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    Happy Wednesday, Nikonistas, and welcome to our second weekly imagefest of the new year. Finally! The holidays are over, and we can all come up for air and get to some photography back out in the world. This past weekend found me covering an event in Pennsylvania, with a couple of very cold, windy, snowy mornings. But I had a chance to see how the 70-200/2.8 renders out of focus frozen precipitation, or, snowkeh, as it's called. I found the snow artifacts to be interesting against this black Tennessee Walker and the event judge who was in the saddle all day. Brrr. Did your camera batteries hold up in the weather? Share a photo!
  2. One of the American White Pelicans that winter at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.
  3. Happy WedNEsDay!
    It's a new year so I chose to try something new.
  4. This is another from last week - out in the cold looking for sunsets
  5. Trying out my new walk around lens. Because of the recent weather and work load haven't really had a chance to go out and about. Saw a group of squirrels have some snack and this guy was really giving my daughters a lot of attention.
  6. Well we got 4-5 inches of snow here in Memphis Sunday night, so of course I had to grab the camera and run out and take some pictures. We don't get much snow here. I didn't want to take much gear since I was already going to be carrying a tripod and I didn't want to have to change lenses in the blowing snow, so all I took was my 28-80 G zoom. I got a few keepers. I didn't get much "snowkeh," however, since it was a 2.5 second exposure. More of a "snow fog" effect.
  7. Hi Everyone. Great shot Matt!
    Greg Kowalczewski asked me to post his photo this week for him.
    Following From Greg Kowalczewski "My photo is of mother feeding its four children
    Nikon D300
    AF-S VR Zoom nikkor 70-200 mm f2/8 G ED VR II
    Settings: 200 mm, 1/1000 second f/2.8 Iso 720 ( Manual , Hand Held Spot , UV Filter, -.033 EV)"
    For a little while I thought Roberta was "double dipping" this week, and then I realized that this image is Greg Kowalczewski's. So I changed the line above to bold font. -- Shun
  8. Very good pictures everyone.
    Here is my post for this week: Reflections, NYC.
  9. D50 with a 50mm. Why I still like the D50: Only six MP, but hugh pixels, no those puny pixels that come with modern Nikons; eyeglass wearers can see the whole screen (because it is so small); 1/500 of a second flash sync-very useful in daylight; 288 photos on a 1GB card vs only 180 on a TWO GB card in a D300; quiet, and it always takes a picture while my D300 tends to hunt.
  10. [​IMG]
    D7000, 35F/1.8
  11. Roberta and Sanford: Yum!
  12. Bridal photo from wedding last summer when things were a bit warmer.
    Nikon D3 with 24-70mm lens at focal length 24mm and ISO 500 at f22.
  13. Let me try this again ! Such problems sorry. My mac is in for repairs and this windows 7 is killing me AARGH!!
    I was just messing around , with drops this past week end . Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.
    D300 60mm micro with 20mm tube
  14. Downtown Austin
  15. Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, at dawn.
  16. Hi Everyone
    Hope all is well
  17. This is a monastery called 'Stavrovounni' ie 'Mountain of the Cross' , perched on top of a 2000ft mountain all by its self. Its accesible via a winding road up the mountain, or in our case, if you happen to be flying by and going round it. Its so called because it supposedly houses a piece of the holly cross. I like the mix of the old with the new that the massive photocell on the side and a smaller one on the actual wall convay.
    D700, iso1000, 1/320sec, f/13, 42mm
  18. Roberta,
    Love your one drop - excellent!
    Here's mine. Liked the way this shell looked on the window sill with natural light coming through the window on an angle behind it.
  19. Hi there,
    Lar Gibbon (White Handed Gibbon) Taking a moments rest from swinging about.
  20. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D300 with 200-400mm/f4 AF-S VR @ 400mm, f4, 1/80 sec, and ISO 400, captured at Tortuguero, Costa Rica (along the Caribbean coast).
