Nikon Wednesday Pic 2010: #19

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    Happy Wednesday, everyone. I always find it interesting to watch people deliberately plan their creative work. I didn't plan this shot, but it's reminded me to have a go - for one of these upcoming weekly photographs - at a start-to-finish production piece. Just need an extra few hours tacked on to each day, right? So, did your Nikon gear figure into a carefully thought-out image this past week? Share a photo!
  2. I'm early, early, early....for once.
    Taken last Sunday in the back yard of one of my clients.
  3. A shot from this past week. Have been trying to capture a fun dandelion shot and found this chance right in the front yard.
  4. WedNEsDAy PiC #19

    On Sunday I thought I had captured my first owl shot – instead I had captured my first Tawny Frogmouth … a bird that looks like an owl but isn’t! Its feathers offer such good camouflage it can easily be mistaken as being part of the tree.
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 150 mm, 1/10 sec, f/8 and ISO 200 (Manual, hand held, VR on)
  5. Happy Tuesday from Seattle! I don't even see Matt's shot up yet, so I know it must be early! My contribution is from a series of miniatures that I am playing with...shots of full scale real life turned into miniature models with PS. No, I was not first doing this. No, I am not the best at doing this...but it sure is fun! This is the Edmonds Waterfront by the ferry terminal.
  6. Rock Wall at the Kingsley Club near Traverse City, Michigan.
  7. Testing out my new dream lens in barely any light..the 85mm f1.4 on the D90. Exposure 1/60th f1.4 ISO 500. I'd say it passed the test.
  8. Good Wednesday, everybody! I see some great shots here!
    My contribution this time is a shot from a couple of days ago at the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, CA
  9. Playing with water drop photography ...
    D700 + Zeiss 100mm zf.2 + 2 sb900; ISO200, 1/250s[​IMG]
  10. Taken on Mother's Day...I waited for this little guy to hit the light coming through the maple tree just right...
  11. Testing out my new dream-y lens that is not a lens at all.
    Nikon D200, homemade body cap pinhole, f/144(?) at 3 sec, ISO 200
  12. Arghh! Missed the last two Wednesdays. So, I took the camera to karate class last week.
  13. I again have to apologize for not commenting last week. My time constraints & health seem to be getting the best of me & I simply don't get a chance to do them. I promise I see all the shots & there are so many I enjoy. I also want to welcome new posters to the thread. Always nice to see people join in.
    I want to say Thank You to Michael Mixon, Tiffany Brooks, Keith Obye, Kent Shafer & Greg Kowalczewski for your kind words. It's always nice to hear I inspire some to consider trying something. Thank you all so very much. And I hope I didn't forget anyone.
    This last week my daughter & I went to the Huntington Library in Pasadena. She needed shots for a paper & I got a tad bored shooting what she needed. I've often seen other people's shots from museums & thought that's something I'd like to try. Opportunity finally arose.
    My aim here was to attempt something "Artsy". I wanted it to be a candid, but really about the art pieces & the humans interacting with the art. Hard as most people seemed aware about my camera & left fast.
    Huntington doesn't allow for flash indoors, so I shot high ISO in very dark surroundings. My aim was to make it look like something from my youth. A 1960s B&W grainy look. This was the result.
    D700, 24-70 f/2.8 shot wide open at f/2.8, ISO 6400, handheld, 24mm, 1/640s, -0.7 EV, A mode, Center-weighted metering
    I hope you'll enjoy & I invite you to see a larger version at
  14. 1912 Abandoned Railroad Bridge, Burnt and Melted
  15. Pelicans patrolling the beach in formation. These guys made a regular sweep every 20 minutes, you could've set your watch by them. And I still managed to clip the one guy's wing D:
  16. El Dorado Park. Long Beach Ca.
  17. Nikon D80, 18-200mm Nikkor zoom
  18. Been a while since I last posted but have checked in to view the marvelous variety of images. Traveling and very, very busy with special projects. Here is an image that caught my eye...
