Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #7

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    Hello from the still shoveling Mid-Atlantic US, where the remains of our two recent winter storms are a lingering, glacial hangover. There will be as many happy roofing contractors as unhappy insurance agents. I found my neighbor - the marathon running math teacher - up on his house, removing thousands of pounds of packed snow and ice to halt the damage to his walls. He was not amused, but liked the workout.

    Of course you've been busy using your Nikon gear instead of moving snow, so dig out a recent shot to share.
  2. Happy WedNEsDAy & Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!
    We visited Bellingrath Gardens near Mobile, Alabama. The Asian-American Garden was spectacular. Even though a breeze ruffled the still pond water just as I was taking the shot, I believe the shot works. I hope you like it.
  3. Hi everyone, sorry I missed last week's post. This week I would like to share an image that I was very lucky to capture. This is a portrait of a Gambel's Quail made in the Papago Recreation Area, Phoenix, Arizona. I shot off a few frames from my car and then he was gone.
  4. An image I shot a couple of years ago... I keep coming back to it. It's joy and freedom... It's flying.
    Joy of Flying -- D70, 18-70 Kit Lens, Polarizer
  5. WedNEsDAy PiC #7

    My shot is of my son hitting the winning runs on the weekend. The weather is a little crazy at the moment. A heatwave one minute, rain the next. This shot was taken in the rain. Someone felt sorry for me and handed me an umbrella … had everything, but that.
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED plus TC-14EII
    Settings: 280 mm, 1/1603 sec, f/4.0 and ISO 1400 (Manual, tripod, VR off)
  6. Good Morning and Happy Wednesday.
    Dallas, Texas set a new record last week, when we had over a foot of snow in one 24-hour period. That is rare for us, so I thought it would be a good day to get out and capture some "snow pics". This image taken near my house when snow was really coming down. Lots of photographers were enjoying the day also.
  7. Greetings from sunny Seattle...Matt, I am actually a little jealous of your snow...not all of it, but a dusting would be nice!
    My contribution is from a recent shoot. I have photographed this little girl for a few years. She is more fun each time I see her. So here is a nice summery Seattle shot for you!
  8. 3sh


    D300, 1/500s, f/5.6, 300mm, ISO 200. It seems the golden horse is running faster than the wind.
  9. Hi everyone
    Thank you to Dan, Richard and Ken for your comments on my photo last week.
    This week i am submitting a photo that looks like a smiling face to me but most of you will think i am mad
    D90 Tamron 90mm lens 1/400sec @ F4
  10. Greetings again from the southeastern part of the North American continent. Per-Christian Nilssen made a comment recently about how easy it is to get bogged down in our photography, saying how he thought “what is the point of making these images” if we do not share them with others. Over the last year I found myself asking the same question-I looked at all my filed images and thought, perhaps when I die someday someone will actually DO something with these images. I am a master RA4 color printer with my own darkroom and have produced images that “win prizes.” But getting into the darkroom to expend the time to print is rare nowadays for me. Getting a digital Nikon DSLR has enabled me to carry my darkroom in a computer bag, not to mention the ability to use my beloved AIS Nikkors. Being able to participate weekly on the Nikon Wednesday forum in such good company has re-kindled the spirit of photography in me and I thank you for that. You have been most kind in your comments-Gej Jones, Richard Karash, Lil Judd, Dan South, Jose Angel, I hesitate to list all the names so as to leave out someone-I thank you for your feedback as I do from everyone. Best of all, I enjoy seeing the work of all you great photographers from across the world.
    An image this week from my “lunar landscape” series (brace yourself, there will be more). After all, I am astrologically a “moon child.”
  11. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    My contribution of the week: “Chase”. Not my first choice, but my husband insisted that I should post this one.
  12. Thanks for the mentions last week, and the prior week for the flowers.
    A portrait of my niece follows,
    Nikkor-P 105mm f2.5 at f2.5
  13. Hello, everybody, and Great Wednesday to you! Looking at Matt's photo makes me happy once again that it's been twenty two years since I last shoveled snow in Maryland/Washington suburbs. To be fair, in California one should always be ready for an opportunity to photograph an earthquake!
    Again my subject is a dog I met while walking mine. I have found a good application for my limited photographic skills: I have discovered that many dog owners find it difficult to take a decent photo of their dogs, so I do it for them, print the more or less decent ones, and leave them in an envelope in the dog park/forest where I took them for owners to pick up. I do this just for fun. Several times I was pretty moved to hear something like: My dog passed away, but the picture you took is on my fridge, and I smile every time I look at it.
  14. I've been taking advantage of the winter olympics and dividing my attention between that and trying to catch up on scanning several years' backlog of slides. Here's one from a series I got several years ago, serendipitously, as I watched three very intrepid kayakers go down the falls between Lincoln and Bristol, Vermont. Taken with a Nikon F and 80-200 F4 AIS zoom on Velvia 100F and scanned on a Coolscan IV-ED, so it's pure Nikon.
