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  1. Hi all, I have worked on many versions from this pic trying to catch the sensation of a humid, hot end of the day, as I experienced at the moment of the capture. Actually, photography is a difficult task. I`m not convinced of having achieved it. Anyway, here it is.
    Taken with my dusty D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 50AFS, f4 - 1/2000sec. All camera tricks off. Slightly desaturated on NX2, unsharp mask applied, all the rest in Ps. I have another Aperture versions, more eloquent but also less pleasant. I find Aperture to be a more demanding software.
    As usual, feel free to post if you like your wEeKly PiC, taken with Nikon gear. Thank you all.
    Important notice:
    please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 90Kb.

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  2. Hello All
    Another brand new week :)
    I managed to try out my new 80-400mm over the weekend. Thought I’d go to the Zoo and take a few shots. I must say, Richard Armstrong’s shots with his 80-400mm inspired me to try something similar. I am satisfied with the lens for now and if used within its limits, it can produce some decent shots. But we’ll leave that discussion for another time.
  3. Heres mine for this week
    D700, 28-200 AF-D at 28mm[​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
    Another Day at the Races
    Taken last April at Hipodromo de San Isidro, Buenos Aires.
    My favourite horse for the race, the Number 4 called Riff Raff, crossing the winning the 14th place! :(
    Nikon D300 + 18-200 f3.5-5.6 ISO 200 f18 1/100
  5. That's a bit odd - the picture looks a bit different here than on my screen. Maybe I'll have to configure my display.
  6. Barely Wednesday here in California. Fairly gray and foggy here lately (May Gray just became June Gloom) - saw this scene and had to find a good spot to shoot from. Finally found one, pulled over and shot of few images. Looking west from Santa Barbara Airport, up the Gaviota Coast and Santa Ynez Mountains. D300, 80-400 VR at 250 mm (yes, it can be used for landscape too), 1/50 s, f/40, ISO 200 - not really sure how that happened.
    Saw this thread come up - and before I could finish my post, there were already a few in front of me. Already looks like a great thread again.
  7. bmm


    Jose - you start us off so well each time... what a lovely scene. And Dieter, what amazing tones. Hi to the rest of you, with a wish that you all have a good Wednesday - and I can't wait to see your work.
    My contribution this week is of a wonderful little tap that I walk past at almost every day at work and could not resist taking an image of recently.
  8. Around 30 degrees this sunday around Barcelona, so we went to the playa of one of the surrounding smaller cities to take a walk, with a fresh breeze being our company. This is my favorite moment, when the sun is close to the horizon, when the shadows are getting very long, and when people prepare for their way home and the beach is getting empty. By the way, the sunset was magic, but we were trapped in a traffic jam at returning :-(
    PS: seems that people are so eager to post - the response counter of the previous wednesday pic just increased from 198 to 200
    PPS: J.-A. - to me it seems that you captured the hot humid summer atmosphere
  9. Yeah, it's Wednesday again!
    Anish, that bird is fabulous! And Jose: serene, and a bit of tristesse! Dieter: love that light.
    Welcome to the show: Nikon D700 with a 50/1.4 at ISO 1600 and 1/200. Artists are leaving the circus stage after a really fantastic evening.
  10. I chased this guy around my garden on Sunday. After a while he finally settled long enough for me to get off five or six shots.
  11. Here we go again. This time a picture captured on my way home from the member's night watch duty at our marina. Even the ducks are on patrol! ;)
  12. No fancy techniques here, just shooting through the glass at some jellyfish in a local aquarium:


    D700, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D. ISO 6400, f/8, 1/80 sec. PP in LR2.
  13. Hi Guys & Girls,
    Already heaps of posts today! Tried to be quick but missed the initial post by a few minutes and bang, already a dozen of posts...
    Just proves how much everybody likes the wednesday threads.
    Hamish, Great shot! Love the detailed shadow on that bee.
    Also quite like the shot of anish, alejandro, dieter, bernard, monika and hamish.
    This itsy bitsy spider was shot in a hurry in the back yard. It has that "take us to your leader" look alhough it wasn't really that big :)
    Happy shooting,
  14. Sorry, nothing more than boats and glassy water from me again - the morning after last week's nightime reflections.
    Dieter Schaefer, your image is truly beautiful.
  15. Wednesdays are fun! More music from me this week. Saturday night at club Debaser in Stockholm.
  16. Justin, this is really stunning!!!!!! And I like Monika's one with light playing around the silhouettes - magnificent "Romero-Style"!
  17. Hi all, good morning (or good evening)
    Wow, Dieter. What an amazing image. I love everything about it. Congratulations. You clearly have a winner here! =)
    This weekend we went out of town to get a break from work and try to rest a bit. Not easy to drive under 40ºC sun all day, but it were 350km of great, twisty, beatiful mountain B-roads by the river Douro - Portugal.
    One of the places we visited had this church on the top of the hill and we had to climb several levels of stairs (check it out!)
    and on the final level, there was this lonely rose peeping out of the bush.

  18. gelled sb900 right with 28mm/3.5 on my d700 this afternoon with my brother
  19. Another great WedNesDay.
    D700 70-200@200mm f/8 1/60s ISO400
  20. Matthew, you make me want to hop right into that lake....
  21. Thanks Bernard, Monika (perfectly captured atmosphere), Gert (is it just me not counting right or does that spider have only seven legs?), Matthew (sure calm waters there), and Pedro (love the composition) for the compliments.
  22. WOW - the thread has not been going for even an hour & look at the result.
    Dieter - you have so perfectly managed to capture the look of the light & scenery we're dealing with these days. That hazy light which seems to just not translate correctly -- but you got it. :) Stunning...
    But Joseph, Hamish, Ton & Matthew - love your shots.
    My largest problem is always to pick a shot . It's always such a hassle to figure out which to pick....... Most of what I shot last week was IR, but since I posted IR last week......
    OK - this is it. Help..... OK I'm not a landscape photographer, but on our recent trip up to Washington state I got a chance to practice (on the run) some landscape photography. I was looking for primeval forest settings..... I am so far behind in pp'ing all my work so sorry - this is a few weeks old.... Too much going on...
    D700, 24-70mm f/2.8 at 1/25s f/8 ISO 200 at 24mm hand held
  23. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    A vendor at the Tuan Giao Market i northern Vietnam
  24. Old Hansa in Tallinn.
  25. Once again I am silenced by the quality of the photographs already. A book using these images would be a success I am sure.
    Last Friday was my Father's 70th birthday. He is never very willing to have his photograph taken, but this was a very important day and I really wanted to get a nice portrait of him on his special day. Before the party and guests I set up the chair and his cards and got him comfortable. I fired off a few shots and after 3 or 4 he relaxed and started to enjoy it. I used my FM3a, 85mm f/2 (at f/2) and film was Fuji Superia 200. I was a bit worried about how they would turn out but he was happy with them in the end which is a plus.
  26. Hi all,
    Again wednesday and again I'm happy to post to this thread :)
    Here is my contribution for this week.
    Nikon D300, 16-85 mm VR @ 30 mm, ISO 400, 1/500, F/11
  27. Erik - Excellent capture. Nikon could use that photo as a ad for the 24-70 lens
  28. Monika, great stuff.
    Hamish, nice close up.
    Justin, great looking jellyfish.
    Here's mine for today. I don't normaly take photo's of birds simply because i haven't got any lenses long enough. We stopped of at a picnic area in mid Wales on sunday and this little fellow was friendly enough to let me get close enough with my D200 and Tamron 90mm f/2.8. 1/320 sec @ f/5.6. I had some bird seed in the boot of the car from a previous attempt at this sort of shooting.
  29. Ian Rance, great work - I'd be so pleased if I could capture people like that.

