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  1. There was a glitch with this thread and for a while some people posted to the following alternative thread: As a result, some images are over on the other thread.
    -- Shun​
    Hi all, I actually missed to have a 70-200VR for this time, there were many photographic opportunities so far in distance to my 50AFS... actually I was near the back of the horse but for most shots I have to crop important areas. I wanted to catch very close images. This spanish torero was dressing his horse for a bullfight, I`m not very fond of it but I must recognize that is an extremely interesting tradition.
    D700 @ 400ISO + 50AFS, 14bit RAW, f4 - 1/1000sec., all camera tricks off.
    Please post your favourite pic if you like, as usual. Thank you all.
    Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 90Kb.
    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
  2. 1st - thanks for your wonderful comments last week.
    2nd congrats to all for making this the most active thread on PN.
    Here's my contribution this week:
    Shot yesterday afternoon in NY's Central Park by the boathouse.
    Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-135AF-s 48mm
    Shot in Raw and converted with Nikon NX2
    1/50 sec, f/11, ISO 640[​IMG]
  3. Hello forum!
    As always, trying something new....
    A shot of a deer..... Uhmmm! That doesn't sound like something new, does it? Well, the thing is I used My Tokina 11-16, no the lens you would expect, right?
    I hope you guys like it..... Cheers!
  4. This was taken 3 saturdays ago at port of Colonia, Uruguay
    D300 + 18-200 VR
  5. Hi all, it Wednesday again!!
    This week, I have been really busy with different projects, and not much time to go out shooting, therefore, this week, a shot of my daughter, taken at a dance competition last weekend, in which she came 2nd. I'm soooo proud!
    Taken with a D300 and it is one of the very first shots with my new Sigma 50-150 2.8. A perfect lens for shooting ringside with a DX camera, where the focal length of 70-200 on a DX can be a little too long.
    Looking forward to seeing many great shots this week!
  6. [​IMG]
    I couldn't sleep that night.
    So at around 5am, i wandered outside with my camera.
    D300, 50mm 1.8 @ 1.8, ASA1600, 5 exposures handheld, HDR processed by Photomatix 3
  7. Ah, here we go! Wednesday again, what a pleasure! José, what an observation! And Joseph: bicolor serene! Alejandro: cool!
    It's not yet Friday, but you might already be taking your Friday bag ;-) :
    Nikon D700, ISO 800, 24-85/2.8-4 at f5.6, on the fly.
  8. Hmmm, something funny happened with the attached pic. Trying again:
  9. Per????? What happened to the picture? I saw it but now is gone!?
  10. Attended a conference at Disney World last week. Got up before sunrise one morning to shoot some of the neon at their Marketplace before the crowds showed up. Learned they actually turn off all those lights during the night.
    And of course, ran into a security guard. He actually asked me what I was doing. Let's see, I had a camera..... and a tripod. Hmmm, what was I doing? After a little discussion, he got cool and just told me to stay out of the way of the early morning workers.
    With the neon gone, had to wait for the sun to come up....
  11. Rene, something happened, but now its up again in a post just under the original one...
  12. bmm


    Every single week the standard set by the early images rises another notch. I'm going to do my usual trick of posting and then only commenting tomorrow morning when I wake up, but I am SO looking forward to seeing everyone's work already!
    My post is a bit different from usual - the result of a recent photography workshop where we were asked to create interesting stuff from the banal. So in keeping with that idea, here is a night-time / long exposure image from a series taken in the ugly old laneway behind my house! I don't know why but I'm quite pleased with the result.
  13. Last night I experimented with alcohol..... sorry I mean I experimented with my wide angle and SB 900 :)
  14. Nina Meyers - that's a great moody empty street scene - fabulous illumination and depth!
    I'm again reminicing over recently taken holiday snaps from New Zealand. This one is atop Te Mata Peak, just outside of Hastings on the North Island. The north eastern slopes there are so steep the hang-gliders use it as a reliable take off point. The drafts blow in off the ocean and up the neer sheer cliffs. The views are spectacular but I'm happy to keep my feet earth bound and enjoy views from slightly less altitude.......
  15. Finaly, WedNesDay again.
    At my place it's all grey and wet today, so here is a picture from Yosemite 3 weeks ago.
    Black and white, impossible to be there without thinking of Ansel Adam.
  16. Joseph Leotta, your photo failed to load 5 min ago - I see it now- delightful composition.
    Rene- how did you manage to get that close? Good original perspective in your photo.........
  17. Well look at this thread already hopping -
    Jose, I'm not much for bull fighting in any form, but I've braided many manes of horses & it takes time, concentration & precision. Your shot shows just that.
    Joseph - like your boats. I will not ever post any boats here for all the boats that's posted in these threads. But they are nice to see.
    Rene' - got to love this shot & you're lucky mom didn't decide to hurt you for being so close to her fawn.
    Alejandro - got to love that shot.
    Hamish - neat shot. :)
    Ton - another excellent shot.
    Matthew - you make me want to go down south to Australia & New Zealand with every shot you post. Now to talk the husband into it. :) Anyhow - another beautiful landscape.
    As always I'm having issues deciding which to post. This is not the one my daughter thought I should post - but the one I decided to.
