Nikon Wednesday Pic 2010: #17

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    Welcome to Wednesday, Nikon folks. A few hours ago (way back on Tuesday) I needed to help out with a quick ad hoc product shot. The resulting image was worked into some graphics for a display sign. From setting up two strobes and shooting to a 16x20 print at a local Costco to the finished, framed sign on the wall: just under two hours. Sometimes those quick and dirty projects can be satisfying. Any gems from you and your Nikon gear this week? Share an image!
  2. Riding a rocket at Rincon.
  3. Happy Wednesday again. My contribution this week was taken in a field of wildflowers across the street from my house. I used a Nikon D80, 70-300mm lens, Aperture Priority mode, f/5.6, 1/2000.
  4. Early start, and some beautiful images already!
    Here is a golden retriever I photographed at the Asilomar Beach several days ago. (Not my golden retriever.)
  5. Taken at Elizabeth Park in CT...I call this 'Comfort'...which we all could use once in a while...thanks to all who mentioned my offering 2 weeks back. I didn't post last week, but wanted to thank those who gave me a shout out. Happy Wednesday and shooting to all.
  6. 3sh


    After a long time, submitting on wednesday forum. Went to a local sanctuary last saturday and spent 4hrs there.
  7. Greetings-this is an image I took while waiting for someone at the Denver Art Museum.
  8. Happy Tuesday from Seattle!
    Matt...very well done. Looks like a lot of things could go wrong there and the result is beautiful!
    Jeff...amazing capture...I would have to take hundreds to get one like that.
    Bill...really beautiful...the magic of Spring.
    My contribution is from a recent shoot...I got to bring in a few of my favorite models for a clothing store shoot. I love this girl. Her expressions were larger than life, so I tried to tame her a bit. I then realized that taming her would be an egregious error. I must go now..."Glee" is on...I am hooked!
  9. Eyes only for the ball and oblivious to what's in front or behind him this little fellow launches himself to take this great mark. The permanent cricket nets in the background are typical of many local sports grounds around Australia. This game was played on ANZAC day (25 April 2010). It has become traditional for players wear black arm bands on this day as a sign of respect for the Australian soldiers that gave up their lives
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 200 mm, 1/1000 sec, f/4 and ISO 320 (Manual, hand held, VR off)
  10. Here's a shot of a little Yup'ik Eskimo boy taken on Sunday with a D300s and the 180mm AIS.
  11. Thanks for all the comments on my water collision, and to answer Roberta Davidson, the drops are about 8-10 a second. They make a very recognizable and pleasing plop plop plop sound when they're timed right.

    Spent a whole day at a wildlife refuge, futilely taking woefully out of range shots of osprey and herons, only to find this guy hiding in a bush at a local duck pond the next day. This particular green heron was very patient with me, allowing me to get within 10 feet of him. He probably thought all the foliage was deterrent enough (and he was right!).
  12. Hi everyone
    I was very busy this week and did not have a photo so i ran outside yesterday afternoon and took a photo of a palm trunk with the light only striking part of it. Won't be to everyone's liking but this is okay
  13. Nikon D90 & Tokina 11-16mm @16
    1/125 f5.6 ISO 500
  14. Happy Wednesday everyone! Roberta and Peter, thanks for your comments on my last week's photo. Here is my pic for this week.
  15. The Big Sur Marathon. The announcer was giving her age at this point. May we all be running marathons at 80.
  16. The B-17 "Liberty Belle" at the Museum of Flight last weekend. A gorgeous airplane.

    Nikon D300, Nikon 55-200mm VR zoom lens, ISO 200, 1/400 at f11 at 200mm. Converted in NX2 from NEF.
  17. Well, I’m still housebound for a while I think. I’ve been plagued with horrible headaches for the last 3+ weeks & my strength is leaving me. I’m getting very tired. I don’t do much photography & not much else either. I have but moments now & then I do stuff. I always have a headache. This is now 10 years of constant headaches the doctors can’t fix.

    So, it’s again a Reversed Macro. I’m sorry, but that’s really all I have the strength for. Again, my distance to my subject is max 5cm or 2 inches.

