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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Happy Wednesday, Nikon folk. A local farm has been purchased for housing development, but the recent lack of capital to finance construction has the whole place just sitting fallow. I've driven past one of the farm's fields - decorated with an abandoned hay rake - a hundred times, and finally decided it was worth a bit of semi-trespassing to spend the last few minutes of a recent soggy day to immortalize it. Has a long-whispering subject eventually nagged you enough to make you drop what you're doing, pick up your Nikon, and go shoot it? Share a photo!
  2. My image is a butterfly at the Dallas Arboretum. Nikon D80, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/1600, 70-300mm lens.
  3. Great shot Matt. That's a wild looking machine with the 10mm POV.

    Surf was high last month for the first time in a while at Rincon. The sun was nicely placed for a foreground shadow while this surfer rode the waves. There were quite a few out, but only a couple of really exciting riders. This is one of them, airborne in California.
  4. Another visit to the Leo Mol Sculpture garden.
  5. I’ve been away from our Wednesday thing for a few weeks and just caught up. Amazing work everyone, inspirational. I came upon an Anti Cap & Trade rally, downtown NYC, got in very close and shot with a super-wide lens while the flag was hitting my face. Nikon D300 & Tokina 11-16 f2.8.
  6. WedNEsDAy PiC #40

    This is a shot of the candle girl at a christening last year. The shot has been cropped in order to make the candle and the girl stand out in what was actually a very crowded reception inside a church.
    Camera: Nikon D200
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 116 mm, 1/200 sec, f/2.8 and ISO 220 (Manual, hand held, UV filter, VR on)
  7. I'm in Washington, D.C. this week on business. While walking to my meeting at the National Gallery I shot this of the underground walkway.
    D300, Nikkor AF-S 18-70mm f/3.5, ISO 1250
    Louis, please remember to add a caption to your image for it to appear "in line" with the thread. -- SC
  8. Happy Tuesday from Seattle. The first week in October...the best month...the best holiday coming up! I met "Chuck" at a horror con a few months ago. We were mutual fans, so we decided to shoot together. This session was a blast! We will work together again...soon I hope!
  9. Very creative Matt ... and very Freddy Krueger-ishhh.
  10. Hey everyone, here is mine for the week, Have a great one everyone!
  11. Well, whispering it exactly aint, more of a roar actually. Did some photos on the approach at Heathrow in August while in London, and this is the Virgin Atalantic A340 touching down into the setting sun, which was giving a lovely golden glow to everything.
    D700, iso 800, 1/1000, f/6.3 at 300mm
  12. Hello Everybody,
    thank you very much for the comments on my photo last week.
    This week a portrait of my friend Jacqueline and myself (Jacqueline is the tall one). Jacqueline is a script writer and has currently 3 films in production and one filming, she is writing one for Hollywood right now and needed to create a poster for it, we had a photography session with the models last week and after the session we just took few photos of us two in the studio. This is one of them.
    Taken with Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 200, 1/200s, f/8.
    Have a lovely week.
  13. Jeffrey Osborne
  14. Miho age 18. I was 22 when I took this photo in 1991. I met her when she was 13 and I was 17. The golf course we were playing on together that day was sold and turned in to a plat of houses. Today Miho is married and living in Japan with her Japanese husband, who she met in school, and has two beautiful children. We have kept in touch and she's just as beautiful now as she was when this photo was taken.
  15. Hi all: I admire all of your work. And we're gonna have two in a row with the 50/1.8 Ai-S. Might as well Wednesday up before bed. This taken out the window of a cab the other day.
    Nikon D300 50mm f/1.8 Ai-S at f1.8 1/3200 ISO 640.
  16. Hi everyone, this weeks picture is of my 84 year old father taking in the view from his hill-top property. The tree stump in front of him was a large tree obstructing the view three weeks ago, when he removed it himself, without any help. I hope this picture captures something of his determination (stubbornness?).
    There are already some terrific pictures this Wednesday.
    All the best, Alan
  17. Time of the year.
  18. Greetings All, thank you all for all your kind words and inspirational photos over the last several weeks. This shot from Sunday is an example of some awesome fall colors near St. John's University, Collegeville MN.
  19. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    The start of an Annual Triathlon Competition in Vietnam. I am very new to this kind of photography.
  20. Good morning Nikonians!!!
    Here is a pix of the outskirts of Rome taken during my honeymoon!
  21. Happy Wednesday, everyone! I would like to share a favorite image of mine that was winner of the Best in Show in the 2010 McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Photo Contest, Focus on Conservation held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Cheers!
  22. Heres a picture i took driving through the country...Playing around a little with photoshop still have alot to learn.. Great pictures all.
  23. Good morning,
    This photo was taken with Nikon FM2 with Nikon 35mm F2.8. Film was Kodak TMAX 100ASA. Development D76 1+1.
    Best wishes.
  24. hi - good selection of pix for a wet wednesday in Sheffield.....this one was taken earlier in the year, 'staged' in the Peak District just up the road, my 2 boys showing old and new technology for the local scouts rag - the laptop screen was added afterwards.
    have a good one
  25. Good Wednesday people!
    Had a wonderful warm and sunny Sunday! A very welcome surprise after all this rain last weeks, even if the sun disappeared again later in the day.
    Went to Scheveningen Beach and saw these colorful seats high up at the Pier. You can see the beach and all the people enjoying it in the reflection above the seats.
    Nikon D700 / 85mm 1.4
  26. Here is mine for this week...
  27. Cliche alert! Just a swan - taken after a broader view I'd been asked to do for a local society.
  28. bmm


