Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #6

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    Greetings from the mid-Atlantic U.S., where record snowfalls from back-to-back coastal storms are making for stronger backs, longer grocery store lines, and a multi-day shutdown of schools and the federal government. The first round produced heavy, wet snow that stuck to everything, including trees and power lines, and also to this bit of smiling stone decor.

    So: put on your snow hat, and post an image. Let's see what you've been doing with your Nikon gear.
  2. Happy Wednesday.
    Pelicans are still wintering at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.
  3. Costa Rica, on the beach at Papagayo.
  4. 3sh


    I visited a butterfly park and this is what I got.
  5. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    This is one of the few tigers, that I am not afraid of
  6. This was shot on Monday. It was a perfect day to shoot this building. It was cold, clear, and crisp without a cloud in the sky. I had good slanting light from the west. This was taken around 4:30pm.
    Nikon D3
    Nikon 77mm Circular Polarizer
    Hoya UV(0) 77mm
    Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED
    1/3 s F22
    Peter B. Lewis Building – Case Western Reserve University
    Cleveland, Ohio
  7. This one is from earlier today in snow-free Seattle (D300s with Voigtlander 58mm f1.4).
  8. Great photo Matt, very cute.
    Here's a shot of a Spanish mission in a small Mayo Indian village in Sonora. The Mission Santa Barbara was built in the 1700's. (Not the one in California.) There are about four homes in the village. Nothing more.
  9. Hello Everybody,
    Matt, this is a brilliant photo, love the smile!
    Tiffany and Greg, thank you for your comments on my photo last week.
    This week, my usual Wednesday, nothing interesting ready for this thread, luckily, in photography almost anything can be the subject and I didn't have to go too far for my photo this week.
    I look forward to your pictures.
    Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2.8; ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/125s
  10. Cool photo Matt!!
    Opposite weather extremes here in Australia, not inspired to go out in the seemingly ever ending blazing 35+ degree sunshine to shoot anything much. Roll on Autumn I say.......
    This enourmous fly landed on the car window in the shade of the car port yesterday. The fly was approx. 30mm wide at the wing tips, truly Lord of the Flies.......
  11. Matt, very funny.
    Red-tailed Hawk. Taken last Sunday at Shoreline, Mountain View, CA
  12. Happy 6th WedNEsDAy! Greg, thank you for your kind words last week.
    When this guy arrived, I grabbed my camera. This heron is lighter than any I had ever seen and that is still true today. I thought his colors were magnificent. He only stayed for a couple of minutes and then he was gone. If you know, is this a blue heron? Most of the 'blue' herons here are much grayer.
    I hope everyone is doing well.
  13. Hi everyone
    Thank you to Juho for your kind words last week
    This is a photo of a watch i only wear on special occasions. I would wear it everyday except for the fact i work in building supplies and I would be afraid of smashing it. So don't take any notice of the date as it had not been wound up
  14. Hello all! Happy Wednesday! My shot this week was taken last Saturday at Gasworks Park here in Seattle. Since it was sunny and warm out, and I haven't been able to get my new motorcycle yet, I decided to head down to the park with the masses of other very pale Seattlites that pop up when we have sun, and take some pictures.
  15. Matt, great shot.
    This is my first attempt at water drops. It was lots of fun.
    D300 60mm ISO 200 f20 shutter 1/250
  16. Kra Al Maru - Kuwait
  17. In a similar vein as last week's...
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/400th
    18-55 @ 18mm, f/16
    SB-600 fired from camera-right via Cybersyncs
  18. WedNEsDAy PiC #6

    My shot is of a baby christened at a formal church ceremony last year. The proud uncle holding the baby is also the godfather. I never appreciated just how loud the click of the shutter can be until that day. Everyone could hear when I was shooting.
    Camera: Nikon D200
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 200 mm, 1/200 sec, f/2.8 and ISO 360 (Manual, hand held, VR on)
  19. Snow storm in Chicago area. D300s, 16-85mm VR, hand-held, shot thru the window. 1/10, F5.6. Straight from camera.
  20. @Roberta, you have to tell us about making this shot!
  21. My daughter needed new head shots for auditions for graduate program in Theater in San Francisco & last minute last Wednesday I managed to get a few in light I was happy with. This is the one she took with her to San Francisco because it's the one she liked the most.
    Again - I'm not much of a portrait photographer - but I am a proud mother. This is Andrea - my pride & joy.

    D700, 70-200VR I, f/2.8, ISO 200, 1/500s in Natural filtered light on tripod .

