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    A happy Wednesday to everyone.

    You know how your spouse always says to you, "Why do you really need to lug a camera bag when we're just trudging to a coffee shop through boring suburbia?" On Saturday, I got to say to her, "Because you never know when we'll cross a grassy spot along a row of townhouse shops, and run into three Maasai. That's why."

    Is at least some of your Nikon gear always close at hand? Has that turned out to be a good habit? Share a photo!
  2. Thanks to all who commented on my surf photo last week. Much appreciated.
    I didn’t take any photos this week. Instead I worked on this one taken last year in Cambodia of a fisherman at Kompong Khleang. I was never happy with the balance in the photo and cropped it several times during the year without satisfaction. I finally printed a copy and showed it to my wife. She commented that she really liked the bright green reflection in the water, to the fisherman’s left. I realized that was the item that had been distracting my eye from the fisherman, the element that made the photo seem unbalanced. I desaturated the reflection and recropped it. The focus is now squarely on the fisherman furrowing his brow, looking over his shoulder at something happening out of the frame.
  3. Nikon D300 & Sigma 30mm f 1.4
    Exposure: on “P” 1/200 f5.6 with compensation – 2/3 stops, ISO 200
  4. Greetings Nikon Users. Thanks to everyone for you comments last week. This week's contribution was taken last Sunday as I did the Bluebonnet Tour near Ennis, Texas. The dog is not mine, but it did a lovely pose. Image taken with a Nikon D80, 70-300mm lens, f/5.6, 1/1000.
  5. Ok its Spring and my wife's first grade class is studying Caterpillars again. So I got a few new shots with my new used lens. Nikon D3, Nikon 105 2.8 AIS micro, F/2.8, ISO 100, Sb800 flash on camera.
  6. A recent picture of the kids at the Art Museum. The "floor" they are looking at is held up by small human figures with upturned hands.
  7. 3sh


    Thanks to all who commented on my post last Wednesday. Today's picture is taken at the same place as the last. Although I took some pictures last Saturday, but had not had time to process them or sort them.
  8. WedNEsDAy PiC #18

    How do you beat an opponent in a marking contest that is almost twice your size? Jump twice as high! An exceptional leap by a much smaller opponent spoiled this near certain marking opportunity against his much taller opponent.
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 70 mm, 1/1000 sec, f/2.8 and ISO 720 (Manual, hand held, VR off)
  9. Greetings from Seattle! That's a heckuva lead in for this thread, Matt. Great images, so far.
    Thank you to Alpo, Louis, Dieter, Benjamin, Jeanne, Linda (fellow Gleek!), Doug, Martin and Jamie for taking the time to comment on my image last week.
    Lil...I hope this week finds you in better health. Your situation sounds extremely frustrating.
    My contribution this week is from my son's first soccer game. A team of 4 year much fun. A few of these kids really know the game already. Here is our future Sounder, Ziggy...shot with my painfully slow lens, that actually held up pretty well for the event.
  10. Nikon D80, 18-200mm Nikkor zoom
  11. Here it is real early and already there are some beautiful photos that have been presented.
    "Thank You" for some nice words last week on my 1st Eagle shot. It really made me feel good when I saw all of the wonderful shots last week.
    This time I went to a local auto show and not long after arriving it started to rain. So I did hurry a bit to get some photos.
    Some of the old cars were really neat as they rain was hitting them but I found this light on one and I just fell in love with it.
    Hope that you will enjoy seeing it.
    phil b
  12. First up, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post comments nor to thank Linda McLellan, Doug Rice, Peter Rafle, Paul V. Gorky, & Greg Kowalczewski. I hope I didn't miss anyone & I want to thank you all for your kind words. Photography does help me with my headaches, but there are simply times nothing helps. Hopefully one day they'll go away. They did when I was young.

    OK – so to this week's work. We’ve been waiting for our Praying Mantis (or Mantids) to hatch like most doting parents. This is our first year we have egg sacks so the wait has been excruciating. The last month we’ve been going from hot to cold to hot to cold & not babies have hatched. We have one we know of in the front yard & one in our tiny apple tree in the back yard on the slope. This morning I was blessed to remember to go & check - & what do I find in our tiny apple tree. Our babies are in the process of hatching.

    So this time I offer another Reversed Lens Macro (seem unable to deal with regular Macros these days) shot with the D300, 50mm f/1.2 AiS at ISO 400, on board flash with diffuser, f/16, 1/160s, Manual metering & handheld.

    What you’re looking at is two siblings as they’ve emerged out of the egg sack. One has unfolded, while the other one is still trying to get it’s bearings. They’re still hanging from the thread they come out with & up top you see the egg sack. Background is the leaves of the apple tree.

