Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #26

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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 90Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.
    Hi, this week I`m on an incursion into still life... I visualized a very dark pic, wood, blur, and one of my favourite books (Bècquer and specially this editing style). Actually it is not exactly what I was looking for... I think I must have used a 35/1.4AiS, and a more extreme processing. I`m learning.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 50AFS, f1.4 - 1/15sec., all camera tricks off. NX2, Ps and Aperture.

    Please post your Nikon pic if you like as usual. Thank you all.
  2. Good evening forum!
    Here we are again, a new ALmOSt THuRSdaY PiC thread.
    Finally I have almost caught up with my shots. This is an ever all view of the city of florence, some how it caught my eyes while going through all the shots. I am in love with this city and can't wait to go back.
    I wonder how Xmas is around there! I'm sure it is much more fun than in Japan.
    A few more shots if anyone would like to see:
    Hope you guys like it.... Now let's see what you guys have been working on for the past 7 days! Cheers!
    Jose.... I like the effect!
  3. Took this image a few weeks ago in the crypt of the Pantheon in Paris and finally found time to process. It's a crop of a fisheye image with the fisheye distortion removed through DxO and converted to B&W in PS. D200, 10.5mm, 1/10s, f/2.8, ISO200, hand held, spot-metered.
    Rene` - fantastic night shot
    Jose - maybe a tad darker?
  4. Taken last week at Rosedal of Palermo, Buenos Aires
    D300 + 18-200 VR 1/200 - f5.6 - ISO 250 @200mm
  5. Hi,
    This is one of the first pictures I took a while ago with my D90 and I only had the 80-200 2.8 to play with. ;-)
    I came across these kissing mushrooms at my work. No shame at all!!
    D90, 80-200 @ F2.8 135mm 1/800s ISO 400
  6. Is the Wednesday Pic early today or am I just up late?
    In any case we had a trip to Santa Fe, NM this weekend and I liked some shots I got of the St. Francis of Assisi Basilica around dusk one evening.
  7. Took some real estate pictures on Monday. The owner had a retro style throughout the house.
  8. Good WedNEsDAy, fellow Nikon shooters! Looking forward to see all your pics later on! Jose, Rene', Dieter, Alejandro, Ton & others you really have started out this thread with marvelous pics! Great wide angle shots, I really need to get a WA lens for myself. :)
    This week I have been on the road, visiting relatives and old friends, and doing some renovation on the side. Of course I had my cameras with me and shot a great deal of flower macros among other pics on Midsummer Day. Had to use rather old computer to get this pic resized, and this bugger has only Paint in it, so sorry for the low quality of this pic. But here is a trail of flowers shot on a Midsummer Day.
  9. Hello all, good morning!
    It's been quite a busy week (or month, to that matter) and the past few days I wasn't able to take any pictures. So here's one from last month. It was taken in Lamego, a town in the north of Portugal. I thought that it was a rather intriguing door, with all the color layers.
    D700, Series E 28mm f/2.8 @ f/5.6 and 1/25s, ISO200.
  10. Hello, it's Wednesday again! Ton, that pic is just great! And Pedro, you've touched one of my nerves with that door... I seem to have found another doorseeker... (as a matter of fact, I'm always amazed about the quality of pictures stranding in this section!)
    Leaving the old town , in Luxemburg (yes, that's that tiny country in the heart of Europe) on a bleak and overcast day:
    D700 with 24-85/2.8-4, at f11
  11. I like the juxtaposition and contrast Ton!
    Here is a shot from Saturday. I've been experimenting with ufraw and a Velvia tone curve. D700 iso 200, Nikkor 50mm @ F4.
  12. To honor Kodachrome
    Kodak discontinued Kodachrome this week. I shot 100's and 100's of rolls back in the 70s and 80's. The big decision was Kodachrome or Ektachrome. I've haven't shot it lately, but it was nice knowing it was there.
    Back to the files for this one.

    Nikkormat Ftn with 50mm 1.4 S Scanned on Nikon LX 4000 Kodachrome 64

  13. Nikon D300 w/18-200mm Nikkor zoom
  14. Nice door Pedro, I have a bit of a thing for decayed doors and windows too.
    From one of my lunchtime wanders.
    D80 + 17-55mm f2.8 @ 20mm, f5.6, 1/400, iso100
  15. The Towering Flower of Power:
    D700 with 50mm f/1.4 AF-D @ ISO 100, f/8, 1/320 sec. PP in LR2
  16. Aaah, away in a small meeting, and already 15 posts before me!! :)
    This elk was disturbed eating his midsummer eve meal. For those who have followed the thread: "Ooooh, I'm sooooo pi***d :(" , I can happily say: "I got the sucker" ;) ;).

    Nikon D300, Sigma 50-150mm @ 150mm, ISO 1100, f2.8, 1/200
  17. Hi All,
    Excellent images everyone. Was expermenting with the subject curves, here's what came out...
  18. Per-christian - I see you used the NIkon this time :)
  19. Hi All
    Whilst a wholehearted devotee of digital, I can not help feeling a slightly sad nostalgia over the loss of my 1st love, Kodachorme.
    My first post to Nikon Wednesday then is an old Kodachrome image taken with a circa 1985 Nikon FA manual focus camera and 400mm zoom of unremembered (and probably unknown) heritage. The lens was gifted to me by my father and came attached to an ancient Practica camera. To fit this screw mount lens to my new Nikon I managed to locate a cheap screw-mount to F-mount converter that seemed to work reasonably well; albeit no doubt dreadfully soft by today’s standards.
    This B&W conversion is a part of my progressive effort to sort through and scan some of my old collection of slides and negatives. In this case, I thought the B&W conversion added to the impact of the composition, or perhaps more accurately, removed the distraction of the colourful patterns in the water and the deep rust colour of the wire rope against the pale grey of the concrete wharf.