  22. Happy Wednesday everybody.
    Hasn’t had time to take any photographs this week, but dreams about warmer days and holydays just comes all by itself. So here are one from last years vacation.
  23. Still Tuesday here in Seattle, but I see the thread is already hopping!
    Sankha and Bryan...awesome shots.
    Great work everyone!
    My contribution is from my red riding hood series. I have been trying to put this shoot together for awhile and it finally happened.
    Wolves have always been portrayed as villains in popular literature. This series is to celebrate the wolf...a beautiful, intelligent and sentient being.
  24. Staying away from the cold.
  25. Gej, great shot and such a beautiful bird. Lil, is this a young blue herron ? Beautiful picture of your daughter.
    Richard, not sure if I can post a link to a strobist video which shows how to do these shots. It really is a lot of fun, or maybe I just need to get out more.
    I'll gladly post the link, it if is okay. In the meanwhile, I sent to your e-mail.
  26. Nikon D50, 70-300mm AF Nikkor zoom, the older style.
  27. wow, great shots already
  28. Gej - where are you located? To me it looks like a Great Blue Heron (GBH to most of us), but if you're in Europe it's a Grey Heron. They look very much alike...
    Roberta - thank you for your kind words. She is my pride & joy .... That is one great shot & thank you for sharing with us how you did it. I have to try that as some point.
  29. Here's a great YouTube video on splash photography by Gavin Hoey .
  30. Richard,
    Here is the link for the water drop shot
  31. Thanks to those who made the generous comments on the Seattle Gasworks image, very kind.
    Great images last week, very much looking forward to this week, which has already gotten off to a heck of a start!
    Continuing the Seattle Park theme:
    This was the oldest Douglas Fir in the Seattle area (King county) found in the O.O. Denny Park on Lake Washington's Eastern Shore. At over 10 feet across and 475 years of age this tree really had history. The inaugural day storm of 93 snapped it quite literally in half.
    Nikon F4s Fuji Velvia 50
  32. Great shots, everybody! Matt, you photo makes me feel happy again that I escaped Washington one hour before the first big snowstorm hit Dulles. It's been raining and busy here, so I have no other models than my dog and cat.
  33. Pio Pico Whittier Ca.
  34. This was shot last Saturday night; Metalmayhem night at the KiFF club in Aarau, Switzerland.
    Nikon D700 at ISO 2000, 70-200/2.8 VR, 1/160s @ f/2.8, RAW processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.
  35. Holy Wednesday my dear Nikon colleagues,
    Mr. Ronald Runaldo Venetiaan, the President of Suriname is chatting with students before they draw a Suriname flag together at The Independent Square (Onafhankelijksplein) in Paramaribo during Special CARICOM Summit on Youth Development. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by and many cheers to you all. Regards,
    Nikon D2Xs, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D AF, Aperture Priority, f/2.8, 1/8000sec, ISO100, ExposureBiasValue -0.67
  36. D5000, f6.3, 1/60sec
  37. Matt - nice interpretation of "grin and bear it".
    Gej - adult Great Blue Heron. Juveniles wouldn't have the white and black stripe on the head nor the chestnut and blue coloring on the wings. Grey Herons would show none of those colors.
    I was in the mood for some macro shooting and had some shallow DOF images in mind, so I grabbed my 70-180 and stacked the 5T and 6T diopters on the front. 1/30s (hand held), f/5.6, ISO 200, natural light only, WB adjusted for warmer tones
  38. [​IMG]
    D700 w/24-70 2.8
  39. The pictures so far are amazing!!!
  40. Good Morning to all. Lil beautiful portrait of your daughter.Tiffany I love your Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf series. Lots of other great shots already. Mine is from a photo shoot with a Dad and his two daughters and a lot of paint. He used to do photography so he had his own white back drop paper and supplied the paint. Nikon D3, Nikon 80-200 2.8, 170mm, ISO 200, f/13, 1/60s, +0.7 step, On camera SB800 and two strobes with umbrellas.
  41. Hi,
    Yesterday. Brrr... Minus 6 degrees Celsius. North wind 6 Beaufort. My fingertips: all white. Had to use a remote shutter control with an extra large button to operate my Nikon. Location: a very small railwaystation in the south of Holland. My display says: 1/2 second at f.8 - Click...
  42. God Morning to everyone still dark here on the West Coast,
    this shot from last week is what happens when you park your yacht in the wrong place. There is a place outside the Santa Barbara harbor aptly named Fools Mooring, if in bad weather you break your mooring this is the result. Sadly there was no saving her and she had to be broken up and hauled away in a trash truck.
  43. Hello everyone..
    I spent a few days in Glencoe up in Scotland last week. It was a good opportunity for me to use my grad and ND grad filters which I hardly use.
    Nikon D3
    Nikkor 24-70mm
    Tiffen 2 stop Grad Filter
    Lee 0.6 ND Grad Filter
    F/11 0.77s
  44. Early morning rowers... D700 + Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 @ 200mm f9 1/320 ISO200
  45. Wednesday again! And even the sun is shining this morning!
    Thank you Gej and Ken for your kind comments on last week's (very lately posted) image.
    This one is my mind booster for this week: smile, even if life is weird. My company is being restructured and I don't know whether I'll stay or go. Oh well. This year has been forecasted to bring loads of changes for me...
    Taken with Nikon D700 and 24-85 f2.8-4
  46. Happy Wednesday!
    Thanks to those who took the time to comment last week.
    D300 with 105VR
  47. [​IMG] Great shots as usual - I did not shoot anything current - I've got the winter blues so I submitted an image taken in the Fall in Whittier harbor in Alaska.
  48. This one was taken some time ago, in a Easter sunday morning in New York.
    Thank you for viewing.
  49. Wow - some folks have had an early start to Wednesday. Thanks for starting it off Matt. Tiffany - did you hire the wolf from the same place as the winner of the Wildlife Photographer of teh year.......? Lovely pix.
    My contribution (hope Mrs C isn't looking at this before Sunday) is inspired by an article in the March 2010 edition of 'Digital SLR Photography' magazine.
