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    A good Wednesday to all of you Nikon folk. A special nod to the people in Japan and especially in the hard-hit city of Sendai, where 1,100 actual Nikon folk work in Nikon's facility there. Best of luck to them, with the long hard work they and so many others in their country have ahead. There are some good threads here in the Nikon forum, with on-the-spot commentary from some long time members (hello, Rene!) - I know we'll all be thinking about them and doing what we can.

    I was watching the coverage of the search and rescue teams digging through the wreckage there, and it got me back to post-processing some stuff I shot at a training event, where K-9 handlers of all kinds were working with their dogs around emergency conditions. Here's to all of the emergency responders who train to help us out when things go badly wrong. Had a chance to photograph those who put it on the line? Share a photo!
  2. Tulips at Dallas Arboretum.
  3. Pink Flower
  4. Sorry for no posts in about a year. I've not done much photography over last year. What was a fun hobby turned into stress & pressure to preform. It turned into running into some people on the net I don't like. Then my husband lost his great job. He's been out of work since. So - my life has much changed & I'm only doing things which do not add stress to my life.

    Went out shooting for a few hours Sunday & got one shot I'm willing to share. I'm rusty shooting handheld, never my forte anyhow, I've forgotten how to pp a shot.... So this is it.

    D300, 300mm f/4, 1.4 TC, full frame - - no crop here - - at an effective 420mm, f/8, 1/320 s. at ISO 800, with a little help from a tree trunk as hide/blind - I here present....

    My first ever Nuthatch.... YES!!!! A white-breasted Nuthatch male[​IMG]
  5. My thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people as well. No photos of that sort Matt, so will post one that says to me Spring is here. Spring is about renewal/rebirth, and even though it will be a while for certain areas of Japan to recover/renew, I'm sure they will. D90/70-300mm VR @ 1/350, f/8, ISO 250.
  6. Happy early Saint Patrick's Day to you all. My daughter and my son have been 'helping' their Poppa (my father) and my uncle for 2 months with the total construction of the Springfield (MA) St. Patrick's Day Colleen float for the Holyoke (MA) St. Patrick's Day Parade. It's kind of a big deal for us Irish folk here in Western MA. I am so proud of my dad and uncle and can't wait for the Colleens to get on and wave their way through the parade this weekend. My kids have been a big help too...getting the tools and so forth, so they feel proud as well. My mother has stealthly preening my daughter for future Colleen pageants, we went to the Colleen Ball two weeks ago, and it is my mother's goal to have Eleanor be a future contender. So, in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, here's my El and her shamrock she painted on her face...
  7. Good to see you again, Lil, and hope that some quality time behind the lens will counteract at least part of that stress. Photography can and should be good for the wa. Hey, nice Nuthatch!
  8. Two Bald Eagles in one image offer distinct view of eagles in flight. In the center of the image a frontal view of the eagle shows a beautiful symmetry from the flexed wingtips and opened wing position to the fanned spread of the tail feathers. The eagle in the upper right corner offers a side view of an eagle in flight with wings in a raised position and a profile of the head and beak. A February image from Iowa... Nikon D300 80-400VR
  9. Thanks for the welcome Matt, & your photo is very appropriate for what's going on in Japan. My thoughts are constantly with friends in Japan & New Zealand.
  10. Farmer's Market, Monterey, CA
  11. Photographed this past week with a Nikon FA and 24mm f2.8 Nikkor N.C. at F5.6 on Ilford FP4, developed in HC110 dilution B. Enjoy!
  12. Good Wednesday, everyone!
    Living just a short hop from the San Andreas fault here in California makes one empathize even more with the people of Japan.
    Lil, you were missed and it's good to have you back -- one thing I've learned with age is that bad things are quite unavoidable, but we somehow manage to get through, although with a lot of wear and tear.
    I took a snapshot of my golden retriever with a four-month old Samoyed puppy a couple of days ago.
  13. Matt said it, "A special nod to the people in Japan"
  14. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    My stress relieving therapies include places like this...nice to see you post Lil Judd.
  15. Hello Everybody,
    I love Wednesdays, beautiful photos here already. Another one of my pin-ups, this time with a bit of a different effect, that I've created in photoshop.
    Thank you very much for your comments on my photo last week, I really appreciate them.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/160s
  16. bike racers in the hairpin turn, shot from above, at the Merco Crit (Merco is an NRC race)
  17. attaching the imgae now (I hope)
  18. apparently I cannot operate a computer anymore... instead, here is Megan Guarnier of Team Tibco in the same corner
  19. Happy Wednesday all. A little Water Starling at the now ice free millpond.
    The spring is here.
  20. here's a pic from a fashion show on sunday. d3s +24-70.
  21. Hi, this is from my dauhgther's dance class.
  22. Welcome back Lil.
    The northern lights last Thursday evening.
  23. acm