    Tasmanian wharves can be cold places and this common Australian sea bird was taking the opportunity to warm itself in the sun whilst tucking one cold webbed foot up into a nice warm downy blanket.
    All the best,
  20. Joseph, Yes that little P&S of the other brand is now confined to the cupboard, and will be released on parole only if it behaves... ;).
    Only Nikon is good enough....
  21. OH I am so @#&$@* - I had a full reply entered & then I try to post & messed up & loses it. I'm tired. :-(
    OK abbreviated version. This thread generates faster replies than any I know.
    Favorites so far -
    Rene 's night scape, Dieter 's crypt of the Pantheon, Ton 's street shot, Sjoerd 's kissing fungi, Glenn 's night time basilica, Hamish 's retro interior, Janne 's Midsummer flowers (boy do I recall those days), Pedro 's multi colored Portuguese door, Monika 's old European street, Dave 's girls in the landscape, Per-Christian 's young moose & Aaron 's curves.
    In order not to bore everyone stiff with my birds I am here yet again making a faint attempt towards landscapes. This is from our trip, as I'm still going through & pp'ing those photos.
    D700, 24-70mm f/2.8 at 26mm EXIFs embedded as always....
    Lil :)
  22. This guy was looking for something to enhance his diet in my folks' flower garden. Hope he found something to his taste!!
    D200, handheld at ISO 100. 55mm f2.8 MF Macro lens, 1/160 sec at f5.6.
    Apologies to Ray Bradbury!
  23. That's a great capture Chris
    Lil :)
  24. Lil, you are up late - there is an unfair time advantage since it's near midday in Europe. Very nice landscape, I always look forward to your posts.
    Per-Christian - nice shot and it is good to be back in Norway.
  25. Hi, excellent begining of Wednesday thread again!
  26. Some areas of the UK give the illusion of being somewhere completely different - and when walking in the heat, my water running out and no sign of humanity I felt I was in some kind of desert. However all was not lost as the sea was not far away as this was the Chesil Beach, Dorset.
  27. Movie crew shooting on location, found this shot while scanning older negs, shot about two years back, and if memory serve me well the lens was a Niikon zoom 24-85mm F/2.8-4 D Macro.
    Joseph, indeed such sad thing Kodachrome being retired...
  28. Per-Christian...
    Good to see you caught 'em this time. Still needs more HDR. ;>
  29. Hi all,
    Good afternoon... It's nice to see you again in this thread :)
    Here is my contribution.
    Nikon D300 and 70-300 mm VR @ 300 mm, ISO 400, 1/250, F/8
  30. This week, as previously, the images so far are so good, that I better start commenting some of them already.
    Jose, beautiful mood you have captured
    Ton, Poor man being under surveillance ;) ;)
    Sjoerd: Well seen, sweet image
    Pedro: Intriguing door & colors
    Joseph: Kodachrome R.I.P. - I have also had lots of nice times with Kodachrome - they call it progress??
    Aaron: Nice lines, thight crop. I like it.
    Mike: I don't know how they are able to keep the balance, even in the wind....
    Chris: Great, super-sharp shot.
    Darko: I like that portrait - very good expression
  31. Good morning. Everyone, so cool already!
    I didn't do much camera the past week, so here is another Boston photo.
  32. Hmmm... must be Wednesday again!
  33. Beautiful work already. It just occurred to me that by the time I finish reading and typing this thread, there will be another half dozen or so photos to see. Oh, and I understand the 'Notify Me' option about seeing threads updates is now permanently dead (host issue, not PN) so I can't follow these anymore.
    My photo this week is a just-after-sunrise shot from Downtown Disney......
  34. It's summer - when the local rodeo and bull-riding competitions start around sunset and go into the night. The first half hour or so always seem to happen in the lowest, pinkest light possible - but still enough to get a decent shutter speed for a bit before you have to give up with the camera and just watch. This rider just about got himself kicked into the next county. Happy Wednesday, everybody - and watch out for the back end of those bulls.
  35. Lovely work all!
    This photo is dedicated to Neda, the woman gunned down in the streets of Iran during protest.
    D300, 50mm 1.8 @ f/2.8, SB-800 off camera, in umbrella.
  36. Good Morning! Another great start for this Wednesday! Ton, thanks for the smile you gave me this morning:)
    Summer has finally arrived here. This is a shot of my daughter ahead of me in her kayak on the lake. I took it from my canoe with my D300, 80-400mm VR at f8, 1/1600 sec, iso 200, 160 mm, handheld.
    Have a fine Summer day, everyone!
  37. Kent, it doesn't appear to be possible to use the usual HTML tag to link from an image in our portfolios to the discussion threads. I've experimented with this and for some reason it doesn't seem to work. The system keeps changing the tag. I'll mention it to Josh.
    Meanwhile, you can still link a photo hosted elsewhere, or upload it directly to the forum.
  38. Kodak's recent announcement that Kodachrome will be discontinued caused me to browse my older photos on slide film, taken when I first switched to Nikon in 2002. I don't remember whether this was on Kodachrome or Fuji - my notes and file organization are a mess.
  39. There are a lot of good images already on this thread this morning. I look forward to looking at these images every week. Keep up the good work my friends.
    My image this week is a night shot from downtown Salisbury, NC. I used a Nikon D200 with 60mm 2.8D lens at f11, ISO 100 @ 6 seconds.
  40. Thanks Lex. I'll use the inline method.
    This is one more from the recent Red Bull air race in Windsor, Ontario - a composite of images shot at eight frames per second.
    D300, 600mm f/5.6 Nikkor ED with AU-1 focusing unit, bowling towel, ISO 800, 1/2500 @ f/11.
