Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #28

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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.
    Hi, we`re having an inusual, extremely hot weather! I took this pic during a visit to a friend`s appartment; this small pool is all surrounded by high buildings, very close between them with thousands of windows facing the pool... curious.

    D700 @ 1600ISO, 14bit RAW, 50AFS (1/250 - f8). Once again I wish I had a wider lens, but I`m not willing to sacrifice the speed of the 50... It is the whole frame processed in Aperture.

    Please post your Nikon weekly pic if you like. Thank you all!
  2. Tricky shot. I was trying to capture the frantic energy of my friend's border collie, Topaz, who's also an ace in agility trials. During this session, Friday 7/3/09, I was alternating between grilling pork roast and trying to capture Topaz in a mid-air leap for her favorite toy, a soggy tennis ball. Took several tries, tossing the ball high and short with my left hand while shooting the D2H and SB-800 with my right. That's a heavy rig for one-handed shooting and I'm not very steady. Between the camera shakes and heavy tree cover I relied on TTL flash at 1/250th, auto-everything mode and the blistering quick AF of the D2H to snag around 20 decent shots out of almost 200.
  3. Good evening everyone!
    Let's see how productive this past week was! I am happy! My shot is from last Thursday! As some of the members here already know I was called to shoot a band in a club.
    Let me say it again, I was called to shoot a band... Sorry, I just like the way it sounds :)
    It was the first time for me. I had a really good time. I felt almost like a pro! And the payment was better than money, a lot of beer and food and entertainment for two days!
    Before leaving home I asked for some advice on how to set up my camera and what lenses to use. As usually, I got help within in a few minutes from P/N members. (Sorry Eric, you were a bit too late but I saved your suggestion to use in a later time). If anyone is interested, you can find really good tips here:
    I converted this shot to B&W on P/S. I was thinking to clone out the light but... Uhmmm! I kinda like it with the light showing there. Also I had to recover a few h/l from the face of the singer, I hope I did a good job!
    Well, I have a feeling this will be another great thread! Cheers!
  4. morning all. taken sunday evening at Perch Rock, New Brighton near to where i live after a passing storm. D200, sigma 10-20mm.
  5. Yohoo, it's Wednesday!
    José, that shot is really cool! I like the contrast between cold and warm, and it looks almost surreal! Lex, what a moment! And Ton, that cat looks like it's just a tad bit suspicious of you... :) Gary: great catch! And Rene, your play with shadows is just it!
    Dining out with the D700, 50/1.4 @ 2.8 and low ISO
  6. Moonrise over Alamo Park in San Francisco. Saw this on my walk home last week. Caught me by suprise without a tripod so I braced myself and hoped for the best. I love the effect of the underexposed hilll in the foreground, eliminating space and making it look as though the lamp and moon exist in the same plane. Happy Wednesday everyone!!!
  7. D300 + 10-24, at 24mm, ISO200, F5, 1/60 :
  8. My past week has been a series of windy and rainy days punctuated by carting the camera & tri-pod out to the decking and back in again as the sun shines briefly and then returns to it's wintery foulest.
    My new Nikon TC 1.4 EII arrived last week so it went through it's paces on the 500mm P - pointed at some hardy feathered souls who exist in these winter months in the garden here with minimal food sources on hand..........
    This is a 50% crop of the original frame with some post shoot exposure level alterations and light sharpening.
    ps. Lil Judd - I know I'm still centering my subjects....... tut, tut.......... ;-)
  9. Didn't get to shoot this week so heres one from 2 weeks ago.
    From main street in Wilmington Vernont
    D300 18-135 Dx Nikkor
  10. Nikon D80 +17-55mm f2.8 @ 55mm, f4, 1/125, iso100
    Cork City, Ireland
  11. Hi everybody,
    I didn't even have time to comment the last two weeks, but I've seen some great pictures there.
    A few weeks ago I ran into this guy and he was kind enough to pose for me, I think it's a yak.
    Taken with the D90 + 80-200 @ F3.3 1/750s 200mm iso 200
  12. I don't think that is a Yak, looks like Highland Cattle to me. Nice expression
  13. Taken last May at Hipodromo de San Isidro, Buenos Aires
    D300+18-200 mm VR @200mm
    1/80 F5.6 ISO 1250
  14. Hello all, good morning
    Taken several weeks ago, during one of the most fantastic sunsets I've ever seen. Apart from this one, I shot a composite of 11 pictures to register the complete scenery, wich was amazing. You can see it here.
    D40, 18-55 kit lens @ 18mm, f/11 and 1/10s handheld, ISO200. Post processing done in LR2 to recover the highlights.
  15. Death can dance
  16. It's been extremely hot here too Jose. Beautiful shots so far everyone! I took this yesterday at an indoor swimming pool. It's the reflexion of the light coming in from a crescent shaped window on the water. When I saw the result, it reminded me of a ghostly headless swimmer. (Nikon D40 with Nikkor 35mm f:1.8. ISO 200 f/4.5 Aperture priority, non-manipulated)
    The Headless Ghost Swimmer
  17. Not only are the Wednesday pics very pleasureable to view, but they also serve to inspire me to take on new projects and see things a little differently. Thank you to all that submit them.
    For today's photo I have a late evening shot of a lion - taken on Friday just before the sun went down. He was taking in the last of the evening warmth and looked very beguiling.
    I used my F80, 70-200mm VR and Fuji Superia 400. I really could have done with a roll of 800 as well because as it got dark there was still plenty going on.
  18. Wednesday! Here we go again ...
    Waiting for an ice cream.
