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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Happy Wednesday, Nikonistas. Here's hoping that those of you across the US midwest and northeast still have power and internet access - that's quite a storm blowing through tonight. Just before sunset, we had our two dogs out for a hard romp in the snow, and wore all of us out. They offered to make a tangled, doggy photographic abstraction for me while they slept it off. There are two noses in there, somewhere. Share a photo!
  2. Bitter cold and lots of ice in Dallas.
  3. I’m posting this photo not for the sports action, but for the contrast between the surfer and his shadow. The surfer is intense, flying, focused. His shadow is a chair.
  4. Happy Wednesday everyone. Thank you to everyone who commented on my photo last week. I appreciate your taking the time to notice.
    The Pere Marquette No. 1225, the largest operating steam locomotive of its kind. This majestic locomotive was also used to generate computer images for the Warner Brothers film, "The Polar Express."
    The original has been converted to B&W and then I turned the headlight back on.
  5. Another one from the tropical house at the conservatory. It is too cold out to take pictures.
  6. Hopefully, I can get out to take some storm photos tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I've been taking indoor macro shots. Here is my wife's favorite flower: the Star Lilly.
  7. Hello Everybody,
    my photo this week is a collage that I created for my photography group B&W theme.
    Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2.8@ISO 1600, f/2.8, 1/40s
    Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing all your photos.
  8. Cowboy at work.
    80-200/2.8 at f3.2, 1/50sec. D700, ISO 2000.
    Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo, 2011.
  9. Three graces
  10. I'm working 20 miles due east of Columbus, Ohio right now. The electric has been off for the last 3 or 4 hours in this area. My office has standby generators so I'm good to go. The television stations are reporting up to 1 inch of ice on the trees and power lines at this time. It's supposed to get worse.
    Back to the fun stuff. We had some stale bagels left over in the lunch room Monday night so a couple of us hung them out on the 'Bagel Tree' for the birds to eat. This picture was taken around 5 this evening before the ice got really heavy.
    Hope everyone affected by the winter storm makes it through the night OK.
  11. Another one from the tropical house at the conservatory. It is too cold out to take pictures.​
    Sure, OK... you keep thinking that ;)
    This was made in -15F, plus wind, with my D90 that I finally received back from Nikon, repaired on warranty, after a unacceptably-long two months...
    D90 @ 1/1250, ISO 100
    55-200 VR @ 200mm, f/11
  12. Looks like a great start for our Wednesday photo.
    Mine this week is a pond scene which is very common here in Western Kentucky. I did some processes in PS and I used Topaz for some others.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  13. Matt - such beautiful tones in you picture. Nicely done!
    Here's mine - I was at a local playground with the grandchildren when I noticed this young mother desperately trying to get her child to smile for a picture. She tried every expression possible, and at some point in the process, I snapped this shot.
  14. acm


    Hello again all Nikoners! Posting a picture taken last week, a cottage house made out of wood and its occupants sitting out in the compound.
  15. Reserved
  16. D90, ISO 200, 160 @ f/4
  17. WedNEsDAy PiC 2011 #05

    Navigating a thread …
    Camera: Nikon D200
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 G IF ED
    Settings: 200 mm, 1/250 sec, f/5.6 and ISO 100 (Manual, hand held, camera flash)
  18. One tough bird... a wild bald eagle winging its way across the snow covered rural setting of Iowa. Notice that one talon is missing which would put this bird at a disadvantage normally, but it appears to be healthy and well fed and was observed competing with other eagles for food in an agressive and successful manner. Nikon D300 80-400VR.
  19. Trumpeter Swans taken in early light in late December. It looks like one might be pointing out the shortcomings of the other.
  20. A beautiful beast. Love it.
    D700, iso 800, 1/320, f/18, 62mm
  21. I found it! My 52mm IR filter that has been missing since my last move. I thought I would try some IR work with my D200 and a 50mm f/1.4 AIS lens.
    I see we're off to a quick start.
    Matt, That is fantastic! Big woof's to you.
    David, Very nice!
    Epp, Nice mood.
    Gregg, Eeek!
    Ron, Love the light and expression.
    Tom, Wonderful. I have to watch out for those bastards every time I'm walking my dog and the birds go crazy. They live all over the place here in Central Oregon.
  22. Recently I caught the early morning ferry to Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, Washington. Standing on the front deck, the great views were worth a little discomfort from the wind chill. Nikon D80, Tamron 17-50.
  23. I took my trusty CV 58 to a show last week. As expected I only got a small handfull of keepers (about 1%, thank goodness fer digital). Interestingly enough, I think that Lightroom's noise reduction 'ruined' another 1% too.