    These are a Least Tern family. The chicks are only days old. There are three of them, all the size of a cotton ball. Not easy focusing, especially since through a fence. The stick with the number is because they count & protect these little guys while nesting. So each female gets a number in front & behind her nest on the ground. There's no way to photograph these without the numbers. And though I could clone the stick (ice cream stick) out, why bother..... The parents take turns going fishing & while gone the other parent protects the three chicks. Here the one parent comes back with a small fish to feed one of the chicks.
    Shot with the D300, Sigmonster 300-800mm f/5.6 in Manual Mode at f/8 1/1600s EXIFs embedded as always - I think I'm going to call this one "Handing over Dinner" or "The Handover"... (resized and uploaded later)
  18. Hamish, you didn't even touch the Lagavullin? Shame! :)))
    Matthew, what a breath of air! Makes one want to fly!
  19. Lex -
    OK I want to know..... 700 pixels wide & max 300Kb - - so why is my shot so small compared to most of the others? It just doesn't show this size. :-(
  20. Lovely work as always.
    For my submission I took this photo of two cheerful dancing girls at an open garden. The band was playing traditional tunes and the whole atmosphere was pleasant. I used my EM with the 50mm E. Film was Fuji 200.
  21. Try again!
  22. It's WedNEsDAy again :eek:)
    This picture is from last month when I received my 35mm f1.8G lens (still diffifcult to fine one in the market). My wife's birthday was in the second week of May and I gave her this "Crazy Daisy" bouquet, she loves the different colors of Daisy and next week I received my new lens.
    This is one the experimental picture from the sharp lens on fresh flowers after one week.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1/30 sec
    Aperture: 1.8
    Focal Length: 35mm
    Flash Used: No
    I hope you all will like it, btw it's early morning in new england and already seeing some nice pictures.
    Colorful Crazy Daisy
  23. Hi all,
    Again Wednesday and again I'm happy to post here :)
    Here is my contribution.
    Taken with Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 26 mm, ISO 1000, 1/15, F/4.5 handheld
  24. lil.
    On my PC its only 580 pixels max.
    Mine is normaly only 72dpi to keep it below 300Kb
    Do the birds rent their nests? no. 92?
  25. Lil, your image is 580 pixels wide according to the data........(doh......!) - pitty as 700 pixels is hardly enough!
  26. Jens Frederiksen - Lovely textural image........
  27. Lil, I was sure you know what my subject is doing... :)
    I`m also not fond of bullfighting. I belong to a northern dairy breed area, usually uncompatible with this shows... but all outside the bullring is wonderful. Bulls, horses, dry pastures, hot climate, southern people, hospitality, tradition... sadly all this charm dies inside the bullring.
  28. Hi everybody,
    It is wednesday again, time flies. I am a bit late with my comments from last week so I will post them here since I am sure everybody will watch again this week. I hope that's ok.
    My favourites were Anish, Joseph, Dieter, Monika, Tom, Matthew, Kris, Nina, Darko, Joe, Darren, Paul B, Wayne and Ray. Lil's picture is my top favourite, please do more landscapes lil. (not that the birds are not nice)
    Richard, gert, Eric, justin and Chris thanks for the nice comments.

    And now for this week. I have something new for a change. This saturday I had a party with some friends and we went to the zoo. And that gives a problem: Which picture to choose, haha. There were soo many great photo opportunities, so it was great to practise. In the end I choose this one of a big bird that was posing for me. Taken with the D90 + old 80-200 F2.8 @ 200mm F2.8 1/3000s iso 200 some cropping. Hoping to see many great pictures today, aaaah, who am I kidding, they will all be, I'm sure. I will post comments for this week a bit later.
  29. Jens & Matthew ,
    what am I doing wrong. I've gone in to CS3 & told CS3 to resize it to 700 pixels wide - OK I see what's happened. I resized it to 700 pixels & then Zenfolio resized it again. :-( Grrrrrr Too late to fix. Ah well....
    Jens - if you read my comment you'll see that it's the fact that these birds are protected & counted. Each nest/female gets a number. They even capture the raptors in the area & lock them up for a few months during nesting season to help the terns raise their chicks. This is done by a protection agency from a wildlife conservancy in cooperation with Fish & Game.
    OK - slightly larger version can be seen on my Zenfolio site here....
    Lil :)
  30. Hi Everybody,
    I am a newcomer here altough I have been watching this thread religiously for the past month or so. The standards of the photos shown here is astounding, well done to all of you.
    Today I decided to make my first humble post. The weather was getting bad but the fisherman belittled by the advancing weather stood his ground and continued fishing. This was shot with my D200, 18-55mm, at f11. Coverted to B&W in CS3, and a little dodging and burning. Any comments wouold be appreciated.
  31. Street performers
  32. I was away on a cyling tour with my wife for a week. We cycled the length of Ireland with some rather mixed weather so not many shots. This was probably the best taken in West Cork near Bantry
    D80 + 17-55mm @f7.1, 1/250, iso100
  33. One man's garbage is another man's art. Or vice-versa:
    D700, 105mm f/2.8 VR micro. ISO 1400, f/8 @ 1/80 sec. PP in LR2
  34. Nikon D80, Tokina 12-24mm zoom
  35. Thread is stucked, so I'm trying little trick!
  36. Wonderful shots as always! You all inspire me to want to take my camera with me everywhere I go, to create reasons for photo trips, and to photograph things - and in ways - I would have never considered before.