    Lil Judd - Lovely highlights on the rear center ground foliage and a true sense of depth in your forest image. BTW your IR photo last week was a stunner!

    Another great lineup of Nikon photograhers this week.......
  30. Hi everybody,
    I am shocked by the amount of fantastic pictures already,
    Will look through them in more detail later and comment on them (still at work, haha)
    Another older picture from me today, last year the amsterdam marathon came by my parents house, so it was a nice opportunity to take lots of pictures.
    This is one of my favourites because of the hair, the expression and the colors. Taken with the D90 and the old 80-200mm F2.8 @2.8 200mm 1/3200 s iso 200
  31. I love Nikons, Wednesdays,, and our host...
  32. Amazing shots already. Will post comments later. Here is mine as I tried to use some black and white tecniches I learned in a photo magazine. This is a monument in Tromsø, a city that used to be a whaling harbor. Hope you like it
  33. Ian, what a great idea to pose your father with his cards! Simple but powerful, like many good ideas.
    (Edit: The lens is the AIS version.)
  34. There are already so many impressive ones. Will take time later to mention.
    I wish this were sharper. I should have used Auto ISO.... I hope you see, at least, them having fun.
  35. F80 , 50mm 1:4 lens, trix pushed to 1600
  36. Good Morning! Very nice start again this week with some really beautiful shots so far! Things are finally beginning to grow in Upper Michigan. I took a walk around my yard over the weekend and found these ferns. This is with a D300 and a Sigma 30 mm f1.4 at f1.6, 1/1000 sec, iso 200, processed and cropped in Aperture.
    I'm looking forward to viewing the rest...
    Have a great day everyone!
  37. This image was taken on Sunday near Colonial Beach, VA from the parking lot of a restaurant overlooking the Potomac River. Two poles with platforms were installed near the docks to the rear of the restaurant, a third was installed in a parking lot on the other side of the highway. All three nests had active birds. I noticed other nests spotted around the town. Nikon D100 with 80-400@400mm and polarizing filter in the late afternoon; hand held F7.1 at 1/800 second.
  38. [​IMG]
    Petanque - Paris, France
  39. Hello everyone,
    here is mine for today, FUJI S3 PRO, Nikon 18-70.
    Taken in Dominican last year, I, am in airport on the way home.
    Cigar makers in Dominican.
  40. Nikon D3, 24-70 (62mm), 1/40th @ f2.8 iso 3200
  41. We had a 50's day celebration at the local Dairy Queen in Salisbury , NC . There were a lot of old Hot Rods cruising by all day long. The girls dressed up in 50's attire and car hopped also. Everyone had a blast. This is an annual event here. Thanks for looking.
  42. Chicago's skyline
  43. My goddaughter, Emma.
  44. Hello forum!
    Very nice work from all you guys! Congrats!
    Here is mine! An egyptian goose, I think these guys are weird looking but I love the colors.
  45. Great stuff again this week.
    Lil, I love the light coming from the treeline.
    Justin, great job on the jellies.
    Here's mine... taken over the long weekend here... Northern Coast of Taiwan has some special rock formations. [​IMG]
    D300, Tokina 12-24 @12mm, f/8, 30 seconds at around 6pm.
  46. [​IMG] Locust Peek-a-Boo
    Nikon D80 with 85mm Nikkor and extension tubes and SB600 for fill flash
  47. Sorry about that
    Here is the photo
    Nikon D80 with 85mm Nikkor and extension tubes and SB600 for fill flash
  48. Some very good photos here ... of all sorts.
    D70 w/ kit lens 18 - 70mm (-2/3 exp comp)
  49. haha, Jose, you not using your D700? I'll take it off your hands :D
  50. Early Monday morning in Lycoming County, Pa.
  51. My photo this week comes from Naples, Italy. Not the prettiest city in Europe but the harbor area is nice.
    This shot was caught between two rainstorms that day. The bright orange boat really stood out against the dark sky. BTW, that's Mt Vesuvius in the background.
    Note to Anish..... Yes, the 80-400VR is a pretty neat lens. It has some compromises, like all lenses, but you can get some great shots with it. Yours is a nice example, Dick's photo, as always, is another.
  52. Morning all.
    Another selection of fine artistry in the making. I will come back and comment on my favorites later, however Monika, your shot is just magic to me. So much depth. Love it!!
    I'm making little to no progress with processing my backlog of photos, and this has been making me feel guilty about adding to it by taking more, so todays pic is 18 months old now...
    Taken in Brisbane, Australia. D200, 70-200 f2.8 at 170mm, 1/160, f4 and ISO 100. I made a conscious decision not to straighten the verticals in PP, and glad of it. This image is straight out of the camera, only resized and with the sig added. No saturation boost or even sharpening.
  53. Great pictures so far. This weekend I figured out how to fire my SB800 as a slave, so I experimented a little inside a restaurant. Here's my little sister.
    D300; 50mm, f1.8 @ 1/100
  54. Wow if this is not best WeNEsDAy thread so far! Amazing photos!
  55. Nikon D90
  56. A flag in the vicinity of I-4 and I-75 in Tampa.The largest Confederate flag in the country.
    Not open for political opinions.
  57. A flag in the vicinity of I-4 and I-75 in Tampa.
    The largest Confederate flag in the country.
    Not open for political opinions.
  58. Jose - the WedNEsDAy PiC is a wonderful idea! Great to see the amazing images from all around the globe. My contribution is a butterfly from the Wildseed Farm near Fredricksburg TX taken Monday.
  59. Here is my entry for this week. Saw this kind of pictures on some websites and thought of doing the same exercise.
    I hope you all will like it.
    Taken with Nikon D40 and Nikon 35mm f1.8G
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 400
    Exposure: 1/40 sec
    Aperture: 1.8
    Focal Length: 35mm
    Flash Used: No

