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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Hello Nikonia, and happy Wednesday. More outdoor shooting for me this past weekend, and lots of wet dogs with ducks on their minds. This is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, launching into a pond in pursuit of his prize (which he promptly delivered to his handler).

    What have you and your Nikon gear brought back lately? Share a photo!
  2. A wild radish, taken at a local nature preserve. I went intending to photograph birds, but they went north for spring. But plenty of wildflowers are still blooming.
  3. This was taken, just a few days ago at a “Safari” near my home. I love the idea of being able to be a part of the animal’s habitat; but I do not like the fact that they cannot be animals. So when I snapped this shot, it was really the only thing that I could shoot, but then it really clicked with me. I love the sadness in his face, as he is trapped behind the fencing that restrains him from being an animal he deserves to be. I love animals and as they cannot speak for themselves I believe we should speak for them from time to time. Maybe you get the same thing out of this shot as I do, maybe not, so’s life.
  4. It's been a while since I was posting here regularly, but have been checking in every week for inspiration :)
    This is my first attempt at focus stacking. It's built from 30-odd exposures with the D700 and 200mm micro-nikkor, and stacked in Photoshop CS4. The moth was alive and free, but sat patiently while I fumbled around for half an hour or so while I tried out different angles.
    The result is still a little patchy, so next time I think I'll stop down a little more (I was shooting at f11) and try to take a few more shots at finer intervals.
  5. Happy WedNEsDAy everyone!
    This is from Fort Morgan in Alabama. I’ve always liked aged brick and the two windows that allow you to look beyond the room into the courtyard, I believe, add interest. I particularly like the way the sun hits the grouping of barrels, while the single barrel sits in the corner.
    Have a wonderful week!
  6. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Hummingbirds have always been a challenging subject for me. I captured this image of an Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) last Sunday at the Baylands refuge in Palo Alto, California. Spring is certainly in the air with lots of flowers all over.
    I had the 300mm/f2.8 AF-S on my D300, hand holding. To gain some depth of field, I stopped down to f8 and used 1/640 sec; that was fast enough to stop most of the motion, except for the wings, which were mainly out of focus anyway. I had to raise the ISO to 400 to accomoate the high shutter speed and slow aperture. There were several photographer there. One guy with a D300S was using 1/2000 sec to completely stop the wing motion but he had to use like ISO 1250; that is a little high for my taste.
    I used an SB-900 for a bit of fill flash. Thanks to FP sync, the flash worked with 1/640 sec. You can see two catch lights in the bird's eye, indicating that there were two sources of light, the sun and the flash.
  7. A happy Wednesday to everyone. And, thanks for all the comments from last week; it is very much appreciated. Today's image of red tulips was taken a couple of weeks ago in a friends front yard in Dallas, Texas. I used a Nikon D80 with a 12-24mm lens, ISO 200, Aperture Priority mode at 1/500 and f/5.6. This is a great forum with lots of very talented photographers.
  8. Happy Wednesday everyone!

    “Almost human”, is my submission of the week. I went to the SF Zoo this past weekend and saw this chimp reading a paper while having a bottle of Snapple.
  9. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    I still remember my apprenticeship using same equipment and making 10 copies (airmail paper at that time)
  10. Point Dume Ca
  11. Trying out my new Gary Fong Puffer. Nikon D50, 18-200mm Nikkor zoom.
  12. Still working on panoramas. Here is a 5 photo stitched pano using a D700 Nikkor 35mm f2 AIS @ ISO 800 f11. Converted to B&W with CS4.
  13. The start of a wonderful Wednesday Nikon pic day. This is the earliest I have been in. I have to be gone almost all day helping someone move so I will most likely be back to check in after it is all over. "Thanks" for the mentions last week, I wish I was qualified to critique but I just usually love them all.
    I do have to note "Shun your Hummingbird is absolutely beautiful". It looks like a beautiful painting of one on a perfectly beautiful canvas. How did you achieve that look with the flowers and the drop shadow? It almost took my breath away.
    This is only my 2nd attempt at a HDR so I am not sure if I took this too far. I do like the look but wonder how it will be received.
    Thanks to all and I will stop here late tonight to see all of the great photos from around the world.
    benton, ky
  14. Happy Tuesday evening from Seattle.
    Matt... Great shot of the pure joy of dog culture.
    Chris...Your hard work paid off. Looks flawless to me. A "Bugs Illustrated" cover if ever I saw one (>8
    Gej...Great eye! Super comp and texture. Great balance of light. Nice shot.
    Shun...I can imagine how difficult those little guys must be to capture. You did an outstanding job. Great shot!
    Paula...Oh, that's terrific! I am really opposed to wild animals in captivity, so it is nice to know that at least they are being kept stimulated and educated! (>8
    My submission is not my most recent, but because this is such a bird happy thread, I thought that I would share. Every year at this time, we get new Canadian goslings hatching at the park up the street. They were a little late this year and I was very worried. However, I caught a glimpse of them last Thursday, next to their proud and protective parents. I ran home to grab my camera, shouting "The goslings are here! The goslings are here!"....ladies and gentlemen, the latest additions to The Canadian Airforce.
  15. Chris Court - looks good to me, sounds like quite a bit of work though
    Shun Cheung - stunning image
    Phil Burt - the house looks fine but the oversized halos in the sky could definitely use some attention.

    Not much time to go out and shoot - which is too bad considering all the wildflowers are blooming. Tooks this a few weeks ago - Nikon D200 with Leica Apo-Telyt 180/3.4, ISO200, 1/250s, f-stop not recorded.
  16. We hiked from our home to this trail last weekend. It was a beautiful summer-like day.
    Nikon P6000 ISO 64
  17. This week I've chosen to dive into my old files & present a shot from last year. Reason is - I don't feel like presenting another Reverse Macro flower or bug & I don't feel like presenting the horses again. That means I have to use something older.
    So - here's a B&W treatment of an IR shot with my IR converted D70. Shot with the 10-24mm Nikon f/3.5-4.5 at 10mm, f/8, -0.3 EV, ISO 200, Matrix metering, A mode. Post processed in CS3

    Hopefully a few of you will enjoy.

  18. WedNEsDAy PiC #16

    A ball up is one way to start play in an AFL rules match after a stoppage. Opposing ruckman leap high into the air with the sole purpose of trying to direct the ball to the advantage of their team mates at ground level.
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 200 mm, 1/2000 sec, f/4 and ISO 200 (Manual, hand held, VR off)
  19. High security
  20. While I initially wasn't too happy about the lack of front lighting, the strongly backlit haze made for some interesting, almost two-dimensional effects.
    Nikon D300 at ISO 1250. 17-55/2.8, 1/100s @ f/2.8, RAW processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.
  21. Finally spring is here.
    This is from the weekend
  22. Founders day Santa Barbara Ca on Saturday
  23. Good Wednesday morning/afternoon/evening everyone!
    The skies were benevolent to me this week: on Friday evening I captured this photo of crescent Moon above Venus, and on Monday morning I caught a Sun dog (parhelion) from my balcony. Unfortunately in both times I was way too busy to go out and get a good shot, but this was still better than nothing. In fact I was very lucky to get even remotely sharp pic, this one was shot through double window and hand-held. :)
    Fuji S5 Pro + Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 (@ f/4, 28mm, 1/2 sec, ISO 800)
  24. Wednesday everyone! Peter and Durukan, thanks for your comments on my last week's photo. This week I would like to share the picture of some pretty flowers.
  25. Very good Wednesday morning for everybody! Once again a fine collection of varied subjects and great images!
    To name some:
    Matt, great dog photo.
    Jeff, simply capturing piece of sheer beauty and grace.
    Shun, this one made me spent a whole lot time admiring the beauty of the bird and the just about perfect light and all those rich details. Stunning capture.
    Dieter, one can almost smell the flower meadow and feel the sounds and atmosphere of the place. Very beautiful image, as if classical dutch painting.
    My photo is from the last week. I have returned to shoot this lonely rowing boat every once in a while as I find it somehow interesting subject, one that shows the time and the place in the middle of the hectic modern world traffic.
  26. D 300 28mm, ISO 200 F3,3
  27. Hello everyone...
    This photo was taken at the Isle of Wight earlier this month. I went for a walk along the beach one morning and saw this man walking his dog at a distance. I had a hunch that they would cross my path, so I waited patiently for this shot.
  28. [​IMG]Great images as usual. The one I am submitting today was taken yesterday afternoon where I encountered intriguing weather and light. For a brief moment there was a pocket of sunlight on a small island in the St.Lawrence river here in Quebec yet everything else was ominous rain clouds. This did not last long and I got lucky by getting this image.
  29. Nice pictures already!
  30. Good morning friends. Another wonderful wednesday ahead..., I'm happy. The picture below was taken with D300+300/2,8 at 1/5000, F4, ISO 400, handhelded . Just a few seconds and the bird was gone..., to bad I don't have time to mount on the monopod and 2x TC.
  31. Hi Guys
    My photo today is sunrise at Sandgate, Brisbane
  32. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    A mother and daughter going through a closet and finding a card from years ago that had been saved and forgotten. Not a great technical prize, but I was happy to have the moment.
  33. acm


