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    Good Wednesday Morning, Nikonia.

    Saturday morning had me following around a new client's bird dogs. This young female GSP is just learning - she points birds, but isn't yet steady enough to resist chasing them when they flush. She's very fast, and just now figuring out that she can't actually fly. This moment's chukar partridge was last seen headed over the trees and into the next county. The action unfolded so quickly that I was barely able to pan with the dog's high speed pursuit through the knee-deep remains of last year's growth in the fallow field we were working.

    Was your Nikon rig handy for an unexpected recent turn of events? Share an image!
  2. Good evening from Seattle
    My contribution is a bird...
    just a bird...
    just a bird that always amazes me when I see one and is one of the only things that ever makes me question evolution.
    Happy Shooting. Happy Wednesday.
  3. Happy Wednesday everyone. I spent last saturday at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum which is located at Addison Airport in Dallas, Texas. Making plans to go back in mid-May when they will fly the B-24.
  4. Nice capture and all inside the frame - excellent execution Matt!
    This week's contribution from me is a simple test shot of a red rose my partner picked for me. I recently have aquired an 85mm f/1.4 Nikkor and was testing for isolation of subject - fooling about with aperture settings. I'm quite taken with this simple image despite it just being a 100% crop test shot.
  5. Happy Wednesday to all. I spent Most of Easter weekend photographing birds and boats. This Pelican was such a great model. Nikon D3, 30 year old Nikon manual 300 mm 2.8, f/4, 1/160 sec, ISO 100.
  6. First up – I have to apologize for not commenting this last week. It’s been a busy week & my workload has just increased a lot. I just know I loved every ones shots & leave it there this time. I hope you’ll all find it in your hearts to understand & forgive me. I promise to try to do better this week.
    My photo this week is yet again a nostalgic shot. But for it to become nostalgic I need to share a story with you all. I’ll do my best to make it short, though actually rather long…
    11 years ago in the month of May a small colt was born. He was originally named Taebo, but fast renamed Naboo. If the name seems tribal, please blame George Lucas as our daughter named our Naboo after the planet Naboo in the Star Wars universe. Naboo arrived at the tender age of 4 months from Washington state to Los Angeles. He was the scrawniest foal I’ve ever seen. We thought the wind would blow him over. But the scrawny foal grew & grew & grew to a magnificent gigantic horse. Due to my debilitating headaches & our daughter’s change of interests we chose to sell Naboo. It was a long & painful process. Finally my trainer told me he’d found the perfect match for the horse. I’d spoken to the buyer on the phone & had reservations to say the least. It’s been three years of misery if you ask us. The woman was a first time horse owner & followed none of my recommendations & suggestions. Naboo’s gone through more veterinary exams etc during this time, than in his whole life prior. She’s now sure he’s got neurological problems etc. I’ve tried to help until she just proved impossible & I finally gave up. The horse has suffered. I’ll give her this – she’s spent a fortune on the horse. But it finally came down to her not being able to afford him any longer. A month ago she contacted me to let us know that she has to sell him. She was asking far too much money for him. My husband told me to leave her hanging for a month & so I did. I offered her a third what she asked. She jumped on it. This was last Thursday. Since then I’ve been in high gear to get the barn ready to bring Naboo home. That happened Saturday afternoon. Since then I’ve been working on ensuring peace down at the barn as our little American Shetland was not happy that this huge horse invaded his barn. My older 18 year old Warmblood gelding Destined which I’ve had for almost 14 years now is thrilled to have his younger “brother” back. They can’t get enough of each other. They’re almost inseparable. I’ve been trying to get a good mutual grooming shot, but that’s not turned out. But I got a lovely shot of them together. I feel it shows their strong bond & love for each other. They may have been apart for four years, but you would not know it looking at the two of them. It’s 18 year old Destined on the right & soon 11 year old Naboo on the left. Destined was smelling & licking something on the overturned feed barrel & Naboo checked it out with him. The two geldings are very close & I feel the strong bond in between them in this shot. To us, three years of misery are now over. Naboo’s home again & here he will stay.
    Shot Monday morning after the rain had passed in cloudy weather in our arena in the backyard. Shot with the D700 & the 24-70mm f/2.8, f/8 at 62mm, matrix metering, -0.3 EV, 1/250s. at ISO 400 & this is a crop as I felt it looked better this way.

