Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #2

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    Happy Wednesday, all. Friday morning brought fresh snow, and I headed out early to look for virginal golden-hour scenery. My loyal assistant spent his time trailing the pre-dawn fox tracks while I failed to produce a single worthy landscape. To make the cold walk more worth the trouble, he convinced me to play catch with a glove I'd taken off when shooting. And catch, he can. No hands were injured (just frozen) in the making of this Wednesday Pic.

    So: lend a warm hand, and post a photo showing what you've been up to with your Nikon gear in this new year.
  2. Happy WeDNeSDaY everybody!
    Florence at night! Taken on Jan. 1st.
    I have so many similar shots from last year but i just love this view so much so I took so many more shots again.
    This time I followed the advise of a P/N member and I tried to make a panorama crop.
  3. D300s with 105mm f2.8 AIS; image target: reflected and refracted light at water-air, water-glass and air-glass interfaces in a glass half filled with water.
  4. Winter time at the Bronx Shoreline

    It’s been cold. In Vermont has been near 0 all week so we stayed in NY this weekend to keep warm. That didn’t work; it went into the single digits at night and low teens during the day.
    I took a short outing just a bit down the road here in the Bronx to the Lagoon in Pelham Bay Park. Just a few quick snaps with the F5 on film. My local CVS drug store still has a one hour mini lab running in it. Just $2.25 to run a roll of film thru it without prints. Get the negatives; run them thru my Nikon Scanner and later that same day its workflow as usual. I’m going to shoot more film this year. I have all these beautiful film cameras that I loved for years doing nothing but sitting in a drawer for quite a while. Being limited to 36 shots on a roll is going to make me stop and compose more carefully, no blasting away with hundreds of shots on a card
    Nikon F5 - Nikkor 50mm f1.4 D Aperture-priority AE
    Agfa Vista Iso 100 negative film scanned on Nikon ED4000 scanner

    Agfa film has reappeared again. Trying to see if it’s just as good as it used to be, this time around.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Hello everyone. Happy Wednesday.
    Rene' , it’s a good one. I like it. I don’t remember Florence looked like that last time I was there.
    My photo was taken last Sunday. I call it “Dew”.
  7. Nikon D80, 18-200mm Nikkor Zoom
  8. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/640th
    18-55 @ 18mm, f/8
  9. Great Wednesday to all! Wonderful images, as usual.
    My contribution today is a photo of my father's first cousin, the last surviving relative I have on my paternal side. His life has been a typical East European Jewish story: parents who perished in Stalin's Great Terror, other family killed by the Nazis, etc. Now, in his late eighties, he lives with his son in California, and keeps his sense of humor. He is now the only person who can tell me what life was like in the pre-World War II Minsk, where my father's family is from.
  10. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    A very happy person I met recently
  11. D90 17-35mm @ 35mm ISO 200
  12. Happy Wednesday all.
    Here is one from last weekend. Still cold and white here.
  13. Hello everybody
    Here is photo of a young Honey Eater. His family frequent my backyard. It was taken with a D90 and Nikkor 300mm F4 lens with fill in flash used
    I would also like to thank Roberta and Lil for their kind words on my first photo
  14. It's actually still Tuesday here in California.... But....
    Well I promised no birds today & I'm sticking to that. So as I see we're already going with a dog theme - that's what I'm following....
    OK SO I went a little nuts after the Sigmonster ordeal.... So - Please meet WCR's Valkyrie, or as we call her Kyrie just 10 weeks old. Rottweiler puppy of the female pervasion.
    Shot the other morning with the D700 paired with the 50mm AF f/1.4 at ISO 640. f/8 1/125s A mode EV - 0.3 (I so wish the stuff was not in the bg & am contemplating cloning it out in CS3)
    I hope you will enjoy.
  15. Dogs really do love to get a hold of gloves don't they.
    Arches National Park.
    Nikon F4s Fuji Velvia 50(40) 28mm @ f22
  16. Sunday, January 10th, a stream alongside Rt 73, not far from its intersection with Rt 9, SE of Lake Placid. The little lakes are freezing over, but larger ones are slow to freeze so far this year.
    D700, 24-70mm, @70mm, F20, 1/200-1/13, ISO 800, HDR.
  17. I've wanted to try this for a while; my first attempt at black & white conversion in Photoshop.
  18. On Saturday my son and I decided (well actually he decided) that we would sleep in the snow cave we had dug out the week before. The temperature was now only minus 12 degrees outside as opposed to minus 27 a few days earlier. And inside the snow cave it was only minus 5. Here is a snap shot of a happy camper :)

    D300, SB 900 and Sigma 8mm fisheye. 1/200s, ISO 200, f5.6. Flash bounced of cave wall behind me.
  19. This is an experiment at using over-panning with people .... I am sorry I cannot lend a warm hand.
    It is freezing cold here. In fact, what you see is a woman protecting herself form a snowstorm running home ... not rain!
    D700, AFS 24-70, f/7.1, 1/13s, iso200
  20. bmm


    Totally unprepared as I've done woefully little photography in recent times but its been weeks since I joined in so here goes...
    I'm going right back to a collection of images I took in Jordan in March last year and that are sitting here on my work PC (to show colleagues) with nowhere near the post-processing attention they deserve. Nevertheless I will NEVER forget taking those few steps around the bend in the gorge and getting this first, famous view of the Treasury at Petra. It is a truly jaw-dropping moment, and only gets better as you move on down the site.
    Good news is that a group of us who did a photo workshop a while back are getting together for brunch and a photographic excursion on Sunday morning in inner Sydney, so that should yield some new material for the next few Wednesdays!
    Cheers all.
  21. Hello Everybody,
    first of all I would like to thank Dallas McVicker, Dan South, Paul V.Gorky and Rene Villela for your kind words on my last week's photo. I really appreciate it.
    Here is my contribution for this week.
    Nikon D700, 85 mm f/1.8; ISO 1100, 1/100s, f/2.8
  22. It's the absolute height of summer downunder here in Australia. I'm really enjoying the freezing and cooler temperate climate photography from the Northern Hemisphere WEd. pic contributors.
    This shot was taken in the middle of a heatwave here, the temperature was around 41 deg. C which means the small birds in my garden keep close to the avail. water points. I thought I'd brave the searing heat on Monday this week for a couple of hours before these blue agapanthus flowers burnt off and become less photogenic. The bird is a New Holland Honey Eater. (50% crop)
  23. Taken last Wednesday.
  24. Neither cold nor white here on the South Coast in California - in fact it had been 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Centigrade) on Saturday. Image created last Sunday - we are blessed to have a resident population of snowy plovers at the Coal Oil Point Reserve. They dig these shallow holes to rest in and can be approached carefully (on one's belly of course). D300 with 300/4 AF-S with TC-17EII attached, 1/1600s, f/6.7, ISO450.
  25. Wow! You folks are outdoing yourselves this week!
    Matt - I love the playful dog image and I hope your hands didn't get too cold!
    Rene' - Beautiful night shot of a beautiful city.
    Eric - Very dreamy and abstract; great colors with the cool blues contrasting the warmer red.
    Joseph - Very natural-looking light in a nice, calm setting.
    Josh - Cats make excellent models. Very sharp focus on the eyes.
    Paula - Dreamy and nicely saturated!
    Sanford - Great light. The footprints in the sand convey the sense of moment.
    Epp - Beautiful winter light and interesting sky!
    Mikhail - A sensitive portrait, very sharp.
    Erik - Warm skin tones and an infectious expression.
    Enrique - Extremely vibrant colors.
    Jens - Great use of curvy leading lines.
    Grant - Cute bird; love the framing.
    Lil - Wow, that's a face that no one could resist falling in love with.
    Shane - Nice use of Fuji color; how was it scanned?
    David - Soft light and an excellent composition.
    Raaj - Nice lines. I like that you didn't clip the small metal objects in the foreground.
    Hamish - Amazing documentary shot of your adventures. Great facial expression.
    Francesco - Nicely composed and very Monet-esque in its light and texture.
    B M Mills - Nicely composed and nice colors. I've always wanted to visit Petra.
    Jana - A nice moment. It looks very natural and unstaged.
    Matthew B - Wow, those colors are super vivid!
    Peter H - Delightful winter light and an inviting composition.
    Dieter - Excellent use of shallow DOF.
    Here's a night shot of my hometown by the usual suspects (D700, 24-70 f/2.8 G).
  26. I found a marvelous old car boneyard in South Carolina. This one surely had character.
  27. 3sh


