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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Happy Wednesday, Nikonistas. I was up with the sun the other morning, shooting a frolicking pair of Labrador Retrievers. We were more or less in the dark, when the sun suddenly popped over a hill, leaving my ISO 1250 looking like a really bad choice (hence the B&W conversion!). But these two knuckle-headed dogs, which are the best of buddies, were putting on their display of Maleness, which I didn't want to miss.

    So, here in the Spirit of Bipartisanship, are the dog on the left, and the dog on the right. No dogs (not even their feelings!) were hurt in the making of this scene. These two guys really do think the world of each other, promise! They're just being... guys. Have you used your Nikon gear to capture a scene that's more than meets the eye? Share a photo!
  2. Nikon D90 with Nikon 17-55 f2.8. (my favorite lens) Exposure: 1/400 f8 ISO 400 @ 17mm
  3. I tried to get away from the roses and daisies that I've been shooting lately. Reminds me of some of the election campaigns that have been going on in my state.
  4. The bagpipe player at Arlington National Cemetery last week. Norm Weave is a bit of a fixture there and to whom I credit my becoming involved with photographing there on a regular basis.
    Nikon D300s with 70-200mm lens at 155mm and f8. ISO 800.
  5. WedNEsDAy PiC #44

    No time to shoot this week. This shot was taken at Olympic Park in 2008.
    Camera: Nikon D200
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED
    Settings: 78 mm, 1/800 sec, f/4.5 and ISO 160 (Manual, hand held, UV filter)
  6. keeping with Matt's theme, I'm submitting a Dog photo, too.
    I really expected a Halloween theme. I shot a bunch of costume portraits at 2 parties Saturday night. While they were technically good photos -- the 70-200 f2.8 is sharper than anything else I have in my arsenal including the 50 f1.8 AF and the 105 f2.8 AF micro -- they weren't pictorially as interesting.
    So here's a portrait of our dog Annie at the beach in Carmel early this August. She had jumped in the water and rolled in the sand making her fur a mixture of black hair and white sand. The sand is bright white, so I was worried about contrast, but the sky was overcast (softens shadows, taking down contrast) and I got lucky on exposure. I did a tiny amount of cropping with gimp plus increased contrast a hair and reduced brightness.
  7. Halloween Party at work
  8. Greetings from Seattle! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. And if you don't celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a safe and happy Sunday! My contribution is a pic of my son in his "striped tiger costume". It was worn in 2005 by our it has a lot of meaning. I guess now, we can pass it on to another future striped tiger....grrr!
  9. Wide angle shot of a 747 screaming in over my head for touchdown. Whoosh...
    D700, iso 1000, 1/1250, f/8, 24mm
  10. I finally took the plunge into so called full-frame, purchasing a camera with about 1/10 price of and probably 1/1000 features of a D700. An F3HP. I quickly changed the standard K focusing screen to E I got cheap from Great Bay, just to make it more like that of my D200 when I am looking through it :). I intend to do some B&W work, but began with cheap Fuji color negative I bought from Wal-Mart. I was absolutely right. I never used a film SLR, only a Minolta P & S for a few years, which was stolen long ago at a train station. What happened now was that I did not install the film correctly, and I realized that during the shooting. Anyway, I was proud to win a mysterious Mona Lisa smile from the Costco lady when she asked my name to confirm that I was the owner of that unexposed film. I did become smarter. The second roll was correctly installed and correctly exposed. Compared with D200, I wish my F3HP has spot metering, which I use the most, and electronic exposure indicator, which makes quick adjustment of exposure easier. And I have mixed feeling to that tiny but cute grip though… Ok, stop rambling.
    So this is a picture from the second roll. It is just a street shot when I was walking to my daughter’s day care. Developed at Costco, scanned as slide film with Epson 4800 in my laboratory and adjusted at PS CS3. Laborious, but fun so far. Still in honeymoon I guess.