    An Apple a Day, keeps Doctors Away...
  60. A very impressive beginning to this day!
    Jose, it looks warm and humid. Every time you use the 50/1.4 it makes me think about getting that lens.
    Anish, that is a very nice shot at 1/80 sec, handheld with the 80-400. It will be a friend, but like most friends, it has it's idiosyncrasies that you have to overlook if you want to have a healthy relationship. I'm looking forward to seeing more shots from you.
    Joseph, beautiful scene, I thought the snow was gone!
    Alejandro, excellent action shot at the races!
    Dieter, Eyvind Earle would be very proud of you(famous Disney artist). A very beautiful shot of the California coast which looks like Earle's paintings of the same scenery. And with the 80-400 VR no less!
    Bernard, easily the most colorful valve that I have ever seen.
    Monika, simply an outstanding shot!
    Ton, great character in your excellent portrait with your typical exquisite conversion!
    Matthew, perfect serenity! I want to stand on that dock!
    Lil, I love the light filtering through the trees! You have very steady hands!
    Ian, very nice! A touching tribute to your father.
    Gary, add this one to your beautiful owl and you are becoming a bird photographer...albeit a reluctant one...but a very good one!
    Sjoerd, excellent crystal clear shot!
    Susan, a touching moment...very nice!
    Kent, very nice portrait of your dog!
    Robert, it is amazing what these cameras can do at such high the vase!
    Rene', a very interesting and colorful goose! Nice!
    Bruce, I love your boat shot from Naples with Vesuvius in the background! The waterfront in that city is a photographic treasure trove. Just walking through the fish market could fill up a whole card.
    Chris, Wow! As usual.
    What a pleasure to view these images and the many others which are all very good!
    Thank you all for posting them!
  61. I had a chance to get some good sport shots of my buddies wakeboarding last night but neglected to bring my camera. The lighting was great too. Anyway I have an old picture from my last trip to the blue ridge mountains.
  62. nice images,
    My favourites; from Hamish, Gary, Kris, Lil, Rene' and Kurt.
    This is a quick trial of my recent buy 300mm, definitely need a 1.4 TC.
  63. D80 55-200VR
  64. Dan, you didn't bring your camera!!!!!! My wife kids that my D300 is permanently attached to my right hand:) Nice shot of the Smokies, though!
  65. A resident of a friend's Maryland farm, out hunting crickets.
  66. Wayne, that Dairy Queen photo would make a great black and white.
  67. Ian: A very wonderful idea. I should have done many of that when he was around. He passed away earlier this year. Your photo reminds me that there are certain things far more important than anything else, and "this" is one of them. I can see the trust and fun you two are having.
    Thank you.
  68. This one taken in Theon Texas a few weeks back.
  69. Guineahen. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, 1/125 s, f/3.5, ISO 200, spot metered.
  70. I see I've BEEn BEEten to the punch on this one, but you can never have too many bees, can you?
    Nikon D700 with Tamron 70-300mm lens at 300mm in macro mode. 1/3200th of a second @ f/10.
  71. Hello everybody,
    Great photos as is to be expected of this forum.
    Alejandro-great details of the muscles,but were you moving along too?
    Ton Mestrom-very nice portrait.
    Here is my young niece's 'thumb art'.
  72. The past weekend I borrowed a flash unit to play with multiple flashes, colored gels, etc.
    Here is a shot of my Maserati, shot in a soft box tent. I used a SB-800 as the backlight, and pumped it thru a yellow gel ( actually a yellow/ gold colored glass bottle), and the flash on the camera(SB-900 as a master) was used to light the box from the other side. D60 w/ 50mm 1.4G, SB-900 and SB-800, 1/60s F/16 ISO200.
  73. Nikon D300, Tokina 12-24mm zoom
  74. The long ride home. Nikon D300, 18-200 Nikkor, 12 bit Raw, ISO 200
  75. A fruitful weekend of camping at Great Sand Dunes National Park resulted in a handful of images among which I have trouble choosing for this Wednesday's post. This one is right at sunrise from approximately the top of the dunes, probably around 700ft above our camp. Shot in JPEG Landscape mode, Shade WB, manual exposure of 1/80 @ f/16, using D90 with 16-85mm VR lens set at 16mm. Shown as-shot.
  76. Thank you for the comments on my portrait. Family are more important than we often give them credit for and I hope to take many more photographs of them over the years. Photos of those you are close to will always be treasured in the future.
  77. Ian, my wife reminds me that I must take family photos for that reason. She is correct.
  78. Old Spanish Mission, San Antonio
  79. The propeller and rudder of a brand new "coaster" captured in the evening sun this weekend. D700, AF-S 50mm f/1.4G, ISO200, f/5.6, 1/200s. Warmed it up slightly, increased the contrast a tad and sharpened the areas in focus somewhat. Post done in NX2.
  80. Gert Van Eynde, Lil, Gary and Simon, thanks so much for your comments.
    Rodeo Joe, sorry about that J . Your picture is great!
    Wonderful work everyone!
    Jose, I love it!
    Anish, Beautiful!
    Dieter, excellent work!
    Gert Van Eynde, I like the detail.
    Lil, that could almost be Norway J. Beautiful as always.
    Gary, super sharp and nice soft color tones too. I love it.
    Richard, excellent shot as usual.
    Nina, I like it.
    Simon, great shot.
  81. Here's my back yard on a foggy Texas Hill Country morning.
    Nikon forum folks have been busy bees, as usual. Thanks to all for the inspiration.
  82. Playing around in my garden with the Nikon D90 with Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro lens I caught this insect nibbling on a new rose about to bloom.
  83. Late rainbow.
  84. hmmm...getting an "error" msg...will mess with it later.
    With all the nice clicks on Wednesday I'm thinking you can all struggle along without it ;-)
  85. Local beach. No PP, just standard export from RAW to jpeg in LR 2.3
  86. 'm back again. Wonderful WedNEsDAy!
    Joseph Leotta----your photo = my heart this WedNEsDAy.
    Kris Bochenek - what an amazing thing! I have always wanted to take a photo of the VA Skyline the same way you did for the one in Chicago. You stole my thoughts, huh! ...just kidding. Wonderful photo BTW.
  87. Hi - Have been watching quite some days, This is my first posting on this forum, I am a nature lover - keen on capturing nature in different seasons. What I enjoy most is when it is just changing from one season to another - that gives me a lot of opportunities - This one is Spring - a bit late, though. Hope you folks like it. All comments welcome ..
    This is with Nikon D70s - I think it was with Tokina 12-24
  88. HELP ! HELP !! I didn't want it to be that way - what am I missing here ? my picture doesn't show up as all you folks - what do I need to do for it ?
  89. Anand, the image is too large - 700 pixels, 300kB max.
