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    Happy Wednesday, Nikon folks. I spent Sunday morning scurrying around a large pasture on an assignment from a client. My main objective was a thirty year old horse, in the family longer than his current caretaker has been alive. All went well, once I had a long chat with this Shire. He's a wall of a horse, and insisted on getting between me and the old boy whose portrait I was after. Had any unexpected subjects take over a session? Share a photo!
  2. Great blue heron alighting a mound in the lagoon at Rincon Point, California. There are always quite a few blue herons in the lagoon, but rarely so blue as this fellow.
  3. Hello Everyone
    Todays photo is scrap metal from a farm paddock
    Anyone for sewing?
  4. Happy Wednesday everyone.
    This picture taken lats year at Barcelona Spain.
  5. Another beauty from my Yellowstone trip - sunrise over the Yellowstone River
    Nikon D700 with 24-85mm lens
  6. Hello, everyone! Great Wednesday photos again.
    I know that many people have criticized the Nikkor 18-200 mm, but I have found it generally sharp and fast focusing. So here is another dog photo -- no time to photograph anything else.
  7. Well... We have a great blue above, and here's a little blue heron.
    Shot at Shark Valley, Everglades, spring 2010. D300 and Nikkor 300mm f/4.
    Little Blue Heron, Florida, Everglades, Spring 2010 -- D300, 300mm f/4 lens, at f/4
  8. A boy and his toys...yup my son, Braeden and his Lego creation. I don't know what life would be like with out Legos for him, and many young kids we know. He literally spends hours every day concocting, imagining, creating and engineering over his millions of Lego pieces (which my poor vacuum hates, lol). I feel playing with Legos is so much better than TV or computers, and it's stimulating and imaginative. I have entered this photo into a creativity Lego photo contest...
  9. Already, there's great stuff here! Here's one from the State Fair.
  10. Happy Tuesday from Seattle...
    Matt...Outstanding shot!
    Jeff...Beautiful capture and colors
    I rarely shoot weddings, but I took one on this past weekend. My husband and I worked the wedding and we got to try some new equipment outside. I used an SB900 on my D300 with a remote SB600 through a small softbox, handheld by my husband camera right and slightly above the bride. I look forward to refining this method and doing more!
  11. Another wedding photo. This is a play on the golf widow theme.
    Lots of things happening this week in the midst of lots of weddings for the fall which is the busiest time here but also Washington DC fashion week is coming up and should produce some nice images.
    Nikon D3 24-70mm at 38mm, ISO 800 f6.3 at 1/4000 sec.
    Last week had some wonderful images.
    Don Harper at The Edge
  12. Well good morning, afternoon, or whatever the case where you live. Some quick browsing while having breakfast and Matt has kicked off the show so I'll post earlier than normal, before nipping out to work. Staying with the zoo theme, this is a Perigrin Falcon that had just been displayed doing its thing, flying and swooping. The keeper came over to the audience later to introduce his feathered friend at close quarters. Beautiful creature (the bird).
    D700, iso 1600, 1/640, f/6.3, 195mm on the Sigma 70-300
  13. D300, 18-200 mm Nikkor zoom
  14. Hi everyone and happy Wednesday to you!
    In keeping with Matt's theme ( great shot by the way, Matt) I was out looking for bugs again in a swampy area. Much to my surprise a egret flew in . Since I was low to the ground behind some tall grass , it did not see me. Unfortunately only had my 105mm macro lens on, but started shooting.
    My surprise visit was a 4' water moccasin that was only 5' feet away from me . I was so engrossed in the egret , I did not see the snake. The egret alerted me to it when it kept looking to my left. No more swamp visits for me !
  15. Hey Everyone,
    This is my friend's new born baby, Christian. He is 3 weeks old. Shot with D90 w/ 17-55mm f2.8, SB600.
  16. A picture taken at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Winnipeg
  17. [​IMG]Nikon D700 + AF Nikkor 135mm f/2.0DC
  18. This is from my recent stay in Banff, Alberta.
    Thank you.
  19. Great pics everyone! This one was a taken last fall in the turn of the century house in severe repair. Taken from the Kitchen looking out to the dining room was a "pass thru" cabinet. After going out the rear entry of this old Great house I heard a man loading the chamber of his shot gun.
  20. Boeing's Plant 2 will be demolished, so they had to roll out the three airplanes stored by the Museum of Flight out of the hanger last Saturday morning. Here is the Museum of Flight's Lockheed Constellation Super G, fully restored to museum condition (but will never fly again). Soon it will be across the street in the Airpark.
  21. Fascinating to come to these Wednesday threads, see the work of others, and read the responses. It's my first time posting an image here. Our local park district offered a youth soccer clinic (sponsored by guess who?) last Sunday. It was an opportunity to move in pretty close.
  22. The Elwah River flows through Olympic National Park, in the state of Washington. In 1913 a concrete dam was completed on the Elwah, blocking the spawning and migration runs of several species of salmon, steelhead, and trout. Now a multi-million dollar project is about to begin to tear down the dam. It's in the news, and it is the largest dam removal project ever in the United States. Last weekend I visited the dam, then traveled downstream to find this awesome section to photograph the Elwah, which involved a steep decent down to the river. The next day I spoke to a National Park Ranger about the project, and he was confident that the Elwah would retain it's natural beauty, and the fish would re-gain their natural environment.
    Nikon D80 w/Tamron 17-50mm AF. Polarizer and a long exposure.
  23. This Mexican Fritillary butterfly took shelter in a bouganvillea bush from the rain on Saturday. As you can see, it was a little wet, so was a nice subject and stayed put while I got off a few shots. D90/Sigma 150mm @ 1/125. f/8, ISO 400.
  24. Portrait of Eva
  25. Back from a vacation trip. Excellent shot - Matt. Fun shot - Roberta (not so fun with the water moccasin though), and a superb portrait - Hamish. The following image of 'Iao's Needle on West Maui was created from 7 exposures - tonemapped in photomatix.
  26. A very good wednesday to you all!
    My photo is quite typical fall picture with rich colors...hope you enjoy!
    Shot with D200 + 50mm f1.8 AF Nikkor (1/5000s, f1.8, ISO200, EV -0.33)
  27. This shot was taken during night. In the back ground there was a fluorescent light and I never imagined that light would give such a wonderful blue color as a back drop.
  28. That is a damned fine photo Neven!
  29. Happy Wednesday everyone! Great pics so far - can't wait to see more. It seems the dogs always work their way into whatever I am doing - this time was no exception. As I was I trying to get some shots of what's left of my back garden, Brodie figured there must be something really interesting in there that he was missing out on, so he had to come investigate. In the end, I quite like how it turned out - he kind of blended in quite well!
  30. My friend and her dog Snookims..D200 and deceased 18-70 kit lens....
  31. Wanted to depict wildebeest migration in Masai Mara, Kenya. Shot during my recent trip.
    Nikon D700, 600mm VR, f/16, 1/13 sec
  32. bmm


