Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #21

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  1. We have received a summer advance this weekend, it was hot with the typical spring colors: flowers, green, water on rivers... this retrievers had fun in this stream.
    I`m posting this pic after some comments about the 50AFS sharpness at wider apertures; if I want to have shallow DoF with high sharpness I use to shot at f2.8, wider apertures will look a bit softer and there is a problem with focus... it could be really difficult to keep focus if the subject is not static. Exposure levels in this pic were almost perfect on the histogram, I only added a bit of masking contrast, a bit of darkening and unsharp masking. I think I should have increased saturation a bit, too. The full sized NEF looks really sharp after this processing.
    D700 @ 200ISO + 50/1.4AFS, 14bit RAW, f2.8 - 1/2000sec. All camera tricks off.
    Please post your favourite pic if you like taken with Nikon gear, check your file size before posting, don`t forget to include gear info... as usual. Thanks.
  2. Everyone: Good evening, morning, afternoon (pick your choice).
    Too busy to play with my camera but I managed to get something done.
    I saw this rose and I didn't had my Micro lens with me. Then again my AFS 300 came to rescue.
    My kid is also upset coz I haven't been able to take him out to shoot some Spring shots. Uhmmm! Hopefully he'll be back next week if we have a good weekend.
    Well, let's have fun again! Cheers!
  3. Wednesday again..., look forward to see some great pictures today. Mine was taken with the D300+70-300 AF-S VR, at 125mm, F8, 1/800, ISO 200 :
  4. HUH! Here the rose looks completely over exposed... It doesn't look like it does on NX2.
  5. morning folks, another flower shot from me this week. cropped square and toned in P/S.
  6. Taken last february, in Parque del Plata, Uruguay
    D300 + 18-200 mm + UV 1/1000 F@5.6
  7. First time I posted in the Wed pic thread.
    This was taken on a Nikon D200 with the 18-70 Kit Lens. Did a boat tour of Isla Espirito Santo (sp???) in the Sea of Cortez near La Paz.
    One of my favorite pics on from my trip
  8. The rose look fine to me... Damn' you're talented, Rene' !
    Jose, one of the nicest puppy pictures ever. I stil ask myself if I should buy the new 50/1,4 afs. I have the money , but not the wil.
  9. it looks fine to me Rene'.
  10. It doesn`t matter Renè, indeed it is a very nice pic. Gary, great too. It promises to be a good day...
  11. Taken from inside the Starlight Express on the way back to Sacramento from San Jose around midnight.
  12. bmm


    Great start guys... Rene your rose is lovely, don't worry, and I hope your recent travels went very well... Trevor love the mood of your image.
    This is my last week of posting from my recent jaunts in the Middle East I promise, then I'll get onto some stuff I'm currently doing in a photo workshop which is really stretching me and making me learn more (and is also much more 'close to home' here in Sydney rather than of distant places).
  13. Here is my contribution this week:
    The seagull was shot with a D300, 180mm AF2,8. cropped. ISO200, f6,3 at 1/2000.
  14. Hello everybody
    My picture was taking on the 17th of May, Norways national day. They have this tradition where high school kids in their last year made a parade (there are many parades that day). The theme for 2009 here in Tromsø where the last 5 decades. Here is a pic from the 80'...
    Rene, I was about to ask if you used a flash to direct the light into the rose (I liked it a lot) and then you think you did a mistake? Come on!
    Good work everybody! Gary, Bernard and Trevor's are my favorite so far. By the way Bernard, your sensor is not clean, but you probably have noticed it. Look at the spot to the right of the half moon, in the sky.
  15. Hector, super colours in your shot. very vibrant and clear.
  16. Great pictures, everyone!
    This week I'm a bit late. I guess the alarm clock didn't work properly.
    José, the dogs are awsome. Great expressions and sense of fun =)
    Mine, again, is a recovery from the archives. Taken during a workshop last year, while everyone was enjoying the sun outside, I was alone with these chairs =)
    Nikon F4 , E-series 28mm f/2.8 @ f/4 (speed unkown) Fuji Superia 400 scanned with an Epson V200, processed in LR2.
  17. Here I go, although I wonder why I am even bothering with people like Jose and Per-Christian stealing the show!
    D700 with 24-70mm f/2.8. 62mm, ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/640sec. Edited in Lightroom 2.
  18. bmm


    Hector - yes you're right, thankfully it cleaned off ok when I got home from this trip thanks to my trusty blower and a nervously-applied sensor pen. Thanks for your comment too. I'll cut out this blemish when I post-process this properly in NX2.
  19. Jose - what a wonderful dog shot. Are those beauties yours?
    Rene' your rose looks perfect & please tell Hideyuki hi from me. Better take him out photographing...
    Gary - lovely tulip &,
    I love the playful boy in Alejandro's photo as well.
    Todd - that is one beautiful location. Neat photo you got.
    Well I have only post processed a few from last weeks trip so I have to use one of them... I'm posting a photo from my sister-in-law's & brother-in-law's backyard in Port Angeles, WA. An American Robin in a flowering cherry tree. This is in honor of my sister-in-law for letting us stay with her (them) while we were there & since it turns out she would love a photo of a Robin in her cherry tree - this will be printed & mailed to her. ;)
    D300 + 300mm AF-S f/4, Kenko 1.4 TC - hand held EXIFs embedded as always...
  20. uh, oh, it's an artsy day, already. rene, paul, gary and jose set the bar high...
  21. Trouble posting today..trying again.
  22. Hello Everyone
    Continuing with my series...
  23. Justin, you have caught the happiness in the model's face, as well as the spectactors. makes me wonder if there is something else they are smiling of as well. Well seen!
  24. Since it's Bluebells time of year I thought I'd have a go at shooting some this week. For some reason I chose b&w for this colourful little plant.
    D80 + 55mm f3.5 AI @ f5.6(I think), 1/40, iso 100, Chimp metering, tripod mounted
  25. Shades of gray:
  26. c'mon hamish, you can do it!
  27. christoph, that almost looks like IR. nice job.
  28. So many strong entries already - makes me work harder each week that is for sure! Well done.
    For my photo this week is a photograph from the Norman crypt underneath Oxford castle. This is one of the earliest surviving ecclesiastical buildings in the UK and to be there gives one a strong feeling of history and past events. It is supposed to be haunted (no surprise there). I used my F3, 24mm N.C lens and Kodak 200 film. Exposure was around 2 minutes.
  29. LOL... Thanks Eric :) The photo I wanted to post today looked totally different after posting than it did originally on my screen, almost as if it had been stretched and unsharpened - definitely unusable... strange, as I've never had that problem before.