  41. WedNEsDAy again!
    Being a learner reading the book "Light: Science and Magic", found chapter on taking pictures of glass object and I was trying to follow that. I took this picture with one light on the left and using built-in-flash of the camera (I learned new term dragging shutter too... )
    After taking this picture just changed the white balance to Auto in PS and was playing with IR conversion in PS, but something I did and it turned out this. I liked and it's here to share with you all.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1.0 sec
    Aperture: 9.0
    Focal Length: 38mm
    Flash Used: Yes
  42. This photo was taken in Kobe, Japan last month. Used bleach process to give it a slightly different look.
    D700 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, ISO 6400, f/3.2 1/125.
  43. Hi - Its wednesday again !! - Here is my contribution with D70s, 28-105 Nikkor set at 90mm, shutter speed 1/2500, F-4.5, ISO 200, RAW. A little changes in photoshop for brightness/sharpness and cropping. All suggestions wellcome .
  44. shot a couple of weeks ago
  45. On Sunday night, Germany beat Holland 4-1 in the finals of the World Junior Hockey Championships.
  46. Great Wednesday thread already!
    Ian - nice... have you been to Dungeness in Kent? Another pebble beach but like no other! I'll do my best to get over there for another Nikon Wednesday.
    I had decided on this weeks shot before viewing the thread and finding that excellent Duck from Alejandro.
  47. Here's a simple, candid photo from the weekend. Bounce flash with an SB600.
  48. Ton, how do you do it week after week? Great.
    Matt, great action!
    Mike, picture perfect!
    This group of lillies is fresh from the garden this morning.
    D3 with an old Quantary 24mm 2.8. shot at f8 1/20s center weighted
  49. Great work everyone, here's my contribution for the week.
  50. I did some engagement photos for some work friends this weekend. We really had a good time making the images. The D2H and nikkor 80-200 f2.8 are an awesome combination. The clarity of the D2H and the contrast from the 80-200 is simply magical. I created a collage for the couple and hope you don't mind if I share it here.
  51. Forgot to add that two of the images above were done with my other favorite zoom, the Tokina 12-24.
    Great images everyone as always.
  52. D60, AF-S 35 1.8 @ f2.8 & 1/4000 ISO-100
  53. Hi everyone, very nice photographs so far. Here's mine
    Air conditioning
    [D90, 16-85mm@46mm , Manual 1/60 f/16
    ,ISO 200 ]
  54. [​IMG]
    Nikon D50 w/ ED AF-S Nikkor 24-120 1:3.5-5.6 G VR - PDK Good Neighbor Day 2009
  55. Happy Wednesday to all!
  56. Help! could someone please tell me how to post an image. I've tried without success. My "old" brain just doesn't seem to compute!
  57. Taken with D3+24-70/2,8G at 70mm , ISO 3200 , F2,8, 1/90 , using only the ambiental lights.
  58. Good Morning Fellow Wednesday Shooters,
    I've had a good morning looking at all of the pics already here and will wait until tonight to see the rest. There sure are some fine photographers here. Some of this work is just plain beautiful. It gives me something to strive for.
    My pic today is one of many, I hope, of Barns here in Western Kentucky (Marshall County). We really do not have ornate barns, mostly more on the useful end and old. I am hoping over the next year to put about 100 together and get a DVD in our public library of them.
  59. [​IMG]
    D70 w/ 18 - 70mm
  60. Sanford, type your comment (answer), press "SUBMIT", check and press"CONFIRM", press "BROWSE" and find/choose your picture on your computer ..., press "ENTER" and it's done !
  61. D700, 24-70 2.8
  62. Rufous Hummingbird (Male). D200, Nikon 300/2.8, Tamron 1.4x teleconverter, effective focal length 630mm, 1/640s, f/4, ISO 200, spot metered.
  63. The old Champion Building in Port Isabel, Texas. Built around 1899.
  64. Little guy from my garden.
  65. Feeding time in my back yard.
  66. ...we crash into each other, just so we can feel something...

  67. Feeding time in my back yard.
  68. Hello, first posting here. I have been enjoying this incredible wealth of knowledge and creativity for a while now.
    I shot this a couple of weeks ago in Western Pa. Photo is out of the camera less cropping for a few spectator heads.
    I used my D40x in manual mode with the metering centered, optimized in "vivid", 1/3200sec f5.6, iso 400, taken with
    my Nikon af-s nikkor 55-200vr with the vr off. Shot in jpeg mode.
  69. D300, 18-70 Nikkor lens at 70mm, ISO 200, f/10, 1/400
  70. Hello, first posting here. I have been enjoying this incredible wealth of knowledge and creativity for a while now.
    I shot this a couple of weeks ago in Western Pa. Photo is out of the camera less cropping for a few spectator heads.
    I used my D40x in manual mode with the metering centered, optimized in "vivid", 1/3200sec f5.6, iso 400, taken with
    my Nikon af-s nikkor 55-200vr with the vr off. Handheld in jpeg mode.
  71. Jose, that lens is one of my favorites. Kent really cool sequence! I got around to process six rolls of B&W late yesterday night. This morning scanned six frames. This capture is from a street scene in Rome, which came upon us and was gone in literally a blink of an eye. I managed to capture two frames.
  72. Night Blooming Cereus (Peniocereus greggii )
    D80, 50/1.8af @f5.6, 1/30, iso200, on camera flash+sb-600 in commander
  73. Bighorn Sheep, Salmon River, Idaho Nikon D300, 18-200 Nikkor.

    Kemal Riza: Your "Feeding time" shot is great! [​IMG]
  74. This is my first of I hope, many Wednesdays! :)
    D80, Sigma 10-20 @ 10 mm, ISO100, f16, 1/100. Post processing in NX.