    I hope you’ll enjoy as you’re probably going to meet them again.
  13. Hi guys
    My submission this week is to do with my caffeine addiction
  14. Good morning all!
    Here is mycontribution for this week....
    Some awesome pix on here already!
  15. Happy WedNEsDay everyone!
    This photo was taken in September in San Francisco. The site is know as the Palace of Fine Arts. I was going to post a different photo but my eldest daughter liked this shot better than the one on the Palace of Fine Arts web site. So here you go.
    Background: The Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915 was an event dedicated to progress, the celebration of the completion of the Panama Canal, and the rebirth of San Francisco following the disastrous 1906 earthquake. If you would like to read the rest of the background info:
    Have a wonderful week!
  16. Great Wednesday, everybody! And thanks to those of you who kindly commented on my last week's photo of a golden retriever at the Asilomar Beach. This time it's the goose family, photographed at the Elkhorn Slough nature preserve in California.
  17. Tiffany, what a lovely photo!
  18. Sandra at Play
  19. Great photos as always.
    As Matt writes, you do not get the picture if the camera stays at home. This little scene from a weekend at the job.
  20. Matt - exactly, the best camera is the one you have with you when it's needed....
    Tiffany - wonderful shot
    Louis - gorgeous portrait
    Jens - my favorite so far
    Not even Wednesday here yet. Created this image this evening, the black-crowned night heron didn't linger too long and allowed only a few shots. Light direction at this location in the evening isn't ideal, to capture this bird with the sun over my shoulder I would need to levitate above the slough.
  21. Good Morning Everyone..
    Thanks to Jose Arnaud, Doug Rice, Peter Rafle, Greg Kowalczewski for your comments last week. Since I spent a few days in Northumberland last month, I thought I'd continue with that series.
    Here's a photo of Dunstanburgh Castle overlooking Greymare Rock.
  22. Happy Wednesday everybody! Alpo and Linda, thanks for your comments on my last week's image. Here my pic for this week.
  23. this week the oakland museum had its grand reopening... here's a shot
  24. Hello Dear Fellow Nikonians !
    Until this early moment I have especially enjoyed the contributions of Matt Laur (You really make a good point for always carrying a camera with you), and Samford Gerald. His workman is very impressive. It really transmits the feeling of the extreme exhaustion.
    This week my contribution was taken at the beautiful and peaceful town of Évora, Portugal, a World Heritage Site, that is well worth a visit ! (the dark dots on the sky are not dust marks, but pigeons. So, I have decided to keep them...)
    Good wednesday and excellent pictures !
  25. Woke up at the crack to head out on the Otago Peninsula to catch the sunrise. Having shot my panorama, and done some other tripod work, I unclipped my camera and strolled around, doing some handheld stuff. This resulted.
    Happy Wednesday everyone!
  26. Thank you all, whom commented my last week photo! There were so many and so great images at last week´s thread that it was almost breathtaking.
    At this week, my image is a bit moody and dark, hopefully it opens well in PN-pages. This was shot at last Saturday evening when dark clouds started gathering over a frozen bay where I was shooting photos. The wind gusts blew very heavily and it was even a little bit worrying when the trees moved violently because of the wind. Then the gusts settled for a moment and the veiled sun emerged through the thick roof of clouds. Well, then I had some busy moments with the camera.
  27. Some architectural photography from me this week...
  28. Good WeDnEsDaY everybody!
    I was absent last week as I had to attend a meeting abroad and this week's contribution is the proof of that! I think these are the Alps but I was not able to check the exact location. Anyone who can help with that?
    D80 18-200vr@18mm f22 1/80 iso 200 shot in raw and processed in ps. Another good reminder was the double polarization in my images when I used the polarizing filter. It creates an interesting rainbow like effect, without the appeal of course. As far as I know it is due to double polarization form the plane window and the filter. Our pros can clarify that further I presume
    And I want to thank those who commented on my little eggs in #16. And yes one of the eggs was hatching. It turned out to be a very small larvae. After a thousand shots with my primitive macro setup, I successfuly captured it but it wasnt worth posting here.
  29. Thanks for the comments on my photo last week. I need to check back later on what gets posted here today.
    This week I had time to take shots, even though many of them remain unedited. I went to the fortress of Suomenlinna, a Unesco world heritage site, which is very crowded in summer but reasonably empty now. The place is not that easy to photograph, at least for me, but I took this shot of some backlit rocks. I like the graphic quality of it all and if you look carefully, you can see a group of islands in the distance.
  30. A waterworld image conjured from reflected and refracted light at water-air, air-glass and glass-water interfaces (D300s and 105mm f2.8 Micro AIS). hApPy wEdNEsDAy
  31. Last Saturday Night, I photographed U.S. hip hop group Delinquent Habits at the KiFF club in Aarau, Switzerland. They gave out free tequila shots, and while this made for nice photos from the wings (with the crowd pushing forward) moving around in front row was nearly impossible (no barriers were set up) and I shot from the light desk most of the time.
    Nikon D700 at ISO 3200, 70-200/2.8 VR, 1/125s @ f/2.8, RAW processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.
  32. Happy Wednesday!!!
    Hello Everyone, this is my first post. From now on, I will show some images from "Oriental World". Here is the panoramic view of a Guang Xi village below the poverty line, another side of so-called "Modern China".
    D90 Nikkor AF 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D, by 8 shots
  33. acm


