Nikon Wednesday Pic 2010: #42

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    Happy Wednesday, Nikon people. I had the unusual opportunity to spend a couple of days shooting along side a team of county emergency services volunteers as they took part in a huge training exercise that involved every flavor of first responder in the region. This shot is of the CERT team's designated incident commander, keeping his cool after a long, hard day of simulated disaster. Had your Nikon gear out around some interesting characters lately? Share a photo!
  2. A rare lightning storm in L.A., this evening. I thought you had to be in Nebraska to get a photo op like this. I set the camera to bulb and took almost 100 long exposure shots a few minutes ago. If you know L.A., the view is from the Santa Monica Mountains looking north over the valley toward the Angeles National Forest.
  3. Nikon D300 & Nikon 70-300mm VR @ 240mm 1/500 f11 ISO 200
  4. Wedding picture of bridal party reflected in mirror. Actually the bride took the photo after I handed her the camera and stepped out of view. Easier than photoshopping myself out of an image.
    Nikon D3 with 24-70 at ISO 1600 f2.8 1/500 second and ambiant light.
  5. I am still up so I guess I can post early. Been too busy with work but I have one from my summer vacation in South Carolina. My youngest daughter outside in her grandfather's backyard.
  6. Hello All. Another pelican from White Rock Lake, in Dallas, Texas. 75 pelicans will stay here until April 2011. This shot with a Nikon D80, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/2500, 70-300mm lens.
  7. WedNEsDAy PiC #42

    “Open wide and say, Arrrrrhh!” … then dentists expect you to answer their questions while your mouth is dislocated with dental padding and foreign objects ... which funnily enough, is not the case when they examine my dog’s teeth!
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR II Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 110 mm, 1/400 sec, f/6.3 and ISO 3200 (AP, hand held, UV filter)
  8. I was going to my first photography class Saturday morning, but fooled around and let it close before I paid for it. So instead of going to the class, I got my camera out and went out in the field at dawn. I couldn't believe my eyes! Everywhere I looked, there were bejeweled dragonflies stuck on dead sunflower stalks. It was a magical sight! Here's one of the first that morning and others can be seen in my Zenfolio here:
    Afterward, I was kind of glad I missed the class, although I need to learn more about technical aspects. Sometimes magic happens with the unexpected. :) D90/Sigma 150mm/SB 600 diffused with LumiQuest softbox 1/180, f/8, ISO 400

  9. Yes I have another bug on some white back ground! Thanks Jeff Lipsman for your comment last week! Have a great week everyone.
  10. Lesson to be learned here - think about future consequences before you commit to a tattoo of Mickey Mouse on the top your head.
  11. My picture of the week is a flying duck.
  12. [​IMG]This one was an indoor shot taken with my tamron 90 mm macro. The Orton process was applied at 50%.
  13. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    My friend Jason
  14. We are over the hump for the 2010 youth football season, but I am still giddy to be able to capture the exploits of some of tomorrow's High School stars. The young man pictured here has speed - and while you can't coach speed, you can freeze it in time (light permitting).
    D700 + AF-S 200-400 @ 400mm, ISO 400, 1/2500s @ f/4
  15. This was taken at the Skate park at The Forks in Winnipeg. The flashes were set up by some other photographer.
  16. Morning all.. [​IMG] D700, iso 1600, 1/1000, f/5.6
  17. WOW! Jeff Lipsman, these shots always amaze me. Seventeen second exposures don't exist in my vocabulary, but I will have a go at this one day.
  18. This is Jellybean, an adult conure I adopted last week. Probably the umpteenth bird I've adopted over the years after their original owners realized birds are noisy, messy, perpetual toddlers. But most have been cockatiels, parakeets and canaries. Some cockatiels in particular can be a bit neurotic if they didn't get plenty of positive attention. This is my first conure. He's amusing and seems well adjusted. His original name, "Screech", didn't suit him. He renamed himself Jellybean. At least that's what it sounded like he was saying when I asked him what he wanted to be called. Might have been Chilibean.

