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    Happy Wednesday, Nikon people. While I'm not often one for street photography, there are some things I can't let go by. Even if the light is a bit harsh. This blind, geriatric, three-legged Miniature Pinscher is still able to make his way in the world by virtue of his devoted caveman bodyguard. See any Odd Couples out there with your Nikon gear this past week? Share a photo!
  2. Great shot Matt. :) My shot this week was inspired by Roberta. She showed me a cicada wing she shot after it had flown it's last flight. I've been on the lookout and found one at the dog park the other day. I was amazed how it looked like gold metal up close. I loved Roberta's brilliant idea and just had to try and do one too. Thanks Roberta! Shot with Nikon D90/Sigma 150mm/Sigma 1.4x teleconverter @ 1/250, f/8, Auto ISO 900.

  3. September Rose. Used available light through window with a white reflector.
  4. Hello All...Something different from me this week. Last weekend I went to a Greek Food Festival and had the opportunity to shoot inside the Greek Orthodox Church in Dallas, Texas. This week's image is a mural on the upper wall of the church
  5. Happy Wednesday! Here is mine for this week! cant wait to wake up in the morning and see what all has been posted!
  6. WedNEsDAy PiC #39

    The tarantulas at the Melbourne Museum were among the living exhibits on display over the weekend. They were housed behind a thick layer of glass. On average, females live 20-30 years and males 10-12 years (if well cared for and depending on species).
    Camera: Nikon D200
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED VR
    Settings: 150 mm, 1/20 sec, f/5.6 and ISO 1600 (AP, hand held, UV filter, Spot, VR on)
  7. [​IMG]It has rained incessantly for the last two days so i decided to do a little project at home. Took some pebbles I collected over many hikes, put them in a Tupperware dish, added water and put it in the freezer. When it froze I added one more pebble with a heart shape. I used a d300 mated to a Tamron 90 macro at f25 and shot it using window light.
    All the best and I hope it is not so rainy later today (Wed.)
  8. From a recent trip to Kauai: At the end of Waikoko Forest Management Road, which is the unpaved extension of Kuamo'o Road, Wailua River exits the crater of Mt. Waiʻaleʻale (the summit of which is the wettest spot on earth with 460 inches of rainfall annually). On most days, Mount Waiʻaleʻale is concealed in clouds, especially at the summit. Along the road, you pass the spot were the Jurassic Park Gate had been build.

    The trail to "Blue Hole" at the base of the crater wall starts here - but try as we might, we could not discern a trail much beyond this spot.
  9. Great photos, everyone! The other day a friend invited us to look at her horses, and here is one of pictures I took.
  10. Jeannean...absolutely amazing.
    Great work from everyone already...and happy Tuesday from Seattle.
    As if we didn't have enough going on in our lives, we have taken on a new family member. This is "Graffiti", our daughter's new Border Collie pup. Next to her is Luna, our senior Aussie. Their expressions kind of sum up the relationship.
  11. Hey, Wednesday again. I love it. My photo this week was taken a few weeks ago in NYC. I was waiting for a workshop to begin and decided to do some street photography. Saw these two women having a conversation.
  12. Hello Everybody,
    Jeannean, what a beautiful image!
    Mine for this week is of my son, we went for a day out to the South Bank here in Brisbane and we had a wonderful day together.
    Taken with Nikon D700, 24-70mm, f/2.8@ISO 200, 1/2000s, f/2.8
    I look forward to seeing all your photos.
  13. D300, 18-200 mm zoom
  14. I had a run-in with a large snapping turtle today. He let me get pretty close to him...
  15. Another one from my wildlife series -