    Well, after missing the last two weeks, I was out at the annual air show with my wife and kids this last weekend and was able to get about 1600 photos. The only problem with this is that I have had to go through so many just to find one to post on this thread ... Maybe I'll save others for when I am not able to get out in a week.
    After much consideration, it was either one I really liked of the Blue Angels, or this one. I actually chose this one because I love the idea of this bird and the technology it represents, and was an avionics tech with Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 (HMX-1 - USMC) when we were supposed to get the one that splashed into the Potomac River in 92 - that sucked! Anyway, I also thought this was something that was less photographed and was pleased with the way it turned out. It has been cropped some to allow larger size of subject while staying within the size requirements for the thread.
  37. [​IMG]
    D300 - Nikkor 50mm
  38. Hello all.
    Great photos! Chris - Very haunting image. Matt - You should see if any newspapers in the area are interested in that picture, it really tells a story. Nicely done. Eric - caption made me laugh. Dennis - Cool ship, but where are the beads and the women? (I hope you follow up on that) Doug - Nice bird, Nice Bokeh! Gary - I love that effect, must get me one of them grad NDs someday. (all my comments go with the other thread, I was posting during the thread change)
    It was a rainy weekend so I tried my hand in some water droplet photos in my darkened kitchen. I had my SB-900 off camera bounced off a colorful background which reflected off the water in a cookie sheet. I used a 60 ml syringe attached to a clamp on my tripod with a valve mounted on it to drip at a predictable rate. After focus is set its just a matter of switching the backgrounds out and firing away! The pics make good desktop backgrounds. Have a lovely week everyone.
  39. Nikon D200, 20mm f2.8 Nikkor D
  40. Hamish: the seal is not broken. You know we are all here to help. Aaron, I swear I thought I was looking at a modern day Ben Franklin; nice shot. I'm back after a few weeks of lurking.
  41. Nikon D90, 18-200mm Nikkor near the 200mm end to blur the background. F8 I believe.
    It's at the Arboritum at a local college. I was there shooting some portraits and saw the flower begging to be photographed.
  42. Once again - one of my Spring shots ...
  43. Great photographs, everyone, again. Some I especially like:

    @ Rene' Villela: It's incredible how close you had to get to that deer!

    @ Alejandro Held: A very moving portrait of a dog.

    @ Per-Christian Nilssen: a terrific capture of motion.

    @ Matthew Brennan: A wonderful landscape, makes me regret I've never been to New Zealand!

    @ Jens Frederiksen: An unusual vision of the Merced River.

    @ Lil Judd: I love the color of their beaks!

    @ Aaron Bonnici: Very good clouds, they really make the image!

    @ Wayne Cornell: I find these back alleys of the industrial world to be very appealing for a photographer -- I don't know why.

    My today's submission was photographed in Moss Landing, CA, last week -- just another sunset.
  44. D80, 50mm, 1/60, 1.8, iso1600
  45. A local landmark in Maryland, slated for re-development while preserving its Victorian-era architecture, just burned down. The Chestnut Lodge building was a several-story structure that started life as a hotel/resort outside of DC, and then became a famous psychiatric hospital for many decades. It's been empty for some years, and had develeoped a high Creepiness Factor. Alas, it has gone up in a blaze during the night, and I photographed the fire crew knocking down some dangerously unstable chimney masonry over top of the still-smoking ruins.
    D300, 70-200/2.8 at 70mm, f/3.5, 1/800, ISO 400.
  46. Hello all - First time contribution - Shot a few weeks ago on beautiful Lake Austin.
    Details :
    nikon D300/mbd10
    AFS/VR 70-200 G
    1/1250 f3.5 at 102mm
    Shot in Jpg fine, DX2 mode #2, no camera tricks other than picture control
    no post processing other than resize, and Lightroom Sharpen for screen on export.
  47. I try to post my picture this morning but it was impossible ! let's try again... Usually I don't photograph birds, but the three little guys were making a lot of noise, and I decided to take my chance.... It was taken with the D300 + 70-300 VR :
  48. Posted this at the alternate thread. Thought I would repost here. Thank you to those who commented on my photo.
    Black-Crowned Night-Heron. Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, CA. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, 1/250s, f/2.8, ISO 280, matrix metered.
  49. D3
    ISO 200
    f20 1.3sec
    80mm [​IMG]
  50. I guess many like to sing in the shower .... well, I ... umm.
  51. Wednesday is now almost as much fun as the weekend!!!
  52. Hi everyone! My favorite PN-day is here again! Great pics in both threads, again too many favorites to list. :)
    Inspired by pics in few previous WedNEsDAy Pic-threads, I loaned a macro-lens from my work this week and shot my first pics ever with dedicated macro lens. Oh what fun I had with it! Just wandered around our home and shot everything in sight up close - well, you know how it goes when you get a new toy. :) Wonderful experience, opened up completely new world for me! The way you can control that tiny DOF was really just so exhilarating! However for this week's pic I chose non-macro-shot, taken with the same lens, I need to practice my macro-skills a bit more...
  53. I was out last week attending an exposition in Los Angeles. My hotel was in Downtown LA so there was not much going around after 7PM. I went out for some pictures and walk by the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It is such a nice building. So the picture was shot handheld and I used NoiseNinja to remove some of the noise. Not bad? What do you think?