    D2H, 70-210/2.8-4 Vivitar Series 1 at 210mm, 1/180th @ f/4, ISO 1600. Quick tweaks in Irfanview, but I was too lazy to bother with noise reduction. Had to strip out the EXIF data. Apparently the vertical orientation doodad in my D2H is malfunctioning. When I try to upload verticals with embedded EXIF data they flip sideways in most browsers and viewers.
  19. Hello everyone
    Todays photo is a bit of fun i was having with a hibiscus flower
  20. Last Friday I went to see my 12-yo niece's cross country running race. My objective was to get a good photo of her, or at the very least of the girl's race. I figured I've been taking photos of bicycle races, bicycles go 2-4x as fast as runners, how hard could photographing runners be?
    Despite my new lens from heaven, I didn't pull it off. I did get some shots from the boy's race. The ones of the front of the pack were, believe it or not, completely out of focus.
    Therefore, I humbly submit this photograph to you. It is of the tail end of the pack, but I like the light and the composition and it is actually in focus, despite the fact that I was in charge of operating the camera.
    Tomorrow we have another cross country race and I have the opportunity to redeem myself for last week's inferior performance. I'm hoping that a little practice with running races will let me do a good job soon. Tomorrow's race is in Felton, for those of you who know California, so it will be deep in a redwood forest. Wish me luck, please!
    The great thing about photography, and something that really enables, is the constant learning and upgrading of one's skills. Thanks for the opportunity!
  21. Backyard Birds
  22. These stairs lead to the US Forest Service fire lookout at Buck Rock, in the Sequoia National Forest.
  23. This is the last flower I remember of summer. Taken end of August at Wellfleet Massachusetts with Nikon FM2n and the 50mm f/1.8 Ai-S lens.
  24. @ Lex - "When I try to upload verticals with embedded EXIF data they flip sideways in most browsers and viewers." Annoying when this happens. Rotate and resave to get them to "stick".
  25. This was taken in Goa, India in a beach where water sports are available.
  26. Hello Everybody,
    a photo of some paper cranes made by my friend Kate.
    Taken with Nikon D700, 24-70, f/2.8@ ISO 200, 1/200s, f/3.5
    Have a lovely week.
  27. I love my new fisheye! Late night skate session in Bakersfield CA, D2x, Nikon 10.5 @ f2.8, 1/250th, 800 ISO, with SB600.
  28. Winters back! 5 months after it left. This is taken on Saturday.

    Collecting ice-spikes in a blizzard.
  29. I love my new fisheye! Late night skate session in Bakersfield, CA. D2x, Nikon 10.5mm @ f2.8, 1/250, ISO 800, with SB600.
  30. Haello everyone...

    Here's a photo of a stag that I took at Richmond park. As this was the first time I've actually taken photos of "wildlife", I was quite excited about being out there up close to the stag to be able to capture this image.