  15. Olvera Street Los Angeles Ca
  16. All bundled up in my North Face gear and Sorels...Storm Jacket on my a favorite place of mine to shoot~ Forest Park in Springfield, MA...I had a good day shooting in the moderate snow squall Tuesday. Spent the morning at the hospital having some testing done, so getting out to shoot made me find my happy place again~ as it always does. Enjoy your days all.
  17. I got the legend wrong, the lens is actually Zeiss ZF Planar 100mm F/2 Makro
  18. From the kitchen counter:
  19. bmm


    After seeing all the snow last week, and in a couple of the early images this week, I wanted to post - by way of counter-point - something which conveys the heat, dryness and harsh sun of the Australian summer.
    Again, taken from my recent trip to the South Australian McLaren Vale wine region, and with a bit of post to accentuate the heat-haze and harshness of the light...
  20. It is still cold out there.
    Not THAT cold, but I was out with my IR converted D70 and this is right out of the camera.
    Happy Wdenesday everyone.
  21. Good Wednesday to everyone,
    Sharing this photo of a Hatteras Sportfisherman yacht taken one night during the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show last week. Don't let the seemingly warm setting fool you; the days started in the low 40-degree Farenheit each day (very cold for Miami). Not snow weather, but cold enough. Expecting bikinis and t-shirts, we had parkas and hats.
  22. I'm just about done with birds for awhile and I'm ready to get back to photographing people...Nikon D80, 18-200 mm Zoom Nikkor.
  23. Hello forum!
    After 18 years in Japan I finally had the chance to see the Kinkakuji in Kyoto. Also known for westerners as the "Golden Pavilion".
    I was wishing for blue skies but.... Ah! you can't win them all. So here it is
  24. D300S with 180mm AIS @f4.
  25. Hello everyone...
    Here's another photo from my trip to Glencoe two weeks ago.
  26. photo shoot yesterday, experimenting with DoF in a dimly-lit bar. d300, sigma 30/1.4.
  27. This is Tasia. Tasia is an indoor cat and this is her first experience with snow. As you can see, she is thrilled (not!).
  28. More bird watching from the deep shade for me after a week of sweltering heat and humidity in S.E. Australia. I never tire of watching these New Holland Honey Eaters - this time taking a bath in the later afternoon.
  29. Hi,
    Some urban scenery this week. In a small city called Goes, in the South of Holland.
  30. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    For me a new type of tree - have only seen it one time
  31. Hello Everyone! Thank you very much for all your comments two weeks ago.
    This was taken partway through our climb last month in Scotland. The chandelier of ice gives a real sense of the steepness of the ice at that point, an effect I find very difficult to achieve. I've had to crop the image quite aggressively as I only had a 12-24mm with me that day. For those that ask, the rope is locked off with my left hand in order to take the shot.
  32. The last visit of an Atlantic Ocean Liner to Seattle.
    M/S Mona Lisa, formerly the M/S Kungsholm (1966). On her way to Vancouver to act as an accommodations ship for resort workers at Whistler during the Olympic Games. In a few years she will most likely be scrapped and made into beer cans...
    Nikon P6000, shot in RAW format.
  33. Nikon D200
  34. From last weeks hike in the mountains. Minus 13 degrees, no wind, almost full moon, the crackling of a big campfire and the occasional call of a night owl. Nothing takes away the stress of a busy week better than this.
  35. Lot of nice photos. Tiffany I love the shot!
    Since I am in an experimental mood (and I like to share experiments here), this week I have taken a shot through a clouded window that I wiped a bit in the centre (keeping it wet). The idea is to create a bit the effect of seeing cold from inside. Sure photoshop, lensbaby or similar can do it. Still I like the effect I got here.
    D700, HDR f/2, 50mm
  36. Hello Everybody,
    Thank you Ken Yamamoto for a comment on my picture last week.
    There are real gems here this week, Gej Jones' photo had the WOW factor for me, plus some more, but I will comment at the end of the week.
    This week my workspace background, I have a wall with books behind me and I kept looking at it thinking, that one day I will photograph it for Nikon Wednesday.
    Have a lovely week.
    Nikon D700, 85 mm f/1.8; ISO 800, 1/50s, f/2.8
  37. Good day everyone! After a few weeks I can post something updated. This was taken saturday at the old-city-wall of Nürnberg, southern Germany.
    D80 18-135mm kit lens @18mm f/3.5 1/320s
  38. Holy Wednesday my dear Nikon colleagues,
    I appreciated for Linda McLellan and Douglas Mosman's wonderful words to my post last week. Thank you.