  50. D300, 55mm f/3.5 reversed on PB-6 bellows, ISO 200, 1/250 @ f/16. Strobe head with grid camera right, fill reflector (a 3x5 card folded in half) on the other, and another head lighting background. Focus stack in CS4.
  51. Greetings again this week. I am drawn like a magnet to old brick buildings, particuarly abandoned and forsaken old structures...
  52. To follow up Matt's post, in our area (just N of Washington DC), we're now getting slammed with another 12-18 inches of snow piling up on top of the 30 inches we received from the last storm (only a few days ago). In shopping center parking lots, twelve to fifteen foot high mountains of snow are a common sight.
    Tom M.
  53. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    My entry is from last Thrusday at art center, trying my hands on macro using Tamron 90mm on Nikon D90. This is hand held picture, I will try to go there this week too and see if I can use flash and get some better and sharp picture.
    Ray G
  54. Great photos again.
    Here is my contribution: Walking on a back-street, this little sweetie, suddendly appeared staring at the camera lens... and I took the attached photo. Lovely! isn't it?
  55. Hi everyone!
    Matt - nice!
    Jeff Lipsman - great shot of the Mission, I'm just itching to do a B/W conversion on it..
    Thomas Gerstendoerfer - Nice capture!
    Tiffany Brook - Little Red Riding Hood never looked better!
    My contribution this week is from a sunny afternoon at the beach. This seagull was a real poser!
  56. Good Morning!
    Looking at some ice in my backyard, I came across this. It was taken with my D300, Micro Nikkor 105mm at f3.2, 1/3200 sec, iso 200, handheld.
    Happy Valentines Day!
  57. Fire!!!
    At least a photo i took with no ***** snow that is messing life around today!!! :)
  58. The ground crew gives a thumbs up as the final passenger flight of the Lockheed L-1011 lands, and powers her engines down for the last time, in Kansas City Downtown Airport on Jan 30, 2010. I t will be displayed in the Airline Historic Museum located there. A large crowd of people from old L-1011 crew members, aviation buffs and local news staff were on hand to view the landing. See other photos here:
    Nikon D300, Nikkor 12-24mm lens, ISO 200.
  59. The ground crew gives a thumbs up as the final passenger flight of the Lockheed L-1011 lands, and powers her engines down for the last time, in Kansas City Downtown Airport on Jan 30, 2010. I t will be displayed in the Airline Historic Museum located there. A large crowd of people from old L-1011 crew members, aviation buffs and local news staff were on hand to view the landing. See other photos here:
    Nikon D300, Nikkor 12-24mm lens, ISO 200.
  60. Try yet again
  61. [​IMG]
    D70+Nikkor 180mm f2.8 at f2.8
  62. Last time
  63. great pic of DC, in the midst of another snowstorm.
  64. Hello All,
    Off to a great start and some very good images already. My post for today: Taken earlier in the spring (I am not an outdoor person in the winter). Nikon D200, ISO 100, 80-200 AF EDIF; f2.8 1/100. Enjoy, Murali
  65. Formation Flying
  66. Hello All,
    Off to a great start and some very good images already. My post for today: Taken earlier in the spring (I am not an outdoor person in the winter). Nikon D200, ISO 100, 80-200 AF EDIF; f2.8 1/100. Enjoy, Murali
  67. The WedNEsDAy tour always offer lots of great images. To mention a couple that have caught my eye so far; Jens, I like the colors in your (Venetian?) scene. Monika E., the fun and color in your shot is great, and I also like your outlook!
    I offer up Flying Blind, in last week's snow.
  68. It snowed yesterday so I had to take the day off of work and take some photos
  69. Nikon D80 Nikor 50mm F/1.4 HDR
  70. Nubble Lighthouse, York Maine NikonD1, 24-120mm handheld.
    Caught the evening light just right during a holiday visit!
    Jens: Very nice. I want to visit!
    Roberta: first time? Great job!
    Murali: I like the focus and color. Nice job!
  71. Decided to swtich things up a bit this week, did not have much time to get out this week so something from my gallery. This was taken a little while ago and is the image I used to make my mouse pad. Hope you enjoy.
  72. Love for sale - just before February 14th
    (Special ofer = Posebna ponuda)
  73. So many fantastic photos already. Another great Wednesday. Thanks Roberta for the link; it does look like fun. Got my computer up and running again. It had an attack of of the baaaad bugs. Waiting for my new computer to arrive. Snowed in this morning. My pic for today was taken in New Orleans French Quarter during a trip to LA. Taken with Nikon D300 18-70mm kit lens.
  74. Haven't posted for a while
    No snow in Austin Texas
    My contribution is the John Bremmond house
    Thought that it is kind of neat looking
  75. Interlaken Switzerland
  76. Nothing spectacular, but had my gear while working my day job as an environmental Geologist. We were doing an environmental site assessment along a railway corridor during a day long snow fall. My drilling crew ended up getting stuck in some soft stuff. A truck towing service was called after failing to get "unstuck"...after nearly rolling the rig. Here is my rendition of the moment.
    Nikon D700 1/400 sec f/8.0 ISO 800 Manual Center Weigh Metering
  77. Another great Wednesday. My image this week was taken in my back yard at my bird feeder. I used my Nikon D300 with Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR lens + 1.4 TC. ISO was 1600, f5.6 at 1/80 second hand held.
  78. Still hibernating in my basement learning still life/studio photography ...
    D700+85mm PCE and flashguns. 1/250s; ISO320; f11
  79. We didn't get as much snow as the eastern seaboard, but we did get about 5-6 inches, which is more than usual here in memphis.
  80. Picture didn't load. Hope it shows up. Finally....
    I used my Nikon D300 with Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR lens + 1.4 TC. ISO was 1600, f5.6 at 1/80 second hand held.
  81. Hello All
    Fantastic Photos everyone!!!
    I´m in a cybercafe in a small Uruguayan town by the sea, not much time to talk about the pics.
    This I took several weeks ago.
    This man in San Telmo Fair, try to resemble an Argentinian Gaucho, but looks more like "Hoss" Cartwright with funny beard to me.

