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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 90Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.
    Hi all, it`s wednesday again! Here it is my contri for this week, taken yesterday during a sudden storm. After a few minutes with lots of water, all returned to normality... hot and dry climate. As usual, the pic I had ready for posting has been pushed.
    D700 @ 800ISO, 14bit RAW, f4 - 1/125sec., all camera tricks off. NX2, framed with Ps.
    Please post your weekly post if you like, as usual. Thank you all. (And thanks to our moderators and to those who contributed (Chris Court) for such fast fix on the past week issues!)
  2. WeDNeSDaY again.... Well, almost Thursday but we all Know Jose sleeps until noon everyday!
    This shot is from last month. I just worked on it this week because I am like 3,000 shots behind. No time to process them. Most probably for the next few weeks i will be posting a few weeks old shots but fresh out of NX2
    This guys lives in my friend's lake back in the UK. He is very aggressive and as soon as he sees someone he gets this kinda attack pose which I love. This was taken late in the afternoon thus the yellow neck. What I like of it is the pose of curse and the eye contact that he kept with me. His body and head is a a few degrees turned away from me but I think it is still good enough. I also like the water effect on the front of his chest. I tried to push the h/l as much as I could and i think the result is not too bad.
    I hope you guys like it and if you have any critique it will be welcome! So let's have fun again! I will be looking at the thread tomorrow from a hotel again! Cheers!
  3. Wednesday has begun 14 minutes ago here. On Saturday I was in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, and saw this...
  4. Late again, getting ready for the next wednesday,
    And now last weeks treat is closed, haha, so here are the comments from last week. won't happen again.
    Jose, nice opener. Rene, great capture, wanna get that lens as well. nina, very nice night scene. Hamish, amazing how much of that shot is sharp, nice angle. matthew, great shot. Doug, ultra sharp. james, nice untypical architectural shot. Pedro, one of the best cat shots I've seen. Indranil, great colors.
    Dieter, nice bird, how did you get the underside of the bird so bright, while still keeping the sky nice, I always get dark birds. Dave, dreamy. georg s, nice hdr. kent, david and goliath?. Dan, great colors. nish, nice pet. chris court, very interresting picture. gary, shocking.
    No real favourite last week, all were great. Kris, Benjamin, Lil thanx for the comments.

    Ok, new week, new picture. Here is another from the visit to the zoo.
    I couldn't really choose but had to select one in the end, I went for the sweet one.
    Decided to post the color version and not the B/W, hope I made the right decision.
    D90 with 80-200 @4.8 116mm 1/1500s
  5. @ Ton Mestrom: What an incredible character! And that hole in his shoulder -- I wonder how he got it. And the incredible sunglasses! A great image.
    @ Rene' Villela: I also like the water effect on the front of the swan's chest.
  6. @ Jose Angel: I like the way the human figure is framed by yellow.
  7. WedNEsDAy again! Nice start-off shot Jose.
    This week I took a drive up the coast near San Simeon, CA and found a beach full of Elephant Seals. It's a well known place but a first for me. These two giants were batteling it out for the alpha spot. Their huge gutteral roar carried far up the beach.
    D50, Sigma 150-500mm @500mm, 1/1250, F/8.0, ISO 200, hand-held.
  8. Hi! This is the picture of local primary schools football match. I was experimenting with my faithful Nikkor 50mm 1.8D and it proven quite well even for sports shooting.
    Forgot about 700 px rule, please click on link it is only 100 px too wide! :)
  9. Well well - - I've been keeping myself awake so that I'd get my shot in before I go to sleep - - hard as it's been a long day. Now add I forgot to resize my photo for the thread so I've just had to do that. :) Too funny. ;-)
    Nice start as usual. Jose - so brings me back to Europe - nice shot. Rene' - swans are a passion of mine. Love the shot. Ton - what a character you found & the shot carries that though. Mikhail - love the perspective. Sjoerd - they sure are - how cute. :) Brian - excellent action shot. When I was there all they did was try to hide from the wind & sand. Darko - some action shot. The boys faces are too great. :)
    OK here's my shot. Taken with the D300 & a rented 600mm AF-D II f/4 (I hope I have that right). ISO 500 1/500s f/8 Manual Mode EXIFs embedded.
    Story behind this shot.... OK for about 1 1/2 year I've been trying to get a shot of a White-faced Ibis. Every time I've gone to the one location I know they frequent I've missed them. This time (6:28pm or 18:28) I was packing up when my friend says to me - "Lil you did see the Ibis didn't you?" Well it had flown in behind me & I had kind of given up due to time of day & light fading fast... But I turn around - unpack everything & place the lens on the Wimberley & carry everything back....
    My first White-faced Ibis - a juvenile.
  10. Hi all,
    Wonderful photos everyone especially Ton Mestrom, great charachter and fantastic B&W.
    Here is my contribution, taken with D200 18-55mm Kit lens.
    In this image I felt that the cage, which takes up most of the image gives a more "claustophobic" feel, it also acts as a barrier between you and the subject a physical barrier that doesnt let you appreciate its full beauty. Crtique ia always welcome.

