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  1. Hi all. Yesterday night, while preparing today`s pic this little guy jumped out from the window... I inmediately left my orthodox landscape and took the 105VR to play with my new friend. He was so kind, he kept still during all the photo session, I suspect he thought it was his only way to avoid been wolf down by me. After several shots I left him outside. Then he started to run.

    It was a fast shooting with a SB-800 with diffuser to which I also taped a loose A4 sheet of paper, literally over him. I was not expecting anything good from the 105VR at 1:1 and small apertures. In fact, from f22 on, the image quality is really bad. The bug is 10-15mm lenght. The image has been taken at f64, I choose this one for the deeper DoF. The camera, D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 1/60 sec. (I wonder why I left this slow speed), tripod, cable release, the camera as commander and the SB-800 at its maximum power as the only light source. Lots of post-processing.

    Please post your favourite pic if you like taken with Nikon gear, check your file size before posting, don`t forget to include gear info... as usual. Thanks.
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    2. One photo per person
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    4. In the caption, please specify the equipment used
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  2. Hello forum!
    Here we go all over again!
    Well, i miss my birds. This is a shot of a crested grebe. It is a large crop coz these guy are too shy.
    I hope this shot is good enough for todays thread since every week you guys raise the bar higher and higher!
    Let's have fun...... Cheers!
  3. Jose,
    That's a great start to another Wed pic. Nice sharp detail, a very tangible image with plenty of depth.
    Hi Rene, great still capture, not so easy to nail like this. Looking forward to another evening (Australian time) of Wed. photo viewing and reviewing.......
    My contribution this week is something very simple, taken last week on a driving holiday. Taken with a wide angle lens and tripod at night for about 20 seconds. I've really taken a liking to this one.
  4. Here's mine. Took this at a local festival. I was fascinated by these ceramic figurines for sale.
  5. Hi everybody
    Jose, it was nice of the bug that it waited for you to set up all the gear, nice macro.
    Matthew, nice stars lighting the boats
    Fred, Dancing party
    This week I will share one of my favourite portrets with you, I hope
    you like it.
    It's a picture of my father and my niece, I like the dreamy look in her eyes.
    She is a bit older already now, but this is still one of my favourite
    pictures of her.
    Taken with the D90, nikkor 80-200 AF 2.8 @ 80mm F8 1/80s iso 800
    Looking forward to seeing many more great pictures today.
  6. Nice pic Jose Angel. I will follow your path into the animal kingdom and present this elk that was walking outside the cabin on Saturday. This animals can be easely scare so I did not have time for a tripod. Instead I laid on the ground with my camera and 300 f4 lens lens over my arm and took this picture. It is about 23:30 on a cloudy "day" so light conditions were poor (but notice that I'm above the polar circle where the sun does not set in the summer) To compensate for camera shake and poor light I used ISO 640. All things I have learned from you guys. Hope you enjoy!
    By the way, I did not have the time to comment pictures last wednesday. I liked the most Rodger Baker underwater (shark or?), Shamsaldin perspective of roofs and clouds, Keith and Sjoerd perspectives, Dieter seahorse, Nina’s portrait, and Mike and Elliot’s freezing moments
  7. Hello everyone...
    Hope you had a great weekend...
    Here's mine from a day trip at Dover.
  8. Hello everyone...
    Hope you had a great weekend...
    Here's mine from a day trip at Dover.
  9. YESSSSSS! It's wednesday again! Here is my contribution this week, in honour of the spring!
    D300, Micro-Nikkor 105/4, handheld!!
  10. Well, I had problems with the size of my picute. I had to use a bad program to reseize it so I have lost part of the right margin. Better that than skipping work to go back home and rework it in PS. Cheers
  11. Hi Guys & Gals
    Some great shots already!
    Jose, Great details! Good think he kept still.
    I like that shot Matthews, at first look it's just ok but the longer you look at it, the more you appreciate it.
    Didn't know Dover could have that exotic look Anish.
    Here's my contribution for this week;
    Shot with a D90 iso 200 1/500 (ish) and the 50mm at f8.
    I really love that lens and if you crop (a lot) you almost have a macro look :)
    Happy Shooting,
  12. Oh, it's Wednesday!
    Matthew, that dreamy starlit photo is simply great! (all others are very good, too, I think). Ton, the similarity between dog and owner is evident... ;-)
    Played a bit in Valencia with my new D700 - 24-85/2.8-4, f11 and automatic determination of appropriate time at ISO 200 (sorry, don't recall the exact value... some 5 seconds, I think)
    ...the nightwatchman...
  13. Nice shots already - forum is true to form. :)
    Jose - impressive at f/64 - excellent dof of that bug. Well done.
    Rene' - love the Crested Grebe - - we don't have those here.
    Matthew - love that shot.
    Fred - are those the traditional Turkish dancers?
    Sjoerd - that is one fine portrait to have
    Ton - what a great shot
    Anish - nice shot
    Per-Christian - Spring in the North for sure. Blue Bells..... Blåklockor - how sweet
    Hector - nice moose shot
    Gert - nice frontal of butterfly
    Monika - beautiful shot
    OK mine - due to the loss of a pet Friday night I've been "off" & not myself. Yesterday I went with a friend to the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens in the Pasadena area & this is one of the Infrared shots I came home with. Oh before I forget - - D70 (IR converted) with the 18-70mm at 50mm, ISO 200, f/8 1/250s EXIFs embedded & processed in CS3
  14. And now with the proper attachment...
  15. Cool picture Jose :)
    We drove 500km south at the weekend to do some mountaineering. This shot was taken at our camp on Saturday morning. Fortunately the cloud lifted later during our ascent.
    D300 with 12-24. ISO 200, f5.6, 1/400.
  16. Boat house, Swan River, Perth
  17. Being unable to connect to the internet for two WedNesDays have to contribute with this pic from last week.
  18. The quality of the photography here gets better by the week - and I really like what I have seen here already. So varied, but yet all interesting.
    For my submission these flowers in some local woodland caught my eye. I used my FM3a and the 45mm P lans at f/5.6. Film was Kodacolor Plus 200.
  19. Wednesday again! This week I´m posting a picture from Jazzclub Fasching here in Stockholm.
    Nikon F100 70-200/2.8 Kodak Tri-x at 1600 iso
  20. Hamish - stunning view & shot.
    Martin - nice shot
    Jens - lovely shot of a stunning vista
    Ian - looks like a super lush woodland area
    Hasse - intense shot
  21. Very good contributions so far. Here is one more from my dandelions series, with my son as a "model"...
  22. [​IMG]
    D700, 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 60mm. ISO 100, f/16 @ 1/125. Post-processed in LR2.
  23. Hi all,
    It's wednesday again and this is my contribution...
    Taken with D300 and Nikkor 14-24 mm @ ISO 400, 1/125, F/5.6...
    Fred - They are whirling dervishes...