  31. Looks like Wednesday is off to a great start as usual! Thank you Doug, Jeff, Martin, and Tony for your mention of my contribution last week. As I've been fighting a nasty cold over the last while, my photo for this week is from last month when I was working on improving my shallow DOF technique. As usual, one of my canine companions gladly endured the session in exchange for some treats and toy fetching. I find that this gal of mine blends in so nicely with the autumn surroundings, but then again, I am a bit biased when it comes to my dogs ;)
  32. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    A backyard in Hoi An taken through a shop from the old main street.
  33. Well known character holding the moon!
  34. Mitchell Park, Durban, South Africa
  35. A freezing moonlight, near Banff / Alberta. Thank you.
  36. good morning wednesday
    Really eyecatching snap so far, love to watch.
    This is my contribution for the week....
  37. It's finally cooled down in Arizona. Captured at almost 6PM. Thank you.
  38. Tony: I'm glad you mentioned the Orton technique. I'd never heard of it before (I'm terminally unhip about any remotely new techniques). Seemed simple enough to mimic the steps in my old copy of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7. Sure enough, it worked beautifully on a portrait of friends I'd taken last weekend.
    The final effect is similar to the very simple and usually attractive "glow" filter in Picasa (which I use a lot for quick 'n' dirty tweaking of snapshots of friends - most folks really don't want razor sharp pix... that's mostly a photographer fetish). But the digital version of the Orton technique offers plenty of potential for adjustments without being unnecessarily complicated like so many portrait retouching processes I've tried. I could even go back to the background layer to retouch some blemishes and it blended in more smoothly despite my hamfisted technique with a mouse. And the final image has plenty of detail where I want it - eyes, eyelashes, etc. - but very forgiving in snaps of folks who haven't had a chance to touch up their makeup or comb their hair.
    I don't drop in on the Wed Pic threads very often but I usually learn something from reading the descriptions other folks are using.
  39. Lovely photo Vince.. [​IMG] Footnotes - D200, 17-35
  40. F5, 24-85 AFS, ADOX CMS20 B&W film
  41. Jeff and Tony, Great photos.
    Mine are from sunday noon, the sun blinds automatically pulled out, but one.
    Had to get it.
  42. Good morning, everyone.
  43. Great pictures as usual today and educational opportunities too. So far I've been inspired to Tony to learn about the Orton process and by Ton to look again at Josef Sudek's beautiful images.
    This is a hay bale maze at a recent farm festival. There seemed to be an extraordinary number of twins, triplets, etc. playing on and in it. ;<)
    D700, 24-70 @ 38mm, ISO 400, 1/250 @ f/5.6.
  44. My Nikon Film Cameras - I'm getting rid of these so putting them together for a final 'get-together' {:<]
    Photo taken with a Nikon D2Hs 35mm f1.8 @ f8 1/30 sec ISO200 Sunpak Ring Flash (thus the ugly halo)
    D2Hs also getting long in the tooth, so will need to be upgraded (ideally with a lighter one and newer tech - still a Nikon of course!)[​IMG]
  45. In the spirit of Halloween...
    I found this guy hanging out in my backyard this week.
  46. with all the hoopla over the D7000, nobody's paying attention to its little brother, the D3100...
  47. Good morning to all. This is a picture from my early morning stroll on New Smyrna Beach Fl. I liked the fall colors. Not a lot of leaf changing pictures here to photograph. Nikon D3, Nikon 80-400 VR, 400 MM, F/9, 1/200 sec, ISO 400, EC -1 step
  48. Frisbee game at night
  49. This is strictly some playing around for me, I didn't get out at all and I used a photo from some time back and messed around in Aperture and Photo Frame to get this. I was trying for something artsy and modern. Any opinion?
