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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Happy last Wednesday of July, Nikon people. Something about the big snowy winter we had here on the US east coast, or perhaps something about the temperate spring ... I don't know. But we have had a very successful crop of ground hogs this year. Yes, woodchucks. Whistle-pigs. Marmota monax. The land beaver. They're driving my dogs crazy, and have excavated an entire new line for the DC-area metro system.

    I haven't felt much of an urge to photograph them, so it's all the worse that the one I'm showing here is a mediocre image. But this guy caught me off guard, some 20 feet up an oak tree, reaching over to strip leaves off of an adjacent mulberry. I've never seen one climb so high. It's the newly discovered Eastern Arboreal Tree Hog. Used your Nikon gear to capture any mundane creatures doing unusual things? Share a photo!
  2. Nikon D90 & 70-300vr
  3. Hello Everyone. My image was taken with a Nikon D80, 24mm, f/8, and 1/125. This is part of the Eisemann Fountain near my home in Richardson, Texas.
  4. San Carlos at Carmel, California's central coast.
  5. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D700 with 300mm/f4 AF-S @ 1/2000 sec, f4, ISO 320, captured during a practice session between Ana Ivanovic and Maria Kirilenko at the tennis tournament at Stanford.
  6. Hi everyone. I have another photo taken while fishing. These reels are Alvey surf reels which are made in Brisbane. I am not sure whether you see them in other parts of the world but they are a fantastic reel where sand is concerned. If sand gets into them, they continue to work just fine and can be wiped out when you go home.
    These reels were on the rods and in the rod holder attached to the bullbar of a Nissan 4x4
  7. Image created while participating in Scott Kelby's Third Annual | Worldwide Photowalk in downtown Santa Barbara on Saturday July 24. Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens was the endpoint of the photowalk. I processed 4 different exposures in photomatix and applied an Orton Effect to the final image. D200 with Nikon 12-24/4 at 24mm and f/8.
  8. Haven't found the time to get out during cherry season here in the Okanagan, British Columbia so here is an image from the "Reclaim the Commons" protest that went down at the University of Victoria in early April.
  9. We don't have ground hogs over here in The Netherlands, Matt. But we do have something, almost as annoying. The continuous repeat of Groundhog Day, the movie. Now, why do I ask myself, have I seen this annoying movie before?
    Anyways, a brighter day than last days over here in the Rotterdam area. A picture of Kinderdijk, yes a tourist attraction, but also a world heritage site that I never visited before. Not too crowded and lovely windmills.
  10. Happy Wednesday everyone! Looking forward to seeing what everyone has this week. My shot is from an Art Festival.
  11. Lydia Pense & Cold Blood, Monterey Bay Blues Festival
  12. Durban Botanic Gardens (South Africa)
  13. My first time to see a Mantisfly. I found it on the underside of this leaf. Pretty ugly bug, but to me, interestng nonetheless. Nikon D90, Sigma 150, Sigma 1.4x teleconverter. 1/250, f/8, ISO 640, natural light.
  14. [​IMG] This shot is in my City of Candiac park next to the St.Lawrence river that looks like an ocean because of size. I was quite a ways off when I spotted some 'interesting verbal interaction". I was under the cover of trees and leaves and got out my 70-300mm with VR on and shot a few images and this was one of them. While the images thus far are all very good i hesitate to mention just a few: Bill J love the reflection and the feet', Shun - great tennis shot, Dieter HDR and Orton makes a great dreamy effect, Steven - Colors, Colors. All the best until next week.
  15. It has been a long time since my last post here ... here is a shot of an old shop in the village of Ostuni in Apulia (Italy) that we visited last week.
    D700, 24G, f/2.2, HDR
  16. Hi Nikoneistas...
    Bit of a tricky shot this one, will have some more attempts, soon hopefully. Hand held with a Sigma 150mm Macro lens..wind was starting to pick up so it was all becoming a bit too dynamic. Happy with this shot given the circumstances. Again a little tweak in ViewNX to liven up the colours.
    D40X, 150mm (Macro) @ F/3.5, 1/800s - (Bright Sunny Sky, light Cloud & strong breeze)
  17. Black Sea series
  18. It's been a long warm summer here.
  19. 'One Touch' (35mm f/2.8 P&S) Fuji 400
  20. Hello Everyone, I have been following Wednesday for some time and today I can add my first contribution. Taken in a local park on Saturday. Really stunning work here..