    Anyway I have decided to try a completely different picture instead to see if that works.
    Taken on Sunday.
  30. Jose: Looks sharp to me, nice starter
    Per-Christian: very intensive
    Lil: you are nice and early today, nice picture too
    Mine was taken a while ago after a meeting of the company where I work.
    I like the colors and the composition.
    Taken with the fantastic D90 and 18-200, 120mm F5.3 1/25s iso 800
    Wonderful wednesday again
  31. Sorry, I try again.
  32. Last time I promise!
  33. Thank you, Sjoerd. I have also made a wallpaper of the seagull-picture on my work computer, to remind me not to look at during work hours! :D :D
  34. LOL Where do I start?
    Harmish???? What's with you? Still have a hang over from the weekend?
    Paul??? I gotta say thank you but c'mon! You are embarrassing me! I don't see your pic.... is it my comp or you haven't posted yet?
    Hector.... Wait a sec! I didn't say I made a mistake! :) The software did! :) & no flash. By the way, beautiful colors.... well done!
    Lil... You are early tonight! I will let the little monster you said hi! He's not back from school yet! Also that is a lovely bird! Any close ups?
    Jose.... I love the way you played with the DOF! Great!
    Eric... Thank you but you've done it again with a really great night shot!
    Anish... Beautiful! That's Italy, right?
    Justin.... I really like the action and the expression on the face. well captured!
    Per-Christian... You gotta love your 180. I have shot of a sea-gull taken with the same lens.
    Bernard... Beautiful! Nice colors!
    My shot... well, I just checked. I processed it on NX2 and I checked the H/Ts. It was just fine. I saved the NEF file as GPG and imported it into Aperture. I forgot to checked and I resized & exported it again with Border FX. Now I went back and according to Aperture it is hot. I think Aperture does something to the files when importing. Uhmmm! I gotta figure it out! Specially with the red color. Any inputs?
    Great shots everyone! Sorry I don't comment on all of them but so far it is another great thread! Cheers!
  35. Red purse - Istanbul, Turkey
  36. Nikon D700
    14-24 AFS G
  37. Esplanadi park in the evening.
  38. One of the best things about spring in Michigan is that the A&W drive-in opens for business.
    Nikon F2, 35mm f/1.4 non-AI, at f/2 (I think), Kodak Portra VC 160 film.
  39. Jose, great start!
    René, the rose looks like molten steel - I like your picture as it is.
    Gary, at first I thought you are trying to smuggle a Hasselblad or Rollei-picture into this thread - a truly classic picture.
    Per-Christian - the seagull looks quite self-confident - cool shot.
    Pedro - another classic picture - great!
    Justin - the monk (?) seems to enjoy his appearance - nice natural colors and good timing.
    Ton - great portrait!
    My contribution this week is a feature about young readers. The girl below enjoys reading as much as playing outdoors and she liked the idea to „read“ sitting on the climbing-frame.
    Nikon D700, AF-D 85/1.4 Nikkor at f1.6 - ISO Low1 - 1/2500sec. A SB-800 in Highspeed-sync-mode at half power shot through a small softbox (high and left) was adding a bit contrast on this overcast day.
    Enjoy and please excuse my english, georg.
  40. Thanks Rene.
    No, it's not Italy - that's St Pauls overlooking the Millernium Bridge in London :)
    Rene - that's a great shot. Macro's something I've yet to try out.
    Jose - great!! its been kinda cold this past week, hopefully summer should be round the corner
    Bernard - nice shot, you can always catch this beautiful glow in the evening for most of the year in Dubai.
    Lil - another beautiful pic
    I think I should hold off my comments until the middle of the week when more pictures have been posted!
  41. Hi all,
    Again wednesday :)
    Nikon D300, Nikon 18-135 mm @ ISO 3200, 1/200, F/7, 18 mm.
  42. Anish.... I noticed the Millennium Bridge after I had posted already! Thanks!
    Georg... You got a nice smile out of the girl! Well done!
  43. This is only the second week that I have discovered and participated in these Wednesday-threads. Lots of fun - I am already impatiously waiting for next wednesday! :)
    Keep up the good work!
  44. Surfs up!
  45. let me try that again
  46. Another reminisence... nice to look back and see what I was doing 20 years ago.
  47. And the picture....
  48. My try this week. Practice, practice, practice.
    A wonderful player, much better than the photo may tell.
  49. [​IMG]
    Photo for a hair competition in Taiwan.
    D300, 50mm 1.8D, 1/125, f/8, studio lighting comprising of 5 lights.
    Hair is SOOO hard to photograph
  50. Good morning! And what a great morning it is!
    Great shot, Jose!
    Rene', your rose is gorgeous!
    Gary, breathtaking shot in it's simplicity!
    Very nice robin, Lil! I love the blossoms!
    Excellent portrait, Ton, as per your usual!
    Great surf shot Elliot!
    I know there are more excellent shots here today...each week gets better.
    There are robins building a nest in an arbor vitae outside of my garage. They express their displeasure with me every morning. This shot is with a D300, 80-400 mm VR, at f8, 1/320 sec, iso 200, 400 mm, handheld.
    Have a great day everyone!
  51. Peonies from the gardens at Chatham Manor (1768). The manor house is across the river from Fredericksburg, Virginia and was the Union army headquarters during several harsh attacks on the city. It is now a National Military Park. Photo taken on Saturday, mid-afternoon, overcast conditions, handheld. 1/250 @F5.6
  52. Richard, that's a really nice shot!!
    I'm expecting delivery of my 80-400mm soon. Hopefully get to try it out over the weekend!!
  53. You guys are all on top of your game. The images so far this week are really good. The only picture I took this week was yesterday when my son did a Beavis and Butthead impression. He has never seen the cartoon btw.
  54. Great photos today!
    Today is a really lovely day. Life in the forests surrounding this city feels very cosy, and much like this:
    Taken with a Nikon D700 and 24-85/2.8-4 at ISO200 and 1/50
  55. Hungry???
    straight out of the oven (camera), just resized it for the posting. My wife prepared this Pizza and she liked the crust and melted cheese so much, I had to take picture of this.
    Taken with Nikon D40, 35mm f1.8G, ISO800, Flash was set to Slow, 1/80
    I hope you all will like it.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Thanks for looking,
  56. bms