    As Lil Judd is not posting birds today, let me post one taken last saturday at the riverside. All my learning curves are related to this site and whenever I feel that this week I cannot go anywhere to take a picture, I made a trip to the riverside which is half mile from my home and it never disappoint me. Also I have not used my Sigma 150-500mm HSM APO OS much, so I took that lens with the 50mm/1.8 only and used the bigma 95%. I was not happy with the bigma being not sharp but also lacked fast auto-focusing. This time it managed to do fast focusing, may be due to the reason that the birds are large(common seagulls) but still am not happy with the sharpness. But the light was bright enough to blow out details of white, so this time I am not blaming the bigma for being not up to my expectation. I will keep trying with it till I save enough money to buy a better costly glass.
    Anyway my thanks to Lil Judd for commenting on my photos from previous wednesday forums and my apologies to all the posters for not commenting on their posts. As I am at the beginner stage, I like mostly all the posts in some way or other but not mature enough to comment on them.
    And one more thing, I thought that I am becoming crazy to post on wednesday thread and so I was waiting for todays thread and thought that I will post just after Matt. But alas, nikon fans are crazy enough to compete even in this issue. Its 17 past 3am in east cost, just waiting for the thread, after eliminating the mice which was bothering my goodnight sleep for last few nights.
  28. Taken during the New Year's Day Parade..
  29. 3sh


    ohh, now I know why I am late. It's the time zone issue which prevented me to see the thread until 2:47am. So sad!
  30. Waiting, alone in the park....
  31. It's been cold here and I now have a lot of material to choose from. This little piece of ice is around 1:1 magnification, but unfortunately not sharp all over since had I shot it straight on the background would have been bad. Artificial lighting was also out of the question and it was getting dark so quickly that focus stacking didn't work out. Well, most of it is sharp anyway and I like it.
  32. Good morning and happy Wednesday!
    This day starts out great already! What lovely photos!
    This one was taken in Berne/Switzerland a few days ago, on a bleak and rainy day - Berne is capital of small passages, I believe, and if you'll ever have the chance to go there, do it :
    Nikon D700 / 24-70 2.8 @ f5.6, I think.
  33. Taken during a cloudy day walk... suddenly there was a small hole between the clouds and the sun appeared for a few seconds; unconsciously, I lifted the camera and shot. Without any good reason I focused to infinity (probably I was still obsessed about my lens`performance) and decided to use a wide aperture... At first, I disliked the lack of foreground sharpness, but actually this issue manage my eyes to the skyline, something I currently like.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 70-200VRII (200mm), f4 - 1/1000sec., VR on. Processed in NX2, no Ps or color manipulation on the image.
  34. My mother’s dog is called Benji, but I prefer to call him Runaway because any time someone opens the front door he runs away. Not sure how to cure the problem … unless of course I do the unthinkable and start shooting him … with a Canon!
    I love the stories behind the pictures, so keep telling them. Yes I know, a picture is worth a thousand words – but sometimes I don’t get any of them.
    This thread is rocking early, so everybody join in and have some fun. No excuses for just watching.
  35. Hi everyone, my photo this week was taken on Saturday up at Hiraethog forest in North Wales. We've had an unusually large amount of snow this year.
    Cheers, Gary.
  36. Bad driving conditions - this road is usually packed with traffic, but the snow here in the UK is really taking its toll. Nikon F3, 36-72mm Series E, Fuji Superia 400.
  37. @Erik Christensen: it's a nice picture, but you've shown in on several occasions on the Wednesday thread.... time to unpack the camera and go shoot some more... ;-)
  38. Having looked for Wednesday, feeling the soothing sharing something same between brothers and sisters all over the world; so wonderful. Nikon D300 Tokina 11-16mm.
  39. No Daddy, I don't want you to take my picture.
    One of the four loves in my life.
    D700 + 85mm 1.4 AIS 200ISO 1/250 @ F2.0
  40. [​IMG]
    D700 + 180 2.8 AF @2.8 ISO 1600
  41. My first try of a seagull photo, in way-below-freezing temperature seaside park last weekend. Patience didn't last long unfortunately in that weather... Thank you, Dan, for your comments for my photo last week - guess it was very local event :) Good work, everyone (I see a few deja-vus - is it only me?)!
  42. Hi all,
    Good morning, good evening, good night to all of you...
    First of all, I thank you, Durukan Payzanoglu, Roberta Davidson, Ray Gosalia and Lil Judd, for your kind comments for last week...
    Here is my contribution.
    Nikon D300 and 70-300 VR @ 220 mm, ISO 400, f/10, 1/1600.
  43. Oh wow, wonderful photos so far! Happy Wednesday everyone!
    I was at one of the wetlands on Monday taking pictures of waterfowl and was surprised by this coyote. I think I surprised him too. It was a dreary gray day and not many people were there. I guess he thought he had the place to himself, and looks like he didn't appreciate my company. I think I took better photos this week, but this (to me) was the most interesting since I rarely come this close to coyotes, and now really understand the benefit of shooting in RAW. I was able to recover a lot of details due to the poor light on his side of the little pond (thanks for the NX2 recommendation Lil and Roberta). I have so much to learn, but this is part of my photography "New Year's resolution"...shoot different subjects and learn how to post process. The coyote certainly is a different subject for me and the conversion from RAW was an interesting experience, so here's Mr. Coyote: (D90/Nikon 70-300mmVR: 125/f5.6/ISO 400)
  44. I went to Zagreb last week and found some new year's spirit on the streets :)
  45. From a puppy portrait session last Sunday, this is Calvin, a 12 week old golden retriever.
    D700, 60mm f/2.8 AF Micro Nikkor, SB900 (manual mode) in silver umbrella high on camera right, Vivitar 283HV in white umbrella low on camera left, ISO 200, 1/60 @ f/7.1.
  46. Another cold Nikon WedNEsDAy here. And more great images from everyone. My offering is of some of the few berries left on the barberry bush. Thanks to Greg, Dallas, Roberta, Richard, and Lil for their kind words from last week.
  47. Nikon D90 105MM f/18 1/160S ISO 200
  48. Good morning!
    No time this morning to peruse the first images. This shot is from a helicopter in Kauai, flying down a valley toward the Napali coast on the north side of the island. It is better larger and can be viewed here...
    It was taken at f6.3, 1/200 sec, iso 400, 18 mm, handheld with my D300, 18-200 mm VR zoom and a circular polarizer.
    Have a great day!
  49. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D3S with 500mm/f4 AF-S, 1/500 sec, f5.6, ISO 320. I was using aperture priority and the shutter speed is slower than what I intended. Typically I use 1/1000 to 1/1500 for surfing.
  50. I believe I have shared before that this is my favorite bird here in Florida. the Tri-colored Heron. They are so full of life. Yesterday while out shooting, there was so much action. I saw a Great Blue Heron chasing off a teenage aligator by yelling at it. It is also nesting time so there was a lot of jockeying for nesting positions. But I liked the Blue on Blue from this one.
  51. Fantastic images this week! I shot this on the enchanted rock in Fredricksburg, TX. Adjusted color in CS4 to give the abstract look. Nikon D200, ISO200; 18-70mm @27mm and f3.7; 1.200.
  52. Good morning to all cold Nikon posters. Great winter, dogs and bird pics so far. We have had some of the coldest weeks in my 54 years of living in Florida. But no snow. I thought I'd post a picture of this hungry Dolphin who is chasing a school of Mullet. All the rough water you see around him are the school of thousands trying to get away. Nikon D3, Nikon Vr 80-400mm F/4.5, 135mm, 1/400s, ISO 320.
  53. Fisherman - Mutrah, Muscat
  54. bms