  90. I noticed this scraggly little rose bush by itself, surrounded by old scrap lumber, bricks and debris. Reminded me of the forlorn little Christmas tree in the classic cartoon "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I went back home, fetched a decorative metal butterfly and some Blu-Tack gum and tried a few photos.
    D2H, ISO 200, 135mm f/3.5 Lentar T-mount preset at f/8 with Nikon M2 extension tube. That scruffy little Lentar seemed the right choice for this photo. I rescued it from a pawn shop for a few bucks several years ago. Sharper than it should be for such a humble lens, with lovely bokeh due to the simple optical design and round iris shape.
  91. Thank you Alex Foto, you know taking photos is not yet patented by anyone so go for it.
    Amazing pictures everyone. Someone here said we should pubish a book with the photos from these threads that would be a good idea.
  92. Anand, it can't be more than 700 pixels wide. (Also has to have a caption, but you had that covered.)
  93. Hi,
    First post on the wednesday...
  94. Hi all. Great thread! Saw this little flying dragon in the grass. Hand held with 105 micro VR.
  95. Honoapiilani Hwy, Maui
    D700, Nikkor 24-85@40mm f/9 25 second exposure, ISO 400
  96. Congrats everyone. Great photography again. Let's keep this way.
  97. wow, another fantastic thread
    it's not even 10 am in california and already 100 responses...
    my contribution this week is a man and his young child at a community jazz festival in Oakland.
    d300, sigma 50-150
  98. I tried to make size smaller, however, couldn't do it. I am using photoshop elements 5. What am i missing here ? Can some one help me, please -
  99. Great shots, everyone. I have to rush to work, so my comments will have to wait until later today. In the meanwhile, here is my most faithful model: never complains, is always ready, never camera shy...
  100. if you have window xp , the easiest way to reduce a photo is to use microsoft office picure manager. open the photo in picture manager, click on edit pictures, go to resize, select predeterminde width and hight, select web large 640 x 480 then hit ok. use save as to save the picture with a different name to leave the original intact.
  101. @ Anand Dhupkar
    Use Save for the Web command, select size (not more than 700 px), select jpg quality medium, apply the settings, and save. You should have something not more than 700px longest side, and not more than 100 kb.
  102. Joseph, Mikhail, Dieter - Thank you for your guidlines
    Here is my Spring !!
  103. Most excellent WedNEsDAy to everyone, absolutely great thread once again! So many great portraits this week, so many beautiful pics again that I just can't seem to pick one favorite, but the portrait by Ton comes quite close. Excellent shot!
    My photo was taken on Sunday evening, it was a very warm day, true first day of the summer. My better half noticed this Jackdaw-couple sitting in a tree just outside our balcony and enjoying the sun. The one being groomed does look a bit annoyed, and actually tried to move along the branch away from the other one just after this pic was taken, and the other one just followed and continued to groom the escaping one until the escaping one gave up and just seemed to fall asleep while the other one continued the grooming. So there was a bit of nature's own drama in our Sunday evening. :)
  104. Jonathan, I was out shooting dragonflies with my 18-200 this weekend, but have been eying a 105. Any thoughts?
    Rather than a dragonfly, though, this week I offer an AquaFinn (like a Sunfish). This weekend we took the new (used) boats out to the lake to test them out. Here is one resting after a long afternoon being used and abused by adults and kids alike, most who had never tried sailing before.
    D300 18-200VR lens ISO-200 42mm F16 @1/160
  105. Really late on this one. Went to Bellingham last weekend. Just love it there, I went to university there for a couple years and fell in love with the place.
    They ran out of money to remove the rock behind the building it seems. Nikon D200, Nikon 16-85mm, Bellingham, WA, 5-30-2009
  106. I suggest a motto: "Nikon... nice." (Nice cameras, nice thread, nice photos, nice people, nice comments.) The ones that touched me: Anish, colorful bird! Joseph: spectacular water. Ton: great character. Matthew: more great reflections. Hasse: I love the yellow spots on an otherwise blue photo. Eric: another great character. Ian: very nice direct gaze. Richard: I can practically hear those ferns growing. Robert: love the low light/no noise of these cameras. Curt: refreshing! Bruce: your colors pop! Chris: fascinating. Michael: love the textures and the crooked tag. Doug: ugly bird. Prehistoric? Joe: beautiful fog shot. Alex: excellent details and DOF. Lex: love the fake butterfly. Made me stop and study. These and all the others are above-average.
  107. bit soft and flat though Dave. Applying some curves in PS and some smart sharpening will make it look better though ;-)
  108. Wow! Such a fantastic bunch of photos so far.
    My meager contribution:
    Nikon D90
    55-200 VR lens at 200mm
    f/5.6 , 1/500 sec
    ISO 200
  109. I just realized I broke the 'one image per person' rule. Ack. Yeah I love pushing the contrast in black and white. Thanks Ton!
  110. I just think this little boy looks great. Taken at a Festival in Steelville, MO caled Peaceful Bend. He really liked looking into my camera.
    Oh, the reason the iso is so high I had been inside the cellar at the winery and forgot to reset it. Still looks OK I think.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  111. Richard, Simon and Hamish. glad you like my picture.
    Michael, love the truck photo.
    Joe, beautiful light and contrast in your back yard.
    Eric, lovely portrait of that guy with his son.
  112. Hi,
    another Wednesday with so many great pictures from around the world. Missed last week as we were on holiday in France but at least I took my camera and a flashgun and had the the luxury of time (something not too present at home....). We were staying near the coast on the Somme river estuary and had great sunsets most nights so dad & I would go out for a walk and I am so glad to echo the sentiments running through this weeks post about enjoying your family while they are here, and am SO glad to get a great pic of the old fellow. D80, 24-70, SB-800 5' to the left. Exposed for the sunset and let the CLS do its magic. Thanks Nikon. Have a great week.
  113. The local TV tower viewed from Luisenpark (Mannheim, Germany).
    Nikon D40 + Tamron 17-50 mm @ 17mm, f/6.3, 1/125, ISO 200, handheld
  114. From the annual tulip festival in Morges, Switzerland
  115. I just got back my 80-200mm f2.8 from Nikon for a "tune up" and I was testing it out. It isn't really that great of a picture, but I kind of like it for whatever reason. I'm a tad dubious about which of the angles I should have been square to, but...
    Local cemetery in Lebanon, NH, USA.
    Nikon D300, 1/400th, f4.5, RAW NEF, processed in Lightroom 2, no real adjustments, sharpened for screen.
  116. Dieter, I think the kids cost her an arm and a leg :)
    This is one heck of a wednesday. Truly one of the best I've seen yet. My additional favourites;