    This lioness had just finished sharing a meal with her pride mates. Others had moved on, but she hung around with her cubs. This wildebeest was injured and tried to hide in a big bush. Lioness didn't spot her until the gnu lifted its head up after a few min to see where the lioness was.... As they say - Curiosity kills the cat... well, here curiosity killed the wildebeest.
    Nikon D300, 200-400 f/4 at 400mm, ISO 400, f6.3, 1/2000 sec.
  16. Still at the zoo today and taking the low light shots inside. This is a Tamarin monkey, tiny little things about the size of you palm. It was dark, and I could only get him when he flitted in and out of the overhead light.
    D700, iso6400, 270mm on the sigma 70-300, 1/200, f/9
  17. Another one from the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Winnipeg, MB
  18. I had a different picture all lined up for today until I saw Matt's post. This is not an odd couple, but it is a photo of our 3 legged Australian Cattle Dog Jaz taken earlier this year while on a walk in one of our woods. Very thick leaf canopy so it was a little dark. I was balancing depth of field with shutter speed resulting in not the sharpest picture in my album. After the fact I realized I should have upped the ISO.
    Jaz is a registered AKC Australian Cattle Dog CH Teddee's Gem Jasmine Jade, HSAsd, STDs, JHD, VQW, CD, RN, CGC, and ROM. She is currently ranked 17 out of the 59 dogs
    listed in the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America's Registry of Merit.
    She had her leg amputated February 2009 because of a cancerous tumor and can no longer compete in AKC events. She can compete in UKC events. She recently brought us a fresh wild rabbit.
  19. Hiking two weeks ago on my late fathers birthday.
  20. Hello everyone
    My photo today is of an old Post Office
  21. '57 Chevy Convertible - taken a while ago in Naples, Florida
  22. On a walk to kill some film
    Nikon F100 Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 Legacy Pro 100 Kodak HC-110
  23. I've been enjoying "event photography" lately, taking pictures of people at events... a 50th birthday party and a bicycle vacation. Here is one that illustrates the challenge event/wedding photographers face. This is the last night of a bicycle vacation in Corsica (mediterranean island belonging to France) that illustrates these challenges. People will gather for the photo but have limited attention span. Others will show up late and want in, but by the time they get there, everybody else has lost their interest. Evening light is good, but changing.
    So, anyway, here is what I got, and I am happy with it, and thankful for the lessons...
  24. From a flight the other day over Copenhagen.
    Below is the Royal residence in the center of town.
  25. Good morning. This steam engine image comes from a wedding I shot this past weekend.
  26. Good morning All!!!!
    Some interesting shots already on here...Mine is from a bridge next to the Cathedral in Köln, Germany where Photokina 2010 took place.
  27. Hello everyone. Great photos already. This is a picture of an approaching storm in the Lake District in Northern England.
  28. hi - what a great start to Wednesday - fab pix here already. This is a shot from the weekend - the fun stuff at the end of a 'first communion' shoot. Took 3 like this - this was the best by far. D700, 50 1.8, 150W strobe with diffuser.
  29. Dieter, Markku and Tom Best, thank you for your kind comments last week.

    I had some fun playing with reflections along a mountain river on Sunday.
  30. Hi everyone,
    I always admire the work posted here. Deep breathe - here's one of mine
    Nikon F3 plus Tokina 20-35mm film 100 iso (can't remember type)
    Looking towards Melbourne across Bacchus Marsh from Ingleston. Hope you like it.
  31. Morning Nikonistas,
    Well, what a start, already so many strong images. Jeannean & Roberta...the Cicada wing reminded me of his shot I took on Holiday in Spain...hope it's up to standard!I agree on the Gold look in the structure of the wing...I have a shot which shows the banded black & white area at the mouth of the bug, but it's not as good a shot as this, might still post it in my page later beckons.
    Andrew, I was going to use my Emperor Tamarin pic, but I think I'll keep it in reserve for next week. Hamish, something a little different and I like.
    Looking forward to seeing this weeks collection grow.
    D40X, 150mm F/2.8G, F/2.8 @ 1/500s. ISO 320 (as usual, tweaked, a little in View NX2)
  32. Great start to the day as always, apart from it being too early. I've been messing about with night shots lately, so I'm posting one of the Infinity Bridge in Stockton-On-Tees and then going back to bed.
  33. Happy Nikon Wednesday. Some really great pictures already. Mine is of a visitor to our porch. I think he might have made himself at home now for the winter....
  34. Great pics everyone...
  35. Nice shots so far. My contribution was taken during a sunny day in a hill station. This place is Valparai, Coimbatore in India where I live.
  36. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Portrait taken an evening in a mini-lightshow without flash
  37. Very good pics! Especially I like this time Alan W, SunC, Tony H and Jeannean B. My pic is from Koli Hill towards Pielinen Lake.
  38. Hi folks. This week I'm sharing a portrait of a friend of mine.
    Nikon D700, 70-200 f/2.8 VR, SB-900, 1/80 s, f/2.8, 116 mm
  39. My daughter is participating in dance competitions. Training 3-4 days a week, and competitions once a month. The discipline is called "freestyle/discojazz" and is very popular among youngsters in Norway these days. The contestants are dancing, leaping and running fast in very high-beat music, and the motions are fast and precise. You have to present yourself to 5 judges, who are placed on different parts of a dance floor a bit smaller than a ishockey floor, and you have to get their immediate attention, as there are approx 15 other dancers there at the same time. The contestants have about 70 seconds to prove themselves worthy of going to the next rounds and semifinals, and finally there are 6 persons left for the finals.
    As you probably understand, the photographer is one proud father.... :)
    Nikon D300, Sigma 50-150 @ 90mm, 1/320 sec, f4, ISO3200. Manual exposure control but with Auto ISO, so that shutter speed freezes the action and the lens is not at the softest aperture. A bit of Neat Image noise control is added, as this image is not run through Adobe Lightroom.
  40. Bears representing nations of the world at Senate Square, Helsinki.
  41. Our cat stalking the largest darn mice he had ever seen.
  42. bmm