  11. It's Wednesday again. This time, an image of two best friends, with lots of common and lots to share...
  12. Wednesday yet again. I've been like a child with a new toy after my 500mm f/4 Ai-P lens arrived in the mail last week.........still coming to terms with manual focusing and my pathetic reflexes but enjoying plenty of 'keepers' despite being inexperienced. Needless to say, the lens is a beauty and deserves the praise it recieves.
  13. KBR door - Kra Al Maru desert, Kuwait
  14. Hello everybody
    I will continue with wildlife and present a humpback whale. This pic was taken last Wednesday, when I was doing fieldwork. Hope you like it.
    Ton, your model inspired me so much that I'm going to buy new clothes right away!
  15. Hi, Wednesday again, but this one sees the very new D700 out at the back of work yesterday (nothing exciting, except that wides are wide again!). Love the features but not yet come to grips with the WB - finding that shots come out with more yellow than I would like - the sky here was a vibrant blue and yet has come out washed-out a bit. Will have more time this w/end to get out & about & try the colour balance features and WB Pre etc. At least I see from multiple threads on the web that this is not an uncommon feature of the D700. So much to enjoy though - have a great Wednesday!
  16. Sjoerd,
    Very sweet contented goats - I like this image!
    Lil, beautiful crisp capture, plenty of resolved detail and natural setting. Looks like you gelled with the 600mm.....
  17. this was taken at Rio Cuarto Cementry, Cordoba Province, Argentina
    Nikon D300+18-200 VR - 1/30 ISO 200 f5,6 at 135mm
  18. Happy Wednesday Photo Day – Best day of the Photo Week
    Here’s mine - The Story : My 89 year old mother has been thru a few months of hell. She fell in February and shattered the right shoulder. Then it got worst, 4 weeks later she tripped and shattered her left hip. So after having an arm immobilized, an ugly operations and 9 weeks in a nursing home for rehab she came home this weekend just in time for a double graduation in the family. We propped her up to take some pictures and this is one that I got. The look on her face says it all. Thank god it has a happy ending.
    Nikon D700, Nikkor 28-200 AF-D at 70mm 1/60 sec, f/4.8, ISO 200 – large crop
  19. I'm glad to say I'm finally making a (small) dent in my mountain of unsorted photos. I can't wait to get through the backlog so I can get out shooting again without a guilty conscience!
    This handsome guy was captured 2 months ago. D300 at ISO200, handheld, 105mm VR macro, 1/160 sec, f/7.1 with fill lighting supplied by an off-camera SB-900 with a home-made mini softbox.
    Somehow the vibrancy has gone out of his red comb. In my original file (and in reality) it was a startling, ripe-tomato red, rather than the faded orange I see here. Something to do with wonky colour profiles no doubt.
  20. Lovely photos - and I do see a 'D700' trend here also - looks to be a popular model with the gang here.
    These dusky wild roses caught my eye - soft colour and very faint smell, they are seen in many places at this time of year. They seem to create natural arches.
  21. Simply great pics again in this thread! My compliments to all the shooters.
    This pic was taken on Friday, we were just hanging in the park enjoying the sun and this "biker" caught my eye (as well as everybody elses). This was one of those pics where you just have barely time to grab your cam from the bag and shoot without thinking before the moment was gone. The second biker in the background was a nice bonus I think. :) The background in this was quite busy, so I needed to do a bit more PP'ing than I'm used to to get the bike stand out a bit more, but managed to do it OK I think. So here is "The Bikers":
  22. Listening to the Primitive Radio Gods
    Am I alive or thoughts that drift away?
    Does summer come for everyone?
    Can humans do what prophets say?
    If I die before I learn to speak
    Can money pay for all the days I lived awake
    But half asleep?
  23. Great catch Jose - captured the atmosphere perfectly. Beautiful in its aggression, Rene` . What a character Ton. Interesting POV Mikhail . Sweet Sjoerd (re: your comment on the bird last week - I use between +1 and +1 2/3 EV exposure correction - and then some PS work to lower the sky exposure). Brian - know the place well - hard to shoot - almost always against the sun. Lil , great catch, worth unpacking and setting up for again. Exotic, Chris . Relaxed, Lex .
    Shot from last week - around sunset. D300, 80-400 VR at 400mm, IS01600, 1/640s, f/5.6.
  24. Nikon Wed is absolutely the very best inspiration to me....great shots, angles, composition, lighting, subjects etc., all encourage to keep trying something new! Thanks to you all. I love Nikon Wed.
  25. my contribution this week is a shot of funk guitarist b'nai rebelfront, taken a few hours ago at yoshi's sf...
  26. Enjoyed a night of kickboxing Saturday.
    D3, 24-70mm @40mm, 1/250, f2.8, ISO 3200
  27. My entry this week. Taken at Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Yes, this is an art :)
  28. whoops..that should be 'sweat'
  29. Last weekend I schlepped up to our 25th floor balcony with a heavy-duty tripod and a duffle bag containing:
    • D300 and
    • 600mm f/5.6 Nikkor ED with AU-1 focusing unit, wrapped in a
    • bowling towel (Hammer logo), which was good to have because
    I forgot the lens mounting plate! Almost gave up in disgust but then decided to try shooting handheld with lens braced on balcony railing, padded with towel. Surprisingly, the results were pretty sharp.
    ISO 800, 1/1600 @ f/11, cropped from a horizontal shot.
  30. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Captured at our company event last week: 10.5mm/f2.8 DX fisheye on D700 w/ DX crop, @f2.8, 1/60 sec and ISO 3200.
  31. Good morning and Wow! What a fantastic beginning and I'm pleased to see Shun's shot in here! Amazing find, Ton! That 500mm Ai-P lens has me curious. So many comments to make...but no time now.
    I was back on the lake this weekend. This shot is from early morning at sunrise from my canoe. It's with my D300, 80-400mm VR zoom at f8, 1/500 sec, iso 400, 400 mm, handheld.
    Have a great day everyone!
  32. Nighttime shrine visitors:

    D700, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D, ISO 2500, f/1.4 @ 1/80 sec. Aperture priority, shot as JPEG, unedited.
  33. I only have boring workshots of real estate this week, so I chose to post a snapshot from the hiking trip we did a few weeks back (some may remember the reflections of the mountains in the lake). However this one is from the top of the mountains as opposed to the bottom. (Taken same day as the reflections photo about 8 hours later)
  34. My walk to the bus stop took me through the Enid A. Haupt Garden at the Smithsonian Castle. This Hibiscus was tucked away in a quiet corner. D100 and 18-200VR @ 42mm. 1/30sec, F8, Handheld
  35. Another shot with the borrowed SB800 - I'm having a blast with off camera lighting. I might buy myself a flash one of these days =)
    D700, 70-300G (don't remember the settings) and SB800 through a kitchen IKEA cutting board camera right.
    For the setup shot, see here.
  36. This photo is from my patio and about 20 feet away on the tree I saw this birdy, could not resist myself without taking picture.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1/200 sec
    Aperture: 6.3
    Focal Length: 200mm
  37. Mingus Mill built in 1886. This is a water powered turbine mill, it doesn't look like your conventional water wheel mill, and was considered state-of-art at the time. It is located near Cherokee, NC and is still in operation and run by the National Park Service. Thanks for looking.
  38. I guess this is our dog's way of telling us that it is not a water dog
  39. Wednesday comes around so quick.
  40. [​IMG]Nikon D300 with 17-55 2.8 zoom
  41. [​IMG]This is my first contribution to what I have been calling the "AWESOME THREAD". It amazing to look at all the different styles of photography all come together in one day, in one thread.
    This selection is from one of my recent bug photographs. Shot with a Nikon D200 with a Tamron 90mm f2.8 adaptall-2. 1/250s @ f16 full flash exposure with a Metz 54mz-4.
  42. bms


