front-back distance without blowing out the outdoors. Nice.
    @Doug, the hummingbird.
    @Kris, the guy looks so passive with two women working on his collar. And, great lighting.
    @Christopher, the Phoenix sunrise.
    @Anders, the glass corridor in B&W is terrific.
  159. Did not want to let the thread close with out saying "WOW" another amazing wed living color picture show (and amazing B&W). I was unable to upload my photo this week (insert sad face)
    Nice job everyone!!!!!
    Jeannean; fantastic shot (insert happy man jumping out of seat clapping and whistling)
  160. @Roberta Davidson I am in the great big town of West Monroe :D
    Go Rebels :D
  161. Hi Jeannenn, Rene and Roberta,
    Jeannean, I concur.
    Rene, I wish it was you indeed!
    Roberta, Yes indeed.
    cheers until next wednesday!!
  162. Jeannean--I'm not really sure what the guy is doing. I guess adjusting his hat. I'm not really sure why I chose that shot because, looking back, I had some better ones from the game. I guess it just struck me.
    Roberta, thank you for the kind words :)
    There are so many that have struck me in this thread but the most recent was Bryan's hot air balloon. Awesome shot.
  163. Thanks everyone for kind words and I will see you all next week
  164. I have 3 things to say WOW, WOW and WOW
    I know that all of the Wednesday threads have been great, but this week’s is exceptional.. This one may have the best photos yet. I have a hard time believing that mine even belongs in this company. There are so many great ones here this week..
    As some one stated last week, commenting on each photo makes you go back and study it closely, and you pick up the finer points that you may have missed when just scanning thru the thread. That’s a good thing because I draw inspiration and motivation from the excellent pictures posted here. This thread actually helps makes me a better photographer.
    And finally - I really would like to thank everyone who commented on my photo last week and more importantly on my 40 years of shooting Nikon. May we all get there and further.
    Jose – great as usual, .I think that you used the right f stop. The soft backround makes the crisp image stand out better.
    Justin – like the way the backlight highlights his hair.
    Rene – hope the employment thing works out. That a super photo with a nice soft blend of colors. Don’t think that I could take such a goos shot after drinking.
    Alejandro - you outdid yourself this week. That a great capture. The available light and sharpness plays perfectly with his expression.
    Per-Christian – maybe your best one yet. Yours was the one that made me say this week is going to be exceptional
    Pedro – that’s just not a smile. It’s the look that made this a super photo. Great capture.
    Wouter – very nicely framed
    Lil – how many different areas are you exceptional in? Lets see IR, wildlife and now candid portrait. Well done. and great conversation.
    Shun – you made that wide angle zoom sing beautiful music. I see your playing with a D5000.
    Finlay – Great angle of view. Good job balancing the exposure with so muck sky in the photo behind the main subject.
    Jeannean – what a pleasant mix. Soft green background, the pink and purple of the flower and the unexpected bee. Throw in sharp focus on the macro and you made a super image.
    Hamish – the photo and story convey the feeling of cold forcefully. Very well done. I’ll stop complaining about Vermont wintersJ.
    Darko – I like your subject matter. I guess people do have dogs that look like them.
    Lex – coupled with your story that’s a very powerful photo. Really made me feel for your Nephew. I hope that everything worked out ok.
    Jerry – a very interesting character you found there.
    Ton – in the world of You are the master of B&W conversation.
    Anish – congratulations on the D3. Nicely done
    Luis – makes me feel like I was watching the game with them
    Anders – I like photos that put you in the middle of the action
    Steven – good clarity on the frog
    Dieter – super landscape, nice balance between the sky , the mountain and the valley
    Erik – definitely the scariest bug I’ve ever seen. Do you know what it is?
    Jens - Simply beautiful countryside. I like the way you used the tree as a central element.
    Ian – your right the tones blend very nicely.
    Rob – looks like you had fun taking that one. I’m sure that you were smiling
    Gary – nice touch. You got an E series lens to work great. Proof its not in the equipment
    Sjoerd – Dynamic perspective in the shot
    Jana – what a gorgeous shot. Fantastic blend of colors framed very nicely
    Kent – the HDR really brings out the contrast. I’m also waiting to see what goes up
    Ken – I really like when a everyday scene is shot from an original angle making it a special shot.
    Harvey – excellent shot of the grandchild. I like the way you caught her expression.
    Alvin – shows the effort that went into it.