    I'm putting up this image a bit defiantly as I worked on it over the weekend and had it up for ratings over last few days and it got a fairly mediocre response. However its one that works for me for the following reasons:
    1. It was shot in low light with a D80 and 180/2.8 (not a lens I use very frequently, and absolutely not the kit you want when your shutter speed options are limited!) and I shot for a dark street 'feel' within those technical limitations.
    2. It was a very deliberate image, and even the RAW is dark blue/greys with the red/white of the metro sign for contrast. When the light fades and the cold wind starts in Paris, like elsewhere, the city goes grey and metro signs are a sign of colour - and of warmth because one looks forward to going down there where it is less cold and where there isn't any wind or rain.
    I guess bottom line is that, of all I've shot, this is one of the ones where I had a real idea in mind, and thoughts about the limitations placed on me, and turned out pretty close to what I had aimed for. So its not perfect by any means but it holds a little place for me for the reasons above.
  43. A delightful Wednesday at the Detroit Zoo. Nikon D300 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.
  44. This is from last week in Giverny, France, the home and garden of Claude Monet.
    Nikon D90, NIKKOR 18-200, f5.3 for 1/90 sec., ISO400
  45. Newport Beach, California
  46. Sao Vincente de Fora in Lisbon at dusk.
    Picture taken from Castelo de Sao Jorge
  47. Last Thursday I had to have a cavity filled. Trying to make the best of the situation, I took along the D700 and 35mm f/1.4 AI’d lens.
    In addition to other memorable aspects, visits to my dentist are often educational. This time he pointed out that the syringe for injecting anesthetic—unlike those used for other injections—has a loop on the end of the plunger, through which the dentist hooks his thumb. After inserting the needle, he pulls the plunger out a little and looks to see whether blood has been drawn into the syringe. If it has, he withdraws the needle and tries a different spot. He wants to avoid injecting anesthetic directly into the bloodstream because: (a) it won’t do its localized numbing job if it’s whisked away throughout the body; and (b) it could make the heart race, which “some patients find upsetting.”
  48. Great pictures today, as always. This is from a local church on State Street in Harrisburg PA.
  49. Thanks to Rick D and Jamie H for mentioning my photo last week.

    Favorites so far:
    Jeannean - very cool
    Jana - lovely skin tones
    Sanford G
    Pascal - I love it!
    Andy C - charming
    D Taylor

    Mine was taken a few days ago in a nearby park, where I take most of my nature shots. It was taken after the first rain we have had in a long time. Also, I have posted photos to my gallery/ Critiques welcome!

