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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Happy Wednesday, everyone. We've had a couple of hot and muggy days outside ... perfect for talking a (somewhat) willing victim into some indoor portrait lighting test work.

    Were you inside, or outside with your Nikon gear this past week? Share a photo!
  2. Taken on a culinary tour of Montréal, at Marché Jean-Talon, with guide Ronald Poiré.
  3. Happy Wednesday Nikon Users. My image this week is of a Black-Crowned Night Heron that i took this morning near my house.
  4. Good morning - I'm up early today...
    Taken recently from a very small boat, nudging out into the Wash in Eastern England, with VR on!
  5. I've been trying hard to take a photo of a Swallowtail. They never seem to stop. Tonight I chased one all over the place. I gave up and was shooting a dragon fly and this guy landed right in front of me and posed for just a second. Nikon D3, Nikon 105 2.8 ais, Kenko 2x, F16, 210mm, 1/60ss, ISO 800, sb 800 flask on camera with diffuser.
  6. Took this picture before a golf tournament. Some may find it too vibrant but I like it. Hope you like it too.

    D3s + 24-70 f/2.8 lens + Singh Ray BludnGold filter; ISO640, f/16, 1/60s; 32mm focal length
  7. WedNEsDAy PiC #24

    Hi everyone. Last year I witnessed an amazing game of football. This contested mark taken in the goal square produced the goal that won the match and put the team into the Grand Final (which they went on to win).
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 116 mm, 1/1000 sec, f/5.6 and ISO 360 (Manual, hand held)
  8. Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here are some pretty flowers from this weekend.
  9. D300, 18-200mm Nikkor Zoom
  10. Just a fly for me...I seem to be in bug mode these days. Tomorrow I get my new Nikon camera gear, so I am very excited and eager to get it, learn it and love it. Happy Wednesday to all.
    Lawrence...wonderful sky and color.
  11. Happy Tuesday evening from Seattle. Thank you for all the support on this thread.
    Matt...Very nice. Beautiful portrait. My test shots are sometimes among my faves.
    Jeff...fabulous colors. Love the diagonal composition.
    Bill...Gorgeous bird. The eye looks great against the blue sky.
    Lawrence...No, not at all! Beautiful the filter and vibrancy!
    My contribution is from a recent shoot. I rarely get senior portrait shoots, but I lucked into 2 in the past couple of weeks. One of a young of a young woman. Wow...very different critters...teenage boys and teenage girls. Very different in how they react to cameras! This young woman was so much fun. This is her hand made prom was pretty amazing.
  12. Talk about hot and HUMID! Jackson Square in New Orleans this past Friday night about 10:30 pm. Street performer playing Pachelbel's Canon D on the glasses. Very different kind of photography for me, but I sure had a good time there! :D (Nikon D90/35mm 1.8 @ 1/30, f/2.8)
  13. Nice swallowtail, Rick and excellent Macro, Jennifer. Not a black-crowned night heron but a yellow-crowned one, Bill. Now I need to go and dig for an image to post this week...
  14. A very fine start to the Nikon Wednesday! Michael Mann said the the Miami sky was a character in his films. For me clouds are often part of the image but rarely the sole subject.
    Nikon as always
  15. I seldom get pictures of birds or bugs but when I found out that this little guy had built it's nest in a door frame of an old house I put on my 70-200 at 200 and waited. Got both bird and bug.
  16. Hello Everybody,
    another photo of my lovely client, this time I made it all playful for her, as she was a wonderful person and very serious for her age too, so this is just for fun.
    Taken with Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/160s
    Have a lovely week.
  17. I saw this outside my bedroom window tonight and went outside to photograph it.
  18. Hello All
    Facu Cruz playing the Sitar with Les Mentettes Orchestra, last week at 3 Ciudad Emergente Festival in Buenos Aires
    D300+ 18-200@200mm
    ISO 2000
    f 5.6
  19. I took some promo shots of a puppet for my workplace this week but can't release those pics yet, so here is a pic I took on my way to work on Friday morning. It was a windy morning and the air was filled with seeds from the trees.
  20. Hello everyone...

    Thanks to Arthur Richardson, Chris Morris, Andrew Fedon for your comments last week :)

    I spent last weekend at Salzburg and really enjoyed it. After going around town on the first day, I scouted for a good spot for a night shot of the city.