  19. From a sunset session, just last night, shooting a friend and his young daughter.
  20. We have also had hot weather lately and on Sunday it was too hot to do anything sensible. So after sitting in the yard for half an hour, soaking up the sun I began to notice the bees. It suddenly struck me that the most sensible thing I could do that day was to try and catch one in mid-flight. I soon discovered that they move from flower to flower much faster than I had anticipated and ended up with over 20 frames of the bee's rear end just visible in the upper left corner :) After persisting I finally got an image I could crop.
    D300, 70-300VR & SB-900. 1/3200s, f6.3, ISO 800.
  21. shot a couple of interesting things this week, but the photo which stands out is this one, of everything must go singer jake hout burning a minature american flag at a punk rock 4th of july party.patriotism is in the mind of the beholder!
  22. They've nicknamed the baby Darth Vader.
  23. Taken with Nikon F3HP, Nikon 24mm F2. TMax 100 ASA, Perceptol 1+1.
    Best wishes from Turkey.
  24. Hi,
    I'm very happy posting today again. I captured following scene on the street especially for Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC thread. Okra's were under thin shadow layer. I'm using only Nikon Capture NX2 for processing my NEF files. Hope you like it. Many cheers you to all.
    Aperture Priority
    f/2.2, 1/2000, ISO100
  25. Good WedNEsDAy to everyone! Looking forward to see this thread in full tomorrow, great start we have here already!
    Last weekend I attended to a local goth festival, wasn't there to shoot but had my D50/50mm 1.8D combo with me and took few hundred pics anyway, just for fun. Had my D50 set to Auto ISO, just to see how high ISO pics would look like, and the noise worked great in some of the bit more "punkish" pics I took. I had fun and taking pics in very casual way was a big part of it. So here's one example of the rough "lomoish" look I loved in my pics.
  26. Great pics everyone. A lot of mornings here started off gray, foggy and overcast. Managed to capture this juvenile red-tailed hawk on its perch, D300, 300/4 AF-S with TC-17EII (50mm), hand held, 1/800s, f/6.7 (that max aperture for this combo), ISO400.
  27. View of GG bridge and San Fran downtown in a clear evening right before the fog starts to descend.
  28. Good morning. Euhh, Bogdan, very impressive shot! Here is my today's entry taken on the 4th.
  29. This is a chap I met on an Isle of Wight visit. Something about the shape of his face and the lines really ingtrigued me.....
  30. Hi all,

    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night...
    Happy again to post to this wonderful thread.
    Here is my contribution.
    Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 65 mm, ISO: 400, 1/320, F/9
  31. Well, I only got a chance to go out to photograph for part of the day Sunday with a friend. He wanted to go & check the Black-necked Stilt chicks I photographed the previous weekend - - so I said OK as I wanted to know how well the parents were doing protecting their chicks against bobcats & birds of prey. Well I'm pleased to inform everyone that of the four chicks I followed last weekend - all four are still alive & doing well. The father is limping a bit though for playing kamikaze bomber on any other bird or even bunny coming too close to their chicks. What a difference a week make in a young bird's life - they're still tiny, but a lot larger than the previous weekend.
    D300 & 300 - 800mm Sigmonster ISO 400 Manual metering at 1/1250s f/8 at 600mm edited in NX2 & CS3 EXIFs embedded.
  32. Absolutely, Nikon Wed is (almost) better than the weekend! Looking forward to all the submissions. So far here is what caught my eye..
    Rene V. - great lighting
    Matt L. - lovelly capture of mood
    Susan W. - a beautiful family portrait
    Tolga A. - excellent shot..on my favourite medium, black & white film
    Bruce M. - great expression capture
    My submission this week is a portrait taken with one light using a honeycomb filter on it.
  33. My image this week was taken last night of the full moon. I took this shot as the moon was coming up over the horizon, thus the orange color. I used my Nikon D300 with 200-400mm F4 lens. ISO 200, F11 @ 1/100 second, 400mm with 1.4 TC. I manually focused and manual exposure with mirror up. Thanks for looking.
  34. Good Morning! Another great Wednesday with some beautiful work already up, again! This week I have a shot of my friend's son from the 4th of July parade. It was taken with my D300, 18-200 VR zoom at f8, 1/640 sec, iso 200, 75 mm, handheld, cropped and converted to black and white in Aperture 2.1.3.
    Have a great day, everyone!
  35. This picture was taken last week-end in Atlantic City, I had parked my vehicle on the roof-top of the parking garage of a casino hotel. I have sharpened the image and noise filter in CS4.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 400
    Exposure: 3.0 sec
    Aperture: 22.0
    Focal Length: 18mm
    Thanks for looking,
  36. Cooling off from the South Florida heat
    That should read D3 with 80-400mm lens @400mm, 1/1250, f13, NOT D70.
  37. July 4th right before the fireworks started.
  38. Like so many others, I've been looking at old Kodachromes. Here's one of my son.
  39. I particularly like yours this week Bogdan, very interesting.
    Here's another from a recent trip to Scarborough, F90X, Ilford HP5, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 wide open.
  40. Kemal, your pic made me laugh out loud!
  41. Shot this weekend past
  42. bms


    It is Wednesday and I am trying to do this again before work, which is always rushed.
    Shout out to all the great shooters. Jose : I am envious (see Maine weather report below). Lex , looks like a hairball - pun intended. Renee , great shot, but the singer still looks alive, you need to aim better? (OK, stopping black humor now). Gary, Richard : love'em. Matthew B : supersharp, shot... looks as if on speed or something, very awake. Sjoerd : a lot of character, it is a Scottish Highland cow. Bogdan : spooky. Ian : 70-200! How close were you to this guy? Matt L .: great candid family portrait! Hamish : I am always trying to get such a shot. My hat off to you. Bruce : one of my favs.