  19. My shot is from a session last saturday in Charleroi, a Belgian city full of industries (some abandoned).
    D700, 24-70, HDR of 5 exposures.
  20. Hi!
    Had a busy week of photography - went out to a beach near town for a sunset shoot, and snapped this off.
  21. Hello to all and especially to all the Mother's for their Special Day,
    My photo this week is "Ants at Work" running all around the Peony bulb to tickle it open. Our favorite landscape flower. So sad that it last so little of a time. Details:
    Nikon D90
    Sigma 670-200 @200 mm
    1/8 sec
    iso 200
    phil b
    benton, ky
  22. the coup live at the new parish. tamron 17-50/d300.
  23. The biorhythms and reflexes were in sync when I managed to capture this shot with a single click of the shutter. My son broke out of his batting slump with this shot over the center field fence...
    D700 + AF-S 300 f/2.8 VR, ISO1600, 1/8000s @ f/2.8
  24. Hi Guys
    Today i have a Hibiscus flower
  25. First: Thanks for last weeks comments on my picture.
    Have a nice Wednesday everyone.
    My picture is from a rare visit yesterday when 'Queen Mary 2' was passing by for a
    one day visit.
    D700 70-200@116mm ISO 400 F/20 1/125s +NX2
  26. Good morning friends ! My picture below, was taken with D3 + 24-70/2,8G at 52mm , ISO 6400, F2,8, 1/30s , (no flash) :
  27. Hello Everyone..
    A big thanks to all who commented on my photo last week.
    Here's another photo from my Northumberland series. It's a pic of Dunstanburgh Castle again but I used a couple of ND grads and hard grads to give it a different feel.
  28. One of the ponds at Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL
    Nikon 300s -- .8s @ f/22, ISO 100, 18-200mm
  29. Some wooden boxes at the Stadsarchief in Amsterdam.
  30. Good morning everyone. This is the Barbican complex in London.
  31. A snap taken from the car on my way to work on Monday. May 10th and we get 20cm before the day is over!!!
  32. This was taken on sunday at my garden, the flowers were destroyed last night by a hail storm. D80 18-135mm kit lens @ 135mm 1/400 f/7.1
    Green + Yellow + purple + White
  33. Hey Everyone! My pic this week is from some homework I was working on with blending flash, 2 SB900's triggered by the CLS, Nikon D300s and 35mm f/1.8. Hope everyone is having a great week!
  34. Roberta bought up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last week and I really hope that the damage can be contained. Given the size of the disaster, I guess that people on this forum are affected too.
    My picture this week follows a somewhat technical and maritime theme. I went down to the harbor to get a glimpse of a visiting US Navy destroyer, but discovered that the whole area was a huge construction ground by now and didn't find the ship. However, then sun peeked out and I got a nice view of a shipyard. These cranes are part of the shipyard.
  35. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    My roses are finally blooming...
  36. Just got my last roll of Kodachrome back from Dwaynes. It's the end of an era (although in truth I didn't use much of it anyway).
    I took a short sunset series when the volcanic ash was reported as hanging over our region. Visually, it was rather disappointing, but the camera, lens and film "saw" things slightly differently.
  37. Spingtime and water droplets.
  38. a daisy closing for the evening. Fall more in love with the old 105mm every time i use it.
    D70s. Nikkon Micro 105mm 2.8/D. 1/90, f3.5, ISO 200
  39. Winkworth Arboretum lies south west of London and is spectacular in spring for its wild flowers and even more spectacular in autumn for its exotic range of reds and yellows in its trees.
  40. Hey all. Again it's wednesday, and as per usual, the quality of the pics is awesome. Leaves me wondering if I should even post considering the level here.
    A few that have caught my eye are:
    Greg Kowalczewski
    Adam Zyto
    Louis Meluso
    Grant Tanner
    Weston Fryatt
    Marc McCoy
    Peter Heritage
    From my side, didn't get out with the camera this week, so posting an older one from earlier this year.