    Shot with the D300, the amazing 50mm AiS f/1.2 Reversed, on board flash. Manual metering, f/16, 1/125s, ISO 400

    I hope you’ll enjoy.
  18. My 1st try at Macro. Very hard to take this pic of my Parrot "Mr Lester" He wouldn't stay still ;-)
  19. Very good morning Nikon-people! This early and already so many fine images. Well, we NAS-patients come from all over the world.
    Some quick observations:
    Arayan - Most interesting and beautiful, also very original approach to your subject. Fine image.
    Sanford - What a great sports-capture. Easily beats all those tight sparred usual sport-photos. :)
    Adam - I like this one.
    Greg - Another great and humoristic sport-photo.
    Tiffany - :-D Wonderfully sunny portrait!
    Sankha - Very nice and moody image. Somehow this reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe...
    Mikhail - An image full of pet owners joy. Lovable capture!
    Matt - Nice work in such a hurry!
    My image was shot at last week. The spring was at good start at my part of Central-Finland when the winter suddenly returned. This was shot by a partly flooded field that the moving birds use as a landing site. Nikon D700 + Nikon 80-200mm/2.8. 1/2500s, f:4, ISO 400.
  20. Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL
    D300s, 18-200mm zoom @ 18mm, F/22 at 1/3s, ISO 100, Tripod
  21. Back from two weeks in New Zealand. I was there mainly to capture landscapes but this little boat tied up at Moeraki on the South Island of New Zealand also took my fancy - partial de-saturation performed in PS 3.
    Nikon D700 + AF-D 85mm f/1.4 @f/2.8, 1/160th, ISO 400
  22. NIkon F3HP, Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8, Tmax 100 in HC-110 Dil B., Nikon CoolScan 4000
    Tiffany- She is as cute as a bug.
    Dave- Love the B-17.
    Jeff- Nice surfing action
  23. Hi,
    My contribution this week is from a trip to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, north of Dunedin, NZ. This is a vast, fenced off enclosure, keeping introduced predators and pests out, providing native New Zealand flora and fauna a safe environment in which to reestablish a working ecosystem. Lovely native New Zealand birds to photograph to your heart's content.
    Best regards,
  24. Good morning folks.....Happy wednesday
    Thanks to all who mentioned my pix last week!
    THe dog and the red boat pix are awesome....
  25. It has just opened and already there are so many great photos. I will check back later in the day and look them all over.
    This is my first ever Eagle shot. I found out about this Eagle's nest and when I went over it was misty & drizzling a little. I was taking some shots of the nest when the whole are almost turned black. I had been looking through the view finder when the mate flew back to the nest with a stick in it's grasp. I had no idea it was coming. I'll admit I was really excited as like I said this was my first.
    I will be going over again over the weeks ahead.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  26. Good Morning all. I'm the one pushing hard on the swing so my hit-rate on these shots is very low: probably 2%-5%. Here is one of the better ones from a short while ago.
  27. Hello Everyone..
    Thanks a lot to those who commented on my photo last week. To be honest, I wasn't satisfied with the photo as I had blown highlights and should have used a ND grad as it was in my bag but I thought better.
    Anyway, I was up in Northumberland last weekend and went around the coast taking pictures of the castles, beaches and the sea. The weather wasn't on my side but I managed to get a few decent shots nonetheless. This one is at Bamburgh Castle.
  28. Traveling in India with the cams is so much fun. This is a late evening 5 shot HDR of the Bhavani river in the south western green state of Kerala. One of the popular tiger and elephant reserve.
    D200 the camera. 24-85 2.8-4 the lens, ISO 200, f6.3 @ 1/160s avg.
  29. Good Photo Wednesday, everybody ! Until now, my preferences go to Sanford, Greg, Eric, Matthew and Anish. This week my contribution comes from the beautiful city of Sidi Bou Said, in Tunisia.
    It was taken with my D80, with NIKKOR VR 18-200, at 42mm, F/8; 1/250, ISO 100.