    Ok, so everyone is living East of me or they are early risers :) Pedro, a bit late ? ... =)
    Here is mine:
  57. In many ways, Europe leads the US. Wi-fi ain't one of them. Getting connected in Europe has been much more limited than in the US but here I am today.
    Great dog shot, Jose. And Rene, your flower looks fine on my puter. Neat gull shot, Per-Christian. Nice light, Bernard. Nice angle, Anish. Dick, you get more nice stuff from the 80-400 than anyone I have seen. Nice angle on your shot, Eric, but I was wondering which Tammy gave you that flare.
    Instead of the usual landscape stuff, spent the day in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, one of the best people watching places in the world. I am no People photog but this was too much fun to pass up.
    Met this guy playing with his dog on one of the streets. Between his English and my poor Spanish, learned that he wanted a copy of the photo. Unfortunately I misplaced his email address while traveling. If anyone knows him, please let him or me know.
    Shot with D300 and 18-200VR @82 mm, f/8 1/200
  58. Dandelion with D80. Crop and levels only.
  59. A real funny shot, Bruce! It reminds me of the terrier I had as a youngster.....
  60. I love Wed!
  61. Hello everyone. Great pictures as always. I have a flower to add to the party.
  62. Rene', my picture is the next under yours. But I'm the one to have to complain , because by mistake I post the wrong one, without any enhancements (contrast , etc). Don't matter, anyway everyone here konw that I'm a great photographer. HA HA... just joking !
  63. First of all thank you for kind words about my Emelie portrait from last week. Unfortunately not much time for new things this week so I´ll post one more from my trip to Sicily a month ago.
    Wednesdays are fun!
  64. Tried to come up with something a bit different this week.
    D40 50mm 1/100 f1.8
  65. Another image of a bear from GSMNP. I was riding around and spotted this bear sleeping in the tree. He woke up and looked straight at me. I was able to take three images of him before he laid his head back down and went back to sleep. Thanks for looking...
  66. My contribution comes from when a friend of mine asked me to practice my hobby (photography) while he was doing his (fire poi). This is my favorite as it looks like a giant curly fry of fire.
    Taken on my D90 with 18-70 kit lens. 2 second exposure, f/7.1, iso 200, rear sync flash fired at 18mm
  67. Dennis, that is really a cool photo. How did you do it?
  68. Hi!Everybody,
    Nice to see so many lovely photographs already.Tho' I live 10 hrs ahead of Jose,I need to get back from work before I can post my pic,by which time all these beautiful posts await me.I'd like to thank Hector and Eric for their encouraging comments on my last weeks post.
    This weeks post was shot in available light and I like the colours.
  69. Excellent shots everyone, as usual! Dennis's and Eli's and Sjoerd's are faves so far!
    OK, I had to go with a bit of an older shot this week, from a wedding a couple weeks back. My 50/1.4 AF-S should arrive tomorrow or Friday. I promise fresh work then, since the lens will be glued to the camera glued to my face!
  70. Just back from 4 days away in the mountains here in S.E. Australia.......
    Again Wednesday Pic reveals a fine cross section of Nikon photographers - Cheers to all.
    This taken from the Great Alpine Road near Mount Hotham @ approx. 1,800 m above sea level
  71. Wow so many great photos already.
    Last Sunday our neighbors took a trip to Munster, IN to Carmelite shrine, they also invited my wife and I to come along.
    Carmelites built this system of chappels inside what looks like a mound made out of coral or sea sponge, brick, cement and inside is decorated with different stones some that glow in the dark.
    my contribution this week is from that place although no stones in this picture (I had a dillema as to which one to post) I liked the tight dark corridors leading from one room to another.
  72. Taken at the Montreal Biodome
  73. Just received my Tamron 90mm macro lens and went outside to play. <BR><BR>Nikon D90 w/ Tamron 90mm f/2.8 @ ISO 200
  74. Here's a pic of the downtown Westin hotel as seen from the Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA.
    Taken with a D80, ISO-640, f/5.6, 1/60s with a 50mm f/1.8D AF
  75. My neighbor brought out his 1929 Ford and was cruisin' down my block when I snapped this.
    D60 with 50mm F/1.4g AF-S; 1/125s F/11 ISO140
  76. Lovely shot Matthew
  77. Praying to the tire gods...
  78. Dodger short stop Rafael Furcal takes low ball 1, during the first inning of the Dodgers vs. Mets game on Tuesday May 19, 2009 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. The Dodgers won 5-3. The photo was shot through the foul-ball netting. The camera was a D700 with a Sigma 150-500 OS. Stadium employees stopped me from using this lens after the first inning. They said that Dodger policy was no lens over 3 or 4 inches in length. This policy is not in writing on the Dodger website and stadium employees could not show me the written policy.
  79. Andrew and KC, porchin'
  80. Divers at Fort Wetherill in R.I. last Saturday. Getting into the water at this point is like trying to walk across a bunch of greased bowling balls with an 80lb. backpack wearing only slippers. I ended up dragging all my gear into the waist deep water and donning there from where I could just wallow in. My underwater pics were thwarted by a surge that drove the auto focus my 105 VR crazy. In calmer depths the flounder blended so well against the sand there was not enough contrast to focus. Photos: none. Frustration: plenty. Water temp was about 46f: toasty in a wetsuit. Still it was a great to get under again. Camera was a D100 with a 50mm 1.8.
  81. @Ilkka Nissila

    Wow - that's a sharp pic with great color. A good show-case pic for the D3's capability I guess.

    @Ryan Aldrich

    Hard to believe that's a D40x with kit lens shot :) Looks more like a D300/D700 shot to me. Excellent pic.
  82. Wow, by the time I get out of bed this thread is already filled with excellent images.
    The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a new exhibit "The Secret Life of Sea Horses" and the Leafy Sea Dragon is the star attraction. The aquarium is one location were I wish I had a D700 - always low-light, high-ISO scenarios. D300 with Nikon 70-180/4.5-5.6 at 95mm, ISO1600, 1/30, f/8; hand held (of course, you try setting up a tripod in that place).
  83. Hi guys,
    First of,
    @TrevorNewman: i really like the mysterious mood of the picture
    @Per-Christian Nilssen: i hate seagulls, but i'll make an exception for that photo :)
    @PedroCardoso: first thing that came to mind: wow!
    @IanRance: where was that? the lighting is awesome
    @MatthewBrennan: great picture seriously, I need to come to Australia
    And here's mine:
    Vegas baby [D90, 16-85mm@52mm, Manual 1/15 f/5.0 ,ISO 200 ]
  84. It amazes me as to how quick this forum fills up! The pictures are all fantastic. Ian, funny pic! I see the "ghostly hand" peering on the "right hand" side, just below the candle by the first column. This weeks entry is from this past weekend's tulip festival in Ottawa (which was extremely cold, almost fall like weather). The tulips were in bloom and abundant.
  85. I am always impressed by the work that gets presented in this thread. It seems to get better and better every week. It isn't even 8 am yet here in Montana and there are already lots of good photos. Great work everyone! Wednesday has to be one of the best days of the week, because of this thread.

    Spring finally seems to be here in Montana. Things are starting to warm up and the grass is filling in, although I haven't seen many flowers or similar types of things yet.

    Although it is getting warmer, I found this little reminder of how hard our winters are. If you go hiking near any of the rivers you are always certain to find a few of these.