  75. bms


    Mike, I feel ya - see below. I have not shot a lot of KR but I'll miss it.
    Jose and Robert - nice stills, very contemplative
    Rene - it makes me wanna go there
    Dieter - 1/10, very steady hand indeed
    Ton - as usually a great street pic
    Glenn, Pedro, Anand - love the colors
    Hamish - makes me think Kodachrome even more, I guess I am just nostalgic
    Aaron and Bruce - great composition
    Chris - look huge, great shot.... I hope he's vegetarian?
    Nina - my favorite!
    Matt - great action shot, look like you were close?
    Kent, Rafael - cool shots
    Leo - you bleached the print?
    Here is mine: D700, 105 Micro at f/8
  76. bms


    wow. I think there were 10 upoads while I was doing my post. Great job everyone.
  77. Wow, as of every week, great work everyone! Its only 8 am here, and I wish I had more time to look :D
    Here is my contribution for the week. This was shot last November, but I just got around to getting the film processed a couple of days ago and scanned at home.
    Nikon F100, 50 f/1.4 AFS, Kodak 400CN B&W (C-41 emulsion)
  78. Mission San Francisco de Asis at sunset. Unbelievably gorgeous images this week everyone!
  79. on the first day of summer...
  80. Great pics folks.
    Nina M, Kemal R and Dariusz L are my favs so far

    D300 35 1.8
  81. As always some great posts.
    Randy - Can feel the heat
    Pedro - Love the door
    Ton - Great street capture
    Aaron - Very curvey
    Lex - Just beautiful
    I just purchased a 50/1.4 and was playing around with DOF shots this week. Converted to B/W and cropped in PS.
    D80 50/1.4 @ 1.4, 1/80, ISO-800
  82. pge


    Great photos, great week, here are a few that caught my attention:
    Pedro's door, Aaron's tunnel, Kemal's hind legs, Matt's pet bull, Doug's bird, Paul's birds and Randy's blaze.
    Here is mine, this is a friend of mine's hobby, and the strange thing is that he is not alone. I shot this at only 70mm in a good crowd of people that bring their lawn chairs on the weekends to watch plane's land. One little kids was yelling at her father "can we go home now".
  83. Randy - that's an excellent photo.
    another North Wales shot from me this week. taken on the island of Anglesey. it is Southstack lighthouse and surrounding cliffs. D200, sigma 10-20mm and my 10 stop ND filter.
  84. Once again, it's great to browse through the Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC collection. My contribution is a photo from last year. A little experimentation with the multiple exposure feature on my Nikon N80 and a cruise ship on the Hudson in New York.
    Ilford Delta 400, Nikon N80, Quantaray 28-90mm
  85. Shot this Cape Cod home just recently. Extreme wide angle shot constrained by space, and I wanted to create a very large print. Nikon D200 with 50mm f/1.4, 1/250 @ f/13. Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod head. A composite of 21 shots w/PTGui Pro to achieve the wide angle and the megapixels. The full image printed is 58 inches wide at 300 ppi. The detail makes you feel you can walk right into the picture.
  86. Oops... Here's the image.
  87. Historical parade in my town this weekend to honor it's 800-th year of exsitence. Some beards and moustaches being aired.
  88. Oops, messed that up - admin please delete.
  89. Some really nice shots this week. I really like Kent Shafer's composite.
    My contribution - taken at Flyfest 2009 Hamilton, ON. A Firefly owed by the Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum.
  90. First time I've contributed to this - not sure if the photo has to be from today? Anyway, took this on my way to the coffe shop this morning. Flowering Agave plant. Nikon D700, HDR, Photomatix, Tamrom 28-75 2.8, F14
  91. Howdy all, more pics from the water..
    nikon d300/sb800, nikkor 10.g DX fish
    exposure - ISO400, .6 sec @ f2.8, Used the sb800 in TTL mode, 2/3 under, direct light.
    I was experimenting with slow sync flash in this one, which worked out pretty well catching the eyes and face without any blur, pretty good considering the longish exposure and we were whipping across the water at about 30mph at the time :)
  92. Munaluodonselkä (Lake Saimaa) after sunset on Monday.
  93. Michael and newcomers... you`re welcome. Your pic is under 300Kb and 699 wide, I wonder if you forgot to write a caption to show it in thread.
    The aim is to show our latest or recent work... it`s not a requisite to be from today. Guidelines are here.
    Great photos everyone.
    Edit: while writing this lines, two more pics, Mike and Ilkka... beautiful!!
  94. Little late today I ran over my internet cable with my lawn mower so I had to reconfigure an internet connection until mine is repaired on Friday.
    My contribution this week is from my trip that I took to the local aquarium for my birthday.
    Kind of a freaky looking Leafy Sea Dragon
  95. Since the announcement that Kodachrome is going to be discontinued, I found this photo I took in 1996 during a trip to San Francisco. I picked up my rental car at the airport and followed the signs into downtown and ended up at Coit Tower, my first stop for a view. It was a sunny early June morning, and already around 75 degrees outside. I took this on Kodachrome film with my Nikon FE2 and a 50mm f1.8 AIS Lens (scanned on to a Kodak PhotoCD in 1999):
  96. Terrific work, everyone! These particularly caught my attention:
    1. René's night shot of Florence. René, I love the city and the background, but I can't find anything that speaks to me in the sky. Crop?
    2. Ton's shop window and street scene. The old guy vs. the super-model window figures is just fabulous. This is a really memorable image.
    3. Janne's flowers. Nice, quite nice, but in a shot like this, I struggle with how to allocate the DOF vs. the OOF. With OOF in front and in back, I'm looking for a reason to pay attention to the crisp portion.