  30. I spent a little time down at the beach this weekend. My first time down didn't offer me much - the sky was cloudless, the people weren't being photographically interesting enough. :) But on my second day I got a few shots that I liked. This is one of them.
  31. Good Photo Wednesday, everybody ! Until now, my preferences go to Sanford, Greg, Eric, Matthew and Anish. This week my contribution comes from the beautiful city of Sidi Bou Said, in Tunisia.
  32. Hello Everybody,
    thank you very much for the kind comments on my photo last week.
    This week something a bit older, taken at the wedding 2 weeks ago, I loved this chandelier and I had to photograph it. The colours were even more vivid in a real life.
    Taken with D700, 85mm, f/1.8@ ISO 400, 1/2000s, f/2
    Have a lovely week.
  33. Mine is not a gem, but it's been taken with a gem... Two weeks ago, I received an AiS 35 f/1.4 which I won in eBay, and last week I've been playing with it a lot - it is a gem, and it is a constant reminder I have to work better on my focussing skills.
    So, a nightly shot from my window:
    Nikon D300 - 35 f/1.4
    1/100th, f/1.4, ISO400
    Thanks for the responses on my picture last week - I had no time to get back on last week's thread to say a proper thanks there!
  34. Good morning from Wales. A shot taken on Monday in a local gorge, involving only a little trespassing. D700, 35-70 2.8, 3 stop ND and 2 stop soft ND grad, needs more work in post. A bit different from some of the excellent stuff above, but I hope in the spirit of wednesdays.
  35. ok here we go, recent pic
  36. I recently returned from a trip to Bangkok (which got extended quite a bit due to the ash clouds over Europe) and I'm still in the process of going through my photos, but here's a shot of the city at dusk from the State Tower's sky bar.
  37. My first contribution here at Hope it flies :) Finally got a decent shot of resident warbler on Monday. D300 + 80-400mm@400mm, f/8, AF, spot metering, VR off on unlocked tripod.
  38. Took this on monday in the forrest.
    15 degrees C,
    sun and the beech wood ground covered with white anemones.
  39. Hi everyone this is my beutiful daughter Yaretzi
  40. Happy Wednesday everyone - and many thanks to all who commented on my image last week, very much appreciated.
    So far, these images caught my eye:
    Tiffany Brook - she looks like a handful; gorgeous portrait
    Dave Lee - excellent capture of that B-17
    John Farrar - very interesting shot, like the eddy in the background
    This weeks contribution was taken about three weeks ago, currently don't have time to go out and shoot.
  41. One of my favourite buggy walks with camera in hand--I missed an amazing sunset made better by the Volcanic ash a week ago but revisited an old pic I took some time ago near the same spot --sometimes old pics seem new again!
  42. This was taken in the city of Sintra, Portugal.
    Thank you.
  43. Happy wednesday to everyone.
    This weeks photos seems to be even greater again.
    Here's my contribution:
    Taken with D200 and some editing with PS since I had the crappy kit lens without large aperture!
  44. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    As always nice variety of images around the world. Thanks to Wayne E, Doug R, Steven F, Greg K, Janne K, Lil J for liking my Kiwi fruit image and commenting on.
    This week's contribution is from past weekend at Boston Children's Museum. Weather was nice and little cool during night time, but was fun. This is handheld picture taken at 1/10 shutter speed at ISO 1600. It's quite sharp picture when I viewed on screen with 100%, obviously after applying noise removal software.
    Nikon D90
    Tamron 17-50mm
    Exposure Time = 1/10"
    F Number = F4
    ISO = 1600
    Ray G
  45. Good Morning!
    Switching gears from spring to the fun I have been having with a new Micro Nikkor 105 mm VR on my D300. This guy was at an animal preserve in the Everglades. Taken at f4, 1/1000 sec, iso 200.
    Have a good week!
  46. This is downtown Minneapolis from across Lake Calhoun.
    D700, 200mm f/4 AIS, polarizer, braced against a tree. Five-exposure HDR @ f/8, Photomatix.
  47. 9 yr old Labradoodle. Early in the advent of the breed, and far ahead of the recent Hollywood Marley, this Marley won't tolerate more than say 25 shots at any one session. D90/85mm f1.4 @ f1.7, 1/250s, Auto WB, ISO 500
  48. bms