    Nikon D200, 20 f/2.8

    I rented the 20 f/2.8 for the weekend. I was pretty impressed, it is a fun little lens, especially on my F100, but I also like the field of view with it on my D200. I am really lazy about getting my film processed, so I probably wont see any of the F100 photos for a few more weeks.
  86. D300, 18-70 Nikkor at 60mm, ISO 200
  87. Freddy, that is the crypt underneath Oxford Castle (in the UK). That 'ghostly hand' was a mannequin of a preist. In fact, during the 3 minute exposure a whole tour party moved through the scene - except for those two people who stayed (almost) still.
  88. Last week in Bruges, Belgium. Took a stroll at dawn. "No need to bring the tripod, don't anticipate needing it for just going around the block." When will I learn?
    Foolishly handheld at 1/10th f4. (braced on a railing as I recall)
  89. Visitied Malaysian National Park last week. More European than Malaysian visitors. Got this picture inside the Ear Cave. Couldn't get as many shots as I'd like as my hands were covered with bat poo (guano) not long after taking this shot.
  90. Joe, very sharp for handheld at 1/10
  91. BBQ on Sunday - very windy.
  92. Visited "The Future of Flight" at Paine Field in Everett, Washington over the weekend with the wife to take the Boeing plant tour. Here is a photo of the newest Boeing passenger airplane, the 787, on the flightline undergoing final tests before the first flight which should be any day now. This is the first ever passenger airplane with a carbon fiber fuselage.
    Boeing 787 ZA001 May 16th, 2009. Nikon D200 ISO 200 70-300mm ED at 300mm
  93. Japanese Fountain
    Nikon D40, Nikkor 18-55mm lens, at a local garden on a partly cloudy day.
  94. First of all, an excellent forum thread that I've followed for a few weeks now. This is my first opportunity to submit a "this week" current photo.
    Discovered a new family of Wrens in a hanging fern basket on the patio. Couldn't resist a shot, being careful not to disturb the mama bird.
  95. ---
    super photos all around!
    finally spring is coming into full force here in brooklyn, but of course only after a week of breezy cold nights and rainy days. my contribution this week is a strange facade of a building i saw while walking in between rainstorms.
  96. Great day everyone.
  97. I have looking at the Wednesday threads for sometime and really admire the pictures.
    This is my first post. The picture was taken last Sunday at a community event that I was stage managing.
    D300 @ 1600 ISO + Sigma 30/1.4 , f2.0 - 1/80 sec, handheld in Aperture Priority mode.
  98. Wow, amazing photos. It seems like every week the body of work becomes more impressive. My students were amazed at many of the photos and even recognized some of the concepts used. I will post my photo later in the day.
    Keep shooting.
  99. Sorry had some trouble inserting my picture. I have attached it now.
  100. Shot with D300 Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 in the Cloisters Medieval Medicine garden.
    ISO 200 f/2.8 1/2500s EV +0.7
  101. I love the variety here, of the pictures, locales, personalities. Simply wonderful!
    Jose - love the dogs!
    Rene - rose looks wonderful. One of these days I'll stay up with bleary eyes just to post the 2nd pic.
    Gary - love the simplicity of the composition and the subtle texture
    Per-Christian - I can't tell if that's a scary bird or a smiling bird :)
    Lil & Richard - I love both robin shots, both beauties one with a in-focus and beautiful background, the other standing out with a OOF BG. I have the AF-D 300mm and both a Kenko/Tamron 1.4x and 2x, but the birds always fly away no matter how slowly I try to move, I always fail on bird shots.
    Cristoph - I like how the tones transition with the trees - well seen.
    Hamish - Wow, you made it finally! That's difficult lighting, I like the play of light and shadow.
    Sjoerd - Wonderful abstract, that cyan looks like jewels in the background.
    Ton - Great expressions, and I love your B&W conversions.
    Mike - Love the wide angle and incredible timing on the jumper
    Georg - That smile is precious
    Michael - I like the soft highlights, great job on the peonies.
    Dan - That always happens to me also...I mean the diaper peeking out!
    Susan - Great job! Hummingbirds are so tough, and you got a great angle.
    Jonathan - I am a sucker for flower macros......great job
    Gosh....this list keeps getting bigger and bigger. From next week, I'll just summarize: "all" :)
    I have not been shooting much, but I was determined to have a current pic for the Wed thread. Went out this morning to shoot a macro of the fragrant Jasmine flowers next to the patio. The flowers are too small, and the pics came out.....well...."eh!". But I noticed some of the leaves of the plant had turned reddish and had much better texture. So, here they are, I arranged them inside a light-tent and shot with a SB-800 one one side and SB-600 on the other.
    PIC info: Nikon D300 on tripod, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro, ISO-800, 1/40th at f/13 (weird exposure because I was auto-bracketing with interval timer).
  102. Photographed in Burano, near Venice, Italy, last week.
  103. Spring arrives on Chestnut Street, a gorgeous location on Beacon Hill, Boston. Everyone is out on the street. Nikon D200, 55-200 VR at 135mm, 1/15 f/8. Yes, there is some compositing. Geocoded via DawnTech GPS mini. Looking East at 7pm.
  104. Josephine was being a good kitty and posed for me yesterday. D200, 50mm f/1.8 afd, shot B&W in camera.
  105. Well once again I have to post deep into this already-long thread, but the advantage of that is I get to see a great deal of others' fine work before I post my own photo. Some standouts:
    Rene, that shot is just beautifully done and I have to mention it. Frankly I have to admit I usually find flower shots are, how should I put it - difficult to make stand out. Between lighting and composition, yours does so strikingly.
    Gary and Pedro - two very different shots that are both striking in their simplicity. Tone, curve, composition: both photos very appealing.
    Anish - terrific night shot, I like it very much.
    Richard Armstrong - Again a strikingly good looking and well-shot photo. Being new to digital I am curious what kind of post processing you have done, if any, to give that photo its snap.
    Now for my photo - how about a haunted bed&breakfast, after last week's haunted hotels? Shot in beautiful Manitou Springs, Colorado, where Spring has finally sprung.
  106. good to see a lewis hamilton fan, or at least a picture of one up there. here's my first post with my new d700 that i got yesterday. i cannot believe how good 3200 looks at night. wow. this is a picture from the NSF grant that i'm working with where we catch and release frogs to estimate populations with difference equations. here's our grad student measuring a frog
  107. Glenn, looks like the opening shot from "Citizen Kane."
    You and Gregg Toland...:)
  108. Awesome Wed-thread again! My compliments to all contributors!
    I had a busy week again, didn't shoot much, just an occasional snapshot every now and then, nothing interesting to post here anyway. :) But there was something else happening on my gear-front: I just sold my D80 yesterday, so I had to wave goodbye to my loyal servant. With my D80 I learned a great deal from photography, it was something that really helped me to grew into photography.
    The guy whom I sold the D80 to bought it to use with his son as something to build a hobby on with his son and spend some quality time together. So I was quite happy with that and I am more than confident that the camera went to the right buyer. :) Anyway, here is the pic I took couple of weeks ago as a marketing pic for my D80 ad.
  109. jz