    Great photos again - no time to comment (maybe later), gotta run to work.. here is mine, taken this morning....
    Nikon D700, 105 Micro AF-D, 1/2000 at f8, ISO 800
  43. And this is not a tree frog house...
  44. Ugh, big puter died this morning, little puter not acting so great either. That's why we make backups.
    This is a little rainbow after a morning storm.......
  45. This was my first time attempting to take pictures of dragonflies. I thought it would be a little more difficult following those guys than it turned out to be. Nikon D90 with Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro at 1/500 and f/5.0.
  46. Bruce : Why so small...?
  47. Taken at Folklife Festival in San Antonio, Tx
  48. I felt a bit explorish last night.... D700 with 50/1.4 and f4 - take off your day .
    BTW: great photos, all of you! My favourite for today is Ken and his flying man, though. ;-)
  49. Hi - awesome pictures, folks !
    I did not do any new pictures this week, this is an older one - taken with CoolPix 4500. Now I have been shooting mostly with D70s, however, sometimes still miss that tilting head of CoolPix. As far as this picture, I liked the glitter on the leaves, I took many pictures and this one shows balance of both areas, I think. Thank you for viewing and all comments are welcome ..
  50. [​IMG]
    Enroute to Snowdon, North Wales.
    F90x, Fuji Superia 400, f/around 11, 50mm f/1.8 lens. Great shots - Justin I particularly like yours this week!
  51. I really like the 105 2.5 lens on a full frame camera. This is a monocrome jpeg out of a 5d with a simple contrast fix and resize.
  52. No better place to set up a new home than under the watchful eye of a Saint.
  53. Wednesday Nikon greetings, all!
    Have any of you felt the pressure? Maybe "urge" is a better word. I have been playing with MF film, not shooting Nikon much. But, I so want to participate every week in this great thread. In any case, here's my buddy that lives in the rose bushes in my backyard, right next to the living room windows. He climbs the wall right next to the window, and I have been trying for weeks to get a shot of the red bulbous display he puts on under his neck, without any success. This is the closest I got, shot yesterday, specifically for this thread. Shot through glass, inches from the subject. This is why I love the AF on the D300 so much, I use the AF-ON button, in this case continuously pressed as I composed. I was able to place an AF point on the eye, and even with a screw-driver lens in low light and my quite shaky hands, the D300 managed to nail it.
    D300, Tamron 90mm f/2.8, ISO 800, 1/100, f8 (I believe, can't check the EXIF on this computer/browser).
    [Hey, just noticed, Chris COurt captured what I have been unable to. Great job, Chris]
  54. My first real outing with my, new to me, Sigma 10-20mm Ultrawide. I am really going to love this piece of glass. This is a Barn in Western Kentucky. I did do some minor PP using NX2.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  55. Good Morning,
    Some really beautiful shots so far, and I am sure many more will follow! This is the best place to see such diversity. I love it.
    My first real outing with my, new to me, Sigma 10-20mm Ultrawide. I am really going to love this piece of glass. This is a Barn in Western Kentucky. I did some minor PP using NX2.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  56. Awesome pictures guys! Dieter and Richard, your pictures make me lean towards the Nikon 80-400 even more. (But the Sigma 150-500 is so much cheaper.) I'm not sure what message the owner of used furniture store is trying to send here, but anyway here it is.
  57. here's one from yesterday that i took. i walked through a cane field at 4:00PM and baked myself. it was dusty and dirty and sweat was everywhere. i used my d700,28/3.5 AI, sb900 just outside of the frame on the left behind an umbrella and Pocket Wizards to trigger it. to keep it in the family, i used capNX2. ha. hope you like it. thanks
  58. Strolling after dinner at sunset, we came across this fine piece of rolling sculpture parked along the sidewalk. Dragged the shutter to capture the sunset, and used my long suffering wife as a light stand to hold the off-camera SB-800 slaved via CLS to the D300's pop-up flash as a commander.
  59. Amazing pictures again, this week... Compliments to : Rene' , Brian S. , Aaron B. , Chris C. , David L. , Kent S. , Eric A. , Ken Y. , Richard A. , Hamish G. , Pedro C. , Susan W. , Monika E. , Steven S. and Matt Laur (so far...) . My picture was taken on saturday night..., and what can I say ...: Nikon change forever the way I photograph at night :
  60. D200, 17-55 AFS
  61. Here's my third try with the D200. Photo yesterday taken near Whitehouse, Ohio, southwest of Toledo.
  62. Pedro: nice job with the kitchen cutting board diffusor on the still life!
    Tim Holte: great street shot.
    Mikhail: That bridge shot from the MoMA is delightful.
  63. Morning Dove. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, Tamron 1.4x teleconverter, 1/200s, f/4.5, ISO 200, spot metered.
  64. Beautiful photos!
    Jose, Aaron, Sasvata (Shash) and Chris Court ---- Nice Capture.
    Monika --- Ihhhhh... I like your photo in its totality. Amazing Color composition and creativity.
    Matt Laur --- what a wonderful photo of a bike!
    Lil Judd ---- My favorite photo of this WedNEsDAy Pic posting. Green is my color.
  65. D300 w/18-300mm Nikkor zoom
  66. I have about 6 rolls of B&W film to process and scan from the last couple weeks, so I dug up one of my most recent pics from a trip to the Ottawa tulip festival.
  67. edit : [​IMG]
    <a href="" title="Frisco by siks.shooter, on Flickr"><img src="" width="824" height="555" alt="Frisco" /></a> - for some reason it won't link like I'm supposed to from flickr, so I'll just leave this bit
    Nikon D300 shot w/ 35-70mm 2.8; I really like this thread. Great captures everyone!
  68. The quality of the photos today is top notch. Tim Holte's gallery probably has to be my favorite. I wish I had even a thimble full of his tallent. There are a lot of other standouts here today. Too many to mention. I always look forward to wednesdays.
  69. acm


    Yesterday morning, while on a walk, saw this gentleman snoring away just beneath an advertisement of an energy drink, that too named cloud 9! I am sure the man is on cloud 9 without the help of the drink in question!
  70. pge


    This is my first Wednesday post so I thought I would make it a simple one, great posts everyone. Of special note for me are Richard's bird, Mikhail's bridge and Elliot's ladies, nice shots.