    All of the photos today look really great, Wednesday is a wonderful day for this.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  50. Good Morning Nikonistas!! Looks like folks had a fun/interesting out and about w/ thier Nikon gear this past week. My shot is from the last morning of my recent sailing trip up in Maine. It was the best sunrise of four mornings but it was also sad to see, knowing it was our last day on the water.
  51. Happy Wednesday everyone! Here is mine from a recent trip to the Delaware Water Gap in PA.
  52. Shot of my brother in-law with his daughter and granddaughter. It was a good day for him. Nikon D200, ISO at 200, with 50mm F1.4D, 1/250s @F4.
  53. Going through the archives - high time for some clean-up - finding some images I never processed. This one is from February 2007 - a Great Blue Heron successfully fishing in the ocean.
  54. Not something you see every day - a motorcycle with an HC symbol
  55. Hi everyone,
    like so many others I really look forward to Wednesday and the wonderful pictures it brings.
    Here's my contribution - a crop of a fence paling that was in the background of a portrait - hope you find it as intriguing as I do.
    As always a great collection of pictures this week.
  56. Good Wednesday morning everyone. My contribution is a close up of a thistle and bee. Camera Nikon D300 lens Tamron 17-50 f/2.8. Don't have a macro lens yet.
  57. Hi everyone, greetings from Florida, as always great pictures already. My picture this week is of an Ibis (could be wrong thru, never was great at identifing birds). Anyhow have a great week.
  58. From a day at Newport a couple weekends ago.
  59. Taken this summer. My daughter eating icecream. I was use flash.
  60. Hi Nikophiles. Some terrific stuff here again.
    This shot was taken some weeks ago, but I've been a bit lazy about doing my post-processing lately and other stuff has taken priority.
    Anyhow, tech details are D700 at ISO 25,600; 70-300mm Tamron lens at around 300mm handheld; 160th @ f/6.
  61. Dieter: beautiful shot,
    Jean: not sure you need classes great shot
    Tony: love the technic
    William: nice portrait
    Anish: incredible shot
    Himish: from a Florida viewpoint that looks intense
    Andrew: interesting view, is that advertising on the bottom of the plane or what
    Lex: that shot reminds me that I need to start exercising
    Mikhail: good thing you're not afraid of heights
    Rick: great shot
    Vince: love the B+W
    Jana: I like the color mix
    Phil: I like it, not sure why but I do
    Paul: great shot, I imagine you get a lot of old sailing ship shots in your area.
    Alan: interesting, looks like an Owl at the bottom
    and the rest of the shots are great too, all of you inspire me to try to shot better and learn more.
  62. I wanted to be the first with a D7000...This one of my dog and wife at ISO 5000. No NEF support in LR yet!
  63. Another group of wonderful photos everyone.
    Here is my contribution, hope you enjoy.
  64. Altar, First German Methodist, Glendale. D700, 14mm.
  65. Hello all...not the most exciting photo I am posting for this week but it reflects what I am all about now. We just moved into a wonderful, peaceful home Friday and here is my front yard view~ no houses, no nothing~ only 1.75 acres of trees (and an orchard). We also get incredible sunsets, and when I can find the mount for my Manfrotto, I am planning on taking some sunset photos. I have hardly picked up my camera in the last month, but I plan on getting back into my photoing regimen this Thursday when I take off to shoot some foliage at a reservoir. Hope you all have a pleasant day...and if you are in my area, you can always come help unpack, I mean hang out with me shoot the view ;)
  66. Thanks to Jeff Lipsman and Jamie Harre for your comments last week.