  24. ok here we go
    hope i'm not too late with my contribution
    every now and then i like to take landscape pics. this is from hunters point, sf...
  25. Good morning all!
    Picture taken on the first weekend of May, during a folk show. These guys are called "Pauliteiros de Miranda" - wich translates to "stick men of Miranda". They are called like that because it's a traditional folk dance from Miranda do Douro (a city in Portugal) and they use sticks to practice fighting exercices. It's a bit like "capoeira" from Brasil, but a much older and much more traditional fight dance.
    D700, 50 f/1.4 AF-D (don't remember the exposure!)
  26. nice pictures all!
    here is a shot taken at twilight in Robin Hood's Bay, on the coast of north yorkshire.
    I used my Nikon f90x and Ilford hp5, this was around a 30 second exposure, f16, 50mm lens.
  27. This was taken last saturday at Hipodromo de San Isidro, Buenos Aires. One of two life size horse statues made of cars spare parts
    D300 + 18-200 VR
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  28. Can't afford a real macro lens yet. Using a Hoya +4 close-up filter on my 50mm f/1.8.
  29. D300 w/18-200 Nikkor zoom
  30. One (of many) from yesterday
  31. Puppy Love!
  32. Thanks Lil. You shot is beautiful. I love the effect the IR gives the tree on the right. It almost looks drenched in frost :).
  33. Wow, it is still before 6am and over 30 posts already! Everyone has great photos. Lighting is the key point I have to learn. Practice, Practice, Practice...
    My contributuion this week is a photo at the St. John Devine. One of the statue in front had insteresting theme on the base.
  34. Sibelius high school band marathon.
  35. Taken at the new skateboard park. D80 with a 24-85mm 3:5-4:5
  36. [​IMG]
    D200 55-200 kit lens at 200mm, ISO 400, 1/800 sec f7.1
  37. Thank you, Lil. You have also submitted a beautiful image.
    I know how hard it is when you lose a pet; we experienced just the same 7 weeks ago, and it is only now that we have been able to tidy up the place it(he) lived. Be grateful for the nice moments you had together, and look ahead!
  38. Here is my entry for this week, from town's Memorial Day Parade.
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 200
    Exposure: 1/640 sec
    Aperture: 10.0
    Focal Length: 80mm

    Getting Ready for Next Shot...