    Tail lights of a car, an abstract rendition. This is my entry for this week's thread. Happy shooting!
  34. [​IMG]
    White Rim Trail Road. Canyonlands Nation Park. Island in The Sky District.
    Nikon F4s 28mm f2.8 Fuji Velvia 50
    Hey all some very fine work this week. Vibrant!
  35. Enjoying the Westbay Walkway here in Victoria BC
  36. Yup, they caught me photographing them making smoochie face. It was a lovely moment but my timing was a fraction off. And they laughed and joked with me about it. Maybe I'm just lucky but nobody ever seems to mind me photographing them in public.
    D2H, 18-70 DX, 160th f/6 (+0.3 EV to comp for tricky lighting conditions), ISO 800. No noise reduction, resampling and JPEG compression usually makes the D2H noise invisible below ISO 1600.
    Smoochus Interruptus
  37. Hi,
    Shun Cheung: Fantastic shot!
    Dieter Schaefer: I love this shot - its reminiscent of something the impressionist masters would produce...
    Tony Hadley: Great light - good timing!
    Shane Srogi: Another shot with fantastic light!
    Last Saturday I went along to a 12 hour mountainbike race in Naseby, in Central Otago, in New Zealand's south Island. My work put a team of cyclists in, and I went along for moral support and some shooting! This was one of my favourite from the day.

  38. Hello Everybody,
    firstly thank you to all, who so kindly commented on my photo last week. All your comments are very much appreciated.
    My photo this week is from my friend's wedding I photographed on Saturday. I was very fortunate that nothing went wrong for me that day (except forgetting to lower the ISO setting after coming out of the dark tropical gardens, hence the ridiculous shutter speed; yet again, no comment, I am awaiting the day, when I will change my ISO without thinking about it, but the day hasn't come as yet :) and I was very lucky we had fantastic weather after few rainy days. This was taken in the pergola outside the reception venue. The sun was just setting and the light was getting very warm and lovely. And I have to praise Nikon for constructing the gear so very well, as within the whole day and after taking 1500 photos, I used up only 1/4 of the battery power. Brilliant!
    Have a lovely week.
    Nikon D700, 24-70 mm f/2.8@ISO 2200, 1/3200s, f/3.5
  39. Not one from last week, but from a few weeks back:
    D300, 16-85VR @ 68mm
    1/640th, f/8, ISO200
  40. D200, Micro-Nikkor 105mm @f/22, iso 100
    Chris, Nice stack!
    Shun, Beautiful delicate color
    Dieter, Good control of DOF, I like the color banding effect
  41. Thank you to Jamie Harre, Kent Shafer, Greg Kowalczewski, Richard Karash and Lil for your nice comments last week.

    I've heard a lot of talk about spring lately, but I haven't seen much of it yet. I was going to post a picture I took on Saturday while backcountry skiing up a local mountain, but due to the fact that I was in cloud, blizzards and strong winds the only picture I managed to get was a white rectangle. Navigating purely by GPS I managed to get myself down again, only falling about 20 times in the zero visibility conditions, and decided that my wednesday picture this week would have to be something else. So here is another landscape taken 2 and a half weeks ago at 70° North, in much nicer conditions, on a hill in the morning sunlight.
    D300 and 10-24 @ 13mm, f11, ISO 200, 1/640sec
  42. Happy Wednesday to all.
    I took this portrait of my Father whilst out on a photographic walk together. He took his Minolta Vectis and I my F80 and 28-200mm G. Walking along this riverside path I thought that it was a nice place for an informal portrait.
  43. Remember the volcano? No I don't live in Iceland, but in the town of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We were following the news on the volcano eruption, when suddenly our weather guy said that the volcanic ashes may have some influence on the sunset.

    Well I put the D700 on a tripod, set the interval timer and went down for a cup of coffee. From the 200 or so frames it shot, this is the one I like most.

    For many of you it maybe is just another sunset, but here in Holland, we don't often get these saturated colours in front of our window panes.
    This week, again I must add, I a completely startled by the quality of the work posted by you kind people. Some of the, what I think, highlights of this day so far, are from:
    • Chris C.
    • Shun
    • Sanford
    • Lill
    • Thomas G.
    • Anish
    • Tony Hadley (surely not the singer, right?)
    • Grant
    • Lex (P.C.) J.
    • Vineet
    • Wouter (schitterend, ik zie pas na twee keer kijken dat het geen zwart wit is, heel mooie lichtval)
    • Louis
    D700, 85mm AIS, 1/125 sec at F11
  44. I always look foreward to every Nikon Wednesday so I decided to participate for once, here it is:
  45. Continuing the bird theme.....a new arrival on the river which runs through my town. She had 12 ducklings(!), three more like this fellow and the other eight are dark brown. Sadly this morning, one of each colouring were missing.
    Tricky conditions for me, fairly low light levels forced me to up the ISO just to get a little more depth of field which is still tiny with this setup.
  46. Ever noticed how ducks look like they're smiling....
  47. Good morning, Nikon Community ! Until the moment I have specially enjoyed Chris Court, Alpo Syvanen, Amish Mankuthel and Louis Meluso's pics, for their originality and technical quality. I hope someone enjoys my pic ! It was taken at Kyoto's Gion District. I was struck by these two "Mayko", and their elaborate and colourful ornaments !
    It was taken with my D80, with VR 18-200, at 112mm, with F/5.6 and 1/125s.[​IMG]
  48. Hello everybody, I have been watching this thread every Wednesday with much interest and this Wednesday I have decided to bring my first contribution.
    Photo taken with Nikon FE + 50mm f/1.8 + Fujifilm Superia ISO 200
  49. Hi first time posting an image
  50. bms