    D200 • ISO 800 • Voigtlander 58/1.4 • ƒ/1.4 • 1/125th
  24. here's a shot of this one-woman band at a mission st. cafe in SF. actually it wasnt completely a one woman band, though she's playing guitar, singing, and triggering two drums--one with her neck. she also had a bassist and a dancer...
  25. Tulips, daffodils and Karen Rose, my bride of 33+ years.
  26. Morning Nikonistas,
    What a great spread of images already...
    This is a very early morning shot, sun still struggling over the horizon.Technically not a great shot but it's a favourite...there is something that makes me want to look at it...must try harder!!
    D40X 50-500mm, F/4-6.3G (@500mm) F/6.3 @ 1/500s ISO 900[​IMG]
  27. My son Braeden...Have a great Wednesday all. Excellent entries so far.
  28. Has been blowing quite hard last Sunday and some kiteboarders were out having fun.
  29. Here's Miss Snit outside after it warmed up to -25C. Good thing Corgis are hardy little dogs. I like the sparkle and blue cast of the snow when it's this cold and bright. By the way, the big storm is passing to the south of us. Guess even storms don't like the cold!
  30. My first attempt at capturing Water Drops.
  31. Greetings all. Seeing as I'm cameraless for the time being, I get to post this courtesy of the wonderful Janine Burger lending me her camera and pretty smile. Again this proves that sunlight through a window and a handy reflector do give a wonderful soft light.
    And for the record, will be buying back into Nikon when finances improve. Feels like I will be coming home.
    Have a wonderful wednesday all.
  32. Following Matt's b+w start, and nodding to our ephemeral winter.....
  33. A refurbished mountain chapel (originally from the 16th C.), in the granite land. Nothing like shooting plenty of good light... A pretty cold morning, BTW.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 24-120/4 (44mm), f8 - 1/1000sec., -0.7EV.
  34. Another dog photo - D200, 18-70, From North Beach, San Francisco on the noir-ish side[​IMG]
  35. A sunny sunday pic.
    Best regards for you all.
  36. Tom's, Alex's and Jennifer's shots stand out for me. The rest is of its usual high quality.
    Mine was taken last September in the beautiful city of Lisbon.
    D700, Tokina 19-35 AF 3.5-4D, ISO 200, 1/160 F10 with pola.
  37. My contribution this week was taken last Sunday afternoon here in North Carolina of a local landmark. I used my converted to IR Nikon D200 with my Nikon 18-70mm lens at 70mm, f11 @ 1/40 second ISO 100. Thanks for looking.
  38. I don't know if this snowy egret is drinking, gargling, or taking a shower.
    Nikon d90, Nikkor 7-=300vr @300mm, ISO400, f5.6 for 1/1600sec, -1ev.
  39. Snowstorm deja vu last week - flew into Baltimore last Wednesday night, dug the car out of the lot, crawled home on un-plowed or barely plowed roads and arrived in time to watch a tree fall across wires plunging the town into darkness. Took this photo the next AM. The building is a elderly woodworker's shop. I have always liked the corregated steel and silver paint of this structure.
  40. Spent 3 evenings shooting pics at a lake close to my house. The sunsets leave some real nice color reflections. Great shots so far. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20E III, 600mm, F/11, 1/800sec, ISO 800, mono pod .
  41. Happy Wednesday! Beautiful photos. Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is staying warm! The cold front made it all the way to south Texas. Yesterday, we were in the 80's; this morning in the 30's. I probably won't be seeing any bugs for the next few days. I found this little damsel fly drying off from the morning dew the other day, and was surprised it let me get so close (used my Tamron 60mm with a working distance of about 4 inches). It even did a head spin for me. (D90/Tamron 60mm, natural light @ 1/90, f/8, ISO 250)
  42. Good Morning. The Northeast is having a wonderful icestorm but my picture comes from my baby's party on Saturday. She wanted a Tinkerbell themed cake and I decided to use my lensbaby to get the shot.
    D300 lensbaby Composer with the Aperture ring @ f/5.6. Shot at ISO 200 with SB900 firing towards the ceiling
  43. Great shots everyone!
    "It is too cold out to take pictures." That happens here in South Florida when the temperature drops below 70!
    A couple of fully restored WWII bombers and a WWII fighter were on display at a small airport in Boca Raton this past weekend. We were fortunate to be on the highway leading to the airport as one of them flew overhead and then landed - truly an amazing sight! This photo was taken of the cockpit of one called "Witchcraft". Shot at 12mm on FX, its interior looks spacious because of the ultrawide view. In reality, it is so small my 9 year didn't have much wiggle room when he sat in the pilot's seat.