  41. Ode to a good read:
    D300, AiS 35 f/1.4
    1/1250th, f/1.4, ISO200
  42. The cherry blossom is out where I live and my wife kindly agreed to give up an hour of her "me time" for shooting in the local park. Nikon D80 + Sigma 30mm F1.4 @ F5 1/160 0.0EV ISO100 Builtin Flash at -1.7EV. Adjusted in PS and Photoscape.
  43. This is my grand-niece Liz, playing at the pool.
  44. Hello all
    Last weekend was the closing of Polo Circo Festival. A 10 days festival, with a lot of Circus acts and conferences from all over the world.
    The Big Finale was by the french troupe Les Studios de Cirque de Marseille. They presented the show "Place des Anges" (Angel's Square) More than a dozen acrobats, dressed as angels, jumping and and crossing the sky from 10 to 15 stories high buildings and landing in the San Martin Square in center Buenos Aires.
    They throw more than 2 tonnes of white chickens feathers over the people.
    Part of the show can be seen in the last seconds of this small clip Here
    D300 + 18-200 VR @18 mm - ISO 5000 - f 3,5 - 1/60
  45. These fungi are amanita muscaria, the archetypical toad stool. These particular specimens grow on the fringe of a pine plantation we drive past often - always stopping in Autumn to admire them.
  46. Hi to all of the Nikonian community. It's nice to see what you are capable of. Here's one from my last vacation. Hopefully, I'll have time to go out and shout for next week. Please weatherman, stop sending us snow.
  47. Good morning all. Here is a pair of Black Neck Stilts that I managed to capture last weekend at the everglades. D300 with a 300/4 ant TC-14E f5.6@1/800 sec, ISO 320
  48. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    My contribution is from the garden, visiting often now a days. This is cropped from the series of bulbs. I liked the creamy bokeah and sharp details in the branch as well as bud.
    Nikon D90 ISO 800 1/320s f8
  49. I was at the Tuckahoe steam park near Easton MD and found this steam roller waiting for restoration. The 60s rock group was named after this machinery manufacturer.
    Buffalo Springfield
  50. D700, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D, window light, ISO 3200, 1/125 @ f/2.8.
  51. Good Morning!
    Another stroll through my yard with my D300 and the 105 mm micro nikkor captured this at f8, 1/60 sec, iso 200....
    Have a great week!
  52. Dear Fellow Nikonians,
    Watching and contributing to this forum, in which we can learn so much with amateurs like myself and, I guess, a few professional prhotographers, is becoming an addiction for me ! Last week I have specially enjoyed
    Jeff Lipsman's Cambodia fisherman,
    Sanford Gerald's Squid boat fisherman,
    Louis Meluso's Sandra at play,
    Anish Mankuthel Dunstanburgh Castle,
    Dave Lee's Neko cat (an amazingly sharp and expressive cat, thak shows how a basic Nikon Camera, with a good lens and especially a good "eye" behind can produce excellent results)
    Matthew Brennan's very "professional" New Zealand beach at sunset
    Kent Shafer's frog, that really looks like if "he" is posing for the photographer
    Martin Z.'s portrait of a friend and
    David Janson's extremely neat and detailed iguana.
    This week, so far, at this early stage, I have specially enjoyed
    Gej Jones Rock wall
    Adam Zyto's Sarah and
    Lawrence Ho's extremely sucessful result of the classic but difficult water drop experiment.
    My own contribution was taken a year ago at Ton Sap Lake, in Cambodia, where a fishing community is fighting hardly for survival every day. I was particularly touched by this young mother, carrying her child, while rowing her small boat. I dedicate it to Jeff Lipsman, who has also been recently in Cambodia, obviously without trying to compete with the quality of his own picture on a similar subject.
    Have a Good Photo Wednesday !