    Matt, everyone: Happy Wednesday.,,,
    Last Saturday was the day of the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race, 16 miles in what is supposed to be rapid water. This year the water was the lowest it has been in years. As I did last year, I positioned myself at the Six Miles Falls - most people made it across (and the most competitive ones port anyway), but this warrior here was a bit delayed..... Kudos to all participants!
  51. Wow. Some great pictures up this week. I will comment later.
    An osprey bathing spots a eagle and gets airborne.
    Taking at the Everglades
    D2X w 600/4 and tc_14E II
    iso 320
  52. Hello All
    Taken 2 weeks ago at Caminito Street, Buenos Aires.
    D300 + 18-200 VR @ 65mm - 1/40 - f 5.6 - ISO 200
  53. Good Morning! And thank you to those who commented on last week's image of Hollywood, Florida! Spring is happening very slowly here in upper Michigan. This shot of a maple bud is just my first foray into our yard with my D300 and the new 105mm micro Nikkor. It was taken at f8, 1/200 sec, iso 200, handheld.
    Have a great week!
  54. I just realized how close my kit lens can focus, even at 200mm. I could never fill the frame like this with any of my older prime lenses.
  55. This is another shot from the Geese I snuck up on last week. Great pics this week. Love Rick Moran's Osprey shot. Nikon D3, 80-400 VR, F/8, 180mm, 1/125 sec, 640 ISO.
  56. A peony macro from this past weekend....was 37 degrees outside when this pic was taken. Thankfully it has warmed up again.
  57. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    My submission is from the past week, I was trying to play with fruit slices against the light source. Last week I presented Strawberries and this week it's Kiwi Fruit. I hope you all enjoy this.
    Nikon D90
    Exposure Time = 1/60"
    F Number = F18
    ISO = 400
  58. Amusement park inside the Mall of America, near Minneapolis—the world's largest enclosed shopping mall.
  59. Urban scene.
  60. Well it is spring and people are leaving their beach toys out on the beach
  61. Event Rider: Hannah Sue and Harbor Pilot
    Nikon D700 Nikon 80-200mm f2.8
    Took this pic of my daughter this weekend at Florida Horse Park: They won!
  62. Sun is going down, maybe Ash Clouds from Island?
  63. Indiana Golden Gloves Tournament
    D90 55-200mm lens at 160mm
    ISO 6400
    Horrendous lighting conditions.[​IMG]
  64. Murren Switzerland
  65. I guess I am a little bit late this week. As I mentioned in #15, this week's contribution was taken last thursday. My wife discovered these little fellas, while she was washing the dills that we picked up from a firend's garden. I once again stacked the helios in front of my 50mm f1.8 and took some shots. The lighting was not ideal so there is some movement blur. D80 1/2s@f14 iso 1600 handheld, shot in jpg and processed in PS.
  66. Visited Longwood Gardens last week with the tulips in their glory. Experimented with the shooting direction toward the sun a bit more. Kudos to:
    Alpo Syvänen - wooden boat
    Tony Hadley - ominous weather
    Rick Moran - osprey
  67. This week's shot is a self-portrait. I just got an SB-25 and some radio triggers, so I started playing around with them.
    The original idea for this shot was to aim the (snooted) flash into the TLR and see if there was enough residual light to light my face. There wasn't, but I liked the idea, so I angled the flash to hit the front of the TLR and my face to try and make it appear like what I was seeing through the viewfinder was "illuminating."
    Nikon D40, 18-55mm @ 28mm, f/8, 1/500s and ISO 200.
    SB-25, snooted at 1/32 power.
  68. Happy Wednesday One and All!!! First off thanks to those who commented on my shot last week. Oh how I love spring/summer and all of the outdoor offerings that come our way. This weeks photo is of a Bleeding Heart, from our backyard. This flower holds a special place in my heart and every spring I add to my collection of bleeding heart photos. For those of you who love to get down and dirty w/ your macro lenses, one piece of equipment that I have have found amazingly useful is the right-angle viewer by Hoodman. Not only does this little gizmo allow you to get right down to the ground, w/out your whole body having to be there as well, but.....................w/ the flip of a lever you can jump the viewer magnification from 1x to 2.5x, which makes focusing on small details a lot easier. As usual I will be back later to comment.
  69. Greetings all. How time flies.
    Not been out in a while, and keep missing opportunities as I never have my camera with.
    This was from 2 weeks ago. Was walking past and my friend decided she would grab a close up pic of the Lichen. So I decided to try something a little different.
    Love the standard of pics here once again, but a few that caught my attention:
    Gej Jones
    Lil Judd
    Pascal Burel
    Tony Hadley
    Ray Gosalia
  70. Greetings all. My visits to the thread are rare these days, just too busy and not taking enough photos. Also, with a modem connection, it takes me most of the week before I can view most of the photos. Got to get a faster connection, I know, when I can get around to it !
    A shot from a couple of weeks ago, before all the fraccas with the dreaded ash cloud. A Cyprus Airways A330 low and slow over the threshold at Larnaca, inbound from London Heathrow. Am always trying to get in the perfect position, directly underneath but runways change, winds change, and police patrols stop you venturing in areas you shouldn't be in !
    D700, iso 800, Sigma 70-300 at 300mm, f/8, 1/1250sec. Some PP, and cropping.
    I hope no one was too inconvenienced by the week's flight disruptions, but it wasn't the airlines fault.
  71. Hello everyone! Great work here already!
    I got shot I took in a club the other night... I hope is up to the standards of this thread!
  72. Was out this past weekend with my kids visiting to Fort Pike here in Louisiana. A mysteriously old and haunted fortification on the banks of the Rigolets. This place got battered tremendously from Hurricane Katrina, but still stands after major renovation work.
  73. Nikon D80 Nikkor 55-200 F4-F5.6 VR
    Young swans..
  74. Happy Wednesday everyone. Wonderful photos as always. Thanks again for the comments last week. A couple of photos that caught my eye were Shun, Lil Judd, Louis, Shane, Raaj. Here is my contribution.
    Great Egret.
  75. My contribution for this week. D90 + 50mm f/1.8 at f/2.8 1/500 ISO200.
  76. So many wonderful shots already this morning !!! We try to be back later to comment, but they all are wonderful
    I'm back with the water again this week. Monday morning we had a farily high dew point, so went out early hoping to get some refraction.
  77. Hello people.
    This weeks photo was taken yesterday when I was walking back home after taking kids to kindergarden and I this feeling that "it's really spring now" came to me and I took a photo of a white crocus that was stil alone in the middle of rosebush.
    Nikon D200 (32mm, 1/1000s, f6.3, ISO200)
  78. Got this gorgeous orchid from a florist friend. Another focus stacking exercise with 4 images
    D700+85mm PCE lens+ 2 SB900; f/29, ISO400, 1/250s
  79. wow...great shots already this week... I'll be back later to comment.
    This week I was stuck at work and I didn't have a whole lot of time to get out and shoot. On top of that, it was cold and rainy, so the subject of my shooting, (and learning my new D300s) this week has been my cat. As you can see...he was getting pretty annoyed...
  80. [​IMG]
    D70S ISO800 +.5EV 22mm f4
    The original was taken after sunset, the sky in the background was very dark. I've been playing with GIMP and tried substituting a sunrise as a new background. I'm having fun with it, hope you like it.
  81. Here are just a few that really stand out for me .
    Matt, your dog shots are always wonderful. You can see your passion .
    Jeff, love the simplicity of the shot
    Dallas, agree that captivity can be very sad
    Chris , your moth is beautiful and I am in awe of your ability to focus stack. Please do share your techniques as I have tried on many times, and just can't get it right.
    Gej, wonderful textures and colors
    Shun, as some many others have commented , this is a beautiful shot. One would never know that you find this challenging!
    Bill, great spring shot
    Paula, good and funny shot
    Erik, how times have changed!
    Enrique, like the black and white treatment
    Sanford, very interesting . Are those calla lilies
    Donald, must try to do a panorama
    Phil, I like the painting like feel to this.
    Tiffany, heartwarming shot
    Dieter, love the colors and the dof you picked
    Dave, nice hike
    Lil, another wonderful IR from you.
    Greg, another masterful action shot
    Thomas, great effect
    Bogdan, love the black and white treatment. The guard looks like he is not happy having his picture taken
    Jens, lovely shades of green
    Steve, lovely reminder of times past and the beginning
    Janne, you must have a very steady hand
    Narayan, very peaceful
    Alpo, it is lonely but peaceful
    Pascal, great night shot
    Anish, great shot
    Tony, wonderful rain clouds
    Jonas, nice pop of color
    Paul B, love the reflection
    Grant, just gorgeous
    Ray, you have captured a great emotion
    Apurva, nice abstract
    Shane, beautiful
    Wayne, nice capture
    Lex, she really does not look happy at all , but great catch
    Vineet, great action
    Jana, you have captured a very wonderful moment
    Wouter, love the details brought out by the shadows
    Louis, like the black and white treatment
    Hamish, once again you have made winter look so beautiful
    Ian, great protrait
    Arthur, beautiful deep colors
    Jose, love the pose of the ducks
    Andy, wonderful hope no more disappear, so sad
    D Taylor, you made me smile
    Jose, beautiful colors and texture
    Lucian, welcome and great contribution
    Jose, welcome beautiful landscape
    Benjamin, great action
    Rick, your bird shots are amazing
    Alejandro, you have made her look real by focus on the eyes
    Richard, I think you are going to like that lens , great capture
    Raaj , beautiful orchid
    Rick, another beautiful shot of the geese
    Kieth, beautiful peony.
    Ray, great shot
    Kent, love the action
    Andrew, oh, the "joy" of being in a city
    George, love your commentary
    Michael, great shot and congrats on her win
    Markku, beautiful sunset
    Doug, even in the poor light you can see the pain
    Peter, makes me want to go to Switzerland
    Durukan, is the little black dot a tiny bug? Great shot
    Mac, beautiful colors
    Gabriel, very very creative
    Paul, beautiful macro. Thanks for the info on the right angle viewer. I am one of those who is on the ground trying to get the shot. Must get one of those, it will probably help the neck pain you get trying to look in the view finder with the camera flat on the ground!
    Wayne, like your lichens
    Andrew, hopefully the planes will be back in the air soon.Good shot
    Rene, you are always up to if not exceeding the shots. Another good one from you.
    Andy, love the angle , and texture
    Mark, I don't think I have ever seen a young swan
    Paul, great capture
    Raden, love the spring color
    Juho, alone but beautiful
    Lawrence, gorgeous. Please share your focus stacking technique. I do find it most frustrating when I try
    Richard, he looking like he has been very patient. Good shot, enjoy your new camera.
    Obviously, I could not just pick a few!! Will be back later hopefully to see what the rest of the day brings.
    I hope I did not miss anyone. Forgive me if I did.
  82. Good Morning Nikonistas!
    I don't get out much, but last Friday, I was able to sneak out to see a friend's band at a local restaurant. They put on a great show, and this guy, their singer, pulled off bold and unexpected covers of Sade's "Smooth Operator" and Prince's "Purple Rain." Not your typical bar-band fare...
    I'll be back later with comments - looks like another fabulous exhibition of raw (or should I say NEF?) talent and artistry!
  83. A lot of great shots this week!
    Happy Nikon Wednesday Pic 2010: #16
    My contribution this week is from the archive. It is a picture of a graffiti panel on a wall located West of the downtown area of town. The artwerk is located along a network of alleyways collectively and surprisingly known as "Graffiti Alley". The pieces are thematic and of very high standard and are constantly changing. This piece deals with copyright rules.
  84. Nikon Repair Tech Matt
    Converted a number of my lenses to fit my D700 so I tried my new old 55mm on him with a little art using CS4
    Nikon D700 55mm 1.2 iso400 1/20sec A5.6
  85. The 2010 Vancouver games were a photographers dream and nightmare.
    Although I had many shots in proper focus, this one stood out for me.
    I was getting very sleepy and began to stare as this figure skater was preparing for his performance on the ice.
    My mind's eye in a sleep deprived state visualized this image. I later attempted to re-create what I saw through the magic of PP manipulation.
    I am more amazed at what we (don't) see in the world around us.
  86. Rufous Hummingbird. D200, 300mm. Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week.
  87. That's an outstanding hummingbird shot. How close were you, if you would share?
  88. There is so much talent represented here!
    Too many to comment on, but, but here are my favorites:

    Chris C and Lawrence H - the stacking effect is wonderful
    Gej - great composition and tonal pallet
    Shun, Paul B, Paul H- great bird shots
    Sanford, Louis M - lovely b/w
    Tony H, Grant T, Shane S, George A, Markku V, Dave W- great lighting captured
    Jose C - welcome!
    Rick M - amazing bird shot
    Raj K, Keith O, Ray G, Durukan P, Paul G, Raden M - terrific close-ups
    Roberta D - great eye
    Gabriel H - dramatic self-portrait
  89. The photo isn't as remarkable as the crocus. As far as we can recall, in 5 years, this plant has not surfaced one time, and this year it sprouted up with one single blossom. Didn't even know it was there!
  90. David Ralph -
    Thank you.
    I used a D200 with a Nikon 300/2.8, 1.4x teleconverter, 1/1250 s, f/2.8, ISO 500, shutter priorty, spot metering. With the teleconverter and crop sensor body this works out to an effective focal length of about 630mm. The camera was mounted on a tripod and I used a cable shutter release. I estimate I was about 20 feet from the bird. The bird in the image is probably about 1.2 to 1.4 times lifesize. I generally use shutter priorty letting ISO float to about 750. On a bright day, I keep the shutter around 1/2000s. Even at that speed I rarely stop wing action unless the wings are full forward or full back and about to reverse course.
    Thank you for your interest and comment.
  91. spring is in full swing, and it always is a productive time for me and the kind of photographs i enjoy taking. i'm selecting this piece because i like the way my subject seems to be flying out of the frame.
  92. Bluebells at Bull Run Regional Park in Northern Virginia.
    Nikon D300s with 70-200mm f2.8 at f8 1/500 sec. ISO is 640 and focal length 155mm.
  93. Roberta... You are just too kind!
    Shun.... That is a great shot! I wouldn't try to freeze the wings. To my own taste, BIF with frozen wings look like falling from the sky! But that is just me.... Hopefully next week I'll have a bird's shot with a 500 mm.... :) It is supposed to be delivered on Saturday! In Sunday we are having a nice sunny day! Oh! I forgot, Sunday, Monday, etc doesn't matter coz I have no job :)
  94. Helicopter ride above lake Plastira in Greece.
  95. My Favs:
    Louis ... awesome flower in BW.
    Roberta ... fantastic macro.
    This is my Isabella.
  96. Soon to be mother Robin too heavy to fly away. She let me get very close before running away.
    D300, Nikkor AF 300mm f4, Lightroom PP
  97. tons of amazing stuff from everyone today! I'll be back later so I can really enjoy them all when there's time. For now, one shot from my latest endeavor, trying my hand at a little pre-dinner food photography-
  98. [​IMG]
    D700 @ 650mm, f/4.8, 1/800 sec, ISO 200
  99. Pic of the week.
  100. Have not been inspired to shoot much lately. Annual vacation to Florida has provided some opportunities. D80, 70-300VR
  101. Andrew--your "Urbanites" shot is priceless!
    Talk about the "decisive moment"...:) :)
  102. Holy Wednesday my dear Nikon colleagues,
    I appreciated for Durukan Payzanoglu, Greg Kowalczewski and Janne Kaakinen's unbeatable words to my post last week. Thanks a lot.
    I was waiting for the reflection of cloudy sky on muddy river bed during low-tide period at the edge of Suriname River in Paramaribo, Suriname / South America. Luckily added one bird to my early scene. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by and many cheers you to all. Regards,
    Nikon D2Xs, Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC, Aperture Priority, at 18mm, f/6.3, 1/320sec, ISO100, ExposureBiasValue -0.67
  103. Happy Wednesday everybody,
    Some stunning pics this week. My contribution for this week was is the shot of a farm hand going fishing in a harvested rice field. Often fields in South India are used for growing fishes after harvesting the crop. Fetches the farmers additional income & also seem to increase their yield.
    Shot using a 300mm F/4 AFS coupled with the TC-14EII 1.4X Teleconvertor. Post processed to sepia tone.
    Cheers everybody
  104. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Nikon D80 18-135mm kit lens @ 135mm 1/640s f/7.1
  105. Happy Wednesday, and WOW - as always, there are some outstanding photos already posted!
    This one was taken during a recent desert visit in search of wildflowers. I saw this one growing all alone in the shade of nearby tree.
  106. This was actually a fairly boring sunset. So I put the Kelvin to 10K and an Enhancing filter on the front of the lens. This is what I got!
  107. f8