    This was just one of those rare, really lucky moments I guess.
    Walking in Milan a couple of weeks back I came across a graffiti-covered door with a big old bolt on it. I came up close to it in order to inspect and see what to focus on and what I wanted from images of it (my original concept was to cross the road and shoot it from afar). Curiosity made me look through the bolt-hole, and (with allowance for a mild crop and a few modest levels adjustments) this is what I saw...
  29. Elements of the game.
  30. Had a couple of nice sunsets here at the South Coast last week - so I went to the beach for some shooting. Naturally, the sunset wasn't nearly as good as ones the day before and the day before that but still not a bad one at all. Most of the time we don't have clouds and the sun just sets without any drama in the sky at all.
  31. I just love ISO400 on D90...
  32. Happy Wednesday! Here's one from the D90, ISO 200, 1/5 @ f/8
  33. I have been enjoying the weekly show even though I have not had a photo to enter myself. This week I have used some print film so I can enter once again and for this I used my Pronea S with the 35mm f/2 AF-D lens. Just an Autumnal scene that caught my eye.
  34. My brother-in-law.
  35. Thanks for the comments on my cicada wing last week. Great group of photos already posted and looking forward to the rest! I spotted this Green Darner sleeping under this bush. This was taken just before sunrise. I liked the softer colors with natural light. Nikon D90/Sigma 150mm/1.4x teleconverter @ 1/350, f/8, ISO 1600.
  36. This is the bride's brother running to bring her the bouquet for pictures. One of those young teenager gangly looking moments before he becomes a handsome man.
    Nikon D3 with 24-70 at ISO 800 f2.8 and 1/4000 sec.
    Now, I'm off to a rainy Arlington National Cemetery to videotape the memorial service for an army helicopter pilot killed in Afghanistan. He leaves behind his wife and 3 young children. I get to share the happiest and saddest moments with families each week.
  37. The weather here in Fl. has finally cooled to the low 70s. I asked my wife if she would like to go for a walk with me in the new park close by. I told her I was going to look for something to shoot. She gladly came along. We were told there were some Owls on the one side of the park. It was getting dark and I couldn't see anything. Then my wife heard the owl and spotted him. It got dark quick but I got one good shot. Nikon D3, 300 2.8, F 2.8, 1/200 sec., ISO 800, EC +1 step
  38. Great shots everyone! I came home a couple of weeks ago to find this guy taking a break on the glass of my front door.
  39. My submission is from the past weekend, looking for fall colors at the border of NH & VT. Following route 123 and which crosses into VT. This is 8 image panorama, actully was hoping to get reflection in the water but due to wind and cloudy weather didn't get reflection.
    Nikon D90, 70-300mm VR @ 70mm 1/20 f16 ISO200[​IMG]
  40. Hello all
    An angel, from Recoleta Cementry in Buenos Aires.
    D300 + 50mm 1.4 - ISO 200 - F 2.2 - 1/2000
  41. This is the right bank of La Seine, in Paris. I got lucky - the International Space Station was a bonus.