    Happy W-Day! Great work once again, my faves so far are Rich Armstrong, Tiffany and P Watson.....
    Not much from me this week, though.... I need a vacation :)
  49. Great start this morning. I bought another old lens on Sat. I was out looking for anything to shoot with my new lens. It was very windy out. Doing macro shots when its windy really adds to the challenge. Love these old manual focus lenses. I like how this dragonfly smiled for his portrait. Nikon D3, Nikon Micro 105 2.8, 1/60 sec, f/4, 105mm, ISO 100, Sb800 flash with diffuser mounted on mono pod, Hand held.
  50. This is at the harbor in Braunschweig. I happened to arrive while the volunteer fire department (youth) was practizing.
    Picture taken with NIKON D80 and 18-135 lens.
  51. I feel that this week my best stuff was taken with non-Nikon equipment. I did, however, practice my skills in macros and product shots using my Nikon DSLR. The earliest spring flowers are starting to bloom here, so after a long winter I couldn't resist to go and take some shots. This shot may be a little bit busy, but I have to excuse myself with difficult wind conditions slowing me down so much that I didn't have the time to look for better angles.
  52. Up very early this AM with a headache ( feel for you Lil!!!! ) As always, enjoying all the shots, but a few caught my attention...
    Tiffany.....superb portrait, and what a model!
    Enrique....looks like a dinosaur eye, and what an intense expression!
    Aguinaldo....Love the light and moodiness
    Richard....nice framing
    My shot is from a visit to my daughter's last week. My grandson's lizard was shedding, and he wanted me to photograph a piece of shed skin. I put it on a glass top table, and got a neat three level reflection in the glass!
  53. Greetings fellow Nikonians. I hope everyone had a rewarding week, shooting pictures of whatever caught their creative eye. This weeks shot was taken this past Sunday on what was a very damp and gloomy day, here in the North East part of the US. As I was looking out my window at the fog beginning to envelope my little part of the world, I thought wouldn't it be neat if I could capture the fog shrouded woods of my backyard. It is always amazing how lighting changes the mood is so many subtle ways. Looking forward to seeing what lighting did in your world this week.
  54. Happy WedNEsDAy to one and all.
    I would like to thank Tiffany, Wayne, Roberta, Doug, Martin, Fred and Ray for your our comments on my submission last week. I appreciate your time and value your kind words of encouragement.
    My photo this week is of a very small section of the rusted and weathered chain that boarders the road leading to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s easy to look past this barrier while viewing the Bay and looking at all the activity under and around the Golden Gate. There is probably ¼ to ½ mile of this chain separating the road from the water. I can’t imagine the time and effort that went into its construction. Hope you like it.
  55. Some good airside access on Saturday with good photo opportunities. Here an A320 of Monarch Airlines taxies out for take off probably for London Gatwick, around mid-day. Its just about to turn to its right just incase anyone thinks I'm gonna get squished or sucked up into the engines. A rapidly moving scene with no margin for thought or correction. Mmmm, that noise, and the smell of jet fuel are so addictive...
    D700, iso 200, f/11, 1/640 sec, at 300mm on the sigma 70-300.
  56. Portrait...
  57. Another dog shot
  58. I took my boys for a walk in the forest on Sunday and when they saw the opportunity for soldier type games they recognised that the pool of mud was a suitable way to start camouflaging their pretty pink faces.
    Nikon D80 with Tamron 28-75mm
  59. Happy Wednesday to everyone.
    Thank you to Roberta Davidson for commenting on my photo last week.
    Here's a picture taken from my visit to the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge this past weekend.
  60. Stairway to somewhere
  61. Greetings all.
    I'm finding I really look forward to this page each week. Really fun.
    The posts that caught my attention for whatever reason so far:
    Enrique Rabelo