    Pacific View
    Great shots everyone!
    Nikon D700 28-700mm lens - ISO 200 - 1/100 @ f22 - WB Sun - Tripod
  108. Happy Wednesday to all,
    Need to get more time to review these shots, so many and so good. Thanks to Peter Rafle for recognizing the Space Needle last week.
    For this week: Is this a subteranian city beneath the earth's crust? No, just a reflection of a few buildings in Seattle in a puddle on a dock. Took photo with camera upside down; same results could be gained from rotating shot.
    Nice photos this week all.
  109. Last week was "bloom-out" week for the azaleas in South Alabama. We had a spattering of them everywhere and they were beautiful. Here's one with a little play on the DOF. I hope everyone is having a fabulous spring.
  110. Chieow Laan Lake, Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
    [​IMG] D200, Tamron 17-50mm VC @17mm, f/3.2, 1/180sec, ISO 100
  111. Shot last week while on a walkabout during my lunch break.
  112. If I had to pick one it would be Kent Shafer's amusement park, partly because I like great photos shot with a P&S. Did you mean L10 instead of L19?
  113. Kent, I see there is a Nikon L19, even better!
  114. A small cactus in bloom on my window (no image manipulation).
  115. Thanks, Roberta and Sanford. It is in fact an L19. A basic little eight megapixel job purchased at Target a year or so ago for less than the price of a 77mm polarizer.
    I seem to make an undue proportion of the pictures I find interesting with this camera, just because I always have it with me. Probably I should start toting something better.
  116. Late March, beautiful day, sunset from a Beacon Hill rooftop.
    Beacon Hill Sunset -- D300, 18-70 Kit Lens, Polarizer, single exp, Vibrance & Curves adj.
  117. A rescued golden eagle at the San Francisco Zoo.[​IMG]

    D80, 280mm, 1/200s, f/5.6
  118. Hello all and congratulations on all the beautiful captures!
    Here is mine:-
    D300s 17-55mm @ 22mm f/10 1/160th sec with ISO250 & a remotely-fired SB900
  119. Among my favorites so far: Gej, Shun, Rick, Kent, Alpo, Vineeet.
    I hope I haven't posted this one here before. Is there any quick way to check?
  120. Hi all,
    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night...
    Here is my contribution after some weeks of absence...
    Nikon D100 and 24-120 mm AF D @ 82 mm, 1/640, f/13, ISO 400.
  121. "Shoot from belly" with my three-year girl sitting on my shoulders.
  122. Roberta - Cygnets they are not - Swans the are not - somewhere in between - so young swans....
  123. Versailles Palace, last week.
  124. Truly amazing work. Some many great shots.
    Some of my favorites:
    Matt - excellent, crisp capture. Great energy!
    Shun - excellent detail and composition. (love the detail & info behind the execution of shot)
    Donald - love the panorama and stitching of the images. (bet this looks great as a poster!)
    Santo - wow, what detail and colors in your hummingbird. Amazing shot.
    Rick - amazing bird shot.
    Andres - nice angle and lighting... :)
    Richard K - nice rooftop image --- love the colors and hue saturation.
    Roberta D - glorious image of the drops and the flower patterns, magical shot.
    Kent - love the whimsical roller-coaster blur, nice colors & energy.
    Ian - nice, very intimate portrait of your father. A nice remember me shot.
    Lawrence --- sensational orchid shot.
    So many more....but running out of time.... :)
  125. This is a camera toss image (camera aloft while shutter open).

  126. Hey guys sorry for the mix ups. thanks for the help. great pics this week as every.
  127. Hi everyone,
    Lots of pictures already, I guess I'm a bit late :)
    Very good pics this week. Going through them, I especially like the following:
    Jeff Lipsman - nice wildflower
    Chris Court - nasty looking bug, but great capture
    Thomas Gerstendorfer - the light is indeed good, cool look
    Anish Mankuthel - man and dog works on many levels
    Tony Hadley - great light, very graphic
    Vineet Rajasekhar - great atmosphere, you nailed it well
    Issac Sam - I like the mood; the subject is such that the picture could have been taken any decade ago
    Andres Arteaga - good composition and good colors, matches its title perfectly