    I hope you’ll all enjoy this more nostalgic photo than anything… After all, Naboo’s return has to be shared with all.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Todd Rundgren Live in New Jersey last Friday
  9. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    If you want to relocate, then I met the person, who can arrange any transportation
  10. Lil,
    Touchy one!
    and my contribution is another Kodachrome shot
  11. bms


    Wow, this is filling up fast, great work everyone.
    From this past Sunday, I believe, here is mine
  12. Nikon F100, Velvia. Not a new photo but recently extensively reworked in PS so I think it qualifies.
  13. Thank you Bogdan, so sweet of you. :)
    Benjamin - I love this shot. Probably one of the most favored ones of mine ever in these threads. Just beautiful. :)
  14. Magnificent, Benjamin!
  15. Hi all
    My contribution this week is a spider from my backyard processed in B&W
  16. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Heres two babes at 6 days old. This was the morning they flew the coup.
  17. Great stuff all, I'm posting early this week as I have a few days off. My camera was ready for spring and my relatively young Red Bud Tree has produced it's first real buds. I was kind of excited to see them so went and grabbed my run-a-round-rig D200 with old 28-80 SP Tamron. For these examples I used a touch of soft flash because the lighting wasn't so hot. Enjoy.
  18. Greetings fellow Nikonians. While visiting the Leatherneck's (USMC) Aviation Museum at Mirimar NAS in San Diego, there was a nice static display of an AV-8 Harrier. I felt motivated to poke my head into the port side jet intake and thought the geometry looked kind of cool.
  19. Shot last Thursday on a very bright and clear morning.
    ISO 200
    1/80s f22
  20. Happy Wednesday everyone! This week I want to share a flower image I made in the Papago Recreation Area, Phoenix, Arizona.
  21. A new photo adventure for me this week. At the Everglades.
    I relied on the many suggestions here on and on Grover Larkins' terrific guide to photography in the Everglades, also here on
    The first day we went to the Anhinga Trail in the Park. It's a paved/boardwalk path along and around water-filled channels and ponds. The birds are relatively comfortable with humans nearby. And, it was an amazing array of birds. Same for Snake River the next day.
    I'll post more in the travel photography section, and probably more here in coming weeks, but for starters... This is a male double-crested cormorant. He's all decked out in mating dress (the plumes to either side of the head, sort of a haircut with attitude). Behind him is a female, busy preening. My guess is she's pretending to ignore him, part of the ritual.
    Double Crested Cormorant, Mating Plumage, with Female -- D70 and 55-200mm VR Nikkor lens
  22. WedNEsDAy PiC #14
    Hi everyone. A fun shot. My interpretation of the four seasons in a flower that was flapping gently in the breeze on Easter Friday. Moving clockwise from top left - Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter.
    Camera: Nikon D300 Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 200 mm, 1/100 sec, f/22 and ISO 560 (Manual, hand held, VR on, manual focus)
  23. Hello Everybody,
    Tiffany, we had similar thoughts this week (although yours were on the large scale :)) and I am submitting one of my first macro photos I've ever done, and now I can see for myself, how difficult macro photography is. I have a long way to go to achieve photos, that I would be happy with, but this will have to do for this week.
    Shot with Nikon D700, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro@ ISO 200, f/22, 1/1,3s
    Have a lovely week.
  24. Happy Wednesday all.
    Just came by with my IR converted D70.
    Only cropped.
  25. Thai/Songkran New Year Festival, Hollywood Ca.
  26. Wife and I went to Vancouver, Canada for a couple nights. Saw this amazing car:


    Nikon P6000
  27. Matt Laur Great photo of the GSP. She's really determined. I took a young Weimaraner to meet his trainer a week ago and got similar photos, but thought twice about posting one. I'm glad you did.
    My photo this week is from the beach. A photos of a few rocks in the surf. No Photoshop tricks other than curves, sharpening, etc.
  28. Hello everyone...
    I took this photo at a Big Cat Farm in Kent on Monday.
  29. Great shots so far! I haven't posted for a few weeks as I've been too busy. Here's a photo from this past weekend.
  30. Good morning from cloudy and depressive Ankara.
    I like to comment on photos after seeing the whole lot but I have to say "Wow Matt! What a stunning start!"
    Last week I was a bit late to submit my contribution and didn't have any chance to comment. My apologies.
    This week's contribution is another shot from our latest weekend get away. Though it is not a landscape or a travel photo.
    We went to a very nice and small café in Amasra and ordered hot chocolates and we got a complementary plate of Turkish delights and home made organic jams... It was such a festive end to the day that I wanted to share with you.
  31. I know it's a cliché, but I couldn't resist.
    This city is so beautiful....
    Best regards.
  32. Hi everyone!
    Some great stuff here this week - most notably: Matt Laur, Tiffany Brook, Bogdan Nicolescu, James Kazan, Jana Hughes, Enrique Rabelo, Jeff Lipsman - thanks for some awesome photos!
    My contribution this week is from an excursion out to Blackhead Point - south of Dunedin, New Zealand. This is my first experiment with Panoramas - quite pleased with how it turned out - but its a lot harder than I thought. Cheers!
  33. Lots of great pix already here this week.....Here is one taken a few weeks back in St Emilion, France
    ..................D300...............50mm, F4, ISO 200......................................................................................
  34. Good morning! Love to see many great pics! Finally I have had a long weekend that I enjoyed taking many photographs... D700 @ 3200ISO, 24-70AFS (1/15sec. - f5.6), hand held.
  35. A shot from a recent outing to the butterfly exhibit at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
  36. Good morning ! Mine was taken this sunday, with D3 +24-70/2,8G at 70mm, 1/250, F8, ISO 200 :
  37. Wonderful story and picture to go with it, Lil! Thanks for sharing, and glad you have your horse back.
    I think I posted once before in the Wednesday thread quite some time ago, but mostly have been a long time lurker. Thought it was about time to participate again. This is a shot of a flowering jade plant in our back yard. Taken with a D700 and Tamron 90mm macro lens, processed in the LR3 beta, and manipulated with a preset I was playing with.
  38. Happy Wednesday all. Great photos so far!
  39. Happy wednesday!
    I only had a very quick scroll through the images posted so far, as always it looks brilliant... but I'll be back later to watch them more intently and read the posts... now off to a quick start and a quick post.
    Easter monday, Castelmano near Taormina. Up there is one of the most magnificent views I ever had, absolutely stunning. And above that view, a nice old castle... closed.
    D300, Tokina 12-24 f/4 @ 13mm, with CP.
    1/50th, f/11, ISO200
  40. Louis Comfort Tiffany Citrine Necklace. From a private collection
    D200, Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8, ISO 100
  41. [​IMG]Hello everyone - we are no way close to Spring as yet up here in Montreal but hopefully we will see that new growth in a couple of weeks. Fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable images here - as usual. My ice shot is probably the last of the ice before the next winter rolls around. It was taken late in the afternoon with the dying embers of a setting sun reflecting on certain portions of that ice. The background represents water and the light was quite low and there was slight movement in the subject. My 70-300mm VR (VR On) was hand held as i ran off a few shots.
  42. [​IMG]
    D300 / Philomath, Oregon / Larger
  43. Spring flowers seem to be popular the last few weeks, especially daffodils - so here's a daffodil, daffodil, daffodil....(and yes, it is from Wales)
  44. Some lovely stuff today. Here's a little "street photography" from San Francisco. D200 and 18-70. [​IMG]
  45. acm


    Hello Nikonians! My contribution this week is a picture I took in Morocco last October and reprocessed from original NEF file this week in Capture NX 2 and then CS3.
  46. It was quite foggy on Friday.
  47. For my photo this week, I spent a morning in the Golden Valley, Ashridge. You may have seen this place in the film Stardust, and it was here that Tristan Thorne climbed over into Stormhold. The wall was sadly only a prop, but the place is real. I used my D50 and 28-200mm lens (and a monopod).
  48. First off, My deepest condolences to Peter Heritage for his heart breaking loss. Time will heal.
    Second, Thanks for all the comments on the Snowy Egret shot. There was a lot of great photos up last week and looks like the bar has been rasied higher then the week before.
    My photo this week is a Brown Headed Cowbird trying to attract a female.
    Hope you like it, Rick
  49. hbs


    Good Morning:

    We had the rainiest March ever here in southern New England. This is a shot of the Nashua River last weekend -- no one sitting here today.

  50. Last Sunday our family ate lunch at Jake's City Grille in Plymouth, Minnesota. Everybody but me had dessert, and I got a little bored. But I had a cocktail napkin, a shrimp tail, and a Nikon L19.
  51. Good Morning WedNEsDAy
    My contribution is from past Saturday celebration of Animal Rights Day and Easter Egg Hunt at local law college. At the college library one owner had two huge dogs (not well knowledgeable about their breeds), may be 4-5feet long and 3-4feet tall. Interested People were gathering around to get more details about their habits and I was trying to find my way to get nice picture using Tamron 90mm, which was long for that area, but was able to get few pictures of them.
    I liked the sharpness of the lens @ f/3.2 and smooth bokeh. In the background you can see books related to the law and bookcase.
    Nikon D90
    Tamron 90mm
    Exposure Time = 1/40"
    F Number = F3.2
    ISO = 1600
    Focal Length = 90mm