  21. acm


    WEDded to NikonEquipment! -Wednesday pic. Hello Nikonians!, Me posting a holiday picture taken about 2 months back in Thailand.
  22. Hello Everyone,
    My submission for this week.

    D5000 & Tamron 70-300 - f/5.6,1/2000, ISO 800

  23. [​IMG]
    Nikon D3s 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm, 1/40th, ISO 6400
    SB-800 handheld to camera left at 1/128th power
  24. I had spent the holidays in Abu Dhabi last month. The weather was perfect - temperature in mid 20C, sunny skies and cool breeze. I had lived here for a few years a long time back, so it was interesting to see how the place has changed. This is a photo of Emirates Palace hotel at sunset.

  25. Another shot from my vintage portrayal of the Seattle Monorail. Shot 3 weeks ago in an attempt to return to 1962 when the World's Fair opened in Seattle. Nikon N8008s w/ AIS Nikkor 85mm f/2. Ilford Delta iso 3200, yellow #2 filter.
  26. Happy Wednesday everyone! One of our four legged friends (a young Rhodesian Ridgeback) visited us last week, and she was kind enough to model for me for a few moments. Well, at least as long as I had some treats with me.
  27. it rained a bit today in oakland, so after the rain i hustled up the tripod and camera and took some urban landscape-y shots at dusk. here's one...
  28. Not so many interesting shots in my card this week... following Matt`s weather I`m posting a pic taken past saturday, a climbers group frustrated by a heavy winter storm, wasting their time inside a warm but equally boring bar. I know that feel...
    We were having chocolate and coffee with maple sirop-filled muffins in another table. Good.
    D700 @ 3200ISO + 24-120/4 (35mm), f4 - 1/60, -0.7EV
    The AW balance have worked surprisingly good, perceptible noise reduced in NX2.
  29. Mosfellsheiði, Iceland.
  30. Snow and ice come and go in our maritime climate - last week, here it's going. Roberta - that shot redefines 'messing about'!
  31. Taken at a local playground with Nikon 3100, and 35mm 1.8 lens.
  32. Respectable
  33. Ed Hazera, nice ornaments; if you like to display your pic in the thread you should resize it within 700 pixels height&width, and no more than 300Kb.
  34. Hey, great stuff this week - in particular, Matt, Bill, Roberta, Robert, Shun, Nina, Janne.
    Mine is from a D90, ISO 400, 1/200 @ f/2.8.

  35. Looks like a nice start to this cold winter day here in Kentucky. I have tried a portrait for this week. Certainly not what I normally do. I like the way that this has turned out so I am posting it today. I guess that one can tell I am in the learning stages of Photoshop also.
    I will be able to come back later in the afternoon and look more closely at the work presented here and comment on those that catch my eye.
    Thank you to all that participate and for those that keep this going from week to week.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  36. I have been playing with backlit glass again. So yesterday I took a few pics of a Fitzroy's storm glass that I received as a gift this holiday season.
    D90 with Tamron 17-50, and SB600 with blue gel and gridspot under the table pointing at the wall.
  37. Happy wednesday Nikonistans!
    Goddam I missed the first week of "Wednesday Pic 2011" although I promised myself that this year I'll try to post every week.
    My pic for this week is graphical image of my small desktop speakers:
    D200 + Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 + Flash (50mm, 1/6s, f/6.3, ISO100)
  38. particulary good week so far. so many winners. Found this in Bennington, Vt., for those who seek it
    D700 24/70
  39. On our way out the Port Of Tampa on a cruise. The sun was setting and this tug was helping us. Thought the colors were nice. Nikon D3, Nikon 28-120, 120mm, F/7, 1/80 sec, ISO 640.
  40. Charleston Falls in Miami County, Ohio, is almost frozen. There are still a couple of small flows of water still going over the falls. This picture was taken last week.