    Here's a shot of Salburg at night.
  21. Something about the way the sunlight came through the forest here caught my eye.
  22. Hello Everybody
    Black and white doorway that caught my attention
  23. Happy WedNEsDAy and Good Morning.
    It was after 8:00PM when the rain cleared and the day became beautiful. I was given a cart and allowed to go out on The Bear. You are looking back up the fairway from a hazard. Everything looked just about perfect.
  24. salief keita, the lion of mali, came to san francisco last weekend...
  25. Just got back from the show – Carole King and James Taylor at Madison Square Garden NYC 6/15/10. Excellent concert…a trip down memory lane.
    Nikon D90 & Nikon 85mm f1.4.
  26. bee keepers
  27. Pine Grove and Encroaching Sand Dune, South Beach Park, Newport, Oregon. D200, 50mm f/1.4. Digital comp for large format shot.
  28. [​IMG] Jeff - terrfic veggie shot in the jean Talon market that is about a 30 minutes drive from where I live.
    My submission was taken the promenade de candiac and then converted to B&W.
  29. Helsinki Samba Carnival on Saturday.
  30. Hi all,
    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night...
    This is my contribution to this Happy Wednesday...
    Nikon D300 and 60 mm Micro Nikkor G @ 60 mm, ISO 1000, f/5.6, 1/125
  31. Goodmorning,
    I just got up, and already so much great work! The one that really got my attention were from:
    • Jennifer
    • Tiffany
    • Shane
    • Jens
    • Hamish
    • Tony (absolutely stunning picture!!)
    I took this picture yesterday, not too far from where I live. I tried to get as close as possible, but mr. Swan was in target lock mode for mr. Richardson, hence the grass in the picture.
    Have a good day!
  32. [​IMG]
    D700+180/2.8 at ISO 800.
  33. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Saltproduction in the southern part of Cambodia near Vietnam
  34. Replicas of fishing boat decorations, Kemaman. D40+Tamron1750, f/5.6, 1/500, ISO200.
  35. Happy WeDNeSDaY everyone...
    A shot from Munich.... I was kind of lucky coz during my visit they were celebrating the city 852nd anniversary.... Cheers!
  36. Its the Soccer World cup so I thought Id get in on the theme with a shot of my son as we waited to watch the Brazil-North Korea match.
    Nikon D80 with Nikkor 50mm F1.4 @F4 1/40 ISO 100 -0.67EV with off camera flash - SB-28 1/64th power at 1 metre camera right.
  37. The end of the rainbow.
    I couldn't find my pot of gold....
    Thank you
  38. Great images again this week.
    This one is tarpon fishing at flamingo.
    D300 w 300/4 and TC-14e
  39. good morning! this was shot at a birthday party sunday.
  40. Dear Nikonians,
    It is a bit risky to palce my pic after Matt's excellent portrait, Jeff Lipsman's colourful vegetables, Bill Boyd's Black Heron, Tiffany's beautiful model in a romantic atmosphere, Jen's bird and bug, Tony Hadley's extraordinary sky and reflection, Mark Gordon's "Soccer fan", or Aguinaldo de Paula's Rainbow, but as this is not a photo contest, but a mere pleasure of sharing images, here it goes...
  41. Good Morning!
    This creature was so kind as to pose for me on my dock. It was with my D300, 105 mm micro nikkor at f10, 1/100 sec, iso 800.
    Have a great week!
  42. Scheie Eye Institute Lobby ceiling (Philadelphia) upside down....
  43. D700, 24-70 @ 70mm, ISO 800, 1/100 @ f/4.
  44. I run a photo club in NYC whose members are developmentally disabled. Some of the photographers use this adaptive camera to make images.
  45. I was playing with some digital alternations in PS. However those shots were taken with Nikon.
    Great shots so far.
    Matt and Tiffany my favorites so far.
    Todays submition is a self portrait times two
  46. Ohhhhhh Happy Wednesday! I shot this weeks photo during the same trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago with my son. We were walking through Bryant Park and couldn't help but notice the interesting reflection in the building above us. Can't wait to get back later and view all of the submissions!
  47. Playing around with shallow depth of field with my Nikkor 85mm f1.4
  48. rnd