    My shot was taken with my D200 and my 70-300 vr.
  71. Basque dancers. Nikon D300, 18-70mm lens, ISO 200
  72. A wedding that I'm processing now from the Westfield Marriott in Northern Virginia.
    Nikon D3 with 24-70mm lens. ISO 800 f2.8 ambient light
  73. [​IMG]

    Taken last Saturday, northern california.

    Camera Model: NIKON D700
    Exposure Time: 10.0 seconds
    FNumber: 22.0
    ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 100
    Exposure Program: Manual
    ExposureBiasValue: 0
    MaxApertureValue: 2.8
    MeteringMode: multi-segment

    FocalLength: 20.0 mm
    mulitple filters
  74. A very hairy fly. Taken with D80 with 85mm and extension tubes. Fill flash used. Photo is uncropped.
  75. Chris Court - Love the iguana or whatever reptile it is
    David Love - i like the mood in your photo
    Khoa Ho - dreamy and wonderful
    Here's my contribution for the week taken 2 days ago with my D300 and Tamron 90mm macro
  76. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    I thought this guy was a statue until he all of a sudden 'attacked' me, when he saw the camera and lens!
  77. I shot this on Monday evening (and I shot alot) the wind was incedible as usual in the late afternoon early evening. From the comments from the surfers (wind and kite) the water was freezing. No kidding the emerald colour is from glaicer melt. burrrr .
    Nikon D300 70- 300 lens ISO 640 F7.1 I do believe I should up the iso and use a smaller f.
    As usual the wednesday thread is very inspireing
    Ton great shot.
  78. A straight-up scenic shot for me today. Taken near the tiny no-services settlement of "Greenland" between Colorado Springs and Denver, during one of the few weeks of the year when it lives up to its name. I've always wanted to capture this mesas-and-monuments topography photographically but have not found it easy to do.
  79. Great contributions everyone.
    I had to make this a quick shot because the model was wearing a wool suit in 100F+ Texas weather.
  80. First time posting here, inspired by all the talent!
    Today I especially appreciate:
    @Susan Wolfe - Your attention to the detail (a frog) in what would have been an easily overlooked photo, great eye!
    @ Bogdan Nicolescu - Something as simple as a door, leaves me in wonder, "What's behind that door?"
    @Phil Burt - A simple pic made especially beautiful with use of B&W
    And me, I was just glad to have the camera with me when picking up my son from Russian School. The natural lighting did all the finishing making it look better than my eye could see.
    Nikon D80 18-105 VR @ 48mm (equiv) f4.2 ISO 640 (not sure how it came out that high?)
  81. [​IMG]
    A black and white conversion of a photo taken in Bellingham a couple weeks ago, D200, 16-85, ISO 100
  82. Shot at the Sacramento Railroad Museum. Forgot to charge my battery prior to going so I had to keep the flash, vr, and af off! It was challenging but a lot of fun. It was an incredible museum going experience! =)
  83. Taken at Beckenham Cemetary on Sunday, very bright sunshiny day. Slighty cropped, considered pp but I like the strong colours.
    - My favourite this week is Ken's photo, when you scroll down it makes the picture look like animation.
    D80, 18-70mm, 1/50s, f18, iso 100
  84. Hey all!
    Wonderful photos, as usual!
    Did not really get any time out this last weekend, so I am posting another from the airshow. Gotta love those Blue Angels!
  85. Yatai Matsuri, Himeji Japan.
  86. Oopps. Here's the photo...
  87. Paul, Colleen, thank you for the mention. Paul, I would love to try the nighttime photo with D700 soon. Colleen, the animation effect was not my intention but interesting side-effect. I like the composition, color of the sky, and DOF of yours, too.
    Mitch, nice capture of the tradition! I am going over there late next month to visit our family cemetery.
    I like many others - nature/animal photos are always my favorite while Matt L. motorcycle and Michael M. Blue Angels are stunning. I love this thread and it makes me go out with camera bag every weekend. Good for my health, too, I guess :)
  88. great pics everyone.
    Matt - great looking bike.
    Sanford - love the piper shot.
    my pic this week was taken a good few weeks back. taken using my D200, sigma 10-20mm. 1/250 sec @ f/7.1.
  89. My long suffering model, Hector.
  90. All very Nice shots,
    like Jose', Rene', Lil, Aaron, Alejandro, Chris, Hamish, Shun ( finally one from Shun), Dieter, Jeffrey, Wayne, Tom, Sasvata, David and Colin .
    Here is one from me
    1/2500 sec @ f/4 ISO 400.
  91. Here's an attempt at HDR. Looks a bit too cartoonish.
  92. Late afternoon sun and steamy backroad made me stop the car and grab a quick shot. It lasted for only a few moments and then the sun dipped below the clouds.
    D700, Sigma 105mm, F2.8, 1/4000s ISO 800
  93. This shot is from a wedding on Friday.
  94. See post below.
  95. This was taken at an anti-abortion rally in Ottawa, Canada this May. Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor pre-AI 24mm F2, Fuji Pro 400
  96. All wonderful, but, Jose: I can almost smell the rain. Rene: great stop action on the water. Ton: unforgetable portrait. Mikhail: endlessly fascinating. Andy: nice perspective. Alejandro: good composition. Joseph: great portrait. Chris: the texture! Lex: 30 seconds? How did you do it? Dieter: He's focused like a laser. David: excellent long exposure. Eric: I like the mic shadow. Elliot: unexpected subjects. Ken: You had me fooled. Richard: great backlighting. Justin: interesting faces and lights. Pedro: thanks for the details. I learned a lot. Dennis: body language. Robert: nice eyes. Jim: there's a tattoo with the same pose! Benjamin: he thinks you can't see him? Dan: happy moment. Sasvata: superb sharpness. Phil: strangely fascinating. Matt: perfect lighting and composition. Paul: another low light miracle. Doug: awesome colors. Don: excellent bridal portrait. Keith: great light and expression. Mitch: love the kids and the colors. Adey: is that dangerous?!
  97. Hello guys, a lot of good shots today.
    I’m so sad; you can't see my inner beauty.
    D300, 80-200/2.8.
  98. Howdy all ! Beating the heat in a misting room..
    D300/mbd10, 70-200 AFS/VR G
    1/4000 f3.5, ISO800, D2x mode 2, jpg fine, no post.
  99. Get your political stuff out of here Tom or I'm going to start posting my Pro-Choice photos!
  100. "I dissaprove of what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"
  101. My first HDR image...
  102. Hey Nick D. , funny guy... A picture = 1000 words, but your words complete your picture... Very funny !