    Chinese New Year celebrated in Suriname too. My photo taken during traditional lunch at the Ngie Kong Tong Sang complex, which remains the oldest Chinese-Surinamese society. You may see some more photos on my blog post Chinese New Year 2010 Celebrations in Suriname. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by and many cheers to you all. Regards,
    Nikon D2Xs, Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC, Aperture Priority, f/4, 1/30sec, ISO280, ExposureBiasValue -0.67
  39. The rain/overcast/fog (also known as San Francisco's winter) finally broke this weekend and motivated me to hit Golden Gate Park to see what changes all of the moisture had caused.
    Nikon D700 with my most recent purchase - a 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-S lens
    ISO400 f/22 1/125s
  40. Good morning to everyone !. Thanks to Filip Lucin, Steven Ford, Paul V. Gorky and Ken Yamamoto for commenting on my last week picture . Now, I want to post my friend's child self portrait ...
  41. Whilst out searching for snowdrops to photograph this weekend, we had a dusting of snow which helped set them off I think. I used my F3, Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 Micro and Fuji Superia 400.
  42. Hi all,

    My daughter of 3 and a half years when she was showing some dance movements for a show they were practicing at school. I will be sharing one more next week.
    D700, Nikkor 85mm f/1.8

  43. Good morning to all. Its still cold here in Fl. but no snow. Thanks for all the comments on my photo last week. Tiffany, such an adorable little girl. I love this portrait. Hamish I just love the camping photo. Your photo captures so many things. Mine is an old photo from a fishing trip with my kids. I have shot 5,000 sport pics this week and have been too busy to be creative with a new pic. This Egret kept landing on our boat trying to get a free hand out. Nikon D70, Kit lens 18-70, 18mm, f/8, 1/640s
  44. Night walk (my small family) - Samobor, Croatia
  45. [​IMG]
    Annascaul Lake, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
    Nikon F100, Nikkor 18-35 f3.5-4.5 D, Fujifilm Superia 200, Epson 4490
  46. Lovely quality as ever this week. Three really stand out for me, they are :
    Bogdan Nicolescu - great texture, made me wonder what the snake was thinking.
    Raaj Kovinthan - beautiful use of a single light, simple and uncluttered.
    Dubravko Grakalic - like the contrast between the shape of the umbrella and the steeple. That ISO 400 texture works for the scene. Great shot.
    My contribution this week was shot in January of last year.
  47. In Venice.
  48. Oh, another Wednesday already! Greetings!
    Thank you Joe Elrod, Linda McLellan, Jeanne Hauschild, BM Mills, Thomas Gerstendoerfer, Gej Jones, Richard Karash and Ken Yamamoto for your kind comments of last week.
    Winter still has us in his grip, but today, after the carnival, the rain has started. Nevertheless, we're getting used to seeing snowscapes and bleak days longer than we thought possible.
    Ian, you're having snowbells already? Great! Mine are just poking out their noses, but so far, it's been too rough.
    Taken with D700 and 24-70/2.8.
  49. Saint Peter's church in Saint John, NB
  50. D90 70-300vr f/9 1/640s iso200 70mm
  51. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    My contribution is "Rose" which I pictured last week. I am learning Macro and so far enjoying it... looking for some critters but difficult to find one, may be due to cold weather. After few hand-held attempts I tried using tripod and results were much better.
    I apologize for the size, it's 708pix wide. After adding borders and copyright information I think it went beyond limit.
    Nikon D90
    Tamron 90mm f/2.8
    ISO: 200
    Exposure: 0.8 sec
    Aperture: 29.0
    Focal Length: 90mm

    Ray G
  52. Today is Ash Wednesday, but yesterday was Mardi Gras down here. Little Bo-Peep and a wayward lamb.
    D700/ 24-70
  53. Good Morning! The birds are back and the ice on the feeder has melted. I was out with my D300 with the 80-400 mm VR zoom attached practicing hand holding for some more interesting shots. This was at f8, iso 200, 1/320 sec, 250 mm.
    Have a great week!
  54. Happy Wednesday everyone. Really look forward to seeing the photos from around the world. Mine today sort of looks like I feel. Another morning of snow removal to get out. Photo taken with Nikon D300 18-70mm kit lens at 50mm at the Tawas boat launch on Lake Huron in MI. Waiting for Spring.
  55. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :
    My contribution is these traditionally decorated houses.
  56. Snow on our ornamental grass.
  57. Beach fog.....
    Thank you
  58. D700, 24-70, ISO 400, 1/80 @ f/8.
  59. Good Morning WedNEsDAy to all :) My contribution this week is of a female Cardinal in the snow. Hope you enjoy. Nikon D300 camera, ISO 800 f5.6 at 1/5000 second at 400mm.
  60. Greetings fellow Nikon Wednesday shooters. I took this weeks photo last Thursday morning, the day after our rather large snowstorm, about 18in. here in New Jersey. I was particularly trying to capture how blue the sky looked as the sun finally made an appearance. Looking forward to watching the day unfold.