    Good morning everyone! Japan is in turmoil and there is incalculable loss and human suffering there. On photography front, both Nikon and Canon factories are shut down indefinitely. We the photography community should keep up our photography and make however small purchases if we can to show solidarity to our favourite brands.
    Submitting a picture takes 2 weeks ago in Ahmedabad.
    Nikon D90, 18-200 VR
  24. here it is
  25. Hello everyone..
    I was in Venice last week for the Venetian Carnival. It was quite an experience! This photo was taken in the early hours one morning. I was quite pleased with the results as I have limited experience using my flash on camera.
  26. Haven't been posting regularly in this forum this year - though I have been browsing and enjoying the images here every week. Came across this Z4 the other day and tried to capture the how the "flame surfacing" plays with light and shadows. Image is created from a five exposure HDR, followed by some photoshop work and lastly a B&W conversion. Now, if only the car had been spotlessly clean ;-)
    Good to see you posting again Lil - welcome back.
  27. Happy Nikon Wednesday. Welcome back Lil, looking forward to seeing more of your work, as it comes.
    One from a recent trip to a local Bird Colony...This is a Gannet at the start of it's approach glide back into it's nest site...such a graceful bird and most amazing to witness it's home coming after a day at sea...high speed approach turns into a stall and then it comes to an effortless rest on the nest...I need to get some video.
    D40X (Sigma 50-500mm F/4-6.3G) 500mm, F/6.3@1/500s , ISO 1250
  28. Honolulu Festival this past weekend - the participants from Japan and the festival organizers decided to go ahead with the performances and parade, but cancelled the fireworks out of respect.[​IMG]
  29. Happy Wednesday
    Was at Crufts at the weekend. this photo is a Tervueren. She won Special Puppy Bitch
  30. I couldn't name a favorite this week so I congratulate all of you. My contribution for this week is a picture of a mantis having a refill:
  31. Still trying to get to know my new D7000:
  32. Dusk; D700, 17-35/2.8, 2 stops of hard ND, lots more ND, about 30 seconds.
  33. Great to see Lil back today. Great pics so far. Matt, Lil, Jana,Tom, Hamish and Jeannean are my Favorites so far. Spring at the lake. Wood duck mom and her kids. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, F/2.8, 1/250sec, ISO 800, EC + 0.7 step, mono pod
  34. [​IMG]
    ISO 200, f20, 1.3sec, 80mm
  35. A rare ice-dinosaur at Nuuksio. Clearly vegetarian, yet quite acrobatic, hanging from the top from its tail. Evolution seems to have given the species snow-shoes from the looks of it.
  36. This little guy always gets lots of attention, and for good reason!
  37. Wow the shots today are over the top. Such great shots. Thanks for sharing.
    I put a blue bird nesting box up and within two hours there were a couple of blue birds checking it out. Mr. Blue bird is checking out the inside while Mama shouts her approval from top side.
  38. Great photos today. My thoughts and prayers go out to Japan and all those affected by the recent tragedy.
  39. What a week! René, Akira, and other friends in Japan, we're thinking of you.
    Welcome back Lil—you haven't lost your touch.
    We had our floors sanded last week and were pleased to learn that this is now a virtually dustless operation thanks to powerful dust collection systems like this Bona Mobile Atomic Cyclone. I'm not sure what's "atomic" about it, but to play it safe I used the old 35mm f/1.4 Nikkor-N with the thorium glass, which is already radioactive.
    D700, ISO 1600, 1/40th @ f/2.8.
  40. The lens I used was actually a 70-300 not a 10-300 as I stated. It's 5am. I'm only half awake.LOL
  41. Well, I sure as heck can't operate a computer, or I haven't had enough coffee. Probably both.
  42. In the alley behind an antique store in Putnam CT last weekend. Trying out a new FE2 I got for $40 from KEH's as-is bin.
  43. Good Wednesday everyone. Photo taken with Nikon D300 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.
  44. A tropical storm approaches. The biker does not care. This is lake close to Jijoca, Ceará, Brazil. Best regards.
  45. [​IMG]
    Model: NIKON D700, ISO: 100, Exposure: 1/10 sec, Aperture: 32.0, Focal Length: 78mm
    Sell's Mill, Hoschton, Georgia, USA
  46. Hello everyone, lots of great photos already. Today I would like to share this shot with all of you. This was inspired by someone I know that owns a lot of those old hand planes.
  47. Good morning from the depths of northern Ontario.
    This is a bronze by local artist Rose-Aimee Belanger. It is called The Three Fauns. It was a good challenge for me to practice on because of the dark patena and the semi-gloss surface. There is also some much needed serenity in it that I hope, by sharing it, will help through these difficult times.
  48. Hi All.
    Welcome back Lil. I hope things improve for you.
    Congratulations to Tony Hadley for having his ice photos featured on home page.