    Mike C, Bogdan, Sen C - wow! Awesome start to Wed pic this week.
    My image was taken over a year ago in the old Dubai gold market, but only recently re-discovered and post-processed.
  33. Beautiful and interesting images as ever. My contribution this week is taken from a walk along the beach on Sunday morning. She seems to be looking a little dinosaury to me.
    D700, 17 - 25 f2.8, SB 900
  34. Going out of the tube last friday I found that all the lights and clues were telling me to go ahead, except that pesky yellow arrow. Even the reflections of the CCFL tubes keeep teling me to go ahead! I'm a bit shy, but I hope the composition doesn't suck too much for you.
    The picture was taken with a D60 and the 35mm f/1.8 AFS DX
  35. Great start to Wednesday as always, looking forward to seeing what gets posted throughout the day. Just a quick snap of a derelict boat this week
  36. Hi, This picture was taken during the 'Beeckestein' festival. The accordeon player of this band was really being expressive. I liked the movement and lighting. Hope you like it. Taken with the D90 + 80-200 @ 86mm F3.3 1/350s iso 400
  37. Season's last daisy...
  38. Rita Chiarelli in performance at Hugh's Room, Toronto
  39. Shot at Kristiansand Zoo in Norway. I have always wondered who is on display at the Zoos, the animals or us humans?
  40. Greetings.
    A snowy Egret landing in a bush
    This was taking awhile back at the Everglades.
    D2H with 600/4
    f4@1/3000 sec
    iso 200, EC -1
  41. Neven, Great timing
    Jeannean, Beautiful color
    A Stroll in the Park
    D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, ISO 100
  42. Great pics so far this morning, can't wait to see the other submissions over the rest of the day.
    My pic is from last night, shot from Wisconsin Ave, around 8:30p.m. of The National Cathedral, Washington, DC
  43. Great shots everyone! We had beautiful beach days over the weekend here in South Florida and took advantage of the nice weather.
  44. Rome last week....
  45. Haven't had a chance to see all of this weeks photos, but the ones I did are top notch. My contribution comes from a shoot on Saturday. I caught a candid moment with my d300 and Sigma 70-200 f/2.8
  46. Neven, I can't stop looking at your picture. This is what photography was invented for.
  47. D700, 105mm f/2.5 Nikkor P AI lens, ISO 200, 1/320 @ f/4.
  48. Thanks to Richard L., Keith O, Don H. for mentioning my photo last week.