  61. Continue with "studio" practice. Got the poplular "Light: Science and Magic" book, which I find very very good. Here is a practice on the "dark field" lighting technique on glassware. Not a spectacular shot but it's a solid foundation I can build the experience on.
    Shot with D700 + 85mm PCE; f20, 1/250S, ISO200; one SB900 and one SB600
    Glassware Shot with "Dark Field" Technique.
  62. Hi Everyone, I have been in a photographic drought for several months. Didn't even want to take a pic; thought I done with it. It may have had something to do with a bad knee which I had replaced in early December. But nine weeks post surgery I'm able, with a slight hobble, to get around reasonably well and to think of something other than pain evolving to aching to soreness occasionally. Thus I ventured all the way out to my rear deck and shot this cedar which I have been watching all winter. BTW I got up early to get nearer the head of the post- (Yeah, that worked out:) Game on!
  63. Beautiful shots again today.
    Still trying my hand at the water drops. Can be challenging and messy, but it is fun.
    D300 60mm f/3.5 shutter 1/250 Manual SB 600 off camera
  64. Nikon D80 Nikkor 18-55 F/3.5 15/3060second at F11 HDR
  65. Self portrait with one of my dogs after the storm last week
  66. so many good photos and many memories... one of my is from valentine's concert
  67. From my drive into work yesterday morning
  68. The Windflowers are coming out, and spring is chasing off the last dregs of winter.
  69. First Lutheran Church, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14mm.
  70. Another from the collection, I have had zero time to shoot the past few weeks. Enjoy.
  71. Winter.
  72. My contribution this week combines my two hobbies, woodworking and photography. A friend had completed a bar in his basement rec-room, and asked me about doing a custom handle for his beer tap. Well, this required some research to get the flavor of the place. He had been thinking about a large initial, but I happened to see a pair of coats of arms hanging on the wall and asked. He explained they were the "arms" of his and his wife's families from Ireland and Germany. Went home, put the 105 Micro on the D700, grabbed the tripod and went back to the bar. I then shot both coats in copy mode, went home and cropped and enhanced the images in LR, and printed the images to size on clear plastic. I next turned the handle from cherry and made two shadow boxes in cherry finished with lacquer with white-painted backgrounds in the boxes to make the images pop. Then each graphic was embedded in clear-cast resin in the frames. The shadow boxes are interchangeable depending on which family is visiting. Image here is taken with the D700 and 24-85 @ f/4.
  73. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/320th
    55-200 VR @ 200mm, f/8
  74. Hello All
    This I took yesterday, in my last day at the beach ( last for February, hope to have a few more days in March).
    He is my brother Gustavo, practicing windsurf. He lives in Spain, in Alcala. Came to visit us and most important to scape from the freezing cold. He asked me to take several shots so he can improve his tecnique.
    D300 + 18-200 VR@ 200mm - ISO 200 - f 5.6 - 1/1000sec.
  75. Wow, some really amazing shots today. In the theme of Matt's thread starter - we finally got enough snow to take the kids tobogganing. Hard to believe that in southern Ontario, Brantford actually, we really don't have any snow. Since November we have seen only 63 cm and most of it melted. Last year we had 210 cm and a lot of it stayed through the whole season.
  76. Another fast moving thread - and another week with great pictures.
    Took this one about two weeks ago, Nikon D200, 12-24/4 at f/11, ISO 200, 5-exposure HDR processed in photomatix.
  77. Hi All,
    Just opening the thread and already so much great work.
    A few that caught my eye:
    Gej jones nice composition
    Richard Key nice abstract
    Tiffany, Carey, Dubravko and Eric beautiful portraiture
    Bogdan and Hamish picture perfect
    Anish nice colours
    Paul B. very very recognizable!
    Marc Henry, very moody
    Lawrence and Roberta great technique
    Doug IR?
    My picture is from Muider Castle in Holland the white dot are snow flakes.
  78. Fi Rondo good to see your posts here too, I'm a big fan of Street & Documentary forum, great photos indeed from you guys, I can't get enough of them...
  79. Looking at your PiCs was exactly what I needed right now, thanks for everyone, such a beautiful collection again.
    And thanks to Boris M. for your comment on last weeks thread, I'm honored. :) And thanks to Richard K. for your comment on my PiC in a thread week before that.
    This one I took on this morning just before heading out to a workshop to teach youngsters some basics. :) I shot total of three actual shots this week, so this PiC is here to state that while I haven't taken many shots, I've been busy playing (and making others play) with Nikon gear in other ways. :) Cheers!
    Nikon D50 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8G
  80. Some very beautiful pics this week. Here is my contribution.
  81. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    City Hall and Center for the Performing Arts
    Nikon D3S with 14-24mm/f2.8 AF-S @ 16mm, f8, 15 seconds, ISO 200
  82. Nikon D2X 28-70mm lens f4.5 1/125 sec ISO 100 65mm
    Red for Valentine week and love. Engagement session at a warmer time.