    Weston Fryatt

    Arun Seetharam (very natural HDR)

    José Arnaud

    Wouter Willemse

    Daniel Hinckley

    Aguinaldo de Paula (wonderful atmosphere)

    Kent Shafer
    Paul V. Gorky
    George Allred
    Cory Ammerman
    From my side, a pic from my brother's wedding last saturday. This was one of the bridesmaids with her son. Really caught my imagination. Shot with a Nikon D5000, 18-55mm VR at 55mm, 1/60s, F7.1, ISO 1800.
  62. After seen all your great photos, I had to put one of mine. Taken on vacations, he was having a lot of fun. Maybe a future pilot. Who knows
  63. Hi Folks,
    I love *every* photo posted so far!
    Here is another example of amateur boxing (Indiana Golden Gloves.)
    D90, 55-200 kit lens at 135mm 1/200 sec f/5
    Some Photoshop color correction of background (maybe not quite enought) lit by fluorescent lights.
    More comments later.
    Going Down!
  64. Wow!! Way too many nice photos to choose this week! Here is my contribution.
  65. Hello, here is my contribution for this week. It is a still life of salt, pepper and sugar on an eatery table top. Again it is a film contribution.
  66. i went to visit my old university 30 years after graduating, but found little evidence of the old place. notably, the cathedral seems to have escaped the general upheaval.
  67. Wonderful journey already !
    I thought you might be weary with the water drops, so posting something a bit different today.
    I recently acquired the 105mm f/2.8 VR micro and am really liking this lens.
    I am always amazed what a macro lens can show us that we just don't seem to notice with the naked eye.
    Nature is truly amazing .
  68. D90 with 70-300VR shot in the Florida Everglades. (I think the 70-300VR is an excellent piece of glass that does not get the recognition it deserves).
  69. Texas Bluebonnets near Brenham, Texas taken with Nikon D700 & Sigma 150-500mm lens
  70. First of all, thank you to all who expressed interests in my orchid picture shown in "Nikon Wednesday Pic 2010 #16".

    Another flower shot in the basement.