    Paul – crystal clear, nice work on the exposure
    Matthew – super sharpness and contrast for such a long telephoto
    Aguinaldo – nice reflection of colors on the water
    Bernard – good work in post, What software are you using? Nice tonal flow.
    Joe – nice setup on the waterfront shot
    Jarle – that a different find
    Ray – very creative closeup
    Rick – perfect color for the background. It works perfectly with the cats coloring and features.
    Murali – your shot doesn’t. I guess the student is not a happy camper
    Raaj – I like the way you captured his concentration.
    Keerthi – the colorful fabrics made a colorful photo
    Benjamin – the muted sky color worked very well with the earth tones. Well done.
    William – what luck getting 2 insects in the same macro. Good clarity
    Monika – what a creative eye you have to find that one.
    Dallas – crystal clear bird shot
    Marc – the B&W works well with your subject matter.
    Jeff – hope you didn’t get too close. He looks mean and nasty
    Ryan – the shot looks good, sorry that you having trouble with the equipment.
    Paul – the old lens gives you vivid color.
    Tim – I really like the way you use light and shadow in that shot to bring out highlights.
    Sanford – I like the way you setup this shot
    Christian – creative angle sets up nicely
    Carey – interesting the way the foreground is the large majority of the shot
    Brent – simple but eye catching
    Kemal – the shot has a panoramic flavor to it . Where did you take it from?
    Graham – you nailed a difficult exposure with the light thru the stained glass as to the interior
    John – liked the soccer shot from late last week. Good perspective on this one.
    Wayne – this is a super shot of the steam locomotive. Extremely well done and very dramatic.
    Roberta – I’m glad you posted this one here; I liked it in No Works but could not figure out exactly what the story was.
    Jon – nice capture in getting touching expressions
    Jason – that’s a fun way to capture the fowl. He wouldn’t be getting ready to yell AFLECK
    Dan – he sure look like he’s having fun. – Is that really a Nikon lens on a canon
    Jim – the shadow makes this one very interesting.
    Ken – super the way the lighting highlighted the web
    Lawrence – you know how I know it’s a good photo? You gave me a craving for a soft serve cone.
    Jeffery – I pass a similar scene all the time and never thought about shooting it. Good eye in finding that one.
    Richard – complete different shot of the same subject. I like one better than the next. Quite the creative range you have there.
    Dave – the way you framed the shot does a nice job od accenting the tattoo. Good time for a B&W.
    Ernie – Original perspective
    Keith – very classic railroad photo. Liked it as soon as I saw it.
    Roger – the shallow DOF creates a nice background for the critter
    Paula – perfect caption, finishes the photo perfect;y
    Adam – the B&W conversation completes the tranquil feeling that the shot creates
    Matt – I said it before, your lighting is absolutely the best.. Beautiful image
    Mark – good twilight shot. Great use of contrasting light levels
    Chris – what a dramatic sky. The colors blend well
    Randy – great shot and conversation. That will be different in the yearbook.
    Ofey – I hear the music your making with primes
    Charles – interesting photo of a family – couldn’t resist J
    Louis – the trees worked super in the IR.
    Walter – scariest spyder maco I’ve seen.
    Wayne – 7 for originality. Fantastic wide angle perspective.
    Jeffrey – the subject matter works well in B&W
    Chauncey – nice job, I like the way you present it.
    Amy – fantastic , original and unique
    Janne – super contrast both in the photo and with the cplors.
    Ertugrul – great crop and framing
    Epp – the effect works well, especially in B&W
    Tony – the soft and hard colors mesh very well on the diagonal line the mountain ridge creates. Extremely good job
    Kiem – nice action capture of the kids playing soccer
    Steve – Nice view in the shot. Setup well
    Thomas – Your shot is not just another statue photo. You bring feeling to the shot.
    Gwen – nice combo – fall colors in a seascape
    Michael – the effort you put into getting that shot paid off well. Forceful
    Darren – Kids are always a fun subject
    Benjamin – nice different take from a car show. Its refreshingly different
    Oskar – simply amazing how you caught the all lined up evenly.
    Waldemar – what a great job. I really like how the yellow bucket works in the shot.
    Alex - you caught a super smile there. Excellent portrait
    Igor – the subtle touches of color really make this one work
    Phil – Fun- Fun - Fun
    Eric – Classic style
    Aaron – very intense portrait that conveys a message
    Draganco – nice setup and angle.