    Neighbors cat. Taken minutes after receiving my new D90. Probably the 3rd or 4th time I tripped the shutter :-D
    Nikon D90 18-200 3.5-5.6 @ 200mm.
  110. This thread has really become a highlight of my week, and the sense of community here is great (and thank you to those who helped me out with post-processing last week). This week again I have nothing new, and have been "too busy" to take pictures (terrible, I know). But Bernie's picture inspired me to dig back in my archives a few years ago, to my first time taking my Nikon Coolpix 7900 underwater. This is from the Oriskany, and something about wrecks (intentional or otherwise) seems to make them particularly suited to BW underwater photography (conversions done in PS Elements). I am committed to get out more in the coming weeks (both for photography and diving).
  111. WOW! As always! Wonderful Photos everyone!
    My favorite has got to be Matthew Brennan's - Wow!
    Other stand-outs for me:
    Jose - Nice freeze of the action! Looks like those dogs are having loads of fun.
    Kevin - Love the old car!
    Rene - I like the color.
    Trevor - The slightly blurred night street look gives it the feel of a seedy mystery novel - like it is setting the story. I like it.
    Per-Christian - Can you say: Celebrity portrait; looks like he has the DeNiro eyebrow thing going.
    Justin - Nice and Sharp.
    Anish - The lighting of the bridge and buildings is beautiful; great pic!
    Sjoerd - Nice composition.
    Ian - I hate ghosts; love the pic though!
    Georg - Nice portrait! Nice capture of the facial expression.
    Richard - Beautiful Robin!
    Michael S. - I lived near Fredricksburg when stationed at Quantico, VA. It is beautiful there in the Spring and Fall. I loved it there. Nice color!
    Dan P. - I don't know. Looks like your kid may be a trendsetter; this could take off like the low-drop drawers/pants. ;-)
    Darko - I hate Dandelions, but the pic is beautiful!
    Wayne - Nice shot! You're Killin' me!
    Ryan A. - Very nice wedding shot! ... and without the need of a more expensive camera - Nice! ... Please forgive me. I'm not knocking you folks with the more expensive cameras - trust me; I wish I could justify the cost of one. Someday maybe.
    Fab M. - Love the Tulips! Beautiful color and composition!
    Here is my submission - it was captured with my trusty D60 and attached AF-S DX 55-200 VR @ 55mm, f/4, 1/30sec, ISO 320, no flash. It has some minor processing in Photoshop CS.
  112. This was taken after my sister's confirmation on Sunday at St Barnabas Church, Dulwich, London. It's a lovely modern church built on the site of the old church which had burnt down. Taken at about 8.00pm, I've had to post process as it was handheld and a bit dark.
    D80, 35mm F2, 1/20s, f/5.0, ISO100
  113. Great shots so far everyone...too many to pick favorites and not enough time to do it so kudos go to all.
    My shot this week is a continuation of the past couple of week's osprey shots I've submitted and it especially goes out to Lil Judd, who showed particular concern for the birds after last week I mentioned some people wanted to kick the birds out. Lil, no worries, the story has a happy ending as the birds have now relocated themselves without any human prodding, to some big power lines closer to the water. As you can tell with this one, they really like fish.
    Taken with a D90 w/ 80-200 f/2.8 @ f/4, ISO 200, 1/2000s, spot-metered.
  114. I must say that this thread has become the highlight of my week too! So many terrific photos and friendly exchanges.
  115. If you don't mind my asking, other than using Nikon gear, what are the requirements for posting to this thread? Only photos this day? Only this week? etc.
  116. Per Christian Nilssen there was no post photo manipultion on the actual image I did crop a bit. I will wait a bit and post more info.Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of magic done from my end.
  117. A sample of 3200 ISO.
  118. @Aguinaldo
    That's astounding. Is it just as good at larger sizes or does it look so smooth because of the drastically reduced dimensions?
  119. Rene: That 180 is one of my favourites. It will never be sold!
    GeorgS: That seagull really had an attitude, I can tell you. The picture was shot 1,5m away, and he was waiting for more food...... Very nice expression on the face of the girl in your picture. She seems proud.
    Nina: I like the color tones and the models expression & eyes
    Richard: Crystal clear image, and handheld! - even with VR, well done!
    Ryan: Excellent wedding shot. You can feel their passion for eachother.
    Freddy: I can assure you, that whan many of these arrive, I take cover too! ;) Reminds me too much of the Hitchcock movie......
    Sasvata: It was a hungry bird! ;)
    Michal: WOW! I am now a celeb shooter - or bird paparazzi. DeNiro is one of my favourites.
    @Everyone: THANK YOU for posting such marvellous photos. You have all inspired me soooo much!
  120. It's not so smooth when you see it larger.
    I'll try to send the link for a larger version.
  121. "Nice angle on your shot, Eric, but I was wondering which Tammy gave you that flare."
    @ bruce: that's not flare, it's available light!
    in this case you have three fluoro lights which provide the only illumination for the scene. overall i think the flare is pretty well-controlled, considering i was shooting directly underneath the light source.
    i guess i didnt find it distracting because i didnt even notice it until you said something. but this is really an as-is shot, no PP, straight-out-the-camera jpeg, not something i fussed with for more than a couple seconds. i didnt even use a lens hood, not that that would have helped given the angle i shot at. sometimes i think a bit of flare adds aesthetic interest, though i guess i could have PS-ed it out.
    honestly, i think a lot of lenses wouldnt have fared as well as the tammy 17-50 in those circumstances. i was actually more concerned about using that lens's distortion at 17mm to my advantage. anyway, technical stuff was: d300, tamron 17-50 @2.8, 1/60, ISO 2000.
    @ everyone else: well done! once again, too many awesome shots to list them all.
    a few more standouts for me:
    heather's japanese fountain--excellent d40/18-55 work
    glenn's haunted mansion--very stephen king
    mykhail's canal shot--great colors!
    michael's baby birds--not bad for 18-200 at all
    matthew's mountain shot--inspiring
    darko's dandelion--another keeper with a kit lens (what's up with that?)
    richard's robin--it rocks
    and ton's portrait--great use of DoF
    thanks everybody, great work!
  122. Eric Arnold -- thanks, the real credit goes to the wonderful people of Burano, who have turned their town into a work of art, and put up most graciously with the tourists with their cameras! I wish I could post more of these -- an incredible place!
  123. Matthew: Great pics as always!!
    @ Michael / Glenn : Thanks :)
    Beautiful photos everyone....keep it coming!!
  124. Well, I've been going through what's here & I must say we have a talented group of people here. These stand out to me - & it's almost every shot .....
    Per-Christian - your shot did not load for me last nigh for some reason - Neat shot, that gull sure has attitude. :)
    Shawn - that's a lovely shot
    Sjoerd - early, well that's what happens when I wake up in the middle of the night with everything on & a shot ready - I can post. :) Neat shot of the wine glasses.
    Ian - love the shot
    Ton - so sweet, love it.
    Rene' - check my site. I have a full bathing sequence there ( ) of a bathing Robin - Rather unusual I've been told.
    Mike - neat shot. I have to try my 14-24 on the D700....
    Georg - that shot should be in schools or an ad campaign to encourage reading for children. I like it a lot.
    Anish - Thank you. I'm not sure I picked the right one. The whole series is at the above link on my site....
    Elliot - I've only tried surfers once but did not get the action you've captured here.....
    Nina - interesting message....
    Richard - thank you & that's a lovely Robin. Hope you get some baby captures....
    Michael - love the peonies
    Dan - super cute. Frame it & put it on a wall.
    Monica - looks idyllic
    Benjamin - cute shot
    Bruce - neat shot - too bad you list his e-mail....
    Susan - love the angle
    Jonathan - nice flower
    Wayne - congratulations
    John - sorry can't open your shot.
    Matthew - beautiful shot from Australia. I so want to go......
    Dieter - WOW I love these guys..... Best shot of them I've ever seen. :)
    Fab - love the sea of tulips.
    Joe - beautiful shot. Well done.
    Raden - wow - you got a bat in flight as well....
    Heather - nice shot
    Michael - love the four screaming for food little beaks....
    Sasvata - thank you. I was stalking this one on a lawn with no where to hide. It's a 50% crop. Hard to do when there is no where to hide.... I love the colors in your shot.
    Mikhail - love it
    Gabe - Glad to hear that. All needed is a post that's the tallest around. They'll pick that one. That's what they want. Fish is what they do & eat. Nice shot.
    OK - I've done it again. I've almost commented on every shot. If I've missed, well I have, some it's because I comment what my first thought is - please forgive.... This thread never seizes to amaze me.
    Lil :)
  125. Hi all. My first post here.
    Indianapolis airport. D90, 18-55 lens at 18mm
    1/2.5 sec f/16[​IMG]
  126. Hmmm. I uploaded the image to my gallery, but can't seem to insert it. I get a "?" image.
    Any help?
  127. Doug, when looking at the picture in your gallery, right click it, then choose "View Image".