    Andy, great picture! looks like a perfect textbook image
    Jonathan, superb detail! Wanted to post a question on wether the 105 could be used handheld and your picture is worth more than a thousand replies :)
    Joe, magificent picture
    Ray gosalia, good one. Great idea
    Chris, wauw
    David, nailed that exposure and athmosphere
    Sjoerd, great timing
    Curt, nice one! What settings & gear did you use?
    I wouldn't mind to some higher resolution images and receive them as an RSS/desktop background feed...
    I can't wait till next wednesday
  117. Hi everyone! Great pictures again everyone. My favorites in this week's Wednesday Pic-thread so far are Monika E.,Matthew B., Gary McG., Richard A., Kris B., Nina M., Michael S., Curt W., Bruce M., Ray G., Doug S., Joe W., and Lex J. Congratulation !
  118. Great shots everyone. I love Wednesdays just for this thread.

    Hamish, what else did you use to get that shot of the bee? Tripod and flash? Great shot - I've never had one that good with my 70-300 VR but I haven't tried it on a tripod.

    My contribution - My son said to me before going up to bat "I'm going to hit it out of the park Dad" and you know what? He actually did - over everyone's head and out onto the grass.
  119. 1947 Caddy in Creemore, Ontario, Canada. Taken with a Nikkormat FT2 and 24mm pre-AIS f2.8 lens on Fuji Pro 400
  120. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Miyajima Island, Japan
    Nikon D700 + Leitz Summilux 80/1.4 An elderly lady sweeps the sidewalk around her shop.
  121. 1947 Caddy in Creemore, Ontario, Canada. Taken with a Nikkormat FT2 and 24mm pre-AIS f2.8 lens on Fuji Pro 400
  122. School Buses
  123. Spike in Downtown
    Nikon D300 & Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8 VR
    F/2.8 , -0.3EV
    iso 200
  124. There are some nice pictures this week
    Thanks to Monika E, Gert Van E, Bruce M, Hamish Grey, Susan W for the comments :)
    Thanks to Richard as well. I'm getting used to the lens and hopefully should take some good photos in the future.
    Jose: You always get some nice DOF
    Joseph L: Where's that?
    Monika E: That's a great shot!
    Lil Judd: Nice one
    Kris B: Nice shot of Chicago Skyline.
    Nina Myers: Like this one - very peaceful
    Darren Shipley: Like the colour of the sky
    A lot of good pictures in this week as well - great work everyone!!
  125. Jay Poel, thank you! No, I used neither a tripod nor flash. I had followed the bee from one side of the house to the other and fortunately it landed in the flower bed and stayed put for a few seconds. It was a sunny day so the shadow is from direct sunlight only. I had the camera in shutter priority at 1/2000s as I was afraid it would move it's wings and they'd be blurry. I had hoped the aperture would be a little smaller than wide open, to increase sharpness, but I didn't want to go over ISO 800 so I had to live with f5.6. Fortunately the result was ok. It is slightly cropped of course, as the 70-300 is no macro lens and I was about 4.5 - 5ft from the bee. I like your photo too. Kid shots are great! You can see he's really into the game :)

    And here's a funny story... Later that same day during a photo shoot a friend of mine who was with me lifted and moved my camera bag, which wasn't properly zipped up. Out rolled my 70-300 and hit the ground with a thud and a crack. The UV filter smashed and the VR went all wonky. I think a few elements may have moved too. Fortunately he's the type of friend that orders me a new one. If the postal service does it's job right it'll be delivered to me at work tomorrow :) So I'm happy again!
  126. Sike in downtown !
    D300 & nikkor 70-200 2.8 vr
    iso 200
  127. WOW! This must be one of the best Wednesday pic's ever?? This time I do not want to pick any favorites - thank you everyone for giving me so much inspiration. See you next week!
  128. Tony, how is that Summilux working out for you on the D700? Have you converted any others? Great colors/sharpness
  129. Some very nice shots, as usual. I found this guy hanging from a tree branch. I whish I had a macro lens with me. But, I tried to make the best of it.

    D300, Sigma 30mm, f/4, 1/125, ISO 160
  130. Hello to all. Nice crop of photos once again.
    I chose not to submit this week for lack of fresh appealing digital captures. However I did manage to load up the old F5 with some Tri X to shoot some Chicago skyline shots on Tuesday. Haven't had time to go downstairs and process the film yet but will try to find the time over the weekend. If a get any keepers I'll scan and upload next week. I did want to point out some of my favorites though:
    Dieter: looks like an example of the Zone System in a textbook. Nice!
    Ton: your picture and that face could tell many tales I'm sure. Congrats!
    Ian: I'm sure that photo will someday become a family heirloom! Great pose.
    Gary: Nice and sharp! I like the idea of some seed to make the model comfortable.
    Nina: I'm drawn to the sea by the mossy lines in your photo. Good job.
    Bruce: WOW is that all natural lighting? Great contrast.
    Hamish and Rodeo Joe: I give you both B+.........get it?
    Keep those shutters clickin...........John
  131. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Ryan, the Summilux is a fine partner with my D700, and I love them both.

    Interestingly, I have to be very careful not to turn the aperture ring beyond f/1.4, you know how you do sometimes when you're cranking it wide open in a hurry. If I do, it locks the lens at f/1.4 by forcing a lever in the lens to a locked position. I'm sure the is the automatic diaphragm mechanism in the lens at work. The only way to reengage the ability to stop the lens down is to dismount the lens and move the little lever out of its locked position. I ruined (over exposed) a few shots thinking that I was stopping down when I wasn't. You can't often tell on the fly that the lens really isn't at f/4 or f/5.6 on a bright day.
  132. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Sorry, forgot to finish my response. I converted my 180/2.8 lens, and it doesn't have the same issue as my 'lux. It is really a fine lens, too, but I haven't used it that much.

    Also, with the 'lux wide open I have made great use out of the "in focus" indicator in the viewfinder of the D700, and it is wonderful. Take a bit of practice, though, when moving quickly.

