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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.
    Hi all, not so many photo opportunities this busy week, looks like we`re on the final stretch at work before summer holidays... then I decided not to struggle my head. Someone told me time ago that a good magazine photo should have black, white and... red on it. I found this idea somewhat silly, and I took a National Geographic magazine (from the seventies I think) to check the pics on the magazine I considered the best at that time; that was true, a very high percentage of photos show similar bright reds. At that time I also noticed the Nikon subliminal advertising; every issue has one or perhaps even two images of a photographer equipped with a Nikon. Only Nikon, On Assignment. It is true up to the nineties, I believe. Do you remember it?
    My pic only has a bit of red in common with the rule, I bet it`d never be published even in a remote parochial sheet. It has been taken with a D700 @ 800ISO, 14bit RAW, 50AFS (f8 - 1/30sec), hand held under a soft flat illumination inside my porch. Processed in NX2 and Ps.
    Please post your Nikon weekly pic if you like. Thank you all.
  2. Goooooooooood moooooooooorning, wooooorld!
    It's summer, it's soon vacation, and it's WEDNESDAY!
    We have all our favorite activities on vacation. This fisherman was shot on my way to a moose safari..
  3. Went for walk up a steep hill on Monday evening. The path led us through some areas with quite dense forest, but there were some rays of light that managed to break through the foliage and illuminate the underlying vegetation. These Woodland Geranium (or Skogstorkenebb as they called here in Norway) caught my eye.
    D300 with Nikon 50mm 1.4G @ f2.8, 1/80s, 200 ISO
  4. Taken 2 weeks ago.
    D300 + 18-200 VR@200mm - 1/100 f/5.6 ISO 2500, as shot, Vivid Picture Control
  5. Already Wednesday again - time sure flies.
    Photography at the Versailles Palace is a nightmare - way too many people are in the way and it is a constant struggle to get into any decent position for a shot. Wasn't quite centered for this shot ; hand held 5-exposure HDR at shutter speeds between 1/50s and 1/3s - you try and get a tripod into that place and set up. D200 with Nikon 12-24mm at 12mm, f8, ISO800.
  6. I went to the Mississippi National Wildlife Reserve again -- the breeding grounds of the Great Blue Heron. This time I did manage to get a photo of one during mating season. I think it’s a Great Blue Heron. It big, blue, it has long legs, it has a long neck, and a long beak. It’s in the center of the photo -- the little light blue dot in middle of the trees. That’s the closest I could get to it with my 200mm lens. There was a swamp between the tree it was sitting in and myself. D60, ISO 800, 55-200mm VR at 200mm f6.3 1/200sec.
    As a side note: There are also blood sucking bugs here that attach themselves to you that you have burn off you body with a hot needle.
  7. Ah, it's Wednesday again, what joy!
    Per: love that mood! Hamish: the lucid blue is great! Ton: an almost sad impression. Jose: do we learn about your other pastimes now? ;)

    It's that time of the year again:
    Taken in my garden (yes, yes...) with D700 - 50/1.4 @ 2.8, ISO Low1
  8. D700 with Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens @3200 ISO, f/2.8 1/8 sec. handheld.
  9. Mother duck and ducklings ... :)
  10. Alcatraz at dusk handheld. The miralce that is VR!
  11. is it wednesday already? it is...
    let's see what i got here...
  12. Yet another sunrise photo..........
    This was taken on the way to work early last Friday morning. I shot this scene through my vehicle window with the engine and heater still running as it was a crisp minus 1 deg C outside...........too lazy to get out and maybe get a better frame....
  13. Last Saturday we went to the beach for the first time this year. In the morning, on our way to the bakery, the sky was really great with these fluffy scattered clouds and I took some photos of the typical fishermen houses in Costa Nova - Portugal.
    D700, Series E 28mm f/2.8 @ f/16, 1/125, ISO200 with circular polarizer.
    More from the same day can be found here.
  14. Hey everybody. WedNesDay.again....GREAT Mine is from last weeks vacation From Midsummer’s Eve where we in Denmark celebrate ‘Sct. Hans Eve’, The day before Johannes the Baptists Day. We have hundreds af huge bonfires all over the country on which we burn a witch or in fact sends her, it is a she, to a mountain in Germany called ‘Brochen’. Apparently a witch meeting place:). So may fine pictures already. D700 14-24mm at 24mm f/11 1/60s ISO1600
  15. So she took her love
    For to gaze a while
    Upon the fields of barley
    In his arms she fell as her hair came down
    Among the fields of gold
  16. HUH! WOW! I am so busy that I completely forgot!
  17. Hi,
    looks like Wednesday is going to be another great one. Lots of good shots at a studio session last Saturday - but this one stood out - totally unplanned - small son at front was going to do a star jump, son #2 rushed on behind & mum rushed on behind him - one shot. D700, 24-70mm, Interfit strobes, Lastolite vinyl.
  18. Per-Christian Nilssen, great fishing scene, much enhanced by capturing the ripple caused by the cast - lovely image.
    Hamish Gray, well executed frame, the background is rendered beautifully ditto Monica Epsefass & Shawn Mc Farlane
  19. Do any of you bird photographers know what this bird is. It does not have the long neck like the first Blue Heron I photographed at the Wildlife Reserve. Could it be a fledgling Blue Heron? D60 55-200mm VR ISO 800 at 200mm f/6.3 1/125sec
  20. Great work so far - thanks for sharing it! I see a sunset theme emerging - must be that time of year as I have one too. This is the sun going down on the longest day - and Father's day too. We went an evening walk to the reservoirs and apart from the mozzies it was very tranquil.
  21. Monica and Matthew, Thank you!
    Matthew, your image is stunning (as usual). Wasn't aware you guys had frosts down-under. I thought it was always + lots of degrees, summer and winter :)
    Monica, beautiful colours in your shot too!
    Per-Christian, vakkert!
  22. ian, what's a mozzie?
  23. Went into NYC on Saturday. Was on lower Broadway with the camera when this colorful person came by dancing down the street.
    Nikon D300 with 18-135 DX Nikkor
  24. Hamish Gray,
    Australia is not called the 'Wide Brown Land' for no reason - Yes, plenty of inland areas receive dozens of frosts every winter. I live only 25km inland and it can fall as low as -7 degrees C on occasion and in summer days of over 35 degrees C are regular and often come in consecutive runs of 4,5 and 6 days in a row . And that's only here in the S.E. Corner of Aust...... it's a very large island.............different story up north.............
  25. Eric - mozzie is short for mosquito.
  26. "ian, what's a mozzie?"
    A Dutch guy would call that a mosquito Eric. In Dutch that would be a "mug" Seems appropiate doesn't it?
  27. Wednesday again & here I am awake well into the night as usual. Well not really I fell asleep & woke up as usual. ;-)
    First up - to those who noticed my photo last week - thank you - I do recall Hamish & a few others. But it's been a long week & I've not been on top of stuff.
    Last week's thread was wonderful as always. Too many to comment on every one of them - oh so many talented photographers.
    So far this week....
    Per-Christian - beautiful sunset. I don't ever seem to be in the right place to photograph them...
    Ton - What a character you got in the Scottish Kilt wearing man. :) Great shot as usual
    Hamish - lovely flowers - just love the light & setting in this one
    Alejandro - lovely
    Dieter - wonderful work on the chapel in Versailles. I know how dark that chapel can be as I've been there more than once. I've not ever seen it look that beautiful.
    Monika - lovely shot
    Leo Laksi - wonderful night shot of Hong Kong
    Matthew - stunning sunrise
    Pedro - beautiful
    Shawn - beautiful shot of (I think or oat)
    Andy - fun shot
    Jerry - what you've got is a Green Heron, commonly by bird photographers called a "Greenie" they have amazing colors when you get close to them & the light is right. Looks nothing like a Great Blue Heron & is a lot, & I mean a lot, smaller. :)
    Ian - lovely sunset
    Joseph - wonderful colors.
    And so now to my entry for the week - I'm back to doing my birds, sorry folks...
    This is another tiny chick. This time I was working with Black-necked Stilts & this is one of four this Stilt family has. The chick is probably about 10cm tall - if even, maybe about a week old. Shot with the D300 & my now serviced by Sigma Sigmonster 300-800mm f/5.6 EXIFs embedded as always.
  28. Hi all,