    Fllip – the DOF works wll with the sharp leave and soft grapes
    Peter – this one is just too good. I really like this one a lot. 7/7
    Miles – you took a lamp and built a super image around it
    Doug – super work on the long tele. Nailed the focus
    Tiffany – you always do something creative
    Kevin – difficult exposue to get right with so much sky. Well done keeping the plane pefect
    Aninda – you got perfect contrast and clarity in the conversation
    Kris – that shot really captures his feelings well. He was just a little intense.
    Biniyam – the crop you used works perfectly
    Barry – You make Tim look good
    Wade – the different shades play well off the bright globe.
    Hans – the unexpected always turns into a good op
    Eli – you found something different at the game
    Christopher – getting up early was sure worth it. Great sunrise against a interesting foreground.
    Elvin – Velvia sure brings out strong colors
    Wenshu – I like the way the landscape is built around the bird
    Lance – So how upset was your daughter?
    Mikhail – the softer contrast ,akes the shot work in B&W. Nice touch
    Bryan – The perspective you chose works very well in that shot, Crisp Photo
    Anders – good luck with the D700, Interesting that you chose a B&W
    Richard – the hard work paid off.
    Till next week,
    Remember to check out and post in favorite from September in No Words
  165. Eric - What was the occasion​
    shot that pic at a street fair in oakland. it's a belly dancing troupe, but they reminded me of the Greek naiads. their movements were so graceful and flowing, i almost forgot about getting crowd shots, which i was being paid to do. lol. almost atypical of the time of year--especially compared to Hamish's shot (brrr)--it is indian summer and that day was very hot, more spring-summer than early fall. the next day was gray and overcast, so maybe the joy of these women kept the sun out and the clouds away.
    and thanks to everyone else who liked that pic.
    my favorites this week: draganco's carnival ride, jaane's colorful bench, jana's equally-colorful berries, wayne's train, randy's athlete, jerry's dryad, louis' IR shot. to everyone else, thanks for sharing something from your corner of the world.
  166. Thanks for all the kind words so far, and especially Jeannean and Roberta for the patience and effort to comment each picture - much appreciated!
    Since I'm a tad lazier than that, just the ones that caught me most in this line-up of great photos:
    Jose Angel - These rush flowers are just photogenic as soon as the soon shines. I never can resist to take a picture of them when I've got the time, but yours succeeded considerably better.
    Justin Weiss - great backlight
    Rene' Villela - Hotel views can be worse than this! Very nice.
    Lil Judd - it's time to admit you can actually do these candids really well! Good portrait, indeed with much character.
    Finlay Jolliffe - Very alive, great actionshot.
    Jeannean Ryman - The Queen (Bee) of macro shots. Great shot... but it's not the bee that flew in with perfect timing, it's the shutter that was pushed at the right time.
    Lex Jenkins - As commented above, with the story this pictures just touches one directly. A very moving capture.
    Jerry Schuler - Love the colours, and ideal how the fairy looks directly into the camera.
    Tom Mestrom - Like last week, and the week before and I think the week before that: just wow. There is so much character in your pictures.
    Luis Argüelles - Awesome, exactly at the right moment. The ultimate sports-photo
    Dieter Schaefer - How do you manage to always get this special light in your pictures? You must attract the right light somehow.
    Harvey Serreze - what a cute portrait. I agree that kids are better to shoot with long lenses to keep the spontaneous expressions.
    Alvin Yap - It makes me wonder: what's the deer thinking about? Bambi's dad looking kind of grumpy.
    Matthew Brennan - Great shot, lovely. Manually focussed, right? Impressive..
    Ray Gosalia - Captivating picture, I like the framing.
    Tim Holte - Interesting light distribution, makes it a very strong composition to me.
    Christian Kupfer - Very nice, great angle.
    Wayne Wrights - Sometimes old is better! Is it HDR or not? If yes, it's a great HDR job, if not, it's stilla great job :)
    Lawrence Ho - Yummy. 15 minutes - worth the wait.
    Paula Wang - I love the bad hairday on this one.
    Chris Vicino - What an awesome air!
    Randy Dawson - I love the "in your face"-ness of this photo.
    Janne Kaakinen - Those great lovely colours of fall! Thank god your Fuji and Samyang have Nikon F-mounts so this photo could join this thread :)
    Igor Smirnoff - Great haze across the fields, looks like an awesome morning.