    Don, very nice wedding dress and very nice picture. Is it Angelina again ?

    Indranil, I like your first HDR very much....It cross my mind to try'it myself, but I don't have enough time...Maybe in the future...
  103. [​IMG]
    Nikon D700, 24mm f/2.8 AIS
  104. Darren - that's a great shot, love the warm light.
  105. My first party with D700.
  106. Get your political stuff out of here Tom or I'm going to start posting my Pro-Choice photos!​
    easy now, brian. tom just posted a photo, he didnt really make a political comment or offer his opinion other than describe what it was. obviously it rubbed you the wrong way and caused a strong reaction, but let's not get all self-righteous here. if you posted a pro-choice pic and tom made the same comment you did, i would say the same thing to him.
  107. Eric, Tom's photo belongs here like everyone elses, but when he decides to caption it with "Pro-Choice? get a life" his meaning is pretty clear. I for one don't think politics belong here! Post your photo, talk about your photographic experiences, leave your causes in another forum.
  108. Lot's of great pics today, Darren - really captured the moment, Adey - great perspective.
    A simple village sign to remind me of where I was that day.
    D80 55mm f6.3 1/120 ISO 200
  109. Brian - I just want to tell you that until I happened to read your comment I'd not even reacted to the message on the banner & I'm a pro choice woman.
    I saw a shot of women with a cause (any cause) from Tom. He's entitled to his views & opinions just as much as you or I. At this point all I see is a photographer having recorded an event - nothing more nor less.
    Lets leave politics out of this board please.
    Lil :)
  110. Ok Lil, but how are you going to feel if I post my Pro-Choice photo next week and this turns into a political forum? I hope the moderators put a stop to political posts now and keep this a photography forum.
  111. This is such a nice thread series. Let's not mess it up discussing politics.
  112. Hi Paul;
    This bride's name is LeAnne, I've not posted any photos of her before as I'm just now processing the wedding. Very unique dress.
  113. You're right Per-Christian, I've said my peace. Enough.
  114. Brian - simply put - - I don't want any political issues in here. Here I come for fun & information to learn about photography & cameras. I feel that politics, religion etc should not be a part of it in any way. I don't want to see any of it from that aspect. I was going to edit that into my post - but I see I'm too late to do that.
    Just look at the shot as a shot of some demonstrators - leave it there. :)
    JMH thoughts on the issue
    Lil :)
  115. and so it should be, Lil, and so it should be...
  116. Nikon D300 & Nikkor 18 - 200 VR . F/16 . 1/1000s . -0.7EV . iso 200 . WD : Direct sunlight .
  117. Wow, Wednesday again already and so many terrific shots. My favorites so far are José's and Matt Laur's. My contribution is a shot of my great neice taken last Saturday while we were baby sitting.
    D80, Nikkor 28 - 105 AFD, mixed lighting. Post processed in Lightroom.
  118. As usual, stunning pictures everyone. The bar seems to get higher every week.
    Our first born, just one day old. Taken last Wednesday, but I was a bit too busy to post it then!
  119. Ooops, try again. Brain not working properly due to lack of sleep.
  120. I see that Richard Armstrong already has a shot of the Great Blue Heron. So, I probably wasted my time walking the miles of trail with my camera gear of the national wildlife preserve to get to the Blue Heron's breeding grounds. But as long as I went, here's a panorama view of the wetlands next to the Mississippi river during the height of the Great Blue Heron's breeding season.
    D60, 18-105mm VR, 8 shot panorama.
  121. I'll try loading it again.
  122. Just got home from a long day...wanted to post before having some dinner. I'm looking forward to wading through this wonderful gallery at a more liesurely pace later this evening. I'll try to post some comments later or perhaps tomorrow.
    This one was just for fun. We finally had a day in the upper 70's and I got a chance to go out and swing in the old hammock.
    D3 Nikkor 50mm 1.4 @ f/16 1/4 sec exposure.
  123. Hi all,
    So many great images so far
    Tom Mestrom very interesting individual where did you find him?
    Alejandro very nice photo I like the statue
    Janne nice bike I always wondered how they stop?!
    Matt Laur great angle super shot
    Don Harper very nice shot
    Indranil interesting landscape
    Gary this is something that should be printed and framed very nice photo.
    Anywho I didn't have time to shoot this week so I will just use the image taken last week.
    I promise to shoot something next week.
  124. Flag Retirement Ceremony in Buffalo, NY's Forest Lawn Cemetery.
  125. This guy has been hanging out with us for about 3 years now.
  126. [​IMG]
    Toulouse, France
  127. A rose after a day of rain.
  128. snap shot with D700 + 300 f/4 + 1.4X TC
  129.'s time for some nice wine, and sit back and look at this great collection of photos!
    Jose, I love images with wet streets after rain...great shot!
    Ton, as always, excellent and interesting. Who is this guy and where did he get that wound in his right axilla...veteran?
    Rene', very nice swan!
    Mikhail, what a cool shot...bravo!
    Brian, nice shot! Every week you tempt me with that Sigma 150-500.
    Lil, a gorgeous shot! I'd give a lot to connect that lens to my D300 for a day!
    Matthew, beautiful! The 500mm Ai-P seems to be an awesome lens. I'm holding out for the AF-S VR f4...someday:)
    Joe, a beautiful image of your mom...very nice!
    Chris, another winner!
    Lex, I love it! I don't care if it's your feet or a wall...the verse says it all!
    Dieter, superb! Great shot! Great focus!
    Ken, your shot is mesmerising! It is an optical illusion as you scroll through it...very cool!
    Kent, great work with the 600mm and the towel! Nice shot!
    Justin, a photojournalist's dream...very moving and well done!
    Hamish, simply beautiful!
    Pedro, quite intriguing, excellent light work!
    Ray, it's a white-breasted nuthatch:)
    Susan, frog house rules!!!
    Lester, wonderful! I can hear the notes from those experienced hands.
    Monika, I can't think of anything appropriate...your image WORKS!
    Dan, I love your black and white shot! It's a classic!
    Phil, nice'll love the lens!
    Matt, you are the light educator of PN! It helps to have a willing light stand:) And, I'm going to have to learn what dragging the shutter means. Beautiful shot!
    Don, Wow!
    Jeffrey, wonderful water!
    H. Ting, an excellent classic shot! Great conversion!
    Mitch, I love it!
    Gary, as per your usual excellence...well done!
    Darren, it's hard not to love your shot...what a beauty!
    Indranil, congratulations on a gorgeous HDR!
    Jerry, you should put up the heron. There is always room for more birds:)
    As always, there are many excellent shots here. This is a great way to spend Wednesday!
    Thank you all!
    And now...some wine!
  130. I grow weary of constantly praising this thread for its outstanding images. Can we please have some real stinkers next week?
  131. Once again, I almost forgot it's Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC day! Great work from everyone this week! I didn't have any photos I was really pleased with this week, so here's a quick black and white conversion of a photo I took last week. This is a regional train in Philadelphia approaching a station.