    Walt Disney Concert Hall
    [D90, 16-85mm@16mm , Manual 1/6 f/3.5
    ,ISO 2000 ]
  54. Lately I've been reading David Hobby's blog and have become fascinated with what can be achieved with a simple strobe/flash unit. So much so that I've borrowed a friend's SB800 last week and built myself a little DIY softbox out of a small tupperware, kitchen aluminum foil and a blank sheet of A4 paper. Then I turned my cat, Fuji, into the most patient model around =)
    Here's one of the first attempts at flash photography.
    D700, 50 f/1.4 AF-D, 1/500s, f/11, SB800 @ 1.4 power through DIY softbox, camera right.
  55. This is the first photo I'm posting on It was shot a long time back but I scanned it last week. The camera in use was FM3A. The lens was 80-200 f2.8 AF-S. The film was Velvia 50.
  56. I had 2 pics to choose from and I picked this one. The other was a flower. I just got this Sigma 10-20mm and have been out trying to learn it. I really do like this lens and can see where I will have a lot of fun with it. I also done what most people have done and that is stand back and get a big landscape for the first shot. Out of all that I tried today I thought this one was the best.
    The shot, part of my back yard, was hand held,using a Nikon D90, Sigma 10-20mm(@10mm), F22, 1/200, WB auto. I did also use some post processing (hope that that is OK by the rules), using Nikon Capture NX2 what I am also trying to learn.
    Thank you to Kent for passing this piece of glass along to me.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  57. Grabbed this yesterday evening ...
  58. Hello everyone, looks like our tread back in business.[​IMG]
    D300, Sigma 28-70/2.8
  59. Lil, thanks! And once again your shot is beautiful!
    René, I love your shot. We had some Roe deer just 500m from our front door last winter. They're such beautiful animals. Well done!
    Bernie, thanks so much for the support!! I'll let you know when the seal is broken :) Actually it's a gift that's due to be handed over this weekend to a good friend of mine. I'm actually more a Laphroaig guy myself. This particular bottle of Lagavulin is a special edition 56.4%. I don't know if I dare partake when it is opened ;-)
  60. Weird with the two threads. Had been waiting last night for the thread to open but went to bed before it did. Now, there are already lots of images to admire:
    Jose Angel - highly concentrated
    Jens Frederiksen - wonderful B&W conversion
    Rene' - did you have to wipe smudges of the lens afterwards?
    Matthew Brennan - beautiful landscape and capture
    Lil - just so cute
    Aaron Bonnici - dramatic sky - just love the shot
    Mike Metcalfe - great action
    Doug Santo - nice heron
    Chris Court - nice POV and excellent B&W conversion
    Gary Salo - strange lightning
    Richard - beautiful loon. Wouldn't dare taking my equipment into a kayak...
    Susan Wolfe - excellent
    Well, I had planned on posting another shot but went out this morning and got lucky with this juvenile red-tailed hawk: D300, 80-400 at 210mm, ISO 320, 1/800s, f/5.3, +1 2/3EV exposure compensation, matrix-metering, VR ON
  61. ..goofed up..
  62. Great photos, as always!
    Here is my contribution. It is from this past Saturday's wedding anniversary shoot out.
  63. To Pedro Cardoso.
    Nice pic Pedro and I like name of your cat.
  64. Does this count as my submission.. it's a picture of me, that should count. ..taken by my wife. D90 80-200mm Auto exp
  65. @Susan Wolfe: This is a crop from a much larger image. In these competition approx 15 dancers compete at the same time on a space much smaller than a ice hockey rink. Many dancers to look at, they move extremely fast, and the dance has a duration of 75 sec. But I understand your comment, in this crop the other dancers do not look at her... ;)
    @Mikhail: Thank you so much
  66. @ David Love: A very good shot, I love the mood.
  67. High school senior prom, my daughter gives me "the look". Taken with a D70, kit lens and SB-400 for fill. [​IMG]
  68. Colombian Caribbeam Coast
    S2 Pro Nikkor 24-50 F3.3
  69. Not the moon, but my djembe!
  70. Hi everyone!
    It's great to see so many interesting pictures again. Some of my favourites so far:
    - Jose, your careful operating Torero reminds me of myself - I've tried to „unplug“ a tick this morning - parts of the beast are still in my calf.
    - Alejandro - love the use of colors and curves in your picture.
    - Nina & David - your night time street photographs are transporting a lot of the mood of the city.
    - Ton - love the composition.
    - Matthew - your picture makes me want to visit New Zealand - impossible for now, I'm afraid...
    - Aaron - my personal pick this week so far. Lately I'm playing with some old medium-format-cameras again and your picture is pure inspiration for me - thanks!
    - Doug & Dieter - wonderful captures!
    - Khoa & Alex & Susan - beautiful portraits
    - Gary - wow! I have an 64x ND somewhere - your shot will speed up the search for it:)
    There are so many other great photographs all over the threads - too many to name more than the ones above.
    My contribution this week is one of my first trys at HDR. If I have the time I try to capture some personal pictures during or after assignments. The charcoal-pile (they make tar in it if memory serves) was smoking like hell and more than once my eyes were filled with tears. My lungs are a used to smoke but this kind of fume was something special. I've quickly set up a Leitz-table-top-tripod with the large Leitz-head and managed to shoot some bracketed sequences. The veerable winds were blowing the smoke in another direction every minute or so and a lot of sequences are useless for HDR because the smoke was all over the place. Yesterday evening I've found the time to inspect the pictures further and finally found a useable sequence.