  52. Good Morning!
    Missed a couple of Wednesdays as I was vacationing with my family. This handsome guy was at an animal park in the Everglades. Taken with my D300, 105 mm f2.8 micro nikkor at f8, 1/800 sec, iso 200.
    Have a great week everyone!
  53. More from walking around Savannah, Georgia
  54. Good morning all.
  55. Happy Wednesday everyone. My contribution this morning is one taken at Copper Harbor in Michigan's beautiful upper penninsula. Nikon D300 70-200 f/2.8 lens.
  56. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    When traveling with Joe Van Os' photo group in Guanajuato, Mexico, we had lunch at this restaurant where I saw our own reflection off this nicely framed mirror on the wall.
  57. Grab shot of my daughter with my D80 / Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 @ 1/160 F/14 ISO100 Auto WB with 2 off camera speedlights outside a light tent while she played inside.
    Cropped and adjusted to mono in PS / Photoscape.
  58. Hi Everyone,
    back after several weeks of goofing off. A family of 4 horned owls have been nesting on a pine tree close to work. Captured one of the parent with Nikon D200 ISO640; 300mm f4.0 + TC301; f=8.0, 1/600; hand held. Processed in Photoshop CS4 for mild exposure and saturation adjustment. Could not isolate the bird without the pine needles. In fact I prefer it this way since it shows the surroundings. Taken mid morning. This guy/gal posed for me between napping. Have several images with eyes closed and snoozing and eyes wide open. Enjoy! Murali
  59. Hi all,
    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to all of you...
    Here is my contribution.
    Nikon D300 and 16-85 mm VR @ 85 mm, ISO: 400, f/8 and 1/250.
  60. most people were out and about enjoying the evening, some were just getting by,
    D700+85mm f1.8AFD, at f5.6, ISO3200, NR in post processing
  61. Terrific stuff [again, as always]
    After 8 feet of snow followed by 14 inches of rain, we're finally getting a bit of Spring. Our cherry tree exploded in 24 hours and the buzzer "crowd went wild" |;-} Got this guy shooting shutter preferred as I wanted to blur his wings. D700 @ ISO 320, 85mm @ f/7.1, 1/200.
  62. Happy Wednesday everyone. Here's my contribution for this week.
    Caught this little Downy Woodpecker just before landing on the tree.
  63. Nikon D700 Nikon 28-70mm @ 38mm. 1/320 sec f5.6 ISO 800
  64. Happy Wednesday to everyone. I always enjoy looking at this thread first thing in the morning. It's a good reason to get out of bed early.
    Here's my contribution for this week. I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.
  65. I saw this young man washing his car in the nice late afternoon light and asked if I could take a few photos.
  66. Waiting for miracle...
  67. An older shot, but from my favorites folder. This was taken here right outside our house, in Delray Beach Fl.
  68. Hello All
    Taken 2 weeks ago at Caminito, La Boca neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Tango dancers on the street
    D300+18-200 VR@24mm - ISO 200 - f 5.6 - 1/60
  69. Great contributions!
    Here is my
    Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #14
    contribution. I just think the name of this establishment is funny.
  70. mab