    Nikon D80 18-135mm (kit) lens @ 18mm, 1/60 f/9.0 ISO 400 handheld
  132. Hi!Think I almost missed the bus.It is thursday morning where I live and the sun is blazing.This is my picture for the week,shot in a botonical garden.
  133. Here's my first entry, my youngest son Dominic
  134. Here's my first entry, hope you like it. My youngest son, Dominic.
    D40X, 18-55, f6.3@1/125, iso100. Minimal pp in NX2
  135. Monika, Susan, Richard, thank you all. I will practice and get better. There are more and more great, heart-warming photos I like.
    Justin, hatsu-moude? Cool, I mean, cold!
  136. Chicago, last Sunday, early. A nice sunny day. D700 with 17-35.
  137. Ahhh yes, Weds. Again. [​IMG] D200 and 70-200 VR etc. lens.
  138. Great Pictures everyone. This thread really inspires me. Thanks!
    Heres one I took in my backyard by my pond.
    NIKON D60 Shot with 18-55VR Kit Lense
  139. First time posting. See many excellent and inspiring photos here. My contribution is a shot of Michael Phelps at Santa Clara(CA) International Swimming Meet last Sunday. He was second on both men's 100 meter fly and 100m back that day. This meet is the last one of USA swimming grand prix series, before the world swimming championship competition in Rome, Italy this summer. D200, Nikkor afs 80-200, tc=14e. focal length 280mm, 1/500sec, f5.6, iso250
  140. Hallway at Princeton University, Graduation Day, 2009. Somehow, I managed to find a quite moment when the students and faculty where otherwise occupied.
    Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2.8 G, ISO 200, 4 seconds at f/16,
    Gitzo tripod, Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head and custom L-bracket
  141. Here is mine.
    D80 - Sigma 2.8 70-200
  142. Thanks for the compliments, Tom, Susan, Richard, and Ken!
    Ken, はい、初詣です。 I was too busy to take new photos this week... (T_T)
  143. Lil Judd: That an odd-looking bird! Cousin of the dodo?
    Per-Christian Nilssen: Nice shot, hot friends!
    Matthew Brennan: The bird is nicely framed.
    Hector: Cool tail!
    Chris Court: Very sharp and colorful. I need to get one of those 105 mm micros!
    Ian Rance: Lovely floral composition.
    Janne K: Awesome bike! My grandfather used to have one.
    David Love: High marks for mood!
    Eliot B: Excellent action shot!
    Ken Y: Very, very, VERY nice image!
    Kent Shafer: Amazing shot, perfectly timed!
    Shun: Innovative composition with the fisheye.
    Justin Weiss: Excellent shot in photojournalistic style!
    Hamish: Nice view!
    Pedro Cardoso: Excellent lighting and composition!
    Wayne Wrights: Nice misty water effects.
    Dennis B: Good comical moment (unless you're the dog).
    Tim Holte: Great "moment!"
    Jam Pasion: Wow, you got really close to that yellowjacket!
    Susan Wolfe: Very cute!
    Bruce M: Great color, wish it were larger.
    Lester Rosebrock: Brilliant composition and nice warm light.
    Monika E: Very artistic and fun!
    Jeff K: Very creative! Like the composition a lot.
    tom baxter: Ah, the color of film!
    Dan Park: Brilliant family shot!
    Steven Seelig: Excellent juxtaposition of subjects! Nicely exposed!
    Sasvata: Beautiful color, very sharp!
    Phil Burt: I love old machines! Nicely captured!
    Raden M: Very nice composition and color.
    Matt Laur: Very nice lighting!
    Paul B: Great use of ambient light.
    Wayne C: I like the way that you avoided clutter with good timing.
    Jeffrey A: Classic!
    Colin: Very beautiful and artistic!
    Erik C: Wow, hope you and the camera weren't damaged!
    Glenn C: Beautiful color!
    H. Ting: Outstanding mood!
    Trevor: Nice composition!
    Michael Miles: Excellent shot! What was your shutter speed?
    Mitch: Very colorful, very vivid.
    Waldemar: As close to a perfect shot as I've seen!
    Gary: Nice position of the sun.
    Simon M: Excellent detail and color!
    Darren Shipley: Excellent use of backlighting! Freezes the moment in time.
    Ilkka: A tender moment! Excellent composition.
    Tom S: Very nice Fujifilm color!
    Nick D: Great closeup!
    Mike Metcalfe: A brilliant sports shot! Perfection!
    Indranil: Very nice exposure!
    Benjamin Majcen: Excellent use of the D700's low-light capability.
    Kieth G: Nice closeup!
    Ian Ruffle: Photo of the Week! Brilliant!
    John Conway: Very inventive. You're making me dizzy.
    Don Griffith: Thanks for sharing. Your "model" gave me a nice chuckle!
    Jonathan Matters: Outstanding infant photo.
  144. Luminato Festival Toronto. D200 Sigma 28- 70 2.8.
  145. Lex: 30 seconds? How did you do it?​
    Heh! That wasn't even the photo I intended to take. But they say every picture has a story. Mine's tedious.
    I'm a longtime fan of long exposure night photography, mostly using film. Some nighttime photos in my portfolio (mostly Nikon gear) took several minutes, some an hour or more. I'm trying to hone my HDR technique with digital, to approximate the range of the human eye. There had been some wonderful cloud formations earlier in the day, but by that night the sky was clear.
    I sat listening to my shortwave radio, drinking beer, hoping for a change in the skies. Nope, nuttin'. So, near midnight, I set the D2H on aperture priority, changed the apertures around and let it fire away, mostly out of boredom. Around 30 seconds at f/2.8 looked about right. Decided I liked the color cast from the parking lot lights about 50-75 yards away. Just cropped the top and bottom a bit (nasty cut on the bottom of my calf, not a pretty sight), otherwise it's straight out of the camera.
    The F3 was better for this stuff. It would meter long beyond the official timed 8 seconds on the shutter speed dial, with accurate exposures possible beyond 15 minutes. The D2H maxes out at 30 seconds, even if you want more. Gotta go to a remote release for bulb setting and anything longer. Not as convenient as the F3. OTOH, the D2H generates smallish 6 MB raw files, easy to handle when combining two or more photos.
    The quote? Lyrics from a song by the Primitive Radio Gods, "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand ." I was listening to shortwave pirate radio at the moment, Radio Casablanca with a Casablanca movie theme. The connection? I dunno. My luck with women is pretty much like Rick's, only I don't have a swanky nightclub.
  146. Better late than never.
    D700 24-70 at 70mm f/2.8 1/80s
    My Granddaughter performing
  147. Thank you, Dan!
  148. Great story, Lex. A Wednesday gem.
  149. Moderator: It would be really cool if we could add short comments under each photo. It would be easier on the poster of the comment and we'd see the comment and photo together. Impossible?
  150. Dan,
    My shutter speed was 1/1250 - I incorrectly stated it as 1/250 in the post. Nice catch - I knew something didn't seem right when I posted that.
    I also failed to indicate the focal length which was 200mm.
    Thanks for the kind words!
  151. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Moderator: It would be really cool if we could add short comments under each photo. It would be easier on the poster of the comment and we'd see the comment and photo together. Impossible?​
    While I have not seen the source code, as a software engineer myself, I would imagine that would involve major software changes to, and we need to identify which comment comes from which member; pretty soon we'll also need to capability to update our comments. You can suggest that to Josh Root via the Site Feedback Forum and see what he thinks. But critique and comments are best left to photo critiques on this site.
    A "problem" we have now is that these Wednesday threads are becoming way too popular and way too long, although that is obviously a problem we like to have.
  152. D700 + Nikon 24-70 2.8
  153. Congratulations to EVERYBODY! Really nice work...... Great Thread!
    First timers.... Welcome! Enjoy the thread!
    Shun... Great to see you here for the fist time! Welcome to our humble playground!
    Thank you for the nice comments on my shot!
  154. jbm