  44. Our greyhounds enjoying a high-speed game of tag. This went on for three or four minutes, then they had to rest up with a six hour nap.
    D700, 70-200 VR I @200mm, ISO 400, 1/1250 @ f/4.
  45. Someone tossed a bouquet of these brightly colored flowers into a Tempe Town Lake and I thought they looked somewhat surreal floating as they were. Taken with a Nikon D80, Tokina 50-135 f/28.
  46. [​IMG]
    Model: NIKON D700, Nikkor 28-300mm VR, ISO: 200, Exposure: 1/60 sec, Aperture: 4.0, Focal Length: 50mm
  47. Good Morning Wednesday :)
    looking forward for the Boston Red Sox training in March and regular season in April. Nikon D90 with Tamron 60mm @ f8 1/200 ISO 200
  48. Deceiving - looks like summer (until you look closely), feels like winter.....
  49. It's been raining non-stop for almost a week in this part of Malaysia. Two towns were flooded. I found this zebra dove warming up in the parking lot of my work place late Monday afternoon. D90 + 70300VR.
  50. just say "NO"
  51. Hi there folks ! Excellent pictures, as usual there !!
    My contribution this week is a little emotional for me - I was getting ready to go out to take some winter pictures and somehow the camera bag slipped from my shoulder and down came with a 'thud' on the wooden floor. When opened, the lens cap was stuck in the filter and filter ring was showing some damage signs on side - had to stuggle to take it out and found that my hoya UV filter that was sitting on the lens for last five years had cracks - but still in the ring... that guy saved my lens and camera - good bye hoya !!!
  52. "The trees are falling . . .past my window . . ." or will be as we progress toward an ice coating upwards of 1 inch, and I'm really getting tired of Winter.
    Thus I'm gonna dwell on 3 weeks ago and the end of a day on the beach in Antigua.
    D700 @ ISO 1600, 24-85 @ 32mm and f/8 for 1/2000 sec.
  53. I found these dangling pieces of ice along a stream yesterday.
  54. Happy Wednesday. Found this fellow wandering around the San Antonio Zoo - looks like he was visiting his cousins.
  55. White tree, blue sky
  56. Side Entrance. D700, 14mm.
  57. Martini Cosmo. Enjoy.
  58. Love that Bone!
  59. Beautiful shots everyone !! Hope everyone stays warm and safe.
    D300 60mm micro 20mm tube f/16 shutter 1/80 ISO 200
  60. This is my contribution for this week. Nikon D3100 + kit lens
  61. Hoops night.
  62. Wow! This is one of the best Wednesday Pic -threads so far... Here's my humble contribution to it.
  63. Cold day at the beach
  64. Brown Pelican at Pass Manchac, Louisiana on a dreary Saturday afternoon.
  65. i had a wonderful adventure saturday afternoon. i went downtown looking for gritty street scenes and came upon a cheering competition at the convention center instead. needless to say, this was something not only totally unexpected but beyond anything i ever imagined or could have conceived... it was a trip!
  66. As usual, there are lots of beautiful pictures posted this week. Epp B., I'm very glad your camera has returned. I spent some time looking at your picture. I love the composition and tone.
    Well, if you hadn't heard, North Texas was hit by an ice storm yesterday. It's not so good for snowmen but we were able to get out the sleds.
  67. More beautiful shots this week. Nice to see warm sunny photos during this harsh New Hampshire winter storm. Stay warm my friends.
  68. Here is mine for the week. A simple composition - I hope you like it. Nikon D700 + Nikon 70-200mm VR I. Enjoy!
  69. Morning all, I came across this shack with a few old classics in them, all in dire need of some TLC.
  70. celebrating family birthdays at a local German restaurant...
    this was done with bounce flash with the STO-FEN diffuser. Lighting worked pretty good. I just got a Rogue FlashBender and used it at an event this weekend. The lighting looks better on the camera LCD, but I haven't downloaded yet.
  71. Hi All,
    Very cold and icy here in Indiana.
    Favorites so far:

    Jana H
    Dan B
    Tom H
    Finlay J
    Jennifer M
    Christopher T
    Kris B

    Mine is a Red-shouldered Hawk I found a week or two ago.
    D90 70-300 VR
  72. Shun - that's a great shot!
  73. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Violet Sabrewing Humming Bird, Monteverde, Costa Rica
    Nikon D300 + 200-400mm/f4 AF-S VR lens and SB-900 flash @ 280mm, f4, 1/250 sec and ISO 320.