    I wanted to convert my Leitz Bellows-R so that I could mount several of the lenses for macro use, but the mount on the bellows is slightly too large in diameter for the conversion. That's strange.
  133. Monika - love the mood
    Michael Ferron great photo.
    Here's a capture from yesterday's photo shoot! What do you guys think?
  134. hot and humid...indeed Jose. Thank you for all the wonderful posts. This one is the start of a recent shoot. Most of the time was spent getting material for a piece I have been pondering for months. I also wanted to give her some straight up portraits for her generous time and the wonderful relationship that she established with my camera. See ya next wednesday!
  135. Thanks for the quick response Hamish - I'll give it a try when we get some sunny weather.
    That's a shame about your lens but what a great friend to replace it so quickly!
  136. Colin Mangan, by any chance was that photo taken in New York? My wife was in New York and thought she recognized the photo shoot.
  137. Great Pictures as usual everyone - I love Wednesdays. This was taken at Polesden Lacey in Surrey, England on Sunday.
    D80, Tokina 12 - 24mm @ 24mm, 1/80s, f5, iso100. Slightly cropped, a little work enhancing colour/sharpening
  138. Anish - Town of Sommerset in Vermont USA. Southern Vermont by the Mount Snow Ski Area
    only 7 weeks ago.
  139. Lots of amazing shots
    Jose Thank you for starting this thread
    I am not going to choose my favorites it's just too hard they are all gr8 :)
    Thank you for my photo. I am looking forward to next Wednesday ya'll have a great week
  140. thank you for your kind words susan and gary :)
    per-christian is right--this thread is getting ridiculously awesomer every week, to the point where picking faves becomes more and more difficult.
    instead of making any sort of subjective distinction about "quality", i'll just list a few which gave me inspiration this week. no doubt the longer i look at the rest of the shots i'll be further inspired.
    lex--nice to see you post a pic-- great bokeh shot.
    speaking of bokeh--definitely a theme this week: jose, anish, bernard, gert, shamsaldin, waldemar, denis, jonathan, ryan, rodeo joe, pedro, both garys, hamish, sjoerd, richard, kent, ilkka, sujoy, and robert (whew!) -- nicely defocused compositions.
    wayne, love that shot. very expressive, good documentary-style pic.
    monika -- nice low-light capture. reminds me of a scene from the sci-fi thriller Logan's Run.
    alejandro and bruce--excellent 18-200 work. those pics are among the best i've seen from that lens.
    michael s.-- very creative. love that angle of view you captured, the use of shadow area, and the way the red bag stands out. makes a normally boring subject look very interesting.
    keerthi--that's one colorful thumb!
    ton--another amazing portrait.
    some beautiful landscape stuff too, especially darren, kurt, nina, and joe w.
    time to start thinking about next week...
  141. To keerthi s r

    hello, that day I was at the racecourse with my photography teacher and the rest of the class practicing different techniques. in this shot we were trying panning at/100. (although not exactly perpendicular at the horse as should be "by the book"but I have to avoid the officials Photographers and TV cameramen inside the track, just in front of the finishing line)
    then we try at lower speed as /80 and /60, but those were awful!! not even the VR could save those. I need to practice a lot more at those speeds, bye bye
  142. Shot and had fun with on Monday.
    D200 17-55, - processing a little bit of Lightroom 2,a little bit of Capture NX2, and fun with layers , eraser, and brush tools in Photoshop Elements 6.
  143. bmm


    I've said this before guys but one of the rare pleasures of living in this timezone is the way it works with this thread. I get to post (Sydney time) just as I leave work on Wednesday, then after having enjoyed my evening I wake up on Thursday morning, come to work early, and spend a good 30 minutes enjoying a hot coffee and marvelling at the ~100 or more image posted while I have slept. This is an enormous treat and a realy source of happiness! So thankyou all.
    Impossible to do justice to everyone in terms of recognising all these great images so I'll just pick 10 that particularly speak to me, for whatever reason, amongst this amazing crowd. (Dieter the only reason you don't get a mention is that I've already gushed at yours!). Ton, Matthew, David, Michael, Wayne, Chris, Darren, Carey, Colin, Tiffany.
  144. This is my photo for today.
  145. keep looking and now a flower for your wonderful work. Thanks.
  146. Helping my daughter with a macro photo assignment.
    Flowers in Water
  147. Happy WedNEsDay all. I didn't get out to get any new shots, so I'm posting a shot of an illconceived project for my van which is occupying most of my time. It's a couch... don't ask. I hope it will be done soon.
    D90, 16-85mm @16mm, 1/200, f/8 (should have been f/5.6), ISO 320, internal flash
  148. South Asian Wedding festivities prior to wedding.
    Nikon D-3 with 70-200mm lens ISO 1000
  149. Here is a photo from a dog show in Toledo, Ohio, where my Nikon D200 took its maiden voyage Sunday. I slapped on a Nikon AF 35-105D f3.5-4.5 lens, certainly too slow for available light work. Then I found that flash wasn't permitted where I wanted to shoot, so handheld was the rule of the day. I got this photo at a very slow shutter speed. The three coat types of Shelties were all in the same frame -- sable and white, tri-color, and blue merle. It's my favorite breed and I got some nice shots there, but camera movement was evident in several. Anyway, I am very happy with the D200. Next time I'll bring my AF 85mm f1.8.
  150. Gert Van Eynde & Paul B @ Thanks for the comment.
    I was looking for some idea for WedNEsDAy picture and found similar pictures while reading articles on website. Though that picture was taken outside using sprinkler to show rain.
    Gert - that's nice picture with 50mm f1.8, I am thinking of buying that one for D40 but not sure if I will like manual focus.
    Paul - Nice detailed wide angle picture, I liked the shades of black and white. Is it a PP picture?
  151. Crescent moon. D300 70 -300 VR.
  152. Crescent moon. D300 70 -300 VR.
  153. Here is the picture I failed to post correctly above.
  154. Intersections
  155. Paul great moon shot! So many beautiful photographs this week, my absolute favorites are Monika and Chris's silouettes.