  39. Good morning! So many great shots here already! Impressive bug, Jose!
    This tulip is in my front yard. Taken with a D300, 80-400mm VR zoom at f8, 1/250 sec, iso 200, 180 mm, handheld.
    Have a good day everyone!
  40. All great pictures so far. I'm especially struck by Jose's monochromatic bug and Sandford's beautiful-but-disturbing sunset.
    This is from about a week ago - Nikon F2, 200mm f/4 AIS, Kodak Portra 160 VC.
  41. Sorry to hear about your loss Lil and hopefully by taking beautiful pictures like the one you posted will confort yourself a bit. Thanks for the correction, is not an "elg" is a moose... so many languages. Sanford, amazing shot!
  42. golden boy
  43. Happy Wednesday!
  44. Another attempt. ISP broke down when uploading the previous post.
  45. My bird dogs found Mrs. Snapping Turtle, here, digging her nest on Monday morning. We watched while she put down about 20 eggs, and then covered it all back up with dirt and leaves, and then hiked back to the pond. Incredibly prehistoric looking creatures (and actually rather dangerous - luckily they're one of the few things my dogs actually don't ever want to mess with).
  46. This image was taken August 21, 2005, but is just now on my desk top as I prepare it for final printing. The young boy was visiting his grandparents for the summer and we had taken him to the beach at Cape Henry, VA. He is gone now, replaced by an eighteen year old young man so this version of him is gaining in importance as the years spin by. I am preparing the set of pictures covering his visit for use in a photobook which will be given to him. Most of my useful images wind up in photobooks. Taken on a cloudy bright day on the beach in the late afternoon. D100 with the 28-105mm AF lens extended to 105mm; F4.5 @ 1/80 sec hand held. The lens came with my old N80.
  47. Great start to another Wednesday.
    My favorites so far this week:
    Matthew's night shot
    Fred's tiny dancers
    Monika's watchman
    Lil's pagoda
    and Erik's seascape
    My contribution this week is my first real attempt at a formal portrait any constructive comments would be appreciated.
    Nikon D40 170mm f5.6 1/8 sec
  48. Boy in Blue
  49. My image this week is another one from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I just happened upon a flock of turkeys in the woods and started following them. These two turkeys jumped on the log and I was able to capture a few shots. Thanks for viewing
  50. We were playing with my daughter in the pool outside and took this shot with an old 70-210mm 4-5.6 lens at 5.6 and 210mm at 1/400 sec. Obviously touched up a little with an added effect in LR2.
  51. Nikon D300 & Nikkor 70-200 VR
    iso 200
  52. Great shot, Jose. Hamish, beautiful shot. Sanford, great work with the 18-200. And Eric, you are in landscape mode? Love it.
    This photo is from inside the Sistine Chapel. Not really a point and shoot, more a tilt and shoot. They have a 'no photo' policy there so this is simply tilting the camera up toward the ceiling and hoping for the best. Many security people inside and if you look carefully, you can see the cameras along the railing.
    For this I used the Tammy 17-50 wide open with some PC correction. Center detail was very good, the edges lost some detail. My wife bought a Vatican book there, amazing the quality of photo you can get when they let you use tripods, strobes, and large format.
    D300 with 17-50 @ 17mm, f/2.8, ISO 1600....
  53. Over the weekend I was working with my 14-24 lens and for some strange reason I tried to shoot some flowers. Normally, I would use my 105 macro lens. So I am curious as to what people think of the result of this experiment.
  54. Over the weekend I was working with my 14-24 lens and for some strange reason I tried to shoot some flowers. Normally, I would use my 105 macro lens. So I am curious as to what people think of the result of this experiment.
  55. Missed last week, but not this one!
    Great thread!
    D300, 105mm f2.8 micro (VR), ISO 200, F7.1, 1/320 sec, tripod mounted, natural light
  56. Great stuff again everybody!
    Another from the hair competition.
    D300, 135mm f/2 at f/8, 1/125, ASA200, studio lighting, + Lightroom processing.
  57. Great work everybody!
    D300, AFS 60mm macro, F/4 and 1/60s.
  58. I never get this right but I wish to share this....lets see what happens. :)
  59. Lots of interesting stuff here. Stairs off the San Antonio Riverwalk Sigma 10-20 @10mm, CNX2:
  60. Per-Christian - Ah, spring in Norway!, Monika - Nice lighting, Lil - beautiful IR shot, Darko - very nice, Sanford - I like how the trees look like outstretched arms, David L. - great action composition, Chris - your dragonfly is amazingly 3d.
    Here is a shot from last Tuesday, the building to the right it mostly glass and metal and was reflecting an intense amount sunlight.
  61. I joined a few weeks ago and this is my first post. I'm pretty happy with the results but could use some tips on post processing to make it look better.
    Mustangs @ Williams Square in Los Colinas, Texas
    D300, ISO 200, 35-70mm 2.8, 1/400 @ f10 - cropped at bottom to remove building shadow
  62. Recycling man. Boston. Nikon D70S, 70-200 f5.6.
  63. [​IMG]
    Camera: Nikon D40X
    Focal Length:
    24 mm
  64. Hello! Fellow Nikonians,
    This forum is just inspirational for sure. One cannot but admire the great talent on display here and learn a few tricks from the more experienced peers. An occassional pat on the back for a good effort adds adrinalin to ones enthusiasm.
    This week I particularly liked Matthew Brennan,Alejandro Held,Richard Armstrong and Lil Judd's pictures.
    I visited a museum where I found many statuettes made of terracotta (Oven baked clay).Here is one of them.
  65. Homage to David Lynch
  66. Wednesday again weeee!
    @MonikaEpsefass really amazing night shot
    @HamishGray great reflection
    For my part, I had three BBQs this weekend. This one was taken during one of them.
    Feel The Heat
    [D90, 50mm 1.4G, Manual 1/100 f/1.4
    ,ISO 200 ]
  67. As usual, some beautiful shots here. Someone should publish a book of this thread :)
    Jose, Pedro, Hamish, Lil, Hector, Fred and Per-Christian, all gorgeous.
    Matthew: Wow. Just, wow.
    Torben, is that a Mini's door?
    Thanks for the Kudos Dave.
  68. 5:30 AM Wednesday morning where I live - and this thread already has 65 entries - and probably a few more before I finish typing this - 73 to be exact.
    Jose - f64 - wouldn't have thought it kept that much detail; excellent shot
    Matthew - this came out really nice
    Hector - that look is priceless
    Lil - really looks like a winterscape
    Hamish - what a landscape - love the composition of the shot and the awesome reflection
    Richard - nice subject isolation - great lighting on the tulip
    Susan - awesome wedding shot
    Chris Court - beautiful composition and light on the little monster
    Nina Myers - another awesome portrait
    I didn't use my Nikon to shoot at the I Madonnari - Italian Street Painting Festival this Memorial Day Weekend in front of the Santa Barbara Mission and haven't processed the shots I took the previous weekend driving up Highway 1 to Monterey. Haven't shot too many birds lately either - this shot of a Snowy Plover checking me out is from mid-May. D300, 300/4 AF-S with TC-17EII, SB-600 with Better Beamer, 1/1250s, f/6.7 (fully open), ISO 220
  69. Finally, I got to post something again...
    As usual, a thread that is a pleasure to read and look at.
    Now, my contribution: taken last year, in a nice garden in Rockford, IL
    Nikon F100, Sigma AF 105mm and Konica ISO 200 film
    Thanks to everyone for posting here!
  70. Hello all. Quite a nice start so far. I have my own insect story. My cat found this big moth crawling on the ground in my backyard. I held the cat back while the moth slowly climbed a small tree and expanded its wings over the next 5 hours or so. I managed to squeeze my tripod under the tree and got this shot, and many others over the course of the afternoon. The next day a male tracked her down and I got a number of interesting photos of the two mating. I hope she layed the eggs in the same tree but I haven't found them yet. I used my D300 with 105 micro VR and tripod with a ball head. It was shot wide open (which at that distance, was f/3.3. 1/250th sec, ISO 320. Those shriveled wings eventually reached a span of at least 5 inches (the male was bigger still). Spring is wonderful.
  71. Well i missed last week and almost wasn't going to post this week. Do you guys ever just get in a mood where you just can't find anything interesting to shoot? That's where I've been lately and the best I could come up with is the photo below.
    Some great shots as always but so far the following are my favorites:
    Matthew's star harbor.. very tranquil
    Lil's IR... makes me want to do that conversion, great composition and definately not a B&W look!
    Hamish, Reminds me of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.
    Richard, lovely light and great exposure control in the bright afternoon sun.
    Torbin, I like it.....
    Here's the scoop on the Fern Shot. D3 Nikkor 16mm f2.8 fisheye @ f11 and a SB900 in the hot shoe.
  72. Female house finch after a bath. D200, with Nikon 300/2.8, Tamron 1.4x teleconverter, effective focal length 630mm, 1/640s, f/2.8, ISO 450.
  73. Rainy morning in my area, but photography wise its a beautiful day. Great wednesday everyone.
  74. Here is a picture I took Sunday at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia,SC. This Lorikeet was posing for the camera. His colors really poped on the camera. This was taken with my Nikon D60.
  75. I love Nikon WedNEsDAy, there are just so many fantastic pictures. I haven't contributed for a while, as I sold my D70 and bought a Fuji S5 Pro. Now I know it counts, I get to join in every week.
  76. A few weekends ago
  77. Here is a shot I took at a Flatpick Festival last week in Steelville, MO. They were just happily lounging and enjoying the fire.
  78. With the weather we've had this week I'd have nothing if we hadn't had a visit by these little folk of the fuzzy persuasion.
    D90, 80-200/2.8 2-ring @ 125mm, 1/60 @ f/2.8, fill flash @ -1.7 comp, ISO 400
  79. Another one of those fern shots. Used film and natural forest light.
  80. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

  81. Deserted ranch, eastern Oregon. Nikon D300, 18-70mm lens.
  82. Thank you Bruce, Freddy, Chris Court, Dieter and John for your kind comments.