  74. Mild weather last weekend (well Sunday) so I enjoyed a walk by the sea. Worthing beach.
  75. SB900 and a beautiful model.
  76. [​IMG]
    This is the old Dixie Brewery on Tulane Ave in Downtown New Orleans. The whole area was ravaged by Katrina. It is all being cleared now for a new VA Medical Center. D 700 24/70 composite of three exposures.
  77. Eagle taking flight
  78. Here is mine from NYC.
  79. Sorry this is the same image from last week. Only this one has a much better contrast curve.
  80. a little winter melancholy
  81. Wow, some really great photos today. Played around with some Hoya close-up filters I found I had from many years ago. Shot with no tripod (and it probably shows), but still fun. Still finding old usable gear from the 'film' days.
  82. Hello, Fellow Nikonians,
    I have just bought a Nikon D7000, to substitute my 4 and 1/2 years old D80, that is becoming a bit old and rather erratic, and so I want to share one of my first trial pictures with you. I must confess that I appreciate very much the considerable improovements made in this category of Nikon cameras, namely the video capacity, the sophisticated and precise autofocus, the 6 fps speed, etc., but the JPEGs are a bit disapointing ( too pale, with little contrast, and slightly overexposed ), what prevents their direct use. I do hope Nikon will correct this via firmware update, in a near future. In the meantime I share with you a picture of the 12th century Old Lisbon Cathedral, overlooking the Tagus river. I hope you enjoy it.
    Have a good photoweek...
  83. D7000, 16-85mm lens
  84. Great time for snowshoeing but you might want to leave the honey treats home.
  85. The great Grandhog day storm of 2011 totally missed our area despite dire warnings from the weather pundits, closed schools, etc. Instead we had a little rain, warmer balmy tempertures and some sunshine.
    But in the vein of being inside on a cold day this is a session in the warm snug studio with a new-born infant. (Well 4 weeks old).
    Nikon D3 with an old 50mm f1.2 at f1.2 and at 1/250 second and ISO 640. Broncolor studio strobes and manual mode for exposure.
    All a bit different from what I normally post, but I must try to be a man for all seasons, subjects and hardware -:)
  86. Frank: Yikes! I trust there was a happy ending.
  87. Nikon D300 24-120
  88. Epp - love your photo this week; just the sort of thing I go for. I also really liked Matt's dogs and Gej's train.
    I've been practicing portraits again this week. This one is of my 12 year old son trying to look mean and moody!
  89. Here's my contribution and I'm a first time poster to POTW. D300s & 17-55, ISO 400 manual exposure.
  90. Weeds. Funny some of us consider some beautiful flowers to be nothing but weeds when they are not blooming. Nikon F4s, 55mm Micro MF, Kodak ektachrome
  91. Steve Belden--an absolutely stunning cat photo--you can see the protection and love in the mama cat's eyes.
    Great!! We need that...
    Thanks for posting.
  92. Happy to be sitting in a warm house this Wednesday while looking at everyone's pictures. Some of my favourites so far: Fi Rondo's portrait, Johnny Wooley's waterdrop and Matt Laur's dogs. Lately I've been avoiding the cold weather and working with studio lights.
  93. From my front door.
  94. D300, 20mm, f 2.8.
  95. Paul Beavin: Thank you for the kind words.
  96. Ray Gosalia-
    Main lighting to the models left, fill to the models right and possibly a third behind the model and low to highlight the background. Pretty lady, suggestive but modest pose. Good lighting. Just the right amount of sharpness. Good contrast. Natural and flattering color rendition. Very good photo. Many other good photos this week.
  97. Busy busy[​IMG]
  98. Nikon Buddies,
    Another beatiful day in the Nikon-hood. Especially eye-catching to me were photos from Tom H, Dieter S, and Shun C.
    My contribution is from a fun photo session with my kids and some dry ice.
  99. Washington - Columbia River Gorge - Table Mountain and frozen lake.
    Incredible shots everyone!!!
  100. @ Doug Santo: Thanks for the comment, I liked the lighting too... I liked the picture as soon as I saw it on camera LCD but after transferring it to the computer saw a big shadow under the cap, I wish I could have reduced it. I go to model shoot with few friends and everything is all setup so difficulty is can't change the lighting setup but then I try to learn to posing :)
  101. I moved to Scotland for this spring so I totally forgot to post my pic yesterday! Still, here's one from Saturday: "Sands of Forvie"
    Next week I'll try to make it on wednesday! :)

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