    Being a HDR-novice I've had a hard time not to get a typical oversaturated result. I've fiddled with the sliders and finally like the result.
    Nikon D700, AiS 20/3.5 @ f8, five exposures @ ISO 200
  71. Georg, that's a wonderful HRD picture. Very natural and moody. Great composition.
  72. Central Park in Lancaster PA . Nikon D300 & Nikkor 18-200 , F/9 , 1/320s , iso 200 .
  73. great shots, as usual. i'm stunned speechless and at a loss for words over the amazing display of visual goodness.
    posted in the other thread but i'll do it here too, in case anyone missed it
  74. Here is a dragonfly I took a pic of in my backyard. Shot with my Nikon D60
  75. James Kazan
    Great composition on your building photo. I love the subtle colors
  76. Picked up an SB600 to go with my new Nikon D200. Used it Saturday at a great-niece's high school graduation party in a dimly lit basement party room of a Cleveland restaurant. The low ceiling was all black, so the Stofen came in handy but was pointed straight ahead. Here is one of the informal portraits I took of the graduate's sister. A very little sharpening added in Nikon ViewNX, otherwise nothing more than cropping.
  77. Indeed, James Kazan's architecture shot has wonderful tones. Beautiful.
  78. Since I don't have a pic on this thread i'll post one here as well a variation of my original post. D300 with a tamron 90mm macro!
  79. Hello everyone! I just returned from work where my computer hard drive fried today. I see the thread has been fixed, something to do with a tip from Chris Court...thank you, Chris and the moderators! I see that many people re-posted their images here, so I don't feel so bad about putting this up again. This is a loon that surfaced in front of my kayak on Squaw Lake in upper Michigan. The kayak is actually a stable safe place and I take my camera in it often. It allows me to be where the wildlife live on the lake and get there very quietly. Handholding the camera takes practice and patience and luck:) This shot is with my D300 with my 80-400 mm VR lens at f7.1, 1/500 sec, iso 400 at 400 mm.
    There are so many really great shots here again that I'll spend some time enjoying tonight.
    Have a nice night...all!
  80. Middle school graduation band.
  81. And now the loon...
  82. I'll repost mine as well. This is a cut and paste from the alternate thread.

    Guess this is the place to post this week...
    Great Heron Doug!
    I decided to try something different and pulled the film bag out of the freezer. I shot a roll last week and over the weekend developed the film in a basement darkroom that I built a few years back.
    This is a shot of the recently completed Trump Tower in Chicago shot from the 20th floor of a nearby building. It was a cool and foggy day as low clouds rolled in off of Lake Michigan.
    F5 Nikkor 24-120 G @ f/9 with Tri-X 400 and scanned Nikon Coolscan 5000.
  83. This is taken withmy fairly new D90. ISO 400 at 125 hand held with a AF-S nikkor18-105mm f/9.
    I have fooled around a bit with the levels as the sky here was very dull and hazy. This is my first time posting on this thread. Hope you all had fun shooting today. I have been enjoying the posts here so much over the last few months. Wow talent! . I was on my way to work this morning and had my eyes open for a image to post here. The water is really emerald green right now. Green from the glacial melt happening this time of year.
  84. from our day at the Waco Zoo. Nikon D90 130mm f5.6 1/200 iso 200
  85. Hi all another week I almost forgot it's Wednesday
    many great shots
    Rene Nice capture my firend just sent me a similar one today.
    Matthew B amazing landscape shot very nice.
    Sjoerd interesting shot like the curves on this pelican.
    Freddy nice night shot
    Szaboles nice photo looks like an alien planet
    Georg very nice HDR
    Chris V very nice macro looks like you guys were starring ar eachother
    John I like your Trump Tower shot you can see this building from far away I guess it's one of the tallest in Chicago
    So here is my contribution I just got my Sigma 10-20 and took it out for a spin.
    there is this very interesting church close to where I live
    Temple of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in Glenview, IL
  86. also posted in the other thread
  87. also posted in the other thread
  88. Lots of VERY creative photos here. I need to jump on the thread earlier because by late in the day there are too many for me to comment on that deserve it! Here's one I snagged. It's a Loram ballast cleaner heading up the BNSF rail line in southwest Minnesota. I kind of liked the man standing in front of the great ponderous beast. D300, Nikon 70-200mm VR, I think I had the TC-17E attached.
    Kent in SD
  89. Out playing in the yard with the macro, so much fun. I have no clue what bug this is, some form of wasp perhaps. Shot taken with Nikon D90 and Tamron 90mm macro at f/5, slightly cropped as I could not get close enough to him without him flying away.
  90. Regional t-storms tonight here in Texas, so instead of posting a new photo I'm dipping back into last week's experimental session. I used an old beat up Lentar 13mm f/3.5 t-mount preset lens with the M2 extension tube for closeups. I'd almost forgotten how nice the bokeh is with some older lenses, mainly due to the simple optical design common among many older short telephotos. The rounded iris shape is really a secondary characteristic.
  91. Lots of great shots again this week -- nice work everyone!
    Took a trip to Mono Lake, California, this week. There are viewing areas where you can stand right next to these tufa towers. The towers were exposed after sugnificant amounts of water were diverted to Los Angeles in the '40's The water level is slowly being restored today. The lake is also a significant breading and migratory area for many kinds of birds.