  83. Good Afternoon WedNEsDAy. Here, in Europe, is 6 p.m. (+2 GMT)
    A lovely day we have here again. Great photos I saw in this afternoon.
    Nikon D80, 50/1.8 AF-D, iso 400.
    I sold this days my D300 and I post an old photo, from 2008. I will take some timeoff.
    Thank you.
  84. Good Morning to all WedNEsDay PiC shooters! Looks like this is off to a wonderful start today. We still have a little snow here in Benton, KY ..... but it won't be long before spring hits.
    I will remark on a few of the pics that caught my eye, they are ALL beautiful and I can't wait too see the rest for today.
    Matt Laur, I hope you didn't get covered up with snow, especially your camera.
    Gej Jones, After seeing you beautiful shot I will travel there this summer to see that spot.
    Cary Moulton, This portrait is just what I hope to be able to do. It is so life like and smooth.
    Ian Rance, Nice shot, makes me think about Spring which is right around the corner.
    Eric James, Sassy looks so alert and the bokeh is so dreamy. Nice photo.
    Mark Gordon, I love your Glasgow at night. A great HDR!
    Again, all of the shots are great.
    Here is mine for this week. From my ongoing Barn series here in Marshall County, Benton, KY
    Thank you and all have a wonderful day.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  85. so many good photos and many memories... one of my is from valentine's day concert
  86. Brian: the "" tag format doesn't work in this venue. You can use the WYSIWYG image insertion tool as you compose your comment, and just paste the URL into its dialog box, and it will handle the forum-friendly markup.

    Sanford: you'll have better luck if you first create a lower-resolution copy of the image file. In the case of your image above, 700 x 466 would work perfectly. Be sure to use enough JPG compression to keep the file under 300kb.
  87. Hi everyone and HaPpy WedNeSdaY!
    As always this thread takes us on a journey around the work through the mind's eye of so many people.
    Today I am posting a picture in the winter theme. It was taken a few weeks ago on the shores of Lake Michigan. Nikon D5000, VR 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G @ 18mm, 1/8s, f3.5
  88. Out for an evening walk along the Bitteroot River in Montana. I just missed the geese flying by.
    Sanford: your photo attachment looks great, a very beautiful snowy scene.
  89. Thanks matt. I'll try again.
  90. Last time, I promise!!!! Nikon D70s, 18-70mm, polarizer. Love this forum. This shot was taken in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa of the Japanese House at the Horticultural Center after out sencond Blizzard last week.
  91. Happy Wednesday everyone. A picture of the family cat.
  92. Moonlit Sillhouette
    D700, 300mm f/2.8, ISO 1600
  93. Great pictures everybody!
  94. My subject for this week are some winter cleanup tools. I was outside cleaning up when I decided that ould make a good Wed pic subject, not quite exactly what I wanted but shot with D200, 100 ISO and 300mm 4.5 Ais lens. I hope uploads, otherwise you'll have to imagine it. Enjoy, Dave
    Sorry, I'll try again later, I knew there would be trouble.
  95. Lawrence Ho - Nice job. I read the book and did most of the exercises, but didn't complete the dark field work. Your photo looks great.

    My photo is one that didn't work out quite right. I was walking the streets of a Mexican village when this dog came toward me and bowed. I held the camera at ground level and snapped a couple of shots. Everything lined up perfectly, but I was in aperture priority at f/2.8 with too little DOF for the pooch. Sometimes P mode isn't a bad thing.

    So here's the one that got away.
  96. A shot from our local winter triathlon last Sunday. FM2N, kodak bw400cn, 200mm f4 ais.
  97. I like posting early! Now I can come back and view at leisure all the posts.
    Greg...Interesting effect and color...can't wait to see more of the series
    Mikhail...What a fabulous story. That is really what the art of photography is all about...what a gift! You are "Amelie Poulan" with a camera.
    Sanford...Extraordinary...there is wisdom in those eyes
    Hamish...Sensational...moody and beautiful as is your signature style.
    Francesco...Thank you for your comments and it seems that your curious mind has discovered the origin of selective blur...bravo!
    Ashim...Sweet sweet face
    Rick...Thank you for your comments and you seem to have captured your own fabulous model...great shot!
    Joan...Nice of Bo-Peeps' face, I am guessing that isn't coca cola in her cup.
    Paul...Yes indeed, you captured it. Fabulous colors. Gorgeous...crisp.
    Arthur...Thank you for your have definitely captured the flakes in a very unusual way...very interesting.
    Don...Great shot! I love the colors and composition.
    Christopher...So beautiful. I can't wait to visit MT again.
    Dimitris...Stunning...what else can I say?
  98. Eagle Through Glass
    Nikon D700 24-120mm f3.5
    Great pics this week!