    @John. Well I guess I'm going to have to visit Lake Louise next time I'm in Canada :) This lake is one of my favorite places in all of Norway. I just wish I could have gotten this reflection with a blue sky :) On the mountain furthest away at the end of the lake you can just make out a glacier stretching down the mountain side. This is a small branch of what is Europe's largest ice field, called Jostedalsbreen, covering almost 500 square km. From the peak we climbed we could see the whole ice field in all it's glory.
  83. Hamish, if you get a chance, do a web search of Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. If you ever travel to North America you would love this area for its too numerous to count hiking opportunities. Jasper Park, immediately north of Banff Park is less traveled and is home to the Columbia Icefields which are awsome to experience. We've been there on three occaisions and every time we return with unforgettable memories.
  84. Because I so enjoy seeing my photos mentioned, I have to make a list. Please note there's not a bad one in the whole bunch, but with my personal taste, my favorites so far...
    Jose: What is that?! Great details.
    Matthew: I've never seen a night reflection like that! Wonderful.
    Sanford: I love the reaching trees.
    Lil: Perfect photo for IR treatment.
    Ken: Excellent details.
    Bruce: Thanks for the glimpse of the Chapel.
    Nina: Expert portrait that focuses attention on your subject.
    Torben: I can't get enough of rust.
    Dieter: Great angle on the bird. He's all legs.
    I love the action shots, the kids, the animals, birds and insects. And the flowers. I can't get enough of these threads!
  85. ---
    beautiful work this week everyone. i especially like the night watchmen photo; very sci-fi feel to it. after weeks of walking around with my 24-70mm f/2.8, i decided to return to play with my 105mm VR lens.
    these are a pair of my friend's wooden earrings which a re feather light and razor thin, with the most delicate laser-cut design.
  86. Hello all!
    Yet again, far too many images to name specifically...everyone has fantastic shots this week! Maybe I'll find some time later to name them.
    Finally got my 50/1.4 AF-S! Had a short portrait shoot on Saturday. Took my creative side out and this is what I got...
    If interested, there are three additional shots from the shoot in my portfolio. Thanks!
  87. Steve Janssens bassplayer for Tims Favourite at their release party for their new CD "Geometry For The Selfish Herd" on friday 15 may.
    Nikon D80 Iso 2000 65 mm 1/50th f2.8
  88. Hi everyone.
    Hamish - cracking shot from your camp.
    I took this shot on saturday at Colwyn Bay, North Wales.
    Nikon D200, Sigma 10-20mm with my B&W ND110 filter attatched.
  89. A bit dated (2003) @ Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Nikon N70 35-70mm @50mm
  90. I went to Santa Barbara this past Memorial weekend.
    shot this on my way to Solvang City...
  91. Hello everyone
    I shot this with a Nikon D700 with and old Nikor 55mm Micro lens @ f 32 for 20 sec.
  92. How blue are you?
  93. Great shots! A few I would like to mention since I didn't have the time when I posted mine earlier.
    Anish - a tidy and appealing shot of the white cliffs of Dover
    Lil - I thought it was B&W and was going to ask about the stunning tones, especially the tree at right but I see it's actually IR! Very nice. Sorry about the loss of your pet.
    Sanford - A rather artful composition and a beautiful sunset. I like it!
    Wayne - I find this very humorous. I suppose turkeys just strike me that way - but the angle and the birds' poses help.
    Alejandro - I lived one train stop down from San Isidro (towards downtown I believe) from '83 - '86 but can't remember the name of the neighborhood. We were a few blocks from Libertador on the non-river side. I remember the Alfonsin election and I would love to go back some day - I was a teen at the time. I'd like to see more photos from that area!
    As always far more terrific photos than I have time or room to mention.
  94. It sure does feel honored to be mentioned. Thank you, Susan. Yours is wonderful with nice colors. I will post a bit smaller next time. My mention isn't worth much, but here are what I really like, to name a few, really a few (there are many, many more I want to mention!);
    Jose: Incredible shot! Did you hypnotize it?
    Matthew: Wonderful star/sky and boats.
    Fred: Funny but beautiful little guys!
    Per-Christian: That's what I have been trying these days - nature with natural light with correct exposure...
    Hamish: Great scenery with a bit of chilling feel.
    Sanford: Nice vivid color, silhouette of tree. I always can't get the sunset right.
    Bruce: Good job - I didn't know that there was "no photo" policy.
    Wayne C: Very nice one of the forgotten piece - made me feel sad as well.
    There are so many more photos I would love to mention, by members with much more experience than me. I sure have to learn a lot more. Practice, practice, practice.....
  95. D700 Sigma 105 Macro 1/40 F2.8 ISO 200 handheld turtle and camera, no flash
  96. More vegetation from me this week :)
    Nikon D70, Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 @140mm, ISO 200, 1/350s, f/5.6
  97. Shot on Safari at Mala Mala South Africa, two Yellow-Billed Hornbills keeping watch over the park
    Nikon D100, 85mm, 1/320, f9
  98. my favorite thread on! I gotta know though...
    Matthew Brennan, how is it possible to take a 20 second exposure and those boats did not bob up and down at all? Is there a command on your camera for all wave action to stop? Great shots one and all!
  99. Hi All,
    My second post:
    Boone County Courthouse, Indiana
    Nikon D90
    Auto ISO (400)
    18-55 VR lens at 18mm
    1/30 sec f/5.6
  100. Hi everyone! Great photos again everyone, many marvelous macro-pics in this weeks thread! But my absolute favorite in this week's Wednesday Pic-thread so far is the night shot by Matthew Brennan! I just love it!
    My pic in this week's thread was taken on Friday while playing around with my S5 and 105mm AIS-lens. I had few candidates for this weeks pic, but I ended up with this one, a detail from my telescope.
  101. Darren: amazing!
  102. As usual, a lot of inspiration here. jose always sets it off with a winner, hmm, i wonder what would happen if his bug met chris' dragonfly? other shots which really stood out for me: hamish's otherworldly mountain landscape--really gives the feeling of altitude; lil's IR--simply exquisite; darren's handheld turtle; francisco's leaf--excellent and sutble color juxtaposition; nina's portrait--something about her eyes; pietro's candid portrait--ditto; sanford's sunset--that tree looks "alive"; shamsaldin's flower--nice bokeh; bruce's sistine chapel pic--not bad for a 17-50, eh?; and monica's nightwatchman--a luminous urban landscape? thanks, everyone, for sharing :)
  103. After 4 years of medical school, you'd think that diploma you would find a better use!
  104. The "boats and stars" shot is my favourite this week, and there are some great macro shots as well.
    These irises were a present for a friend's birthday, but managed to get a picture of them before they were given.
  105. Heres my contribution.
    Taken with a D200 and 24-85mm AF-D 2.8 Nikkor at 28mm.
    I'm learning NX2 and have removed some shadows from the barn wall
  106. I just love this Wednesday thread! Thanks to those who commented about my dancers picture. Now let me add some comments as well:
    Lil - yes, it was a Turkish festival. Your infrared shot is stunning! And let me add my condolences for the pet loss. We've been through that more times than I want to remember.
    Kemal - thanks for the whirling dervish info, and I really like your spices shot.
    Bruce - great capture of the Sistene Chapel.
    Chris Court - excellent dragonfly capture!
    Wayne - your turkey shot made me smile. They look like two old men having a conversation.
    Hamish - beautiful!
    Per-Christian - what a lovely shot.
    This thread is always the bright spot for my Wednesday. Thanks to all who submit such wonderful photos each time - they really brighten my day!
  107. Here's a shot from our Picnic on Sunday of my Boxer girl Lola was caught staring lovingly in her friend Mark's eye (either that or admiring her self in the reflection of his sunglasses)
    D60 w VR 105mm F/2.8G 1/60's F/16 ISO 500
  108. Great photographs, all! I've been especially impressed by the insects' images this time, although seeing Jose's bug first thing in the morning may be a bit unsettling:)
    @Matthew Brennan -- a wonderful night image
    @Ton Mestrom -- a great couple there, their crisscrossing positions make the photo very expressive
    @Lil Judd -- sorry about the loss of your pet. The image is very interesting, quite a different vision of the Huntington Library.
    @Hamish Gray -- a beautiful image. Is it in Norway? Where? I am planning a short trip to Bergen, Norway in summer, mostly business, but will try to do some sightseeing.
    @Sanford Gerald - a very expressive sky.
    @ Elliot Bernstein -- a very moving image (especially from the point of view of an owner of a golden retriever).
    @ Matt Laur -- I didn't realize turtles could be dangerous to dogs; this one sure looks like it is.
    @Wayne Cornell -- a haunting b/w image.
    The price I pay for having taken a vacation is that I have no time to make new photographs. So here is another one taken at night in Venice.
  109. "Cruiser Chicks"
    D300, 18-200VR f5, 56mm, Hoya CPL
  110. A view of the California coast from Fort Funston, looking south toward Pacifica (near San Francisco). Many homes in this area have met their demise by falling off the erroding cliffs.
  111. This is from my first trip to NY.
  112. Here's the pic
  113. Thanks Chris, Lil and Dieter (who is partially responsible for me having the 300 f4 lens after looking at his pictures) for your comments. They are very encouraging!
  114. My first attempt at Firework photography with my new D90 with basic kit lens. Still trying to get used to the digital world, used to do film photography many years ago.
  115. Wow – these Wednesdays just seem to keep getting better. It’s so inspiring. Susan, John and Chris, thanks for your kind words. Chris – close…but it is a very old VW beetle.