    4. Pedro's door is fab. I shoot a lot of doors when I'm traveling.
    5. Chris, your weevil is crisp, bright, and so very nicely presented. I like your sig band worked into the image. I know it's just a detail, but I think it's very well done and a complement to the image, doesn't fight against it.
    6. Colin's flower shows really tight DOF control. I like it.
    7. Doug's hummingbird on a twig is great.
    8. Randy, the fireman on the ladder is really great. Maybe it was the lead image in the news. If not, it should have been.
    9. William and Paul, your shots of birds in conflict are great. Show personality nicely.
    10. Gary, the Wales coast is terrific and makes me want to go there. I liked everything, but the milky sea confuses me. If the sea is so smooth, where did the foam (at the shores) come from? But, I'm going to add a 10x ND to my bag.
    11. Mike, the photo of Jackie in the boat... Wow! I love when flash blends just right with available.
    Again, very nice work by everyone.
  97. Thanks for the answer to my question. I'll give it a try. this is one great site, and I hope I can contribute.
  98. Wow, lots of great shots already! Thanks all for mentions last week. And thanks Shun for your notice. So far, these are some entries that stood out for me. Pedro: beautiful door, Monica: nice street, Mike O: interesting story, Chris: nice macro, Kemal: funny deer, Bruce: great blue sky, Lex: nice black background, Kent: nice composite, Ray: interesting plant, Colin: good lighting, Michael: interesting composition, Doug: good hummingbird, Jeff: nice cool hallway, Randy: wow huge fire, Mike: beautiful girl in moving boat.
    I was surprised to find the local Corvette club putting on a show in my downtown park this weekend -- of course I had to check it out.
  99. This a band called Soma playing at the Vevey music festival this weekend
  100. My first post here...
    Victoria Terminus @ Mumbai, India.
    Nikon D60 1/20 F4 22mm
  101. Skaters in motion
  102. Downhill world championship race, Maribor, Slovenia.
  103. My first post here...
    Victoria Terminus @ Mumbai, India.
    Nikon D60 1/20 F4 22mm
  104. This is my first attempt at a portrait. I made may daughter Ashley pose for me on Saturday.
    D300 70-200 f/2.8 ISO200
  105. My first post here...
    Victoria Terminus @ Mumbai, India.
    Nikon D60 1/20 F4 22mm
  106. Paul B - Wow, that's what a D3 can do at 3200? That's incredible. At H1.0 on my D200...I'd get a Fuji 800 pushed to 1600 grain look. All of the sudden that D700 looks much more fun...
  107. This series of threads just gets better by the week. More natural colours this week too (you saturation junkies know who you are!). The firefighting shot is outstanding, it almost tempts you to commit arson just to get a shot like it.
    I've been revisiting my old film negs and scanning them. This one was taken with a Nikon FE, Nikkor 35mm f/2 lens on FP4 film. That's all the technical info I have since the rest of the EXIF data seems to have got erased from the frame ;-)
  108. [​IMG]
    Walking along Pine ave in Montreal Quebec yesterday I discovered this clump of flowers and still exercising my recently acquired Sigma 10-20mm on my Nikon D300, I got down really low - camera was a few inches from the ground and pointing up - and took this image.
    NIKON D300 Lens: Sigma10-20mm Exposure Time: 1/160.0 seconds FNumber: 22.0 ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 200 Exposure Program: Aperture priority ExposureBiasValue: -10/6 MaxApertureValue: 5.7 MeteringMode: multi-segment Flash: Flash did not fire FocalLength: 19.0 mm:
  109. Sorry - the previous had no photo - new to posting in forums.
  110. Adey - thanks - no not been there yet, but I hear good things about it. It is not all that far from me actually so I must take myself over there soon.
  111. Aaron L., yes indeed, it's amazing what nowadays cameras can do in low light situations. Last week's wednesday pic, I post another high ISO picture from the same wedding...
  112. Went to a Red Sox game on saturday night and saw this little guy.
    Nikon D200 with Sigma 70-200 f/2.8
  113. Hamish, Janne, Sanford...very nice! And wonderful shots from everyone!
    This was from a recent outdoor candid shoot...the mother was insistent we not bother the child, just shoot.
  114. Darn twitchy mouse finger! Let's try again.
    This was from a recent outdoor candid shoot...the mother was insistent we not bother the child, just shoot.
  115. Hi, absolutely fantastic quality this week - so many WOW! pictures - Wednesday really is an inspiration! Just a quick snap this week on dropping son #2 off at cubs as have been too too busy at work all week. Spent many hours learning the nuances of the D700 - in this case paired with an 18-35mm lens, set to capture portraits. The features are great - still need lots of mugging up as have a studio shoot on Sat and haven't practiced it with strobes yet.....
  116. Great shots so far to everyone.
    It hasn't stopped raining for a week up here so mine is a portrait of a baseball coach during quite the soggy contest.
    Have a good week.
  117. here's a quick grab shot, taken yesterday on market street in san francisco. nothing special, but i like this shot for some reason.
    d300/tamron 17-50
  118. I took a very similar shot a week ago in the Market St., and I also like it for now particular reason -- probably the green color.
  119. #4 Ross Bridge at Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail
    D200, Sigma 17-70@50mm, ISO 100, BKT of 5 images -2.-1,0, +1,+2 with 0 at f4 1/50
    Didn't have tripod, so this is an attempt at hand held HDR. Little fuzzy in some areas. Processed with Photomatix.
  120. Christoph, that photograph already caught my eye as amusing, but your comment cracked me up!
    "Some beards and moustaches being aired."​
    And I'm a sucker for good motion blur. Well done, Mike Metcalfe and Richard Borovoy.
  121. My mediocre landscape shot.
  122. To many great photos to list them all.
    @ Jose Angel: a very suggestive image
    @ Ton Mestrom: a great capture, what else can I say!?