    Nikon D90, NIKKOR 35mmf1.8, f8 for 1/8 sec., ISO200
  42. Great images so far today. And thanks for the kind words last week from Bill Nelson and Greg K.
    This week's image was taken in the historic Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo. The hotel was designed and built for the 1901 Pan-American games. I was granted access for some pre-renovation photos and happened across this scene.
  43. From a youth football game this past Saturday: a stellar effort and a very good example of focus and concentration (pass was good for about 30 yards).
    D700 + AF-S 300 VRI, ISO 6400, 1/400s @ f/2.8
  44. @ Andrew F: very cool A340 shot - the lighting is perfect.
  45. I was walking my dogs last Saturday after a storm and saw this rainbow forming. I hustled the dogs back in the car and drove to a spot where I could get a better vantage point. I had about ten minutes to document the ebb and flow of the rainbow.
  46. This week I decided to post a shot from my recent sailing trip off the coast of Maine. This was taken on our second night out, while on a mooring off Isle Auhaut. I was hand holding the camera, since using a tripod on a gently bobbing boat has but little use. Matt and Tiffany.............Beautiful shots to start off the thread.
  47. Thanks to Greg K for his comment on my photo last week. After looking at it agin, I agree with you regarding the hexagonals. I appreciate the feedback Greg!

    My favorites so far:
    Matt L
    Pascal B
    Bogdan N
    B M Mills
    Lester R
    Dieter S
    Martin Z
    Rick D
    David J - really funny
    Tim H

    My pic is of a bush with berries on a very windy day.
    D90, Sigma 10-20 lens 1/6 sec at f/22.
  48. Happy Wednesday! Have been looking for fall detail pictures and here is a recent one from an old wooden bridge.
  49. Here's a shot from a recent walk around the South Main district here in Memphis.
  50. Terrific pictures so far everyone. My contribution this week is another picture taken in Gettysburg, PA last week. We discovered a store primarily dedicated to stuffed animals. This display was out front of the store. The store is in a four story barn and took us 3 hours to get through it and I doubt we saw everything.
  51. Rick Dohme - Nice Owl.
    Todd Johnson - Nice colors.
    Dieter Schaefer - Really great sunset shot.
    Tiffany Brook - Scary :)
    Ray Gosalia - I like your fall picture too.
    Here is mine for the week: Nikon d700 + Nikon 105mm macro D + Nikon sb900.
  52. Dog Park, Long Island, NY
  53. From my recent stay in Vancouver BC.
  54. Still trying to figure out if I like my 35mm f1.8 DX. Taken waiting for my wife to finish up at the doc.
  55. Been stormy here in CT recently
  56. My photo was taken last Friday while out driving around the hills of Woodhull, NY. The view is fantastic at anytime of the year. D3000, ISO 140, 1/500, f/5.6
  57. I really enjoyed the visit here, such great photos! As a Pentaxian I have to go to lurk mode again here but wanted to thank you for your wonderful images, I will come back silently :)
  58. PN's server seems a little temperamental today... second try.
    my subject here was not interested in having her photo taken, so her mom helped out by trying to distract her while i nabbed a couple of quick clicks. you get 'em when you can!
  59. Someday, southern Ontario will get sunshine again. In the interim, here's one from a couple of months ago. Friends and neighbours at the border between Sarnia, ON and Port Huron, MI.
  60. bmm


    Awesome week. So-far faves are Matt L, Marc Mc, Andrew F, Dieter, Budi (fun!), Alejandro, Keith and Aguinaldo. And Tiffany - wow, from an unabashed fan of what you give us each and every week - yet again a stunner.
  61. Great shots from everyone!
    Mine is of a water lilly. Hope you enjoy
    D300 105mm micro lens
  62. Nave and altar, Grace Lutheran Church, San Diego. D700, 14mm. Thank you to those who commented on my image last week.
  63. I always enjoy Wednesdays...
    Outdoor market in Florence on a recent trip.
  64. Working late.............
  65. Tx Doug!
  66. 2nd try:
    Doug, I look forward to viewing your pictures every week. They are so beautiful.
    My daughter is in the Junior Zookeeper program at our zoo this Fall, so I'm spending several hours at the zoo on Wednesdays. The Colobus Monkeys have a new baby and last week he was putting on quite a show. I enjoyed watching them and managed to capture this adult (I think it was the new mom) trying to catch a few moments of peace.
  67. bms