    Dave, I like the surreal lightning
    Nina, nice color tones and composition
    Chris, very good macro shoot
    Wayne, did they say anything??
    Susan, nice wedding shoot
    Robert, it is an amazingly sharp shoot – the D200 is still going strong (and I would love to have that 300mm lens ;-))
    Sanford, Wow
    Jens, deep colors! Did you use a polarizer?
    Hamish, one day I would like to go there…
    Lil, maybe I should convert my D300 if I upgraded my camera to a D3X (I wish!!!)
    Monika, nice…
    Hector, that looks scary
    Ton, sweet dog
    Fred, I like..
    Matthew, cool BW picture
    Jose, cool macro
    Pietro, what happened next?
    Freddy, I feel the heat
    Dieter, sweet
    Trevor, also a Beetle – nice
    Darren, very nice
    Rodeo, simple but nice
    Joseph, wow
  116. Gary, Ken, Erik, Fred and Mikhail. Thanks so much for your kind words. You guys have posted great shots!
    Gary, those colours are really something else. Fabulous shot!
    Fred, yours made me smile.
    Erik, your work is always awesome! Nice to see a landscape this week. I'm a sucker for landscapes as everyone probably knows by now:) Keep them coming!
    Ken, you captured the detail beautifully. Good work!
    Mikhail, great shot. Yes mine is taken in Norway, where I've been living the past 12 years (New Zealand is my real home). I guess it would take about 7-9hours drive north from Bergen (including a few ferries over the various fjords) to get to this spot. Look up Stryn and Loen on the map. If you like hiking, walking on glaciers, summer skiing, climbing etc, then Stryn and Loen are the places to be. You could also check out Sognefjell and Turtagrø.
    Dieter, I keep coming back to your snowy plover on the beach. Something about that DOF that just sucks me in. I love it.
    John, thanks for the info on Lake Louise. I certainly will try to visit that place.

    And Jose, thanks again for starting this insanely popular thread :)
  117. Hello Glenn C
    We were almost neighbours! The next station towards Buenos Aires is Acassuso. I live in San Isidro, 4 blocks from the Hipodrome since 1974, but I entered it for the first time five months ago, when I began to study Photography.
    Your blue eyes racoons are beautiful, you will not receive that kind of visitors here! only rats!! by by Alejandro
  118. I have never posted to the Wednesday picture thread but always view it. I captured this photo of my daughter a couple weeks ago and felt it was worth posting and today is the first time I've have a chance to do so.
    A little bit of sharpening in PSE but otherwise untouched except for resizing.
  119. Jay - welcome to the Wednesday thread, and thanks for posting such a great shot of your daughter!
  120. [​IMG]
    May 27, 2009 - Montmorillon, France
  121. [​IMG] Between shots of photo session last weekend. D200, 17-35 zoom.
  122. I wasn't planning to submit this shot of Hector for Nikon Wednesday. I was leaning out of this window documenting a tall Yucca plant in my garden which has flowered for the first time. Hector decided to investigate the proceedings.
    Wonderful shots this week, as ever.
  123. Hi everybody!
    So many fascinating pictures here again... so let me name a few of my favorites:
    - Jose, what a start again!
    - Matthew, love the absence of midtones.
    - Ton, like the „lost in thought“-look of both of them.
    - Lil, beautiful capture. I thought about converting my old D100 to IR but gave it to my sister instead. She takes colorful pictures of my niece and nephew with it and I'm happy with my decision. Maybe I try a roll of IR-film...
    - Hamish, Martin, Gary - love the seascapes.
    - Hasse, drummers are hard to capture but you did exceptionally well.
    - Pedro, Alejandro, Kent - great details!
    - David, what a jump!
    - Chris, wow! How small was your „little monster“?
    - Nina, love everything about your picture! Colors and tones reminds me of the lesser known cross-processing - C41-film in E6-chemistry.
    - Torben, my personal picture of this week!
    - Darren, great animal portraiture!
    - Sasvata, I like the greytones in your peaceful picture.
    I'm still not sure if I like my contribution by myself - it looks a bit strange and that's why it caught my attention. I've shot the „fenced-off-wings“ with the D700 and a just acquired Nikkor-H Auto 85/1.8 in the evening. ISO 400, f1.8, 1/200sec.
  124. Good Grief, Wednesday already? Holiday Weekends really mess with the sense of time. Today is a crop of a picture from Northern Arkansas over the weekend, no adjustments to the color or lighting. I was simply trying to capture the color of the sky. The image doesn't quite do justice to the depth and range of oranges of reality, however.
  125. Hi all
    Another Wendesday times goes way too fast
    too many wonderfull photographs so I am not going to mention any names
    Last Monday I went out to search for a good spot to shoot Egrets and Herons however I got to the point where the grass was taller then I am and called it quit, instead I found a nice patch of bushes and I set up my gear and waited for small birds to showup and sit nicely on the near by fance or a branch. It took about half an hour for the first one to show up I guess they got used to my presence and just ignored the fact I was there. That cannot be said about people passing by and looking at this guy (me) squatting in the bush with a big camera sticking out who knows what some of them thought I am just glad noone called park patroll or police.
    Anyways for my picture I chose Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)
    Photo taken at the local forest preserve in Arlington Heights, IL
    hope you like it.
  126. Hello all! Rainy days make for some fun flower pics! Didn't see any monkey faced pansies in the thread yet so I thought I would share some of mine. These were taken with my D60 55-200mm at 200mm f/5.6 1/40s ISO 100. Natural light.
  127. All very nice images as usual.
    Well done; Jose Angel, Rene' Villela, Matthew Brennan, Lil Judd, Gert Van Eynde and Hamish Gray.
    A busy week trying to decide for a 300mm and thanks to Lil, Rene' and Shun managed to decide, and after a long search finally found one and am looking forward to it.