  53. Amazing pictures so far today. I didn't get to shoot too many fun shots this week. I'm posting this portrait of Jason. Jason took his Dad and I fishing a year ago this was taken on that trip. Last Wednesday Jason's life was taken in a terrible auto accident. This is the last picture I took of him. This has been a terrible reminder for me of how important we are as Photographers at capturing precious moments in time. I spent last night with Jason's mom and dad so I'm really trying to type through the tears. Life is so precious.
  54. Good morning all. Great images as always. Great light on my dining room table this week, so I played around shooting "still life" one morning. Image shot with a Nikon D80 and 50mm lens, f/5.6, 1/15.
  55. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's Wednesday again, time to reward the visual senses, once again. My shot this week was taken about a week ago at the local arboretum, during my lunch break. It has been a great place to go and clear the mind from a busy morning, whether carrying a camera or not. I was not able to get back last week and spend some time commenting, hopefully that will not be the case this week.
  56. Happy WedNEsDAy everyone!
    Grrrreat pics as usual and few that I've enjoyed very much so far:
    Markku Vihava - excellent! Favorite so far...
    Keith Obye - soft and tender. I like this!
    Grant Tanner - Pentagram is my favorite geometric shape and you nailed the symmetry in this one!
    We had a great annual party with my friends, where we celebrate the people, the food and the drinks.
    This weeks pic shows "a finnish way" of cutting some hard cheese. I just wish I've had more aperture, but I'll blame the alcohol for this mistake! =)
    D200 + 50mm f/1.8 (1/60s, f2.0, ISO100)
  57. Happy Wednesday,
    I am always amazed at how quickly these posts fill up! As always I am humbled. Today my submission is a nice statue I found in a fountain downtown.
  58. Hi All,
    Some lovely work already.
    I have been going to more middle school track meets.
    Below is a great runner I saw in the 100m dash.
    D90, 15-55mm lens at 46mm. 1/50 sec. f/16
  59. This airbus was being towed from the maintenance hanger to the passenger terminal to load up its passengers. Couldn't help notice how the white paintwork could have done with a wash, unless of course it had just flown through an ash cloud. The light of course was in the wrong place, shading my side, which didn't help matters very much.
    D700, iso 200, 1/400, f/16, 112mm on the nikkor 24-120.
  60. Taken this past weekend at Blanton Forest in Harlan County, KY, a 3,000 acre preserve of old growth forest.
  61. from the library a month ago
  62. Hello Everybody,
    my contribution for this week. Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2,8@ ISO 200, 1/125s, f/7,1
    Have a lovely week, Jana
  63. Nikon D700 + Nikkor 105mm Macro D.
  64. Youth Basketball
    Nikon D700 Nikkon 70-200 F2.8 no flash
    The pics this week are GREAT!
  65. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday so far. I'm running a bit late for work, but thought I'd take a second to post a picture.
  66. Having to stare at a sky like this whilst stuck at work should be illegal
  67. Wednesday , my favorite day of the week! Wonderful shots .
    I really wanted to try and capture some of the Louisiana coastline this past weekend , but the sun was just brutal and did not like any of the shots. So, my yard was my subject .
    Watched this guy hunting for a while before he stopped for just a moment and expanded his throat.
  68. Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple, Los Angeles. D700, 24mm.
  69. Some of my favorites so far:

    Matt L - nice composition
    Greg K - amazing detail; it must have been within arm's reach!
    Gej J - i like the flowing lines
    Adam Z - lovely tones (and subject)
    Lawrence H - cool!
    Louis M - fascinating
    Donald L - did a forest fire cause this?
    Jennifer M, Steven F, Enrique R, Rick M - wonderful bird photos
    Vineet R - another beauty
    Keith O, Phil B, Grant T, Dave L, Andres A, Ray H, Marku V, Ray G, Paul G, Chris S - great macro work
    Paul B, Richard L- lovely portraits
    Alejandro H - terrific!