    Not much time this AM, so Happy mid week everyone, but one mention:
    Eric (with a C): WOW!
    Here is my first experimentation with focus stacking, one of our various winter "guests"
  55. A HDR view of the old castle at Barnard Castle, County Durham. Taken last October while it was still warm. D700, 24-70.
    Hamish - am jealous of your ice cave - we have had snow here but only enough to build a few igloos in the park, not enough to sleep in....
  56. [​IMG]
    Nikon D3 studio one soft box 24-70mm g
  57. Happy Wednesday to all! My shot for today was taken on New Years Day, w/ the intent of having something to play around w/ in my newest purchase - Photomatix. It is not exactly the best photo for HDR techniques, but non-the-less, it will always be my first attempt. As usual, I will be back later as the day unfolds to look, dream, admire and comment.
  58. All great shots again this week. Especially love Hamish' shot....can't spell 'happy' any better than that! And Jeannean Buglady, you captured the essence of 'raw wild' in that shot. Gotta love Nikon WedNEsDAys! Joe
  59. Taken over the christmas period, its amazing some of the views you get to see whilst flying low in the chopper. Don't do this if you can't stand heights. D700, iso 800, f/11, 1/400 sec, 78mm
  60. Good morning to everyone around the world on this Wednesday. Saturday was the first bright sunny day of this year, so I had to get out of the house and shoot some pictures. Because of the road conditions, we didn't venture far from home. Our county has 400 lakes, most of them frozen now. D300 Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8.
  61. Winter in the North is a pensive time, quiet. Winter in the South is quiet different, to me anyway, the hustle and bustle stays the same.
    Thanks for the photo comments last week.
    Nikkor 28-105 f3.5-4.5, at 50mm, f4.5
  62. [​IMG]
    Nikon D700 + AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G
  63. It's been a busy season not allowing much time to shoot. I got out a little last week. Very cold here in the US North East this year. Great photos so far this morning. D70s 35mm dx f11 1/80
  64. Snow scene from a nature trail a few miles from home.
    Nikon D80 / Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8
    HDR from 1/60th,1/125th,1/250th all at F/11 ISO100 0.0EV
  65. Taken at the Star Ferry Pier in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
    D700 + 85mm PCE; f3.5, ISO800, 1/20s.
  66. We put a tent with a heater over one of our 3'X6' garden beds to see if we could grow some lettuce over the winter, and it is actaully working. This is an outtake from watering the bed this past weekend.
  67. Good morning everyone and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
    The bitterly cold weather has left Texas and it was warm and sunny yesterday when I went for my walk. That's when I ran across this egret feeding near my house.
    Lots of great images this week.
  68. this is the pedestrian walkway under the lee bridge in richmond, va. it was closed for a time last year, when a portion of the bridge above collapsed. that doesn't seem to deter anyone from hiking across to belle island on the other end. it's a tremendous structure, and we look puny in comparison.
  69. Out for a hike with my daughter and her family at the wildlife preserve last week, just before it really turned cold here, it was a really beautiful day and the little ones really got a kick out of seeing all the alligators sunning themselves. Of course my daughtor is a Canon camera person, don't know where I went wrong there.
  70. Wonderful offerings so far this morning. I love the variety. All are very nice. Some of my personal taste…
    Epp - Wonderful
    Mikhail – wonderful depth of character. Life’s experiences always seem so evident in an older Eastern European face.
    Shane – Nice work. Love the Velvia color / saturation.
    Hamish – What a wonderful capture!
    Dan – Love the city shot, I like the angles from that side of the river as well.
    Greg – Nice shot / composition. I’m a sucker for the old and rusted subject.
    Aquinaldo – Nice, wonderful, crisp and colorful.
    Oskar – Beautiful, I like it as well.
    Monika – Nice framing – exposure.
    Murali – Lovely work
    Bogdan – Great shot, the Zeiss speaks volumes…
    Neven – Perfect / Lovely
  71. Happy Wednesday everyone !! Let me please congratulate everyone but especially the below pictures :
    1 - Adrian O - This is the best for me. Excellent !!!
    2 - Neven J - Excellent
    3 - Mark G - Very good lightning
    4 - Andy C - Very good landscaping
    5 - Shung C - Well done
    6 - Richard A - Very good landscaping
    7 - Dan S - Very good night picture
    Here is my contribution for today and have a happy shooting.
  72. Lee Ann.
    D700 with 24-70/2.8, 38mm, 1/80s, f/2.8, ISO 720, matrix metered, shutter priority, hand held. I estimate about 200w of diffuse incandescent light from a range hood on the model’s right front slightly above eye level and about 300w of similar light from a ceiling mounted fixture behind the model’s left. There was a ceiling mounted fanlight directly overhead with maybe 120w to 200w. I had the model stand in front of an oversized white porcelain serving platter at about waist height that acted as a reflector. Even with the model positioned for maximum advantage, there was little light in the room. I used shutter priority to assure good focus, but this forced the lens wide open and resulted in a shallow depth of field, which I was not looking for. I let ISO float. The histogram was shifted left with minor clipping of whites. The raw file was processed in DXO using a preset for natural colors and tonality. White balance was left as shot. Minor touch-up of the model’s face was performed in Corel PSP Photo X2. The image was cropped.
    Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week.
  73. We've been keeping a Christmas Cactus for a few years. It's beautiful in bloom. The blossoms open downwards and are cantilevered off the ends of the cactus petals. After seeing a couple of Christmas Cactus images on Nikon WedNEsDAy recently, I decided to try to shoot mine, which took a little work. (Off topic: To make it bloom, in October put your cactus in a cold dark place with only a couple hours of light each day.)
    D300 on a Nikon PB-4 Bellows. I used a 100mm bellows lens for the perspective and for working distance. Depth of field at f/8 is far too shallow for my intended rendering, so I focused in sequence on each part of the flower and the supporting green petal. I composited the images in Helicon Focus. I experimented with additional slices that would bring some of the background petals into focus but decided I liked it better this way. I made final adjustments in Photoshop.
  74. The bride at my nephew-in-law's wedding.
  75. Nikon D300, 50/1.4 AF-D, 1/250, f/8, D-lite Elinchrome
    This is me, my brother Alex and my dog Blacky ;)
    Testing D-lite at home, for fun and this is what we have - memories! This photo has not special skills, but I love it.
    Thank you. Happy Smily today, this Wednesday @!
  76. Wonderful Wednesday again. We have had a bit of a cold spell down south. While nothing compared to those in the higher latitudes , the twenties are cold. While we did not have any snow, we did have a creative neighbor who put his sprinkler in a tree to create some ice .
    So, this is my take of a southern cold day on a moss draped tree after the sun had the opportunity to warm things up. I really wanted to capture the droplet of water falling free, but never quite got it. So, when we have our next cold snap, guess whose yard will have a sprinkler going!
    D 300 Manual F/9 Shutter 1/250 my trusty 60mm Nikon macro lens
  77. Rene' - The panorama crop looks great, nice shot.
    Mikhail - Great portrait, his eyes and expression are thoughtful, wise and a touch somber but not sad.
    Hamish - Your photo made me smile! I haven't slept in a snow cave since I was a kid, maybe I need to change that.
    Francesco - The motion blur is wonderful.
    Steve V - I like your swings, the image has a nice tone.
    This shot is from last Sunday morning as we were leaving the house, I looked up and saw the contrails in a double X and ran back in the house and grabbed the camera as everyone was waiting in the car. This time I already had the polarizer on the lens.
    (Dan S, thank you for your comment last week).
  78. Happy WedNEsDAy. A New Year of WedNEsDAys continues the tradition of beautiful contributions. Thank you to all that post, you make WedNEsDAys special.
    We have traveled 1000 miles south to get away from the winter cold of Michigan. Surprisingly, the weather here is a bit cold for the US Gulf Coast.
    I missed the sunrise by a few minutes on Sunday but got this shot as I approached the water on one of the many boardwalks to the beach. It looked like one of the Great Lakes to me but it’s the Gulf of Mexico. Yup, it’s cold here! (-5 degrees C)
    May the New Year bring you all the photos you’re looking for through your lens.
    Have a wonderful & safe week.
  79. Contributors whose shots I found to be particularly interesting last week:
    Sanford Gerald – Love the colors. Your effort paid off.
    Francesco Pessolano – Great reflections. A story is there.
    Jose Angel – The link was great! Worth reading ~ Again ~ Thank You for 2009!
    Monika Epsefass – A night shot worth looking at over and over
    Aguinaldo de Paula – Great night shot! You caught the subject and color beautifully
    Ken Yamamoto – What a party….. what a mess
    Joe Elrod – Great shot. The colors are so vivid
    Marc Henry – Thank you! Your shot inspired one of mine this week
    Janne Kaakinen – I really enjoy your night shot. It draws the viewer into it
    Dave Greenidge – Nicely done!
    Carey Moulton – Another fan of fog?
    Ilkka Nissila – Probably my favorite! The woods glows from within
    Shun Cheung – The colors pop! I’ve grown to appreciate your comments elsewhere
    Richard Karash – Your contribution made me smile. Thanks for sharing the info!!!!
    Jennifer Meighan – Perhaps the mate to Joe’s male….
    Rick Larkin – Love the wide angle and reflections at sundown
    Pascal Burel – If you have a chance, what was the exposure time? Really like the shot
    Robert Schouten – You captured everything there. The “steam” and sun make the shot
    Filip Lucin – Your tinkering paid dividends. Frame it!
    Eric Arnold – I hope they don’t catch too big a fish
    Richard Armstrong – Wow! Brought back memories of our daughter’s wedding
    Richard VanWart – If you get a chance, where was this taken?
  80. Good morning, folks. First I want to thank Lil Judd for her kind comment about my 12/30/09 contribution of a puppy photo to this thread; I rudely forgot to mention it last week! Also, thanks to Ray Gosalia for his mention of my photo from last week.
    This week I saw a dead leaf hanging near the local library, which seemed to illustrate the long spell of cold weather (for North Carolina, at least) that we've been having. While I was shooting, the sky cleared and the bright blue reminded me that we're supposed to get back up to seasonal temperatures soon. Happy Wednesday, everyone!
  81. Hello All