  99. I think this one makes a odd abstract even by my definition. Interesting late afternoon light though.
    ISO 100
    1/3 sec. f22
  100. This week my favorite photos:
    Matt Laur
    Gej Jones
    Greg Jones
    Carey Moulton
    Bogdan Nicolescu
    Anish Mankuthel
    Erik Christensen
    Hamish Gray
    Aguinaldo de Paula
    Doug Santo
    Don Harper
    ...Eric Arnold - OMG man, that is amazing :)
    ...and here is my tribute to this weeks Wpic...
  101. From a road trip up to A&M University
    ISO 400
    1/250th f2.8
    20mm-35mm f2.8
  102. Winter, snow and minus 10 degrees Celsius. Photo taken in Hamar, Norway, not on the North Pole! ;)
  103. Skyline taken today from an office window where I work in London.
  104. I am enjoying all of the snow photos this week. Since I moved to Louisiana I don't see the white stuff very often. I had hoped to get to New Orleans yesterday for Mardi Gras, but it didn't happen, so I am posting a shot of a rare flurry we got on Friday.
  105. excellent pictures this week,
    my contribution is a picture taken yesterday. trying my new nikon 105mm vr macro.
    this is one of the flowers that i gave my wife on the valentine's day
  106. try again, file attachment was large
  107. Taken at a local zoo where this guy or girl was most anxious to take a look at what I was doing.
  108. I will add to the Winter theme
    Taken at the local forest preserve.
  109. The view out my living room window turns magical in winter. The old glass distorts the branches a bit. I never tire of photographing it!
  110. Hello everyone,
    D300, 80-200/2.8
  111. D200 with Sigma 18 to 50 2.8.
  112. I can't load it up, so Happy Wednesday, awesome shots today!
  113. I took this shot on Monday. At the Mens Olympic downhill race on Whistler . Funny right next to me was a guy with a cannon and a lens as big as my head ! I wish I had that size for my Nikon.
    D 300, Nokor 70- 300 iso 500 F11
  114. I'll try again server trouble.
  115. Jennifer, I love your image of "Valentine Boulevard" this week. Here's wishing that you spend more time in your happy place-and that you stay there. Best wishes and keep giving us your visual treats each week!
  116. I haven't been able to get out and shoot, so I've been trying to fine tune my NX2 skills. Specifically, using color control points and saturation to bring out elements in pics without over-doing it. Here's a recent effort.
  117. I decided to test the weathertightness of my D100 with a trip to the local zoo. The camera survived enough to let my son take about 450 pictures at his sisters gymnastics meet later in the day. This fox wasn't afraid of a little snow. With 75-300 1/125th 5.6 I think ISO 640
  118. Taken at the covered bridge in North Conway, NH over the weekend. Nikon D300, 50mm F/4.5 1/2500 sec. Post-processed in Lightroom.

  119. I am just about to sit down, relax and enjoy my Wednesday journey. My contribution this week is a delicious King Cake. King Cakes are a Mardi Gras tradition in the New Orleans area. The cakes contain a small plastic baby, whoever gets the piece with the baby has to buy the next cake. Years ago you could only get these during Mardi Gras but luckily you can now order year round! Yum! [​IMG]
  120. These are the images that I found the most attention drawing:
    Jennifer Meighan monochromatic with hearts
    Raaj Kovinthan great patterns found
    Louis Meluso nice abstract
    Hamish Gray for showing what crazy things people do and are not afraid to document. I love crazy.
    Aguinaldo de Paula wonderful isolation of subject
  121. I was playing around with an AIS 35-70mm in it's "Macro" mode, to see what it could do, with some Kodak Ektar 100 print film.
  122. From the show of West Coast Accordian Babes. Selane Schultz. [​IMG] D700, 24-70
  123. Jeff and Arthur,
    Thanks for the encouraging words. Now I get a taste of shooting product/still life, I appreciate more and more the skills and patience of the pros doing this day in and day out. It's a long way to go in learning but it's a good start. I highly recommend the book if anybody wants to learn effective lighting technique.
    Happy shooting, everybody!
  124. Boring snow day pic from last Friday. We got around 8", less than the 10-12" other parts of the Metroplex received. It was purty while it lasted.
  125. Arthur Richardson -
    No. HDR converted to black and white with a filter similar to a Kodak Green 11.
  126. Well another Nikon Wednesday is now winding down. Photos that caught my eye are:
    Tiffany - Wonderful shot. Love the way you cropped it. What a cutie.
    Jennifer - Beautifully captured. It would make a wonderful greeting card!
    Hamish- Great job. The shot really pulls me in and makes me feel the warmth of the fire.
    Dubravko- Well done. I really like the graininess of it. Has the feeling of an old post card.
    Roberta- Nice capture. It sure seems like you are having fun.