  41. Great photos again this week. Here's Dolly again. Nikon D90, 50 1.8D, ISO 200.
  42. Hummin'
  43. WOW ! Some very nice pictures there !! I liked the one particularly of this frozen fall very much. I have been dreaming of going to Niagara sometime for that :) My contribution this week is a picture I took in California last May I think - not sure if it was some specific type of grass or how, however, it was a nice color combination created by that pink color - Nikon D70s, 28-105 Nikkor ..
  44. HMMMM - folks! need some help, please. I just now posted my Pink Grass and the colors don't seem to be as I saw those on my monitor at home. Any specific tips for putting pictures on the web ? Thank you in advance.
  45. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Anand, you need to color calibate each monitor you use. I use a device called Eye-One Display 2.
  46. Nikon D700, nikkor 80-200 2.8 in color tracking mode. f2.8/ISO 400 and 1/1000.
  47. Hi to all those Nikonian devoted to this weekly forum. This event is call the Polar Sphere. Animated sphere with music. Very nice to see and ear.
  48. It was foggy last week end here in Milwaukee so I had to go out and take some photos
  49. The City Bothanic Gardens, Brisbane, Australia
  50. Another day another snowstorm here in the north east LOL. Anyway here is mine for the week. Nikon D700 + Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 vr I. Enjoy.
  51. A quiet moment between storms, the biggest of which is now upon us in Connecticut.
  52. My boys meeting after a long separation.
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  53. This week's image was taken with a Nikon D200 and a Nikon 18-70mm lens at 44mm, f11 @1/125 second, ISO 100
  54. St. Armand's Key, Sarasota
    Nikon D90, Tamron 17-50f2.8VC, 48mm, 1/45 sec., ISO 1600
  55. Another (light, thankfully) snowstorm last night, but this photo is from last week when the Christmas decorations were still up.
  56. Some really great photos up already this week. Roberta...perfect! While most of the US has been COLD, we've had pretty warm temps here until yesterday. I've found a few dragonflies this past week and sort of liked the early morning light in this photo. D90/Tamron 60mm@1/60, f/8, ISO 400.
  57. it's been a slow week for me -- yesterday i didn't snap a single photo! i did get out to the old boscobel plantation on sunday for a jaunt. it was brutally cold. dropped by on uncle dick and aunt polly.
  58. Shun, thank you and sorry for the confusion .
    Hosteen, John , Martin and Jeannean, I appreciate your comments very much!
    Those of you who are from Australia, I hope you are fairing well with the flooding -- Stay safe.
  59. Saturday afforded some time to actually get out and take some photos.
    This morning, 13 inches of snow on the ground so far has kept me home with a chance to peek at photonet.
    This was taken January 8, in Derby, Connecticut
  60. Angelica Lutheran, Los Angeles. D700, 14mm.
  61. Hi All, Well as usual there is some amazing work here, my favorites are: Gej Jones, Roberta Davidson, Kris Heylen, Donald Chesnut and Jim DeSabia.
    My contribution is from a photo shoot I did for a friend. She normally only wears black.. but I got her in pink.
    Hope you have a stunning week.
  62. Great pix all! This will be my first post. I have been viewing the Wednesday pix for well over a year and now think I want to join in. If nothing else it will get me to use my camera at least once every week and that in its self is a great resolution. We had some snow over the night and just before hopping into my Jeep to go to work I snapped this photo, enjoy.
  63. Doug Santo--another beautiful shot! Thank you!!
    Is this a hobby of yours, or is it your profession?
    Either way--your pictures of church interiors are inspiring...
    Thanks again.
  64. My first post at PN so please excuse any resulting mistake.
    A bald eagle washed in the golden morning light over the Des Moines River in SE Iowa.
    Nikon D300 80-400VR
  65. Boston.
  66. I marked a significant birthday over the weekend, and to celebrate, my sister and I revisited some of the places of our childhood. We had a wonderful day and I have quite a few nice pictures to help us remember it. This picture is of the mailbox in the home we grew up in. As a child, I thought it was so cool that the mailman just dropped the mail right into our front hallway!