    Living in northern Europe, I did take a mandatory sunset picture due to the ash (although honestly it didn't look like the ash had much of an effect), but I figured it doesn't work that well in a small size anyway and I haven't decided on how to edit it. so I present to you a rather typical early springtime picture but in BW (the colors aren't that strong here anyway). It's taken near a bird protection area, the city can be seen in the distance.
  128. My image this week was taken with my Nikon D200, f10, ISO 200 with a 50mm 1.8 lens at 4 second exposure. It is of an elevator circa the early 1900's.
  129. this is george. nikon d300, tamron 17-50.
  130. Wow! Wednesday's photos just get better and better. My contributution today are some Snow Monkeys at the Detroit Zoo taken with my Nikon D300 70-200 f/2.8 lens. They remind me of some grumpy old men.
  131. The Wednesday thread always brightens my day. What great photos! My favorites are those from:
    Chris Court
    Gej Jones
    Shun Cheung
    Tony Hadley
    Shane Srogi
    Lex Jenkins
    Rick Moran
    Raaj Kovinthan
    Kent Shafer
    Gabriel Hasser
    Andy Smothers
    Roberta Davidson
    Lawrence Ho
    Dave Walsh
    Doug Santo
    Issac Sam
    Richard Karash
  132. A little fella in Washington DC
  133. Walking on Cloud 9
    Grandson & I celebrated our common birthday Monday at the Colorado Train Museum. He was quite enthused as the photo shows.
    D300S 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6G @ 70mm F/11 1/180s (ISO 200)
    Grabbed wrong version of photo on my 1st try.
    Have enjoyed this thread, but this is my first posting
  134. Portait of a man with a beard on Wisconsin Avenue.
  135. Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm late again, as usual.
    I received my 55mm f3.5 AI from KEH yesterday evening. Today I had a little getting to know you session. I'm quite impressed so far. I'm really looking forward to using this lens more. Here's the best that I got today.
  136. Better late than never....
    My son will be attending college this fall, have been visiting campuses. This is a picture from the University of Chicago campus. Serendipitous, I was born on this very campus, my father taught there. Never thought one my son's prime choices would be this college.
    Taken with D300, Tokina 12-24mm f/4.0, 1/320s, f/6.3, ISO-200.
  137. This shot is from Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago
  138. Bee Macro
    D90 with a Tamron 90mm Macro Lens; 1/60s, f/13.0, ISO 400
  139. This is the one thread I always look at instead of skimming when my mailbox is full to overflowing. All brilliant photos again, as usual. Here is my contribution, second time. There were four lovely curlews sitting quietly in front of my parked car enjoying the sun. I expected them all to bolt when I got my camera out and moved a little closer to them. Luckily it was at a local tourist beach and I think they were used to us humans.
    D300, 300mm AF-S f4, f8 1/320s, ISO 800. (I too forget to check my ISO regularly.....*sigh* one day)
  140. Thanks everyone who commented on my Silly Putty picture last week! Here is my submission for this week.
  141. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Impressive...each and every one! This has become an amazing weekly thread.
  142. Let's see here:
    Ray Gosalia - Digging the kiwi.
    Rick Moran - Awesome osprey capture.
    Anish Mankuthel - Well visualized and executed.
    Eric James - You..wait. You throw your camera??
    Stuck in a bit of a rut with water collisions. Hopefully Friday at the wildlife refuge will yield something more impressive for next Wednesday.
  143. It's still Wednesday in California, so here is my late submission from ten days ago, again the Good Olde Days in my town.
  144. 2nd photo here, New Rochelle Waterway D200 with 18-70 DX lens
    sorry having trouble loading pict
  145. Roberta, thank you for taking the time. You are very kind!
  146. A late entry!
    Taken with an FM3a and a Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZF @f1.4 on RVP
  147. I am going to try and finish comments. Please forgive me if I neglect to mention someone as it is not intentional.
    First , thanks Fred, Andy, Doug and Ray for your very kind comments
    It is encourages me and is much appreciated.
    Dave, nice back ground substitution.
    Peter, great shot , looks like fun was had by all
    Ofey, love this copyright graffiti
    Jeff, looks like a painting
    Kevin, very artistic and great image
    Doug, wow, great shot.
    Peter, beautiful colors
    William, he does look as it he is flying at you. Nice capture
    Don, beautiful colors , peaceful
    Dimitirs, you can feel the turn of the helicopter
    Ray, thanks for you comment! Isabella is a beauty, nice shot
    Douglas, Very sharp Love the colors
    Joseph, great looking ingredients
    Mike, such interesting animals
    Steve, looks hard at work. Like the black and white treatment
    Keith, Hope you were not too close. Great shot
    Ertugrul, another beautiful shot . Your patience certainly paid off
    Issac, wonderful capture portraying his life
    Andres, beautiful
    Fred, life finds a way in the desert
    John, love the warm tones
    Brett, love the reflection of the sun on the right side
    Tom, so clever , very nice
    Laura, nice shot . Like the DOF
    Brian, beautiful
    Jeffrey, they look as if they just shared a kind thought
    John, nice contrast of textures
    Richard, your cityscapes are beautiful
    Brian, nice capture of a magnificent bird
    Alex, very nice
    Martin, love the ghost like feel
    Kemal, I thought you were mountain climbing!
    Wenshu, sounds like you needed to rest on the bench. Nice shot
    Aguinaldo, you capture the familiar places in a very unique and new way
    Eric, very interesting, but you actually throw your camera in the air?
    Oskar, like the back and white treatment. Glad you were not affected by the ash
    Wayne, love the old
    Eric, George makes me smile
    Gwen, the two in the back do look very unhappy
    Mark, that little fella looks like he is watching you
    Rowland, you have captured joy
    Tim, looks like he would have plenty of stories to tell
    Cory, great start with your lens.
    Sasvasta, beautiful shot and a beautiful campus.
    Kris, like the black and white
    R Bond, wonderful macro. You can count the pollen
    Margaret, good capture and color
    Marc, very unique, can I ask what is it
    Steven, very nice. How fast are your drops falling
    Mikhail, he's too young to remember the good ole days!
    James, so nice
    I hope I did not forget anyone.
    Until next Wednesday, wishing a great week with joy and laughter and the opportunity to capture a moment in time.
  148. Had time to look again this weeks photos and here's what caught my eyes:
    Matt Laur – makes me want to see the next frame!
    Shun Cheung – beauty! (This weeks favorite)
    Sanford Gerald
    – nice tones
    Alpo Syvänen – there is something very finnish in this pic, got to love it! =)
    Anish Mankuthel – good sunset picture!
    Tony Hadley – nice timing and nice photo.
    Louis Meluso – nice B&W macro
    Gabriel Hasser – really nice self portrait
    Issac Sam – i like it
    Richard Karash – cool urban sunset

    Thanks also for those who have mentioned my pictures during past weeks.