    Miles Riggin - Lovely simplicity.
    Aninda Gupta - your friend must be so happy with this photo. The interaction between them is great.
    Bryan Meadows - Great colour and line, very graphical.
    Hope to see another batch of great work next week!
  167. Once again, some outstanding work! Thanks to those who commented on my photo this week.
    Joseph Leotta- great land/moonscape, very ethereal feeling. Thanks for the soccer shot comment.
    Lil- excellent candid, b/w works very well.
    Jeannean- the master of macro, talk about great timing!
    Roberta Davidson- really great image, and i like the red table cloth, great use of color.
    Good shooting to all, have a great weekend, looking forward to seeing more wonderful work from everyone next week! John D.
  168. Sunrise in Phoenix this Sunday, before Nathan Triathlon
    2009-09-27 06:31:46 - (lens_ 105mm f/2.8 AF-S VR)
    1/500s f/11 - ISO-200 - 105mm (x1.5=157mm )
    Exp: Man.Multi-segment. +0 step. (Flash:None)
    AdobeRGB - JPG - 29 MB - Auto
    Size: 4272x2848 pixels - 100% crop
    Orig: 4288x2848 pixels - Res: 300x300dpi​
  169. Thank you for commenting on mine - Jeannean, Roberta, Joseph (how are your eyes?), . I didn't have much to offer last weekend as I was just practicing with the ultra-wide lens and didn't think much of this thread. I am looking forward to the next week.
    Although my amateur comments don't have any weight, what I like most this week are:
    Jose - really reminds me of "autumn has come"
    Justin - I like the back light effect on the fur/hair?
    Rene - so nice Biwako morning. Also, I wish you the very best!
    Joseph - strange, but interesting moon. Nice.
    Per-Christian - very impressive landscape AND cannons.
    Lil - wow, I thought it was of Ton. Very nice smile.
    Jeannean - couldn't be better timing. Well done.
    Ton - ah, you are here. As always, nice B&W scene.
    Anish - congrats on new D3. Very, very sharp and I like the color.
    Dieter - I am so attracted to this kind of landscape. Nice color.
    Ian - Very nice angle and color. Inspiring.
    Gary M - nice water fall flow...
    Kent - sad indeed. How do you manage "handheld HDR", I wonder :)
    Paul B - nice lighting/color at night shot.
    Aguinaldo - I like your night scene, too.
    Bernard M - Umn. Lets me think of the ancient time.
    Jarle - wicked, but interesting shot!
    Benjamin S - looks like done by PC-E lens. Interesting.
    Monika - nice combo of kitty and two-tone warm color wall.
    Christian Kupfer - Good angle, and effect of B&W.
    Graham Thompson - Very nice interior of church AND well captured stained glass.
    Wayne Wrights - I really love these locomotive with smoke!
    Jason R - nice AFLA* :)
    Richard Armstrong - very nice balance of light-house and woods.
    Matt Laur - What was that? But beautiful anyway. I like it.
    Louis Meluso - very beautiful rendition with IR. Impressive.
    Wayne Cornell - inspiring use of wide lens. I like wide, too.
    Steve Lyon - I don't know exactly why, but I really like your photo.
    Oskar Ojala - unique bridge and people with very colorful cloth. Interesting combo.
    Igor - I like that morning sky, too.
    Eric Arnold - I can feel the movement of these golden dancers.
    Filip Lucin - Ah! Such an autumn scene!
    Miles Riggin - Not only a lamp, but the bridge seems very important in this photo.
    Kevin Cassar - Very well taken sharp and colorful fighter.
    Aninda Gupta - I normally don't comment on kids or people photo (wife died young from cancer a few years ago), but yours are exception. I can feel love between two.
    Wade Roth - wow, the light and stair combination is wonderful!
    Christopher Thompson - Very, very well taken morning landscape. Impressed.
    Lance Noell - what is bugging him?
    Bryan Meadows - nice color and composition.
    Anders Vretenas - interesting and impressive corridor photo.
    Robert Body - Very beautiful sunset scene.
    Of course, needless to say, many others are soooo well done. Those inspiring ones makes me want to practice more every weekend. Hope the weather be nice.
  170. Harvey, Jeannean, Roberta, Joseph, and Ken—Thanks for commenting on my picture. I may post more pictures of the project on Wednesdays yet to come. Sort of a silly little self-assignment.