    D300 + 18-200 @200mm - f6.3 - 1/320 sec. - ISO 200
  82. More snow in D.C. today. Here's an image from a warmer time in Washington.
    D90, 28mm, f5, 1/100, handheld.
  83. D90
    50mm 1.8
    ISO 200 F10 1/60s used black plexiglass for the base, and a sheet of white and a sheet of black poster board for the background. SB-600 to camera right controlled by CLS. major snow storm outside crushed my plans for an outside shoot with friends. so boredom and a total lack of will to do what needs to been done results in this creation.
  84. Happy Wednesday everyone !!
    Congratulations to everyone, great pictures and very inspiring.
    Here is mine for today. Have a happy shooting !!
  85. Michael B, yep really my first time trying this. I took about 40 shots and got 2 that I liked. Can't wait to try this again very soon.
    Great shots so far, will try to back and comment later.
  86. Dark , cold and cloudy here. I'm very lazy and in no mood to go outside. My picture was taken from my kitchen window, with my D300+300mm at F2,8, ASA 400, 1/500 :
    Still don't know what kind of bird it is !?
  87. San Gabriel Mission and Junipero Sera. D700, 14mm.
  88. Hello everybody, another Wednesday, time is flying.
    Here my pick for today:
    D300, 80-200/2.8
  89. This gets off to the races real fast. What time does it open up now? All great submissions as usual. I will stop back many times throughout the day to find the new ones and look at all of them again.
    Mine today is just a farm scene here in Western Kentucky.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  90. Nikon D3 70-200mm VRIII ISO 400 f8 HDR 4 exposures, 120mm.
    Jefferson Monument between snowstorms on Monday evening.
  91. I haven't been taking pictures for the last couple of days, so I send in a picture I took some years ago whilst in the beautiful area of Cappadocia in the heartland of Turkey.
    Taken from a hot air baloon.
    F100, Tokina 28-80 ATX-Pro F2.8D. Fuji Sensia 100. Exposure values unknown.
  92. Hi all, my shot this week was taken on Sunday. It's one of the lifeguard stations at New Brighton, Wirral.