    See you(r pics) again next week!
  149. let me try writing something on this weeks thread, actually all the entries/images are nice in their own perspective. please forgive me if I missed any, due to time constraint and I am quickly going through.
    first of all let me Thank for the comments I have received: Wayne E, Doug R, Steven F, Roberta D. I am glad you all liked image of sliced kiwi fruit.
    Dallas M: Nice capture, I liked the emotion and with behind fence it really feels
    Chris C: After a long time, it's nice to see your macro shots again.
    Gej J: variety of light and captured correctly with all the details.
    Shun C: I wish I will get a chance to capture Hummingbird sometime. It's really super capture and color is so natural really looks like an oil paint.
    Paula W: perfect PJ shot :)
    Sanford G: three Lillies in black back-ground with correct exposure, nice one.
    Donald L: nice pano... it's been a time, I should try pano on landscape
    Phil B: cool HDR
    Tiffany B: don't know why can't I see your image today, I had seen it yesterday and day before.
    Dieter S: very colorful, nice angle
    Lil J: as always your IR images are awesome
    Greg K: very nice capture of an action shot
    Janne K: nice night image, liked the different colors
    Alpo S: very nice image, liked the color of the sky and feels lonely
    Pascal B: very nice, wonderful colors
    Anish M: wait was worth :) , nice one
    Tony H: so many different colors and captured so nicely.
    Grant T: another seascape with so many different colors, very nice
    Ray H: very well captured moment/sentiments
    Apurva M: cool abstract and nicely done
    Shane S: a very well done landscape
    Lex J: yeah, timing is JUST fraction off... :) she caught you
    Jana H: bride was really enjoying the moment, her expressions are really good
    Louis M: very nice B&W macro
    I think I am spending more time then expected... let me run through fast and get back to work
    Rick M: I have seen your bird images in previous threads and they all were so nice captured at the right time with right action.
    Gabriel H: with snooted flash you have got a really nice image
    Roberta D: I have seen and liked all of your water droplets macro, "master of water drops"
    Lawrence H: crisp and clear image, with black background looks very nice
    Doug S: another hummingbird perfectly captured :)
    Ertugrul K: nice image and the bird and shadow makes it very nice image
    Issac S: I liked the expression on the fisherman's face. full reflection of the fisherman could have been better?
    Brian W: nice image, is it HDR?
    Richard K: Beacon hill sunset with vibrant colors looks really nice
    Kemal R: perfectly exposed snow and through the plane window, very well done
    Aguinaldo de Paula: I liked the B&W color and pattern on the floor :)
    Tim H: nice portrait and nice expression too
    Sasvata C: beautiful color capture. All the best to your Son :)
    R. Bond: nice bumble bee macro, I have Tamron 90 but unable to capture critters so close :)
    Steven F: wonderful collision (of water droplets) captured. liked the collision pattern
  150. Another inspiring Wednesday has come to a close. Shots that caught my eye this week are:
    Chris C.- Good to see you back. Your focus stacking really brings out the details!!
    Shun- Just the right amount of blur to make the image that much more interesting.
    Tiffany- Oh to be the subject of a TB portrait, at such a tender young age. Nice job.
    Dieter-Reminds me of an impressionist watercolor!
    Louis- Good job on the B&W treatment of the flower.
    Roberta-Always love your water droplets. I need to give it a try at some point.
    Eric- Intriguing image! Even more so thinking that you tossed your camera into the air to get it.
    Steve- That is a beautiful collision of water!
  151. Andy, Roberta, Oskar thank you very much for your comments, I am glad that you like it
  152. Took me a little while to find time to come back and comment this week. Work always seems to interfere with my photographic obsession... As always, every image gave me something to think about, and I loved the themes that cropped up -- so many marvelous ducks and geese and swans and flowers!
    Jeff Lipsman’ delicate wild radish
    Chris Court’s focus stacked insect – you may see room for improvement, but I think it’s amazing! Well done! (I need to learn more about this technique.
    Shun Cheung’s fantastic hummingbird (my favorite for the week, too)
    Sanford Gerald’s lilies
    Tiffany Brook’s gosling – the point of view makes this even better
    Dieter Schaefer’s wildflowers
    Thomas Gerstendoerfer’s blue band shot – I always enjoy your music shots; you’ve inspired me to do more of this myself
    Jens Frederiksen’s flower – I like the color and contrast in this image
    Narayan Kovvali’s delicate cherry (?) blossoms
    Alpo Syvänen’s Viking boat
    Tony Hadley’s dramatic sunlit island – I’d love to see a big print of this
    Lex (perpendicularity consultant) Jenkins’ smoochus interruptus – priceless.
    Louis Meluso’s black and white chrysanthemum
    Adey L’s and D Taylor’s smiling ducks
    Rick Moran’s osprey takeoff – great capture, and a nice composition, too
    Richard Armstrong’s maple flower
    Raaj Kovinthan’s backlit orchid
    Doug Rice’s knockout punch – the lighting may have been tough, but this is a great shot nonetheless.
    Gabriel Hasser’s self-portrait with TLR – very imaginative and a cool result
    Mark Gordon’s young swans – the still-brown feathers, and the way they are battling the waves made this particularly evocative and romantic.
    Paul Howard’s spread egret
    Raden Munim’s trumpets
    Juho Niva’s crocus
    Keith Gierman’s ‘gator
    Eric James’ camera toss – I love the result, but the idea of launching my camera into the air makes me sick to my stomach. Please tell us more about how you did this!
    Marc McCoy Not sure what it is, but I like it. Loved the Silly Putty™ last week, too…
    James Symington – better late than never – a lovely palette
  153. As usual, I come back over and over to this thread during the week to enjoy the amazing pictures, viewpoints, locales. Roberta and Ray, thanks a bunch for your compliments, and also for taking the time to enocurage everybody. That is what makes this weekly thread a delight! And, also, thanks to Lil for the same reason, and for complimenting my photo the last time I posted on the weekly thread. I get to take precious few pictures in any case, and with my experimentation currently with MF film, I have even less Nikon pics to post on a weekly basis, so expressing my gratitude the next time I post would've lost all context. So here it is :)
  154. Its still Wednesday somewhere, right?!
    Opal and Sydney
  155. Ray and Paul, thank you so much.
  156. Nikon D700 + 24-70AFS (@ 70mm), f2.8 - 1/4000sec.). I liked the light, and finally I took more than ten pics from different angles... just a mere bathroom window with flowerpot in an old house.
  157. Another super week for sure. Just looked at it all again over coffee. I'm re-doing all my photo files, so just being an onlooker this week. Maybe I'll be ready for this Wed.
  158. Roberta Davidson and Ray Gosalia,
    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Best regards for you all.
  159. WedNEsDAy PiC #16