    Again Wednesday and again we meet here with wonderful pictures :)
    Here is my contribution to this week
    Nikon D300 and Nikon 70-300 mm VR @ 122 mm, ISO 400, 1/400, F/10...
  29. Wow! just after 90 minutes so many fantastic and inspiring photos! Let's send a special thanks to Jose, who has the stamina to start these threads every week, which we look so forward to!
    All good photos so far, but these have made a special impression:
    Ton: Where do you find all those splendid characters?
    Hamish: Beautiful, with exiting use of Depth of field
    Jerry: I found the bird! ;) I guess we next week will see a macro shot of one of those blood sucking bugs? ;)
    Monika: Thank you for your comment. Beautiful colors in your photo. It's summer, all right.
    Pedro: Firm and exciting composition. The red flowers added a "punch".
    Jens: In Norway we also celebrate "Sct. Hans Eve" - we don't burn our witches, however ;)
    Andy: Funny family shot
    Matthew: Thank you.
    Joseph: Colorful image (and person). Nice mood.
  30. Fisher Tower near Moab, UT. Scanned this week. Nikon FM3a, Nikkor 17-35 f2.8 AF-S.
  31. Thank you Lil! Your chick is beautiful
    Per Christian, thank you.
    Indranil Chandra, wow! what a fantastic place!
  32. Jerry - that looks like a Greenie (Green Heron) again. All it's done is stretch out its neck - - they have a very long one. Leg color is wrong for Great Blue Heron - gray/black legs. Also, head dress is that of an excited Green Heron. So - I'd say you got two Green Herons.

    Indranil - just a lovely shot. Amazing colors.