    Favorites so far:
    Matt, Tiffany and Don H - lovely tonalities and detail
    Mike C
    Neven J - perfect capture and selective focus
    Andrew F
    Robert W - welcome, and great capture
    Sen C - wonderful
    Rick M
    Louis M

    Mine is just some grass wet with dew.
    D90, ancient 55/3.5 Micro

  49. From my son's youth football game this past Saturday - the mighty Chantilly Jets whoopin' up on the Dulles South Eagles.
    D700 + AF-S 200-400 @ 290mm, ISO400, 1/3200s @ f/4
  50. Horses? How ironic! I was planning to pull some of my stuff out from a few years ago and do a little retro this week from my archive of amateur work. This photo is from about 12 years ago, and I just scanned the proof since I don't have a Coolscan or such. So color balance isn't spectacular.
  51. Nice stuff so far. Few caught my eye. Roberta, Jeannean, Hamish, Sjoerd, Rick, Louis, and Doug, Nice work to everyone. Mine is from last Sat. Trying out my new used lens. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8 AF 11 ED, 1/60 sec, f/6.3, ISO 200.
  52. We had our monthly flickr photowalk here in Milwaukee last saturday and I looked for people to photograph. I saw this guy and he turned out to be much friendlier than he looked.
  53. Hello All
    Spring arrived to Buenos Aires. To celebrate this Kenzo, the perfume maker, presented an installation in San Martin Square with the famous red poppies.
    Nikon D300 + 50 mm 1.4 - 1/8000 - ISO 200 - f 1.8
  54. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Lionel Linton, do you mind reposting your image as a smaller version? Since it is a vertical, preferably it should be within 700 pixels on the long end. If you repost, I'll delete your original post that is way oversized.
  55. Happy Wednesday everyone. My pic this morning is one of the many scenic pathways throughout the Detroit Zoo. Still no Fall colors this far south in Michigan. Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens.
  56. Good Morning....Found this hawk at a local park near my house. Nikon D80, 70-300mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/125.
  57. Rick D - a 300/2.8, Ooooohhhh! Want!
  58. This photo is from about 12 years ago, and I just scanned the proof since I don't have a Coolscan or such. So color balance isn't spectacular.
  59. Got this shot in Paris last week, treated with the Photoshop Plastic Wrap filter.
    Nikon D90, NIKKOR 35mm f1.8. f1.8. 1/4 sec. ISO400
  60. Had a smaller item shipped in a bigger box so Lacey gets to take on the Packing Paper Python. D700, 24-85 at 85mm, ISO 800. Cropped a bit in pp.
  61. Afternoon snooze time
  62. One from the weekend, though it was a record high temp. yesterday, fall is on the way. And I expect it will be brief with the lack of rain we have had. Happy Wednesday!
  63. Alejandro, love those poppies...nice shot! Makes me think of the Kenzo perfume commercial...
  64. ooops the dreaded double post....
    D300 with 55 micro ai'd with a dremel +reflector
  65. I can't keep my eyes of Neven's photo. (no time to post mine...)
  66. Driving to work this AM over that killer 10 mile commute, dawn broke on the day of the equinox.
    Nikon D200, 70-210mm F4 AF.
    Mansfield Township, NJ
  67. there's an expansive wasteland where once was a wooded area -- the landowner harvested the timber for financial gain, leaving a scrubby terrain that for the moment is crowded with wildflowers. i took the D300 and my 50/1.4, added a nikon #1 closeup attachment, and did a bit of bug hunting yesterday. i generally opt for the 300/4D or 70-300 VR for more working distance, but this turned out to be an interesting change of pace.
  68. Yesterday, while walking along the Housatonic River
    D60, VR18-55 @ 55mm, ISO 200, 1/250, F/8, +1.0 EV
  69. Large Window, one white reflector, d90, 50mm 1.4
  70. Altar and stained glass. First German Methodist, Glendale, CA. D700, 14 mm. Thank you to those who commented on my image last week.
  71. bmm