  21. Hello Everybody,
    great photos here already this week, I am very inspired. I particularly like Grant's, Dieter's and Bogdan's.
    Here is mine. Taken with Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 560, 1/500, f/2.8
    Have a lovely week.
  22. My unusual little creature is doing mundane things :)
  23. So why is this image handheld in the dark when normally I'm at base ISO taking unpeopled landscapes with a tripod? My wife had a reunion at our house of a group some of whom hadn't met in 30 years; by the time some of their kids had found our jam-jars and set them out in the garden with candles, I'd had a few beers ....... Nikon D700, ISO 6400 (!), 1/40 at 2.8.
  24. Good morning Nikonians, and happy Wednesday!
    This is my favourite shot from a recent trip to Cairo (it's been raining for the past few days, so I didn't really go outside)
    Nikon D700 / 24-70 2.8 / ISO 1200
  25. Hi everyone - great stuff already and its not even 9 am here :)
    Here's my offering for the week ...
    Nikon D50 18-55mm - 1/125 F5.3 ISO 220
  26. Taken a few weeks back
  27. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

  28. D300, 400mm f/2.8 AIS + TC-14B, ISO 200, 1/500 @ f/5.6.
  29. Heres a shot from the local Zoo... Happy Wednesday All.
  30. Hi Everyone
    I've been on the forum only a few weeks and the quality of these Weds posts amazes and thrills me; I can't quite believe it. It must be the Nikon equipment - no other explanation for it. I can only name one photo above -- they're all so good -- but since it's Tri X it leaps out at me. Bogdan: I'd love to know what you processes that roll in because the values are just stunning.Im just trying to teach myself how to process b+w so I can go back to doing a lot of film.
    Generally my work is not up to par for posting here but this pic, a harmless cliche, amuses me because I managed to take it at the exact minute the moon reached full -- 21:37 EDT (GMT -5, I believe... or is it -4 during the summer?) So, for my first posting: da moon. Nikon D40x at ISO 100 -- I forgot to change it after a trip to the beach -- Ai-S 300mm f/4.5 w/ TC1 (2x) at f/11 and 1/15th not cropped but, you know, fooled with a bit for contrast and color and to remove a little bit of fringing.
  31. This photograph was taken on a misty night.
    Camer-Nikon D300; Lens-Nikkor 18-135mm
  32. here's a shot. from the bike 4 life ride
  33. WedNEsDAy PiC #30

    Three AFL sports clichés rolled into one ... "at full stretch" ... "sandwiched between two players" ... and ... "flying from behind".
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED VRII
    Settings: 70 mm, 1/2000 sec, f/4 and ISO 200 (AP, hand held, UV filter)
  34. Great pics for the last Wednesday of July! Marconi Beach, National Sea Shore, Cape Cod, Ma. Enormous Sand Danes.
  35. Well we are off and running for another wonderful Wednesday Photo Day. I look forward to this every week. One is able to learn so much from looking at these and reading about them.
    We have had some real hot couple of weeks here in Kentucky and I mostly stayed in. Sat at the window and took some pics of a plant and feeder that are right there.
    This Dragonfly stopped by for a rest on a spiked plant that we have.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  36. I was sent out this week to take a picture of what has to be the most boring place in my town. But, as if gently rebuking my hubris, the photography gods sent down this...
  37. Father and kids, picking cherries.
  38. hanging around in the summer heat.
  39. Good Morning WEdNEsDAy :)
    My contribution is from local dog championship for catching Frisbee/Flying Disc. I went to this championship last year, so remembered it to go this year. It was really HOT day and the picture is from mid-day on a white dog. I do have some blown highlights on the back, but otherwise I liked the pose :)
    Nikon D90 , 70-300mm VR
    300mm 1/1000s f/5.6 ISO 400
  40. Great pics so far this morning. My Son wanted his picture taken with this giant grasshopper. So we had some fun. Nikon D3, Nikon 105 2.8 micro ais, 105 mm, Extension tube, f/32, 1/60, ISO 100, ec +2.3 step, Sb800 on camera flash.