    The F1 Grand Prix returned to Montreal this past weekend after a one year absence - one of my favorite events of the year and great for photography. Here is a slow shutter speed shot of the eventual race winner, Lewis Hamilton.
  49. An unknown butterfly on the wall of my home.
  50. Happen to stumble on a high school baseball game and the light was nice so I had to stop and take some photos.
  51. From last evening around my house
  52. Happy Wednesday!
    Captured my daughter dance a jig to her favorite song on our coffee table this weekend. I just cant understand what the kids love so much about Lady Gaga.
  53. acm


    Shot this week in one of the NY shopping malls.
  54. In Michigan this past weekend. Mom's 80th. Got her the iPad in hopes that she'll do a little email - maybe even receive a picture or two from me. Initially she wasn't real pleased, but now, a couple days into it, she's beginning to think this might not be such a bad device after al
  55. What a great group of photos today!!
    Thanks to those who commented on my photo last week. I do appreciate it.
    I am still trying to practice with the extension tubes. Found this little lady about 1 hour ago happily munching in my herb garden.
    Nikon D300 60mm micro with 20mm extension tube f/13 shutter 1/80 ISO 400 SB600 difused EV-.33
  56. The Hounds at play yesterday evening...
  57. Doors, Windows and Arch. D700, 24mm.
  58. Nice pics again, as usual. =)
    My contribution for this week: (Nikon D200, 1/200s, f5,3 ISO100, 42mm "crop")
  59. D80, Tokina 50-135 f2.8 shot 1/80 @ f/8.
  60. I've been absent from the WeDNEsDay thread for several weeks -- here's one I took while I was out. Visited the Gulf Coast twice to view the impacts of the oil spill. Here's a clean brown pelican flying near an island rookery -- the orange object in the water is a containment boom meant to protect the island from oil, and the brown and white floating stuff near the branch in the water is "sorbent boom" that is supposed to soak up oil that makes it through the containment. I wish I could say all the birds I saw were as clean and healthy as this fellow.
    Marvelous images this week already! Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to share today.
  61. Good Morning Nikonaits...
    It is such a wonderful World Cup season we are having, although watching it at work has been quite a challenge. I have missed some of them so far, the US vs. England being one. Though I have heard that the US has done a terrific job and is expected to bring home some good news. God bless!
    Eric Arnold, I envy you! I have always wanted to watch Salief Keita perform but didn't quite get a chance. But anyway, good work.
    Here is my contribution for this blessed day - from last weekend's on location graduation and/of family portrait session.
    d300s with 17-55mm with one 16x20 softbox fired remotely and a SB900 enslaved @ 55mm f/8 1/100th sec with ISO100 (L1.0) and post processed in PS CS.
  62. >Anish Mankuthel really nice photo of Salzburg. I've been there once and your photo brings back fond memories.
    My photo submission is of Oscar DeLaRosa of LaMafia at their 30th anniversary concert held in San Antonio.
  63. This week's contribution..
    D5000, 55-200, f/5.6,1/160 sec, ISO 800
  64. Hello everybody,
    This weeks pic is that of a dried up gerbera flower being dessimated by the wind even as I watched.
  65. First, thanks to Mark Cooper for last week's comment.

    My favorites so far:
    Matt, Tiffany Mark G, Wm. P. - very nice portraits
    Bill Boyd
    Dave Lee
    Jeff S.
    Paul G,
    Robert N.
    Tim H.
    Doug Santo (as always!)

    My photo is the hood ornamnet of the 1927 Stutz sedan at the Indiana State Museum. Stutz made cars here in Indianapolis.