    This photo is from a little over a week ago out in rural Colorado.
  156. My first an only attempt at sports photography, while at a Jays vs. Rays game that my friend got free tickets to.
  157. This is what I managed to shoot this weekend.
    Jacarepagua Racetrack in Rio de Janeiro.
  158. Apologies for posting a second picture but our dog (the black one in the middle) graduated from obedience school tonight. Shot with a D50, 18-70 lens and SB 600 flash. Doesn't he look happy! [​IMG]
  159. This crow got ran over by a car in front of my house. The emotional reactions from its relatives lasted for the rest of the day.
  160. Great Pictures everyone!
    Today is my Daughters 1st Birthday so I wanted to share this one for the Wednesday Picture.
  161. Hope it goes through this time around.
  162. Self-Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh
    Musée d'Orsay, Paris
    I took a handheld snapshot of the entire painting including most of the frame. This crop represents less than 15 percent of the original image but still holds quite a bit of detail. JPEG conversion softens the image a bit, but the raw crop is spectacular, even at the high ISO setting required to hand hold the shot.
    24-70mm f/2.8G at 48 mm
    ISO 1600
    1/125 s @ f/4
    No flash
    Cropped and converted to JPEG in CaptureNX.
  163. I like to wait a day before listing my favorites on these Wednesday threads, so I can give everyone a chance to post. Here are the ones that jumped out at me:

    Ton - another great portrait, good contrast.
    Per-Christian - great silhouette effect, nice light off the water
    Gary McGhee - nice bird shot, good DOF control
    Sjoerd - good capture, but crop out the empty top third of the photo!
    Susan - good lighting and a compelling expression on the guy's face
    Kent - a nice clean shot of a distinctive dog
    Richard - a study in shades of green
    Kris - like it came from a movie
    Nina - a dreamy, misty effect and some interesting rocks
    Simon - I like the limited color palette
    Michael Ferron - nice composition
    DougSanto - nice shot of a freaky bird!
    Wayne - good candid street photography
    Paul B. -a haunting, creepy shot. Like science fiction
    Tony - kawaisou!
    Tiffany - Elegant lighting, nice hair, good skintones, setting up a neat contrast with the tattoo
    Don Harper - I like the detail, color, and motion
  164. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    That means a lot to me, Justin, thank you.

    I love this thread, and I really do love this forum. I think Shun could teach me a thing or two.
  165. Colin, since you ask. Classic pose against a terrific background. Reducing the red and yellow somewhat however would give you a more natural looking skin tone and although it's consistent with the light I would have gone for some softer shadows on her face and legs myself.
  166. [​IMG] Trusty D200 and 70-200 2.8 VR etc.
  167. Well it's going on 24 hours later & it's amazing what's in this thread.....
    First up - I want to thank....
    Matthew - thank you for mentioning my humble landscape. I have not had much opportunity to work on landscape & nature in this forum since way back when & then only lightly. I also wish to thank you for remembering my IR from last week. most kind of you.
    Nina - Thank you & very kind of you to mention my photo.
    Richard - Thank you
    You've all commented on the filtering light & I want to point out that it was that which made me request to hav my husband stop & turn around so that I could photograph just that. We'd just arrived in Port Angeles, WA sa my husband pointed out to me that so far his mother's birthday was still the priority for our trip. :)
    Simon - Thank you & I see you got your 300mm AF-S f/4 - congratulations. :)
    Hamish - You are too kind to even mention my landscape.... But it gives me hope. :) Also, from the first time I went to Washington state I've commented upon how much it resembles home. Once Ross went to Sweden his first reaction was - It does look like Washington. So that it looks like Norway I'm not surprised at. :)
    Anish - Thank you so very much for your comment.
    Now to my continuing of my top picks - I did a starter one when I posted my capture... So glad I did not post one of my boat shots based upon what's here...
    There are so many wonderful shots this week yet again....
    Eric, Ilkka, Ian, Kemal, Gary, Kent, Richard, Szabolcs, Rene', Nina, Curt, Bruce, Darko, Gary, Dan, Simon (first post with your new lens), Michael, Doug, Rodeo Joe, Keerthi, Glenn, Lester, Joe, Lex (glad to see you posting again), Jonathan, Darren, Andy, Jay, Tong, Colin (very artsy), Tiffancy (lovely shot), Carol (just the cutest squirrel baby ever), Don, Paul, Wayne & Chris .
    I would so love to be able to comment on all of the shots posted here - each & everyone of them have something special.... There's just not enough time & space....
    Wonderful thread again forum...
    Lil :)
  168. Great photos as always folks
    D300 + nikon 17-55[​IMG]
  169. @ Wayne Cornell
    It's a funny picture! Is you dog a black lab?
  170. Justin, thank you. Your comment means much to me.
  171. Moderator note: Sorry to be the grumpy gus, but I'm seeing more than a dozen photos over 300 KB in file size. Our gentle reminders at the top of each new Wednesday Pic thread don't seem to be working, so...
    Please resize your photos to under 300 KB