    Hamish - thank you so very much. That shot made my day. I could have taken a tad more light in the face, but the fact that the chick decided to do a Swan Lake interpretation was just more than I could ask for. :)
  33. Indranil - You got me ready to book a trip to Utah WOW
  34. Hi,
    very beautiful pictures so far!
    Last weekend I attended a concert, and attached - 4 the 1st time - the AF-D 180mm/2.8 to my D700 . The picture was shot with ear plugs (but not because the music was so bad), with EV -1, at ISO 3200, with 1/250secs, TIFF, Automatic WB, handheld (with the aid of a police car to rest the ellbow), point metering, and wide open. Not a trace of "color fringing" thanks to in-camera processing.
    JOSE-ANGEL, you know the artist for sure (Chambao )!!!
  35. Well, so far this week, it seems that we will have a competition between the themes birds and sunsets/-rises. ;)
    Lil: Your photos show you really must love birds. Beautiful color tones. Thank you for your comment. This time the pic was shot not far from our house. We were driving when I saw the motive and hit the brakes hard. My wife gets used to it now :D
    Kemal: I'm glad I'm not the bird on the left. I guess it hurts.
    MS Keil: Nice shot. You use one of my favorite lenses, the 180/2.8. It is awesome, even on a D300 ;)
  36. Jerry - they often share the same habitats. Greenie is a lot smaller & mostly stays out of the way of the Great Blue Herons.
  37. Per-Christian - - I love wildlife, I love animals, & I love Nature. Where I live, birds are the easiest to get to. Whenever I can I try for wildlife & Nature. Los Angeles is a strange combination...... I spend hours in the muck being eaten by ants, gnats etc to get the shots. :) But it's worth it.
  38. Per-Christian Nilssen [​IMG] : The 180mm/f2.8 is, besides my 85mm/f14, my favorite. I usually have it attached to my old D70s, and this combination equals the resolution obtained with 180mm+Fuji S5 (though the Fuji is rated usually somewhat higher than 6MP)
    Shawn McFarlane: Very nice black-and-white work!
    Hamish Gray : nice background blur from the 50mm/f14 G!
  39. MS, of course! Pokito a poko is broadcasted every hour here... I like this song sooooo much. I must say that I`m not devotee to the flamenco-fussion but many of her songs are just wonderful.
    BTW, Shawn, once again I like your pic!
  40. As usual, great works everyone.
    This is my entry this week. Titled "what are you looking at?". Kidding. Just a quiet Fifth avenue early Sunday morning. These manequins seemed to be talking to each other.
  41. Per-Christian Nilssen and Lil Judd: Thank you for the comments.
    With these strong colored houses (there are some very bright red ones), you almost can't go wrong with the composition!
    Great pictures, everyone. It's one of those amazing weeks. Again!
  42. Nice one Jose - simple, but great use of colour. I've got in fairly early this week and of the submissions so far the B&W ears of corn shot does it for me.
    Another scan from film as my humble addition this week. Taken in the English lakes on Kodak Gold100 film; Nikon 801s camera with Tokina ATX 28-70 f/2.8 @ 70mm, 1/60th second, f/8.
  43. Shot at the Bronx Zoo on Monday
  44. Wow! So many beautiful landscapes, flowers, and birds - Per-Christian, Hamish, Monika, Matthew, Shawn, Lil, and others too. I need to get out more.
    This is a toy my dad made for the little kids at a local school. You roll a ball down the chute and try to knock the guys' hats off. I tried to capture the action with continuous lighting and a slow shutter speed. That didn't work very well so added flash. Finally wound up compositing three different images.
    D300, 85mm f/2.8 Micro PC, ISO 1600, 1/2 sec. @ f/22, bounced studio strobe modeling lights + SB900 with warming gel.
  45. Hi Everyone!
    I'm up early this week! (6:00 AM EDT)
    @ Andy Chubb - Lovely family portrait!
    @ MS Keil - Very dramatic feeling to the shot. Looks like I'm right there with you!
    @ Everyone else so far - Very nice as usual! I'm being sensible today. Rather than rush through a few shots from last week to stay as current as possible, I'm going to submit something just a bit less current while I put final touches on last week's. This shot is from the same shoot as my previous submission last week. Hope you enjoy it!
  46. hi Everyone,
    VR can be magical! D90 handheld at 1/6 sec, f/4.5, ISO 1600, 18mm, VR on. The car is an old Citroen.
  47. D3 85/1.8 SB800 in shoot through umbrella
  48. hi Everyone,
    VR can be magical! D90 handheld at 1/6 sec, f/4.5, ISO 1600, 18mm, VR on. The car is an old Citroen.
  49. hi Everyone,
    VR can be magical! D90 handheld at 1/6 sec, f/4.5, ISO 1600, 18mm, VR on. The car is an old Citroen.
  50. sorry, don't mean to waste everyone's time, but upload does not seem to accept. apologies, will try one more time, hopefully it'll work...
  51. Good morning again! So many beautiful shots here already! This wild blue iris grows on the shore of the lake where my family has a cabin. It was taken with my D300, 80-400mm VR at f6.3, 1/320 sec, iso 200, 185mm, handheld.
    Have a fine day everyone!
  52. Sunday Driver!
  53. I took this image last evening at sunset. My image was taken with a Nikon D300 with a 200-400mm VR F4 lens, with the VR off and on a tripod. ISO 200, 1/2500 sec. at f16,
    -0.3 EV. I used manual focus and manual exposure mode. I was trying to get the sun centered over the walk way, but I wasn’t able to compose that shot. I will have to wait till the sun starts setting back further south west. Maybe in a few weeks. Thanks for looking…
  54. bms


    Hm..Wednesday again. Here is mine, a shot last week, the only clear night in 2 weeks in Maine.
    Nikon D700, 24mm AF-D, f8 for 25s. Pop up flash.....
    Price: about 10 mosquito bites... :(
    and no red in it, darn... :}
  55. D700, 24-70 2.8.
  56. Some Great shots all ready today I particularly like:
    Per Christians scenic shot I don't know if it is AM or PM
    Dieters palace looks like you managed to get everybody out of the way
    Leo's night shot
    Pedro's building nice color combination
    Richard's flower I guess spring finally hit the U.P. you must of gotten up at 5 AM to post
    My contribution this week is a Weedy Sea Dragon I took it with a D40 50mm 1.8 lens at 1.8 and the ISO cranked up the lens won't AF on the D40 and I am having problems getting it to decent focus on the eye. Guess that my eyes aren't as sharp as they once were.
    Any suggestions? Pick up a 35mm AFS if they ever become available? Wear magnifying glasses? Or maybe using a DK-21M eyepiece? (has anyone had any luck with one of these)?
    Thanks for any suggestions
  57. Another shoot for friends. I'm getting a lot of requests for these lateley but not much money :(
  58. Good morning! All the pictures look great!
  59. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :eek:)
    Last week went to the beach to see Sand Sculptures, this is one of the better picture from that day. I was running around Seagull to take their "bird in flight" but this seems to be focus, clear and sharp.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 200
    Exposure: 1/1600 sec
    Aperture: 8.0
    Focal Length: 200mm