    @ Glenn C: I love the sky and the shadow from the statue.
    @ Pedro Cardoso: the texture and colors are intriguing indeed.
    @ Monika Epsefass: I like the perspective here, the small figure disappearing among tall greying structures.
    @ Chris Court: a very impressive bug, I like the detail and color.
    @ Kemal Riza: a very interesting and unusual image.
    @ Bruce Margolis: a beautiful image from the land of the average. Congratulations!
    @ Matt Laur: what a great capture. Bull's eye indeed!
    @ Nina Myers: a very moving tribute!
    @ Doug Santo: an incredibly detailed and colorful hummingbird!
    @ Randy Dawson: a very dramatic vision, nothing distracting.
    @ Wayne Cornell: The 18-200 mm can be quite good at capturing wild life at the long end!
    @ Mike Metcalfe: a very good image and a great model -- the combination of the hair and eyes is wonderful!
  123. Nice work all.
    Tom M: Good timing and eye-line of the mannequins.
    Chris C: The weevil that men do lives on.
    Nina: Nice DOF and lighting.
    Randy D: Well done. Paris H. say's, "it's hot."
    Walter R : Good perspective and title.
  124. mikhail, nice one. looking at both pics, i think what is interesting is the seeming juxtaposition of a old streetcar in a more modern setting. to me, it hints at the dichotomy of tradition vs. technology, and whether updating something is any improvement.
    upon further reflection, even more interesting is the fact we both shot the same streetcar--#1055--which may not be named "desire," but does evoke a certain romanticism. this particular car must have quite a history, to appear twice in the same WeDnEsDaY thread. hmm, do streetcars have personalities? #1055 appears to.
    @everybody else: pretty amazing, as usual. really inspiring work from so many people, and as always, the range, the variation, the tonality, the colors, the bokeh... magnifico!
    if i had to pick just one shot which "did it" for me this week, it would be randy d.'s...really great work.
  125. A little late to the game today. Blame work...
    Really like Ton's pic today, I an almost see the models turning to watch the passer-by.
    My shot is from the weekend. Took my kid to the creek for father's day watching the turtles, fish and insects.
  126. Here's a shot I took last month when visiting Syracuse (N.Y.) University. This is the journalism building. I used a polarizer on a 24mm Nikkor f2.8 attached to a Nikkormat FT2 body. Note slight vignetting in the corners.
    • Hello everybody, good picks as usual, here is mine.D300 80-200/2.8[​IMG]
  127. Hello everyone..
    I made a day trip to Cardiff over the weekend and they had a Jousting tournament within the castle walls.
    Have a great week ahead!!
  128. Hi everybody!
    This thread gets better every week. Some of my favs so far:
    - Ton Mestrom, a classic!
    - Hamish Gray, I love everything (maybe except the crop on the left side) about your picture. Great use of your new lens!
    - Pedro Cardoso, love your colorful door!
    - Aaron Bonnici, a highly successful experiment with curves...
    - Mike O'Day, great composition of „Balance“.
    - Bogdan Nicolescu, great atmospheric scene - would love to know what kind of film they were shooting...
    - Kemal Riza, nice catch!
    - Bruce Margolis, somehow de Cervantes „Don Quixote“ crosses my mind - thanks!
    - Nina Myers, I'm intrigued every week by the way you work with colors. Wow!
    - Leo Laksi, a really cool shot!
    - Michael S.l, great shot - I'm always to slow to capture such scenes...
    - Susan Wolfe, what a lovely portrait - it's nice to see such a „simple“ picture - just a boy (love the band-aid on his knees :) with his toy. Great!
    - paul sooHoo, great shot! Somehow the nestbox looks perfectly „natural“ to me.
    - Dariusz Lachowski, please don't get me wrong, but I think it's a cool picture of a hot-blooded woman. Wow!
    - Randy Dawson, a stunning picture in every aspect! Composition is great.
    - Walter Ryan, great use of your new lens!
    - Mike Metcalfe, my personal pick of this thread! Priceless expression on her face - pure drama due to slow sync. I can imagine this picture on a billboard - advertising some kind of a freshening new product...
    - Richard Borovoy, I'm playing with motion-blur and long exposures lately and absolutely love your picture. Great!
    - Darren Shipley, great composition and nice use of HDR!
    My contribution this week is the result of a hastily done experiment with the subjects curves. I saw the poppies and their funny looking twisted stems and decides to snap a picture or two. I've used an old Ai 105/4 at 5.6. Handheld, 1/320sec. at ISO 800.
  129. Nikon D3 with 24-70mm f2.8 1/20 second at ISO 1250 at 60mm. Lighting is ambient with no flash. Dark Wedding reception hall.
    Wedding singer with her entourage. She has a microphone and he has his bottle.
  130. This is my first post to Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC series, I'm so glad. Many thanks to Dear Jose for starting this thread that I saw many wonderful, enviable posts of friends.
    Best Regards,
    Apertue Priority, ExposureBiasValue : - 0.67
  131. A lot of great shots - but Tim Holte- WOW!!!
  132. First time posting in the Wed thread, but have been looking at all the GREAT photos in the last few weeks. Everyone does such a superb job! I'll contribute my first dusk/tripod shot ever, so other newbies like me won't feel so intimidated. Shot with D40, Nikkor35mm f/1.8G DX lens and tripod (ISO 800):
  133. Funeral Saturday, put the casket in the hearse and when they went to start it the battery was dead.
    Everyone found it quite funny as the deceased was the guy who hooked up all the lights for several local fire departments. His parents thought this was him playing a joke.
  134. @Georg: Film was Ilford Pan F Plus ISO 50, the pic is pretty soft as I shot it hand held. Scanned with Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED. I remember it was a cold windy winter evening and those guys were actually shooting a summer scene, not very funny for the actors...