    Mark- Beautiful shot and nice job w/ the HDR.
    James- You are right this is certainly one of your more unusual abstracts.
    Peter - Nicely done. The fox's stare really grabs my attention.
    Brian- I love the way the blurred snowflakes give the feeling of the cardinal bracing himself in a snowstorm.
    Melissa- Very dramatic. I love the simplicity of the colors.
    Michael- For a shot taken thru glass, you really nailed the focus. Well done.
  127. Wonderful photos all. Here are my personal favorites
    Gej Jones
    Jennifer Meighan
    Louis Meluso
    Hamish Gray
    Ashim Dey
    Dubravko Grakalic
    Monika Epsefass
    Don Harper
    Phil Burt
    Keith Powell
  128. So many wonderful photos. Please allow me to add to what others have written.
    Thank you to Jana, Arthur, Phil, Boris & Douglas for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me and I appreciate your acknowledgement.
    Contributors whose shots I found to be particularly interesting this week WedNEsDay 07
    Matt Laur
    – thanks for the memories - not shoveling snow for the first time in 60+ years.
    Tiffany Brook – what a beautiful young girl.
    Greg Jones – great shot. Tried to email you but it got kicked back as spam.
    Carey Moulton – wonderful portrait. You certainly captured your subject.
    Jennifer Meighan – a real winner. Everyone loves it and rightfully so.
    Sanford Gerald – you were able to capture the pelican and the boaters – well done
    Rene' Villela – the shot is pleasing even without blue sky. Very Nice.
    Anish Mankuthel – great colors and the light works wonderfully
    Hamish Gray – you are much braver than I. Sensational light - but you must have been cold.
    Jana Hughes – excellent collection of books! Terrific shot.
    Andrés Arteaga - Very nice! I particularly like the position of the light and how you composed the ‘opening’.
    Ashim Dey – your daughter is beautiful! Frame this one & put it in a place of prominence.
    Dubravko Grakalic – a picture to tell a story about. Excellent!
    Monika Epsefass – another wonderful shot – this one makes me smile too.
    David Love – exceptional lighting – great colors!
    Ray Gosalia – terrific color – I like everything about the shot
    Aguinaldo de Paula – the shot is so peaceful and serene.
    Kent Shafer – Like Matt’s, it took me a while and then I remembered – thanks for the memories.
    Lawrence Ho – exceptional lighting – Easily Top three!
    Roberta Davidson – two in a row – both outstanding!
    Mark Gordon – spectacular night shot. Top three!
    Arthur Richardson – the snowflakes makes your shot – I’m drawn back to your shot over and over
    Sanford Dickerson – sun, snow and sky – you captured it all
    Melissa PapajMy Favorite! Exceptional!
    Donald Lawrence – a very interesting door – one of my favorites this week.
    Peter Doucette – Wow! You really know how to get a fox to pose.
  129. Gej Jones, Don Harper and Boris Miljenic :
    Thank you very much for your kind words.
    Eric Arnold's pic is the best for me.
    best regards for you all
  130. Great imagery again this week, and thanks for the kind comments. If I was not so lazy I would do as other kind folks have done and list out my reviews-I believe everyone finds the feedback helpful so I will have to take a stab at it. I do want to say that Tiffany Brook is an amazing portraitist - it is an area I need to improve on and I can only hope to emulate Tiffany's excellent and obvious rapport with her subjects. (So I am copping out and mentioning only one great submittal this week!)
    Gej, my email should work now as I just made a change. Let me know what's on your mind and keep that shutter clicking. You do wonders with that camera!
  131. Great images, everybody! Here are some of the photos I especially like:
    @ Matt Laur --I like the clear lines in your image (as always)
    @ Tiffany Brook -- a lovely image, with perfect light and color. And thanks for noticing my story about photographing dogs! I am not sure that I resemble Amelie Poulan -- a sixty year old man of a rather cynical disposition, aggravated by decades of dealing of work for the US government on issues that can make one despair of humanity.
    @ Carey Moulton -- a very nice b/w portrait, a like the lighting very much
    @ Jennifer Meighan -- a happy image
    @ Eric James -- a good capture of the dog's personality
    @ Anish Mankuthel -- wonderful colors, great composition
    @ Eric Arnold -- your experiment with DOF works for me
    @ Douglas Mosman -- the tracks really make the image
    @ Hamish Gray -- beautiful light and color, the moon and the campfire work together so well
    @ Dubravko Grakalic -- the mood of the night is captured very well
    @ Monika Epsefass -- a fine winter landscape
    @ Bernie Moore -- there is so much joy in the snow on the tree; and it's good to know that you are recovering; I had a knee surgery when I was young, and even then the recovery wasn't easy.
    @ Roberta Davidson -- this is a very good image, the clear lines of the drop and the softness of the water around it.