    Great shots - will review in detail later. Kids here are practising for Halloween - and I am practising with my new gem of glass. This little guy dressed up as Frankenstein...... we had a lot of fun, this is one of his more contemplative poses.
  68. [​IMG] This one was taken yesterday in a place called Rawdon (Quebec) about 100km north of where I live and the colors there are certainly at their peak but not in my area. I had visited this spot twice that day and only in the afternoon when the leaves were back-lit and took on an extra shine was I tempted to take this image with my d300. Today it is dull, dark and dreary but that produces images of fall that is different to this one.
  69. It's always such a treat to open these threads on Wednesdays, and this one surely did not let me down! Excellent work everyone!
    We had some beautiful misty mornings this week, but I was a bit under the weather and way too busy with work to go out and shoot so here's another view from the train taken on my way to the office.
  70. Nikon Buddies,
    Thanks for capturing beauty, as always. Special notice to Bill B, Marc M, Erik C, Budi P, Kent S, Don H, David J, Scott P, Don B, Brian W.
    To celebrate the arrival of my "gently used" 50mm 1.4 all-manual, all-the-time lens, I'm sharing my second test shot, which gave me a pretty good understanding of how small the dof is on f/1.4 at a couple feet.
  71. Great shots so far. My shot was from a photo shoot in August. the kids were getting themselves into position.
  72. Autumn leaves.
  73. so, my friend turned his garage into a jazz club.
    here's a snapshot from the grand opening concert.
  74. Oregon Coast, D80, 12-24 f4 lens, ISO 200
  75. Hi all,
    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to all of you.
    This is my contribution for this week.
    D300 and 16-85 VR @ 85 mm, ISO 400, 1/40, f/5.6
  76. My daughter enjoying her first marshmallow with some chocolate... messy!
  77. This photo of the Egyptian goose was taken this previous sunday at the Wilderness National Park about 20 km from where I live
  78. A man looking in a window in Lower Manhattan
    Nikon D200 using the Nikon AF 85mm f/1.8 at 1/125s f/1.8 ISO 1600
  79. This photo of the Egyptian goose was taken this previous sunday at the Wilderness National Park about 20 km from where I live
  80. From my recent trip to Denmark,
  81. Took a short hike to Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Front. A very popular family hike to the falls which in total are about 30 feet tall. This is a small section of the falls I was able to get real close to.
  82. Picture of my baby girl taken over the weekend. Processed in Photoshop/Nik SilverEFX. I'll be back on later tonight to take a look at everyone's pics this week.
  83. This shot is from last Saturday. My daughter Anita was a very good model that day.
  84. Hi All, Stunning photos as usual.. Martin Z, love the fun fair!
    My photo was taken at a friends wedding this weekend. Hope you all have a great week.
  85. Hi Nikonistas,
    Bit behind today. As promised it's the Emperor Tamarins, peeking over the fence to see what the Jaguar was doing, nosy neighbours...hope you all like.
    D40X, Nikon VR 55-200mm F/4-5.6G (@ 135mm) F/5 @ 1/125s ISO 320
  86. Hi to all Nikonian folks. Fall always bring back a lot of color in our forest. I like the color specially when it's sunny. Enjoy
  87. Had a nice Fall day so we went for a walk through the Detroit Zoo. Caught the Polar Bear drying off from a swim. Nikon D300 70-200 f/2.8 lens.
  88. this photo is my wife and our dogs at the beach in Carmel this August (very cold day!)
  89. Thinking back on warm summer vacation days in Lake George NY as the weather turns cold and wet this fall.
  90. [​IMG]
    This is Deirdra, from a shoot 9/26/10
  91. I've really been wanting to get out and grab some pics of what's left of the last of the leaves that remain on the branches. Few remain, but there are always a few that cling on with what seems to be a bit of extra determination.
  92. This shot was taken this afternoon on our farm. We're getting ready to load our 3 little piggies into a stock trailer to send them to the market.
  93. [​IMG] D700, 24-70
  94. This is from yesterday.
    Nuuksion pitkäjärvi is a long and narrow lake in Espoo; this is an unusual shot from me since I don't usually get up early. ;-)
  95. [​IMG]
    Crimes of Passion
    D700 - 50mm 1.4G
  96. Wonderful day-wonderful photos! here is mine, shot with...
    D300s 17-55mm f/2.8 @ 28mm f/3.2 1/125th sec ISO1600 hand-held.
  97. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D700 with 28-70mm/f2.8 AF-S @ 65mm, f4, 1/80 sec and ISO 200.
  98. Autumn reflections
  99. Here's a tip of the old baseball cap to the start of the major league baseball playoffs. This sculpture featuring San Diego Padres great Tony Gwynn is outside the main gates at Petco Park, San Diego. My wife, son and I were there in May 2009 for a game that lasted 18 innings!

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