    @All: I'd like to say that with my pretty limited photo experience I feel that I am not in the position to comment or critique somebody's else work but surely I admire them all... Warm Regards to all WedNEsDAy people, Bogdan
  135. Took this today.
    Holyday party at Macaé, Brazil.
  136. mmm, mmm, mmm. Tremendous work. Diversity at a new level this week. Jose, Dr. Frankenstein has created a beautiful and powerful monster. So many favorites although Nina's piece for Neda grabs my heart. I am submitting a project that has taken about 3 wednesdays to complete. I know that there isn't a lot of heavy manipulation on this thread, but I offer this piece that is composed of 7 images...2 different nikons. My d300 and d70. "Becoming Crow"...part of a series.
  137. Trying again, this time with the correct file size.
    Took this today.
    Holyday party at Macaé, Brazil.

  138. Hello all. Great pictures as always. I didn't shoot much this week, just a few flowers. Here's one:
  139. The spaceman cometh!!
    Actually it is a "Bunny Suit" ; this was a promo giveaway from long ago.
    Playing around with two flashes, colored gels, soft boxes, etc.
    D60 with VR 105 F/2.8G; 1/60s F/4 ISO100
    Using SB-900 w/mini soft box as commander, SB-800 with colored gels and snoot.
  140. bmm


    Again I am late, and I send my apologies... its a worry how this pesky thing called work gets in the way of photography.
    This week is the best Wednesday pic thread by far in my opinion, simply amazing. And though I often feel guilty for missing anyone out in my 'shout-outs' I'll do so anyway with my favourites, and with thanks for making me think carefully about why those images really stand out to me. Jose, Rene, Dieter, Ton, Pedro, Aaron, Darko, Robert, Matt, Dariusz, Randy, Walter, Richard, Georg - thankyou.
    But 3 particular mentions even on top of those amazing works. Ilkka - such beauty and delicacy and balance in your image, I'm not a landscape guy really but your work just stopped me in my tracks. Tiffany - wonderful, beautiful, dark twisted vision, well executed and a different work to the 'normal' on this thread. And most of all Nina - you know I am an admirer of your work already, this one has all your usual brilliant quality plus such power and sorrow and topicality. I am not ashamed to say it made my eyes leak.
    Coming way down from those highs, after promising not to bore you with any more of my little studies here I am posting another. I've had little time to shoot this week but have played around at bit in NX2, and maybe in tribute to the controlled bokeh aspect to Jose's starting image here is my contribution...
  141. Anish - Any Torchwood activity in Cardiff ? How about Blue Police Boxes?
  142. Wow! I hadn't peeked into this forum for a little while, but it's still my favorite!
    I'm fairly certain that I had D-Lighting turned on for this one of my nephew as he tried to blow apart a dandelion!
  143. Pedro - love the door
    Aaron - great abstract of that tunnel
    Kent - awesome composite
    Waldemar - neat black and white of that bug. I have to try that some time
    Walter - quite sensuous!
    Darren - the human tripod. Cool HDR!
    My photograph was taken this weekend at a local preserve. This picture sort of reminds me of one of those Faberge hand-painted enamel jewelry pieces. Shot handheld so there is a little blur. Fortunately not quite visible at this size.
    Nikon D200, Tamron 90mm f2.8 Adaptall-2 1/100s @ f5.6.
  144. @ALL : Lot's of fantastic captures, great thread. I'll try to upload continuously.
    Pedro Cardoso : I wish I was there Pedro. Fantastic capture of old door in excellent clarity and sharpness, especially its colorful old textures... just splendid.
    Aaron Bonnici : Nice crop of repeated parts are adding great value to your well chosen B&W medium.
    Bogdan Nicolescu : Excellent capture of visitors in blurry movement. I liked cobblestoned alley and nice lights on white facade too.
    Darko Vrsic : So natural, great capture of expression on his face.
    Robert Davies : Enviable capture of transparent glasses under low light while white shakers are helping excellently.
    Nina Myers : f/1.8 just perfect as same dark background and his body language in your skillful shallow focus.
    Dan Park : Dan, I missed to order a D2Hs before it disappear. Splendid collage and clarity of photos even in their small size. Congratulations.
    Walter Ryan : Amazing effect of f/1.4 , I liked a lot. I completed many assigments only with this 50mm, f/1.4 lens.
    Tim Holte : The contrasts between umbrella and dark shadowed parts are wonderful at front of white facade. Her attractive eyes are just priceless.
    All the best.
  145. D60 IS0 800 55-200mm VR f5.6 200mm 1/20 sec.
  146. Wow, another great week.
  147. First time on Nikon WedNEsDAy forum. I've been watching from the sidelines for months. Everybody is great. I've looked at all of them this weeks but can't comment because of the amount of them all. Though something about Dieter Schaefer photo of a statue in Crete caught my eye. Love the way the light falls on the subject. Would like to see it in fisheye as well.
    Here is my photo. Taken last weekend in Coos Bay, Oregon. Nikon D200 w/ tokin 12-24 @ 12mm f/5 1/640th sec ISO 100. Hope you like and thanks to the other artists who submitted photos. Excellent
  148. Great WedNEsDAy photo day!
    These last couple of days have been great experience for me and my family. We got our bundle of joy - a handsome baby boy [Nathan]-born on Monday the 22nd at 16:15 eastern time. - labor, well, labor is never great but thanks God for giving my wife the strength to push for only 15 minutes.
    In any case, I had a great opportunity to experience manual shooting. Shot some pictures that made me proud of myself. The following photo is one of them -
    Shot BW by my wife's D40 at 55mm 1/100sec F6.3 at ISO400 natural light....hand-held.