    This will show just the image in your browser. Now copy the address from your address bar, and use then when you do the "Insert Image".
  128. @Aguinaldo
    Thanks - the full size still looks really great for an ISO 3200 shot. I am really impressed. The exposure must have been just right to get such a good shot.
  129. Wonderful photos everyone. This is at Graceland. Know there are thousands of shots of this but I was amazed I got one with no tourists in it. Was a busy place.
  130. Wonderful photos everyone. This is at Graceland. Know there are thousands of shots of this but I was amazed I got one with no tourists in it. Was a busy place.
  131. Wonderful photos everyone. This is at Graceland. Know there are thousands of shots of this but I was amazed I got one with no tourists in it. Was a busy place.
  132. Eric, thanks for the answer. Really, I haven't seen the distortion so many talk about at 17mm though there has been some detail falloff at the edges. Just curious about it because I have seem the same thing at times so I was wondering if maybe this time you used the 28-75 instead. Next week I will try to post one of my photos from inside the Sistine Chapel at 17mm to show you what I mean.
  133. One more try.
    My first post here.
    Taken at the really nice Airport at Indianapolis.
    Nikon D90, 18-55 lens at 18mm
    1/2.5 sec f/16

  134. Hi everyone. Very nice shots Lil, Rene' and Jose'.
    Here is mine today
  135. Sorry wrong info on settings, its actually 4 sec @ f22
  136. Dennis, thanks for the info. Impressive shot.
  137. Welcome to posting Doug ,
    it gets addictive I find. :) looks like a nice & up to date airport.
    Thanks Simon - I looked at your shot & wondered about the f/4.... f/22 seems more understandable. :) nice shot & I love lemons. :)
    Lil :)
  138. "I haven't seen the distortion so many talk about at 17mm though there has been some detail falloff at the edges. Just curious about it because I have seem the same thing at times so I was wondering if maybe this time you used the 28-75 instead."
    you couldnt tell from the wideness that was the 17-50? LOL.
    actually bruce, the 28-75 is less flare-resistant, i think. its an older design and not specifically developed for digital so the 17-50 may have a more resistant coating on the front element. i generally dont shoot a lot of landscapes with either one, so corner falloff isnt as important to me as wide-open performance and things of that nature.
    you will definitely see some distortion with the 17-50 wide open at 17mm, and wide-angles in general tend to do that--if i shoot people pics with the 12-24, i try to be at 17-24 for that reason, especially at large apertures. sometimes the edges do get a little weird with the 17-50. but if you know what to expect, you can work around it. in my shot, the 3-d effect of the guitar in the mural might have received a subtle boost from the tamron's curvature, and i purposely angled it like that to emphasize that effect. in general, though, i dont really worry too much about distortion or flare with that lens.
    would love to see your sistine chapel shots, post by all means!
    oh look, some latecomers:aguinaldo, that's a clean 3200, no question.
    doug, nice use of slow shutter to emphasize escalator movement.
    and sanford, i'm a sucker for simple, effective pics. the orange on the right looks like a partially-eclipsed planet. great texture and use of black space.
  139. Posted for my 9 year old daughter Olivia
    D200 @100ISO 18-200 f8 29mm 1/250sec
    Cropped and straightened the horizon about 2~3 degrees
  140. Lil, thank you for your kind words.
  141. Thanks very much Lil and Eric .
  142. I don`t want to mention my favourites but the ones who inspire me... (it means the ones that clumsily I`ll try to copy): Renè, Gary, Pedro, Richard (as usual, finally you`ll make me to use a long lens), Michael, Matthew, Michael M. little birds, Richard K. city scene (there is life in the pic!).
    Dan, funny child shot. Rodger B., is refreshing a scuba pic here (a Zeagle was my first jkt).
    Paul, a 50mm prime makes me to think what I`m doing... it also makes me to use the camera more times for the smaller bulk. If you have a FX and don`t have a 50AFD it is a must. If you already have a 50AFD in good shape or a DX camera, I`d wait. If you use 50s so often, I`d fell.
    Lil, beautiful pic, as usual. Both are family members. Nina, I always stop on your pics.
    Anish, in two-three weeks we`ll be toasted here... weather forecasts announce a very hot summer... ouch!
    Sanford, your prayer makes me smile.
    Thanks Paul, Pedro, Lil, Sjoerd, Georg, Bruce (he looks J.Nicholson`s son, perhaps the Wayfarers?), Sasvata, Michael M. for your kind words. I hope not to miss anyone. I`m pleased.
    I want also to thank all mentions and participation on previous wed`pic... I didn`t have occasion for checking in time.
  143. David vs. Goliath
    D300 w/ 18-200 VR ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/320 sec Aperture: 7.1 Focal Length: 200mm w/ Hoya CP

    BTW, David won :)
  144. To Wes Hill: Check the post from Lex Jenkins (our moderator) in the previous WeD piC thread (#20); it cannot be better explained.
  145. bmm