    Hello Nikonians! This week my contribution is a tail-light cluster. Rendered as an abstract image. Happy Wednesday!
  34. Barely awake and this thread is already in full flight.... Happy wednesday, and for those in the Netherlands: enjoy Liberation Day!
    My shot made last weekend; the sun is already sometimes getting summer warm; at least this fountain learned to shield from direct rays:
    D300, AiS 105mm f/2.5
    1/4000th, f/2.5 (yes, should have stopped down a bit more), ISO200
    Used only ViewNX rather crude capabilities for B&W.
  35. This photo was taken with some of the best light I experienced on a recent visit to New Zealand. These are some of the Moeraki Boulders on New Zealands Sth Island at sunrise. I fluked it for both great clear skies and a low tide pre-dawn.
    This photo was taken using a tri-pod and my ancient 16mm f/3.5 Nikkor fisheye. I used mirror up mode and had Active D-Lighting set to 'normal'
  36. Snapped this (cropped) shot early this morning in Johannesburg to see if I really was going to sell trade my D80 & 18-135 lens for Canon cos I felt my images were too noisy and not sharp enough in low light.
    Guess this pic proves I can stay with my Nikon after all!
  37. For those who wondered what Mr Lester looked like without the "Evil Eye"
  38. Lots of great pictures so far. Some of my favorites:
    • Keith Obye - touching portrait. The high-key aspect adds a nice touch.
    • Lil Judd - great macro. Seeing shots like yours inspires me to dust off my macro lens and head into my backyard.
    • Dieter Schaefer - really nice capture. Nice clean background and crisp subject.
    • Anish Mankuthel - wonderful vista. I love the scope of your shot.
    • Alpo Syvanen - very moody, almost sinister.
    • Dave Lee - reminds me of the look my cat gives me. Great colors.
    • Matthew Brennan - very cool shot. It's such a glorious thing when you catch the good light.
    For me, I did something I rarely up at dawn and went out to shoot. I headed to one of my favorite beaches and happened to get there on a severe low tide, providing me with some great photo opportunities. This one, weirdly enough, is my favorite. I like the juxtaposition of the seaweed hanging from the rail (showing how high the water can get) and the two surfers casually walking along the beach that, at another time of day, wouldn't even be there.
  39. painful process
  40. I have just returned from a trip to Dorset. There is loads to photograph so I have come back with many rolls of film to develop. For these patterns of light and water I used the 45mm P on my FM3a (loaded with Fuji Reala). Developed and scanned at my local lab as usual.
  41. Jill in creative mood at the Botanic Gardens. Nikon D700 + Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 zoom @ 1/160 f6.3 ISO200
  42. Hi All,
    Lots of cool shots, as usual. Some comments:
    Matthew--perfect star burst
    Alpo--great mood
    Narayan--love the color and simplicity
    Grant--nice b&w
    My contribution this week was taken with a D700, 24-85mm AF-S @28mm, f/8, 1/250th, ISO 400.
  43. D700, 24-70/2.8 at 26mm, ISO 200, f/9, 1/160sec, daylight WB. The model was lit with a single unmodified SB-800 just outside the left edge of the frame, on something like 1/8 power.
  44. As we were getting out of a restaurant, there was this weeding going on. While the pro was setting up in front of them, I caught there attention for a few seconds... Happily ever after. Fountain Hills, Arizona
  45. I've been busy and I've not had my camera out for a few weeks but I wanted to write to thank Doug, Wenshu and Jamie for their comments last week. Here's a photo from a couple of years ago near Skaftafell in Iceland, a dust storm at dusk blowing across the flat land close to the sea. My overriding visual recollections of Iceland, a beautiful but austere place, are the almost total absence of trees and the incessant wind: one would see touring cyclists, teeth gritted, cycling into 25 mph winds where ever one was.
  46. I like this little guy's dignified pose. It reminds me of those old-time portraits where the subject stood with his hand resting on a faux marble column.
    D700, 70-200 f/2.8 + TC14E-II, polarizer, tripod, ISO 800, 1/100 @ f/5.6.
  47. Hello all
    Thanks to Linda McLellan, Doug Rice, Andrew Jessup, Jamie Harre, Peter Rafle and Paul V. Gorky for your kind words on my last week pic
    Practicing macro with Live View Tripod mode. The buds are very small no more than 2 mm.
    I used the ISO 3200 because of a windy evening 1/800
    Imported in PS4 via CR and reduced the noise with Noise Ninja