    I was walking home around midnight one night in February just as a blizzard was taking hold. Unfortunately, a freight train was passing through where I needed to cross the tracks and I was left standing in the snow for a bit; fortunately, that gave me time to take my D3s out of my backpack.
    AF 85mm/1.4D (@ f/1.4), D3s (@ ISO 5000), 1/160 sec.
  71. [​IMG]D200 + Tamron 17-50. Shot in Montreal, Canada, while geocaching with the family.
  72. Marine Harrier Jump Jet
  73. Went to a local pet show and took this close-up picture. Wish I had Matt's panning techique as it was a bust shooting (figuratively) the fly-ball tournament. Those dogs are FAST!
    Shot with D3s+Zeiss ZF.2 100mm; 1/125s, f/3.2; ISO4000
  74. Hello,
    Fine work as usual. Lil that was a touching story about Naboo. My shot is from an antique store I visited this past weekend.
  75. Anna's Hummingbird. D200, 300mm. Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week.
  76. Missed a couple of weeks thanks to a crazy work schedule...nice to be back. Another marvelous display of Nikonism today! I'll have to come back to comment on the terrific images, but in the meantime, a little backstory on my offering today:
    My wife's father passed away a few years before we met, but I have a feeling we would have had a lot in common. Not long after we got married, my mother in law handed me a box full of his camera gear. All Nikon, starting with a 1967 Nikon F (w/Photomic T meter), and including a whole catalog of filters, lenses, flashes and gadgets. With that F, I took all my favorite images of my kid as babies, and when it came time to move to digital, I only really looked at Nikon. Fast forward a few years -- I was reading about macro techniques on last week, and I remembered that old box of my late father in law's gear. It had a set of extension tubes and a bellows, didn't it? It did! So this weekend I popped those tubes on my D90 (thanks Nikon, for backward compatability), and put the original 50mm 1.4 AI from the old F on the front. And here's one of the first results -- not much DOF, but at full zoom, you can count pollen grains -- that 1967 glass is sharp as a tack. I still have a lot to learn about macro photography, and, well, about everything, really. But this weekend, I felt my father-in-law smiling. Thanks, Daddy Dermot.
  77. New here and thought I'd share something. Hope this qualifies. This was taken not far from my home back in October. Nothing fancy here, all I had was a Nikon Coolpix L16 point and shoot.
  78. Happy Wednesday everyone. Matt, wonderful shot!
    This is from a couple of weeks ago. I have found another way to play with water . I have become fascinated with reflections and refraction. Since Spring is in the air, I thought this might be appropriate.
  79. Loving the D700... one of the latest interests is low light shooting at a local music coffee house. ISO 3200 f/2.8 1/250 24mm on a nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
  80. Wow, is there some very nice pictures here. My contribution this week.
  81. Matt Laur - this is a real stunner
    Benjamin Schaefer - beautiful
    Paul Howard - the levitating woodpecker, funny shot
    Doug Santo - nice timing to get this pose
    I must admit I am quite happy with this shot. The heron surprised me when he suddenly took flight. I had dialed in 1/640s shutter speed and fully expected the image to come out blurred. Uncropped except for the small amount lost due to the need to straighten out the horizon. D300 with 80-400 VR at 270mm, 1/640s, f/5.3, ISO 400, -1/3 EV.
  82. As usual, the bar has been set very high this week.
    This is one of my first shots with my new lens. My long suffering model, Hector.
    Anish, great capture - which animal park did you visit? I've been to most of the parks in Kent.
  83. My favorite this week: Mac Polski. Just a great capture.
    I checked out the cherry blossoms this weekend. There were about seven million other photographers down there. This is one of them.
    Nikon D40, 70-300mm VR @ ISO 200, 1/80s, f/13 and 125mm
  84. happy WeDNeSDaY to all....
    I finally found the time to post my image....
    Just another Swan in flight!
    D300 - AFS 300 f/4 - Kenko TC1.5x
    AP f/5.6 - 1/1250s - ISO 200
  85. Harpers Ferry from the old church
  86. D90 with 18-200 VR
  87. Off to the races this week. All wonderful shots. Some that took my eye a little more are: Matt Laur's Dog in Training, Adam Zyto's B&W performer, Jens Frederiksen's scene through the fence, Paul B's Sheep feeding and Bruno Gallant's Trees & Pond. I am sure more will come up as the day progresses.
    Thanks to those that mentioned my photo last week.
    My shot is at "Tootsie's Famous Purple Lounge" in Nashville, TN. Back in the day a lot of the performers at the Grand Old Opry would slip in the back door between performances for a toddy or two.
    I used my Nikon D90, Sigma 24-70@65mm, F4, Flash, 1/60, iso 800
    post processing in CS4
    phil b
    benton, ky
  88. Adey,
    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    It is not an animal park but a conservation charity for big cats. It's called the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.
    I wanted to try out my 300mm f2.8 and spent the day taking pictures of the cats.
  89. Wow indeed... Gotta love WedNEsDAys!
    Again I did not have much time to shoot (nor comment on last weeks pics, sorry!), but I was in luck and a nice little photo opportunity came to me - we had dogs in our office again on last Thursday. So here's "Playtime is over"
    Fuji S5 Pro + Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 (@ 62mm, f/4, 1/20 sec, ISO 640)
  90. The Elk in Alberta are moving into the higher ranges.
  91. I found this weathered boat at Portuguese Cove, NS.
    D70s Tamron 90mm @ f4.5 Aperture priority
  92. Happy Wednesday!
    First off, comments:
    Bogdan Nicolescu - I love shots like that, I always look for light filtering through trees etc, and see how they land on interesting subjects, great shot!
    Benjamin Schaefer - Another awesome shot, great mood
    Mark Gordon - Excellent portrait. I especially like it because I would have guessed that it was window light if you hadn't said that you used speedlights.
    Paul Howard - That's a great capture of the moment.
    Mac Polski - I really like the way the light seems to have painted the subject in your image.
    Okay, now for my image. I took this last week while my son and I were just playing around. He was wearing his guitar shirt and happened to grab my "Rockband" guitar. I thought that it was pretty cute so I snapped away, and this image is one of my favorites.
    D90 w/50mm 1.8
    (Exposure not handy to post, somewhere around f/2 and 1/40 or 1/50 I would guess with window light.)
  93. Repost for a clearer picture. Still learning how this works. Thanks Shun.
    This is from the Easter egg hunt last Saturday.
  94. Quiet evening on Costarican beach for everyone to enjoy.
  95. Lovely photos folks, been away from here for a while, good to be back. Have been out shooting the spring wildflowers as part of an ID project, and happened upon this fellow.
  96. bms