    jbm shot! I too posted a similar shot of the same modern art exhibit albeit with my Yashica electro GSN and bw film. I photoshopped out the cables holding the chap in the air and call it "The Investment Banker Swan Dive."
    I love yours in color, too!
  155. Thank you, Dan!
    Thank you, Jay!
    Yours in BW looks more dramatic I, too, love it. And the title is fittingly-timely funny :) I am glad that I am not in that profession now. For a 1/10th of a second, I thought I might want to make it bw, but I decided against it as I wanted it to look more playfully artistic... All due and thanks to THE artist who actually put it up there!
  156. 300 combo (Not Simon's) + TC17eII (1/800s @f/6.7 ISO 200)
    I like this one. lol.
  157. Hi all,
    Here is my contribution for this week.
    Taken with Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 16 mm, ISO 400, 1/400, F/10
  158. D700, Nikkor 70-200mm w/1.7x teleconverter, 1/1250, f/4.8, ISO 200
    Sourdough Sam @ 49ers Family Day (6/13/09)
  159. Just a quick list of my favourites:

    Ton, great guy, must have been at a concert or something somewhere
    Brian, good timing
    Lil, aaron, richard, nice birds, one free, one LOCKED_UP, what did it do wrong? being too beautiful?
    Chris, nice image, i can imagine what you mean with the colors, is always annoying when it doesn't look like it was in real life
    janne, matt, nice bike
    David, strange, but nice
    ken, nice art. i think there is this guy from germany that actually hangs up there himself in rigs on buildings, it looks a bit like that
    hamish, what a view
    pedro, did you turn gravity off?
    benjamin, susan, interesting sequence of shots the two of you have
    lester, great play with sharpness
    monika, nice 'old' look the picture has
    Don, very nice wedding picture
    Jeffrey, nice long exposure waterfall shot, it looks like the water falls from the trees
    gary, darren, great light
    jerry, i think that is the first 56 pixel high I've seen on the thread
    Don, uncanning
    michael, nice reflexion
    Dan, nice
    Steve, interesting animal

    Lil, Matthew, Dieter, thanks for the sweet remarks, dieter, I knew it must have been something like that