    OK, here we now have the third week of rain, which makes for lousy photo ops. Every time the sun comes out I am at work and evening/mornings are mostly gray. So here is a close up from our garden - in B&W.
  43. It was so many years ago - now we celebrate "Independence Day".
  44. Went out for a walk yesterday and as usual took a few pictures of Emelie. Converted to black and white with Silver Efx Pro.
  45. Good morning all! Hopefully I get the right size the first time.
  46. Wow. Lex, nice one hand action shot. Bogdan, very unique I like it. Mathew, the bird is stunning. Kent, beautiful back lighting and texture using Kodachrome.
    Here is a shot from the 5th since the on the 4th it was pouring rain. It's not real unique but fun with the kids shooting off fireworks. The moon ended up blue with the correct wb for the barn light.
  47. Hello Everyone...
    Yet another wonderful Wednesday!!
    I haven't had anytime the past couple of weeks to take any new pictures but here's a pic that I took a while back...
  48. Feeding time in the swamp
  49. Peddling pizza at a 4th of July carnival in smalltown USA
    D700 + 24-70 @ 24mm
  50. Bubbles the cat
  51. Bro Man
  52. Too busy to get out this week to photograph so I had to resort to some indoor fun last night. Taken with a D300 and 90mm tamron macro lens.
  53. Waiting for Wednesday to come and this week I see a lot more of the D700,my humle post for this week is a home grown anthurium.
  54. The model has lost her ear ring in the midst of her hair . She was trying to take out the ring and igot the shot. D300 with 70-200 mm AFS-VR at135 mm 1/200 at f/14
  55. Good morning everyone!
    Todays photo is fairly recent (for me...), just 2 months old. Taken one fine evening here on Grand Cayman Island with my D300 and Sigma 10-20. ISO 200, 1/60 sec f/11.
  56. Sorry... browser problems!
    Let's try again...
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    Let's try again...
  58. Sorry... browser problems!
    Let's try again...
  59. Another terrific group of photographs from everyone so far this week. I am amazed each week at the diversity and quality of the postings. I had hoped to post pictures from a visit yesterday to a local wildlife sanctuary but I have more wildlife in my backyard than the sanctuary had on this visit. So my contibution is a night time picture that was taken at the request of a fellow member of one of the garden railway forums I belong to.
    Taken with a D80 and a 50/1.8 ISO 640 and trial and error manual exposure. 1/90 sec @ f1.8.
  60. Hello to all and congrats on the fine assembly of photos so far especially:
    Arash: You've taken a very beautiful picture. The lighting is fantastic!
    Lill: Another great shot, how do you get them to pose for you?
    Richard: I love the mug on that kid! Priceless!
    My shot is from Saturday at our local 4th of July parade. Richard, I too was going to take my shot and convert to B&W for an old fashioned look but decided to stay with the color version because of the reds. The B&W version did however give me the sense of going back in time in that the young boy in the picture could have been me given the vintage of the car he is waving at.
    D3 Sigma 24-70mm f/9 ISO 800 1/800 "all tricks off" as Jose says.
  61. Strolling the streets of "Old Montreal" the cobblestones had an appeal to me on this overcast day. Nikon d300 - Vivid seting and using the sigma 10-20mm.[​IMG]
  62. Very bizarre, but I see it finally worked.
    Beautiful work from everyone so far!
  63. Anna's Hummingbird (Male). D700 with Nikon 300/2.8, 1.4x teleconverter, 1/640s, f/2.8, ISO 1400, spot metered.
  64. OMG!
    Here I am, having my holiday, and relaxing painting the living room (NOT! ;) ) , and I'm just checking to see whether there are new interesting threads - and then its Wednesday again! And I almost forgot! No it's not healthy having a holiday ;)
    Therefore, this time an image to remind us on that here in Norway we now have daylight almost 24h/day. Shot at 22:17 - or 10:17PM if you please.
  65. Nikon D50 with 70-300 mm Nikkor AF zoom.
  66. As always the pics are wonderful to see and hopefully bring some images to mind when out shooting.
    This is a barn in Western Kentucky. Hopefully I caught it OK.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  67. @ShawnMcFarlane very nice b&w picture
    @DariuszLachowski amazing fireworks shot
    @RichardBorovoy awesome "bro" :)
    Remember when they say "Don't forget to remove your filter when taking night shots" well I forgot...
    [D90, 50mm 1.4G, Manual 1/60 f/.28
    ,ISO 800 ]
  68. Purple heron and chicks, just discovered this over a lunch in the woods around Corner Cafe a daily lunch place!!
    D200 - No Flash @ 1/60 Sec
    Nikkor 80-400 @ f5.6
    ISO 200 tripoded shot.
  69. Here is another try to post a picture of the Mackinac Bridge from the Upper Peninsula side. Take with Nikon D300, Nikon 70-200 F/2.8 lens.
  70. Station master in small Croatian town
  71. Good evening everyone,
    Already a nice
    Here's my daughter from this year's carnival
  72. Great job everyone!
    I most like work of following posters:
    Matthew Brennan
    Sjoerd Leeuwenberg
    Alejandro Held
    Pedro Cardoso
    Bogdan Nicolescu
    Arash Hazeghi
    Dan Park
    Colin Mangan
    Tony Hadley
    Here is my modest contribution to this great thread.