  93. Lil – Thank you for replying. I’m in Orange Beach, Alabama. Every GBH that I’ve seen here is more gray in color. I thought it might be a young bird but I really don't know. My wife purchased a book on shore birds but so far we haven’t found him.
    Your daughter is beautiful. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.
  94. D700 70-200mm VR I with TC2X
  95. Here is a picture of a very sweet Basehound last night at the dog park. Taken with a Nikon D300 with a Nikkor 17 - 55mm 2.8 lens. Not the best shot as I just shot blind from a standing postion with little or no time to frame my "Subject" Gaby.
  96. spending a lot more time indoors because of all this snow...
  97. Snowball thru a window.
    D90 Tamron 18-270mm
  98. Drab day.
    Things left undone.
    Procrastinaor's lament.
  99. My Daughter has taken up knitting, and decided to try making a hat. She's got a ways to go, but her ever-willing model was available.
    D700 24-85 Nikor at 80mm f/4 1200 ISO 1/60th, adjusted in Lightroom 2.6
  100. I've followed this tread for some time now. My first submission
  101. I've followed this tread for some time now, scanning every Wed morning with coffee in hand. My first submission taken with Nikon D700 and 105 f2.8 ais lens.
  102. Snow. Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-200 VR. Minus 22 C.
  103. Today's images are fabulous! This weekly thread is always stimulating, but this week especially so. Thank you, all!
    Roberta, thanks for the water-drop link!
  104. here is a simple snap shot of a still life.
    It is a red bell pepper on snow.
  105. Snowed in today in Pa. Here is one I call Office at Dawn.
  106. Snowing yesterday in metro-Chicago.
    D300, plus my trusty AF 50mm f1.8. Soft focus provided by snow falling.
  107. Snowing yesterday in metro-Chicago.
    D300, plus my trusty AF 50mm f1.8. Soft focus provided by snow falling.
  108. Snowing yesterday in metro-Chicago.
    D300, plus my trusty AF 50mm f1.8. Soft focus provided by snow falling.
  109. Snowing yesterday in metro-Chicago.
    D300, plus my trusty AF 50mm f1.8. Softfocus provided by snow falling.
  110. Sorry haven't had time to post, but I have one that's appropriate for the time of year.
    Thanks again everyone for the great inspiration and knowledge!
    Complimentary and Complimented
    D90 18-55 kit lens f13 6sec.
  111. Gej - like Dieter said as well, you have an adult GBH. I think what you're seeing is a tad of digital haze. If you set white & black points I think you'll find more color, but it does seem pale. I see them in many variations.
    Thank you, Andrea feels a bit cheated. They'd been told 40 schools were going to be there. Only 13 came. She'll have to wait until March before she gets a reply.
  112. Richard (in a privet e-mail) has suggested to me that Andrea's photo was a tad cool in the tone so I've reduced the blue channel & added a tad of warmth. The submission should reflect that.
  113. So many terrific images! I was going to try to comment on a few, and as I went through them there are just so many that deserve attention.
    Eric James - beautiful dog!
    Jeff Lipsman - I really like the way you composed this image.
    Epp B. - Love the lens flare - perfectly placed.
    Ertugrul Kilic - I like seeing the President looking so casual, and the students so comfortable with such an important man.
    Darko Vrsic - Cute! Makes me smile.
    Eddy Furlong - Love that golden reflection
    Monika Epsefass - Wow! amazing find.
    Richard Armstrong - Interesting ice formation. What caused it?
    Michael Burnett - You sure did catch the light just right. Amazing!
    Alejandro Held - I love this character.
    William Pahnelas - Very sweet moment
    This weekend is the first time in ages I have been able to go to the races when it hasn't been pouring down rain. Caught this jockey before the 7th race.
  114. Shot this 2 days ago...I was waiting for that chunk of snow to make it over the edge, but it didn't happen (at least while I was watching)...testing out my new tripod and ballhead.
  115. Wow, really great Nikon Wednesday, isn't it? Thought I would post to point out that Gej Jones and Greg Jones are two different individuals. Gej is the vastly more talented photographer than me and let's be sure that he gets the proper credit!
    By the way, thanks for nice things said about my images over the weeks. I am traveling about the southeastern US and need to get more people pictures. Weather has been keeping folks inside, as I am sure you eastern US folks know. The bird images week to week are quite impressive, and the variety from across the world is a real treat. I wont hazard to name the long list of folks who produce excellent work-but I know each image is special to each contributor.
  116. Wow, sooooo many interesting shots so far. Missed last week and now I'm posting much later than usual, so I will definitely be back later to spend more time looking and commenting. As Matt mentioned, here in the North East, we are in the middle of a snow storm, so wanting to do something w/ a snow theme and not wanting to venture out just yet, I did the next best thing, I opened up the front door and and made the shot. Made a few simple adjustments in NX2 and applied a slight crop.
  117. Hi everybody,
    my post this week is a photo I took during the snowstorm that hit the Northeast last Saturday.
    Nikon D80, Nikon 50mm 1.8D
  118. First photo post - shot last Thursday in Evansville, Indiana. Full frame without enhancement.[​IMG]
    N90S - Nikon AF 70-210 F4-5.6 @ 210mm w/ L1BC -ISO 200
  119. I took this photo while on a recent drive from South Florida to San Diego. I believe we were around Deming, New Mexico. The train provided a great opportunity to practice my panning shots.
  120. My recent professional work; I`m currently trying to fix some problems with boring micro welding joints... many times photography is the funniest part of my work.
    Today`s set-up is outside my mini-macro studio, then I simply used my D700 at ISO200, 105VR (1/4sec. - f16) and a smallish tripod. Magnification could be near 1.2, the height of this plate is around 2.5mm (this is a crop). I wish I had my flashes and a good tripod.
  121. Great photos as always everyone. I took this photo while on a recent drive from South Florida to San Diego. I believe we were around Deming, New Mexico. The train provided a great opportunity to practice my panning shots.
  122. An old railtrack gone pedestrian:
    D300, Ai 24 f/2.8 - ISO200, 1/4000th, f/4.
  123. Power has returned during the blizzard (I'm in Maryland), so I'll finish the post that was interrupted this morning. Time to shovel out again.
    Cheers, John
  124. Beautiful shots everyone!
    I've been way too busy again, missed last week's commenting phase (thanks to Ken Y. & Juho N. for your comments!), and have not used my cameras as much as I would have wanted.
    But I bought an used Fuji S3 Pro last week so my photo was shot on weekend while testing my new toy.
    Fuji S3 Pro + Nikon 35mm f/1.8G + SB-28 (@ f/8, 1/180 sec, ISO 100)
  125. As likewise elsewhere, central NJ is also getting packed with snow. As I looked out my window I was surprized to see "Blizzard Bird" sitting on a branch as if nothing was going on. So I picked up the D200 and mounted my trusty 300mm Nikkor 4.5 Ais and shot through the window pane where I could find a clear area. Hence, a bit of black and white for today, enjoy! Techie stuff, ASA 400, f4.5, spot meter.
  126. Got to submit something blizzard related since all my recent photos suffer from excessive white backgrounds. Maybe I've been shoveling too much. Taken a few hours ago, this pretty much sums up my world. Exposure details: D700 7 17-35mm AF-S D. Lens at 24mm, ISO 400, f/8 @ 1/640 sec.
  127. A lot of great shots. However, I'm getting cold just seeing so many photos of snow storms.
    Last Saturday was Free Museum day in Sacramento, CA so my better half and kids and grandkids headed for the Train Museum. About 20k people visited that day. Very crowded and hot but a lot of fun.
    Taken with d90 12-24mm @ 1600 A/P
  128. Interesting pics this week. I was especially caught up by the pics by Bogdan, Tiffany, Eric A and Doug S, to name a few. Good work!
    I almost missed this as Wednesdays tend to be busy for me. The weather has been quite drab and I haven't found good indoor subjects either (haven't had much time to look, though), so I tried to expand my vistas by shooting some IR on a cloudy and snowy day. The results weren't that great, I probably need to work on my subjects. The look is a bit retro, though...
  129. Bogota's main square during christmas. I have not been able to take new pictures lately.
    D80 18-135mm kit lens @18mm 1sec f/10.0
  130. Another excellant week of photos. My personal favorites this week...
    Richard Karash - strong, dynamic styling.
    Gej Jones - very nice color tones between the posts and the heron.
    Ertugrul Kilic - wonderful positive personality expressions. I can imagine this like I was there.
    Aguinaldo de Paula - way to anticipate the moment, DOF, framing, lighting and interesting subject.
    John Mita - Aaaaw!
    Dmitry Kiyatkin - dramatic vanishing point scene