    Nikon D90, 55/3.5 Micro lens, probably f/8 or so.
  50. Good morn to all. While shooting a volleyball match last week I spotted this cutie during the pledge. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8 AF11, 300mm, F/5.6, 1/100 sec, ISO 6400
  51. My favourite camera (taken with my image capturing computer....)
  52. Good morning! Here are a few that I've enjoyed so far: Matt, Jeannean, Jana, Sanford, Sen, Andrew, Todd, Andy, D.
    Here's mine. D90, 24mm, 1/50, f/7.1, ISO 400
  53. Early morning along Lake Michigan a few weeks ago.l
  54. Good Morning Nikon Fans! WOW took a quick look at some of the postings and it looks like we are in for a GREAT thread today. I can't wait to take a closer look at all of the submissions later in the day. I took this shot a few weeks ago, and thought the line of flowers looked interesting somewhat silhouetted against the sky.
  55. Many stunning shots, wow!!! Got to take some pictures of a fellow goalie filling in for me while I was out with an injury.
  56. Some great pictures all ready
    I thought that I would try and compete with some of the fall photos that are sure to show up today
    We don't get autumn colors in Florida
    But we do have some vibrant colors
  57. Hello all
    Thanks to Pascal Burel for mentioning my pic last week
    Today pic was taken last Saturday in Parque Centenario in Buenos Aires. The violinist of the Tango-Rock group Yira. I love the light and color
    D300 + 18-200 VR @170mm - ISO 1600 - f 5.6 - 1/80
  58. Kent Shafer~ a well executed, creative photo...
  59. the god hates fags people came to my neighborhood on sunday to parade a bit -- ratio of cops to protesters, 50 to 1. not sure this was the best use of my tax dollars, but it did give the police tactical squad a chance to strut its stuff. although i abhor the message, it's good to know that at least some kinds of dissent (i.e., not challenging the government or corporations) are still tolerated in the USA.
  60. Playing around with my 35mm F1.8.
  61. Here is mine for the week. Just a flower/weed from my backyard. Nikon D700 + Nikon 105mm macro. Great shots everyone!
  62. Friend getting a great Barrel during Hurricane Earl at Wrightsville Beach.
  63. Hi Nikonian friends, few shots that caught my eye.
    Matt: poor dog he's also blind (or getting there)
    Jose R. : nice b&w
    D Taylor : nice bridge, impressive night shot
    Glen J. : after that, you won't need to feed him for a while
    B M M.: really nice
    My shot is about an odd wedding, G&B alone with the priest, in the desert. The photograph was keeping me way back, not that I was making noise. Left my 50-150 in the car, to far to get it.
    Maybe not so odd in Las Vegas, Nevada... Always expect the unexpected.
  64. Great shots so far everyone. My contribution was taken at the battlefield in Gettysburg, PA this past weekend. It had been a long time since I had visited and I had forgotten much of the history of the battle time line. We bought the CD for the self-guided auto tour and it was well worth the price. It guided us around the battlefield in the sequence of the battle and was very informative.
  65. I believe this is the most beautiful road in the world: The Icefield Parkway, Alberta, Canada.
    Thank you.
  66. Nikon Buddies,

    Lots of interesting and beautiful shots today. Special mention to Leslie C, Marc M, D Taylor, Tim H, Aguinaldo.