  128. This was taken in Boston Harbor.
    Nikon D80. Manual. Shutter speed: 10/8000 sec. F/10. ISO 400.
  129. Taken last Sunday in the Alps
  130. Picked up a low priced Nikon 70-210 f4 yesterday. Shot from this a.m. Wide open. My wife's mutt.
  131. I forgot to mention that my shot was made with D90, Nikkor 18-200 mm, 1 sec @ f5.0, Flashpoint 1128 tripod, Flashpoint head
  132. I know it is still Spring, but I feel summer in all these images. I love to see this thread growing every week...wonderful submissions as always. Thank you Jose for starting this. Cooling off at the Seattle Center fountain at Folklife festival.
  133. bmm


    Sorry guys, I'm late this week. Wonderful work already and I'll look more carefully later and give some shout-outs to my favourites.
    My own contribution is a portrait of a classmate from the photography workshop that I'm currently doing.
  134. A redux of a shot from a couple of weeks ago
  135. Looking at this thread for the last two weeks. Lots of beautiful images. I was in Ocean City, NJ during the weekend. Picture of the Ferris wheel from the Boardwalk. Used a D90, 55-200mm VR nikkor at f/8.
  136. Wreath Laying ceremony by President Barack Obama at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.
    Nikon D3 with 16mm f2.8, image is stitched from 3 pictures to create a panorama view.
    Processed in Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 with Post processing pop.
  137. bmm


    And now for my shout-outs... though each week it is SO hard as everything is beautiful and I often feel guilty at singling out favourites on first reaction when in fact if I came back to this I'm sure I'd be naming most of you due to different images speaking to me at different times. However...
    Jose, Matthew (amazing!), Hamish, Martin (thanks for the nostalgia, that boatshed was a constant feature of my school and uni days), Sanford, Ilkka (I can almost hear them), Nina (always breathtaking), Gary, Joseph, Rodger.
  138. Wreath Laying ceremony by President Barack Obama at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.
    Nikon D3 with 16mm f2.8, image is stitched from 3 pictures to create a panorama view.
    Processed in Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 with Post processing pop.
  139. Georg - I like it, it makes me want to peek over the fence and see what the wings are attached to, nice color.
    Torben - Very nice color and texture in your beetle (VW that is). Thanks for the comment on the lighting, sureal is exactly what I thought.
    Jay - welcome and you have a beautiful daughter.
    Igor - I love it, where is it? It reminds me of some of the streets in Bordeaux.
    Gary - I like the smooth creamy look from using the long exposure.
    Nimesh - Nice street composition.
    Barry - I love the expressions.
    Bernard - Great portrait, I like how the cigarette contrasts the his skin.
    I really enjoy seeing everyone's efforts!
  140. bms