    How I wish to have a Snow Cave!!!, here in Buenos Aires we are having 40 C (104 F) and a very high humid rate. We even have had a tornado 2 days ago, something completely unusual a few years ago.

    I'm not venturing outside much with my camara these days but I'm still processing pics I took 3 month ago at Iguazu Falls.

    This one was taken in the Argentine Park walking the Macuco Trail, a rainforest mud path 3.550 m long (11.650 ft). When passing near a small bog I saw several clusters of red eggs. As there were frogs around I thought it belong to them. But when I return someone, who knows better, told me that the eggs are from a kind of Apple Snail, the Pomacea Canaliculata .

    I will never forget the moment, because when I tried to get closer I lost balance and fell into the mud. The D300 sunk halfway deep. I'm still removing red earth from it with every cleaning. But never stop working

    By By Alejandro

    PS. Thanks to Durukan Payzanoglu for your comment last week!

    D300 + 18-200 VR@200mm - f 5.6 - 1/80 sec. - ISO 500
  82. The fishing pier at Avon NC. D700, Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8D lens set at 105mm. ISO 200, F/18,1/100 sec. Processed through LR2.
  83. Decided to try a little bass fishing yesterday and I usually have my camera with me. I spotted this Red-shouldered Hawk in the trees behind me. As luck would have it, the hawk decided to venture out into an open area where the lighting was just right. These are one of my favorite birds and just to see it out was a treat. Thank goodness I had my camera so I could appreciate it even more.
  84. Hello everyone,
    Happy 2nd Wednesday of 2010. Was out in San Diego last week (warmest spot in the US at the time, even my home state of Florida was colder) and was able to get to the water for some end-of-day shooting. Took many photos that I will share on future Wednesdays, but want to show off some of "America's Pride". This is the USS Frigate CURTS, heading out of San Diego Harbor for maneuvers then to the Persian Gulf area. Met a young lady on the dock with her child and parents wishing the ship well, as her husband was shipping out. Thanks to the US service men and woman for their sacrifices and to their families for their support.
  85. Taken while commuting on the train at around 180km/h. Photo near Stuttgart, Germany
  86. During summer vacations at Naxos-Greece. Nikon D200+18-200 at F9/1:320/ISO100/70mm.
  87. [​IMG]
    D50, 18-200 VR (no exposure data, sorry...)

    Took this last summer, but recently converted it to B/W in Capture NX2 for a calendar project.
    @David Ralph -- this was taken at my family's place on Osgood Pond, in Paul Smiths, about 30 min NW of Lake Placid...
    Wonderful, inspiring images from everyone as usual!
  88. This month's competition theme for our local photo club, the NorthernVirginia Photographic Society (, required images shot with flash. This is my humble effort...
    Nikon D90, 50mm 1.8, off-camera remote speedlights (SP 900 + two SP-600).
    Shot at 50mm, f22, 1/200.
  89. Hi, amazing PiCs again everyone!
    It's been really beautiful in here, the most beautiful winter for years, so I really wanted to post a nice PiC showing the nature in all it's glory. Alas, I've been tied to my desk for all day and when I finally get out from the office, it's already dark. So no snow-photos from me this week. But on a happier note, thanks to Lil & Jeannean for your comments in last week's thread.
    This one I took last Wednesday evening while playing around with the new Micro Nikkor 85/3.5.
    Fuji S5 Pro + Micro Nikkor 85mm f/3.5G VR + SB-28 (@ f/11, 1/250 sec, ISO 100)
  90. Hello everyone, this was taken with a D700 with a 35-70 D 2.8 lens. Slight lighting from a SB600. This shot is from a photoshoot I worked on for a local fashion boutique. This was the first time for the all the girls modeling , I think they did fairly well myself.
  91. We've had beautiful, but freezing weather for the past few weeks (it's very unusual to have below freezing weather for 2 days, let alone 12 in South Alabama), but it has given us beautiful clear skies, which, in turn, allows for better pictures. Here's one of a yellow-bellied sapsucker (woodpecker) who eluded me for several days. He finally got curious enough to pose for a quick pic.
  92. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Monika - I am terribly sorry for the several uploads of the same photo.
    Simply lack of disciplin, but I have now reorganized part of my photos,
    so I hope I can improve. By the way my equipment is unpacked, as it has
    never been packed, not even when purchased from the shop!
  93. Dan, Dave, Gej,
    Thanks for your words. This is a rather peculiar photo.
    Lot of nice photos this week. The ones that caught my eyes are:
    Sanford - I like the reflections and the colors.
    Hamish - Great fisheye show and the colors are superb .... must have been very very cold!
    Jose - There something 3D in your photo. Lovely
    Ian - this is how the roads look like everyday for me now :-(
    Kent - If my son would see this photo, he would demand a puppy. Great shot.
    Richard - Your photo has a great 3D effect to it. Nice light and colors.
    Benjamin - I need to try this technique. Very nice. Was it dead?
    Thomas - It made me laugh
    And btw I liked all the other entries as well!
  94. Fabulous images and the diversity is astounding. Erik C - love that portrait and the smile/laugh, Oskar O - unique and beautiful frost, Richard A - I see you put your two weeks in Kauai to good use, Mark G- you have made that snow really warm, Thomas B - wonderful ice cream creativity. Can't mention all but they are all good. In southern Quebec, everything is blanketed with 'old snow', totally overcast and I am still processing images from my sept-Oct 09 road trip. Today's submission was taken with my d300 and 90 mm Tamron macro in Letchworth State Park in upstate New York which is well worth the visit.