  11. Glow in the Dark, Holloween night.
  12. Taking in Prague last summer
    Dragon Tails
    Nikon D80 kit lens 18-135mm @50mm f/5.0 1/80s
  13. Some locations/scenes are indeed "more than meets the eye." Case in point: Kauai's incomparable Kalalau Valley, truly one of the most spectacular vistas these eyes have ever experienced. Step up to the edge and look straight down into a 4,000-foot chasm that, for me, was equal parts gorgeous and terrifying -- just the memory of it makes me weak in the knees all over again. Weather changes rapidly at this elevation, from clouds to rain to sun to an occasional rainbow. Unforgettable.
  14. Good Wednesday! here is my contribution:
  15. wow, some incredible images already.
    mine is a bit more modest, but serves a purpose: testing out a new (for me, anyway) lens.
    my apartment building recently got painted--apparently a once-a-decade task for the landlord--and so when this painter propped himself up on a tall ladder to finish the trim--i'm on the third floor--i thought, well, this would be a good time to try my recently-acquired sigma 15-30. i like the perspective in the shot a lot, but i did pick up some reflections from the window which make it less than gallery-quality. still, somewhat amusing, and efinitely a slice-of-life moment.
    about the sigma 15-30, in case you're wondering: sharper than tokina 12-24 on DX. good wide open and doesn't improve that much stopped down. funky MF clutch ring, which you'll either hate or learn to live with. decent to good build quality (typical sigma EX). has petal hood, no filters, and metal removable front cap. a little big but other FF UWAs are bigger, and balances well on D300s. huge bulbous lens. and 15-30 is actually a good range on DX too. 24-30mm is great for people pics, and you can pull back a little for group shots or a lot for landscape. looking forward to experimenting with this a bit more as i've been using the 12-24 a lot. the copy i have was definitely well-used, but the glass is perfect.
  16. Hi everyone
    Today i am posting a photo from a local rodeo. Plenty of noise in the photo as the light was low and difficult for me to shoot
  17. This time Batman is seroius!
  18. Hi all,
    great pictures as usual. my modest addition was taken last week when, up late, i looked out the dining room window, saw the moon, grabbed my D300 and 300mm f/4.5 AiS lens and kneeling with arms wedged against the window frame and elbows on the sill i took this shot of the old cheese.
  19. David Janson that photo is special and one of the best in my opinion i have seen on this forum
  20. Good morning All...
    This is a picture of someone who has taken an old "Metro"entrance and made it "HOME"
    If the graffiti hadn't caught my attention, I never would have seen the guy sleeping...
  21. Three in a boat
  22. Subway's are never safe... unless it's Halloween. Great pictures so far.
  23. Great Pictures so far...Heres my cature for the week
  24. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    The company I work for here in the Silicon Valley (northern California) had a pumkin carving contest last week. This is one of the more interesting entries.
    Nikon D700 with 70-200mm/f2.8 AF-S VR version 1 @116mm, f5.6, 1/60 sec and ISO 200, SB-800 flash bounced off the ceiling.
  25. Hello all
    I went down to Reigate hill, south of London over the weekend. The view from up there is quite lovely in the fall. I took this photo from top of the hill - isolating the lovely fall colours that I found quite interesting.
  26. I was marshalling the bike course on my running club's duathlon this past weekend and took the opportunity to try some panning shots for the first time. The hit rate on these was extremely low. Here's one of the better ones, heavily cropped.
  27. From a freestyle/discojazz competition last weekend. D300 and my new 24-70. Ohhh - that lens rocks... :)
  28. lots going on here.. and then some.. taken with d80, 18-70mm lens, f/10 @ 13 seconds exposure. near downtown Tempe, Arizona.
  29. Great submissions already this early Nikon Wednesday.
    My pic is from this past Friday's high school game, The Potomac School vs Maret, Washington, DC. This is one of my client's sons, scoring the winning touchdown.