    Raaj K, Sanford G, Scott P, Aguinaldo B, Richard L, Michael B - lovely kid pics
    John H - I always wondered what Buffalo Springfield meant
    Jose A - nice
    Tiffany B, Greg J, Bill B, Jonas F - nice still life
    Anish M, Weston F, Hamish G, Peter H, Wayne E, James S D Taylor, George A - nice scenics
  70. baby killdeer from sunday morning at the local condo kingdom.
  71. It`s the middle of the week and a time for the exclusive gallery of fine details, great light, emotions, wonderful pets and sports, etc... It time for the Nikon Wednesday photos - time for all of us. :)

    Very warm thank`s to all of you, whom commented my last week`s photo! The gallery-collection was fine at last week, but this seem`s to out do even the past galleries. Simply great stuff in here!

    Matt and Greg stroke some of the first home runs and from there the collection has got even more great works. Outstanding. Markku, I notice that you too have dusted your macro-lens. Me too. :)

    My photo for this week comes from my yard. This day has been the first really rather warm and sunny day for quite some time in here. So, a little bit time for some photos during lunch break.
  72. Rabindranath Tagore's car from the 1920s. D200, f10, 1/60s, ISO 200, Nikkor 12-24 f4.
  73. Good Morning all,
    Happy Wednesday...Amazing photos we got so far!
    My contribution today is from last Saturday's session - a photo of my son Nathan-- taken with...
    D300s on a Tripod with 50mm f/1.7 Nikon lense shot @ 50mm f/2.2 at 1/100th sec ISO500 no flash...I used PS CS to crop the photo. It is 1 of 3 shots. Please enjoy.
  74. Good morning all, great photos !!
    Here is my contribution for today.
  75. happy wednesday! nice shots everyone!
  76. Participants enjoying themselves on Helsinki City Run on Saturday.
  77. Nikon D3 with 24-70 f2.8 at 70mm at f2.8 and 1/200 sec ISO 1250 and natural light.
    Wedding rings from recent wedding with anything but what would be described as the optimum lens and settings.
  78. Looking very good this week everyone. The portraits this week stand out to me.
    Here is my contribution. D300 18-70mm Nikor.
  79. a poor Chinese girl living in the mountain
    by D90+Nikon AF 28-70 f/3.5-4.5; iso 1600, 35mm f/3.8 1/40sec
  80. Good Wednesday morning to all! This is a little different... Experimenting with weird lenses, I chanced upon Bjorn Rorslett's article "Need for Speed." I put a Rodenstock 75mm f/1.1 X-Ray Heligon lens on a Nikon mount. This rig is fixed focus at about 15" and there's no iris so it's wide open, f/1.1. Using a D200, I shot several exposures hand-held, moving in and out to get different focus planes. I selected some of these frames to make a focus stacking set to give a little sharpness in the central portion of the flower but let the rest go swimmingly soft. Here's the result. For anyone interested, here are some details of the mount. I liked the result; there is something precious inside that's being sheltered and protected. Hope you enjoy!
    Precious Inside -- Nikon D200, Rodenstock XR-Heligon 75mm f/1.1, 150th, focus stacking, hand-held
  81. Hi everyone this is my niece and my daughter at a local park. f 5.6 1/200, iso 400, 86mm
  82. Hi everyone and happy Wednesday!
    This is just a grab shot I took at a school nearby where I was teaching kids how to make quick animations with P&S cameras (and for those animations we used Canons, so no frames from the animations, sorry!). This is a view through the door from the teachers lounge, those lines caught my attention just when I was leaving and I had just few seconds to take the pic.
  83. mbh


    Great thread this Wednesday, I found so many shots to enjoy.
    Greg’s Tawny Frogmouth caught my eye, lovely in black and white (amazing detail at 150mm); Adam’s test, wow, nice light; Jennifer’s duckling, too cute for words, beautifully done; I also liked Lawrence’s water droplet, if just because I’ve tried the same and his is so much more elegant; Phil’s ants at work was just lovely and wonderful too explore; great work by Scott Pogorelc on catching that shot at just the right moment; Weston’s garden shot makes me want to hop on a plane and fly to Alabama; very nice work by Doug Rice on his runner, I’ve shot a little track and field this spring and so can appreciate the skill in getting such an excellent shot; oh yes, nice work by Don Harper on his beautifully romantic ring shot; and to all the others I missed, each of these shots was fun to look at in its own way.