  95. Desert Sunset.......Ocean, mountain and cactus?? Should be anybody's guess, yes, Southern CA.
    D80, 24-85 @ f2.8, 1/30.
  96. Holy Wednesday my dear colleagues,
    I appreciated for Roberta Davidson, Monika Epsefass and Richard Karash's valuable words to my post last week. Ladies are enjoying from the moment during traditional end of year parade in the city of Paramaribo / Suriname at the last day of 2009. Thanks for stopping by and many cheers to you all. Regards,
  97. D70s 18-55mm kit lens, 28mm f3.3 1/20th Our plant installed new energy efficient LED lighting in the rooftop logo which seemed to me to be an opportunity to try my hand at HDR. Hope this isn't too commercialized for this string but everyone in the office is now using it as a screen saver.
  98. Tree bent out of shape near my office.
  99. bms


    it was alive but they hibernate, so it did not mind posing too much....
    They are dedicated programs like Helicon focus, but CS4 does a decent job once you figure out it's called "blending"
  100. Thanks.
  101. still going over images from my recent Cuba trip...i may have WeD. items for a while, hopefully y'all wont get tired of them. but Havana is simply very photogenic.
  102. Here is an image from my first studio session (for someone other than my own family). Overall it went really well. This was my favorite image (and my clients as well.) [​IMG]
    D90, f8, 1/60, 80-200@125mm two 400w/s strobes with 24x24 and 36x48 softboxes.
  103. D300+ Lensbaby 50mm, F2 ,Asa 200 :
  104. Lot's of great photos today, in particular Matt Laur, Greg Jones, Matthew Brennan, and Shun Cheung.
    Below, take one field of corn. Add water. Allow the surface to freeze overnight. Lower water level about a foot. Allow to freeze again. Take photo.
  105. Opal before nap time.
  106. Nice images this week. My image was shot with my Nikon D300, 200-400mm f4 VR lens. ISO was 1600, f4 @ 1/640 second. From what I can gather from my "Backyard Birds of the South" field guide, this is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. I'm not very good at IDing the birds. I just feed them and take pictures of them.
  107. Some great photos up already, love many of them!
    Especially the winter landscapes...Nearly all of north-west Europe is covered, and snow is so brilliantly great for photography and nice relaxing walks. But I'm in the south, we have to do with occassional rain instead...
    Well, at least the rain gave these citybirds a place to take a bath and to argue over who gets to go first.
    D300, AF-S 300 f/4 with TC14EII, 1/2000s, f/5.6, ISO800. Vivid colourstyle thing, else no editing done.
  108. Happy Wednesday to all! This thread is a nice antidepressant for our weather here in Seattle.
    A few to comment on...
    Matt...Thank you for starting us off with such a great story and great pic
    Paula...Beautiful capture
    Sanford...One of my faves this week. Terrific lines and silhouettes. I have always said that if there is an afterlife, I want to come back as a dog on a beach.
    Lil...Very nice...Welcome to the world, Kyrie. You are in a good place.
    Hamish...Worth several thousand words
    Sankha...Nice capture. Because of their bad reputation, I forget how beautiful they are.
    Aguinaldo...Very nice. As always, love your colors!
    Uzay...Great capture. Impeccable timing.
    Kent...Awwwww...especially near and dear to my heart. We came very close to adopting a young Golden this week. My daughter is still heartbroken.
    Shun...Excellent! I would imagine that's a very tricky shot to nail
    Benjamin...Nice job. Great shot. He looks like quite a character
    Neven...Really nice. Great composition...a very full frame without being too busy...I think yours and Sanfords are my faves this week.
    Mircea...As well you should. It's a keeper
    Ertugal...Wonderful, joyful, colorful capture!
    My contribution is from awhile ago...I am fortunate enough to be working in a typically slow month, so I am editing new material and have had no time for recreational shooting. One of my favorite models who donated her time for all my crow pics...this one was for fun.
  109. Champs-Elysées during the holidays....2009-2010
  110. taken at a winery factory in Sonoma county California on Christmas day 2009 ... after the entrance it's a huge storage or warehouse with open space in high ceiling and some big wine containers lined up around walls.
  111. My contribution today is a new orchid bloom from my small collection. I wanted to play around with a combination of two speedlights to create a soft and dramatic look to this amazing bloom. I used a softbox on one camera left and a snoot on the other light to highlight the center of the flower. I used a reflector below right for a little fill as well.
  112. [​IMG]
    Blue Angels @ Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum / D 700 with 24-70
  113. USA Honor Guard on snowy day at Arlington National Cemetery
    Nikon D300s 70-200mm VR lens at ISO 500 155mm setting at f2.8
  114. Wonderful shots! This was Sam's favorite Xmas present.
  115. I've been sick all week so I pulled one from a long time ago. I believe that it was taken with an FE but I'm really not sure.
    The only thing I know about it is I like it. Hope that it is OK.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  116. Hello I've been a lurker for a long time and would like to shout out my thanks to all the many forum posts that have answered my questions and the inspirational pictures. I love night photography and here's a picture I took last year:
    Pier 14 San Francisco