  41. Sorry about the empty posts. I wish we could delete. Anyway...
  42. Some folks getting wet at Niagra Falls.
    Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-200@29mm, 1/1000 sec, f8, ISO400. Bob
  43. Test run for my friend.
    D700, 50mm f/1.2 AIS @ ISO 1600, 1/80 sec, f/2.0
  44. From this weekend's Worldwide Photo Walk.
  45. The American Football season is upon some of us in North America and this is a candid from a youth skills camp.
    D700 + AF-S 70-200 VR @ 130 mm, ISO 400, 1/800s @ f/5.6
  46. Took this last Saturday at a street festival here in Milwaukee
  47. Good Morning,
    It's amazing how fast this forum fills up every Wednesday morning. Did anyone else participate in the Worldwide photowalk? My shot this week is one that I captured during said walk. I had a great time and met a bunch of great photographers. The walk also lit a fire under me to get a flikr page started for myself, so altogether its been a pretty great week for shooting.
  48. There are some wonderful images already this week.
  49. Happy Wednesday everyone. Some nice pics as always. My contribution this week. Taken with my D300 / 300mm AF-S F/4, handheld.
  50. Another day at city camp, this time is for a photo session. See you next week.
  51. From my daughter's recent receital:
    They had a lot of fun.
  52. Hello all

    Taken at the end of a circus perfomance.
    D300 + 18-200 VR @ 112mm - ISO 3200 - f 5.3 - 1/100
  53. I thought spraying the bird feeder rod with cooking oil would be enough to prevent these guys from being able to scale it - not!
  54. Great shots everyone!
    It still is so hot here, that I stayed inside and played around with some more drops.
    This time used milk and a shallow dish. Got some very different patterns. Hope you enjoy.
  55. One of my co-workers. Nikon F5 Nikon 35-70 F3.3 AF, and Kodak Ektar 100. Processed at walgreens. Taken off CD
  56. Monmouth Raceway Park - NJ - D300 - Nikkor 300 F4 - 1/1600
  57. D700 & ZF 35 in downtown Savannah
  58. St. Thomas, Hollywood, CA. D700, 14mm.
  59. acm


    This was taken in Mid June, 2010 at Niagara. My daughter leaning on the rail and watching the falls.
  60. Hi!Nice picture already this week.Here is my take.
  61. Wednesday morning has become one of my favourite times of the week. Great shots.
    Bill Boyd - nice saturated colours
    Shun - great capture of the pent-up power
    Monika - nice character study
    P Watson - could look at that for hours
    Jon Eckman - I'm still laughing
    Some of the bug shots make we want to run out and buy a macro lens. Too bad Christmas is so far away. Anyway, here's one from a bike ride on the weekend, saw a garden and stopped for a few shots. This little guy was happy to stay put for quite a few shots.
  62. Ah, Boston. Good Wednesday to all!
    Tim Holte, my favorite image for today!
  63. Opal at the fountain.
    My new (used) Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRI. Its like a dream!
  64. Trying the grain from PS.
    Thank you.
  65. Happy WedNEsDAy from on the Road.
    This week the picture I'm sending to you is from what my wife calls the 'Trip of Terror'... AKA as the Colorado National Monument. Beautiful is a good synonym for this site. However, my wife kept scooting to the center of the car, hoping that the center of gravity would change. No guardrails and a very shot distance from safe to plummeting to one's demise. If you get the chance to travel the 23 miles, do spend the time. We arrived an hour or so before sunset. As you can see, this shot was taken after the sun had set from where I was standing. I hope you enjoy the shot.
  66. A beautiful day all!
    A pic of the statue of ' Haagse Jantje', taken during lunchbreak in my town: The Hague.
    The dutch word for 'The Hague' is ' 's-Gravenhage' which liberally translated comes down to something like: ' the Count's Garden'.
    There's a nursery rhyme about this Count and in this rhyme his son 'Haagse Jantje' (little Johnny The Hague) points his finger at where his dad lives: at the present day government buildings in The Hague.
  67. Always a pleasure seeing all the wonderful shots!
    Francesco P.....wonderful colors. I want to go into that shop!
    Robert the moodiness!
    Greg K....Great action!
    Richard L....What a delightful future photographer!
    Roberta D.....Drops are so interesting with the milk!
    Mine today is the last blooms of my Bee Balm that I brought inside to enjoy.
  68. Greetings! Another Boston area scene. Rowing is so photogenic! Nikon D300, Nikkor 70-300 VR lens.
    Attached photo by the book ... where did it go? Will re-post if necessary.