    @Dieter Schaefer -- a very sensitive and tasteful use of HDR
    @ Don Harper -- the red background works very well
    @ Per-Christian Nilssen - just looking at it makes me freeze!
  132. WedNEsDAy PiC #7
    The things I liked in the following shots …
    Carey Moulton – beautiful portrait with subtle “hair-lights” and in B&W
    Cees Maas – nice take on the graffiti … these artists are talented to the max
    Doug Santo – a nice continuation of this series
    Grant Tanner – any PG where the needle is left of vertical will make me smile
    Gej Jones – great reflection that works for me as well, nice framing (in and out)
    Greg Jones – composition, moon and integration of fuzziness and sharpness
    James Kazan – composition, colours, shape and form (and your vision)
    Jennifer Meighan – nice composition, but the red light seems “out-of-place” (to me)
    Jens Frederiksen – nice composition and IR effect (blue people)
    Kent Shafer – very interesting composition (and very creative)
    Lawrence Ho – lighting effect on the glasses
    Louis Meluso – lovely take on colour, shape and form (green fern leaf)
    Matt Laur – awesome way to start the thread (up front and personal)
    Mikhail Tsypkin – the ears on these dogs never cease to amaze me
    Raaj Kovinthan – nice light flare with ring of purple
    Tiffany Brook – lovely expression and soft lighting
  133. @Gej Jones thanks for your comments, I have been to this place many times and only last weekend I was able to see the picture
  134. Paul, Gej and Makhaii thank you so much for your kind words.
    Gej, your shot makes me want to go to Bellingrath Gardens as soon as spring gets here!
  135. D300, 70-200mm f2.8 VR, tripod with Acratech GP ballhead. Taken recently in Kaohsiung Taiwan, Lotus Pond.
  136. I had time today to try to rework my images, this is not the one I originally wanted to show but it's from the series. Hopefully it will load, enjoy! D200, ISO 100, 300mm Ais, NEF
  137. Better late than never. I was away for two weeks and just came back yesterday and had been sleeping until a few hours ago :)
    In a garden nearby, there was a boy sitting there....
  138. And my favorite this week are (sorry for mentioning without comment for each):
    Matt Laur, Narayan, Kovvali, Greg K, Bill J Boyd, Tiffany Brook, Greg Jones, Jennifer Meighan, Bogdan N, Sanford G, Rene V, Anish, Matthew B, Cees Maas, Hamish, Ashim, Dey, Ilkka, Monika E, David Love, John Mita, Aguinaldo, Kent Shafer, Roberta, Mark Gordon, Doug Santo, Dieter Schaefer, Shun, Christfer Sperry, Brian Bahn, Dimitris Tavlikos, Jeff Lipman, James Kazan, Per-Christian, Peter Doucette, Lex, Michael Borland, ...
    They are all great in color, composition, sharpness as well as blurness and I admire the skill. I hope everyone share a bit more of data (some do a lot, some do little). See you next week!
  139. Late to the show again. But then, the photo is from last summer as well: road warriors from the local cycling club participating in my town's 800-th year parade.
  140. Ken, thank you for your kind words.
  141. Thank you Ken Yamamoto. I hope you enjoyed the "time off". Nice take on the boy and glad to see you posting after missing last week.
  142. Perhaps not too late if I`m still on the week #7... Taken yesterday, during a short walk in the afternoon.
    D700 @ 400ISO, 70-200VRII (200mm), 1/2000 - f2.8 (-0.7EV).
  143. WOW Jose! Never to late. Glad you posted.
  144. I was waiting out the snow storms in Montego Bay. One of my first shots with the D700. 80-200 f/2.8
    200mm, ISO 200, shutter 1/800, f9.
  145. Another wonderful Wednesday! Here are comments on a few images that particularly caught my attention:
    @Narayan, the Gambel's Quail really got my attention.
    @Bill J Boyd, the snowy portrait has a nice cold feel.
    @Tiffany, that's a great little-girl portrait.
    @Greg Jones, if this one is any indication, the lunar landscape series will be very interesting... Looking forward.
    @Carey Moulton, nice portrait, nice subject, nice lens.
    @Ashim, great picture of your daughter.
    @Richard Armstrong, a great bird photo, nice background, sharp bird.
    @Kent Shafer, the snowblower really says "cold" and "winter! Ugh!'
    @Wayne Wrights, another great bird with lovely background. I like the diagonal split.
    @Lawrence Ho, excellent dark field glassware.
    @Roberta Davidson, just fabulous! Water drop = crystal ball!
    @Doug Santo, B&W church is very striking.
    @Epp B, great color
    @James Kazan, I love these abstracts!
    @Mark Jordan, that's an ostrich with attitude!
    @Nick Doronin, that's a great owl photo!
    @Peter Doucette, I like your fox image.
    @Michael Borland, a really nice lotus blossom.
  146. Greg, Mikhail & Ken: Thank you for your kind words.

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