    A long weekend has given me the opportunity to acknowledge a few more shots than is normally the case. The variation in viewpoint and subject is the thing I enjoy most.
    Thank you to Ray Gosalia and Roberta Davidson for your kind words.
    Alpo Syvanen - nice contrast between grass, boat and sky
    Andrew Meszaros - hop, step and dump
    Andy Smothers - nice shot, you didn't run into Gej?
    Anish Mankathel - definitely worth the wait,. Perfect
    Chris Court - awesome shot with nice antenna inclusion
    Dieter Shaefer - great transition in colour and nice angle
    Doug Rice - you've done really well with this shot
    Doug Santo - great hummer, Shun's friend?
    Durukan Payzanoglu - something hatching … ant?
    Eric James - love the effect
    Ertugrul Kilik - great combination of cloud and colour
    Gej Jones - great colour and texture
    Grant Tanner - magical colours
    Isaac Sam sepia is perfect for this
    James Symington - like the DOF variation
    Jana Hughes - thankfully you had the D700
    Jeff Storch - nice effect
    Jens Frederiksen - nice array of greens in different shapes
    Jonas Fjellstedt - striking red and green
    Jose Arnaud - like the contrasting expressions
    Juho Niva - the last flower
    Kent Shafer - looks bigger than our open air version
    Kevin Delson - Olympic dreams well captured
    Lil Judd - great texture enhanced in B&W
    Marc McCoy - super interesting effect
    Mark Gordon - great opportunity
    Matt Laur - dog at the point of no return
    Michael Burnett - good action
    Ofer Sivan - nice peepers
    Ofey Kalakar - nice graffiti
    Paul B - you didn't need the monopod
    Paul Howard - awesome pose, perfect background
    Paul V. Gorky - great use of the viewer
    R. Bond - bee booze up
    Raaj Kovinthan - this turned out really well
    Raden Munim - perfect caption, thought the same
    Ray Gosalia - love the effect, I will eat them again
    Rene Villela - she's married
    Richard Karash - good morning to the roof tops
    Rick Moran - sensational "vertical" leap
    Roberta Davidson - great set of eyes
    Shun Cheung - classical pose
    Steven Ford - like the colours and the swirl
    Tim Holte - nice character
    Tom Serio - earthquake!
    Tony Hadley - awesome moment in meteorological change
    Vineet Rajasekhar - works for me
  160. I usually try to pick around ten of my absolute favorites, but this week it seemed impossible, so I decided to pick 20. And those 20 photos are from the following photographers:
    Shun Cheung, Erik Christensen, Sanford Gerald, Tiffany Brook, Anish Mankuthel, Tony Hadley, Apurva Madia, Lex Jenkins, Ian Rance, Lucian Vetan, Alejandro Held, Ray Gosalia, Marc Gordon, Roberta Davidson, Marc Gordon, Roberta Davidson, Kevin Delson, Mike Eng, Aguinaldo de Paula, R. Bond & Marc McCoy.
    And thanks to Roberta D. & Ray G for your comments! See you all next Wednesday!
  161. Ray G, thanks, it's a pseudo HDR. Something I rarely do but I was fortunate enough to get a single capture with no blown highlights or shadows so I went for it. Also, I was in a moving boat so bracketing for true HDR was not an option.
    Great photos everybody!
  162. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Thanks for the comments on my Anna's Hummingbird image; that is easily the best hummer image I have ever captured. I guess a little luck doesn't hurt; somehow everything just lined up for me: wings are all the way back, a little blurred, the bird is super sharp and the background is totally clean. This was completely a natural shot as I had absolutely no control of which flower the bird was going to feed on.
    There are a lot of staged hummingbird images where people use a feeder; they might disguise the feeder with some flowers, but only one flower actually has juice so that they effectively control the position of the bird. And some people use several flashes to get the perfect exposure. They can produce some stunning images, but that is a very different experience. (As long as you disclose it, I don't think there is anything wrong with such approaches, although there are people against baiting animals. I might try that some day, but that isn't quite what I am interested in.)
    I went back to the same location this past weekend; in fact I went twice on both Saturday and Sunday, but I never got another image as good as that one. I suppose you need to go out often and generate more opportunities, as well as some luck, for yourself.
    It is Tuesday morning for me. I'll leave the thread open for a little longer before closing it in preparation for the next thread. For those who are not familiar with the situation, we have had people posting to the previous week's thread or once even to a Wednesday thread from a year earlier. We now close the old threads on the following Tuesday to avoid such confusion.
  163. I'm sorry I'm late with comments. I had done most of it over the weekend when my computer crashed due to software for our Blue-Ray which I was trying to update to play a movie. Still have not fixed that one..... Since severe headaches & not capable of doing anything really on the computer. I've been miserable. :-( I will try this morning & we'll see if I get them in before Shun closes the tread.
    I'll do this in two post just in case Shun closes the thread...
    First - I would like to start by thanking those who mentioned my IR shot.
    Arthur Richardson, Wayne Ervine, Paul Howard, Roberta Davidson, Ray Gosalia & Greg Kowalczewski - Thank you all so very much. I'm glad you all enjoyed.
  164. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Lil, I didn't want to close the thread immediately after I made a long comment about my own hummingbird image. I was busy last night with the new 200-400 Version 2 announcement, the decription of how the SC-29 works with Nikon CLS flashes and some personal business so that some other work had to wait till this morning.
    I'll try to remember to close it before Matt starts the next thread this evening.
  165. OK - I'm taking this as Shun giving me a little time, but I must make it quick as I'm behind in my morning pet chores...
    Chris Court - super neat bug. Excellent work on the focus stacking. Not often we get a bug that willing to pose.
    Gej Jones - love the look of this shot. Makes me think of the old days.... Love play with light & dark & the warm earth tones.
    Shun Cheung - your hummer is stellar & you know it. Congratulations as I know how hard that's to achieve.
    Tiffany Brook - the whole photo speaks of softness & gentleness
    Dieter Schaefer - beautiful bed of wildflowers
    Greg Kowalczewski - great action
    Jens Frederiksen - love the tones & harmony of this shot
    Alpo Syvänen - I shot something very similar, but with a different angle back in 1981 in Stockholm. As much as I love that shot of mine - I love your a lot more. Beautiful & so makes me think of a nice winter day in Sweden. Beautiful shot
    Pascal Burel - beautiful Paris scene, Montmartre?
    Anish Mankuthel - just a beautiful sunrise landscape
    Tony Hadley - wonderful landscape shot in the moody weather
    Jonas Fjellstedt - so the tulips are in bloom in Stockholm - Spring has truly come to the Venice of the North. Thanks for bringing me home...
    Paul B - wonderful Heron & reflection in the habitat
    Grant Tanner - amazing land/seascape. The colors are just amazing & you got such beautiful cloud formations
    Shane Srogi - beautiful moody landscape
    Vineet Rajasekhar - amazing motion blur
    Jana Hughes - beautiful candid portrait of the couple. So soft & inviting - yet so intimate
    Louis Meluso - beautiful B&W treatment of this flower shot
    Hamish Gray - amazing winter snow mountain landscape. Makes me think of being up skiing at my grandparents as a child.
    Ian Rance - I just love the feel of this shot.
    Arthur Richardson - I love the sunset shot, volcano ash or not.
    Adey L - lovely parent chick interaction & I love the colors. My only suggestion (if I may) would be not to clip the reflection of the bird - past that I love the shot.
    Benjamin Schaefer - that's some action you caught
    Rick Moran - beautiful Osprey shot
    Rick Dohme - another lovely shot of the Canada Geese. Love the water colors & reflections
    Ray Gosalia - love the kiwi shot. That should be a poster. So a great ad for Kiwi fruit.
    Michael Burnett - great Eventing shot. I competed that a while way back when.Love the intensity in this shot. Both concentrating so on their individual task. Horse on the current fence & rider on the next. Beautiful.
    Markku Vihava - beautiful sunset from potentially the ask cloud. I hear it gets really cold when one of those clouds hit.
    Gabriel Hasser - great self portrait - moody
    Wayne Ervine - lovely detail from the woods
    Andy Smothers - love your angle
    Paul Howard - lovely action shot of the Great Egret
    Raden Munim - love the bokeh/softness of this shot
    Roberta Davidson - another beautiful water drop & reflection shot, you've got these down.
    Doug Santo - lovely hummer shot
    William Pahnelas - great catch of this fast flying incoming Mallard.
    Don Harper - looks lovely, but I'd really like to see it presented larger.
    Douglas Ely - lovely portrait of a male Robin
    Erthugrul Kilic - just an amazing seascape. The color tones etc. The bird adds a lot. Beautiful.
    Issac Sam - Simply beautiful
    Brian Winshell - amazing landscape
    Martin Z - love the lines, depth & motion blur
    Kemal Riza - beautiful landscape
    Wenshu Chen - beautiful candid
    Aguinaldo de Paula - beautiful B&W from Versailles
    R. Bond - great macro of a bee
    Margaret Hamwood - super cute chick. Where do you live to call this a Curlew? I don't know what this is, but in the US that's not what a Curlew looks like.
    Marc McCoy - I'm not much for Abstracts - but I love this one.
    Steven Ford - great catch
    James Symington - love the play with dof
    Ofer Sivan - great candid of the girls
    Jose Angel - love the simplicity of this shot
    OK - I'm done for this week. I love something about most of the shots every week so this is always hard for me.
    Lil - signing off
  166. As many have said, this is a particularly nice Nikon Wednesday thread.
    The images that caught my attention are:
    Chris Court, red/white/black bug
    Shun Cheung, your hummingbird is terrific, delicate, Mom's colors, a perfect Mothers Day image.
    Tiffany Brook, that's a very cute gosling.
    Alpo Syvänen, your wooden boat and sky is very nice, crisp and colorful.
    Tony Hadley, great storm photo. Makes me shiver.
    Paul B, I like the colors and the bird.
    Vineet Rajasekhar, bicyclist.
    Wouter Willemse, the shadows and patterns work well together.
    Louis Meluso, flower portrait in B&W
    Jose Juan Delgado, glad you posted the sheep... The color and tone are wonderful
    Adey L, baby duck... Bird babies are adorable, particularly this one.
    Jose Curiel, I like the red barn on green.
    Rick Moran, that's a really great Osprey photo.
    Keith Obye, I like the peony macro.
    Paul Howard, great egret with spread wings
    Raden Munim, two beautiful flowers as trumpets
    Jeff Storch, great effect for Matt Repair Tech
    Doublas Ely, robin
    Joseph Gewickey, tomatoes (or apples?)
    Brian Chan, eagle portrait at SF Zoo
    Kemal Riza, mountains and snow, majestic
    Eric James, camera toss image !! Wow. What? How? Of what? It's a great result. If the lights are pulsing at 60 Hz, that looks like a half-second toss; right?
    Marc McCoy, OK, I got the silly putty, but what is this red/green abstract? Something on glass. Got my attention.
    Steven Ford, water collision in red
    Jose Angel, yellow flowers in the window
  167. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I'm not big into food photography, still kinda learning my way around it. Having lots of fun with it though!
    A few of my favorites-
    Jeff Lipsman - love the little bee, great composition
    Chris Court - what software do you use to layer these images?
    Shun Cheung - absolutely stunning!
    Alpo Syvänen - i love this picture, it says so much
    Apurva Madia - is that a Nissan Versa?
    Raaj Kovinthan - love the lighting
    Lawrence Ho - Amazing color
    Ray Yeager - I love the look on her face- so emotive, these kitties!
    Brian Winshell - absolutely stunning detail- is this HDR?
    Aguinaldo de Paula - I love this; the lines and arches all come together so magically
    Eric James - Brave man, throwing your camera... great image though!
    @roberta davidson - thanks so much! (dinner was delicious afterward)
    @richard karash - Tomatoes (though they do look apple-esque in retrospect. :)
  168. At first, large thank`s to those of you, whom have kindly mentioned my photo during this week!
    Then final notions of these fine images:
    Jose Angel - Wonderful light and atmosphere.
    Kemal Riza - Kind of enchanting winter-photo. This majestic view humbles ordinary man.
    Richard Karash - Excellent and even very beautiful city-photo. The light is just about perfect to give a whole another atmosphere to the view.
    Tony Hadley - Fine view and extraordinary great moment.
    Kevin Delson - You have created an interesting image. I can only imagine what kind of view the original moment was, but this is so very intriquing.
    Juho Niva - Excellent detail of the small hidden parts of the nature. Very, very beautiful capture.
    Gabriel Hasser - One of the very best self-portraits for a long time. This is photography that shows the use of the light with imagination. I like this one a lot.
    So many other`s would also deserve commenting, but as this thread is just about to go closed, I`ll stop for now. C U again at tomorrow morning! :)
  169. Is this still open? :)
    Then some more quick comments:
    Markku: Beautiful sunset, it really was worth driving up to the Savimaki at that evening!
    Roberta: Love those miniature flowers on the droplets! This photo gives hope that the summer will come.
    Louis: Great BW-capture. Love the sharpness and pure and simple presentation that manages to be also complex at the same time.
    Tim: What a warm portrait. You master the human-photos! :)
    Jeff: Great posterisation!

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