    How do you manage "handheld HDR", I wonder :)
    Maybe the "handheld" part wasn't worth mentioning. I put it in because I'm still amazed at Photomatix's ability to align multiple frames (made with the D300's auto-bracketing feature in this case) that were shot handheld and don't exactly match. I learned this was possible from a previous Wednesday picture posted by Hamish.
  171. Late again. Excellent examples by all. I carry my camera everywhere.....this is at the checkout at the local convenience store. One of the very rare times I used the built in flash.
  172. Per-Christian Nilssen
    We have seen the Door, last week and now the surroundings.
    Next week we will enter the castle, I imagine!
    Beatiful picture. I would love to have those cannons, specially aimed at one of my neighbours!!!
  173. Sorry Tim!!
    It will be Aguinaldo, the lucky one to invite all of us to the 2016 Olympics !!
  174. Thanks to all - not just for comments - but for taking time to post images which I,and,I am sure many others find so enjoyable. Such a wide range of styles and subjects and every one worth veiwing. This thread is to me at least is what photography is about.Taking images and sharing them. Best wishes to all.
  175. Kent - thanks for the tip. I will someday give it a try!
  176. Just got back from watching the Thunderbirds at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base. I shot the flying display on Olympus E620 but I used my D40 for this shot: USAF F-16 and RMAF Sukhoi Su-30MKM.
  177. Much appreciation for the comments regarding my "lucky" bee shot. I actually got another one this morning. Maybe all this practice is paying off. Of course I missed several too...but we won't talk about those. ;-)
    Waldemar: I spotted some of your Monarchs this morning! They sure travel fast.
    A few more comments:
    Eric Angelo: I missed yours and Chris Courts' this week. Hope all is well with both of you.
    Richard: Very nice self portrait and creative thinking! The lighting is very nice.
    Robert: Nice silhouette shot. I really like the warmth in this.
    Mark C: She's precious and I love the look on her face. Kudos for you for having a camera ready at all times.
    Raden: Those are some serious planes. Nice shot.
    Thanks again everyone for the photos, comments, and general fun of this thread. See you WedNEsDAy!
  178. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Joseph Leotta - the beatle is a Chalcosoma Mollenkampi, where the male can be upto
    about 100mm - this was 'only' about 60-65mm
  179. Erik - thanks for the info, I have a 14 year old daughter that is having nightmares about bugs after seeing your photo. I found a photo on flicker that shows the size of one
    Its pure horror for kids afraid of bigs
    Very well done.
  180. Jeannean - Eric Angelo: I missed yours and Chris Courts' this week. Hope all is well with both of you.​
    Also missing for a while is Susan Wolf. I also hope everything is alright
  181. I have been suffering from severe headaches (worse than normal) for over three days now. I have moments of "clarity" - but then it gets bad again.... So as I'm having a moment of "clarity' I will try to comment now.
    First up - this thread grows for each week & Jose is great at getting us going with it. We're lucky he decided to start this as it has brought the forum together a lot & so many people dare to show their "faces" due to this thread. I bet most of us are really surprised as more & more people join. But this does bring me to the situation I now find myself in. There are so many wonderful photos each week & I know that they all have special meaning to the person who took the shot. They all have some redeeming quality & on this I've been trying to comment each week. But fact is - it now takes me two days to get through the thread as I really can't stop & just do it any more. I try, but we have too many pets & I have too much going on to keep this up. The other week someone referred to it as a "Herculean" task. "Heavy Sigh" Yes that it is. Which is why I have to stop this now for myself. I recommend others consider doing the same as it is a huge job & I simply find I have no time.
    So I have to stop & ask that the forum members understand my quandary. I have too many things going on & I no longer have time to pp my photos etc. I'm simply overextended on too many fronts & I have to make adjustments. I hope you all understand.
    Now - to start up with I wish to Thank Ton for all his help & suggestions off the board I've been getting over the last few days. It is greatly appreciated. I want to tell everyone that Ton made a version of my shot which I like a lot better than mine. It has more contrast which I wanted & Ton suggested a square crop which I love. I knew I was not happy with the full frame version, but somehow did not get around to cropping the shot. Ton had a great idea. Again Thank You Ton.