  69. Trying again
  70. this shot is from the 3rd annual bikes 4 life peace ride...about 300 riders went to the train station where an unarmed man was shot and killed by police. they lit candles and went to the platform where the incident happened. yours truly was on the scene to document the proceedings.
  71. I'm impressed ... indeed it's not hard to find one like this almost everywhere you could walk by on streets in local Beijing or probably in other cities as well in China.
  72. Peek-a-boo! Painted Turtle in pond.
  73. In practically any city, there are impressive churches with beautiful stained-glass windows. This one come from a Catholic chapel on the University of Toronto campus. A no-brainer photographically, but a beautiful work of church art.
  74. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    D700, 24-70mm @ 66mm, f/5.6, 1.250", ISO 200
    Do not understand the reason that the photo is not shown directly, as size is within the rules!!
  75. Happy Wednesday all. Sometimes I just make snaps of anything in my normal day to day affairs. There is no great thought or purpose in mind, just a documenting of something that caught my attention. So here's my kitchen counter one morning shot with the D200 and probably my usual 28-80 Tamron SP (circa 1980s) or possibly a Nikkor 28 AF-D before it decided to expire.
  76. Hello all. once again, wonderful submissions. I love wednesdays just for this.
    From my side, a pic from the park a few weeks ago, seeing as I'm without camera. (it has a new home with a young lady called Janine. She's around here)
  77. Ricky-Tick Big Band on Friday at Pori Jazz. Didn't really have much choice in terms of camera position due to being in the audience but it was fun to take pictures nonetheless and a very enjoyable concert.
  78. @Vince: This roll was developed by lab and I don't have developing data and chemicals info right now. I scanned this film with Nikon Coolscan 9000ED as monochromatic 16bit TIF image file, adjust levels and curves in PS, brush the dust spots away and that's about all. One specific thing about this film is that due to given low light conditions I had to underexposed the film a bit and the negative looks thin, not very good for wet printing but works well for scanning.
  79. Here is mine for this week....lots of good shots as always on here!!!!
  80. A mosquito with little tick maybe.
  81. Yet another bug shot
  82. Many thanks to Eric Blair for commenting on my photo last week.
    Just back from a trip to the ruins of a medieval priory, where some local artists were doing sketching and painting. As usual in the English summer, it started to rain, so here's my candid portrait of the event (in one case, at least).
  83. Almost missed this Wednesday, way too busy with the Hippalot art festival for kids that we're organizing at work...
    So this one was actually shot couple of weeks back, found this burned and broken wooden toy car from the parking lot of deserted shopping mall.
  84. D90 | 18-200mm | ISO 200 | 18mm | F16 | 1/60 sec
  85. Here's a shot from a couple of weeks ago. I found this butterfly's wing caught in a crape myrtle bloom.
  86. A little mermaid.
    Nikon D700, 70-200mm VR lens at 130mm f/2.8 1/500 second
  87. Bill Boyd--love that photo!
    Beautiful, and thanks for posting.
  88. Lake George NY.
  89. Ah Wednesday Lots of great shots.
    I just had bad day my car's radiator blew up on my way from work to pick up my broken computer from the repair.
    Anyways I am glad I get to post something. I took this last Saturday at the local Civil War Fair in Glenview, IL
  90. F-22 RAPTOR
  91. Butterflies of all types in the thousands at Dolly Sods Wilderness area in West Virginia.
    Nikon D300s with 70-200mm lens which isn't the lens I would normally choose for this, but it's what was available at the moment.
    ISO 1250 f5.6 1/250 second
  92. Gettysburg, Pa. just a few weeks ago
  93. Pouring tea, photo by my 7-year old daughter.
  94. This year's local festival featured a group of dirtbike stunt riders. These guys were seriously-legit professionals doing highly technical and risky tricks. They let me get inside the fence where I was, at some points, directly beneath the stunt-jump area. It was an awesome experience.
    D90 @ 1/4000, ISO 100
    55-200 VR @ 116mm, f/11
  95. Always love taking the time to view everyone's fabulous contributions. Didn't happen upon any mundane creatures this week, but there are certainly many busy bees out! An incoming bee wasn't bothered by me in the slighest:
  96. Waking in the downtown of Lima
  97. Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am a bit late, but here's my pic.
  98. Friday is the new Wednesday. Sigh!
    D40 with Tamron 17-50 at f/8 ISO 200.
  99. Nikon D90 18-200 VRII [​IMG]

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