    D40 18-55 kit lens ISO 200 f? 10-20 sec exposure.
    Many Thanks!
  117. Happy Wednesday!
    One of my son's just started indoor soccer (football for the rest of the world). This is my first attempt at capturing some of the action. The indoor facility is extremely dark and a challenge for my slow lens.
    Nikon D5000, VR55-200mm F4-4.6G, @ 86mm, F4.2, 1/200s, ISO 3200.
    In ViewNX is bumped exposure comp to +.5 and increased brightness and contrast.
  118. Beautiful photos as always
    Here the owners of my favs this week
    Tomo Sato
    Tiffany Brook
    Jeff Lipsman
    Mark Gordon
    Neven Jurkovic
    adrian oostermeijer
    Richard Armstrong
    Boris Miljevic
    Monika Epsefass
    Matthew Brennan
    Epp B
  119. Hello Nikonians!

    Good job from all of you from around the world. My favorites for today are:
    Dieter Schaefer, great shot, i really like it.
    Dallas McVicke, nice colors, good composition.
    Neven Jurkovic, good photo once again.
    Pascal Burel, classic, but nicely done.
    Thank you all that mentioned my name last week. I'm really flattered that my photo caught your eyes. As for this week, I took this photo last Sunday, it was cloudy and foggy day on Drava river.
    I've edited photo in NX, nothing much though. Desaturated it from bluish to gray, and added a little contrast. Tnx. for your time!