    The close ups and macros take the prizes today (yesterday). Sorry for the delay, I was in transit to Europe. I ws waiting for Jose to post late Tuesday in my time zone but had to go to the Airport. Now I am jet lagged and have some very expensive internet access (~$30/24 h - ridiculous), so I better make the most of it :)
    Jose - love that shot, very insirping to play around with my older version if the 105 Micro. Everyone else: thanks for sharing, some amazing shots again.
    I know cat shots are sometimes lame (at least mine are)..... but that is the only pictures I took with my Nikon this week....
    D700, 35mm f/2, 1/15 at f/2, ISO 500, handheld
  141. Walking through the local lumber yard and found these in a flower pot. (Oops, macro was off.)
  142. Everyone has great shots...too many to name so a tip o' the hat to all.
    This week is some baseball in the rain with a D2H and 80-200 f/2.8.
  143. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    When school children in SE Asia see this tree blossom, then they know that summer holiday will start soon
  144. Some really fine shots again my Nikon brethren. Since we are in the throes of baseball season, my contribution is of one of my favorite youth players (my son) ripping a shot to left. Lucky timing on my part...
  145. It's still Wednesday...
    Bytheway, I'm not sure why there're so many spiders in my house. (and they are not identical/of the same breed neither...)
  146. It is Wednsday!
    Yeabsiras Collection.
    Nikon D90 - VR 18-105mm, 1/30 sec, F5.6
  147. Lester Rosebrock's photo is the kind of shot I'm always hoping to get when I photograph people.
    Great stuff. These Wednesday Pic threads could be promotional shots from a Nikon catalog. The enthusiasm is infectious, and it shows in the growth and participation since last year.
  148. Heres one from the Lowery Zoo in Tampa. I took this the other day while here on vacation.
    Nikon D80
    Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 APO EX DG HSM MACRO
  149. paul soo Hoo * This reflective image was taken about 45 min post sunset at Nungurner Bay at the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria Australia. I intended to make a star trail exposure of it but the jetty was lit permanently by a single halogen globe night light thus too much foreground light for a 90 min exposure.
    The waters were indeed becalmed whilst I took a series of these longer exposure reflective imaes. I think it was also precisely in between high and low tide so the currents might have been temporarily neutralised thus assisting a 20 second take of floating boats. The image does indeed have a bit of blurry boat detail Need to view it larger to really see the motion blurr but I guess I just was in the right place at the right time.........
    What a grand selection of Nikon based photography - long live Wed. pic!!
  150. Hi Jose, how do you get f64 on the 105 MicroVR?
  151. [​IMG]
    Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, Palm Trees and Catamaran
    Nikon D80 ,Nikkor AF-S DX 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR
    polarizer, hand-held
  152. D300 + 70-300 VR at 70mm, ASA 200, 1/200 F8 :
  153. Carey, at infinity the lens has a minimum aperture of f32, if you reach near 1:1.5 you can close up to f45, and at 1:1, to f64.
    I suppose this issue is possible because the camera shows the effective aperture instead of the "nominal" of the lens. At 1:1, althought the lens extension is the same on this lens (wonders of the IF design), the effective lens-to-sensor plane distance should be 2x than at infinity. Therefore there will be 2 stops of light loose, and the camera set the metering system accordingly to this.
  154. Paul, the face surprised me when I found it. Cool!
  155. Hey all .. Great Shots. I am a day late but here it goes...
  156. hey lex/shun, what happened?
    my little dockside landscape has been replaced by sanford's landlocked landscape...?????
    nice shot, but not the one i posted...
  157. I finally had a chance this morning to look back at all of the very impressive images that were posted yesterday. It's really amazing how this thread has grown and expanded. It is great to see such enthusiasm.
    Thanks to Kerrthi, Dieter and John C. for the nice comments about my tulip.
    Jose, I have been wanting the 105 mm micro Nikkor for some time now and your shot as well as others, especially Chris Court's dragonfly, confirms that this is my next lens investment. Your bug and Chris's dragonfly really blew me away!
    There are so many other great shots here this week and the temptation is to comment on all of them...but that's not realistic.
    Rene', nice grebe!
    Matthew, I love the night harbor shot!
    Ton, hilarious, they both remind me of John Belushi.
    Per-Christian, another excellent 105 shot! I am impressed that it was handheld!
    Lil, a truly wonderful IR image with a great oriental mood! I'm sorry about your pet.
    Hamish, breathtaking well captured!
    Ilkka, really crisp shot of the musicians!
    Susan, superb color!
    Matt, that eye just draws you in...great focus!
    Wayne, nice turkeys!
    Bruce, good shot on the fly of the Sistine ceiling, I took one there on film in 1981 with no flash.
    Dieter, your plover is priceless...excellent!
    Gary, you're the man with the Sigma 10-20 and long exposures! Another beautiful image!
    Doug, the Boone County Courthouse is a fantastic shot! I love the colors and the detail.
    I agree with Lex about your med school graduation shot, Lester...could be a magazine cover!
    Brian, I'm intrigued by the Sigma 150-500. Nice shot! I'd like to hear more about how you like it and see more examples.
    Bernard, nice portrait!
    Gene, I wish I was on that catamaran!
    Thanks again to Jose for hosting this and to Lex for moderating! Looking forward to next Wednesday!
    Have a good week!
  158. Dr. Paull. Nice capture. Glad you got your 16-85VR fixed.
  159. Looks okay to me, Eric. I'm seeing the red boat pic with your name on it. You might be experiencing a transient server glitch. I've noticed that a few times as this thread gets more popular. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page.
  160. Richard, thanks. I don't think I should get into the Sigma 150-500 OS here but you can see some things I posted in another thread: (scroll down a bit. Thanks for your interest. Great tulip!
    Jose, great bug! I think the shadow on the ground makes the photo.
    Martin, nice austire beach house.
    Sanford, this was my favorite this week. The tree seems to be setting the bird free.
    Ken, World Trade Center? Nice shot.
    Paul B, Interesting, with the face in the old building (I hope the place didn't fall down around her)
    Another great week everyone!
  161. This is funny! I just woke up, 3:30 am Friday morning and came to see the thread coz I didn't have time yesterday....
    Some one stole Eric's shot???????? Hahahaha When I saw the landscape shot I thought that was a fake, I mean, not an Eric's original... Maybe I wasn't the only one who thought that! Now after this laugh I won't be able to sleep again!
    Jose.... I don't know what creature is that but if I was you I would keep my windows closed! :)
    Lil... Yeah! I never saw them in California. It's funny, the first time I saw those guys was in England but then I came back home and found out there are millions here too. I like that IR shot.... uhmmm! Don't give me any ideas please! I have enough with my own! :)
    Simon.... A pleasure to help but I was expecting to see a shot from the AF-S 300 this time!
    Richard... Thanks!
    Everybody... Well, impressive shots. This thread keeps getting better every week. Great work guys! Cheers!
  162. Lil, thanks for the comment, too bad to hear about your pet, nice IR though

    Just an update on favourites:

    Per-Christian, Gert, Sanford, Torben, Dieter nice DOF, Glenn, Gary you are making everybody jealous with your filter, Joseph, brian.
    hamish and Chris are my top favourites (AGAIN!!)
    See you all next week
  163. [​IMG]
    Hello everyone, I am running late again, could not post yesterday, we were outside of satellite footprint. Lots of the good picks on yesterday's tread. This is what I have around.
  164. "Some one stole Eric's shot???????? Hahahaha When I saw the landscape shot I thought that was a fake, I mean, not an Eric's original... Maybe I wasn't the only one who thought that! Now after this laugh I won't be able to sleep again!"
    LOL, Rene. Lex assures me it's still there, i just can't see it due to an internal server glitch. i did have to wonder if the photo gods were trying to tell me something about what i should be shooting...
  165. I'm a tad out of it today - serious headache & in La La Land as I call it..... But yesterday I spent a nice day at LA Arboretum with a friend. I have so many friends try to occupy my mind since the loss of Flicka last Friday evening. :-(
    Anyhow - special thanks to those who commented on that. Ficka, our last Birman cat was 4 months shy of 18 years old. She was our own breeding & the last of an era. I used to show & breed cats for about 10 years. All to fill my need of pets in my life. She was a sweetheart.
    Anyhow - I'm glad to get so much positive feedback on my IR shot. It's one of the first ones I'm really happy with - so
    Thank you Hamish .
    Per-Christian , thank you & I'm so sorry for your loss as well. It is so hard to lose them.
    Thank you Hector . Elg could be Norwegian or Danish. In Swedish it's älg.
    Torben - conversion - - I'm happy I did one. I will probably do the D300 one day after I've gone on to a potential D400 or such. I already miss the fact that I can't program the D70 to the degree I can the D300 & D700. I should have done the D200 for that fact. But I didn't think about the fact that the D70 doesn't allow for none CPU lens information data....
    Thank you's also go to Dennis, Dave, Keerthi, Chris, Dieter, John, Susan, Glenn, Eric, Fred, Mikhail, Georg, Simon, Richard, Sjoerd & Rene' on all your kind comments on my early IR shot. I've only had it for a couple of weeks & am finding that I'm enjoying it a lot.
    I will come back later when hopefully my headache has given me reprieve & comment on all the wonderful additional photos posted in this thread. It's really great. Oh & I want to mention how a Canon shooter friend is jealous of the fact that we have this positive thread each week here. She thinks its great to have such positive input each week & I know that I look forward to Wednesdays these days.
    Great thread everyone....
    Lil :)
  166. thanks all
    I'm going to pick just one. It's the photo of Tiffany Brook. For those who are interested in the motivation you can find it here .
  167. Thanks to those of you who commented on my photo. This shows me that I need to post more scenic stuff here.
  168. Panorama shot of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. It's a composite of 6 shots taken with my S10.
  169. Eric.... My advice, ALWAYS listen to the Gods! hehe
  170. rene, lol again. well, they've answered my prayers and made my shot visible on my monitor again. maybe the revelation is to do more 'landscaping'.
    but hey, while i'm commenting, have to say i really like todd's shot. reminds me of a crypt from raiders of the lost ark or something. thank you, nikon forum, for another wednesday full of inspiration...
  171. Street Performer-Central Park, NYC
  172. Sorry wrong photo. This is Time Square, NYC. Same camera and lens.
  173. Brian, thanks for the link. I remember that discussion now. How do you feel about that lens today? Specifically for birds. If the answer is long...e-mail me.
  174. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Eric Arnold [​IMG], May 28, 2009; 01:00 p.m.
    hey lex/shun, what happened?
    my little dockside landscape has been replaced by sanford's landlocked landscape...?????
    nice shot, but not the one i posted...​
    Sorry Eric, I have no idea what you are talking about. These threads get way too long and I don't always read them.
  175. it's cool, shun, i emailed lex and he told me it was a server issue, which has now been resolved. thanks anyway :)
  176. WOW! What a myriad of fantastic images this week.
    Dave, Chris, Ken, Fred; Richard, Sjoerd, Lil : thank you for the kind words.
    Dave: Where in Norway have you taken your picture?
    Guys, you have all made shots that are outstanding. This time it is hard to pick my favourites!
    Jose: Creepy little fellow you have shot there....
    Matthew: Very nice harbour pic - reminds me that I am called out as a night watchman this weekend in our harbour.
    Monika: Very impressive!
    Lil: Beautiful IR.
    Elliot: Nice capture. Hard to say who is most loved in your pic.....
    Susan: Beautiful detail
    Chris: Outstanding macro. I think the poster-effect with your signature and broad line works here.
    Joseph: I like it very much
    Kevin: Nice portrait of the dog
    Shamsaldin: Very nice.
    To all of you other guys not directly mentioned here: Thank you for giving me soooo much inspiration. See you next week!
  177. Sjoerd: My daughter was that old a few weeks ago (It seems). Yesterday, she graduated University.
    Take lots of pictures.
  178. Matthew, Sjoerd, Hector, Gert, Lil, Hamish, Richard, Bruce, Chris, Dieter, Ken, Eric, Mikhail, Torben, George, Simon, Tiffany, Bernard, Benjamin, Brian, Per-Christian... (hope not to miss somebody). Thank you very much for your kind words and/or comments. I`m pleased.
    To be sincere, I was not expecting this shot to be appealing... it could seem an ugly individual for some and technically it lacks... thanks to postprocessing tools it could be passable although only for web posting. This makes me think on a future, higher quality shot to be shown here. All other macro shots here looks far better.
    The 105VR is certainly not the best lens for 1:1, worst if shooting at it`s smallest aperture. The bug is also too small.
    To Susan: I know nothing about bugs but it looks to belong to the curculionidae family, somekind of ordinary pine-tree weevil.
    I like so much many pics from this week but if must mention one of them... perhaps the one who I stay looking for more time is Torben`s rust. I`m a bit of a bug, too, calid colors call me...
    I`d like to remark that I`m only the one who start the thread every week (there must one doing so... ), I enjoy participating as you do... thank you all.
    (To Lex: e-mail sent. I wonder if the rules/guidelines could be shown under a link).
  179. [​IMG]
    Azalea Gardens, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA
    Nikon D300, 16-85mm VR,
  180. Soccer tournament
    D3 400.. f2.8 1/2000 iso 500
  181. Sanford: Outstanding colors. Are they real or have you Ps'ed them?
    Shal: That seems to hurt... Captured in the descisive moment...
  182. Per-Christian, I think I had the D300 set to "Vivid". That was about the best sunset I've ever come across.
  183. My third upload attempt ;). Shot this using 50mm f/1.8 with Hoya +4 close-up.
  184. Per-Christian it was in Tromsø. I visit there several times a year for work. It's a beautiful town (and island) but that can be said for most all of Norway as I'm sure you are well aware.
  185. Coming a bit late to the game, from a project on japanese ceramic objects:
  186. D300 f4 1/50 ISO800 - Tamron 17-50mm
  187. Lex Guidelines should be shown as an attached image:
  188. Thanks, Jose, looks good.
  189. And in just a few hours, it's WEDNESDAY again. Hooray!
  190. bmm


    It already is here in Sydney......
  191. Well - in getting ready for tomorrow - approximately 13 minutes from now..... my time that is.... I checked the thread again.

    Just a great thread forum. It's so nice to hang out with this talented group of people.
    Too many great shots to mention - thanks for all the inspiration forum members.
    Lil :)
  192. bmm


    Lil - that sounds awfully like an anticipatory pre-Wednesday group hug to me...
    Anyway I'm feeling the love from down here in Sydney...
    ...where I might add it is Wednesday evening already... so hurry up rest of the world, get with the program... :)
  193. LOL Good one Bernard - - I've just driven myself near insane just trying to pick the shot for this weeks thread.
    Finally I just picked something............. That's what I get for being so backlogged in my pp work since the trip.
    Ah well....
  194. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

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