    My picture is from this weeks snowstorm (as opposed to last weeks snow storm, or the one from the week before that, or the one before...etc.). Several of my pictures lately seem to look better cropped square. I also did a little in photoshop with levels and shading.
  131. Oh, I see that bigger part of northern hemisphere has snow problems. We are no exception here in Croatia. My shot is from last Saturday, when i decided i would take a walk trough nearby woods. It was snowing like crazy, but i still didn't give up, and I came home with photo I named "Two shady guys." :)
    Lot's of great photos today (as allways :) ), but my favorites are:
    James Kazan
    Epp B (really, no surprize here!)
    Thomas Gerstendoerfer
    Andy Chubb
    Ray Gosalia
    Vineet Rajasekhar
    Carey Moulton
    Paul B
    Tomo Sato
    Oskar Ojala

  132. I'm stuck in Washington DC in the middle of the blizzard... but managed to do a fun snow photo shoot with a local musician, Margot MacDonald, on Saturday. Natural light (it's about as flattering as possible with all the snow), D700, 24-70/2.8 @ 70mm and f/2.8, ISO 200, 1/1250sec.
  133. Maybe the last one here but not the least. An old nice photo.
    My girl friend :)
    Nikon D80, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF-D, 1/13, f/4.5, iso 400.
  134. Haven't been able to post in some weeks and have missed all the great photos!
    Jeff the perspective of the mission through the cross
    Gej Jones....splendid colors
    Mikhail Tsypkin....those are some eyes on that cat!
    Steven van Heerden....she's an angel!
    Dieter....great DOF and beautiful image
    Rick Dohme...what a delightful family shot!
    Monika Epsefass....Sure put a smile on my face!
    Linda Mc.......Great shot as always!
    This shot was at one of my grandson's basketball games during half time....
  135. bmm


    Sorry, I'm a late starter today. An image of Willunga Pier from my recent trip to South Australia. And yes, though I've done a little work to bring it out more, the late afternoon sky was pink!
  136. Super Sunday Night in the Quarter; 'bout midnight. With a couple of hundred thousand of my dearest friends.
    D700. ISO 4800 iirc. 35/2
  137. My car in 14 inches of snow (and falling). Taken this evening just after sunset.
  138. View from the Clingman's Dome parking lot in the Smoky Mtns. Taken some time ago.
  139. bms


    Great images once more. My late entry:
    D700, PB6 bellows, reversed 55 Nikkor
  140. D300, ISO200, 50mm f1.4 AFD @ f5.6, 1/60 s, handheld, processed with ufraw and krita on Fedora 11
  141. bmm


    Steven Ford - that late entry is marvellous... almost more like an impressionist painting than a photograph.
    Others that I have particular liked this week (though as usual please note that the list of those that I admire is much longer) are:
    James Kazan, Jeff Lipsman, Rick Dohme, Cees Maas, Monika Epsefass, Greg Jones, Carey Moulton, Wayne Wrights, Dimitry Kiyatkin, Jennifer Meighan, and Brandon Wu.
    With apologies for going off topic a touch have any of you seen the film 'The Road'? - now there is another photographic/cinematographic vision that has left a mark on me in recent days. The way in which the desperate bleakness and pessimism of that story is reflected in the composition and tonal quality of many frame of that film is just amazing.
  142. After I took this blind shot of these two kids, the boy shouted at me: " Take me a picture! " I smiled and raised my camera. I ended up with a picture too boring to be displayed here.
  143. Thanks B M Mills! That was one of those shots where all I had to do was convert from RAW to JPEG and I was done. I love it when I don't have to PP. I love the dilapidated pier shot, I wish I was nearer the ocean (but then I'd be further from the mountains, oh the horror ): ).
    Other shots that caught my eye (but these threads are always full of awesome, I love seeing what people can do/find with their Nikons)
    Paul B - Great bird shot, really great composition!
    Richard Armstrong - Great ice shot, I (sort of) wish I had ice/snow here in the South.
    Ray Gosalia - I love the paper thin DOF on macro flowers like this. The petals make such a pretty out of focus backdrop for pistils (stamen? biology was too long ago).
    Jason Mahaffey - Cool concept, I love the shift from white to black. Not too bad for being trapped inside.
    Jennifer Meighan - I love the ice piece trying to hang on before it falls from the cliff. The blurred water make it peaceful, but with tension!
    Michael Borland - It amazes me that cats can tuck like that, but this kitty's coat really makes me think of a tight spiral.
    I always look forward to Wednesdays!
  144. No snow here right now but we had an ice storm two weeks ago where I found this
  145. Great shots everyone, I especially like the ones that don't have snow in them. This was a house fire in N.E. Kansas last night. The occupants got out safely and no firefighters were injured, but the family pets are still missing. The extreme cold and snow have taken a toll on everyone this year. The firefighter is advancing a handline through the window while the interior crews take care of remaining "hot spots".
  146. Shot in La Jolla, California.
    D80 - Nikon 7-300VR
  147. I'm new at this, so please bear with me. New years eve my mother told me there there was supposed to be a blue moon that night, so I rushed out side set up the pod and remote and snaped a few pics, but did not apear to be blue to me, so I thought...., that took a while for me. White balance, i changed the w/b to incendecent light. That did it, so now I had a blue moon, well not really, it just looked that way, thanks for looking , oh there is a lot of wonderful pics on here.
  148. I'm new at this, so please bear with me. New years eve my mother told me there there was supposed to be a blue moon that night, so I rushed out side set up the pod and remote and snaped a few pics, but did not apear to be blue to me, so I thought...., that took a while for me. White balance, i changed the w/b to incendecent light. That did it, so now I had a blue moon, well not really, it just looked that way, thanks for looking , oh there is a lot of wonderful pics on here. I hope the pic shows up , i'm not to sure on how to load it on here.
  149. Sorry folks, I told you I was new
  150. Taken a few weeks ago after a frost covered everything.
    Nikon D5000 55mm f5.6 1/250s
  151. Daniel Spalding - Clever idea for your "blue moon!"
    Grant Tanner - Nice watch photo!
    Sanford Gerald - Excellent use of contrast!
    Dieter Schaefer - Very interesting composition!
    Anish - Nice light and color!
    Tony Hadley - Excellent shot with the clouds!
    Andy Chubb - Very clever. I can't figure out how you did it!
    Greg Jones - Interesting subject. I, too, love old buildings.
    Richard Armstrong - Nice ice detail!
    Francesco - Very nice photo of the hot coals!
    Murali - Excellent flower shot!
    Alejandro - Is that a real beard? It almost looks as though he draped animal hair on his face.
    Jason M - Great concept, well-executed!
    Janet G - Fun photo!
    Mark Mandell - Another fun photo!
    Andrés A - Nice night shot!
    Brandon Wu - Very stylish! The red hair lights up the gray day.
    Mircea - Creative portrait!
    Randy K - Cute little subject!
  152. Cees Maas - Nice; I keep coming back to this shot
    Monika Epsefass - I like the wall colors - the funny graffitti helps, of course
    Vineet Rajasekhar - Excellent use of the wide format
    Carey Moulton - This shot makes me smile
    Dejan Smaic - Nice documentary
    Dimitry Kiyatkin - The lone figure makes the shot
    Markku Vihava - Beatutiful tones
    Barandon Wu - Nice color contrast
  153. Masked Lapwing in a Sydney park
  154. Very happy WedNEsDAy! This is my first post here.