  84. So enjoyable seeing all the great photos each week!
    Tiffany B......interesting!
    Adam Z....It certainly did pass the test!!!
    Jennifer M.....and the lighting is beautiful!
    Lil..............Love those shadows! Your Artsie is a success!
    Donald L......Those melted tracks are neat!
    Greg J........Beautiful lighting, and color
    Grant T......Stunning abstract!
    Markku V....Lovely color, and those crisp drops are wonderful!
    Alejandro H.....Very mystical!
    Rick D...........Very sad, but got me thinking.
    Eric B..............Love the crop.
    Brian W........Just stunning! Such detail and color!
    Mike E......What a sweetie! reminds me of a shot legged guy I had as a child.
    My grandson has been begging me to photograph his lizard, so I did. He made a much better subject than the grandson, whose constant activity makes him a moving target! "Santa Puff" just sat there and didn't move!
  85. Hi all,
    I heαrd young singing voices coming from the road. I run to the balcony and I took the attached picture from above.
  86. It's been awhile since I've been able to post (or had anything worthwhile, seeing the great pictures over the past month), so I took a walk around the yard. This was taken with a D100 and the old Tokina AT-X 24-40 2.8, 3 shot HDR through Essential HDR. From the only group of 3 that stood still long enough.
    I love the X-ray Heligon shot from Richard Karash, I'll have to find something like that to experiment with
  87. Great shots Marc McCoy and Adam Zyto ! My favs for the week.
    Here is my shot..I took this in the local Saxby's coffee shop with an old 105mm manual focus lens converted to AI and put on my D700. An artist sketching at the table next to me.
  88. This little girl was fascinated by my big camera. When I crawled with my daughter into the twisting tunnel in a play ground at a MacDonalds, she followed and kept asking me to take her picture, then looked at the LCD of my camera and laughed. And I laughed, too. When taking this image I can barely see her eyes. Pushed a not-so competent camera (high ISO) and an obivously incompetent photographer into extremity.
  89. f8


    Great shots everyone!
    Took this last night about an hour after sunset. Wind was really whipping the trees around. Wanted to get a painted wispy look.
    Nikon D700 - 70-200mm lens - ISO L1 - f16 - 8 seconds - WB Sunny - RAW - Tripod
  90. Pieter N - My first post after many months of watching. Great photos as usual
    D80 18-200 f5.6 70mm 250
  91. Happy Wednesday! Great shots once again. My contribution this week.
  92. Great stuff, as always!
    Here's what caught my eye so far: Gej, Louis, Sanford, Vineet, Scott, Jonas, Marc, Peter, Aguinaldo, Rick, Doug, Brian, Steve, Pieter.
    Here's mine, shot about an hour ago. Luis Cruz, of the Nashville Sounds, tossed a ball to a kid in the stands. This is his reaction, as the ball hit the kid on the head. The kid was okay, and Cruz brought him another ball later, handing it to him.
  93. Yikes, let me try this again...
  94. Plenty of great photos, as always.
    My contribution is a shot of American thrash metal legends Heathen who played a great show at the KiFF club in Aarau, Switzerland. I dismissed the shot at first, but it has grown on me steadily for the past few days and now it's one of my favourite shots of that night.
    Nikon D300 at ISO 2500, 17-55/2.8, 1/125s @ f/2.8, RAW converted in Adobe Lightroom 2.
  95. A ton of beautiful stuff today!
    My contribution today is from First Friday- a local event here in Phoenix. On the first Friday of each month, the artists, musicians, crafters, vendors, artisans- they come out of the woodwork and into the streets.