    D80 + Sima 10-20@ 10mm
  73. Here's one, taken an hour ago. Nikon D300, original lensbaby (at f/4), shot as b/w in camera.
  74. Sleeping cat


    D80 50mm 1.8D 1/640 f/3.2 ISO 100
    >Nikon F2 Photomic, 50mm f2 Nikkor, Fuji 400.
  76. Hi everyone
    so many great photos today that it's too hard to choose favourite
    but I will try
    Bogdan nice shot where did you find this guy?
    Suzan Wolfe why Darth Vader? nevertheless great shot
    Arash great capture of this iconic bridge
    Chris lovely shot I like the colors a lot
    Ken Yamamoto nice perspective
    Kemal you know everyone likes good pasta
    Lil nice bird funny comment with the photo (the kamikazee one)
    Aaron pretty model and nice shot
    here is my contribution
    I was playing around photographing flowers against black background here's one of them
  77. Wednesday again already? YAY!
    Everyone has fantastic shots this week! Some of those that stuck out for me are:
    Matthew Brennan - Love the streaks of yellow on the bird, and fine detail!
    Arash Hazeghi - I enjoy the lighting in your shot. Well done!
    Richard Armstrong - That's just plain cute!
    Elliot Bernstein - Great action shot!
    Colin Mangan - Definitely some smoke innuendo I see there :)
    Sanford Gerald - Very detailed and ugly chompers :)
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the day's submissions. Excellent work everyone!
    This week I'm sharing a shot from a recent wedding. The bride's son was hamming it up a bit for me while the groom was getting dressed.
  78. This week, some local wildlife.
  79. This past weekend I spent a bit of time with the camera hoping to get a shot that expressed, for me, something of an Independence Day theme. I wasn't thinking along the lines of fireworks or any other direct shot of celebratory activity but something a bit more personal. It wasn't until the final minutes of the weekend when I was streaming back towards Denver with other traveling vacationers and glanced in my rear view mirror that I had an idea I might have found what I wanted.
    This photo speaks to me and I'm quite satisfied with it.
    By the way a quick thanks to those who made note of my goat last week - I didn't make time to either reply or to call out those whose shots I admired myself. This week, so far, the standout shot for me is Thangavelu Nachimuth's missing earing, although, of course, there are so many other excellent shots, far more than I could mention. And the day is still young!
    Anyway, here is my choice for the week, shot with D90, 16-85 VR, 20s @ f/10, ISO 200:
  80. Fishing with the dolphins. Lower Laguna Madre Bay, Texas
  81. a good friend letting me take some pics as I was working with different setups on my D200 (70-200mm 2.8). I converted this to BW and actually liked it a little better, but here it is raw.
  82. a good friend letting me take some pics as I was working with different setups on my D200 (70-200mm 2.8). I converted this to BW and actually liked it a little better, but here it is raw.
  83. Summer Parade, La Tour-de-Peilz last Saturday
  84. At the finish of the swimming part of a triatlon race in Hungary.
  85. Great shots again this week. This is a July 4th concert at the Los Angeles Farmer's Market celebrating it's 75th anniversary.
  86. Times Square.
  87. Yet another WdeNesDay.
    I like that swimmer Jeannean and the way you have cut that portrait Matt.
    Mine is taken today on my way to work.
  88. Uups.
    Once more
  89. I always thought it will be another macro shoot from me this Wednesday but I'm post processing last weekend's wedding so why not one of them.
  90. Oh my. Jose, wonderful way to get us out of the starting gate. What a frame, what a story.
    Lex , you managed to capture the energy...please forward some to me!
    Sjord, I love that face. Great shot. Really wonderful connection.
    Janne, wonderful eye for the beauty in backlight
    Sanford, funny and perfect shot. There's a saying, you know...
    Anyway, here is my contribution. I am not a wedding photographer. Never will claim to be one, but somehow I am doing 2 this summer. I kinda liked this result.
  91. Disney vacation Orlando Florida
    D2X 2.8 70-200 iso 100
  92. sometimes the most satsifying picture is not technically the best. this coopers hawk emerged from the woods so suddenly, while i was spacing out towards the end of a long walk, that all i could do was aim, fire and hope for the best. fortunately i had the shutter at 1/500, although it could've stood to be at least 1/800...
  93. Nikon D300 & Nikkor 70-200 f 2.8
    F/2.8 1/640s @ 200mm
  94. I give up. Just can't seem to master the task of posting an image. Fails every time. sorry! I've tried numerous times to post an image without success. I give up. !
  95. To Sanford Dickerson:
    If you e-mail me your photo, I will be happy to do whatever I need to so your shot makes it to the thread today (giving you full credit of course). Then I will give you a step by step on whatever might be wrong so you can do it successfully next week and on! Don't give up just yet, we're here to help our fellow photographers!
  96. Sanford - Ryan has offered. I will do the same. Just contact one of us & we'll get it up. Have you communicated with Lex about how to upload a photo for the thread?
    There's no giving up - - just try try again...
    Lil :)
  97. Some old rocks in England.....
  98. hello all -
    Pic of my friend Stephen spinning fire poi over a brave batch of souls..
    D300, DX 17-55, no flash
    shot at :
    iso 200, f4, 11 second exposure, Long exposure NR turned on.
    post :
    crop. rotate slightly.
  99. My Internet connection is barely moving right now, so I can't honestly say "great photos, all." In the meanwhile, here is my modest contribution.
  100. Very nice everyone.
    I love the presence of film here. Can never get enough film!
    Nikon D300, 50mm 1.8 @ 1.8, ISO 800, Streamlight M3 tactical flashlight held above the rice, pointing downwards.