    And to those of you who commented on my shot this week of Francis. Thank You to Dieter, Sjoerd for the previous weeks Egret shot, Jeannean, Paul, Roberta, Richard, Joseph - you are just too kind, Wouter - I don't know what to say to that....., John DeMarco, & Ken Yamamoto - hardly but I thank you for your kind words. I hope I did not miss anyone....
    Now, to the shots which stand out to me.
    Rene's sunrise, Joseph's night shot, Alejandro's portrait, Per-Christian's castle & this coming week I hope to see the actual castle, Wouter's landscape, Shun's pool area, Jeannean's macro, Hamish's frozen landscape which so reminds me why I don't like Sweden in the winter, Lex's gentle baby shot, Ton's stunning B&W, Anish's night shot, Dieter's landscape, Eric Christensen's macro bug, Jana's berries, William's macro, Monika's cat, Wayne's train in Chama (where I have a friend who shoots that train all the time & owns a hotel in Chama), Roberta's colors in shells, Jim's dog, Richard's B&W landscape, Adam's B&W landscape, Matt's abstract, Chris's moody landscape, Randy's portrait of his hockey player, Louis's IR landscape, Walter's spider macro, Amy' s baby feet, Janne's park bench, Ertugrul's lone boat in blue (one of my favorite shots ever) Tony's landscape, Oskar's Chinese bridge & landscape, Peter's landscape & Tiffany's elegant pregnant tummy.
    All entries are wonderful for one reason or another - so to Everyone Well Done & another Great Thread
    I'm missing Chris Court & others & hope all is well.
    Lil :)
  182. Per-Christian - You have several request to see the whole castle next week. Let me add mine.
    I guess you don't have to worry about what to post :)
  183. I agree with Lil. There are so many wonderful shots posted on WedNEsDAy PiC. I feel guilty I don't have the time to post comments on each and every picture that is posted. I do appreciate seeing pictures posted from all over the world taken with every combination of Nikon (mostly) camera and lens available.
    I feel somewhat embarrassed to say that by the end of the thread it is starting to look like the credits from a Hollywood movie or even the latest trend in book publication where the author thanks his/her grade school teacher/neighbor/long lost relative/children/co-workers, etc.
    I'm not able to devote the time I would like to in general and the Nikon forum in particular, but I think if we can limit our comments to what really works in a photo or only make suggestions to make a photo better I think we will all be better rewarded.
    I feel guilty when I can't respond (due to time restraints) to everyone that may comment positively on a photo I may post.
    I know this may be a sensitive subject and I'm sure I could have addressed it in a more diplomatic manner, but let's get back to posting a photo taken/processed on or near Wednesday taken with some sort of Nikon related equipment.
    My reward from following WedNEsDAy PiC is to see what other photo netters are able to do with their Nikon equipment. I get inspiration seeing what my camera/lens is capable of accomplishing
    Maybe we could have 2 threads: WedNEsDAy PiC and WedNEsDAy PiC kudo's and thank-you's.
    Thank's for considering my input,
  184. I know this may be a sensitive subject and I'm sure I could have addressed it in a more diplomatic manner, but let's get back to posting a photo taken/processed on or near Wednesday taken with some sort of Nikon related equipment.
    My reward from following WedNEsDAy PiC is to see what other photo netters are able to do with their Nikon equipment. I get inspiration seeing what my camera/lens is capable of accomplishing
    Maybe we could have 2 threads: WedNEsDAy PiC and WedNEsDAy PiC kudo's and thank-you's.​
    Skip over the end part. There were four photos posted after Wednesday's official end and the comments began. My scroll bar is fast enough to skip over most anything I don't want to read.
  185. Jeannean - I'm one of those 4 posters. WedNEsDAy Pic (no offense to Jose...he had a wonderful idea and I fully support his intent) has evolved to a mutual admiration society. Let's quit with the "thank you for commenting on my post' stuff and get back to giving a more detailed treatise on what works or doesn't work for those pics that grab our attention for whatever reason.
    I've been involved with for many, many years. I go in cycles where I have lot's of time to comment/post. Then due to work constraints I may barely be able to upload a pic and make a few comments.
    I really appreciate real, constructive comments on anything posted to the various forums I follow. I long ago gave up on the photo critique forum where folks 'supported' each other. I'd like real, constructive critiques.