    Live music, painting, performance art. Amazing street-cart vendors selling everything from hand-rolled tamales to Chicago Footlongs. Glow stick ravers. Greasy indie-hippie types with acoustic guitars. Goth kids with spikes and emo hair. Scene girls with their requisite sleeve tattoos and lip rings. And lots of photographers, cameras and gear slung about our necks, squinting to fit everything into our viewfinders. We all belong here.

    It’s a visual cacophony, a beautiful co-mingling of every genre, every niche, clique and group. Everyone comes out. Everything looks, smells, tastes, and feels amazing. It’s soulful, and it reminds me that there is still something alive in this place. Houses become art galleries, strangers become brothers, and we all come together in the same spirit, for the same purpose- to share our arts, and our passion for creativity and expression.

    And it’s beautiful.
  96. A quick note about the burnt railroad bridge in my photo for this Wednesday. It has a plaque stating it was built in 1912. Crosses Buffalo Bayou very near downtown Houston. It is located directly under a huge set of highway interchanges. I am not sure why it is still there or how and when it burnt. But it still stands and looks like it will be there for a long time.
  97. Great shots all. Favorites this week: Adam Zyto, Donald Lawrence, James Symington, Jose Arnaud, Doug Rice and Michael Burnett. This week from me... "I made you a pie Grandma..."
  98. Rich Moran.. stilts are wonderful..great capture.I am jeolous ..I saw them in Hilton Head last year..but nothing this year.
  99. If I get a chance, I will come back and comment. For this week, one of my neighbor's dogs. This guy is from a litter found in a box inches from the water in the swamp. My neighbors kept all four - Basset mix of some sort. They are hilarious.
  100. [​IMG]
    D700 - 105mm - ISO 200 - f/2.8 - 1/2500s - Flash
  101. May 1, Nikon D40 with the 35mm 1.8 DX lens. Marquette, MI.
  102. This one is from the most recent maternity shoot I did.
  103. Inspirational as always.
    Today, I have this red boat which was in Lyme Regis harbour. I used the 105mm f/2.5 on my FM3a loaded with Fuji 200 print film. The simple tones and lines caught my attention so I went with this photo today.
  104. Male Bluebird eyeballing me. Shot with D200 & Nikon 300 F4.5 AIS wide open. My aperture has oil on the blades and this is the only way I can shoot it. Cropped with some USM and Saturation applied.
  105. I have taken hundreds of shots of this group of trees at all times of the day and all kinds of weather. Their arrangement fascinates me for some reason.
  106. This was taken at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I received the Nikon R1 Speedlight Flash System only a few days prior, and the results were very satisfying. The trick to shooting butterflies in the conservatory are a.) watch where you step (the butterflies land everywhere), and b.) patience - find a spot and hope one lands near where you are set up for shooting.
  107. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Wild Sunflower
  108. Great shots everyone! My favorites for this week are from:
    Lawrence - love the water droplet....superb picture!!!
    Grant - beautiful macro and symmetry!!
    Jonathan - a very special image...magical!
    James - very pretty
    Ray - beautiful flowers
    Maurice - nice butterfly
    Jeff, thanks for your comments on my last week's image. And here's my pic for this week.
  109. Greetings, Nikon Buddies. Wonderful work: my comments on some particulars:
    • Adam Z. - very nice.
    • Lawrence H. - cool.
    • Steven F. - this makes my eyes go from one to the other. I like.
    • Ilkka N. - so sharp!
    • Paul H. - what an angle!
    My shot is after today's thunderstorm. I used a tripod, and a handheld flashlight to give the flower just a bit more light than the overcast sky had to offer.
  110. Playing with some clouds.. Nikon D80, nikon 70-210 f4-5.6; 1/100s @ f/11
  111. Happy
    Nikon Wednesday Pic 2010: #19
    Here is my contribution. It is an abstract detail of a bank tower.