  101. Great pictures everyone. I look forward to this thread every week. Here is a flower I snapped after it rained the other morning.
  102. Ok, lets try that again.
  103. A night shot.
  104. Hi!
    I like this thread because of the inspiring variety of photographs - thanks for creating this „anchor“ within the Nikon forum, Jose!
    And this weeks contributions really stand out quality-wise.
    I started typing a list with some of favorites but the list was becoming longer every minute and so let me pick just the picture I like the most this week:
    - Jarle's „child“ is simply stunning - I can't remember seeing a better lensbaby-shot. Awesome!
    My contribution this week is a picture I like for indescribable reasons - I just like it. Shot during a hockey-match (game? - please excuse my english). One team changed the goalies and this girl in full protective clothing was running at a simply unbelievable speed towards her goal.
    Nikon D700, AF-S VR 200 with TC-14 @ f4.0, 1/2500sec
  105. Sanford, I can't post to this forum when I use my usual web browser Firefox 3. When I want to post something I have to crank up Internet Explorer and use it. I don't know if this is part of your problem but you may want to try using a different browser to post.
    Here is my contribution for the week. Since today seems to be a pet day...
    D90 Iso-1600, 1/30 sec @ 5.3, 28-100 f3.5-5.6 Nikkor lens
  106. Nice shot Jose, and great work everyone. This shot is from last week's trip to Ocean Beach. D90, 70-300VR @300mm, 1/1250, f8, ISO 320.
  107. Keeping with July 4th this weekend and the sacrifice made to preserve those freedoms.
    An image from Arlington National Cemetery taken last month.
    Nikon D3 with 70-200mm at f2.8 set at 111mm, 1/2000 second ISO 200
    Post processing in Lightroom
  108. While golfing on Friday I saw this Blue Heron stalking a lunch time treat, unfortunately the course was busy and I couldn't hang around for the big shot. I am always so impressed with the photo's on Wednesday, they're great inspiration.
  109. Lex, I rarely have a shot with more than one hand on my D1x. For some reason we try to treat these 15 pound camera set ups like point and shoots! Love the shot and the shoot-from-the-hip style.
    Benjamin, the lines on that bridge give it a feeling that there is something bouncing across the water. I like that shot a lot.
    Friday morning I hung out with the pigeons of old town Eureka CA. I was setting my camera on a 20 second delay, putting it on the ground, and throwing bird seed in front of the lens. Selected b&w in camera, tone curves adjusted in photoshop.
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  111. One of the downfalls of posting earlier in the day is that there are so many more to comment on later and I can't get to them all! But I'd like to say that Don Harper's shot is very patriotic and touching. Thanks for sharing, Don!
  112. Cliched shot of the arches.
  113. A snapshot while waiting for the firework to begin on 7/4 night.
  114. I like Don Harper's image. I like the depth of field effects, the high contrast, the color saturation, and the deep blue-black in the uniforms that frame the flag-drapped coffin. A fitting image for the holiday.
  115. Kris, thank you. I want to be able to take flowers as well as you. Did you just put the black sheet or board behind it?
    Lex, super good timing shot!
    Gary M, Pedro C, Rob S, Indranil, I really like the landscape of yours.
    Glenn C, very, very nice night highway and red/white/blue. I would love to have yours framed and put on the wall!
    Georg S, very vivid color and sharp!
    Ilkka, hope you enjoyed NYC!
    Homer, love you dog - looks tired.
    Sanford G, so detailed and well captured.
    Carey M, wonderful. Like the composition, color and the station master.
    Too many to mention.... I love this thread. Makes me want to go out every weekend with my camera. Thank you, everyone.
  116. jfz


    The Dutch Country
  117. Pigeons, Long Beach, NY
  118. Ken Yamamoto
    I used black sheet and placed my flower about 2 feet from the background
    then i just adjusted black point in PS to get rid of any spots that were showing.
  119. I think I say the same thing all the time... great stuff everyone.
  120. Not too often I get to enjoy this thread here in my office on Thursday mornings! I'm usually in a hotel at night!
    Well, today, while drinking my coffee I went through all your work.... really nice!
    Some that I really enjoyed,
    Gary McGhee, Paul B, Pedro Cardoso, Arash, Anish... What and where is that?, Chris Court, Tony Hadlley, Per-Christian, Filip Lucin, Glenn C, Rob Shooter, Benjamin M, Indranil, jf zhang,
    Matthew Brennan, Dietter, Lil... (By the way, Hideyuki also said HI. I am trying to get some time with him but I've been too busy! I'm afraid he will loose interest), Doug Santo,
    Colin, Keerthi, Kris Bochenek,
    Night and B&W portraits? :
    Matt Laur, Eric arnold, Janne Kaakinen,
    Monika... thank you! David... Thank you but it was just luck! Benjamin... :) I forgot to make it clear! I used the Nikon and not the COLT!
  121. Here is my contribution. Taken this weekend at IBSP in NJ. Nikkor 500mm f4 p tc-14b @ f8.
  122. As usual, great shots, everyone. Here are just some I want to comment on:
    @ Gary McGhee -- a great landscape (or is it a seascape?), wonderful sky.
    @ Ton Mestrom -- a like your photo of a cat in a cemetery. I made a photo of a seagull at the St. Michele cemetery in Venice, maybe I should post it next time.
    @ Rene' Villela -- I like your b/w image, and I am glad that you didn't clone out the light.
    @ Paul B. -- a very good image, beautiful colors.
    @ Sjoerd Leeuwenberg -- an impressive photo of an impressive animal!