  120. Greetings! Some really nice stuff today. Way too cold in Boston, so I long for warmer themes.
    Nikon D300, Nikkor 70-300 VR lens
  121. Dan, thanks for your kind comment on my offering this week. I was in a rush posting before work this morning (as the weather had deteriorated overnight) and didn't get to explain that this is not a true rural scene at all, but normally a "pitch-and-put" mini-golf course! The clue is perhaps in the waste bin towards the top centre-left of the frame.
    There are so many amazing photos this week that it seems invidious to pick any out. Despite this, I will:
    • Oskar - yours is my fave this week. It's clever, because what is presumably the imprint of some plant growth resembles the native "growth habit" of the ice crystals (i.e. dendritic growth, if - like me - that's your thing.) The slight softness at the extremes justs adds to the artistry, so thank you.
    • Dieter - I just love the way the snowy plover is camouflaged yet clearly visible, combined with perfect depth of field and lovely colouration.
    • Monika - great framing and a perfect choice for b&w; I can't even imagine it in colour!
    • Mark - I love the "being there" feel to this photograph, great use of HDR.
    • Ilkka - I really like your trees (and last week's trees too). You've inspired me to try a few similar shots, some of which may yet appear here on future Wednesdays…
  122. Now that there has been quite a few posted, Here are a few that stand out to me.
    Matt Laur – How can you turn down that face? Just wanted to play!
    Rene’ Villela – I have a similar shot of Florence as I hung out my Balcony. Lovely City
    BM Mills – Yours and all of the others I have seen add to the mystery and Intrigue.
    Matthew Brennan – Wonderful Colors
    Oskar Ojala – I could see this as a national Card for the holiday’s maybe a call to “hallmark” should be in order.
    Jose Angel – First I love the story and what I get I hope is what you were going for. The city in the BG and the smog that fades away into the trees as you get closer to the point of View tells me “You do not want to go that way, only bad things that way.” I love it. It is very polarizing. With all that said, I do find the Road in the foreground a bit distracting. Maybe shot with the road out of the scene and maybe more of the sky.
    Gary McGhee – Love these shots. It is too bad that we will never get that here in South Florida. Makes me miss D.C.
    Kent Shafer – Look at those eyes! How could you ever be mad at that?
    Bogdan Nicolescu – people often ask why I don’t eat fish.
    Adrian Oostermeijer – Sexy, very nice.
    Wouter Willemse – Interesting, what was the light source? Off camera flash?
    Ray Yeager – he says “Really, you want a picture of Me in a box?” ha love it.
  123. Mini toy typewriter. Nikon D50, Kiron 100mm Macro
  124. Hello,
    Looking at one of the panning shot thought of showing the one which I took during thanksgiving. This was 5K/5Mi race on thanksgiving day in nearby town. And I had my new D90 with 18-105mm VR lens. I tried panning shot on quite few runners and this was one of the better ones... have to still practice more.
    Exposure Time = 1/15"
    F Number = F25
    ISO = 200
    Focal Length = 24mm
    I hope you all like it.
  125. Try this again. Server crashed. Mini Toy Typewriter. Nikon D50, Kiron 100mm Macro
  126. A wintery mix...
  127. Wow, lots of great photos. For some reason I just can't stop looking at Jose Angel's view of the city, I guess that would be one for the wall.
  128. Greg J - Nice composition of the rusting old car's grille.
    Anish - An interesting composition. The red uniforms grab the eye.
    Aguinaldo - I think this is the same photo that you posted last week.
    Ian R - Excellent windshield shot. It documents what it was like to be there very well.
    Jeannean - Nice capture of a wild beast.
    Kent - Nice sharp puppy shot. Your selection of a dark background was a great idea.
    Shun - Excellent pipeline shot.
    Adrian - Beautiful Rembrandt lighting.
    Steve V - Your winter swingset is amazing. Perhaps my favorite shot of the week.
    Maurice - Thanks for the comment. Nice, rich colors in clear, mid-morning light.
    Mircea - Great composition. You made me smile.
    Jeff L - I like the frozen corn shot very much!
    Tiffany B - That's a fun shot. It looks as though you softened the edges a bit. A nice touch.
    Mark J - Cool idea, well executed!
  129. Contributors whose shots I found to be particularly interesting this week - WedNEsDay 02:
    Rene' Villela – Magnificent panorama crop
    Paula Wang – Your dew is due acknowledgement – Wonderful texture & color
    Enrique Rabelo – Nice night shot – the reflections jump
    Lil Judd – cute puppy – leave the stuff, they’re “toys”
    Hamish Gray– Love the smile! Oh to be a kid again.
    B M Mills – Your contribution echoes your fondness of the moment
    Dan South – Wow! Little else needs to be said.
    Greg Jones – Special car – special shot – special bones
    Aguinaldo de Paula – You captured the moment.
    Arthur Richardson – I just started to smile as soon as I saw your shot
    Richard Armstrong – Wonderful Kauai shot. You could spend the rest of your life shooting in Kauai and still not have enough “time”.
    Shun Cheung – As always, stunning
    Dallas McVicker – Blue on Blue - makes the shot
    Adrian Oostermeijer – Your shot makes Music
    Neven Jurkovic – My favorite!
    Mark Gordon – Looks almost warm with the way you captured the light
    Alejandro Held – Thank you for sharing the photo and the aftermath. I’m still smiling.
    Janne Kaakinen – Your playing around paid off. Nice shot!
    Jeff Lipsman – Terrific shot. The poor farmer who still can’t harvest the crop
    Pascal Burel – Love the motion and the night colors
    Filip Lucin – Fog is always a favorite
    Jennifer Meighan – Wow! The picture is so interesting
    Thomas Gerstendoerfer – Great Shot! I can feel the cold.
  130. Nikon D300 with Nikon 70-300vr (@70mm) 1/250 f6
  131. Downtown Church - D700 24-120mm f3.5
    BM Mills - Beautiful shot of 'The Treasury' Now I really want to go there!
    Gary McGhee - very nice composition
    Neven Jurkovic - impressive shot
    Jeff Lipsman - very cool!
    Don Harper - Arlington, Va One of my favorite places to shoot. VERY nicely done!
  132. Hi,
    Thanks Steve Vanderford, Gej Jones and Tiffany Brook for your kind words on my photo.
    Dan South, in fact this is the same pic I posted two weeks ago. I'm embarassed!!! I'm only 47 and seem to be losing it!!! (laughs) Thanks for remembering it.
    Best regards for you all.
    PS: it's almost 40 Celsius around here!!!! I loved the winter pics!
  133. It doesn't snow in the "high desert" of Southern California very often. I took this shot, across the street from my work place, when it did.
    Kodak Ektachrome E100G. Nikon F4.
  134. An older film shot from last year. Hydrangea flowers.
  135. A red umbrella at the Calatrava last week
  136. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Concerning my surfing image, as long as you have the right tools, it is actually not that challenging for the photographer. You need a long lens and a smooth gimbal head so that you can move the big lens smoothly to follow the action.

    The harder part is to have the right surf/wave, good light, and a good surfer. Once I got to photograph former Mavericks winner Anthony Tashnick in action, and he was phenomenal. It was very easy to get good images with him surfing, but the light was poor that day.
  137. Thanks to Dan, Gej, and Tiffany for your comments on my post this week. Appreciated.
    Excellent postings. Here are my favorite top 10 from this week:
    - Rene’s Florence at Night
    - Eric’s Keep the Fire Burning
    - Dan’s Steel City
    - Kent’s Puppy Portrait. (Kent, your dog portraits are always so pleasant to look at.)
    - Enrique’s Long Beach, CA
    - Richard’s Napali Valley, Kauai
    - Mark G’s Kelly Cut in the Snow
    - Oskar’s Ice Formation
    - Benjamin’s Winter ”Guest”
    - Adrian’s Girl Portrait
    Happy shooting.
  138. [​IMG] Off of Downtown L.A. D700 - 24-70
  139. Dry Creek Falls in the Columbia Gorge. Taken 2 Jan 2010.
    D700 24-70/2.8 @ 24mm .6s f/16 ISO 200
  140. mbh


    I’m awed by the talent shown in the photographs posted here. Hitting a few high points,
    I loved Paula Wang’s Dew as well as Ebb B.’s well-composed blue-sky landscape. Lil Judd’s picture of Kyrie was adorable. Great shot of Hamish Gray’s impish son curled warm within a red sleeping bag. Francesco Pessolano’s impressionistic shot of a woman walking with an umbrella was achingly beautiful, pure art as was the black and white posted by Monika Epsefass. Arthur Richardson’s shot of his daughter caught my eye if only because I recognize an expression so often visible on my own daughter’s face. Great shot by Usay Kisi, perfectly freezing the action at the critical juncture whereas Boris Miljevic’s shot a slower moving, but equally talented individual (in this case music), which I also enjoyed immensely. Paul B.! Wow. Great technique with his shot of the tree. I also got a kick out of Keith Powell’s young soccer player. Maybe my favorite shot of the evening was Ray Gosalia’s runner, which appealed to me quite a bit. And so many others that I can’t even begin to touch on.
    As for my own contribution, through February, I shoot wrestling on Wednesdays. Here’s a shot I took earlier this evening.

  141. Wow! What a stellar collection this week!
    Aguinaldo - Not to worry, my friend, it's a beautiful photo and I don't mind looking at it again and again!
    Gary M - I overlooked your image when I viewed it on a PC earlier, but it looks great on my calibrated iMac. Very subtle colors.
    Boris - I like how you darkened the edges to make the musician stand out.
    Bogdan - A National Geographic-quality shot of the fisherman.
    Andrew F - Excellent vantage point and nice even light on the big jet.
    Gej - Thanks for the nice comments. I like the light and the off-center composition in your image.
    Ertugrul - Very colorful and festive!
    Dave W - I usually don't care for HDR processing, but yours has nice, subtle colors. Very enjoyable!
    Filip - Nice composition and relaxed atmosphere.
    Richard Van W - Yep, that Queen Anne's Lace reminds me of summer.
    Adam Z - You've captured the mood of North Jersey in winter very nicely.
    Michael B - I like that church a lot!
    John W - Beautiful snow shot with a delicate hint of high-altitude blue.
    Tim H - Inspirational as always.
    Mark H - Excellent composition for an action shot. Very noise free, also. Did you use in camera or post-processing NR?
  142. mbh


    Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. I do as little "in camera" noise reduction as Nikon will let me. I'm tending to do my noise reduction in two steps now for low light shots like this. In Camera Raw is my first step and this is a change as I wasn't using it much before. Then in PS, I make a duplicate layer and aggressively get rid of what noise I can. Then I do a layer mask and paint back in some of the noise in the wrestlers to avoid as much as possible having plastic skin. Lol, I'm still working on how best to get rid of noise.
  143. D700 + Carl Zeiss Micro Planar 100mm f/2, 14 bit RAW, ISO-200, f/8, 1/250s, EV -0.7
  144. Mark H: your comment on my photo "panning on runner" made my day :) , I appreciate it.
  145. Dallas, thanks, I did not use any flash for this picture, just a rather pale winter sun.
  146. Ahhhhhh I so love the Wednesday "Trip around the World" Photos that caught my eye this week are:
    Rene- I love night shots and have found a panoramic crop works well in so many situations. It certainly works here for you.
    Hamish- Fun shot and I'm sure a cherished memory. I can never get used to the temperatures that you are always talking about. I have experienced some of that but never for so long as you indicate.
    Dan - Beautiful skyline shot. Love the crispness and colors.
    Oskar - Lovely and delicate.
    Neven- Love the perspective. By far my favorite for the week.
    Peter - Great use of B&W. It has such an old time feel to it. Of course the wooden canoe, for me, sure pulls it back in time.
    Tiffany - The mask really brings out your models beautiful eyes and smile. A fun and intriguing photo. I find the tat a little incongruous though w/ the image.
  147. Some very, very good pictures in that lot, enjoyed looking!
  148. Steve, Tony, Peter, Dallas, Paula, Paul -- thank you for your kind comments! Much appreciated.
  149. Beautiful photos so far...
    D300s with 17-55mm @ 45mm f/6.3 1/125th sec with ISO200
    P.S. Sorry! I forgot to include the credit and date - 01.02.2010
  150. Mark H. : Thank you very much, you are to kind..., but is all about having the right tool. Anyway, I'm glad you like my picture. BTW - I'm impressed by your shot ; ISO 5000..., nice !
  151. bms


  152. Hello everyone, my photo for today:
    Fuji S3, 18-70.
  153. Thanks , Dan. I wish you could see the slide.
  154. Steve, Dallas and Dan, thanks for your comments. Indeed WedNesDAy thread is such great and enjoyable virtual tour around the world, can't wait for next week to come.
  155. Thank You! Benjamin for your liking of "panning on runner" photo. Much appreciated.
  156. Dallas, thanks for the comment. I'll trade you some snow for some sunshine. ;-)
    Michael, thanks, i'm glad you like it.
    Dan, I know what you mean. Some photo's look completely different on an uncalibrated monitor. Cheers.
  157. Mark G - very nice.
    Benjamin S. - is that one of those 'really stinky' beetles?
    Dogs are one of my favorite subjects. My neighbor's Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie/?? cross had some pups recently. Here's a Puppy Pile-up. Playing with my SB900 mounted on-camera. Rear curtain slow.
  158. bmm


    Great collection of images this week - and so glad to get back into it after a few weeks off. I have many favourites but 3 stand out in particular from Monika, Richard and Filip - all strong, simple compositions that are wonderfully executed.
    Thanks also for the praise received of my Petra shot. I feel embarassed as all I had was a jpg conversion of the unprocessed as-shot RAW sitting on my PC, and I did what I could with 5 minutes in the rudimentary Microsoft Office image application is (yuk!... but I was on my work laptop with no decent photo editing software loaded) and put it up. Such is my desire to be a regular part of this wonderful thread.
  159. New Library in Florence, SC at night.
  160. Great thread again!
    First of all thank you to all of you who mentioned my shot and to everyone else for taking the time to look at it!
    Then again, thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your work!
    Here are just a few of the shots that grabbed my attention...
    Matt Laur - Paula Wang - Epp B - Shane Srogi - Raaj Kovinthan - Dan South - Aguinaldo de Paula - Oskar Ojala - Kent Shafer - Richard Armstrong - Dallas McVicker - Murali Palangat - Adrian Oostermeijer - Neven Jurkovic - Mark Gordon - Maurice Orozco - Roberta Davidson - Laura Delegal - Filip Lucin - Thomas Gerstendoerfer and Michael Burnett.
    Great work everybody! Cheers!
  161. I really enjoyed my "trip around the world" this week. So many wonderful photos! I enjoyed each one, but especially Rick's dolphin in the wild. Such beautiful, wonderful creatures, and sad that so much harm comes to them for our entertainment. A real pleasure to see one frolicking in it's natural environment. Thank you Rick! (I highly recommend "The Cove" documentary for a background story of capturing dolphins for human entertainment). I admit to being partial to wildlife/nature photos, but all are wonderful, enjoyed, and a learning experience. Looking forward to this coming Wednesday!
  162. Great to see David Ralph, John Mita, Joe Moree and Tomo Sato post their first images.
    Just some of the many shots I enjoyed from an increasing selection of variety:
    Andrew Fedon, (nice view and geometry of the plane)
    Bogdan Nicolescu, (great angle of view on the fisherman)
    Ertugrul Kilic, (great spontaneity and as Ton Mestom might say if he is watching, have you considered B&W?)
    Filip Lucin, (great reflection and tones)
    Gary McGhee, (nice form and colour in snow covered pines)
    Grant Tanner, (great natural framing of the bird)
    Greg Kowalczewski, why did I post that? (But the story is true)
    Janna Hughes, (great shot in B&W – my son is not allowed to be curious with any key, especially the ones to the car)
    Jeff Lipsman, (great viewpoint – my immediate reaction was some sort of “tribal dance”)
    Jon Eckman, (textured ground versus sharp reflection all beautifully captured)
    Kent Shafer, (classical dog composition, especially the way you have captured the eye)
    Matt Laur, (enjoyed the action in the shot and the story)
    Matthew Brennan, (super shot – I also like the other shots you have posted of this bird, good series)
    Paul V. Gorky, (especially interaction between the green against the predominately orange brown composition).
    Paula Wang, (like the way you framed the drop)
    Phil Burt, (interesting portrait, especially the eyes)
    Richard Armstrong, (mist, shadow, sunshine – it’s got a bit of everything. It reminds me of those days where nature is undecided about whether it will rain or shine)
    Shun Cheung, (a nice composition where the surfer looks in complete control, at this point)
    Tiffany Brook, (great composition and eye contact but I must confess to having already seen this in an earlier WedNEsDAy PiC – if the composition wasn’t this memorable I would certainly not have remembered the earlier post)
  163. Great batch of photos again everyone!
    I especially liked the photos by Eric James, Oskar Ojala, Kent Shafer, Murali Palangat, Adrian Oostermeijer, Andrew Fedon, Dave Greenidge, Thomas Burden & Filip Lucin among the photos by my usual favorite Nikon shooters here. :) And thanks for Gej Jones & Jeannean for your comments.
    See you all tomorrow!

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