  112. HaPpy wAniNg WeDneSdAy!
    A camera toss image using a D300s with a 50mm f1.8 AIS:
  113. Young Lion :)
  114. Great images this week! This is one of the shots I planned for Long Shot. A 24 hour photo marathon to raise money in support of Photo Center NW in Seattle. It's classic South Beach. I mean if you are going to be up all night....where else are you going to go. I always build a frame work of a plan. So must get shots but I try to keep myself open to what's happening in the moment.
    Nikon gear as always
  115. My daughter who was going through her scrapbook pages. She was sitting on our bay window a bit before sunset.
    D300, ISO 640, 50 mm 1.8, f/1.8, 1/80. Post-processed in Lightroom. I do like the noise on this.
  116. The following pictures were grabbing my attention a little bit extra this week:
    Lawrence Ho: We have probably all seen too many water droplets, but this really stands out as an excellent exercise. Perfect capture of the splash and waves, beautiful colours and nice composition.
    Grant Tanner: Your macro shot of the hibiscus is great. Nice composition, colour and DOF.
    Paul B: This portrait stands out for me because of the nice light and great capture. The story telling adds an extra dimension.
    Aguinaldo de Paula: I really like the combination of movement, colours and capture of the moment.
    Jose Arnaud: Great PJ style shot. You have captured the paddle stroke at the exact right moment and there is a lot of storytelling about the life of this woman and her child going on. Great!
    Brian Winshell: I am impressed how you pulled the HDR/pano off handheld. You succeeded with a beautifully colourful and reasonably sharp image. A lot of stuff to look at. Great composition!
    Alpo Syvanen: Nicely backlit flower where the light brings out some beautiful colours. Nice DOF.
    Maurice Orozco: Impressive sharpness and detail. Nice work!
    Joshua Boelter: You managed to capture a lively picture with some story telling going on. The work with DOF works out nicely. Great work!
    Thanks also to Doug Rice and Martin Z. for commenting on my picture of the wooden boxes!
  117. I was giving up on contributing a photo this week but this creature showed up outside my lab on Friday afternoon. D90 + Nikkor 1685 at 85mm.
  118. I`d need more than two lines to explain my feelings. At least nobody will park blocking their door. D700@ 800ISO + 24-85AFS 35mm), f8 - 1/2000sec.
  119. Thanks to Doug Rice and Jonas Fjellstedt for commenting on my picture. It means a lot to me ...
  120. Thank you to Alpo Syvanen, Doug Rice, Mark H and Wayne Ervine for commenting on my Tawny Frogmouth.
    From a wonderful array of diversity a small sample of the shots I enjoyed viewing this week (the list should be at least three times longer) came from …
    Adam Zyto - Super lens … even better picture.
    Alejandro Held - Amazing "medieval" moment of colour.
    Andres Arteaga - Great illumination inside the flower.
    Brian Winshell - Love the wide angle view of the stadium.
    Doug Rice - Great motion and lines.
    Grant Tanner - Magical macro flower and colour.
    Kent Shafer - Like the coolness in the glass.
    Lil Judd - The fall of the light makes this shot "very artsy".
    Louis Meluso - Great self-portrait (bonus points for pin hole).
    Marc McCoy - Artistically funny (especially the eyes).
    Maurice Orozco - Very nice butterfly.
    Paul B. - Natural light is often the best (like here).
    Rick Moran - Sensational "piggy-back" moment.
    Savitri Wilder - Memorable moment with a pleasing angle.
    Wayne Ervine - Nice feel to this shot in B&W.
  121. I'm on serious time constraints right now as my daughter graduates tomorrow & goes to China, Shanghai Expo, on Wednesday. First trip out of the country without parents. I'm freaking out while trying to help her get everything ready....
    So for this week I just want to thank Jeanne Hauschild for her kind words about my 60s Newspaper look shot. Jeanne - I'm happy you enjoyed.
  122. Thank you Greg Kowalczewski, the lighting & the shadows is what made me want to photograph the scene. I was thrilled when along came the two ladies. Glad you enjoyed the shot.

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