    @ Bogdan Nicolescu - a striking image. We don't like looking at death, although it's not a bad idea to get used to something that's an absolutely inevitable part of life.
    @ Darko Vrsic -- the expressions on the kids' faces are priceless!
    @ Matt Laur -- the father's face is absolutely wonderful, the light, texture, everything.
    @ Bruce Margolis -- I can see why this face intrigued you, it's a great capture.
    @ Thangavelu Nachimuthu -- a very spontaneous moment captured.
    @ Lester Rosebrock -- I like the way the color of the car related to the color of the chair.
    @ Sanford Gerald -- a very unexpected perspective on a horse!
    @ Richard Armstrong -- a great capture, I love the kid's face! the 18-200mm VR can do some good portrait work.
    @ Ilkka Nissila -- this face does stand out in the crowd!
    @ Homer Arment -- a very moving portrait of a dog.
    @ Don Harper -- heartbreaking, thanks for sharing.
    @ Indranil Chandra -- cliched it may be, but it's still beautiful!
  123. The blurred hands belong to a woman selling colorful wrist bands and other jewelry at a crafts fair in Tempe, Arizona. Just as I was about to take a picture of the bangles she was wearing, a customer hailed her and off she went. At first I was disappointed, but but I like the color and abstractness in this, and the way the streaks sort of emulate brush strokes. Sometimes accidents are good! Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8, exposure 1/10s @ f7.
  124. Hello everybody, sorry for late post, it was crazy day.
    Nikon D300, 80-200/2.8
  125. Shot at my first game at the New Yankee Stadium. No type of monopod allowed so handheld in the 9th inning with Mariano Rivera pitching. Seated about 260 feet from home plate along the left field line.
    Shot with D300 Sigma 10-20 F/4-5.6 @ 20mm 1/320
    P.S. I know I haven't contributed anything in a while but I am back. Love the work this week. Amazing.
  126. Rene
    That's the London Eye...
  127. My son, building a tree house with myself, and his grandfather. Taken with a D300, 17-55mm f2.8 @ f8 1/80 sec. ISO 200
  128. Everybody has a very impressive shot again this week...
    @Matthew Brennan - nice shot... i like the composition...i wish i have that 500mm. lens
    @Alejandro Held - excellent action shot
    @Aaron Bonnici - cute shot.. i like its b&w effect
    @Waldemar Giers - impressive shot... color and details are excellent
    @Mike Metcalfe - very cool idea
    @jf zhang - love that cloud formations
    @ Jam Pasion - very nice composition and capture
    Here is my shot...i'm composing my shot for the sunset when a stray cat suddenly appear.
    D90, 18-105mm, f/13, 1/160, ISO 200
  129. @Rene V, Thank you!
  130. I really like to return to this thread a day later, and see what's been added throughout day and night, and boy, am I impressed!
    I couldn't even tell you a favourite, as it's usually about at least 10 pictures that I love and 20 more that I really like...
    Thanks for putting this load of new perspectives in my life.
  131. Afternoon All,
    This is my first post on the Nikon Wednesday so here goes, hope you all enjoy :
    This is an exciteable Sprocker Spaniel enjoying the beach at Dymchurch, Kent. She can keep moving like this all day. If we want to solve the world energy crisis get a few thousand Spaniels and put them in them in the worls biggest hamster wheel !
    Some of the other shots that jumped out at me were :
    Scott - love the birds, have you tried it in B&W, and appreciated the work ethic in getting the shot.
    Mike - the fire shot looks great, I have looked at it a couple of times now and every time i see something new in it.
    Jarle - beautiful portrait - when I see a photograph like this I have another look at the lensbaby in the catalogue - might have to invest.
    Rene - I do show lighting for a living so nice to see someone noticing them.
    I should add : Nikon D700 with 70 - 300 VR 1/1000 sec at f 5.6 ISO 200 cropped
  132. Well, I`m (my eyes) under medical treatment (not surgery) and hardly can read and enjoy the posts this week. I hope tomorrow or in a few days I`ll enjoy them... thank you all for your kind words and participation. I think the thread will remain still open for some days.
    Ilkka, I guess you have a very defined style... your winter photos are around contrasty "cold" white and black (water, ice, bluish colors), and your later ones have primary color dominants. Also, they all have an special different "texture", I suppose dued to your way of post-processing. Nice portrait.
  133. Hello René:
    My picture was taken in Costa Nova (remember my last week's entry?), a beach near my parents'. I live in Aveiro, wich is only 5 min drive away.
    If you are curious about it, search for "Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal" in Google maps. There are tons of pictures from that area. Some say it's one of best cities to live in Portugal because we have every scenery in a 20 km radius: the beach, the river, mountains, waterfalls, fields...everything =)
    Nice pictures again this week, guys and gals.
  134. D80, 16-85mm DX VR at f3.8, 1/2 sec. Personal fireworks in the street at my in-laws house. One going off in the air from a yard behind them in the same subdivision at the same time and the moon.
  135. Thank you, Benjamin, John, Ryan and Mikhail for the kind comments on my photo of Liam!
    There are so many excellent images here this week, that a favorite just doesn't pop out.
    But, Don Harper's image makes me pause whenever I scroll through this thread...thanks for posting it, Don.
    Have a good week, everyone!
  136. Thanks for the kind words about my image. I was torn between that and at the opposite extreme the wedding I shot on the 4th. I'll use that for next week. A bride in DC on the 4th amidst the crowds. I'll probably use that next week.
    Here are a few from this week that caught my attention:
    Joseph Leotta
    A Norman Rockwell type village scene.
    Susan Wolfe
    I’m sure the family will have a large print of this on the wall.