    Lots of great images so far.

    Two weeks ago I took my son to the Arnold (yes that Arnold!) Sports Festval for amateur boxing.
    D90 70-300 at 112mm 1/200 sec f/4.8
  49. My contribution:
  50. my contribution this week I'll check out the other pics later
  51. Went to DC this past weekend. Pic of the Air Force Memorial in Arlington. Enjoy.
  52. I thought this snow person looked like Lady Di
  53. Nikon D300s with AF 500mm f4 at 1/200s, f5.6, ISO400
  54. New Orleans, Fall 2010.
  55. This one is from a while ago - the local Fire Dept used a house we were going to demo for training. You have to give anyone willing to put themselves in harm's way a whole lot of credit.
  56. My Niece Haleigh
  57. Bill J Boyd - Great tulip picture.
    James Kazan - I really love your architectural shot.
    Here is mine for the week. Hope everyone enjoys it! Nikon D700 + Nikon 28-70mm f2.8 @ 48mm f/16 and 1/2 sec.
  58. D90, ISO 200, 1/200 @ f/1.8
  59. Jennifer - great idea for St. Patrick's Day
    Jana - cool keyhole
    Hamish - beautiful shot of the aurora
    Gwen - love the wetland shot - brings back memories of when I hiked at my friends corttage as a kid
    At work so I am not attaching a photo, yet.
  60. Good morning Nikonaits...
    Here is mine from 03.06.2011 by D80 with Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8
  61. In Epcot 3 years ago with the fam.
  62. Anna's Hummingbird. D200, 300 mm, 1.4x TC. Thank you to those who commented on my image last week. I appreciate your comments.
  63. Hi everyone, great shots. Lil, nice to see you post again.
    Matt, very nice tribute to all the rescue groups .
    Spring is definitely in the air and I have been out looking for insects to test my new R1 speed light. No bugs found yet, but my first anole of 2011. It was a young one, who was hiding under the leaf.
    D300 60mm micro f/8 ISO200 R1 macro speed light.
  64. There is nothing like the joy of a three year old with a new umbrella...
  65. i had a great time this past weekend during my trek to the downtown convention center. this week's highlight was supposed to be a car show (yuck!), but in addition to the vehicle frenzy i found a dance competition was in full swing -- which turned out to afford lots more photographic opportunities! i tried to make the most of them, in spite of having no experience or knowing what to expect...
  66. Eagles on an ice floe in the Hudson River
  67. This is a photo taken yesterday at the memorial service for Cpl Frank Buckles who died at the age 0f 110. Frank was the oldest surviving WWI veteran in the US. He enlisted in the army at the age of 16.
    Frank was also a POW for three years after being capture by the Japanese in the Philippines where he was working.
    This is a location that's not very often seen in DC. It's the Old Guard Chapel beneath the auditorium at Arlington National Cemetery. Shortly after this photo was taken President Obama and VP Biden had a private visit with the family.
    The burial was in section 34 near the grave of General Black Jack Pershing.
    Photo taken with Nikon D3 and 10.5 mm lens at ISO 2500 f2.8 for 1/125th of a second. Ambient light of course.
  68. News reporters
  69. Good Wednesday everyone. Nice shots. Here's one of the Cloister at Santarem's catedral, converted to B&W. Hope you'll enjoy it.
  70. For my photography class I had to take some modeling type pictures. Here is one of mine from yesterday. I wanted something using natural light. Since I have had my D90 less than a week I am still climbing up the learning curve.
  71. Here is my pic,
  72. Here it is the middle of march and its still snowing in NH:-(
    Bill Boyd, your tulips brightened up my day
    Jose Curiel, stunning!
    Jennifer Meigan and Mark Parks, nice portraits.
    Her's mine. D300
  73. This one is from Saturday, shot in a club at Tampere Film Festival. Lil, welcome back, nice to see your shots again!
  74. From local St. Patrick's parade.
  75. At the local pub
  76. Dear Fellow Nikonians,
    My contribution, this week, is an humble hommage to the brave and hardworking people of Japan, namely to the 1200 people who worked at the Sendai Nikon factory, and to their amazing capacity of recovering after natural or human induced great catastrophes, like the most recent one. This photo shows the Golden Hall of the Kinkaju-ji temple complex. The Golden Phoenix on the top symbolizes the revival of life from the ashes.
    Have a good photo week !
  77. Old car...
  78. Kyoto Japan, February 2011: chef rolling out the dough to make soba noodes at the Hoshinoya Hotel.
  79. Lake Superior
  80. Don Harper, that is a great high key shot of Cpl Frank Buckles. It's more moving than anything I have seen in the press regarding his passing. His family apparently had requested that he lie in state at the Capitol, which was not approved. Interesting that the President and Vice President visited.
    Thanks for posting it.
  81. Don Harper - what a sensitive and intensely moving photograph. I spent several minutes viewing it and thinking about the sacrifice that Mr. Buckles represents.
    We have a beautiful, but very old, pear tree in our backyard that is slowing dying. I've spent the last week photographing the flowers because I doubt it will live another year. I'm hopeful that these pictures will help us remember the pleasure it's given us.
  82. Call it whatever you want, I like it....Great shots this week as always!!!
  83. Jana, your shots are terrific. You have captured the look and feel of the pin-up artists and nose-art of the 40s and 50s and that is something those of today have lost.