    Nikon D300 + Tamron 90mm - 1/800 - f 5.6 - ISO 3200 -
  48. My recent trip ....
    Thank you.
  49. Some fabulous photos here - as usual.
    My offering reflects the "you never know" theme. It was taken a while ago, at a "living" industrial museum. When we visited, we were lucky enough to see pig-iron being wrought in the nineteenth century way, using a steam-driven jack-hammer. Despite some entirely proper nods to current health and safety legislation, the process itself is probably largely unchanged from that pioneered by Abraham Darby in the mid-1700s.
  50. Again at a concert at the weekend. Nikon D80 + Tamron 28-75 F/2.8 F/4 1/60 0.0EV ISO1600 with off camera flash 1metre left using CLS - TTL-2.0
  51. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    As usual nice images posted so far and many more to come. First of all, Thanks Doug Rice. I am glad you liked night scene of Boston.
    Here is my contribution, this is taken yesterday evening. I went to one of the garden nearby with few friends to learn flower shooting and as well macro. When we reached there is was nice sunny day but later weather was not co-operative and started raining. We waited for 30-45mins and around 6pm it was ok to go back in the garden. This one is after the rain and I liked the rain-drops on the flower. This is taken handheld, I think I need to start looking for tripod :)
    D90, Tamron 90mm using Shutter 1/25, f14 at ISO 800
  52. It was a rather poor in these last two week for me and photography. Raining, raining and raining.
    There was just a bit of dry (but humid) time saturday morning for visiting a local amusement park for kids.
    D700, 24-70@24
  53. Good Morning, and thank you to those who commented on my cougar image from last week. The fun with this new 105 mm lens continues now that the flowers are beginning to bloom in ou woods. This is with my D300 at f8, 1/320 sec, iso 200. The flower is about 3 inches tall...
    Have a great week!
  54. Hello Everybody,
    thank you to all of you, who commented on my last week's photo, your kind words are very much appreciated.
    My photo this week was taken with a macro lens I borrowed from a good friend. This flower was in my garden and my son found it for me and was really thrilled, that I wanted to photograph it.
    Taken with Nikon D700, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 @ ISO 200, f/22, 1/125s
    Have a lovely week, I look forward to seeing all the photos. There are some pretty amazing out there already.
  55. Here's my very first post to this thread. I've enjoyed viewing the images here over the last few weeks and there's some beautiful imagery here. Wish I could comment on all of them. In any case, I'm pleased to contribute and happy viewing to all!
    THIS UPRIGHT BASS player (an amazing young musician, performing here in a newly-formed acoustic trio named Echo3) has no trouble with his bowing -- it's his tongue that needs the discipline. The image reflects very well the light-sided aspect of this music.
  56. I photographed this bear last week in northern Wisconsin a mile or so from the south shore of Lake Superior. I don't know what happened to it's face, some have suggested mange, burned it in a fire or frostbite.
  57. Here is one more from the Indian Bamboo forests of the south. D200, 24-85 f2.8-4 @ 1/50, f7.1, ISO 200.
    This was shot during an early morning drive through this jungle, while trying to spot wild elephants.....not difficult at all.
    Thats a marvelous pic Li'l!! So many lovely ones!!
  58. Hi All,
    Great shots as usual. Lots of talent here!
    I have been practicing panning lately. I am not very good at it yet - lots of misses.
    This is at my son's (not him in photo) middle school track meet.
    D90 with "ancient" 55/3.5 macro lens at 1/30 sec, f/32 ISO 100.
    Didn't have a ND filter, so needed f/32. Finally ordered a ND filter.
  59. Happy Wednesday to all and a beautiful day it is here in New Jersey. Looks like it is going to be another fabulous viewing day. Can't wait to get back later at spend some more time looking. I must say to Matt though.........................darn how many times have I had "that" discussion w/ my wife and later regretted listening to her. Oh well a battle for another day. This weeks shot was taken last Friday afternoon at the local arboretum. It is a wildflower of some type, that I spied hiding under a rather large leaf and thought I could bring it to Nikon Wednesday. I'll be back later to comment.
  60. From a soccer game this weekend
  61. Nikon D700 Nikon 70-200mm VR I w/ 2xTC
  62. At the request of a parent, I snapped a few pix at a Under-14 travel baseball game in Northern Virginia. These kids are really good -- the game sure seemed to move a lot faster than I remember when I was that age...
  63. Continuing on a theme, from saturday before last, this leviathan A330 taxies out for departure to London's Heathrow. D700, iso 400, f/16, 1/1000sec, 220mm on the sigma 70-300.
  64. A scene from setting up my garden over the weekend
  65. After a few weeks of domestic business I finally got out last night to take a few photographs. Used a D700 with 17-35 f2.8 and a lot of ND.
  66. Backyard near where I keep the boat.
  67. I was planning to take cherry blossom pictures last week. Apparently, my timing was all wrong. Must be the weather. All I could see is a lonely seagull. Oh well ... next year.
    D3s+Zeiss 100mm zf.2; ISO400, 1/250s, 4.5/f
  68. Happy Wednesday. Wonderful photos as usual. Here is my contribution. The family dog enjoying a day of fishing.
  69. St. John's Cathedral, Los Angeles. D700, 24mm.
  70. Great pictures today !! Here is my contribution for today.
  71. Opal at the playground
  72. Big Buddha on Koh Samui, Thailand
    D200, Sigma 10-20mm
  73. Another wonderful Wednesday ! Thanks to everyone who commented on my photo last week. I am sorry I did not get the opportunity to make comments on all the absolutely wonderful photos.
    As a resident of southeast Louisiana, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has occupied my thoughts these past weeks.
    This shot is a sea shell that I found on one of the barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico many many years ago. I pulled it out this past weekend and reminisced about the white sands, the sea birds and all the beauty and diversity of the shorelines. I know I did not capture what I was feeling in this photo, but I do hope you can see the beauty and frailty of nature .
    D300 105mm f/11 shutter 1/60
    I title this Stewardship
  74. Hi All,
    Wish I could compliment everyone individually, but some of my favorites are:

    Matt L. - life is like a box of chocolates...
    Rick D and Lil J - very nice macro work as usual
    Keith O - we're neighbors!
    Greg K - that kid can jump!
    Jeff L, Sanfor G - great portrait
    Tiffany and Louis - lovely kids and photos
    Vineet R - Wow!
    Anish M, Alpo S, Matthew B, Michael M, Ian R, Abib B - very nice landscapes
    Dave L - I may have to get that lens
    Durukan - terrific shot from plane
    Jonathon Y - looks very majestic, wish I could see more
    Bogdon N - great humor
    Kent S - must have taken some patience!
    Aguinalso, Jonas S - lovely architecture shot
    Francesco P - nice colors and motion
    Bob R - I stick my tongue out too; good photo
    Tim H - must have been an exciting encounter
  75. Hello everyone,
    This is my contribution for this week. Taken with Nikon FE+50mm f/1.8+Fujifilm Superia 200
  76. Before I post my image, can someone explain why the word "Wednesday" is written with mixed caps and lower case in this forum? I've seen "WeDnEsDaY", "WeDNesDay", etc.
    Okay, now for my shot. My friend Jerry was showing off his new glasses, and I couldn't resist the late afternoon light.
  77. Great stuff so far everybody! I'll have to come back later today to really appreciate everything; no time now.
    Here's mine for the day: I took a trip down to the train tracks here in Phoenix last week, and saw some fuel tanks that were taking a short break. Might've broken a few rules getting so close to them, but there was a certain beauty to the lines the tracks were making down the line to infinity, and the morning sun was too perfect that day to let go.
    Shot with Nikon D3000, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 DX Lens, at ISO 100, F8, 1/250.
  78. Martin: When PN member Jose Angel first started the Nikon Wednesday institution many, many moons ago, he whimsically used the "WEdNEsDAy"-ish mixed capitalization in the subject lines of those threads. That tradition stuck for quite a while, as it made the subject line easy to spot every week, when the thread was young and mixed in with a lot of other content. This weekly thread has become such a touchstone now (and it floats up to the PN home page long before the sun is up many places on Wednesday!) that it seemed OK to relax that mixed-case text, and make things a little easier to read for everyone, especially newcomers and those that aren't native English speakers/writers. Some contributors, though, enjoy keeping Jose's playful original style alive every week - and that's one of the thread's charming idiosyncrasies.