    Ready for Take Off...
  60. Hi All, Shoot with Nikon F3HP, Nikon 50mm F1.4, Kodak TMAX 100ASA. Development with perceptol 1+1. Have a nice wednesday.... Tolga
  61. definitely before the dusk
  62. Wow, there is some serious stuff here this week. Mine was shot in Chicago on Sunday. Sun was directly overhead but you take what you can get......
  63. Per Christians scenic shot I don't know if it is AM or PM​
    Dennis, the shot is taken 22:06 Norwegian time, that is 10:06 PM, i think.
  64. Just got back from a recent business trip to the UK. While there, I took a Sunday drive to the coastal town of Whitby - an old whaling town that sits on the North Sea. The attached is a picture of a 7th-century Benedictine abbey that rests on a bluff overlooking the town. If my information is correct, it was founded in 657 by the Saxons. I hope I look that good in 1300 years!
  65. and no red in it, darn... :}​
    Benjamin, actually, it is. A little bit ;)
  66. Ton: Once again you have a wonderful contribution that make me smile.
    Indranil: Very nice, I really enjoy Moab and especially the area around Fisher Tower.
    Ian: Very nice colors.
    Richard: Your Iris is fantastic.
    Here is a shot from Sunday in Tromsø Norway. Nikkor 28mm, D700.
  67. Hi,
    Elder lady is passing in hurry front of famous coffee brand's commercial. Probably she was curios about to entering photographer's frame or not. Taken one month ago...
    Many cheers you to all,
  68. Dennis Brabender , Jul 01, 2009; 06:51 a.m.
    Dieter's palace looks like you managed to get everybody out of the way​
    The chapel is closed to the public - the hallway from which one can see into it isn't - and it was crowded that day (and probably is every day). Maneuvering into position in the doorway and avoiding to get bumped into isn't easy - and as Lil pointed out (thanks Lil) - the chapel is a tad dark too. Oh what one could do with a tripod and some "uncrowded" time in that place...
  69. Good WedNEsDAy morning, afternoon and evening, fellow Nikonistas!
    Excellent shots again everyone! My favorites in this weeks thread so far are photos by Ton, Alejandro, Trevor N, Eric A, Pedro G, Lil, Matthew B, Kemal R (the funniest one!), Kent S, Ryan A & Benjamin S, Scott P, to name but a few.
    I traded my Nikon 18-200 VR to 55-200 VR last week and today I took the new 55-200 for a walk. And I must say that I'm happy with the results & the trade, the 55-200 VR seems to be better than the 18-200 VR for sure. So this one was shot today (btw, Jose, does pink count as red? :) ), here's the "Leader of the Pack" :)
  70. Great photos everyone.
    Here is a bed of coals prior to the marinated fajitas and grilled onions.
  71. Good work, Tolga. I usually find TMX a bit too contrasty for bright sunlight and shadow but it seems to have done well for you in Perceptol. I have a few packets I've never used, might need to give it a try.
  72. Per-Christian,
    "Jerry: I found the bird! ;) I guess we next week will see a macro shot of one of those blood sucking bugs? ;)"
    It looks like the powers that be deleted my photo showing the bird in it's habitat. Oh well, I posted a few crops of it. It turned out it wasn't a Great Blue after all but a Greeny.
    Sorry, after I surgically removed the bug (I still have a 3" diameter welt on my leg), I was not in the mood to get my macro gear out even though the bug was still alive.
  73. "How doest thou know what sort of king I have within me as companion? Do not cast thy glance upon my golden face, for I have iron legs."
    "When we are dead, seek not our tomb in the earth, but find it in the hearts of men."
    - Jalal al-din Muhammed Rumi
    Today is a day for memories.
  74. What the heck. I was going to post a heron, but all the cool kids already did. So, it's another lovely local creature, instead.
  75. Hi!Everybody,
    Felt bad at not being to post my pic last week due to problems with the ISP.Glad to see some great pics already.A few weeks back Ms.Lil Judd had posted a pic of the 'Red Whiskered Bul Bul'.They are endemic to the Indian subcontinent and I have a pair that wakes me up everyday with their joyous fluty chirp outside our window,perched on the power lines.I was able to catch one of the flighty ones within the limitations of my skill and 55-200 zoom.
  76. Lovely work by everyone here, as usual. My top picks to date are Monika's, Shawns and Richard's plants. Ton's Heineken drinker, Matthew' golden sunrise, Leo's Hong Kong skyline (brings back memories – I lived there from '95 to '99), Indranil's landscape, Lil's and Jim's birds, Wayne's sunset (wish I had that lens!) and Benjamin's placid lake.
    Jerry, I'm no expert, but I believe your bird is a Green Heron.
  77. They just keep getting better.
  78. Per-Christian Nilssen - Love the fishing photo
    Matthew Brennan - great sunrise
    Chris Court - love the boat sunset photo
    Here's my contribution another macro since i've been on a macro kick. D300 and tamron 90mm macro
  79. Jerry,
    Its looks like a tri colored Heron..have seen many of them in Hilton Head SC..but hard to tell because he is scrunched up
  80. Scott Pogorelc : Impressive building (or what has survived of it)!! Would like to take that in infrared ;-)
    Ryan Aldrich : Many people there, the place was crowded, but with the combination of D700 + 180mm you can be on stage while being in a safe distance. In fact, looking through the viewfinder gave an incredible effect!
    Chris Court : A nice little boat you have ;-)
    Janne Kaakinen : The colors are great (as expected from the S5) - Mama don´t take my Fujichrome away!
    Everybody did a great job today - very good work this week!
  81. Grad picture of my niece's daughter
  82. I finally made it! I was so busy that I completely forgot it was WeDNeSDaY again! My father in-law had a surgery yesterday. Not easy when you are over 70. My wife at the hospital with him. I have 40 cases of fish going to Ireland and Italy tomorrow. A lot of paper work to go with them but I finally made it home!
    Anyway.... As usual, great work guys & gals! Incredible, over 80 posts within a few hours!
    Here is mine, doing 130 kph on the expressway I managed to take a few shots of this beautiful sky. Too bad you re not aloud to stop on the express way so I had to take it from my side mirror! Out of close to 20 shots I got one that I liked!
    Cheers everybody!
  83. [​IMG]Dug into the archive this week. Shot from Hoboken NJ, F3, Nikkor 80-200 f/4, Kodachrome 64. Sorry, no exposure data recorded. Tried to fix the two scratches, but it just didn't work out correctly
  84. Taken inside an outdoor stairwell. I liked the lines and shapes as you walked up. (Nikon D40 35mm f1:8)
  85. Nikon D200 Nikon AF35-70 lens
  86. Here's an old pic i just rediscovered. Shot with a D80 don't remember the lens
  87. Male Rufous Hummingbird displays his crimson gorget. D200, with Sigma 150-500 OS, 1/80s, f/8, ISO 200, spot metered.
  88. I'm a little late on parade today!
  89. WoW ! amazing pictures here !! Have been busy this week, so couldn't get time to take any new pictures. Here is one still life from my archives - taken with coolpix 4500 ...
  90. Hi,
    Wednesday again and already a whole lot of great pics well done's mine, took it some time ago with my Nikon D50 f5.6 1/125 ISO 250.
  91. Sheppard on Kra Al Mary desert - most of these people comes from South Asia and Subcontinent, contracts are minimum three years long and salary is unimaginable low. They spend most of these three years in the middle of desert, during this time they never see their families. Living conditions are more than basic, usually a tent, no electricity, no AC, scorching heat goes over 50 centigrade in middle of summer. Also it's the continuous danger of minefields and UXO's and lack of any medical assistance...
  92. Taken weeks ago but basically an almost daily sunset scene here at Red Sea, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia...[​IMG]
    Nikon D90, 18-105mm. VR
  93. Nikon D300, 18-200mm Nikkor zoom
  94. Wednesday again and the bar keeps getting raised every week. Terrific work everyone.
    For my contribution this week I decided to start with some patterns and textures found in the logs of our home. These have intrigued my since we built it and I finally decided to start photographing some of them.
    D80; 28 - 105 3.5/4.5 AFD.
  95. Atrium at Gaylord Conference Center and Hotel, Washington DC during South Asian Indian Wedding. Ceremony is visible on floor of atrium below with hundreds of guests.
    Nikon D3 with 24-70mm Lens
  96. So many beautiful pictures again this week. I wish I was qualified to comment on them but I fear that I would do them an injustice. These Wednesday postings are a wonderful treat to me, I enjoy just trying to be a part of it.
    For my submission today I have picked a fallen tree stump that had been used for years as a corner post in my pasture fencing. It finally rotted a few years ago and gave way, in a few more years all of it will be gone courtesy of Mother Nature. I couldn't tell if anything has taken up residence inside of it.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  97. Matthew Brennan, Lil Judd, MS Keil, Jose Angel, Kent Shafer, Chris Court thanks for the comments.