    It is so nice to see such birds of a different feather. Please keep it up and thanks.
  84. I had last week off work. I listened to events unfold in Japan hour by hour, and my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones.
    My favorites so far this week are:
    Lil's nuthatch
    Mark's portrait of his niece
    Josh's urban scene
    James's architecture
    Tom's chef portrait
    Lisa's pear tree flowers
    Here's a photo of my dog watching me paint the kitchen....
  85. Hi everyone !! Here is my contribution for today.
  86. [​IMG]
    Happy Wednesday all. My heart goes out to the people of Japan hopping things will get better soon.
    This weeks photo's are complete eye candy. I did not get out this week so I shot this jay out my back window this afternoon.
  87. An orange wakeup from a morning walk.
  88. Today's images are really wonderful, thanks Matt for getting this started.
    A few images that captured my attention this week are the following, but others are also outstanding.
    Jeannean Buglady,
    Lovely colors with the blue and yellow contrasts.
    Tom Howd and his patience to capture the Eagles.
    Josh Gilreath and B/W urban image
    Hamish Gray and the northern lights
    Nicolaie Costel and the wonderful saturated colors.
    Henrik Sewell and the expressive eyes of your dog.
    James Kazan, Wow what a wonderful architectural b/w
    So many good things are going on in that picture.
    Doug Santo, wonderfully sharp for a fast moving bird, and great colors.
    Roberta Davidson, wonderful capture and color
    Steve Belden, who can resist a kitten at play
    Janne Kaakinen, love the guys expression. Am I ready for what's coming?
    Linda McLellan, ah what's coming tomorrow.
    Tom Schonhoff, wonderful environmental portrait. Well done.
    Finally, thanks for the comments on my image. I have an advantage in knowing Arlington
    really well compared to the press corps.
    Don Harper
  89. Double post. My apologies.
  90. My wife and I managed to get out in between the rains with the dog and our cameras today. Chilly with the wind but still some sunshine and flowers to show us spring has sprung.
  91. Florida last week
  92. I join Matt and others on this board in paying respects to our devastated friends in the Far East. I took this shot last October at the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon, not far from my home. I wish the Japanese people peace and tranquility (as represented by this photo) to deal with the many trials they face both present and future.
  93. Another early St. Pat's sample...
  94. Taken at Fort Clinch State Park, Fernandina beach, Florida.
    Magic hour. D60 with VR Kit lens
  95. Navy Seal Class 287 DOR (drop on request) helmets at the Special Operations Warfare Center in San Diego a couple of weeks ago.
  96. Getting in a little late this week. So many wonderful photos, but these especially caught my eye:
    • Lil Judd - really crisp & well-composed capture of the Nuthatch. Please share your photography more. :)
    • Jeannean Buglady - I love the pattern of out-of-focus yellow blooms against the blue sky, with the bird off-center.
    • Ray House - gorgeous sunset. The little birds along the shore are a nice touch.
    • Hamish Gray - fantastic.
    • John Farrar - wonderful tones.
    • James Kazan - love the minimalism and stark angles. Very eye-catching.
    • Roberta Davidson - great colors and clarity.
    • Robert Wayt - beautiful composition and colors. A very peaceful setting.
    My contribution is a photo I took while playing with my son over the weekend. During the week I have less time to spend with him, so I really enjoy our weekend mornings.
  97. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Last weekend, I spent a couple of days at the Indian Wells (southern California) tennis tournament. In two days I captured almost 2000 images, pretty much all on the D7000. This image shows Maria Kirilenko (in green) and Victoria "Vika" Azarenka (pink shirt) celebrating moments after they had just won a hard-fought, come-from-behind doubles match.
    Nikon D7000 with 70-200mm/f2.8 AF-S VR II at 200mm, f2.8, 1/1250 sec and ISO 200.
  98. Welcome back Lil!
    Rene - Thanks for the updates from Japan. I hope you and everyone else in Japan are able to surmount the tragedy and come out the stronger for it. I just can't imagine your experiences.
    John F - after seeing the caption to your pic I knew you had to be from Wales. No one else can spell like that.
    Doug R - The Arnold is a really huge event for Columbus.
    Not much photo worthy here in Ohio the last several days. This is a pre-St. Pat's photo of the lunch room at one of the places I work.
  99. A happy Wednesday to all Nikonians out there! And also a special message to the people in Sendai, Japan. Hope they are doing well. We are all praying for you..
    My favorites this week are:
    Tom Howd
    Ray House
    Hamish Gray
    John Farrar
    Mark Parks
    Doug Santo
    Keith Jackson
    Robert Wayt
    My contribution this week is an old sunrise photo I took on last December in the forest of North Eastern India.
  100. Spent some time living in an airport one rainy day, thought I'd play with the raindrops.. this shot with a 50 f/1.8 wide open with the camera angled towards the window to create just a strip of in-focus and leaving everything else a bit of an abstraction.
  101. Sorry, could not attach the photo last time. Here goes..
  102. Don and Michael, thank you for you kind comments.
  103. Nikon Buddies,