    Coffee time. D700 + 35mm F1.4 AIS @ F4
  155. I love Nikon Wednesdays. Its a great chance to catch a glimpse of other parts of the world. My contribution is a picture from a local Mardi Gras parade in the small town of Fairhope, not far from Mobile. The lighting wasn't very good, but we caught a lot of beads, stuffed animals, and, of course, Moon Pies! History Lesson: Mardi Gras originated in Mobile (Alabama USA); the first celebration taking place in 1703, one year after the city’s founding. It was originally called Boeuf Gras (Fatted Ox) and was a time of feasting and revelry on the day preceding Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season which leads to Easter. It’s now known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras Day (which is Tuesday, February 16 this year). In 1857, Mobile members of Cowbellian de Rakin Society, formed in 1830, traveled to New Orleans and assisted in starting the Mardi Gras tradition in that city with the formation of the Crewe of Comus, one of New Orleans' most prestigious Mardi Gras societies. Mobile's Mardi Gras ceased for a time during the Civil War, but New Orleans' annual celebration continued, making New Orleans' Mardi Gras the longest running in the United States.
  156. D300 50mm f/1.8 1/250
  157. First time post on this site, so kind of still a noob. Lol
    Been looking at the forum for a little bit but haven't gotten around to posting.
    Hopefully this one goes well.
    Nikon D40 18-55
  158. Thanks! to Linda McLellan and Dan South.
    Dan: is a fake beard (under a temperature of 41 Celcius!!)
  159. Picture I took while I was at Big Bend in Texas. D200 with 18-55mm
  160. And yet another snow storm picture, taken last Friday. Playing with my SB-900
  161. I enjoyed all of the wonderful pictures this week. Wednesday's are my favorite! I'm a bit late, a little under the weather. Our wonderful Saints became the Superbowl champs this past Sunday! The city threw a parade on Tuesday (TuesDat as it is known now) to celebrate with the team. My office is smack in the middle of the CBD so I got to enjoy all of the people dressed in team colors and the cars decorated. This car was among the many decked with flags, decals, etc. What a fun time it was, we are so proud of our Boys! WHO DAT!
  162. From an airshow last weekend. D90 + 70-300 VR.
  163. Great thread!
    I finally find the time to summit my humble image. I am working so hard to see if I'm able to buy a few more Nikon toys. Right now I can almost smell a D3s and a AFS 500 mm but nothing is sure until the cash is the bank account!
    Anyway, I see there was a snowy theme going on so here is one shot from the street in front of my home. i took this shot from the balcony on the second floor of my home.
  164. My favorites for this week:
    Bogdan Nicolescu
    Thomas Gerstendoerfer
    Carey Moulton
    Murali Palangat
    Dejan Smaic
    Alejandro Held
    Slava Nikulin