    NO post-production was applied except for cropping.
  149. here's mine. been using capture nx2 for a while so it was nice to plunge back into photoshop. this is my d700 with my 50/1.8 at f3.3 apparently and at 1/10s. not too shabby. just went around few nights ago looking at the city at night.
  150. Great pics again everyone, it was a real joy for me to look through this thread! Beautiful wide angle shots from many of you, I really need to get a dedicated WA-lens for myself (my widest at the moment is 28mm - on a DX - so I need one badly...).
    Lil J. - Thanks. :) I've lived all my life near the sea (Baltic Sea/Gulf of Bothnia to be exact) and now I've been living inland for 4 years, so your pic really takes me back...
    Richard K. - Thanks for a good comment, I agree, DOF vs. OOF was a bit of struggle with my pic, windy + handheld and I'm just learning to use macro, so the DOF could have been a bit more wider. But I'm learning. :) Wish I could see your panoramic shot in full printed size.
    Ryan A. - Thanks, great candid, you can really see the joy in his eyes.
    Dieter S. - Beutiful shot, great use of light and shadow.
    Hamish G. - Great retro-style-shot, relly like that one!
    Pedro C. - Lovely door, great colors.
    Sanford G. - Looks like the fisherman is dancing with his webs. Great capture!
    Aaron B. - Lovely curves!
    Nina M. - Very powerful shot (and message).
    Richard B. - Excellent use of motion blur, just beautiful photo.
    Tiffany B. - Great pp'ing, reminds me of the work of Dave McKean.
    Bernhard M. - Great colors once again!
    Can't wait to see the next weeks WedNEsDAY-thread!
  151. Reading your comments it calls my attention how different people like different styles... probably the pics are written in different languages that are received by their speakers... that`s certainly good. Funny that Eric and Mikhail felt the need of capturing the same green trolleybus... :)
    Dieter, my idea was to show this book like glowing on a dark working table... a bit far from what I got. But the experiment counts. Next time, the subject will be closer, with a more exaggerated perspective and more vignetted I think... funny, when you had just posted your pic I thought "hmmm, we`re on a low-key tendency week... " Fab, I like to use the AFS too, but there is something that I miss on it, don`t know what it is, since the first day. I think I will use next times the 24-70, to check if I find a difference.
    Janne, Per-Christian, Benjamin, Mikhail, Bernard, Ertugrul, thank you very much for your kind comments.
    I`m really conditioned... I think I tend to like that studio or premeditated type of photography (and climbing photos as well!), then Nina, Mike`s fisheye, Georg S flowers and of course Tiffany`s birds (wow!) are specially inspiring to me. Congrats to Ton, Chris, Matt L. (I see american bulls can jump -impressive-), Richard A., Leo, Randy, Ilkka and Richard Boroyov for your outstanding photos. Thank you all.
  152. [​IMG]
    D700 + 50mm 1.8
  153. Wayne Cornell, Temi Kujore, Phil Evans, Brian Sprague, Mikhail Tsypkin, Georg S...
    Thank you very much for your kind comments. :)
    Kemal Riza.
  154. Great thread as always!
    Thanks especially to Lil (always love your entries), Benjamin, Ryan, Georg and Janne for commenting on my shot.
    I don't know where to begin so I don't think I'l bother making a list this time. I enjoyed everyones photos. Per Christian, the other thread about your unfortunate photo session with the elg really made me laugh! Good you got him in the end!
  155. This thread is so refreshing! Not only are many of the images outstanding, but this Nikon crowd has a wonderful chemistry. Though not currently owning a Nikon, I enjoy your weekly posts!
  156. My favorite photo of the week comes from Gary McGhee, just beautiful Gary!
  157. Special congratulations to Alex on the birth of your son -- an exciting and wonderful time for your family !
    Georg -- thanks for the kind comment.
    Delightful photos by the 'Wednesday Gang.' Though I'm just a street snapper, I really enjoy the variety here.
  158. [​IMG]
    Le vieux pont, Montmorillon (France)
  159. Thanks Bernard, and thanks everyone for the kind words.
    I just wish words could do more for the situation in Iran, or could have done more for Neda herself.
  160. Great Pictures everyone!
    Here is one I took last night at the Yankees game in Atlanta. Glad I dont have to lug that thing around.
  161. Thank you to anyone who commented on the image of my daughter in her kayak. It is a special time we share together in the early mornings. These are precious moments that I realize as I look at her, will soon be less frequent as she strikes out on her she does in the kayak.
    There are so many inspiring and wonderful images here. I look forward to this every week and on Tuesday evening I find myself preparing for early Wednesday...just to participate in this great forum.
    Thank you, Jose!
  162. Though I'm just a street snapper, I really enjoy the variety here
    In fact Michael you're anything but just a streetsnapper ;-)
  163. Thanks all!
    My favourite of this week is Leo Laksi's "Kobe bartenders". Direct, attention grabbing and rich on atmosphere as a result of a straightforward but effective composition. Nice work you put in as well.
  164. A bit late to post but with so many SF pictures, especially of the old MUNI trains, I wanted to add mine as well.
  165. Nikon D300 with Nikon 80-200mm f2.8
  166. Excellent quality of all shots are excellent.
    Rene', Gary, John, Lex, Jose', Aaron and many more. really great.
  167. Richard Karash thanks for the comment. the sea is rendered smooth due to the long exposure from the nd filter and the foam is from the waves crashing against the rocks.
    Alex Foto congrats on your new arrival. i imagine your camera will be in overdrive for the next couple of years.
    Colin Mangan thanks colin.
    Simon Marshall thanks simon.
  168. Thank you for all the fantastic images and inspirations this week. It's now Monday morning, and just 48 hours to our next thread...

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