    D90 18-55 mm lens at 40mm 1/30 sec f/5.3 ISO 800
  66. Great shots, as always! Here are a few that caught my eye so far: Jennifer, Tiffany, Tony, Josh, Aguinaldo, Jim, Doug, Lester.
    Here's a magnolia.
  67. Happy Wednesday everyone. Many great shots so far.
    Until last week, I hadn't ever tried to do any night shooting. So I decided to go the the top level of the parking garage where I work and take some shots of the city at night. Unfortunately the local minor league baseball team was having a game that night and the stadium lights lit up half of downtown like an 850 gazillion candle power spotlight. Consequently, I didn't get any really good shots. This one is probably the best of the bunch. I would have cropped the one brightly lit building out, but it's already cropped some as it is and the noise was getting to be a little too noticeable cropping any further.
    Hope everyone has a great day.
  68. with the weather hitting 110 most days now, the farmer's market vendors are bringing out the tents- which makes for a huge, free diffuser for the sunlight!
    this week, I have something beautiful and delicious- and the color was just too much to ignore! Happy Wednesday everyone-
  69. I love Wednesday Pics day! This is my first contribution.
    I went out for a walk one evening last week with my camera, intending to take pictures of flowers in a field. Instead, I glanced up and saw these clouds aligned in the sky. They seemed to be posing for a photo.
  70. [​IMG]
    (D700 and 28-70mm f/2.8) @ 28mm, f/11, 1/320, ISO 200
  71. I was out and about and captured this on my Nikon D300 F13 ISO 400 1/1000
  72. I took this on a recent trip to White Sands National Park in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
  73. This picture was taken outside the Cape Town stadium for the 1st world cu game last friday evening. The crowd was at least double the stadiums capacity but we were there just for the fun of being there.
  74. Playing around with a 105mm f4 micro-nikkor AI and a PN-11 extension tube + a rose
  75. This is Munchy. She works for cheese, and is helping me work on my flash technique.
    Nikon D70 1/60 18-70 F4.5
  76. Happy Wednesday! Amazing contributions this week. I was at the SF Giants/Oakland A's game this weekend and had some amazing seats.
    Nikon D80, 1/800s, f/5.6, ISO 250
  77. [​IMG]
    D700 + 50mm 1.8 ISO 200 HDR from single photo
  78. What a great collection of images!
    Mine was take last week in the Humboldt Redwood State Park in California.
  79. BMX Society Reunion and Show June 5, 2010 Belflower, California.
    Nikon D700 + 20mm 1:2.8 (f9.5 @ 1/350) ISO 200
  80. Whilst on the beach on Sunday spotting airplanes (honestly I was ! ) , I spotted this woman wading out to her daughter then wading back out. Looked unusual as she was fully clad, so I snapped a couple of shots.
    D700, iso 1000, 300mm on the sigma 70-300mm, 1/800, f/11
  81. Happy Wednesday to all!
    Some tiny wildflowers in Wisconsin
  82. Nikon Buddies,
    I agree with Jose A.: glad this is not a competition with so many great photos (including yours, Jose). Special compliments to:
    • Aguinaldo - the photo is the pot of gold. Thanks for sharing the wealth.
    • Jeff S. - nice. Who says photos must be served "right side up"?
    • Christopher T. - very cool.
    My shot is of my neighbor's flower garden. I liked the shape. The camera was on a tripod, added light was via handheld led flashlight.
  83. OK, here is one of my panorama foto's I took last year.
    Taken with D700
    High Point Lake NC
  84. Recent wedding of a relative... I attended and wanted to help a bit as a second shooter. The real pro was doing a great job, with a long list of group shots. My strategy was to fill in when I could see he wasn't shooting. At one point, with the bride and her mom checking their dresses, I caught this image which I liked. It was a great wedding. They were very happy to have my shots the next morning. We are very happy for the young couple.
    Checking their dresses... Nikon D300, SB600 fill flash, 18-70 Kit lens.
  85. Grizzly Cubs
    Yellowstone N.P.
  86. Hi.
    I take this photo last week in Moray - Cusco Peru
  87. We've been watching a pair of woodpeckers for several weeks. First couple of weeks they were hard at work, 16 hour days, pecking this hole into solid (not rotten) oak. Then a couple of weeks of what we thought was rest. Then the little family appeared. Now, 16 hour days again keeping them fed.
  88. A shot on my flight from Brussels to Chicago last week!