    As usual, I look forward to coming back tonight and viewing all the Wednesday Pic contributions.
  67. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    The local barber waiting for customers
  68. Nikon D300 24-120
  69. Here is another image from Pennsylvania this morning, another very cold, windy, snowy morning, with an additional 8 inches of new fallen snow. I feel your pain Matt!
  70. Excellent shots as always everyone. We finally got some snow - not enough for my son to try out his new snowboard but enough to head to the local golf course and do some tobogganing. This is my son trying out one of his other Christmas presents.
  71. Came downstairs to a world covered in hoarfrost. Grab the camera, hop the fence, upset every dog in the neighbourhood, got this shot.
  72. Happy Wednesdays to all. Here is my contribution :
  73. Nikon F100, Nikkor 20mm F2.8 AF/D, Kodak VC100
  74. Winter in Southern New York
  75. Engagement shoot this weekend. Hermosa Beach, CA - D700 24-70mm
  76. This is Arraial do Cabo Beach. This guy is selling empadas. regards.
  77. Got a 10.5mm Fisheye for Christmas. I got to try it out in Santiago, Chile. I LOVE this thing. This is a winery about an hour outside of Santiago. It's won a bunch of architectural awards.

    Nikon D40, 10.5mm Fisheye @ 10.5mm, f/2.8, 1/15s, ISO 800. Handheld.
  78. [​IMG]
    Nikon FE, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 Ai, Kodak T-Max 100
  79. Traded in some old (Nikon) gear for a PN11 and went out to try it out with a 180mm/2.8AF, SB600 and tripod...
    It was hard to find something colorful out in the field in this season.... wind (making subjects move) and manual focussing posed some more challenges on my first 'macro'-ish explorations :)
    Had fun though... taking my time in peace and quietness out in the nature!
  80. Playing with my new SB-28. At low power the flash is amazingly fast.
    D80, 35 f2 lens, Sb-28 low power bounced, 1/200 @f9
  81. looks like I'm the last one in line today... here is the 3rd shot taken with my new 24-70 f2.8. Father and son. It was handheld in available light, at 1600 ISO and slower than 1/shutter speed but came out ok.
  82. I'm enjoying looking at everyone's photos on this overcast Wednesday afternoon. Two of my favourite shots so far come from Juho Niva and Javier Gutierrez. Thank you to D B Mills for your kind mention last week :)
    I took this photo of some of my cyanotypes as I was experimenting with an old manual macro on my new d7000 (nice to have some metering again rather than just using the histogram!)
  83. Coolpix P7000, ISO 100, 6mm (28mm full frame equivalent), 1/300 @ f/4.
  84. Hello Nikonians.........
    Here s a shot of the Town's City Hall with all it's holiday decorations...
  85. cjk


    Greetings to all. A slightly old photo but I hope the warm colors will offset the freezing weather outside.
  86. "Winter" in Arizona...
  87. Paul Beavin -
    Thank you for your kind comment. I am a geologist by profession. Photography is a hobby. I started shooting churches after wandering into a Roman Catholic church in Pasadena, CA named St. Andrew. It's an Italianate church built in late 1920's and early 30's. The church hired an Italian artist named Carlo Wostry and brought him over from Italy. Wostry spent the next 8 years of his life decorating the interior of the church including an amazing mural over the baldachino. The workmanship and artistry in St. Andrew are exceptional and inspired me to start photographing churches. Over the next few months it developed into a project and eventually I developed a book proposal that I am currently marketing to potential publishers. So far, I've had interest from publishers, but no takers. I've currently photographed 46 churches and temples ranging from Catholic to Jewish to Vedanta and everything in between. I appreciate your comments very much.
  88. Doug--thanks for the answer--and sign me up for one of your books!
    I love the interiors of the old churches--so much love and craftmanship went in to them.
    One last question--how do you get the even lighting?
    Thanks again!