    Some really fine work, today. Especially catching my eye are the contributions from Jeannean, Dieter S, James K, Mark P, Jose A, Tom S (amazing), Robert W.
  104. Shun...perfectly captured moment. Bright, cheery colors and bright, cheery happiness. Puts a smile on my face.
  105. Chris Wick, thank you for mentioning my picture. It made a nice ending to my day.
  106. A pleasant surprise ...
  107. Happy St. Patrick's day
  108. Hi everyone,
    I have to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back I've gotten. Matt Laur, Mikhail Tsypkin, Ray House, Hamish Gray, Dieter Schaefer, Rick Dohme, Kent Shafer, Doug Rice, Roberta Davidson, Janne Kaakinen, Mark L. Cooper & Greg Kowalczewski very warm welcoming. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Greg, you are so very sweet to do what you did to ensure I saw your welcome back. I do so appreciate it & It makes me feel very welcome back.
    I also want to thank Chris Wick & Michael Mixon for their wonderful mentions of my shot. It's been a long time since I got any feedback & so it's most appreciated.
    This thread is as always a joy to behold & I will do my best to contribute again on a weekly basis. I will however not get back into the habit of commenting on all shots. It was very time consuming to do every week. I love all the shots for one reason or another. And just know they're a joy to behold. Thank you all :)
  109. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    First of all, Lil, welcome back. I am looking forward to seeing more images from you.
    And thanks for the comments, Jennifer. Yes, as soon as match point was over, I was focusing on the two winning players to capture the moment. With some luck, I was on the right side of the court facing them ....
    Now, another Wednesday is just around the corner ....

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