    Here is my post, from a summer backyard party.
  67. Some lovely pics in this set - the standard stays high. Mine - well, I don't associate hoodoos with Britain, but here's one froma recent trip to Scotland. Nikon D700, 20/2.8 AIS.
  68. The photos just keep getting better every week, hopefully I can get back early enough to comment on some of them.
    My submission today is a man who in Church is reading his small prayer book. I used PS & Topaz filters to help with the feeling surrounding this. It is a severe crop.
    Nikon D90, Sigma 24-70 @70mm, f4, 1/60, iso 720, hand held, SB-900 flash
    phil b
    benton, ky
  69. After a short holyday in Turkey, I share with you this picture of Capadocia, taken on a baloon ride. It is not as sharp as I would like, but I think the soft light of a cloudy morning is very pleasant. I hope you enjoy it as well.
  70. Great shots everyone!! Something completely different from me ths week. I was asked to do some candid shots of a band for a charity event . The Blues Traveler, a group popular in the '90's played. Shot features , John Popper , lead singer and AMAZING harmonica player. This was truly a fun thing to do. The band was GREAT!! I don't think my hearing will recover as most of the shots had to taken from the side in front to the wall of speakers.
    D300 50mm
  71. St John Baptist de la Salle, Granada Hills, CA. D700, 14mm.
  72. Ringbearer has finished performing his job at the wedding, and it 's time to let the adults party.
    Nikon D3 24-70mm at 40mm f2.8 and 1/60sec with ISO 1250
    SB800 bounced plus ambiant light for illumination.
    Don Harper
  73. Kent S and Don H, those are fabulous shots.
  74. From last Sunday's walk in the park...
    I thought this one looked nice upside down :)
  75. Hi everyone! What a lovely thread to browse through, once again!
    Finally I put my gear to some decent use and went to a studio workshop last Saturday. I had a great time there and learned a lot about studio lighting and about working with model (she was great, very patient with us amateurs). Time well spent, I think. I'm still going through the shots, but here's one of the shots I took.
  76. Jeanean- Good Color-Again!
    Stanford- Love that Beach
    Jose'- Great balloon shot
    Portrait with Interior Architecture
  77. We took a short but hugely refreshing trip to a nice "naturepath" (luontopolku in finnish) nearby.
    Here's my girls enjoying fresh nature air!
    D200 + Sigma 18-50mm (1/80s, f.4, ISO320)
  78. Something silly this week. We celebrated the cooler weather with a short visit to a local park. Fortunately for the concrete cattle, the recent rain left them with something to drink!
  79. Happy Wednesday everyone. Of course, amazing contributions so far. This one is from the new print set I'm working on called "Everything Wheels". It's from the deisel truck show, hope you enjoy it. D200, ISO200 JPEG, 50mm Ais 1.8, f11 @ 1/250 I think...
  80. Harvest time
  81. Multiple Levitations
    D90, VR 200mm F/2G, 1/800 @ f/2 ISO 1600
  82. Here's one of a couple of the other residents of the house.....
  83. Raabjerg Mile in Jutland, Denmark. Happy Wednesday, everybody!
  84. mike newman .oops try again
  85. Another bird shot, this cardinal is ever so gradually getting more and more used to my presence.
  86. Hi All,
    This is a old house from Kastamonu Turkey. But, it is restoreted and using for hotel.
    Taken with Nikon FM2, Nikon 35mm F2.8 . Film is Kodak TMax 100ASA, Developed Kodak D76 (1+1).
    Best wishes from Turkey.
  87. Another week of exceptional photos.
    David Janson: beautiful rose
    Tony: good shot of the locomotive
    Andy: whimsical and funny
    Doug: another great church photo. Is a book in the works?
    This is a shot I took this morning. An egret trying to eat a mole or gopher. Played with it like a cat for a while, then threw it down in disgust and went off looking for something more slimy.
  88. Great shots today... as always. I was out this weekend at a local wetland called Wakodahatchee. Bird life was somewhat scarce so I did some macro work. These flowers are commonly eaten by Purple Gallinules that roam the wetlands here in S Florida. Beautiful delicate flower. I thought I would contrast it with a not-so-delicate background since I am in my 'experiment with Photoshop' phase. Hope you enjoy.
  89. Great pics, too many pics to choose a favorite!
    My pic is from a Hummer H1 (built on the military platform, HMMWV), "Wrenching Party". There were about 30 H1s in attendance (this is a partial view). Very rare occurrence, being there were only about 300 made per year (hand built by Am General, in Mishawaka, Mi) and production ran from 1993-2006.
  90. Ben Nelson
    Yes. "Houses of Worship - A Photographic Journey of Historic Meeting Places in Southern California". I have completed about 70% of the photography and interviews. I am trying to find a publisher. Thanks for your comment.
  91. Hi All, I was lucky enough to be part of the celebrating of 150 years of Railway in South Africa. There was a ribbon breaking and seeing that I am a bit shorter than the other photographers I decided to go down on my knees to take the photo.
  92. Nikon D300, 50mm 1.8 AF
  93. Taken last Saturday w/D700 and 24-70 [​IMG]
  94. Jason Webley, performer from Seattle, solo concert at NH Institute of Art on Sept 24. Great show. Never heard accordian sound so grand.
  95. WedNEsDAy PiC #39
    B M Mills – well executed shot (ignore the ratings)
    David Janson – best rose I have seen for some time (great lighting)
    Doug Rice – like the effect (minus the hexagonals)
    Finlay Jolliffe – great cicada (a cross between a “yellow Monday” and a “black prince”)
    Jeannean Buglady – very colourful with nice shimmer in the cicada wings
    Jens Frederiksen – great view from above with a pleasing angle
    Kent Shafer – I had to look at this four times before I even noticed the dentist (that’s how fixated I was on the needle)
    Marc McCoy – nice focus on the finger (tip)
    Steven Ford – of all the cardinal shots I have seen, this is a favourite (nice detail where it counts, eyes, beak and check out the claws)
    Tim Holte – nice early morning scene
    Tony Hadley – inspired moment rewarded with a great effect
    Torban Palm – great textural interface between sand and cloud
  96. I found this little guy ready for a fight.

    D70s & 18-200 VRI
  97. A shot of a textbook form tackle taken at one of our local youth football games the week before last.
    D700 + AF-S 300 VRI, ISO 5000, 1/320s @ f/2.8
  98. A lot great photos this week.
    Found this spider outside my house.
    D300 with 105 Lens, F10, 1/250sec, ISO1400c
  99. My 2 years 10 months daughter starting her own path toward photography.
  100. I always look forward to Nikon Wednesday to see everyone's great work. Saw this driftwood on the shore when driving over the bridge on the way home so took a few minutes out of my commute to pull over and grab a pic.
  101. A pic at the Spetses Old marina at night.
  102. Many thanks to those that gave my bridge a mention, very high standard again this week, well done everybody

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