  89. Great collection of photos as usual. Here is a picture from yesterday of a small standing stone at a local ancient burial site. SB 900 used off camera as a fill light.
  90. Frost morning trees.
  91. Great shots as ever folks.
    This is another from my New Years Eve trip out on Sydney Harbour. The face was drawn by a small plane.
  92. Hello, my picture comes from a local ice festival this past weekend. My wife and I went down during the day to get some pictures, but it was too crowded to get any really good pictures. So we went back at night, and found it rather easy to get up close to the sculptures. And yes Matt, at 5 degrees fahrenheit the off camera flash had a little trouble resetting between flashes.
  93. One of the hills where I practice climbing.
    The light seemed nice just before I headed up.
  94. Greetings All,
    I haven't posted in a few months but have been looking at all the great pictures posted here.
    My contribution for this week.
    Foggy morning Cardinal.
  95. Paul -
    This image is a five frame panarama. Each frame is oriented vertically. Each frame is a three shot exposure bracket. The images were processed for exposure and tone mapping with Photomatix. The processed images were stitched using PTAssembler. The stitched image was corrected for lens and stitching distortion, horizontal and vertical tilt, white balance, and color saturation using DXO Optics Pro. Finally the DXO image was processed in Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro to crop, adjust highlights, midtones, and shadows, adjust contrast, and fix any stitching problems that may have existed.
    Many of my images are panaramas. I like to use the Nikon 14-24/2.8 at 14mm and orient the images vertically. Then I stitch them together. This gives me a very large viewable area comparable to an 8x10 view camera with a wide lens. To get good lighting I use exposure bracketing and HDR. I process the HDR image to be as close to real life as possible. HDR has really changed the way I shoot architectural imagery.
  96. The Harry Winston jewelry store in New York City. Just after 9PM.
  97. Doug--thanks for the info--WOW!! No wonder they look so great!
    Thanks again...
  98. Hello from the depths of northern Ontario Canada. It's a balmy -12C with a windchill near -20C. Of course, the rocks don't mind. D90 70-300 @300mm f/5.7
  99. A very happy Grandson taken by Grandpops new toy
  100. Trying again
  101. Hi, I haven't posted in a while but these threads are always such an inspiration.
    Nikon D90, 35mm 1.8G
  102. Dinner in the mud room...
  103. Here's mine from a drive up the Columbia Gorge last weekend. It's been a while for me as well.
  104. S*** Bucks, warmer in side..D200 - not sure if kit lens or 50 1.4 [​IMG]
  105. A little late!
  106. Tim Holt, very nice. Moody and all.
  107. I was on my way home today when I heard this great voice singing in the subway station. I pestered him with a few questions and took some pictures. I didn't really like the composition much, and wouldn't you know it but my housemate and his girlfriend came home and promptly started fighting, so this seemed a bit fitting. This was shot during some of the unrest surrounding the Johannes Mehserle trial.
    D200 • ISO 1000 • Nikkor 18-135/3.5-5.6 @ 24mm • ƒ/8.0 • 1/125th
  108. spent some quality time at the beach with my Pentax 67 ii, Delta 100 and the Coolscan 9000 did the rest.
  109. Calling all Midwesterners, New Englanders, New Yorkers, and Mid-Adlantic types ...
    There is light at the end of the tunnel ... all that ice and snow will magically melt into Spring.
    Here's proof: McGill students sunning themselves late April last year.
  110. Janine, thank you.
    There are so many wonderful photos, I wish I could comment on all of them. Welcome to all the new posters.
    Tim Holte wonderful image as usual
    Rick M love the foggy morning cardinal
    Doug Santo thank you for the information on how you produce your beautiful images
    Rick D - nice boat image with the colors reflected in the water (I'm always a sucker for reflections!)
    Ishmail, very nice image
    Wayne W - beautiful moody image
    Karissa, what a compelling image
    Gej. very nice HDR image
    Jeannean another wonderful macro, great lighting.
    All the images are so nice, thank you all for sharing them

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