    D90, 16-85mm @16mm, 1/1250, f/6.3, ISO 320
  92. So many great images. I love all the critters. I think my fave of the week is Pedro and his patient model...bravo! Here is one that I think I need to tweak some more, but it's Wednesday, dammit and I must have SOMETHING!
  93. First try
  94. Wakeboarding just before dark.
  95. Ryan--
    The bug is a dragon fly. Some call them "mosquito hawks."
    Kent in SD
  96. To Monika + Lil Judd + Mikhail Tsypkin + George S = Thank you !
    Alejandro in Buenos Aires
  97. bms


    Just returned from vacation to Leicaland (no, not Japan) WITHOUT any Nikon, so I will have to cheat a bit and pull a recent shot.
    Jose: great environmental portrait
    Alejandro: A blue dog democrat? :)
    Ton: great shot, as usual.
    Hamish: my plan tonight :)
    Matthew B: always exceptional landscapes
    Lil: that is a cool shot!
    Sjoerd, Doug, Richard, Dieter: magnificent bird shots
    Aaron, Shawn, James: love the composition
    Ilkka: is that ice? How cold is your shower?
    Pedro: that is great! Who needs a real softbox, anyway? Wish our cats were that patient....
    Chris V: absolutely gorgeous, what lens did you use?
    There are so many other great photos here, great job everyone.....see yo all next Wednesday!
  98. One good thing about this forum. There are so many great photos here that I draw inspration from, that it just makes me want to go out and try harder. You have gotten my photo juces flowing like the day I discovered Photography.
    Thank You all extremely much. I feel like I did when I just joined the photo club in High School 40 years ago
  99. So? Was the thread sabotaged? Uhmmm! Maybe the Canon guys! :) (joke)
    Matthew..... Well, it wasn't as hard as you might think. A very friendly deer and my friend was feeding him. By the way, it is a wild deer.
    Lil.... I made sure the mom wouldn't attack me, I shot her first. :)
    Mikhail..... It was very close but he stayed there for a long time. I took so many shots but its too bad I only had my wide angle lens with me.
    Hamish... Thank you! I even saw a baby one, maybe just 40 cm tall but I couldn't get close, mom was upset really.
    Dieter... Yeap! Specially when he sneezed! :)
    Kris..... Please, don't scare me? Who is your friend? Nah! It can't be! :)
    Way tooooooo many great pictures to be able to compliment them all. Great thread, Great work everybody! Cheers!
  100. I love the photos this week (as usual), thanks for posting.
    I'm still pretty intimidated posting here but I finally have something that I feel good about! Not all that original but I do like how it turned out.
  101. Rene, It's not you LOL
    he cannot even post here reason being he uses Sony Alpha :-(
    but he had a close encounter of a third kind with a deer in his back yard.
    maybe it was the same deer traveling in time and space :)
  102. ok it's kudos time...
    kent, interesting juxtaposition of man vs. machine. like the detail with the rails...wish you were just a leedle closer, though.
    rene, wait, you shot a deer with your 11-16 not your 300/4? how'd you get that close?
    richard, best loon shot ever. he actually seems quite sane.
    colin, very creative. i feel refreshed just looking at it.
    chris, nice dragonly shot. i've seen way more side perspective shots of these creatures, so your frontal view is fairly unique to my eyes.
    georg, very nice HDR work.
    szabolcs, looks more like mars, actually.
    dieter, very lucky indeed.
    nick and pedro, you can never have too many cat shots.
    indranil, beautiful composition.
    ilkka, does your d3 wear a shower cap?
    jonathan, great capture. like how it looks like the water is dripping up.
    matthew, spectacular view indeed.
    bernard, that pic shouldnt be as interesting as it is.
    alejandro, that's one cool pooch.
    aaron, not bad for the 18-55.
    paul b, too cuuuute.
  103. Too many great pics to mansion this week. Congratulation!!!
    I've tried to insert my pic today without success. Something wrong with PN servers. It didn’t want to take it.
    My entry is... from small world.
  104. Kris... I wasn't worrying about the picture! I was worrying about the company I was with!
    Eric... Well, the minimum focus distance for the 300 is 3 M I think.... the lens wouldn't focus this close! :)
  105. Hi all, as usual great pics! here's one of my first outdoor shots with the new d700, 20mm f/3.5 AIS, iso 200, tripod. It is a fantastic camera and a phenomenal upgrade from the D70. Thanks to the forum members who helped me with the decision process. Am still experimenting and learning. Hope to post better pics soon. Cheers, A.
  106. Shadows
  107. Nikon D300 with 17-55 zoom[​IMG]
  108. I've been experimenting with different crops of this image, i.e. how much blue sky to leave on each side. This not-quite-square version is my current front runner. Comments are welcome.
    Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm, ISO 200, Auto WB
  109. This is such a great thread. I always enjoy and learn from everyones take and captures
    Doug Santo--amazing photo!
    Here is my post a quick trip to the Sierra Nevada. Foothills of the Sierra Nevada.
    D80, 18-135mm lens iso 200 f5 and 1/400 sec
    PP in LR2.3
  110. Jose - bull fighting is a very old tradition. I respect that. What I love about your photo is the love, time & care from the rider towards his horse. That carries through.