  186. As some one stated last week, commenting on each photo makes you go back and study it closely, and you pick up the finer points that you may have missed when just scanning thru the thread. That’s a good thing because I draw inspiration and motivation from the excellent pictures posted here. This thread actually helps makes me a better photographer.​
    People work hard on these photos and theres nothing wrong giving some encouragement back. For some the comments are a learning experience and thats what is about
    I think its a very fitting end to the thread each week
    This thread is perfect as is = Don't try to fix something that not broke.
  187. Tim Holte and Alejandro Held and everyone in this thread,
    you're invited to come to Rio to the next Olympics.
  188. Sorry, to the 2016 Olympics....
    best regards
  189. Lil, I hope you get some relief soon. Take good care of yourself and know you have a lot of people here sending you their best wishes.
    Aquinaldo, do we need to bring sleeping bags? There may be 100+ guests at your place. Just think of ALL that NIKON gear!!! :D
  190. Thanks to Jeannean, Roberta, Richard, Wouter W, Joseph for commenting on "half face" portrait of my son. I really appreciate your comment and time for commenting on each of the photos on this thread.
    This thread is really enjoyable and gives an opportunity to show work to all kind of photographers around the world ...
    Once again Thanks,
  191. Thanks to those who commented on my photo, if anybody has anytime to give guidance, technically or artistically please contract me through email. Have a look at my portfolio and give feed back, I can take the rough with the smooth, I'm here to learn. Your advice/guidance/coaching whatever you want to call it is very much appreciated.
    Lill , take time out and focus on your well being and the important things. We'll still be here for you, hang tough lass.
    Joseph , I'm with you buddy, this is a great thread, many thanks to Jose for hosting it. We don't want to go messing about with it.
    But one thing that's been getting me all stirred up, it's called Nikon WedNEsDAy for a reason. It is a major frustration when folks rush in and post images on a Friday or Saturday mid flow through the crit. Keep them for the following Wednesday please. Last thread Joseph identified the essence of participating in this thread, and rightly so in my opinion.
    Joseph Leotta [​IMG] [​IMG] , Sep 28, 2009; 11:16 p.m.
    Heres how the week goes for Nikon Wednesday. Have the photo ready by Tuesday night so it can be posted when the thread starts. That means that something should be shot over the weekend as not to panic on Monday. Wednesday is enjoy the photos day. Thursday is comment day and Friday is plan what to shoot on the weekend.
    whole post: it's almost at the bottom of the thread.​
    Yes it means being organised...we don't have to post every week, this is for fun first and foremost, to learn and's not a religion.
    Thank you for enduring my diatribe.
    Ok...pp time once I've done some chores.
    Big love to you all. Till Wednesday.
    Aguinaldo , I may take you up on the offer...never been to Rio, never Been to the Olympics.
  192. Finlay - My understanding is one of the purposes of WedNEsDAy PiC is to get out and shoot on a regular basis. Then post on a regular basis so the other Nikon folks can see what you're up to. My problem with posting on WedNEsDAy is that I generally don't have Internet access from Tuesday through Friday.
    I really like to see what folks are able to do with their Nikon equipment. It gives me something to strive for. I get to post my pics up with the rest of you to see how they compare. There is a tremendous amount of talent showcased here every WedNEsDAy.
    "...this is for fun first and foremost, to learn and's not a religion."
    I agree with this sentiment entirely. I think one of the neat things about about WedNEsDAy PiC is that it starts over every WedNEsDAy. There aren't many (any?) threads anywhere on that consistently generate the enthusiasm and the participation shown in WedNEsDAy PiC.
    Last but not least, for some folks this is really their ThURsDAy PiC.
    Thanks - Mark
  193. Jeannean Ryman, Roberta Davidson and Joseph Leotta, thank you for taking time to post comments on my shot... Very appreciated. Thanks again...
    Joseph Leotta, this is "La Corne d'Or" or "The Golden Horn" in Istanbul. I took this picture from The Pierre Loti Hill that dominates The Golden Horn. The name of the hill comes from the French writer Julien Viaud, alias Pierre Loti, who lived in Istanbul...
  194. First: I want to thanks Eric Arnold, Per-Christian Nilssen, Jeannean Ryman, Paul V. Gorky, Lil Judd, Joseph Leotta, Finlay Jolliffe and Roberta Davidson, for commenting on my pic from last week ( thread 39). I had wrote some words about your photos, but after I posted, the Thread was closed and sent to Oblivion! My fault for being so slow.