    D700 + 85mm PCE lens + a couple of SB900; ISO400, f/36, 1/250s
    Tulip in flame
  71. Lotta great shots today. Ofey I really like your still life.
  72. Abstract of Room. D700, 14mm.
  73. Not enough time for photos this week -- actually, I took some shots over the weekend, but ran out of time for editing -- so here's another from my friend's band's gig two weeks ago. As usual, I'll be back later once I've had a chance to properly assess this morning's exhibition. So far, it's among the best WeDNeSdaYs ever!
  74. Sunrise on Chieow Laan Lake, Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
    D200, Tamron 17-50mm VC, HDR
  75. the last interchange of my morning commute,
  76. Wow, great shot Brian, as are all the rest. Mine is chess pieces.
  77. [Nikon D70s converted to IR]
  78. Happy Wednesday!!
  79. Looking good, as usual!
    This one is a candid portrait of a good friend of mine, I was testing the SB-80DX I just got, and took one shot with flash and another without. I liked the one without the flash better, so here you are:
    Fuji S3 Pro + Nikon 35mm f/1.8G (@ f/1.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 100)
  80. Rochester Institute of Technology at Dusk
    Nikon D700 70mm iso 3200 1/40sec low res
  81. Hello all
    Thanks to Roberta Davidson and Janne Kaakinen for mention my last week Pic.
    I'm spending more time in Hospitals than taking photos these days and the only day I could take some pics I had a.... Canon in my hands :( Shame on me!!!
    So I post one taken few months ago. (I had shown before to a group of friends here so it will be familiar to some of you )

    We call this kind of Caterpillar "Gata Peluda" (a quick translation would be "Hairy female Cat") Touching its hairs is a bad idea, its very painful. While I was spending my Holidays in Uruguay, several of this bugs where climbing the external walls looking for a safe place to build the cocoon.
    A few more pics of this bug here
    Nikon D300 + Tamron 90mm - ISO 200 - f4.5 - 1/640
  82. St-Benoit-du-Lac Abbey, Quebec, last Saturday
  83. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D300 with 17-55mm/f2.8 DX @ ISO 800, 45mm, f5.6, 1/60 sec. SB-900 bounced off the ceiling.
  84. Great photos !! Here is my contribution for today. This is my first picture taken with my new lens, the Sigma 150 mm f/2.8 APO macro DG on my Nikon D300. Have a happy shooting !!
  85. f8


    Mt. Shasta - I don't do a lot of BW but some images just deserve to be seen in black & white. AWESOME SHOTS SO FAR EVERYONE.
    Nikon D700 - ISO 200 - Nikon 28-70mm lens - f22 - WB Sun - Shot color, converted to BW in photoshop.
  86. Test upload (checking for system timeout errors).
  87. At my house's garden Nikon D80 18-135mm kit lens @135mm f/5.6 1/250s available light
  88. Great photos as always everyone. I'll be back this evening when I have more time to appreciate them.
    Hung around in the back yard of this past weekend and was visited by an inquisitive yellow finch.
  89. Happy Wednesday, all! Took this one during a recent trip to the desert. I found quuite a few of these metal scupltures pretty much positioned in the middle of nowhere. Did some research and found out that a local landowner commisioned a self-taught artist to make these for him. There are probably 20 or 30 of them out in the desert, ranging from animals to people to birds.
    I call this one 'desert travelers'.
  90. Great nature shots this week!
  91. D300, 80-200/2.8 @ 130mm, ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/320sec.
  92. I have missed a couple weeks. Good to be back and see what y'all have been up to.
    Matt, Do I remember reading that your wife makes jewelry? Is this piece hers? It is a beautiful piece, and you represented it wonderfully here.
    Jeff, Week after week, you keep giving us really impressive work. The colors here are stunning.
    Sankha, It almost looks like the branches are holding up the moon. Very nice.
    Tiffany, Adorable little girl. Great expression. I'm hooked on Glee too. Missed it last night though. Our local Fox station is having problems...I'll have to watch it online tonight.
    Greg K, Love the determination of these little ahtletes, and the grass clinging to their shoes is a delightful detail.
    Grant T, Looks almost like part of a dinosaur armor. Very cool.
    Narayan, Wonderful! Very creative work.
    Lil, Sorry to hear of your health problems. You have my sympathy. Another beautiful close up image.
    Jana, What a fun chandelier!
    Jan I, I love the color temp variations of all the lights.
    Daniel H, Welcome to Pnet!
    Jose, Your daughter is indeed beautiful. Enjoy every minute. They grow so fast! My oldest is graduation hight school in 3 weeks.
    Aguinaldo, Fantastic details.
    Mitchell, Looks like quite a personality.
    Oskar, I don't think your image is too busy at all..the color and lines move the eye nicely through the image.
    Jeanne, How cool! You have really put that glass table to good use.
    Paul V, Wonderful moody scene. I imagine faeries hiding in that underbrush.
    Mark G, I have always known that when my kids are the dirtiest, they have had the best time...and I have girls! Great portrait.
    Norman, Is that a brand in the shape of Texas on the cow's side? The bluebonnets make a beautiful background for your bovines.
    Janne, Love that sliver of light along your friend's profile!
    Alejandro, We have a species of caterpillar here that also has stinging "hairs". Our buckmoth caterpillar is not as pretty as yours. Very nice!
    Lex, Self-portrait??? :)
    Many other excellent images as well.
    Mine this week is of my daughter who is getting ready to graduate from high school. Our professional photographer friend's mother is very ill, so I had to do the senior pics myself. This is non-traditional, but I think it captures the feel of where she is on life's path.
    D300, Tamron 28-200, ISO 200, f5, 1/800
  93. Wednesday again! And a great bunch of pictures to view.
    This was taken just moments before the disastrous landing of a team attempting to beat the world record for smallest-parachute-fancy-dress skydive. The next frame was too horrific to show here.
    Technical data: D700; 1000th sec. @ f/8; 70-300mm Sigma "Apo" lens.
  94. Catching the warm glow of a setting sun on the starboard side of a yacht.
  95. Spinning, spinning, spinning. Old Town Alexandria, VA.
  96. The quality of everyone's work is so high, I would love to comment on them all, but must make some limits:

    Matt L- lovely job
    Jeff L - great action shot
    Dave L - beautiful plane
    Bill B, Andres A, Oskar O, Jennifer M - very nice flower shots
    Tiffany B, Greg K, Eric J, Abib B Mark G, Wayne E, Richard L, Shun C, Maurice O - lovely children portraits
    Mikhail T, Mitchell F, Jim I - I always love dog pics
    Lil J, Rick D, Jeanne H, Roberta D, Lawrence H, Alejandro H - great macro work
    Norman W - best cow photo ever!
    Richard A - great comp, turning lemons (fence) into lemonade!
    Steven F, Vineet R, Phil B, Daniel H, Dieter S, Andrew M, Richard S, Steve Bd - amazing bird photos; I don't know how you all do it
    Matthew B, John F, Anish M, Arun S, Jan I, Jose C, Aguinalso P, Ray G, Kent S, Paul G, George A, Brian W, Brett H - lovely scenes
    Lex J - great portrait
    Great work EVERYONE! I look forward to Wednesdays now!
  97. This is the Leesville Grade, Colusa County, CA, on a gorgeous spring day last week
    Shot with a Nikon D-90 in Auto mode with a Nikkor 18-55 mm lens.
  98. Wonderful images here, as always! Here are a few that stand out to me: Greg, Tiffany, Phil, Michael, Dieter, Aguinaldo, Paul, George, Andrew, Norman.
    My contribution this week is just an experiment with sparse lighting.
  99. First time posting on wednesday pic! Also first time scanning/editing film... I'm learning to appreciate post processing with digital.
  100. Hello fellow Nikonians,
    the pictures today are really really great, all of them. Love it! And have missed out on last Wednesday... :(
    I went citywalking last weekend, looking for details. Here's one of them. Taken with D700 and 24-70 (which has become sort of my favourite...)
  101. great stuff as usual this week everyone. alejandro great catapiller. Bugs and Birds this week are amazing. This week ive got a poppy bloom from down the street. enjoy.
  102. Train was derailed in Helsinki two days ago. Here they seem to be working on the damaged power line structures. I know a better picture always results from walking closer but I don't think I could have taken many steps closer before they would have picked me up ;-)
  103. Abib B: I am with you. :).
    Lil: Thank you for kind words for my last week's pic. I am pleased and encouraged when my picture was mentioned here. Thank you all.
  104. A small waterfall in Catskill Mts
  105. Hi all,
    Good morning, good afternoon, goog evening and good night,
    Here is my contribution to this Happy Wednesday.
    Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 16 mm, ISO 400, 1/500, f/11,
  106. Thank you for the nice words on last week's photo.
    This week there are already a lot of great pictures in the thread. I especially liked the forest pictures by Jens Frederiksen, Paul V. Gorky and Cory Ammerman, so to continue that theme (albeit at a much lower level) I dug up a outtake from ten days ago instead of my regularly scheduled concert shot. Nikon D700 at base sensitivity (ISO 200), 14-24mm/2.8, 1/100s @ f/8, RAW processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.
  107. Lots of great images again this week.
    Mine is another bird.
    A Harrier with a grasshopper it caught while flying by a bush.
    D90 w 600/4 and TC-14E
    f5.6@1/1250 sec.
  108. Here is mine for this week. Was taking some engagement pics for a friend of mine and here is the future husbands expression with a flower in his mouth. Great expression lasted for several pics.
  109. Great photos as usual. Here's my contribution.
  110. Lots of great photo like every week.
    I have to admit I didnt have to shoot this week so I will post something I found white looking trough my photos.
  111. Great pictures this week as always. Here is my son Eric in some recent spring play.
  112. Woodstork at Pinkney Island National Wildlife Preserve, Hilton Head , SC
  113. Shooting thru a cage really stinks.
    I asked the zoo keeper if she'd let me in for just a sec to get a clear shot.
    She said "Lemme' get my camera; I might have a great pic when you go in there!" LOL
    I don't recommend anyone try this w/o professional guidance from the zoo keepers.
  114. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    My submission of the week is a Barn Owl. Hope you will like it.
  115. Lovely pics as usual.
    My contribution is a smaller animal I caught while on a walk in a local nature preserve
  116. Here is my pic for the week!
  117. Almost the end of wednesday, and haven't had time to scan much from rolls I got back today, but here's a bit of early spring from Vermont. I just liked the way the light hit the water - or rather how the light hit the rock through the water.
  118. Hello, Nikon buddies. Lots of great work, just gonna mention a few...
    • Jeff L. - love it
    • Tiffany B. - thanks for capturing her "in the wild"
    • Enrique R. - something sinister about Mr. Lester
    • Abib B. - great angle and expression
    • Dieter S. - beautiful timing. I love the yellow foot just right.
    • Richard A. - excellent use of the fence
    • Alejandro H. - but I want to touch it!
    My photo of downtown Lynchburg, VA, is from a couple weeks ago.
  119. Street portrait
  120. Wow! I almost missed this week....
    Great images this week again...... I will take a look at them and read everything after a break....
    Thank you to those who mentioned my name on last week thread.... I haven't had the time to look but I am sure some one did! :)
    Anyway, let's see what I have for this week!!!? Uhmmm! Yeah! Birds! :) The easy type to photograph!
  121. I'm (almost) speechless. This is one of the most consistently excellent collections of WeDnEsdAy images I can remember...everyone really brought their best this week! I could spend all morning singing the praises of every single picture. Instead, I am going to list my entirely subjective favorites in each arbitrarily chosen and defined category.
    Favorite Bird: This one is a tie: Rick Moran's harrier -- wonderful light, super sharp, and a great capture (by you and the bird); and Paula Wang's barn owl -- i like the way the shadows focus the eye on the face of the owl (Runner up: Bogdan's turkey) Honorable mention and congrats to Phil Burt on his first eagle -- may there be many more.