    Jens - Zenfolio gives me a few different sizes I can use. There's a 580 & an 800. Reality is - 580 just doesn't carry thought this shot at all. Fact is that the chicks are the size of cotton balls. Maybe I should ask Lex for dispensation to go to a 800 pixel format as long as I promise not to go over 300Kb - - think he'd go for it? Again - the Least Tern is protected, they count every one of those nests& each female gets two ice cream sticks to ensure she's counted correctly.
    Sjoerd - thank you for your kind comment on my humble waterfall & landscape from last week. Most kind of you. :) Sorry already posted birds for this week. :)
    So Thank you to Mikhail, Hamish, Dieter & Benjamin for your kind compliments on my Tern family of this week.
    Now, as usual I have too many shots I like:
    Jens - your photo almost looks painted
    Sjoerd - lovely female pelican
    Aaron - welcome to posting & that's the man against the Sea if there ever was one.
    Shawn - beautiful landscape
    Sanford - neat shot
    Wayne - love the depth in the shot
    Mikhail - love the reflection
    Doug - I know that BCNH - great shot
    James - very artsy
    Ilkka - neat shot
    David - excellent pp work on this one
    Pedro - beautiful shot
    Indranil - love the colors
    Miles - lovely rainbow
    Dieter - excellent work on the RTH in flight
    Alex - sweet shot
    Dave - lovely shot
    Georg - neat pp work
    Shamsaldin - love the feel of how tall the trees are
    Chris - beautiful dragonfly
    Colin - that's a poster
    Richard - lovely Loon
    Jill - beautiful landscape
    Kent - that's a great man against machine shot
    Lex - I just enjoy....
    Brian - beautiful
    Tiffany - great shot
    Benjamin - makes me happy
    Waldemar - WoW that's one huge ant
    Arun - love the landscape
    Tim - beautiful
    Sergio - beautiful landscape
  111. Hello everyone..
    I haven't had a chance to go through all the pictures yet but thought i'd post my pic first. Since the weather wasn't all that great the past week, I didn't take any new pictures. Here's one from two weeks back whilst at the Zoo.
  112. James Kazan, that's the kind of architecture photography I love.
    Inspiring. Thanks!
  113. I never knew that this thread ran every Wednesday till I saw it in the feedback forum, very nice BTW. Just so everybody knows we kinda do this same thing every day in the No Words forum. Come on over and post but read the rules first :)
    Thanks Nina, Wayne and Matt for the positive feedback.
  114. James, are all no words forum pics recent (i.e. like wednesday pics are typically from the last week)? I think this is a crucial distinction - the timeliness of the wednesday pics makes them more interesting and ties the pictures together. Also, the fact that you can't just post any day (ideally that is) changes the situation. It's like Jim Brandenburg's one picture per day NG essay - restrictions make you think more about what you present.
  115. Ilkka <p>
    We have eleven new threads started today (since midnight EST) and that is not untypical. Some days we have more and some days less. The list of threads you see in the forum is never older than seven days. After seven days the thread goes into the archive which is categorized to be accessed anytime. The forum is different from this thread in that it is a pure photo thread without comment thus the title "No Words" Again the rules are a bit different your can see them here:<p>Best regards
  116. Ilkka <p>
    I think I misunderstood your question about recent photos. No, most of the photos are not recent but one could always start a thread such as "This Weeks Favorite Photo" or "Your Favorite B&W From Last Week". The theme is up to the OP.
  117. Thanks all,
    my favourite of this week is James Kazan's photo. In understanding and using all tools at his disposal he presents us with a great play of light that is an important part of a striking architectural design. That however is merely craftsmanship. What lifts this photo way beyond a mere technical registration is not copying the design of the architect but by presenting it in a unique angle of his own in a formal composition that nevertheless does justice to the seemingly playfull design. In that context one could almost call it a collaboration. It's not the work of a casual observer but from someone with a deep understanding of (and love for) architecture who I suspect almost religilously studies his subjects.
  118. Thanks Tom
    That is very kind of you to say. I do love architecture and always have. I'm lucky that one of Gehry's more interesting designs is only about 10 minutes from my home. Again this was a great thread and I'm glad I discovered it.
  119. There is such a wealth of excellent work here this week. I would say that the SUPERB standout among them is James Kazan's architectural image. I agree with Ton who said it so well. This is in no way to diminish my respect for all of the other beautiful work here. Just to point out the sublime!
    I'll be back in my kayak tomorrow morning...looking for anything that moves:) Thanks to all who commented on my loon shot!
    Have a great week!
  120. Nice pics to all.
    Especially shots from Jose', Rene', Dan South, Lil Judd, Matthew, Aaron (welcome and keep submitting), Jonathan, Doug, Richard, Georg, Dieter and Indranil .
    This week I had to skip as I am busy and very tight on a software project, instead I am admiring your shots. Hope to be back next week.
  121. James, thank you for informing us of the "No Words" forum. I have to take a closer look on that.
  122. Eric, Lil and Simon, thanks a lot for your kind comments. Looking forward to next Wednesday for some more great shots.
  123. One for the Druids.....
    D90, 17-35mm, Lee Polarizer, June 4th
    Sorry - removed image as it's not Wednesday - duh! Will try again next week
  124. Susan, Kris, Eric, Lil & Simon - many thanks for your kind words!
    Tim - your picture is simply marvellous.