    Simple elegance
    Richard Armstrong
    A picture that will make the family laugh for years to come.
    Colin Magnan
    Smoke, classic still-life, but I guess only in a transitory way.
    John Conway
    That’s a small town parade type scene for the 4th
    Adam Neinstein
    I guess my weakness for cats includes likenesses of them.
    Nicely lit.
    Miles Riggin
    The reflections make this picture. I love that.
    Ilkka Nissla
    Beautiful woman isolated from crowd. Beauty always works.
  137. Hi all,
    The shots I've seen here are all stunning and this weekly thread has given me great inspiration. I have been a member with this site for about a month now and this will be my first post and submition, hope I get it right. I was playing with my new 50mm 1.8d when my nieghbor walked out and I figured "why not". D300 50mm 1.8D @14 1/60s handheld.
  138. Don Harper. your shot deserves all the credit it got this week, nice job and thanks for the comment on mine. Funny thing is that we live about 20 miles south of downtown Chicago but love our community because of its small town flavor.
    Keep up the great work everyone!!!
  139. Like so many others, I never can pick just one favorite from all the wonderful shots posted each week, but would like to say a special "thank you" to Don Harper for your beautiful and poignant photo.
  140. Sorry for the late entry, another oldie.
  141. here's one of my cat after having cleaned my lens mount and trying to take it off to clean the AI tab; those screws are on their VERY well. anyways, using my new wacom and playing with layer styles and seeing what my mind is telling my head to do.
  142. So many beautiful pictures! It isn't fair to just single out some, but . . .
    Jose - You have a great eye. Something striking every week.
    Lil's stilt - makes me feel like I'm there in person, peeking through the bushes.
    Richard Armstrong's wacky portrait is a hoot. Richard, you apparently forgot to check Constrain Proportions when resizing. ;)
    Scott's pizza wagon. Beautiful colors. Powerful invocation of nostalgia for simpler days gone by. Maybe my favorite this week.
    Lester's gravity defying cat. Ok maybe this is my favorite. It's really hard to pick favorites.
    Aaron's perfect portrait. If I ever make one picture that nice, it will all seem worthwhile. (I'm not holding my breath.)
    George's incongruous cat on the rocks. OK, this is really my favorite. (But there's the beautiful pizza wagon and that other wonderful cat. It's just impossible to decide!)
  143. Ok, so you've all got me in the mood to contribute one my kind of photos. Here it is. D700, Sigma 70-300 @ 85mm, ISO 2500, f14, 1/1400. I had to whack up the ISO, because it is an extremely difficult shot to combine the foreground people and the fast moving, different distance airliner. Needed to get a good DOF for both to be in focus, and the left to right motion of the airliner is out of frame at the blink of the eye, so the 8fps drive came in handy. [​IMG]
  144. [​IMG]obviously that didn't work, so I'll try again. Here goes.
  145. Well a huge Thank you to:
    John Conway - all it takes it taking a lot of time & waiting them out, sitting down in one location & putting up with getting a lot of ant bites. ;-)
    Kris Bochenek - if you'd ever seen how the parents dive bomb & slam into any other being (read bird or bunny) to keep a perceived threat off their chicks you'd understand. I've not ever seen so many limping parent birds as I have this summer...
    Rene' - Thank you & do tell Hideyuki Hi for me. It's important to take time out with your children. Try to take 5 minutes for the two of you to just be together - - all will be well. ;-)
    Kent Shafer - wonderful, I'm thrilled. All I could ever wish for is a reaction like yours to that photo. I'm very happy. :)
    Now, as always, I'll make an attempt to comment on all, but as always to those which I have a reaction to & what I write is what immediately comes to mind to me....
    Jose - something French movie out of the 1970-ies over the shot
    Lex - some serious action going
    Ton - just a beautiful shot
    Rene' - moody & elegant
    Gary - just love this seascape - how the cloud in the middle pulls me in to the lighthouse...
    Matthew - yes it's centered I'll have you trained yet. Super sharp of a delightful bird. Rules-of-third my friend. :-D
    Sjoerd - the whole photo speaks to me of what that prehistoric beast can handle. :)
    Alejandro - love how the jockey & horse is in focus & how the legs just screams energy & speed
    Pedro - beautiful sunset.
    Bogdan Nicolescu - I love the vastness of the desert conveyed & message of this one
    Jeannean - amazing shadow.
    Darko - that's a wonderful shot.
    Matt - that's a sweet shot for your friend.
    Hamish - love the bee in flight - excellent macro
    Susan - another wonderful portrait of a family
    Tolga - love the ship & harbor
    Ertugrul - you've sold me some fruit???
    Dieter - lovely Red-tailed hawk
    Arash - lovely night shot
    Bruce - some serious character to that face & portrait.
    Richard - love that super portrait
    Elliot - excellent action
    Dan - sweet portrait
    Kent - sweet portrait
    Hasse - just a beautiful portrait
    Colin - elegant
    Thangavelu - great shot
    Chris - beautiful sunset
    Doug - lovely hummer
    Per-Christian - lovely, midnight sun? So brings me home...
    Sanford - great shot
    Phil - nice barn
    Arun - congratulations, boy would I have loved to see that
    Aaron - lovely portrait
    Filip - nice landscape
    Jarle - great shot which shows just how powerful the Lensbaby can be to convey a message.
    Wayne - sweet portrait
    Kris - lovely Daylily
    Ilkka - lovely street/portrait shot
    Rob - looks like magic is in those clouds.... really adds to the shot
    Benjamin - nice night shot
    Homer - such a statement...