    Lil, I am pretty sure it's Barley

    Jose, Fancy White mountain bike shoes! I am guessing you have a drier climate than we do here in Ireland

    Matthew Brennan, great light in your frosty landscape, I hadn't realised you had frosts there either.

    Indranil Chandra, Moab looks stunning, it's on my list of places to go cycling before I die
  98. whoops, I uploaded the wrong picture! This was from a previous Wednesday session, please delete.
  99. Atrium at Gaylord Conference Center and Hotel, Washington DC during South Asian Indian Wedding. Ceremony is visible on floor of atrium below with hundreds of guests.
    Nikon D3 with 24-70mm Lens at 24mm
    ISO 640 1/1000 second f4/5
  100. Another week and another collection of photos that would make a great coffee table book! My compliments to all, especially:
    Matthew: great shot especially through a window.
    Shawn: a lovely photo and the lyrics are from one of my favorite songs...very nice.
    Indranil: Love the colors. Do you recall the film that you used. Looks like slide film.
    Richard: very artistic and good color balance. Purples can be tricky.
    John Demarco: We Shall Never Forget !
    So here's mine. Another boring lilly from the back yard. It's a shame each of these blooms only live for a day!
    D3 24-120mm @ 100mm f/11 Aperture Priority
  101. Looks like our VSAT connection is bogged down, trying again to attach the pic...
  102. One of the best sites around. Here's my contribution for today
  103. I'm really having a difficult time with uploading and displaying my photos. Can't seem to get it right. Oh well, I try again. This is my contibution for today, the Philadelphia Boat House Row along Kelly Drive.
  104. Per-Christian Nilssen: After taking the picture, the bird on the right told me it was a joke and did not hurt the other :)

    Janne Kaakinen: Thank you four your comment...
  105. Hard working 2 year old.
  106. My first try at submitting a photo. Not a Wednesday, but on the way home from Michigan's Upper Peninsula at 4:30 P.M. I dearly love taking pictures of the Mackinac Bridge. Everyday, every hour the lighting changes giving the bridge a different look. Taken with my Nikon D300 with Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 lens
  107. Great photo all
    My favorites so far
    Per-Christian – peaceful – I’ll go fishing this weekend because of you
    Ton – How do yo do it week after week
    Hamish – Just the right touch
    Dieter – Very ornate – you made that D200 sing
    Shawn – Excellent b&w
    Lil – super telephoto capture
    Kemal – must have been a pain in the tail to get that one
    Indranil – best landscape of the day
    Jim –A lots goes on at the BX zoo –its in my neighborhood
    Hasse – Nice portrait
    Susan – Nice colors in that portrait
    Chris C – Right place right time
    George P – Nice blend of colors
  108. Ton - great looking character.
    Hamish - those flowers look great.
    Matthew - beautiful sunrise.
    Shawn - lovely DOF, i love that song aswell.
    Lil - your bird shots are consistantly excellent.
    Richard - you've captured a beautiful iris.
    Benjamin - love that blue and natural framing.
    My shot this week is of my son Connor. He's the goalie for the local under 8's. The tournaments are coming thick and fast at the moment. This one was taken on Sunday using my D200, Tamron 90mm. 1/1000 sec @ f/2.8.
  109. Great work everyone like every Wednesday.
    I love to photograph dragonflies and never have enough of it although its not easy especially during windy day like last Sunday.
  110. Went to the museum over the weekend with the kid, did some iso-800 shooting indoors while he tried with the P&S with a little less success. Of course, he then went home and made a stop-motion movie with Legos using the P&S, a mini-tripod, and laptop, so I guess he figured out how to get the best out of it after all (and the P&S is a Nikon too). Today's submission is Wulfenite. I had intended to post a pic of the second set of teeth of a Mosasaur, but I liked the colors in this one.
  111. My good favorite photo day! Thanks for sharing all!
    Suzan Wolfe - your colorful portrait wins my heart today.
    Jeff keplinger - Coal Fire - huh! amazing photo.
    David Love - Great Photo - beautiful subject.
    Rene - the best shot you got. 'hope your father-in-law gets well soon.
    Jeannean - very nice one.
    George Paris - I love your sunset/beach shot.
    Sanford Gerald - I like your tiger/singer shot.
    Gary McGhee - future England No. 1 - dreams come true. 'just push harder. [I remember players like john burns, george rush and mike owens - I was a liverpool fun].
    My contribution today is from last weeks' my new-born [son] shots.
    D40 at ISO1600 f/6.3 40mm at 1/80sec.
  112. Thanks all. No secret, just going out there. A lot
  113. David Love: Wow! Not only Rembrandt lighting - it looks like an actual Rembrandt.
  114. when i saw waldemar's photo of the dragonfly, my jaw dropped -- i have an almost identical shot i made the other day. it's uncanny!
    here's a yellow-breasted chat, one of the most inventive vocalizers in bird-dom. you'll hear him long before you catch a glimpse!
  115. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Kent, the photograph of the toy that your father made for the kids... I love it on several levels, not the least of which is the craftsmanship and obvious love that your father put into it - it is heart warming.
  116. Gwen, the Mackinac bridge is a wonderful subject...where is your photo?
  117. Hi all. Great pics! Jose- nicely sharp for 1/30th sec @50mm. My offering was taken in the evening in very harsh light, but it's ok, I think it brings out the texture in the wings. 105 micro VR
  118. Only just got to my computer, and already there are so many good pictures up! Here is my contribution for this week, shot last Thursday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The hawk was keeping an eye out from its perch on top of a griffin-shaped gargoyle on the top of the museum. Shot handheld, adjusted and cropped in PS.