  30. A street cat from a recent trip to Marrakech. It was asleep as I walked past & not in a very good 'pose'. It woke up, spotted me, paused and walked off, just time for a grab shot. Wide open, even if it's only 5.6 on this lens, has nicely thrown out the block path. Even at 1/250 there's a hint of movement of the head. Movement blur was removed by selective use of Focus Magic on just the face....highly recommended for motion blur, I consider it better than the Photoshop Version.
  31. Good morning Wednesday lovers,
    Autumn is slowly drawing in. Having a day off, I took a walk through the woods before the remaining leaves have all disappeared. Last living colour before 5 months of dark, I fear. Oh, sweet melancholy...
    D700 - 100/2.8 micro
  32. Another portrait of an egret.
    Thank you all, especially those who commented my pic last week.
  33. Sorry in advance for the Halloween picture.
    Nikon d2h tokina 12-24 and sb600
  34. 2010 Montreal Formula 1
    Lucas di Grassi (BRA) with Virgin Racing
  35. not a planned picture just had to submit something
    just received my D7000 late yesterday and then it took 2 hours to charge the battery
    I moved up from a D40 so don't look for any pearls of wisdom,
    we'll have to wait for Shun to receive his for a review
    it's going to be a long, slow learning curve for me
    one of the great things is now my 50 1.8 will autofocus
    now it's time to start looking at 2.8 glass....
    105 or a zoom decisions decisions
  36. My friend Larry recording bowling scores.
    D700, 35mm f/1.4 AI'd lens, ISO 1600, 1/100 @ f/2.8.
  37. All great pics again this Wednesday, off to Louisville this morning so I'll come back later to check everything out.
    My photo today was from Sunday night "Trunk & Treat" at our Church. I really liked the way this one turned out, it was just at dusk when I took it. She looks so cute in her "Country Girl" attire.
    The only think I did to this photo was clean up a spot on the brick wall and add drop shadow/Signature.
    I used my Nikon D90, Sigma 24-70 @ 52mm, f6.3, iso 720, Flash, Hand held.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  38. I have been experimenting with long exposures lately. It has been fun and very educational.
  39. My image is an egret landing in fog at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.
  40. Very nice photos so far! Haven't had much time to shoot this week, so am posting another dew covered dragonfly from a couple of weeks ago. D90/Sigma 150mm/SB600 diffused @ 1/90, f/8, ISO 320.
  41. Hello everybody,
    This is my contribution for this week. D3100 + 18-55 (kit lens) + SB 15 (bounce flash)
  42. Nikon D700 + Nikon 28-70mm f2.8 @ 70mm, ISO 800, and F11.
  43. My daughter, Eleanor...
  44. From a visit to a local farm stand over the weekend
  45. Hi all,
    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night...
    This is my contribution to the Happy Wednesday.
    D300 and 70-200 VRII @200 mm, ISO 1000, 1/160, f/2.8
  46. Hi All,
    Great bunch of photos so far.
    David J. - very well done macro
    Don H - thanks for reminding us all of Arlington and what it represents
    Greg K - the spectator really balances your shot
    Tiffany B - very well done and a great memory shot
    Abib B - I always love a good pan shot
    Christopher T - nice!
    Monika E - lovely background
    Aguinaldo - wow that's sharp
    Dan P - I love the Brownie-with-a flashbulb look!
    Bill B - another great bird shot

    I found a surprising source of color last weekend -
    the leaves of senescing Hosta plants.
    D90 55/3.5 Micro

  47. Just want to show off our beautiful Florida weather. Sunrise taken New Smyrna Beach Fl. Nikon D3, 80-400 VR, 400mm, 1/250 sec., F/5.6, ISO 800.
  48. From a few weeks ago
  49. '67 - 427 Corvette hood
  50. Calvary Presbyterian, South Pasadena. D700, 14mm.
  51. bms


    Matt - what a great picture! Would think the one on the left looks more Republican - how ironic :)
    Tiffany - love it.