    That's more than enough for any JPEG up to 700 pixels wide. As these threads gain popularity the accumulation of huge file sizes will make it difficult for members on dial up to participate. With around 200 posts per thread now, it's taking up to 3 minutes to load these threads on DSL, so it would be virtually inaccessible to folks on dial up. Let's show consideration for each other.
    Also, if you are linking your photos from off-site hosts (Flickr, Photobucket, zenfolio, etc.), two points:
    1. Your photos larger than 700 pixels wide will be resized in a very ugly way. Note the harsh jaggies in some of the photos here? That's what happens when an oversized photo linked off-site is crammed into size by If you want to present your work at its best, link to a photo that's already been resized to 700 pixels wide and under 300 KB.
    2. If you're linking from Photobucket... umm... never mind, that's punishment enough by itself.
    Very well, carry on.
  172. @Lex, you don't have to be sorry. Rules are made to be followed, at least here on!
    I guess, that in a thread, which interest and popularity has escalated, such as this, it is easy to forget the sizes when you sit Tuesday evening with the index finger hovering over the "send"-button and counting seconds.....
    (I checked my photo before i wrote this ;) )
  173. Nikon EM - 50mm Series E lens
    Kodak Ektachrome slide duplicating film ISO 12 - pushed to ISO 25
    Taken in Vendieres - France.
  174. Alejandro,
    " in this shot we were trying panning at/100. (although not exactly perpendicular at the horse as should be.."
    Perhaps next time you'll consult with Lex. ;-)
  175. Mikhail:
    Actually our dog, Asher, is a mutt -- part Lab and we think, part Heeler.
  176. [​IMG]
    D40x 18mm f/3.5 ISO 100 -2/3 EV
  177. Reading - Istanbul, Turkey
  178. thanks all.
    My favourite of this week is Chris Courts night shot. It´s one of the few exceptions where a tilt really does work and in fact the long and vertical lines now tilted are very complementary with the dynamics of night life as are those repetitive lines, those colours and the slightly out of focus silhouetted girl. Nice and subtle details are the hint of someone inside and the nearly out of the frame disappearing shoulderbag which create a nice counterbalance. It´s a perfect example of what´s there for all to see but more often than not is overlooked by most and all combined in a very succesfull and well balanced composition. In short, a very good photo.
  179. Wow, sure is filmy in here this week! Good to see so much diversity.
    Mike McDermott: I'd like to see more of your photos with pushed color slide film in future Wednesday Pic threads or elsewhere online (you can get freebie accounts with Flickr too). Funny, in 40+ years of photography that's one of the few things I've never tried. I haven't even seen many examples of pushed slide film in publication or online.
    Reminds me, I need to dig out my scanner. I'm way behind on scanning some negatives and slides... again.
  180. BIG Thanks Hamish , Lil and Justin .
  181. I haven't even seen many examples of pushed slide film in publication or online.​
    David Muench typically underexposes his chromes by 1/2 stop and pushes them in development. From what I've reach, he claims thiat this boosts contrast and saturation. I push only when I need the extra speed.
  182. This threat has especially good people photos! Too many to start listing...
  183. thursday postscript: i would trade my shot for aguinaldo's any day, since i'd have to be in rio to take it!
    nice filmy look from mike mc d., but what about paulo's d40x shot?
    shuo, definitely the best example i've yet seen of DoF in a roadkill shot.
  184. I love this thread ... tons of great shots. Hey Susan ... some wonderful emotion in your shot! Nothing exciting from me. Just an old lonely organ ... Ray.
  185. Ray, that's hysterical. Great street scene. And there's emotion there, too. Lonely.
  186. Eric, if you were referring to my shot...Thanks!! I took it while bored and while testing the camera (I am really new to photography and rely a lot on learning by trial - and error ahah). After I noticed it could have a nice "geometrical" effect if properly cropped... I processed the pic in CS3 and played a bit with channels/black&white filters (again, tryin to learn "making B&W in photoshop)
  187. "David Muench typically underexposes his chromes by 1/2 stop and pushes them in development. From what I've reach, he claims thiat this boosts contrast and saturation. I push only when I need the extra speed."
    Galen Rowell is another one who constantly wrote about setting Kodachrome 1/3 stop or so slower on the ISO scale to underexpose slightly. I did the same thing back then.
    Even now I find I get better colors - not fake oversaturation like using "Vivid" mode - by underexposing a bit. But I'm still shooting all-JPEG. It's probably different in RAW, and I know my technique is giving me more noise than necessary. Reducing "exposure" in JPEGs with editing software does not seem to give the same effect - just makes things darker, not better.
  188. I was decided not to write more than two lines, but I`ll leave it for the next week. The level of your pics grows every week, congratulations to all.
    LOL, Ray, good shot. Hilarious. I understand it, I also have one of this machines. I`m tempted to do the same.Bernard, thanks, each week I find it more difficult, I feel I cannot compete here.
    Dieter, Justin, Ilkka (beautiful clean colors)... well, I cannot mention all the pics I like. Stop.
    Nina... although my biggest obsession in life if to avoid dust, finally my sensor is full of them! There is even a little piece of hair! You`d need a Karcher to clean the sensor! :p
    MS Keil, yours is also summer atmosphere. Looks like we will have a breath nest week.
    Monika, yours is beautiful, clean, sharp, 3D. BTW, I have ordered the book, I`ll try to learn anything, thanks.
    Gary, Kris B., I`m pleased. Thank you for contributing.
    Richard, looks like you are guilty of the 80-400 increasing sales. I`m also tempted to buy one.
    Wayne Cornell, another very good pic. Very inspiring to me.
    Lester, very interesting, looks like taken with an Ikonta.
    Hamish, Gary, Anish, Tiffany, Eric A., thank you for your kind comments.

    My favourite pic from this week, Port Pireus at night, from Paul B. I´ve found this pic specially inspiring to me. I like how an enormous 3D subject turns flat at the same time, I like how it is welded to the background, the color, texture, etc. I`d hang it on my office. I find it a brave proposal (together with Jim Interlicchio`s Buddy).

    (For those who haven`t posted their pics yet, I suggest to wait for the next WedNEsDAy PiC #24. I`m already thinking (working) on my next pic, I encourage you to do the same. Thanks all.)
  189. hahah Jose, i don't care! Ship that baby to me and i'll attack the dust like resistance attacked the terminators....
    (haha i watched terminator last night... meh at best)
  190. Wow! Thanks so much for your positive feedback, Ton. It's comments like that that make me want to grab the camera and run straight out to see what else I can get a shot of! Thanks also to Richard Armstrong, Susan Wolfe, Gert, Bernard, Dave and Lil for your notice.
    I very much enjoy the sense of camaraderie (har har) that this thread carries, and I agree with the previous poster who said there are no bad photos here.
    Aside from Monika's beautiful pic, the shots that most grabbed my eye this week are Dieter's Evening Haze, Bernard's tap, Ton's portrait, Justin's jellys, Ilkka's elf, Sjoerd's outrageous hair, David Love's café (where are Bogie, James Dean, Marilyn and Elvis?), Richard's fiddlehead, Curt's waterfall, Doug's guineahen, Wayne's cyclo-commuters, Shamsaldin's stalk, Colin's and Tiffany's models, Don's dancers, and Bogdan's street vendor.
    Great work everyone, and see y'all next WedNEsDAy!
  191. Ray, that is absolutely marvelous. Besides the emotional connection - my grandmother had a pump organ exactly like that - it's even more poignant because it's apparently been discarded without regard for the craftsmanship that went into those instruments. I was upset when my grandmother's pump organ went for less than $100 in auction, but to see one simply discarded... it's something of a metaphor for how the elderly are discarded without regard for their value simply because it takes a little more effort to extract a few notes.
    The fleeting glimpse of a passing school bus - a symbol both of youth and a reminder of the inadequacy of education as a substitute for experience - punctuates the message.
    I hope someone recognized that organ for what it really is and gave it a new home.
  192. Nikon P90 f/2.8 1/50 - Williamsburg, VA
  193. [​IMG]
    Shot with Nikon D200 and an old AI Nikkor 20mm f/3.5.
  194. acm


    "Connectivity" A mannequin coming out to take a call?
    Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-200 VR
  195. Wow, I was fascinated by the photos that I have seen here. I am definitely hoping to get one in next Wednesday - oh that's tomorrow - well maybe the following Wednesday then. One photo that stood out for me was by paul sooHoo's 'Crescent'. I can see the power of D300 in that photo.
  196. All of these pictures are great!! Boats and glassy water is beautiful.
  197. Woops, wrong thread!
  198. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Closing this thread from the previous week to avoid any confusion.

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