    I LOVE this thread. I get to post in the evening on Wednesday (Australian time), go to sleep, and wake up to over 100 wonderful works. Its just fabulous. Thanks for the kind comments I've received. And in kind I have a few shout-outs of my own.
    Shawn your bluebells are just totally charming; a lovely image.
    Nina you have this knack of making my jaw drop every week with your portraiture and your treatment of colour and mood. I'd kill to be 10% of the portrait photographer that you are.
    Glen your haunted hotel is wonderful, truly menacing, great concept for the image.
    Simon your image of the lemons is wonderful and elegant. Ditto to Gary McGhee for that flower early on.
    And Nish you get my nostalgia award as I was in that square in Atlanta just on New Years Eve, on a massive sugar high from having visited World of Coke and drunk all 64 varieties, and acting stupid with a bunch of dear friends who I don't see nearly often enough.
  146. Gulf sunset
  147. Wow, what a day for excellent photos!
    Thank you again, Jose for being our gracious host...long lenses can be very satisfying, try one, you'll have fun!
    Anish, thank you for the kind comment and enjoy your new lens!
    Ben Schaefer, wonderful candid shot...a real keepsake!
    Mike M., well, you glad to see you here!
    Sasvata, thank you very much!
    Michael Miles, thank you very much!
    Per-Christian, great shot with surreal definition of the eyes and thanks for the comment!
    Eric, nice work as usual! Thanks for the rockin' robin comment!
    Lil, thank you, I'll see what I can get without disturbing them.
    Simon, excellent fruit!
    Glenn C., thank you so much! I don't really have any "tricks", but I have learned some things about the camera and the processing over the past year. This image was taken in bright sun, so I was able to get a fairly good in-focus shot at f8, iso 200 with a slow lens. The robin was over-exposed some in the original. I shot it uncompressed at 14-bit RAW, so I brought down the exposure by a little in post. I applied some sharpening, some cropping, a touch of contrast, some highlight recovery and increased the luminance of yellow and red. I pushed up the vibrancy very slightly and brought down the high tonal width a bit. I use Aperture 2.1.3 as it's more intuitive for my tastes. After each adjustment, I check the result full screen on a 24" iMac. This took about 40 minutes. The bird"s beak could use some dodging, but I'm no good at that...yet. It's a fun process.
    What a great thread! Thank you all for participating!
  148. bms


    Thanks for the kind mentions! Great thread - now it is another 6 days........ already thiking what to post next, but I'll be on vacation, so maybe I'll have to skip a few :(
    Really don't have a true favorite but I thin the winner is Olivia (aka Wes Hills daughter) -all I can say is WOW.
  149. [​IMG][​IMG] Hi everybody, I was away for some time.