    Speaking of enjoying things: this week is off to a lovely start. I'm liking the great selection of shots that show the photographer's initiative to get out there and make things happen.
  79. Hey all. Please excuse me for not singling out specific photos, but there's just too many. The quality is so high on this forum.
    I got asked to do some photos for a friend this last weekend. My 1st formal portrait session as such. Was fun, but long. Here is a sample.
  80. Terrific pictures from everyone who has posted so far. My contribution today is another reptile photo, an american alligator photographed in Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.
    D80, Sigma 300/4, ISO 400, 1/500@f4, handheld
  81. Hello fellow Nikonians!!
    Great shots as always this week. I'll post my photo later tonight and take some time to appreciate everyone's photos, but for now I'll single out Kent Shafer's frog as my favorite so far.
  82. Great photos!
  83. darn attachment...
  84. One of my German Shepherds having fun in the snow...
    Nikon D80, f/3.5, ISO 1000
  85. Nice work all. Had a visitor Saturday afternoon while doing spring yard work. Used my D300 and Nikor 100-300MM.
  86. Some very interesting Photos this week!
    This was taken from the street in South Beach in front of The Clevelander. LONG SHOT 2010 is a 24 hour photo marathon in support of Photo Center NW.
    I drove 600 miles and made 600 images in the 24 hour time frame. Exausting but fun and well worth it.
    Nikon D90 28mm f/2.8 f/5.6 1/30 ISO1600
  87. D90, 70-300 4.5-5.6 VR
  88. Good Wednesday everyone!
    First, thanks for comments to my pic in last week's thread to Matt (loved your product shot in last week) & Linda (loved the green and the feeling of spring & freedom in your last week's shot).
    This one was shot last Thursday in a small village nearby. I loved the irony of that scene (the graffiti stating "City" in a rather rural surroundings) and just had to capture it. It is actually a wall of abandoned warehouse of old Iittala glass factory, or so I was told by two elderly ladies who happened to walk by. So here's "City".
    Nikon D50 + Nikon 50/1.8D (@ f/5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO 200)
  89. I attempted to shoot the moon...
  90. Nikon Action Touch point and shoot. Tri-x black and white.
  91. here's a young black-capped chickadee making his first foray into the wilds. i watched him and 2 others take their first flights saturday morning, and it wasn't pretty. one even launched itself directly at me, and landed on my shirt -- hanging there precariously for a couple of moments before realizing he was in the wrong place. it was a unique experience, to say the least (and that's speaking from my perspective!).
  92. Nikon D80 18-135mm @90mm 1/40s f&5.6 hand held available light
    Fresh Peppers @ Nürnberger Hauptmarkt
  93. Apricot tree flowers in UV spectrum of light only.
  94. Hi everybody this is my niece at chuckee&cheese
  95. hi everybody
  96. Greetings, Nikon Buddies. Wonderful work; my comments on some particulars:
    • Matt L. - thanks for lugging the camera bag. What a pleasant surprise.
    • Michael M. - nice composition
    • Alejandro H. - on my list again; love the color and DOF.
    • Doug R. - nice blur, nice composition. I like the way the foreground enhances, rather than distracts.
    • Marc H. - more bars in more places?
    • Steve B. - very nice view.
    My contribution is another angle of the downtown Academy of Art location. PS8 used to crop and make B&W, etc.
  97. The Amsterdam ship moored in Hout Bay last week. It is retracing Darwin's voyage around the world and posed for me for a few houts on sunday morning before sailing on to Cape Town.
    D300, 70-200, ISO200, f11, 1/500 sec
  98. Vox populi. Montreal, Canada.
  99. It's been raining all week so here's a wildflower from my last stroll.
  100. Great pics this week everyone as usual. This week im showing is an old one from back home in virginia. A goose taking his fishing boat out on the lake (or so it would seem). Hope everyone enjoys.
  101. Matt, I thought that the NE was for "Nikon Equipment"
  102. hi everyone,
    has been a long time since i posted on this forum, but has been following every week, good job matt,
    excellent pictures this week,
    my contribution is my first attempt at an HDR photography, and also an attempt to take a good sunset picture
    hope you like it
  103. another attempt
  104. Attended a regional synchronized swimming meet all weekend. The Synchrostars won first place for 10-12 age group teams. Here they are doing their performance. D700 + 80-400 VR ISO 2500 1/250 f4.5
  105. Balloon sales on the eve of May Day in Helsinki.
  106. Eltham Palace, London, 4th May
  107. I just keep coming back here...terrific images.
    Sanford...great portrait!
    Lil...incredible shot!
    Mikhail...Thank you and...I love your shot. The Canadian Airforce, aren't they so cool? the scenery and sweet faces
    Dieter...beautiful...the eyes really set it off against the blue never disappoint ...great image!
    Vineet...beautiful colors and flow
    Alpo...lovely moody landscape
    Dave...1 lucky cat getting to model for what looks like a really sweet lens
    Matthew... extraordinary...what else is there to say?
    Kent...absolutely! A frog with classic taste.
    Lawrence...timing was right! the yellows do amazing things for your subject. Great colors and treatment.
  108. Nice picture as always. my first post.
    Nikon D80 70-200mm F.2,8[​IMG]
  109. The entrance to St Paul's Cathedral this lunchtime. D700 + CZ 25mm ZF.
  110. Great Pics, specially liked the tack-sharp baseball pics.
  111. Happy Wednesday to everyone. A fine collection of photos again this week, as always.
    First off, thanks to Wayne Ervine, Thomas Gerstendoerfer and Greg Kowalczewski for commenting on my photo last week.
    I haven't been able to shoot anything new this week, so I had to choose something from my meager collection. I was playing around with my recently acquired 55mm f3.5 AI a couple of weeks ago and decided to experiment with the rather narrow DOF that you get at 1:2 magnification. As you can see, it's quite narrow indeed. This picture is definitely not technically perfect, but I like it for the almost "creepy" feeling it gives me.
  112. [​IMG]
    Nikon D80 50mm f/1.8 @ 1/125s, f/5.6 ISO 100
  113. Nice shot MAtt. I need to learn to carry my camera everwhere. Many times I pass by a quiet street where deer come out of the local forest preserve and invade people's yards. Great pictures all.
    My contribution for this week is a shot taken last Saturday in Wilmette, IL It's one of the columns surrounding Baha'i Temple. This is a very interesting building one that will certainly get your attention.
  114. I was out for a Sunday drive when i cam upon this family out for a stroll.. I was quite shocked as I have never seen this before.
    Nikon D90
    Have a great week all.
  115. Odd little bugger I found today on a trek...working on finding out what it is now. Really like your entries~ Bob Rosenbaum and Matthew Brennen, well done.
  116. Holy cow! Unbelievable photos. They get better every week. I feel humbled knowing there is such great talent out there.
    This is a photo of an abandoned boat in Bodega Bay harbor in northern California. Pulled out my old Tokina 400mm MF because I knew it would be a soft focus photo. Wind was blowing so hard the camera just floated in the air. Actually I was pushing down on the tripod.
  117. I have kept this toy since my father gave it to me long time ago; it was one of my favourites when I was a child.
  118. Brian Winshell, I love the sky in your photo. It's the perfect background!
  119. Another terrific exhibition of photographic talent!
    Not much time for picture taking this week, so I'm forced to go to the archives for virtual "toast" to all the great images today! Took this last December in Copenhagen when I was there for the UN global warming talks -- I liked the way the candle was shining through the beer.
  120. Gee, I complimented many later entries, but it seems to have gotten lost.
    Sorry. Great job everyone!
  121. Bluebirds nesting in Blufton SC
  122. Great images this week. This is my first post. It's Iggy the Green Iguana. A very regal subject.
  123. Had to come back and look again - such fine photos each week. I look forward to it each week.
    Cannot comment on everything I like but will pick a few.