    Nikon D80, Sigma 70-300mm @ 300mm 1/1000 f/8.0 ISO 400
  119. Wow. I see that there are a lot of people who really look forward to this thread. Great usual. Too many to comment on all, but Bruce...your race horses really grabbed me. "Take what you can get" is indeed a humble statement for your very vibrant, perfectly timed shot. Here is my start of a new bunch that I have been wanting to do for awhile (thank you to my friend and fellow photog Chuck for the suggestion)
  120. bruce and per-christian, nice work with the 50-150...i havent taken many landscapes with mine, but after P-C's shot i may have to start.
    chris court, you're almost too good...that ship looks pirate-y. like the quote too.
    lil, foud your baby chick quite endearing--and quite sharp.
    sanford, was that in new orleans?
    nice work, everyone. thanks again for sharing.
  121. Hi all,
    Have been busy these days with the new house, so not many new pictures.
    I didn't have time yet to see any of the pictures, but will enjoy them tonight.
    Just a quick fun older picture from me.
    D90 + 80-200 @ F3.2 110mm 1/1250s
  122. [​IMG]
    Near the beach. Nikon D70s, Tokina 12-24mm at 24mm, August, 2006
  123. The D300 is not bad at ISO1000 (and underexposed).
  124. I want to mention the wonderful portraits. I guess I'm a people person. Alex F, Tiffany B, David L, Matt L, Dan P, Ryan A, Andy C and Ton M... thanks for sharing these inspirational shots.
  125. Many great photos! -- as usual.
    I don't even try to photograph birds, but these ones wandered into my viewfinder in downtown Monterey.
  126. Shot at a wedding i did at the weekend, after all the main photos were taken i like put the 80-200 lens on my D700 and get some more natural shots.
  127. Jerry S: I hope you get well soon.
    Colin: Thank you
    Joseph: I hope you catch the really big one...
    Eric Arnold: Thank you. I bought the 50-150 orignially to shoot dance competitions, but I have found it to be one of my favourite walk-arounds.
    Of the later posted images, I have seen some that stands out in my opinion:
    Ryan: Sweet little bubble hunter
    Richard A: Beautiful iris shot - I love those color tones
    Susan: you have good contact with the model
    Chris C: Beautiful and dramatic. Where is Captain Hook?
    Matt: Beautiful shot. The model is certainly not a heron, but maybe has the same gracious legs? ;)
    David L: Beautiful portrait. The style reminds me of the old master painters.
    John C: Beautiful Lilly Macro.
    Sjoerd: Those guys have an attitude!
  128. My first contribution to Nikon Wednesday, hope you like it. Taken out the back whilst walking the dogs, just over an hour ago.
  129. Taken a about a week ago at Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, near Brockville Ontario.
    Nikon D5000 1/250 sec, f/8, 200 ISO, 26mm Lens 18.0-55.0 mm f3.5-5.[​IMG]
  130. Loxosceles reclusa
    D200, Sigma 105 Macro, ISO 400, f6.3, 1/160
  131. [​IMG]
    My first post to, so if I'm doing anything wrong, please tell me.
    Portulaca flower macro.
    D90 + 3 extension macro tubes + Nikkor 35-80
  132. Hi all!
    So many interesting and fascinating photographs here again...
    Some of my favorites so far:
    - Ton, great shot! Love the contrasting scottish kilt and dutch beer :)
    - Trevor, I really like your picture - sometimes less is more - very suspenseful.
    - Ryan, your beautifully captured „Bubble Chaser“ reminds me of my own childhood. Thanks!
    - Hasse & Susan & David - great portraits!
    - Aaron, love the „calmness“ in your picture.
    - Pete & Terry - I really enjoy pictures of children living in their own, adventurous world. Great!
    - Tiffany, a lovely portrait - and an interesting way to present it.
    - Lil, love the way that little chick is carefully wading through the silt. Reminds me of a picture ( ) I took 2007 in the local zoo.
    - Bogdan, very nice photograph! I don't see anything wrong...
    My contribution this week was shot some weeks ago and the surrounding story was printed last weekend. I'm always fascinated how many people spend countless hours to preserve old cameras, boats or cars. This is a wonderful restored example of an east-german Trabant from 1964. It's two-stroke, two-cylinders-engine of about 600 ccm delivers 23 horsepowers.
    It took a while to locate a suitable background - most of the streets here are to „clean“ for my taste. I've shot car and owner with the 70-200 and the 50/1.2 wide-open (for a soft, vintage look) but prefer the slightly compressed look the zoom gave me.
    (an alternative shot with my recently acquired Rolleiflex SL66 can be found here ...)
    Nikon D700, AF-S 70-200/2.8 VR, ISO200, f4, 1/640sec.
  133. Horseshoe Bay, Bering Sea looking toward Kanaga Island Nikon F2 35mm f/2 f5.6 @ 1/250 Kodachrome 400 [​IMG]
  134. I need to go through all the shots since my submission, there's so many! Thanks for the kind comments on "Bubble Chaser."
    At a quick glance of the more recent posts, Terry Foster's and Georg S's are excellent. Well done!
  135. Recent London trip - Londoners getting some sun.
  136. playing with my new sekonic l-358
  137. First up - - Welcome to all new First Time Posters in our Wednesday thread. A heartfelt Welcome. :)
    I want to thank:
    Kent, Janne, Chris, Joseph, Gary, Eric & Georg for your kind comments on my capture. Most kind of you all.
    At this time I want to add this shots as stand outs for me:
    Jim's lovely bird - neat shot. What kind of bird is that?
    Ryan's lovely portrait, that's too precious
    Hasse's portrait - lovely as usual
    Zoltan's car, so makes me think of trips to France
    Richard's lovely Iris - just a beautiful rendition.
    Elliot's Sunday driver - just a very sweet capture & what a statement
    Wayne's sunset - just lovely
    Benjamin's night shot - nice
    Susan's portrait - sweet & innocent
    Dariusz's portrait - inviting.....
    Bruce's action shot - really gives the feel of the speed......
    Scott's abbey - what a location
    Chris's sunset ship - what a beautiful view. Would love to see that.
    Matt's portrait - just lovely.
    Richard's portrait - powerful
    Colin's macro - lovely dreamy flower macro
    David's portrait - very nice graduation photograph, far nicer than that of my daughter.....
    Rene's - neat shot & I miss Hideyuki - tell him hi. ;-)
    John's night shot - lovely skyline
    Doug's hummer - so much attitude
    Aaron's beautiful horse/man/seascape - - I just love this one. Would love to get to do that with my horses. This is one I'd print & put on a wall. :) (sorry horse owner in me kicked in.)
    John's lovely lily - elegant
    Bogdan's goat herder - just love the true life "thing" here.
    Pete's hard working 2 year old - - what can I say past - - - Adorable. :)
    Gary's soccer action - love these shots as they record the "action & reaction"
    Waldemar's macro - that Lester A. Dine macro just sings for you. :)
    Alex's portrait - that's got to be a huge print. :)
    Tiffany's portrait - just too sweet.
    Terry's candid - too fun & for sure a perfect "special" shot from a wedding. :)
    Bogdan Boeru's macro - lovely
    Georg's homage to a car with special owner.
    Dick's lovely seascape - lovely mood
    I would love to comment on each & every shot - - but this is the best I can do. :) There are really some amazing shots here. My comments are normally what immediately comes to me at first instinct.
    Wonderful thread everyone....
    Lil :)
  138. To David Love,
    Superb shot. Your middle name must be Titian or Rembrandt. Perhaps the model helps a bit! This is photography that I like.
  139. Rodeo in front of the Alamo.
  140. Thank You Lil, and to John Conway- Never Forgotten! Compliments from such outstanding photographers really means a lot. Happy shooting to all until next time, John D.
  141. Hi gang,