    Doug, that is pretty cool.
    Here is my Halloween pic from a party on Sunday. Fighter Pilots, they get younger all the time:
  52. another big, ugly buzzard...
  53. can't leave politics out of this forum?
  54. We had a roadside exhibition of paintings,painters from all over the country were invited to display and sell their art.Some of them were busy painting portraits for a small fee.Here was a caricaturist awaiting a model.
  55. Halloween costume.
  56. Small waterfall from Table Rock, SC.
  57. Hi everyone,
    I'm still playing with my old coolpix E5700 - a totally geriatric camera by today's standards but we're comfortable together ...
  58. Cometh the autumn colour, cometh the autumn wind - not sure this picture works, but it records a wild day. D700, 60/2.8 AFD, 3 stops ND.
  59. I shot this image with my Nikon D300 70-200mm f2.8 lens. Details... f10 @ 1/50 second, -0.67 EV, ISO 200, center weighted metering mode with a B+W polarizing filter.
  60. Nikon D50, 28-50 mm AIS Nikkor Zoom
  61. Great pictures so far everyone. Here's one of my nephew.
  62. No matter how wet and gray it gets in October and November in Finland, there's always something to find in the close-up world.
  63. D90, ISO 200, 24mm, 1/160 @ f/7.1
  64. Hello All
    A head mascot in a Classic Cars fair.
    D300 + 50 mm 1.4 E - ISO 200 - f 2 - 1/400
  65. [​IMG]Hey Everyone! Great Photos! My first time posting, here gos...[​IMG][​IMG]D
    D80 w/Nikon 18-135DX lens ISO200 1/125s f/4.2 and a SB-800
  66. Amazing pics again from everyone!
    This one is from Monday, had some free time in my hands. So here's "Apples and, well, something related to oranges".
  67. Cold here this morning, 28 F, but that doesn't stop us photographers, we're a hearty bunch; right?
  68. Really enjoyable to browse through all these excellent images.
    This Black-crowned Night Heron posed for me the other evening in not too bad light.
  69. Todd Johnson - Now THAT was a Corvette!
  70. This weekend we went for some fall colours and had a blast.
    Nikon D90 with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.
  71. Nikon Buddies,
    So many striking photos; great work, all. In particular, I'm struck by Matt L, David L, Greg K, Weston F, Abib B, richard s, Aguinaldo de P, Lucian V, Jennifer M, Doug R, Yacoub I, Kevin D, Deter S.
    I'm posting something from a visit to the park, last weekend. This looked like a nice place to relax.
  72. Red and Blue
  73. [​IMG]Taken 2 days ago in St.Constant Quebec using my sigma 10-20 mm and pointing straight up.
  74. Good Wednesday to all our Nikon people. Fall yard clean up is always fun for our grandson ans his two girls. Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens.
  75. Hello Nikonistas.
    Haven't posted anything for awhile and this weeks photo of mine isn't nothing special, just one of the few squirrels that wonder around our yard. Here it's eating a piece of bread.
  76. Taken a little while back with D700/24-70 [​IMG]
  77. [​IMG]I took this picture while visiting Spokane. It's a Japanese Garden located in Manito Park in Spokane. I used Nikon D300 with 18x135mm Nikkor lens. Processed thru Adobe Photoshop CS5 then tone map.
  78. Hi All, As usual some truly amazing photos here. My photo was taken on a farm just out of town, as they say.. "Home is where the heart is.. and my heart is not in the city." Hope you all have a stunning week.. till next week..
  79. In the spirit of Halloween, a bunch of young men dressed up as football players and actually played football. Imagine that...
    D700 + AF-S 200-400VR @ 300mm, ISO 800, 1/2000s @ f/4
  80. [​IMG]
    nikon D700,nikkor24-70,1600 iso,125sec
  81. @ Andrew F: I dig your airplane shots. Can you bag one of an A380 for me?