    Favorite Portrait: Mark Gordon's muddy still from "Lord of the Flies" (runners up: Brandon Wu's Na'vi Princess and Eric James' Kuskokwim boy) Also a WaRm WeDneSdAy wElCoMe to Pat Lau with a lovely shot -- but was there any Nikon in it? ;-)
    Favorite Still-Life: Jana Hughes' chandelier -- it's hard to believe the real colors were even more vibrant (honorable mention to Gej Jones's rusted chain)
    Favorite Macro: Enrique Rabelo's bird's eye view -- not bad for a first try at macro! :)
    Favorite Flower: Oskar Ojala's simple but lovely spring flowers (honorable mentions are too many to list!)
    Favorite Landscape: Anish Mankuthel's castle; runner up Don Martinich' s California valley
    Favorite Bug: Alejandro Held's "Gata Peluda" -- honrable mentions to all the dragonflies, especially Rick Dohme's smiling dragon, and to Lil Judd for not letting pain keep her from finding beauty in a humble spider. Hope you feel better soon, Lil!
    Favorite Other: Rodeo Joe's skydiving team. Also wins for best descriptive caption. :) Runner up: Dave Lee's B-17 - I'm a lifelong airplane nut; perfect match of shutter speed for those four big props.
    See you all next WeEk!
  122. Tim Holte - I really hope that's not a tattoo.
  123. This week has truly brought out some beautiful and inspiring work, it has been such a joy to view each and every photo. The ones that particularly caught my eye are:
    Jennifer- Nicely done, I love the pale green of the emerging leaves.
    Tiffany - Your little model has such an expressive face and you really seem to have captured her wild side.
    Lil- Wow that is one sharply focused spider!!! Hope you soon find relief from your pain.
    Jan- I love your shot of the Bangkok skyline. Nice coloring.
    Richard A- The framing of the cougars face thru the fence makes this particularly interesting.
    Roberta - WOW great job. I now have lens envy! :)
    Alejandro- You made an interesting bug look beautiful!!
    Brandon- You really caught her BLUE eyes.
    Thanks to those who commented on my "foggy woods" Have a great week everyone.
  124. Good morning ! Beautiful pictures above..., congrats ! Mine was taken with D300+ 300/2,8 , ISO 400, 1/1000, F4 :
  125. Thank you to Alpo Syvanen, Doug Rice, Jose Arnaud, Linda McLellan and Martin Z for your kind words.
    This week I wanted to acknowledge the following shots (again leaving too many)
    Aguinaldo de Paula - In two words "Sherlock Holmes"
    Alpo Syvanen - Reminds me of snow. Great the way this shot turned out.
    Anish Mankathel - A fairytale like setting.
    Arun Seetharam - A really nice setting in the golden moment.
    Bogdan Nicolescu - Definitely a bird with character. Do these things actually fly?
    Cory Ammerman - Nice streaks of sun
    Daniel Hinckley - Everything seems to have worked for you.
    Dave Lee - Magnificent to see the B-17 in flight. Love the motion in the props.
    Dieter Schaefer - Great viewpoint, reflection, step, colours and detail.
    Doug Rice - Looks like that one spectator up the front wants a better view.
    Doug Santo - Lot's of … things, but tidy … Harry Potter's room?
    Enrique Rabelo - I would not have guessed the eye of a parrot (with a hint of mascara).
    Gej Jones - I like the random nature of rust … so long as it isn't holding anything important!
    Jan Ignatius - I always enjoy these high-rise views.
    Jana Hughes - A nice take on the chandelier.
    Jens Frederiksen - An army of beech woods.
    Jose Arnaud - So which door handles do you actually use?
    Kent Shafer - Interesting effect with textured foreground and soft background.
    Lil Judd - Magnificent capture, great angle! Definitely a favourite.
    Mark Gordon - Boys and mud and the twig above the eye, great shot, great light.
    Martin Z. - How cool is this! ... I might take up smoking.
    Matt Laur - Very bight, very noticeable (two hours well spent).
    Matthew Brennan - The boat really grabs my attention.
    Michael Mixon - Great power in the natural elements.
    Mikhail Tsypkin - Classical shot with plenty of room.
    Oskar Ojala - Very colourful.
    P Watson - Definitely a sunset with a difference, very impressive cloud.
    Paul V. Gorky - Nice colour and mist.
    Reinhard Ferchland - Nice silhouette.
    Roberta Davidson - Nice camouflage, find myself wanting to brush away that front blade of grass.
    Sanford Gerald - Priceless inspiration. Hope I am traveling that well at 80.
    Sankha Hota - Nice effect with the moon.
    Shun Cheung - It's hard to get children to be still - but these devices will do it.
    Steven Ford - Really conveys the impression of a bird in hiding, and crouching to avoid detection.
    Tiffany Brook - If the right eye doesn't get you the left sure does.
    Tom Serio - The calm before the storm?
    Vineet Rajasekhar - I like the fall of the light and the background … perhaps a little closer.
  126. Finally I`ve found some minutes to made and post my pic... my wife received long time ago as a bank gift a coffee set (cups, milk jar, sugar bowl, etc.). She loves it and takes care of it, even more than our more expensive utensils or sets. It makes me think.
  127. Grey day
    D300 with 105VR @ f7.1, 1/160, ISO 200
  128. Nice shot Jose! ... but f/2? (which "24-70AFS" does that?)
  129. Another find collection, everyone. Looking back on this bunch, I lingered more than once on Jeff Lipsman's surf shot, the quality of the light on the water in Mikhail Tsypkin's frisky retriever image, Tiffany Brook's always delightful portraiture, Dave Lee's B-17, Arun Seetharam's primordial-looking river scene, Reinhard Ferchland's men at work, Mark Gordon's muddy offspring, Norman Welsh's pastoral bit of Texas, Janne Kaakinen's profile, Lex's very pleasing portrait, and Rick Moran's Harrier. Looking forward to later this week, folks. Hope you're out shooting!
  130. Thanks Greg... it seems that I`m the king of typos! Thanks God I don`t work on a printing press... :)

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