    Jeff L - nicely done
    Tom M - I didn't know Sudek before - great stuff, thanks
    Bill Boyd - another nice shot with that 70-300 you get so much mileage out of
    Greg K - cute dog
    Sanford G - that's funny
    Tony Hadley - another gorgeous shot! And I didn't know about Orton before 0 thanks!
    Ray H - nice portrait
    Grant T - lovely use of color and detail vs blurred background
    Allan A - I have shot a ton of CC this Fall - maybe half my shots are sharp; nice composition in yours
    Vince P - very nice B/W
    Jana H - just lovely
    Anish M - How did you get him to stop perfectly framed by the trees?
    Nicole L - good shot; great background
    Angela D - clever!
    Ben R - nice B/W. I like the composition
    Dieter S - well done
    Doug S - another great one

    and the Gold Medal goes to Roberta Davidson. Amazing!

    Mine is from last month. D90 ancient 55/3.5 micro.
  67. From a model shoot last week...
  68. Very good this week, especially I liked Roberta and Jeannean. This photo was tken in my backyard.
  69. Shot with a Nikon D40; 18-70 AF-S lens @ ISO 400 in the mountain village of Tzfat, Israel.
  70. Nikon F100, Nikkor 28-70 F2.8 AF/S, Velvia 50, on Hawaii (the big island):
  71. From last week, at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. I love taking the D40 around as a fun camera, and with the 18-70 lens, it's quite versatile.
  72. We visited the Seattle Japanese garden last weekend.
  73. Jennifer M: I'll be happy to help you unpack if you will put me by a window to work. Congratulations on your new home and lovely view!
    I had a great photography weekend - lots of opportunities. I have several favorites but this is the one that is ready to post. These are barn owls from our local zoo. My daughter volunteers there on Wednesday and requested a picture so she could sketch them.
  74. Great shots again from everyone!
    I've been mostly playing with my "new" Nikon FE, but here is a shot I took with my S3 just after a small hale storm when everything turned surprisingly blue for a moment.
  75. Hello All
    A detail of the door of a mausoleum tomb in Recoleta Cementry in Buenos Aires
    D300 + Nikkor 50mm 1.4 - ISO 200 - f 2.2 - 1/200
  76. Hi all,
    Good mıorning, goof afternoon, good evening and good night...
    My contribution is here.
    D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 24 mm, ISO 400, f/3.2 and 1/40
  77. Fields of fall wildflowers are full of butterflies and grasshoppers.
  78. Fields of fall wildflowers are full of butterflies and grasshoppers. Now with picture.
  79. Hi folks, very nice pictures so far. Mine was a nice walk in the park during lunch time.
  80. Nikon Buddies,
    Interesting shots this week. Among them: Sanford G, Tony H, Hamish G, Anish M, David J, Doug S, Alejandro H.
    One of the great things about flag football is that you get to see the facial expressions that helmets and facemasks would mostly hide. This ball carrier is on his way to one of four touchdowns in a compressed game (it gets dark too soon with no stadium lights).
  81. Nice work everyone.
    This gentleman lives near Cedar Key, Florida and graciously posed for a portrait.
    D300, 18-200 VRII
  82. Some nice pix as always on here!!!!
    Mine is from a day at the treyack...pix isn't that great but I had money on the 8 so things worked out!!!
  83. Blue Ridge Parkway, October 2010
  84. This is from a group of photos I took last summer and then "misplaced", and just found the SD card again! I had never taken pictures of my grandkids swimming underwater, so was surprised to discover how the water distorted their bodies!!! I adjusted contrast, brightness, saturation, but the distortion is just as it came out of the camera. I love the effects!
  85. My wife's flower on the deck during the rain: Nikon D80, ISO 100, f5.6, 1/50 sec, 55-200 zoom at 175mm.
  86. Upstate NY, a late fall day.
    D90, 24-85 f2.8-4, ISO200, f9, 1/100sec. @ 24mm
  87. Some sycamore plucked from a tree in San Marcos, CA on my old light table.
    D300s, 35mm f2, f7.1, 1/125, +0.7EV, Vivid, active d-lighting, WB measured from light table. Pop-up flash @ Manual 1/64.
  88. Nikon D80 - 18-135mm kit lens taken at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  89. Hello All,
    Fall is here...D80 50mm f/1.8 @ 50mm f/2.7 1/125th sec ISO250
  90. Durango, Colorado.
    Nikon D700 1/100 sec at f/18, ISO 200, 17mm (17-35mm 2.8)
  91. Favorites so far today:

    Robert Premkumar - great colors
    Hamish Gray - outstanding image, great contrast (although I am NOT happy you're reminding me it's coming back......)
    Dieter Schafer - very nice, can almost feel the waves breaking at my feet
    Here's one of the fall colours near my home.....
  92. Hi all!
    Last week I took my D700 and 180mm to a meeting with the newly appointed Minister and Secretary of State of the Ministry where I work. As an amateur it was kinda fun to rub shoulders with the pro shooters :)
    Also last week I attended a seminar with Guy Gowan and I'm now experimenting with his PP techniques. I thought this one came out quite well.
  93. Hi every one, here is my addition for the week. Chocolate coated cake balls.
  94. As always... great shots today. My faves so far are from Leslie C (love the mood and the story it tells), Roberta D and Jeanne H (too funny!).
    This was taken at my favorite birding haunt in S Florida called Wakodahatchee Wetlands. I usually concentrate on the wildlife but the sky was interesting so I decided to shoot the wetlands themselves. BTW, this is a very nice time to see wildlife in S Florida. Come see us.
  95. Happy Wednesday all. This shot is another from a recent collection I'm working on called "Everything Wheels". Nikon D200, 100 ISO, 50mm 1.8 Ais Nikkor, f8 @ 1/125 as I recall.
  96. This is a picture taken a fortnight ago in John Lewis @ Oxford Street (London). Just follow the light!
  97. It's a rare thing when I get to shoot just for fun; today was one of those times.
    I grabbed my camera and downtown I went.
    This is Joseph.
    I don't know Joseph.
    He stopped because he saw me shooting.
    Joseph told me he was a photographer in NYC many years ago.
    He said he personally knew Andy Warhol. He told me about his days in Greenwich Village.
    I have no idea if any of it was true; but it sure was fun shooting in the street and talking with this gentleman.
    We talked for 20 mins. Thanks Joseph.
  98. Hello fellow Nikonistas, great series of photos for Nikon Wednesday!
    Pic is from the Bethesda Row Art Show, Bethesda, Maryland this past Sunday. It was a juried art show, very high quality artists. Interestingly enough, most of the photographers shoot real film, and do NO Post Processing, and were VERY Anti-Digital.
  99. Great pictures today everyone! Another inspiring Wednesday.
    This is a train bridge over the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, PA. The one on the left was pulling the two on the right.
  100. bms