    Neven - I can't see this famous imageof yours... have you removed it?
  72. Taken in Acadia National Park during new moon 9/11/2010[​IMG]
    D200, Tamron 17-50mm @17mm, f/2.8, ISO200, 30sec exposures stacked in software.
  73. WedNEsDAy PiC #38

    This shot is from the 12 Sep 2010 EDFL Grand Final week end. The little big man flew high to take this mark and then kicked the goal put the grand final beyond doubt.
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED VRII
    Settings: 70 mm, 1/640 sec, f/4 and ISO 200 (AP, hand held, UV filter)
  74. Knowing the harvest moon is a couple of days away, I experimented last night with some shots of the moon. Here was my best attempt. I was pretty pleased with the results considering it was shot at 105mm and I had to crop it down quite a bit. Someday I hope to purchase a 300mm for better moon shots.
  75. Hello everybody,
    Nice pictures as usual.Now that we have competition from the 'C' world,it's time to pull our socks up I guess.Looks like many regular posters of yore have developed "posting fatigue',c'mon,guys.
    Here is my pic for the week.The many uses of the humble bamboo.
  76. One of my more popular shots from a few years ago...Nikon D70s, Lester Dine 105 macro.
  77. bmm


    Neven - it's reappeared. And its splendid. Timing, composition and tones. Wow. This is one strong week on Wednesday pic.
  78. Road to Coupland
  79. Jennifer, I love your Lego picture. We still have Legos in tubs all over the house, though my son and daughter (16 and 12) don't pull them out as often as they used to.
    This is my daughter, who entertained herself with a red balloon for a good 30 minutes on Monday.
  80. just got back from a two-week bike trip in Corsica so I've got plenty of shots to share in the coming weeks... this one is our friend Kathy sharing apples and honey with us to toast a sweet new year and celebrate Rosh Hashana
  81. Summer's over, it's been raining all day, a cup of coffee goes great with the cool weather.
  82. D90, Nikkor 18-70
  83. Nikon Buddies,
    Greetings. Standouts in this amazing collection include Neven J, Sen C, Rick M, Kent S, Doug R, Alejandro H, and Scott D.
    My post is from a couple days ago. The contortions some players will go through to avoid "tackle" and out of bounds. In this case, unsuccessful at both, but successful at getting the first down.
  84. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Tamron 70-300mm/f4-5.6 Di VC lens @ 70mm, f5.6, 1/100 sec and ISO 200 on D700
  85. Happy Wendesday all. Don't know if you're into monster trucks, but this shot is from last weekend's Deisel Truck spectacular at Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. This is pretty major air for these guys, shot on D200 at ISO 800, JPEG Fine L, 85mm 1.8 lens wide open f1.8 @ 1/80th.
  86. [​IMG]This was taken close to Laprairie Quebec waterfront just as the sun was going down. I used my D300 mated with a tamron 90mm macro lens to capture it at f10. All the best.
  87. Come on, guys! Only 14 pages more to equal the D7000 thread!
    By the way, Tony, that is a lovely picture, much like 99% of this thread
  88. I joined a local photography group that takes the members each month to a different location. This time we went to a museum with a permit to fire at will (no flash allowed though).
  89. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    One of my very few sunset photos - this is the Bay of Bangkok
    Unfortunately I did not have my tripod along - clown, yes I admit it
  90. Great shots again from everyone! I'm really not using my gear enough, this was a third (or so) week in a row that I realized that I had taken only few shots during the week with my DSLR's... So here is the best one from the ten or so shots that I took...
  91. Very good pictures, Jose's portrait is my favorite this week.
    Here is a test with two SB-600 and a SB900 with my last rose.
  92. Taken around the Steamboat Rock area of Central Washington State.
  93. Nikon FE Nikkor 80-200 Zoom
  94. Alaska ocean captured on the Sapphire Princess cruise trip with D100 and 28-105mm AFD lens, 1/320s F/9. The water looks so pure and deep green, not blue or gray we usually see from the beach, simply beautiful like a marble stone.
  95. Hi all,
    Enjoyed a great, sunny and warm autumn day today!
    Last weekend was also fine. I went to a historic boat parade (see my portfolio for some nostalgic-styled pics). My contribution for this week is also from that shoot: some street musicians adding to the great atmosphere. Nikon D700 w/50mm 1.4 AFD
  96. I pass this old truck every time I drive to a nearby town, and have stopped a few times over the years to shoot it. I tried a different perspective this time, making the barbed wire the focus.
  97. Trying again with the photo!!!!
  98. Nikon D700 + Nikon 105 macro D + Nikon sb900.
  99. It's getting autumnish...
  100. Playing around with long exposure at a friend's farm the other weekend. The lights inside the barn were a number of small incandescent, Christmas style lights.
  101. Hi all, just as I think there can't be better work.. I get to the next Wednesday. Amazing work everyone.
    My contribution is from a talent show over the weekend. Micheal Jackson Junior in action.
  102. Very good pictures! I like especially Neven J, Hamish G and Sen C. This picture is from Lapinlahti, Väisälänmäki, an old habitat.
  103. Some really outstanding shots today. I love Wednesdays. Roberta D, love the peek-a-boo Heron. Hamish, nice portrait. Love the lighting and mood of the shot. And Neven, what a moment! Shot of the day for me.
    My contribution is of a bee I chased around Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami in an attempt to get one decent shot. Constant movement in a difficult setting. After the post-process crop and adjustments I wrapped it up in a frame from the On-One Essentials Frame-It plug-in for PSE. D200, 60mm Micro-Nikkor hand-held @ ISO 400.
  104. Rita Chiarelli in performance at Hugh's Room, Toronto
  105. Hey Shun, sorry to jump in, but how is that Tamron 70 - 300? Especially on the long end?
  106. I'm new to and having a lot of fun looking around and seeing what other people are doing. Sen C -- loved the movement and the painterly quality of the work. Really liked how Neven J caught the energy of the child and the way she pops out of the background. Thought the colours in Tony H's picture were really beautiful. Been working on developing some cyanotypes lately, so here's something of mine from earlier in the year ...
  107. D300 - Sigma 50mm 1.4
  108. Some great work this week! Here is one from "On the Ranch"
    Nikon as always.
  109. Tony Hadley's photo made me speechless this week.
  110. [​IMG]
    D700 - Sigma 24-60 F2.8 @ F5.6 bounced SB-600
    My youngest boy. Gabe
  111. bms