    D700 , 24G, f/1.8, 1/250s, iso2500
  89. My shot is from a shoot I did with a fellow photographer for a small restaurant in the city.
  90. WOW, I can't believe I almost missed Wednesday!!
    Haven't shot much as I'm in the middle of moving, so I'm uploading another one from my sister-in-law's wedding
    Great shots as always everyone!
  91. The mountain is out!
    Sunday brought beautiful weather to Mt. Rainier National Park. Stunning vistas and wonderful photography opportunities were in abundance throughout the day. Nikon D80 w/ Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8
  92. This little tug can be a bit of a pursuader when the larger yachts get out of hand and need a little "nudge" to help them into their slips.
    D90, iso 200, f7.1, 1/200s, 18mm
  93. Still WedNesDAy here, I`m posting a pic taken past saturday... D700 @ 3200ISO + 24-70 (70mm), f2.8 - 1/60sec., hand held. For sure he doesn`t need to be introduced...
  94. following Matt's lead, portrait of friend posing to be a pin-up accordian babe (calander). D700, 24-70, 2 mono blocks, 1 w/beauty dish, 1 w/umbrella. Was fun to do.. [​IMG]
  95. Taken yesterday morning, after my wife found these oak slug caterpillars in the yard. Nikon D40, 55mm Micro-Nikkor + PK-13 extension tube, twin macro flash (manual).
  96. Hi Nikonian folks, we are still WedNesDay. So far so good my friends.
    Here are my coup de coeur
    Jeff L
    Lawrence H. (i love golf)
    Gej J (is this the same course?)
    Tony H. (Wow)
    Ilkka N. (very nice color)
    Richard K.
    And now mine. After a quick shower, I tried the bokeh effect with 3 lenses, 20 pictures or so. The best result was with my 70-300. I still need practice but I like the result.
  97. Here's my pic for Wednesday: Nikon D700 + Nikon 70-200 VR + Nikon 2x tele. Enjoy
  98. Another great thread of variety – thanks to all! Jennifer Meighan’s extraordinary take on the ordinary house fly … simply stunning. And Aguinaldo’s rainbow … now that’s a rainbow! I think the "pot of gold" is "looking" at you.
  99. Excellent as usual.
    Brother and sister playing around the freshly baled hay stacked in the barn.
  100. Another Great Nikon Wednesday photo day. I was watching the Gay Pride Parade in Washington, DC and shot quite a few pics. Thought you'd all enjoy the Pic.
  101. On a recent motorcycle ride to Kentucky and West Virginia, this is one of the bronzes in Thoroughbred Park, Lexington.[​IMG]
    D700 and 24/70
  102. Portrait of my grandmother.
  103. Picture from wedding between rain showers in late evening.
    Nikon 24-70 f2.8 at 1/80 sec and 35mm ISO1250 flash fill on Nikon D3
  104. Still got 16 minutes of Nikon Wednesday here!
    Just got a Tokina 12-24 today. Went out and tried to harness the insane width of this lens, so far mixed results. Fun to use though!
  105. My dad and his dog.
  106. [​IMG]
    "FIRST BORN " Nikon D3 24/70mm one Sb900 and and one SB600 to the right.
  107. José Arnaud, Doug Rice, Jamie Harre and Greg Kowalczewski,
    Thank you very much for your kind remarks on my photo.
    best regards for you all
  108. I was out with my Nikon gear...on a "wrong" place at the right time...Warehouse went on fire...two fire-brigades, bunch of cops, a lot of scared people...people were runing away from fire...i was runing toward it with 20+ kg. of Nikon gear on my back...i have decide to lock 14-24mm on F-mount and get as close as i was very very hot...other guys from press could not get to the scene due to police ban...i was first, fastest, maybe most crazy one...and ofcourse in the end the one who needed a 30min. bath :)
    Here is one of 150 shots...
  109. Hi all,
    Here's an image of a very windy beach at Naxos island.
  110. Well the thread is winding down for another week and I just wanted to acknowledge the photos that captured my attention this week:
    Jennifer- I never knew a house fly could look sooooo good!!! Well done!
    Tiffany- I always love your portraits
    Anish- beautiful shot of Salzburg
    Aquinaldo- Great timing on the Rainbow, such vivid colors!
    William- I love the expression on the little girls face.
    Jose- That shot looks like it came straight out of National Geographic!
    Hope everyone has a good week!
  111. So Roberta your Phyllis Diller bug. What is it??? Very cute
  112. Hi Rick,
    Phyllis Diller, you are right!!
    It is some type of caterpillar- white and fluffy not sure what type .
  113. Paul, I wish... thanks.

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