    Lil J. - being a fan of macro photography myself I really like the picture, a moment to wait for a capture quickly b/c it will not last long. Of course I also have the mental image of you rocking back and forth to focus while a bystander ( in my case it would be my 12 year old daughter) watches and thinks you might be just a little crazy! I look forward to seeing more of the adults.

    Grant T.- This is quite nice and I am relieved that the addiction is caffeine - an encrusted spoon brings dimmer ideas to mind! Of course if that was "nano coating" on the spoon I suppose it would be acceptable here.

    Michael M. - I really like all of the strong compositional elements here, the repetition of the stairways on the hills, and the placement of the out of focus surfers. Well seen. I feel like it has taken me a year with the D300 to get back to the point where I wasn't distracted by various aspects of gear & can have compostion resume it's number 1 spot. Of course coming from MF lenses on an FM3a I guess I can be forgiven. As such right now I find myself drawn to strongly composed images. this would be one :)

    D. Hinckley - The out of focus rendition of the 1.2 always catches my eye with the dreamy swirling look and I am doing my best to grow red valerian (Jupiters Beard) in my find.

    Bill N. - I like the choice of softness and the composition is so strong with the placement of the ship and the repetition of the waves in the rolling hillside behind the houses. This is a real winner!
    And thanks to everyone else too - it is so enjoyable to look forward these images each week. There are many great pictures & photographers here.

    And thanks to Matt L. for taking over and starting off this great thread. I have really like the recent dog photos and couldn't have been more surprised by the chance encounter starting us off this week.
  124. Greetings all,
    I was studying today's photos, wanting to send kudos to the best. But there are so many great shots, I'll just say "Thanks" to everyone for submitting this week. Wonderful photos that portray the people and world around us.
    My submission is of a guy who got down on all fours (okay, maybe just three) to get a shot of some friends he was with. He was behind me as I was shooting so I just swung around and <click>. He actually laid on his belly for the next shot. Okay, no brilliant colors or cool structures, just someone doing what we do. Sorry, but he was shooting with another brand.
  125. Thanks to everyone who commented on my picture last week. A really exceptional Wednesday's worth of pictures posted above me, Alexander Kleppesto's eyes along with Roberta Davidson's seashell really stuck out to me.