    Maybe my all time favorites :)
    Lawrence Ho
    Janne Kaakinen
    Brandon Wu

    Here is my photo for this week.
    Shot with D300 + AF-S Zoom Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED
    1/400, F9, ISO-200
  165. Finally back for some commenting. The photos that caught my eye this week are:
    James - Beautiful abstract. I like the blue cast to it.
    Tiffany - Nice take on the old nursery rhyme. Too bad we can't see the wolfs eyes as well.
    Vineet - Nice job on the sea gull.
    Paul B. - I like the perspective. It makes the shot that much more interesting.
    Don - Beautiful shot of the Jefferson Memorial.
    Hope everyone has an enjoyable week.
  166. Sorry, I'm a little tardy this week...
  167. I want to thank Jeff, Roberta, Jeanne, Douglas & Greg for your generous comments. Thank you!
    Dieter and Lil, thank you for sending me the information about GBH. I appreciate you time and knowledge.
    Contributors whose shots I found to be particularly interesting this week WedNEsDay 06
    Matt Laur – your shot tells a story that 49 of the 50 states experienced this week.
    Roberta Davidson – terrific shot and thank you for the linc.
    Epp B – really like your photo – looked at it over and over.
    Jens Frederiksen – the colors remind me of a pastel chalk drawing – really enjoy the shot
    Sanford Gerald – great hands of a great player
    Rick Dohme – this is a real keeper! You captured a wonderful moment - Such fun.
    Anish Mankuthel – the filters made your shot, well done.
    Eddy Furlong – the colors pop – wow!
    Monika Epsefass – what a smile – your shot makes me smile too
    Greg Jones – looked forward to your shots since the bone yard – then went back to your first shots. I really enjoy your work!
    Mark Gordon – the shot is so crisp – terrific colors and the light is prefect
    Gwen Klaus – I’m a sucker for doors – nice!
    Filip Lucin – wonderful
    Brandon Wu – you are a master director to get that shot
    B M Mills – my favorite this week – the colors invite the viewer into the picture
    Steven Ford – terrific light
    Laura Delegal – Mardi Gras – a fun shot and no snow
  168. To all the first time posters, welcome and thank you for your contributions and please keep posting.
    To everyone who commented on my photo, thank you so very much. Each kind word is encouragement to keep trying.
    I wish I had time to comment on all the photos, but this week time seems to have gotten away from me. Let me just say that each and every one of the photos offers something special and expresses a part of the poster, so thank you for sharing.
    Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and stays warm .
  169. Some great photos this week and such a wonderful thread .Some of my favorites this week
    Gej Jones
    Roberta Davidson
    Epp B
    Anish Mankuthel
    Rick Dohme
    Tony Hadley
    Murali Palangat
    Brandon Thai
  170. Oskar, Boris, thanks for your attention to my humble pic, it's becoming pretty challenging to keep up with the quality of photos we see on these Wednesday threads
    It's so refreshing to see lot of snow here, I really enjoy winters, snowy and cold weather, something way different to what we're getting here in desert, blue sky bright sun every single day...
  171. Great shots, everyone! My appreciation and thanks to all the new comers; your contributions are very welcome here.
    A few comments:
    @Grant, the rolex is crisp, sparking, clean, and quite interesting in this composition.
    @Roberta, the water drop is a trained seal balancing a ball on his nose, all in a blue Avatar-like world.
    @Greg Kowalczewski, the christening, the little boy shows great personality.
    @Lil, I think it's a great portrait of Andrea.
    @Tiffany, a great little red riding hood
    @Steven, great picture of a great baby.
    @Rick, dad & daughter with paint... A great idea, they are obviously having fun and you've captured it.
    @Monika, a great and humorous street shot.
    @Tony Hadley, Whittier harbor in the Fall, nice light and color.
    @Greg Jones, the old brick building, great color, and a nice reflection.
    @Michael Burnett, the lighthouse is a perfect Christmas Card.
    @Thomas Burden, I find shooting statures hard; you've done it well.
    @Nick Doronin, a superb bird shot, nice pose, nice personality, gorgeous light.
    @Brandon, great shot of Margo. Entertainers ramp it way up to get our attention, and this shot certainly works.
    And, catching up from last week, Nikon WedNEsDAy #5:
    @Matt, the knife shot is sharp and crisp. Seriously.
    @Narayan, the sunset hills are a great execution on a classic idea.
    @Jeanean, the rod-runner is excellent. I like the bird framed in soft greens.
    @Neven, an extraordinary image... The girl, the bird, the shadow, the right moment.
    @Thomas Gerstendoerfer, great concert shot. The combination of good skin color and the blue lights makes this shot for me.
    @Dieter, the pelican dancing. Besides the funny behavior, I really like the tone and texture in the wing and body.
    @Ilkka, great frost.
    @Janne, I like the abstract pattern. The lines lead me down and in.
    @Mircea, that's a very interesting image, the feather and the shadow. It creates a whole range of connections for me.
    @Rick Dohme, excellent tree frog.
    @Tom Pernal, your sailing ship and the sunset.
    @David, a really nice nightime shot.
    @Carey, great yellow flowers.
    @Benjamin, your really wonderful baby and kiss from sister (?).
    @Mark Gordon / Mila G, the singer with guitar. Nice lighting, right moment.
  172. Hello,
    I am away this week and next - on trip for mostly business and family matter - and don't have one to post for the audience. But here are some that caught my eyes:
    James Kazan, Eric James, Jana Hughes, Grant Tanner, Roberta Davidson, Epp B, Lil Judd, Jens Frederikson, John Morris, Dieter Schaefer, Cees Maas, Monika Epsefass, Aguinaldo de Paula, Richard Armstrong, Murali Palangat, Tim Holte, Mark Gordon, Dmitry Kiyatkin, Paul B, Doug Santo, Don Harper, Arthur Richardson, Gary McGhee, Filip Lucin, Steven Ford,,,,...
    My apologies that I don't give each comment :)
    Looking forward to the next week entries.
  173. There are so many excellent images here this week, as usual! Thank you very much to those who commented on my "Ice Valentine". For Linda McClellan, I was standing next to an old wooden bird feeder in my backyard trying to get a close shot of a nuthatch with my new micro nikkor 105 mm VR lens...just to see if I could get a nice wide open shot with some good bokeh. Well, the birds weren't cooperating but there were these melting lacy ice formations coming off of the roof of the feeder. Like a truly dedicated Nikon camera nut, I shot about 20 images of the ice and didn't see the little heart shape until I reviewed them.
    My favorite shot this week is "Coffee Time" by Silva Nikulin, because it captures the simple beauty and enjoyment of a very ordinary moment.
    Thanks once again, Matt, and everyone who adds to this photo journey every week!
  174. WedNEsDAy PiC #6
    The things I liked in the following shots …
    Brandon Wu – musician’s expression
    Dan South – blue scene with pinch of light
    Eric Arnold – mood of the singer
    Eric James – colour of dog’s eyes
    Lawrence Ho – colours of the flower
    Lil Judd – lighting effect and expression
    Michael Burnett – Nubble Lighthouse
    Mircea C – light falling on the “Nikon” girl
    Rene Villela – snow scene with yellow building
    Richard Karesh – textured backround
    Rick Dohme – family fun
    Tom Mann – snow falling in light
    To Richard Karesh (thank you for your comment). As usual, I leave too many shots out.
  175. Thank You! Filip L and Steven F for commenting on my macro flower shot.
    I am trying macro on roses this week... (Valentine's day roses), should be posting this WedNEsDAy

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