    I have been away a long time from this thread - don't quite know what happened, did a lot of other stuff, cheated with Leicas and an Olympus :)
    This is still very inspiring! Great photos!
    Here is mine
  112. I am late today. Here is my contribution.
  113. Neven, your photo is beautiful. What a shot.
    Todd, I love your shot of the abandoned house. Abandoned places fascinate me...hope you didn't get shot at!
    Sen C, your wildebeest photo is amazing! I love it.
    Marc, I love your "Jurassic Terrier". That one made me laugh.
    And here is mine for the week. This is some sort of derelict structure in the middle of a research pond at an arboretum in my area. I shot it this morning just before the sun came up and did some detail enhancement in photomatix.
  114. Hey everyone! Looking Good this week!
  115. Trying out a recently acquired refurbished 70-300. This owl is a rescue from a car strike (lost an eye) rehabilitated by Tuckahoe State Park rangers.
  116. Excellent photos this week.
    I managed to get a pretty good deal on a refurbished 35/1.8, and after a screwup with the shipping, it finally arrived 2 weeks later. Here's a shot from my "getting to know you session."
  117. Just had to get out of work early on Friday. Went to one of my favorite spots on the island and spent the afternoon doing some slow contemplative shooting.
    Nikon D700 Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AIS @ f/1.2
  118. No unexpected subject, but caught my fancy for a giggle
  119. Hi Nikonistas,
    Running late this week, busy trying to narrow down images for Competitions, exciting but hard work. This is a something I saw on a recent trip, more to show off the skills of the Sculptors on the Beach in Benidorm, many different themes, this was the obvious one but done so well, note the trees at the back!
    D40X 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G Focal Length:38mm, Exposure: F/5 @ 1/20s, ISO 1600
    Tweaked & twiddled in View NX2
  120. My first wedding shoot. Antique bible, antique gun, newly weds.
  121. I can't but help going back to look at Scott's "Froggy". It's getting imbedded in my brain. Good and really well executed shot:)
  122. Congratulations, Bob, on shooting your first wedding! Hope it went well for you.
  123. I think I'm late. But will try if you don't mind.
  124. Man, you guys knock me out!
    I don't know if this is a good photo, since I love the kid so much. I think it is, though. Charles, adopted 7/12/10
  125. Hello for everyone.
    Here is the night shot from my home town, hope you enjoy!
    Nikon D90 + 18-105mm

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