    See you all next week
  160. Alex, Simon, Susan, Dan - thanks a bunch for mentioning my picture, truly appreciated. This thread is definitely one of the highlights of my weekly experience, and appreciation makes it all that much sweeter.
    - Ton, you keep on finding awesome subjects, and portray them well. I love this shot.
    - Ian (Rance), keep on shooting film.....I enjoy all your film exploits (except maybe the film APS :))
    - Janne - That came out great, despite being a candid shot, a great sight
    - Susan - That's funny, I would've wondered about the squat bird had you not told us :)
    - Monika - I like the processing, and one's got'ta wonder about the back-story!
    - Dan (Park) - That moment is wonderful. I have the non-AIS 105 f/2.5 Nikkor-P lens, a year older than me, but need to get my Nikon F fixed again.
    - Doug - I like your dove shot, the unusual viewpoint and the contrasting colors in the OOF background are nice
    - Alex, the eyes are striking, and I like the inset even more
    - Khoa - Wonderfully moody
    - Colin - Great colors, my favorite flower macro of the week
    - Waldemar - Another great macro
    - Nick - I love the impact of the photo, well done
    - Jonathan - there's a potential for something stinking in your photo ;-)
    - Michael, That's an original shot of the bean if I ever saw one!
    - Dan - That's a classic with repeating arches. Gitzo did it's job looks like, at 4s.
    Looking forward to next week's lot!
  161. bmm


    Hi all... major apologies for this VERY late contribution but I have a good reason. My lovely fiance surprised me with a night away in Melbourne to go and see the Socceroos play Japan in a World Cup Qualifier, combined with some nice eating, shopping, wandering around etc (all things one can do wonderfully well in that city!). So I'm sorry but I can't prioritise being punctual Wednesday Pic above that!!
    Anyway since I am so late I can give my shout-outs right away, and again these are ones that have really leapt out at me in what is a total field of real quality as always. Jose, Aaron, Lex, David, Jam, Monika, Khoa, Waldemar, Garry, and Barry - wonderful stuff (and the rest of you too of course).
    Ok and now for my contribution, more of my little mission to capture 'local detail' near where I live.
  162. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Absolutely fantastic thread!
  163. Thanks all!
    yes the guy was photographed at a concert and no I don't know where and how he got that wound. I could take an educated guess but I think it's more your field of expertise Dick.
    "Ton, your model inspired me so much that I'm going to buy new clothes right away!"
    Hector that's nice but of course that means posting a selfportrait next week. This in fact is a nice bridge to my personal favourite of this week:
    We register the world around us but hardly ever show something of ourselves in our work and yet, this week someone did excactly that in a well thought out way were a great sense of humour shines trough to boot. Selfportraits are difficult and challenging at best and while most greats did this regularly most of us don't like to do it ourselves. It's not just a photographers thing but even more a male thing it seems. Women are less inhibited in this respect. And yet there are more subtle ways, and I'm not talking about all those corny and boring shadow "portraits".
    The self portrait (of sorts) you present here is a allegory of sorts which not only the title "take off your day" but even more the photo itself illustrates nicely. Making fun of yourself while at the same time turning a cliche into an attractive and narrative photo is no small feat and you succeeded in just doing that. The seemingly smiling handbag is not there by accident but purposefully and deliberately put where it is as is the rest of your props. You've built a nice and appealing story here all the more so because to most married guys like myself it's so recognisable. To most men women will always stay an enigma of sorts. While fastidious and conscientous in most respects they can be very sloppy at times, as it's here. Good work Monika or should I say Gute Arbeit.
  164. Absolutely one of the best Wednesday pic-threads so far!
    Kris - I wonder that myself, how do they stop with those bikes. I should have run after the guy and take a photo of that... :) Your pic really makes me wanna get a true wide angle for myself, just sold my widest lens...
    Dan S - They should make a law that says you can only ride that kind of bike while wearing a top hat and a nice suit, I bet your Grandfather had more style. BTW I've always loved that kind of hallway-pics, great shot!
    Sjoerd - Thanks for the comment, your pic truly was the sweetest one in this thread. :)
    Shash - Thanks for the encouragement, I'm a bit uncertain with PP'ing, but maybe I'm getting better. :) Great shot of the reptile, I've been playing couple of hours with the exact same lens, great fun!
    Ton - Your portraits are great, I wish I had half of your eye and talent!
    And thanks to everyone else, it's been great again seeing all these great photos from all the corners of the earth. Wish I had more time to comment all of your pics, but we're having a family gathering celebrating the midsummer day and I had to sneak in to get into PN just for a moment. :) I just love these threads! See you next Wednesday!
  165. [​IMG]
    Nikon D50, ED AF-S Nikkor 24-120 1:3.5-5.6 G VR
  166. OK I'm finally back to post my comments. Better hurry as Shun may close the thread any time soon....
    First up - Shun welcome to posting in our Wednesday thread. Wonderful to see you join in.
    Secondly, thank you to Alex, Simon Richard, Dan & Sjoerd for commenting on my shot. Dan - Ibis is in the Eudocimus family & feed similarly to the Flamingos. Have no idea of they're related to the Dodo.
    As always I like a lot of the shots so here's my continued list....
    Per-Christian - - nice shot
    Matthew - Amazing sharpness out of the 500mm P
    Hector - love the whale tail
    Joseph - beautiful & honorable portrait of your mother.
    Chris - Neat catch
    Janne - super fun shot.
    Lex - Makes me think of a relaxing summer afternoon
    Dieter - love the focus on the eye of the GBH. Excellent use of dof.
    David - love the nightscape
    Elliot - boxing is not my cup of tea - but this really makes me feel the action.
    Ken - Neat shot
    Shun - Fisheye's are so much fun
    Dick - lovely GBH
    Hamish - wonderful landscape or should I call it a snowscape. ;-)
    Wayne - beautiful setting/location
    Dennis - what a catch - - poor dog. ;-)
    Robert - beautiful portrait
    Susan - fun shot
    Bruce - lovely scenic
    Ryan - love the shallow dof
    Tom - lovely landscape
    Doug - love the angle
    Alex - lovely portrait
    Khoa Ho - elegant
    Apurva - love the message
    Don - the bride just has to love that shot. If I was a bride I would.
    Jeffrey - lovely landscape
    Colin - beautiful
    Erik - now there's a great shot
    William - excellent
    Waldemar - Lovely shot
    Gary - Beautiful
    Adey - fun shot & angle
    Simon - lovely shot wide open.
    Glen - lovely landscape
    Ilkka - lovely shot for a wedding album
    Indranil - lovely HDR
    Shamsaldin - love the angle
    Keith - beautiful portrait
    Ian - sweet
    Jonathan - nice
    John - super portrait
    Michael - neat shot
    Dan -love the depth of this shot
    Jens - Just one of the sweetest portraits I've ever seen
    Ah well that's it . ;-)
    Lil :)

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