    So many great photos today
    Per Christian wonderful sunset
    Matthew Brennam very nice
    Scott nice old castle
    John C great close up of this very popular flower
    Jeff K this reminds me of today's lunch
    I was very bussy today but I stopped on the way home Notre Dame HS in Niles, IL the set up nice field of American flags so took some photos
    here is one I call E pluribus unum
    Another great Wendnesday.
  142. Playing frisbee at Esplanadi Park, Helsinki.
  143. Playing frisbee at Esplanadi Park, Helsinki.
  144. I got an error before being able to upload my image (I'm at Kinko's in NYC..). Could a moderator remove my above posts, thanks.
  145. My first post here in ages, trying to get the hang of digital b*w, still getting some things sorted, like why this image on export appears so much lighter overall than what I was looking at in my image editing software (PSP x2). Salient Nikonian data: D80, FX 70-210 f4-5.6 at 110mm, f11@1/60s.
  146. Oops.. interesting.. the image appears 'correct' here, but when I view it on my computer using Picasa.. its much lighter. Guess its ok afterall. :)
  147. [​IMG]
    I usually line up the sun, water and clouds for a nice sunset in a waterfront park in Quebec, Canada. This time I caught a mother and daughter praying - they were aware that I would be taking the image. D300, 18-70mm shot at 70mm at f13 at 1/40s with an exposure comp of -2.3 to achieve the silhouette. Thanks for the pleasure of all of the wonderful images here.
  148. Christopher, Picasa has its own settings that can affect gamma. Hunt through the various menus and you'll find the option that affects how it appears on your monitor.
  149. New Orleans, D70s, 1/5 sec, f 3.5, 18-70 at 18mm, ISO 1600, handheld....
  150. Nikon D60 w/ 35mm f/1.8 DX AF-S @ f/1.8 & 1/250, ISO-400 (unedited image)
  151. Here's one from this weekend's early morning trek in the meadows at a local park. Turns out I came home with more than just images. I had six ticks coming for a ride as well. Now for the specs: Nikon D200, Sigma 180mm f3.5 macro @ f8, 1/500s, iso 800. Great contributions from everybody!!!
  152. Birds, birds, birds. Birds poke each other. Birds have personality. Birds are hard to identify. And, hard to identify with. Is that a heron? I have taken great pleasure in going with guides or at least a good guide book. These days, Google Images can put a picture on most any name.
    Here, with input from the guide, is a Black-crowned Night-Heron, shot on the Bebedero River, Palos Verde, Costa Rica, in January 2008.
  153. Such awesome shots on this thread every week, makes my Wednesday go much better at work.
    Here's my first submit: My wife and I were in Seattle over the weekend and as I was walking around Sunday morning taking shots I turned the corner and walked into the beginning stages of the Seattle Gay Pride Parade.
    Shot with Nikon D80, 50mm 1.4 @ f10 1/200 at ISO640 (had ISO set higher from night shots and forgot to reset)
  154. The pictures in the Nikon Wednesday posting are consistently excellent! It amazes me as to how quick this site fills up. Recently processed a bunch of B&Ws from Italy. This image was taken from a small town (Baveno) located on the shores of Lake Maggiore, just north of Milan. The island is called Isola Superiore. The camera I used was an FM3A with a 45AiP f2.8 attachment. The film was Ilford PanF50. The processor was HC110B.
  155. This is a little rowboat that was pulled inland that I had noticed while I was walking the beach in Florida.
  156. [​IMG] D200, 18-70 Kit lens, Silver Lake/Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA
  157. Great thread as always!
    I'm late this time but it's still Wednesday here in Colorado.
    This isn't my typical subject matter but this fellow was begging to have his picture taken, striking various poses within easy capture range under light snowfall.
  158. Nobody lets up around here -- great stuff! Jose, that's a neat observation and your shoes really pop; Per-Christian, beautiful fisherman; Dieter, I usually don't like HDR but the palace is beautiful; Mathew, great sunset; Pedro, good contrast; Lil, that's the youngest b/n stilt I've ever seen - beautiful bird- great shot; Ken, interesting manaquins, Jim, nice closeup; Dick, beautiful iris; Wayne, nice contrast; Dariusz, cute girl; Chris, excellent sunset ship; Jeannean: nice composition; John, lily is beautifully lit; Alex, something special; William, I like the tree as much as the bird; Lester, the rodeo looks like 3D; Richard K, nice heron; Lance, great girl/guy; Glen, oooh some goat.
    Ok, I got over to Ocean Beach by San Francisco today. It was warm and lots of people were out. This family was having so much fun I couldn't stop taking pictures of them. D90, 70-300mm VR @300, 1/1250, f/8, ISO 320
  159. Ok, one more time...
  160. Ladies & Gentelmen, thanks to all of you for sharing some really great shots. After having monitored this weekly thread for a while now, the thing that I like the most is the diversity. The little accompanying blurbs add a great personal touch too -- a great way to see little snippets of the world through others' eyes a few pixels at a time. Keep up the great work!
  161. From the world junior hockey finals. I wish I had 70-200 f/2.8 VR with D3 to grab the shot, but don't we all.
  162. Hi Lil,
    Thanks for your comment, I must confess I don't remember what species. The trip to the zoo was spur of the moment and I was having too much fun with my 13 yr old to write anything down.
    Your pic is beautiful- in its color, composition and simplicity.
    Joseph Leotta-
    Absolutely! They dismantled Skyfari though, bummer!!
    A lot of great shots, my personal favorite is Ken Yamamoto's NYC street shot - I love early Sunday mornings in NYC.
    Thank you Jose Angel for starting these weekly threads. It's great to see such rich and diverse images every week.
    Very inspiring!
  163. Thanks for the kind words about the portrait. It is the Nikon Wed post that has encouraged me to "try" new things, as I trust it does for all on this post. As others have mentioned earlier, this post is FULL of great capture, but I would like to mention the following for their submissions....I would love to learn how to do such great B&W conversion.
    Tom M: great expression
    Shawn M: beautiful
    Hasse L: great interaction with the model
    Matt Laur: engaging..great b&w conversion
    Tiffany Brook: superb..please show us more of these
  164. Thank you Janne, Shawn, and Tony.
    Tony, your observation is touching and right on the mark. My dad is 86 years old, healthy and spry, and lives by himself. He spends most of his time in the workshop making toys and games, which he gives away to kids and young-at-heart adults wherever he can find them.
  165. Matthew Brennan - that is an astounding shot, probably the best I've seen on these Wednesday threads! Love how the pylons begin to disappear...
    Mine is a film shot from a recent jaunt in Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast here in the UK. Nikon F90X, 50mm f/1.8, Ilford HP5.
  166. I haven't had a chance until this morning to look back through all of the superb images posted here. I want to thank all of you who commented on my iris for the kind words. I agree with David Love that this forum really pushes me to think more about my images and gives me that extra push to produce something that others find enjoyable. Plus, what a great group of people to share photos, thoughts and ideas!
    This week, for some reason, Glenn C's goat just stands out and makes me smile! there are so many other great shots here, but I love the goat:)
    Have a good week!
  167. Nikon D300, 18-200 Nikkor zoom.
    Aaron Bonnici: Love your "Friends" shot and Glen C's Mountain Goat!
    On a siding.
  168. With too many omissions, here are some thoughts that jump out at me this week:

    Ton: Terrific - I don't know how you get any actual work done, with the time you must spend on the streets. Or, you live on much more interesting streets than the rest of us peasants!

    Matthew B: indeed, a fantastic bit of landscapish stuff going on there. The atmosphere, light, and power lines - really wonderful.

    Wayne W: nice! you and Matthew B. need to do a group show.

    Chris Court: you should join them.

    Aaron: that horse-in-water scene really talks to me for some reason

    Darren: love the light on (and through!) your spider.

    Lester: that f/1.4 DoF, the dust in the air, and the light - it makes for a long stare at that rodeo shot!

    Glenn: that's a goat's goat. Your background puts him anywhere, at any altitude. Love it.

    These threads are addictive and inspiring - keep it up, everyone.
  169. Wow! Great images here. First timer for me. Shot at a wedding this weekend in Haiku.
    Lovely B and G, and beautiful location. This forum has inspired me to take my gear out with me today and shoot.
    Mahalo all!
  170. Matt thanks. OK, let me clarify ;-)
    Actually I do have a busy fulltime job, you know what that is. I live in a fairly small city of about 45.000 people (Roermond, the Netherlands if anyone wants to look on Google Earth) and never do any streetwork there but I live only ten minutes away from the German border and only 15 minutes from the Belgian one. Amsterdam is only 2 hours away while I can be in Paris in less than 3,5 hours. So I'm lucky geographically and yes, I spend a lot of time out there. Having no kids helps while my wife understands my drive all too well as she's an artist. Although we have a social life all my spare time goes into photography, either out on the streets or behind my computer as I also do a lot of work for some other photographers. Frankly, I really can't remember the last day that I haven't been out shooting, visiting galleries, working on photos and or studying books on photography (collect them). But if you or anyone is near at some time I'd be more than happy to show you around.
    I guess all in all it's essentially not that much different from what you do from a time-investment perspective . Like your portrait as well btw because a. it's so natural and b. you lighted and converted it very very good.
    As for the uploads here they are not all from within the last week although all are very recent.
  171. My favourite of this week is Aaron Bonnici's "Friends". Those two in that almost completely empty landscape (or is it seascape?) works very direct just because of that and that oh so subtle but clever composition. Terrific photo.
  172. Rochester, MN triathlon Shot with a Nikon D300 w/ 80-200 f2.8 ED
  173. Thanks Ton and everyone who commented on my photo..too kind
  174. Thanks to those who commented on my contribution this week. As a newbie to photography (been at it with my new D40 for about 3 months now), I'm pleased, but more than that, this forum has encouraged and inspired me. A special thank you to everyone who shares their photos. I think they're all super and convey different viewpoints/stories each week. Keep up the good work and realize what an inspiration you ALL are! :D
  175. Here is one from today, taken at Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC (close to Charlotte, NC) taken with D200 and 18-200VR handheld. Original and without any pp except resizing.

    From Lazy 5 Ranch
  176. Here's a straight-forward, "quick-fix" b&w conversion of a digital photograph.
  177. Thanks to Hamish Gray, Lil Judd, Joseph Leotta, Dave Greenidge, Chris Court, Shawn McFarlane and John Conway for your kind comments on the Fisher Towers shot. John, you are right, I was using Velvia 50. Cheers...
  178. Since we're nearly at next Wednesday's new thread, let's close this thread. While I'm reluctant to discourage new comments by closing the window prematurely, as these threads gain in popularity they can take up to 3 minutes to load over a DSL connection and it becomes time consuming to review each new post to ensure thread integrity is maintained.
    Thanks again to all and see you next Wednesday, July 8!

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