    @ Shun: timely shot. I was rooting for those hippies from the Bay Area.
    @ Hamish: love the Batman shot. Looks like he doing the Haka.
  82. Scott, thanks for the comment. Funny you should say that, as his father (me) is a displaced Kiwi and an old rugby player! :)
  83. Great pics again. Lots of inspiration for me.
    My fav so far is Gary S's trees.
    Also really liked: Matt L (great start to the thread), Abib B, Anish M, Mike H, Jennifer M, Martin Z and Tony H.
    Mines another one taken at Rye Harbour (earlier today)
  84. Why are my submissions fuzzier than yours? The original RAWs are pin sharp.
    I am converting to jpeg (excellent quality) in View NX and then adjusting the size to 700 pixels to comply with the rules. Is there a better way? Should I be sharpening as well?
  85. Bald Eagle
  86. Hello, Fellow Nikonians !
    This week I share with you a picture of my recent trip to the Douro valley, in Portugal, , where the famous Port Wine is made. I enjoyed very much the autumnal colours of the different varieties of vineyards. I hope you too.
    Have a good photo week !
  87. A few more comments on some great contributions:

    Weston F - lovely
    Kent S - nice portrait
    Jennifer M - beautiful photo and girl. Congrats!
    Kemal R - same as above
    Rick D - lovely colors in sky
    Doug S - week after week your shots are SO inspiring
    Andrew S - Breakfast at Tiffany's. I love it.
    Dieter S - another terrific shot
    Scott P - I wish I could do that
  88. Last color of fall....a maple leaf off one of the trees in my yard. Nikon D7000, 105mm Nikon micro....
  89. Good Evening to Everyone!
    I've been really busy for a while. It's nice to be back.
  90. Martin Z,
    That B&W shot is impossible in the daylight. But, I love your image. Maybe that is what grabs one. That the image is so remarkable since never seen.
  91. Wonderful photos everyone. I am a bit late posting, but here goes.
    D300 60mm micro
  92. Wow!! Roberta I knew you could do it. Well worth the wait. :) Nice pic.
  93. Our local interim postmaster. This was taken at dusk using the built-in flash accidentally set to commander mode and -- .....but no other flash was used.
  94. This picture was taken last summer.
  95. Love the photographs. I have been sick for a couple of weeks so this is an old photo from my vacation this summer.
    This is the 1st Presbyterian church in Conway, S.C. as seen from across the railroad tracks. Taken with my D300 Sigma 17-50 f/2.8. Shot at ISO 200 1/50th @ f/11
    Post Processing with Lightroom 3 to convert to Black & white.
  96. d700, Sigma 50 1.4 @ 1.6, 1/160 sec, ISO 640, Salt Palace, Salt Lake City
  97. Up early and saw this dew-covered flower. I guess I overdid the depth-of-field part.
  98. July, 2006, near my home.
  99. Resending. Sorry for wrong setting in Nikon ViewNX 2.
  100. Great photo's.
    Have a nice week all.
  101. Thank you so much , Rick !
  102. My youngest daughter with our jack-o-lanterns this past weekend.
  103. My youngest daughter with our jack-o-lanterns this past Halloween weekend.
  104. Steve, great picture and wonderful jack-o-lanterns. Is your daughter the carving artist?
  105. Thank you Kent! The daughter in the photo is the carving artist on the little jack with the hearts for the eyes and nose. Myself, my older daughter and my wife carved the others. Mine is the one on the left with the shifty eyes. Go figure!
  106. Fish ... Aaarrrgh
  107. @ Scott P., thanks for the comments and liking my airplane shots. I see what i can do about rustling up some A380 for you. I did 'bag' an A380 on that same occasion at Heathrow. Trouble was though, it is so big and I was always too close even with the wide angle, but I did get it.
  108. @ Andrew: This past summer I was connecting through Heathrow on my way back to the US and I saw one of those fat guppies taxiing (sp). Unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy :(
  109. ShunCheung

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