    Brian - I'm not much for fishing nor fishing shots - - but i do like this one - a lot.
    Scott - nice
    Indranil - as always your landscaped blow me away
    jf zhang - amazing landscape - polarizer, ND filter or HDR? Doesn't feel like HDR
    Shuo Zhao - great shots
    Kevin - just love it, great use of wide angle
    Georg - great opportunity in this sunset. Neat result
    Marc - great dog action/joy shot
    Dan - neat post processing
    Andrew - did that plane land on top of the people or??? Great capture
    All shots are special for different reasons - these are just some of my reactions...
    Lil :)
  146. Great shots everyone. I've been inspired by you all to keep my camera with me as much as possible after seeing all the different possibilities shown on WedNEsDAy PiC. My contribution was an experiment to see how close I could get, handheld, with my 70-200. I've also finally switched to aperture priority mode from full auto after owning the camera for 10 months.
  147. I'm still boggling over Bogdan's well-done lizard. That's a perfect visual representation of the word grotesque , which to me conveys a certain sense of humor as well. But I like weird stuff, so my judgment is impaired. I showed it to some non-photographer friends. The consensus was: Wow!
  148. Sorry for the double post, not sure what I did wrong up top. Webmaster, please zap the above and leave this one
  149. Lil, thanks for the comments. The plane didn't quite land on the people, but was on finals to land at Larnaca Airport. The barbed wire visible at lower right separates the public beach from the runway approach. The time was near sunset. Always looks more impressive with the bigger aircraft such as the A330. Its very hit and miss because you can never accurately predict where in the frame the plane is going to be or even if its going to be in the frame, and its happening too fast to make last second corrections. (I frame the forground and wait for the plane to appear in the frame). Of course, I would have prefered more 'heavenly' and shapely bodies in the foreground, but it never quite works out that way !
    Of the others I really like Aaron Bonicci's portrait, really beautiful. Is that soft focus, b/w ? Aaron ?
  150. I also passed around a few links to Bogdan's fantastic Zombie Lizard. My favorite reaction, from an artist relative, was: "Eeeewww! That's beautiful!" Which, indeed, it is. As are so many others this week. Ilkka's Times Square street glam portait is delightful, as is Scott Ferris's Hitchcockian pigeon extravaganza. Wednesdays are fun.

    Stats nerds may find Mark Cooper's OCD-ish camera model survey to be interesting.
  151. Matt - I think I resemble that remark:)
  152. As a fellow nerd, I'm well within bounds here, Mark! I actually found your tallies to be fascinating, and appreciate the trouble you went to. This site's members leave behind all sorts of fascinating - if only marginally informative - demographic breadcrumbs when they post images and comments. Nikon Wednesdays are an especially fun slice of life, that way.
  153. Am I the only one who has problems every week with Tim Holte's photos?
    I keep getting the message from Flickr that "this photo is currently not available"
    I seem to get that every week....
    Anyone else?
    Lil :)
  154. No, Lil, I get the same message every week you do. I'm running FF.
  155. Lil - I use Google Chrome for my browser and experience the same problem with Tim's photos.
    Matt - us nerds need to stick together as no one else really understands. I too combine computers, the net, photography, and (herding) dogs. is the first site I go to whenever I'm at a client's office (they all have broadband, I don't as satellite is my only option at home). It's my non-verified observation that the folks with the same non-photographic interests seem to have generally the same camera equipment.
  156. I suspect that Flickr has limits on how many times (per second, minute, hour, day, whatever) they'll serve up an image directly as a hot-linked resource into another web site. After some level of activity, they'll suppress serving that image when the referring source is outside their world. I'm sure that if Tim linked to a Flickr page showing that image, it would work every time - but that would take the fun out of the thread.

    If you're not going to include the image file in the post here, then it comes down to making sure that wherever it's hosted doesn't mind (technically, or as policy) having the image embedded elsewhere on a high-traffic site like PN.
  157. Tim is currently not available for comment.
  158. Lil, I have problem with Tims' image now (IE6). Thanks for your comment, by the way.
  159. Oh OK - so I'm not alone. Am I the only one curious what it is we're missing? ;-)
    Love the comment Lex . :-D
    Anytime Per-Christian
    Lil :)
  160. Kent and Lil, thanks for the comments!
    Kent, my computer shows the dimensions are 680x493:)
    Looking forward to Wednesday!
  161. Thanks Lil Judd for your comment about my horse photo
    see you next wednesday
  162. Per-Christian - lovely, midnight sun? So brings me home...​
    Lill, just to trigger your curiosity.... Next week I'll probably post an image that "brings you home"..... :D :D
  163. jfz


    Lil, thanks for your comments. I did use a polarizer plus single-image HDR, followed by additional adjustment in photoshop. The final image shows more details in clouds as well as those on the ground. So you are basically correct, no ND though ;)
  164. Dear Lil,
    Many thanks for your words. It will be great plesure for me posting some fruit shoots for you. See you at next submissions.
    Best Regards,
  165. I love these shots. A lot of them get your imagination rolling... like, how did that poor lizzard end up that way in the first place and where did the owners of the blue bikes disappear to...
  166. While waiting for this weeks thread to start: Tiffany B. & Rene' V., thanks for your comments. Tiffany, your photo is how I always remember summers to be, I can almost smell the grass and hear the bees. Rene', great B/W conversion, I bet that the band was more than pleased with the results!
    Great photos again in this thread, many of them made me smile and many of them made my mind race in various ways. But the one I (too) keep coming back to is the Death can Dance -photo by Bogdan Nicolescu. Excellent shot!

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