    Also thanks to Tiffany Brook, Jeannean, Paul V.,Roberta,Lil (Get better! the Egretta needs you), Richard Karash and Joseph for your kind words about my picture of Lucas.

    John DeMarco,

    This Sunday I looked all the photos in the thread again. When I saw your excellent exposed photo of a bike, I realised of a detail I had no paid attention before.
    The plaque with the pyramid and the swastika. First I thought, Rommel and the Africa Korps but although the Bike is classic is not that old! or yes? There must be an interesting story why the plaque is there. I would love to know more. Thanks

    see you all next wednesday
  195. bms


    Jeannean , Roberta , Joseph , Ken , thanks for you comments. It takes a lot of time to comment on every picture. This week again, I lack the time to even do a few (been in meeting all weekend).
  196. Hi guys, I have been busy all weekend, so you have not heard from me in the last days, so thank you to, Roberta, Joseph, Ken, Alejandro, and of course Lil, for all your nice words. I see there is some anticipation in my next image on the coming Wednesday...... He, He. And I foolishly thought that this Monday would be relaxing.....
    Mark & Joseph, I have read your comments on the future of this thread with interest. I also have some thoughts, but I think I will sleep on them first, before I post.
    Lil, you have done a tremendous effort in posting positive comments on the images. No wonder that you feel that this thread is taking too much of your time. Concentrate on getting well, and we look forward to hearing from you again. You do not have to feel you must comment on every image. Not at all. From all of us, get well soon!
    Logging out now, there is a warm bed waiting.....
  197. Hi,

    Mark, Apologies, I forget that not everybody has 24/7 access to the net.
    Re-reading the guidelines provided, I'm reminded that when we post is not of I said it was a personal frustration.
    Per-Christian, no need to fix required.
    Jose, many thanks again for hosting this thread...may it's diversity is it's strength.
    Kind Regards
  198. Moderator's note - Because this thread has taken nearly 3 minutes to load, I'm closing it for now. We'll see you all for Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #41. -- LJ
    Some interesting issues have been raised in this thread, which Shun and I anticipated and have discussed in the past: How wordy should these Wednesday Pic threads be? Since both photos and words add to the length of these threads, and affect how long it takes to load the entire thread, we've arrived at the point where we need to discuss this issue.
    We're not trying to replace the existing No Words Forum. The original No Words concept originated elsewhere, the goal being to provide an outlet for sharing photos without the potential complications that result from the fuzzy concept of "How many words is 'enough'?" But some other forums have adopted a modified version, the NW/W type threads, in which some words are acceptable.
    The weekly Nikon Wednesday Pic threads are closer to the NW/W concept, but have grown beyond anyone's expectations. They're unique. They're a great morale booster and great for the sense of community. They've also presented some unique challenges that we've needed to deal with, both as community members and for the moderators.
    So far, my rule of thumb has not been to impose a word limit but, rather, a time limit based on how long it takes one of these threads to load from an empty cache onto my browser, using a basic DSL connection. As I'd mentioned in previous threads, including this one , if it takes longer than two minutes to load a Wednesday Pic thread from an empty cache, we may need to consider closing the threads rather than simply allowing them to remain open until the next Wednesday Pic session.
    Generally speaking, I believe it's best to let problems resolve themselves. But there have been a few instances of problems occurring on the Wednesday Pic threads that are more difficult to resolve because the threads have become so popular. In the past year we've dealt with:
    • A few cases of commercial spam.
    • Some trolling by a couple of folks (not regular participants) who just wanted to stir the pot. And, as is often the case, rather than ignoring the trolls some well-meaning folks attempted to engage them in constructive dialog. This never works. That's why they're called "trolls". Stirring up trouble is a hobby and entertainment for the dedicated troll. And it's why we have moderators.
    • Deliberate posting of multiple photos by a couple of folks who refused to cooperate with the one-photo-per-person rule. I'm not talking about simple ignorance of the rules - I'm not worried about the new participant who isn't aware of the rule. That's not a serious problem. But we've had a couple of folks who repeatedly posted multiple photos even after being warned, including one who signed up under a pseudonym to continue this practice.
    • A couple of photos that didn't quite meet our safe for work/school viewing policy (not a big deal, but it's happened a couple of times).
    It may be time to open a discussion to the community about how to proceed with these Nikon Wednesday Pic threads in order to find some consensus about how many words is enough, given the rough guide I've given of how long it takes to load an entire thread from an empty browser cache.

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