    Went to a friend's wedding at the beach last weekend, took lots of pictures of the couple, their family, the friends etc etc, but the picture that's really stuck with me is the one of the person who was but wasn't there. The groom's father lost a short but vicious battle with cancer almost 10 years ago, and could only be at the wedding in shirt, hat, and spirit.
  126. Tiffany, your shot reminded me of my younger boy, playing street hockey, with his long blond hair blowing in the wind -- it was probably about 15 years ago, there were no consumer digital cameras, and film left me cold -- so no photographic memories, alas.
  127. The way we ('re) used to do it:
  128. Missed a week or two due too excessive work... This 1's with a D200 and I think 18-70.. [​IMG]
  129. Thanks for all the comments the past few weeks, I am late this week all of my days melt together. For the few who asked what one of my photos were a few weeks back it was Oil and Water, the green red was a Mt. Dew Box! Here is mine for the week!
  130. Spring comes to Boston's Back Bay! I'm infatuated with the Magnolias, and have been devoted to them since having a couple of photography courses, way back in the mid-1970's, at the Boston Center for Adult Education (this is a scene from the building's elegant courtyard, on Commonwealth Ave at Arlington Street, just across from the Public Garden). The flowering came and passed much earlier this year, so I'm revisiting this one from a couple of seasons back. Nikon D300, 17-55 mm Nikkor lens, "antiqued" a bit in PS Lightroom.
  131. What a beautifull collection of photographs, all of them inspire me to try and try again.
    Im posting a picture of our dinner tonite as we went to celebrate Mothers Day a little early with my inlaws. We went to a new restaurant (for us anyway) in San Francisco's Mission District..
    It was taken with a Nikon D80 and 50mm f1.4 lens
    Dinner was great, here is one of our dishes. Not midnite here yet so see you next wednesday.
  132. Sorry! Re-posting that photo. Thought the size was small enough.
    Spring comes to Boston's Back Bay! I'm infatuated with the Magnolias, and have been devoted to them since having a couple of photography courses, way back in the mid-1970's, at the Boston Center for Adult Education (this is a scene from the building's elegant courtyard, on Commonwealth Ave at Arlington Street, just across from the Public Garden). The flowering came and passed much earlier this year, so I'm revisiting this one from a couple of seasons back. Nikon D300, 17-55 mm Nikkor lens, "antiqued" a bit in PS Lightroom.

  133. One flame for this Wednesday Pic...
  134. Who says the tropics doesn't have spring season? This flower blooms just once a year, if I'm lucky. D40 + 50mm f/1.8 @ f/2.8 1/200 ISO200.
  135. Wonderful pictures. Some that especially caught my eye:
    • Lil's praying mantises—great photo, though they give me the creeps—can't learn to love insects.
    • Jens's wonderful pasture image, my favorite this week.
    • Matthew's surreal beach. What is "fluked"?
    • Paul's fishing dog.
    • Brian's Big Buddha.
    • James Symington's great black-and-white.
    • Bill Nelson's abandoned boat.
    • Jose's Lincoln Logs. I still have mine too. My son played with them, and maybe (someday, maybe—sigh) a grandchild may like them.
  136. Thank you to Doug Rice for listing my shot in your generous list of acknowledgements. This week the shots that grabbed my attention included:

    Alpo Syvanen
    - Very nice the way this reflection turned out in B&W.
    Anish Mankathel - A great view looking up from the rocks.
    Bill Nelson - Like the contrast between boat and background.
    Boris Miljevic - Nice flame.
    Carey Moulton - Great timing on the ball.
    Doug Rice - An interesting effect that works.
    Grant Tanner - Nicely done.
    Jennifer Meighan - Particulary like the fall away in sharpness of the stem from the bug.
    Jens Frederiksen - Until something better comes along - my favourite sheep under the tree shot.
    Keith Obye - A very nice moment captured in B&W.
    Lawrence Ho - Great effect with the golden water.
    Lil Judd - Awesome shot of the praying mantises. An all-time favourite.
    Louis Meluso - Like the effect of the grain in this portrait.
    Matthew Brennan - Super shot.
    Ofer Sivan - Nice light and impact in B&W.
    Paul V. Gorky - Nice sunlight effect on the flower.
    Rick Dohme - Great shot of a caterpillar hard at work.
    Roberta Davidson - The shell tells a wonderful journey.
    Scott Pogorelc - Great moment in concentration and wind-up.
    Steve Belden - Great pose and the red eye is a nice detail.
  137. The last two weeks I've spent my broadband Internet time working on the computer system at our regional juvenile lock-up. Interesting place to work but I certainly would NOT want to live there. Not a good place for posting on<g>.
    Anyway, here's a group shot of our Cattle Dog puppy litter at 5 weeks old. If you remember from the earliest photos they were born pure white except for their black spots.
    If you're interested, the full series of photos is at
  138. Steven and Greg, thank you so much for your kind comments.
    Steven, your photo tells a beautiful story.
  139. Had to miss #17, and late for this week, because of foreign travel. Before I left on the trip, shot this daffodil in my front yard late April up in New Hampshire. Always a treat to have the flowers emerge up there, even though it means the bugs are not far behind. Greetings to all my Nikon Wednesday friends!
    Daffodil, New Hampshire -- D300, 35mm f/2.0 AFD Nikkor, Polarizer
  140. Thank you, Tiffany and Greg. I know all is not lost and I do like that picture. It would make my 5:00 am trip down to the park that day more worthwhile if the cherry blossom was still around 8<. Looking forward to the upcoming Wednesday thread.
    Hey, Aguinaldo, do you own any lens other than a 14-24mm? Just kidding. You are truly a master of ultra wide angle shots. Keep the pictures coming 8>
  141. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Wednesday is almost here again.

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