  150. Nikon D3 with 24-70mm f2.8 lens.
    Ambient light
    Wedding in 100 year old WV farmhouse.
    Sorry file was to big repost below.
  151. Nikon D3 with 24-70mm f2.8 lens.
    Ambient light
    Wedding in 100 year old WV farmhouse.
  152. D300 & 18-200
    iso 200
  153. Iron Rail
    D700, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, f/18, 1/250s
  154. Iron Rail
  155. sorry for miscrediting your name simon. great pic.
    shamsaldin, what is that? that is fantastic!
    wes, that could illustrate or (inspire) a robert louis stevenson novel. brilliant.
    don, that looks like flash was used. the couple must be happy indeed.
  156. I just bought my Nikon D60 a week ago today. Still learning and experimenting. Tonight I took a picture of my pond right at dusk. I bought a natural density filter today and wanted to try the slow water effect. Very hard but still playing with different settings. Thanks for looking and thanks for all the photos in this post today.
  157. First post. New to photography and loving it. D90 hand held from a boat ride down in South Louisiana. 18-105 kit lens, 105mm, 1/50, f/5.7, ISO 250. Did some saturation adjustments in iPhoto (maybe too much?) Thanks for all the great info!!
  158. [​IMG]
    Nikon F5
    Nikkor Ai-S 105 2.8f micro
    Fuji Reala 100
  159. Oops, WedNEsDAy already! It almost passed me by. Great shots everyone. Some of my favorites are: Gary's bud (how do you get that black background?), Per-Christian's Gull, Hector's parade, Wayne's gift shop, Adey's BBQ (yum!), Michael's chicks, C. Bay's apartments, Mikkihail's colorful canal, Richard's Beacon Hill, and Chris's buttery dark fountain. Nice everyone!
    I headed for the hills Monday, drove over Ebbetts Pass into Hope Valley and back through Kit Carson Pass. This is South of Lake Tahoe in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains. There was still snow in them thar hills but the temperature was into the 80s and beautifully clear.
    For some reason my D90 gave me fits with wiley exposure levels and poor white balance (in Manual mode). I tried three different lenses and all had troubles. Everything worked fine when I got home, go figure??? Since I mostly shoot JPEG there wasn't much wiggle room for adjustments.
    This shot could be saved with a lot of post processing. D90, 16-85mm @16mm, 1/400, f/11, ISO 320.
  160. Thanks very much Richard and Bernard.
    That's ok Eric.
  161. Bernard, Lil thanks for the encouragement :)
    I will be away on a cycling holiday next week and be sad to miss this thread, see you in #23 !
  162. As usual.... What a thread! Today I am on the road and I just checked into my hotel and after a very long drive I finally get to relax and appreciate all the work you have done. Beautiful shots everyone!
    I also found so many encouraging comments about my shot! Sorry I don't reply individually but there are too many! I really appreciate it and makes me wanna try harder for next week.....
    A little story..... on the road, I stopped at this camera shop. Uhmm! I have bought a few lenses there and also my son's camera. Anyway... I walked into the store and found they are selling the D3 at a discount price. Around 450.000 Yen. It is usually sold at full price 499,000. So I took a look and it made me think..... then I walked to the used camera space on the back of the store! Surprised! A mint D3 body at 350,000. (6 months warranty). I had only 320,000 with me.... and they wouldn't let it go...... so I left it on hold until tomorrow.... I told them I will call at 8 am if I want it..... Ahhhh! What a dilemma..... I won't be able to sleep tonight! I haven't checked well but outside it looks mint....
    Well...... I will try to relax and think about it over night! Cheers!
    LIL..... WOW! Great shots on that link!
  163. Jose..... Why don't you like long lenses????? I find my 300 so versatile..... it can be use for anything, close ups, birds, portrait, candid, landscape, etc. That is the lens I never leave home and if I get an FX body it will be glued permanently to my D300.
  164. Rene'
    Hope to see your next Wed shot with a D3.
    Good Luck
  165. The ones that really "jumped out" at me for one reason or another:
    Jose : Great frozen moment, and a real three-dimensional appearance.
    Gary : A haunting, simple composition with good use of light and shadow
    Per-Christian : Great expression on the bird, tack-sharp, and a nice tight close-up
    Anish : Good light, colors, and shapes. A new take on an often-photographed building.
    Shawn : Nice shadows and use of B&W
    Ton : A powerful portrait with great expressions, light, and detail
    Ilkka : Amazingly three-dimensional! Like an old ViewMaster slide.
    Matthew : Great landscape with perfectly-captured sun rays through the clouds (but crop out some of the bottom!)
    C.Bay : Nice composition (but I would crop it so the building facade fills the frame).
    Mikhail : Great colors and reflections.
    Don : Nice wedding shot with good use of sunlight indoors. Next time upload a larger size!
    Shamsaldin : Very nice abstract with good sense of motion.
  166. Lil
    Just seen your Robin link. Excellent!
  167. Renè, I like them... but I almost never have the opportunity of using them... I`m always running. I can tell that you, Lil and Richard are pushing me... I wish one day I will take my tripod, my old 300 and a folding chair to see if I can get anything...
    BTW, Lil`s pics remind me the sample ones shown in Apple Aperture 2... impressive.
  168. Brian & Justin: Thank you.
  169. Jose: It's going to get warm here as well soon :)
    Lil: The album is really nice!!
    Justin: Thanks for the comment - I must admit, I too have taken a whole bunch of pictures of St Pauls, from different angels though :)
  170. Wonderful shots, everyone. I enjoy this forum for the enthusiasm and sense of community you Nikonians share. As a member of 'the other bunch', I'm embarrassesd to say it seems from various forum threads that the Canonians are to busy obsessing about their gear to actually use and enjoy it...
  171. [​IMG]
    Near Regent's Park, London, earlier this year. Nikon F90X, Fuji Superia 400, 50mm f1.8, 1/15th, hand held...
    My favourites this week: Aguinaldo's lovely subway shot, C. Bay's building, Pedro's chairs and Nina's hair.
  172. Bernard - you should start of POTW over there at Canon. I have a Canon P&S and would love to contribute.
  173. Wonderful Wednesday again! I'm very late since I've been stuck travelling and I would not have posted but Hector's May 17th shot in Tromsø Norway inspired me. I'd be suprised if Hector and I didn't bump into each other not knowing it. Here is a shot from the same day a block away during another parade.
  174. Bernard - We also enjoy obsessing. We just take a little break on WedNEsDAy.
  175. Shawn , any time. I feel positive feedback is the best incentive to drive us all on. :)
    Rene' - thank you. You're took kind. :) Glad you enjoyed them. :)
    Simon - thank you. You are also too kind. I'm glad you enjoyed them & good luck in your purchase of the new lens. Can't wait to see how you do with it. :)
    Jose - I can't help but have to ask.... What are the samples in Apple Aperture 2. I guess this is a compliment & thus I thank you. I've not ever worked in Aperture so I don't know. :)
    Anish - thank you as well. :)
    To all those who visited my Zenfolio gallery - Thank you. :)
    The quality of the photos in these threads amaze me each week. I love looking at them & Wednesdays are now such a joy for me having this to look forward to.
    Thanks all for contributing & especially to Jose who started the thread - it sure shows how talented the people in the forum are.
    Lil :)
  176. A day late and a dollar short, I'm afraid. Don't ask! It's been one of those weeks where one thing leads to another and the car needs attention and I have a prior social engagement and ..... blah, blah, blah.
    Anyways. Managed to actually find time to use the camera at one point, and here's one of the results.
    Technical stuff: D700 with 14-24 AFSIFEDGN lens (C,mon Nikon you'll run out of alphabet soon). Some shutter speed or other @ an aperture between f/2.8 and f/22. Oh, just read the Exif data if you're that bothered.
  177. Lil, Aperture comes pre-loaded with some tutorial sample images of birds, travel, weddings and more. All taken by professional photographers with both Nikon and Canon gear. Jose is correct, your robin photo and many others could easily be included in the Aperture sample images.
  178. Lil, very impressive bird shots. Congrats from Norway!
  179. Bernard & Sanford: If you start a Canon equivalent, please let us know. I often carry a G10 with me!
  180. this thread is growing week by week. all good stuff.
    thanks to all for the nice comments on my tulip shot.
    Brian, the black background was just a piece of black card.
    cheers, gary.
  181. Richard is right. Lil, this one from the week #17 looks like taken from this tutorial. Check the screenshot below; it looks to be from the same sort. This one has been taken at a similar angle although the backgroud is ugly blue (BTW, I prefer yours). There are other two samples from a very similar bird with the same pleasant green background.
  182. Richard -
    thank you for the clarification. I am humbled.... Thank you so very much.
    Per-Christian -
    thank you from our dear old North.
    Jose -
    thank you so very much for your compliment. I feel I've grown a lot of the last few years & the support of this forum & others have been a huge part of that. I am very grateful to all those who've helped & nurtured me.
    Lil :)
  183. Bernard, Per-Christian, Canon won't allow a POTD or POTW thread for some reason. They only have five categories of questions while this forum has over thirty!
  184. Well better late than never. Here's another photo from Columbus Circle, New York. This time from above the pavement.
  185. Thanks Gary. I'd seen black backgrounds used with similar looking animal shots and had always meant to ask... I assume they were doing something different however. Still, it's a good technique for making the subject stand out. thanks
    Wow Jeff, great long exposure!
  186. Houston Art car parade, last week.
  187. thanks Georg, Dick, Shash, Eric, Lil & Justin. What got me here was the sheer and all too obvious enthousiasm displayed. To be honest I don't think all photos here are great and wonderfull but so what. What is however is the fact that it's increasingly inspiring to people all around and pushes them in a very positive way to upload ( and improve) their work. Great job.
  188. Bernard, Per-Christian, Canon won't allow a POTD or POTW thread for some reason. They only have five categories of questions while this forum has over thirty!
    Sanford, another reason why the Nikon forum at is the best (no, I am not going to start a flame war - that's why I mention the forum, and not the brands!! ;) ;) )
  189. Or, maybe we should establish a new "Thursday" thread: "For Nikon shooters who by some or other reason this time only brought with him or her a non-Nikon P&S" :D :D
  190. Jeff: that's a nice shot. Good exposure and composition!!
  191. We should start a Canon POTW thread right here on the Nikon forum! Let's support our fellow shooters (and maybe pull some of them away from the Dark Side... :)
  192. Jose..... Why don't you like long lenses?????​
    Because Jose is (secretly) a ninja and doesn't need to be bothered with things like telephoto ;)
  193. Hi everybody, that was a long wednesday, haha

    Per-Christian, does the seagull desktop help? haha
    Ryan, Sasvata, Michael and lil, thanks you for the nice comments.
    I really appreciate the comments people send, they really encourage me to contribute to this wonderful thread
    Always looking forward to wednesday to see all the great pictures and comments.

    A lot of pictures have been added since I posted, so I will (try) to give a short update on favourites:

    hector, the colors blind me
    Lil, you always have some fascinating birds
    Anish, nice shot, great angle
    Ian, I see more ghosts than just the ghostly hand
    Ton, nice portret
    benjamin, she looks happy
    Dennis, how do you get a shot like that?
    Eli, nice fire rings
    Matthew, my top favourite, great shot
    Dieter, there are some weird animals on this planet
    Adey, yummy
    Michael, FEED ME
    John, nice kitty
    Jeff, great shot, would have been nice to see even more car lights moving on the right side

    See you all next wednesday
  194. gee, I was Nr. 200 to respond, well done Jose, new record?
  195. "We should start a Canon POTW thread right here on the Nikon forum! Let's support our fellow shooters (and maybe pull some of them away from the Dark Side... :)"
    justin, canon is the dark side. only darth vader could love a company that makes you pay 8 grand just to get their best AF performance. that would be pretty funny, but also ironic, as it would again speak to the ubiquity of nikon and the, well, whatever it is that canon doesnt have, of canon.
  196. Dead whale...
    D700, Nikon 24-70 @ 70, 1600, 2.8. ISO 200
  197. Sjoerd, No it does not help... :D :D
    Please don't tell my boss....... ;)
  198. Eric, you misunderstood me. I was talking about pulling Canon shooters away from Canon, over to Nikon. Not vice-versa.

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