  125. Here's what I found in our yard when i went out to get the paper this morning.
  126. Rob, don't worry about late uploads. So far we haven't needed to impose any sort of deadline, as long as it's submitted before the next new Wednesday Pic thread begins.
    The only concern I've had is keeping these threads to a manageable size for folks with dial up ISP access. That's the main reason we emphasize keeping file sizes under 300 KB. My rule of thumb has been that once it takes longer than three minutes to load from an empty cache via a basic DSL connection, then it might be time to consider a deadline. But we're hoping to avoid that in order to accommodate folks who are busy during the week or who would like to comment on these threads after Wednesday.
  127. Rob - post your image again so we can see it. People post as late as Monday & Tuesday of the next week at times.
    Lil :)
  128. OK - in order to figure out how to get my shot correctly presented in the thread each week, since Zenfolio keeps resizing on me....
    I've requested help from Lex. Lex has told me I can post again this week testing my new settings. I am posting the same photo as I'm hoping I've gotten things right now.
    Here's hoping & again - this has been cleared with Lex.
  129. Yup, looks fine, Lil. Apparently something between zenfolio and results in shrinking the original smaller than's default maximum of 700 pixels wide. But whatever you did this time seemed to work.
  130. I used Jens's suggestion of 72 dpi & came up with a file just under 300Kb - It got sized to 1029x683 - uploaded it to Zenfolio which made it 800x531 - seems to have worked. :)
    OK - now I've hopefully got it for next week. :)
    Lil :)
  131. ah yes, much better now, lil.
  132. Thank you Eric ,
    at least now people can see what I photographed even though most don't realize that the chicks are about the size of a cotton ball. :)
    Oh I just want to tell everyone what I've just done. I've started a gallery on my site for all the photos I post in the WedNEsDay threads to which I contribute, on my site at Zenfolio. Mostly this is for my own reference....
    But I needed to be reminded what I'd posted. So I've taken the time to go through this year's threads. It's amazing how these threads have grown each week & it's been so much fun to see the photos again.
    So many wonderful shots from everyone.
    I've truly enjoyed revisiting. :)
  133. Great Photos everyone!!!!
    Kent, I wonder if that will go past my house, there re-doing the rails through my town of Kasson Minnesota.
    I took this during Rochester's Thursdays on First, they where just sitting on the corner. Shot with my Nikon D300, 17-55 f2.8 ED, f4.5 1/400 ISO 200
  134. Lil,
    excellent idea. I have also problems remembering which photos were posted where. I'll do the same. Thanks.
    Fantastic how many inspiring shots we can see in this thread!
  135. Hey, Lil! Nice birds! What are those # 92 markers? Seeds rows in your garden?
  136. Lil.... That's a great idea! Oooops! Sorry! I started mine in January! :)
    Simon... Thanks! You thought I used my 300 didn't you? :)
  137. Rene'
    Naaaa, Not really, I knew it had something to do with your Tokina.:)
  138. Rob, don't worry about late uploads. So far we haven't needed to impose any sort of deadline, as long as it's submitted before the next new Wednesday Pic thread begins.
    Ok then Lex so here is one from me.
    Details 1/8000sec and f/4 and ISO @ 400
  139. Dan - markers. The markers are for the Naturalists who protect the birds. All the nests are counted. They're behind a chain linked fence so we can't go near them & the protect the birds from predatory birds like raptors as well. They used to capture the Peregrine & some other raptors to keep the chicks safer. This is all done with the aid & supervision of Fish & Wildlife. I don't know if it's because the Least Terns are special for any specific reason. I'll have to try to ask them.
    Rene' - I should have known. Hey - - where's Hideyuki? IS he OK - no photo from him this week either? Tell him Hi from me & I hope he's OK. I just checked it out - nicely done Rene'
    Simon - nice butterfly shot
    Lil :)
  140. Thanks very much Lil. WOW!, this lens does wonders
  141. LOL Glad I could help Simon. Yes it is a great lens. Since I've gotten used to working with it it's rarely far from me. :)
    Lil :)
  142. LIL... Thanks for asking! Well, I haven't been home really..... Last week I was gone 8 days and I am gone again now, i am posting from a hotel room. That's why I haven't been able to take him out at all....
  143. Rene' - Ahhhhh that's explains it. Have safe travels & tell him HI from me. :)
  144. One late submission from me:
    D700 + Nikon 24-70 2.8
  145. A belated entry. D90 + kit lens.
  146. Simon..... Hey! Stop using my combo!
  147. Hey Rene' - -
    Your combo?!?!?! LOL LOL LOL
    Maybe we should start a thread to see just how many use that combo. :)
    Lil :)
  148. Hey, speaking of copycats, what's up with making my fake metal flutterby and dead rose bush look even worse by posting photos of real live butterflies and pretty flowers?
    Just don't lemme catch anyone else using a 135mm f/3.5 Lentar preset T-mount... hang on a sec, not much risk of that. I may have the only copy of that lens in the world. Most people would have thrown theirs in the trash by now.
  149. Lex wrote: "Hey, speaking of copycats" :) Simon: You see what you've started? :)
    Lil... No kidding! I think my 300 is my most used lens... Even it is big and heavy, I never leave it home!
  150. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    It'll soon be Wednesday again. I am closing this thread from last week to avoid confusion.

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