    Leslie, yours is also one of my favs!
    Paul G. - next time in Maine, say hello :)
    Here is mine, playing around with a 55 f1.2 lent to me by our local photo store. Don't think I prefer it over the 50/1.4, but I am not quite decided if I will part with yet, either. Hard to focus on D700, QED
  101. A smoking lounge in Paris.
  102. A fellow worker brought his new bulldog puppy into work the other day.
  103. Another picture from the balloon fiesta. They are wrapping up their balloon because the weather condition not favorable for ascending.
  104. Hi everyone! Here's my week-old addition to the family. D40+50mmf/1.8 at f/2.8 1/40s ISO 200
  105. Thank you Doug for the "gold metal" :)
    Markku and Tom B, thank you both for your very nice comments.
  106. [​IMG]
    D60 18-55mm kit lens.
  107. William N / Jamie H - thanks for your comments.
    Doug - I guess I have to thank the couple who decided to get closer to the Stag to take a photo. As the Stag was previously sitting on the ground, it got up as soon as they got closer. I was curious to see what the stag would do and took this photo as soon as it stood up.
  108. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D700 with 28-300mm/f3.5-5.6 AF-S VR @ 32mm, f8, 1/250 sec and base ISO 200.
    I looked at this image at the pixel level @100% on PhotoShop, and I noticed a moderate amount of chromatic aberration on the edges of the light post on the left side of the image. When there is a drastic light-to-dark transition, CA shows up.
  109. Beautiful shots everyone. I had to come back and make a few comments on ones that particularly caught my eye.
    Don- So technically you are guilty of posting someone else's photo, using your equipment!!! A true breach of PN rules. Seriously though, nice shot and I love the execution.
    Jeannean - I for one am glad you missed the class!!! What a beautiful photo of a once in a lifetime occurrence.
    Tony- the colors are beautiful but the softness that you have achieved is almost something you can reach out and feel. Well done.
    Hamish- Great contrast. The views of "your world" are always fascinating!!
    Roberta- Your work w/ water drops just keeps getting better and better. Definitely one of my favorites for this week.
    Have a great week everyone!!
  110. On a recent hike in Olympic National Park, this snow field first caught my eye. With some help from the trees, I was able to shoot into the sun. The Tamron zoom lens produced a sun star much different from the sun stars that I prefer when using a Nikon prime lens. Shooting in RAW, the D80 sensor handled the difficult lighting pretty well.
  111. I hope you all had a great Nikon Wednesday which is now over by almost 24 hours here in Spain... Nice work all!
    So here goes my contribution. Shot on a trip with our local photographers group. Nikon D90 with a Tammy 17-50 @ f/8, 1/400, ISO 200.
  112. @william nikkens, yes that is advertising. Its the name of the airline, Kingfisher Airlines. Many airlines splash their name on the underside in this eyecatching way, I think Emirates is another one. I forgot to note that it was taken at 24mm, so it was very low and very fast, just a couple of seconds before touchdown at Heathrow.
  113. Yes, while I considered the bride to simply be an attractive bipod to hold the camera I've been informed that I broke the rules.
    For the record I am the one who owns the registered copyright on the image.
    Here is what caught my attention out of some great captures this week.
    Jeannean Buglady dragonfly shows sometimes the best way to take great pictures is to go out and take pictures. Even with classes you have to pay your dues and shoot.
    Tony Hadley a very artful and painterly looking flower with pleasing colors.
    Alan Wayman shows how our mind sees things and scupts them into something they are not.
    Doug Santo and how perspective makes a huge difference in what a photographer can see that others miss in life.
  114. Paul, thank you so much !!
  115. William Nickens, Jamie Harre, Rick Sands og Paul G. Thank you very much for your comments.
    Matt, I can feel the tension. Good shot!
    Kent, that looks like fun. Nice photo.
    Dieter, great catch (both you and the heron)
  116. Thanks Hamish.
  117. Still on week 42...
  118. Better late than never, I suppose...

    D90 @ 1/640th, ISO 100
    55-200 @ 175mm, f/11

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