    Matt L. - outstanding action shot
    Lil - nice story and pic and thanks for the comment! Glad you like my shot, that means a lot.
    Vineet - stunning golden landscape
    Durukan and Jose A. - you make me miss European/Near East ars vivendi
    Tony - nice shot, that scene is like so 2 weeks ago (at least here), glad spring is coming :)
    Barry - great street scene
    Paul - what timing.... wow
    Matt B - nice moody scene, and it looks like there is no noise with the D3s at ISO 5000, at least at this size.
    Roberta - Master of Water shots.... like it.
    ... last but not least, Lil, Josh, Dieter, Chauncey, thanks for the comments!
  97. I hate to play favorites, but here are some of the images that made me stop and look again this week.
    Matt Laur -- nothing like watching a hunting dog work. Love the contrast of the panning blur with the dog's sharp eye and the bird's head.
    Matthew Brennan -- frame that one and put it on the wall! Gorgeous.
    Lil Judd -- A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a story can work magic on a picture, too. Thanks for sharing this one with us.
    Benjamin Schaefer -- Lovely image; very evocative
    Greg Kowalczewski -- see, that's what *I* was trying to do. Great colors, and great DOF. Guess I'll keep trying...
    Paul Howard -- what are the odds of capturing the one moment when the bird's wings *aren't* flapping? Priceless!
    WeLCoMe to Luc Welch
    wElcOmE bAcK to Fred Amico
    Roberta Davidson: Keep them coming! Lenses of glass shooting lenses made of water...
    Mac Polski: Now that's rock & roll! Great light, great capture.

    Also love Jose Angel and Durukan Payzanoglu's food shots...
  98. Reduced size and resubmitted Pano taken on the road up to the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado
  99. Taken on an adventure with 2 PN members and another photo site buddy...Label System's building in Bridgeport, CT. Painted with light to show detail inside the door. Have a good one all.
  100. Matt, that image is just SO cool! I had to laugh out loud.
    Went to a train festival this weekend and had the chance to shoot one or the other old steam babe.
    D700 w/ 70-200/2.8 at ƒ5.6
    Jeff Lipsman - I could dive right into your picture!
    Fred Amico - love the toning!
    Paul Howard - that's a truly cool moment.
    Mac Polski - wonderfully emotional.
    Adey L - love the way the cat's eyes are almost similar to the blanket colour.
  101. D-80 18-135mm kit lens @ 100mm 1/80s f/5.6
  102. There's always so much good stuff on here. The ones that are standing out this week: Matt, Tiffany, Benjamin, Jens, Anish, Barry, Ikka, Dieter, Waldemar, Roberta. I know there are others I'm leaving out, but I did notice them!
  103. Greetings to all! I've been missing in action for awhile and capped off my time away w/ some major life altering surgery last Wed., that should eventually actually help my shooting. For those wondering, I now have an artificial shoulder. Anyway, looks like things are off to a great start today and I look forward to coming back tomorrow to comment on my favorites. My photo this week was taken two weeks ago, prior to the current blistering heat wave, here in the north east of the US. It was taken out on Long Island, with temperatures in the 40's and blowing winds. And yet it still looks like summer.
  104. Once again, I view all these pictures and feel so inadequate. I wish I had time to tell everyone personally how wonderful these shots are. Perhaps Matt Laur and the PN crew will figure out a way to put buttons at the bottom of each picture so all I have to do is check off all the WOWs! I'm enjoying all the flowers, birds, blossoms, ice, and the food. Thanks for sharing.
    I've been working on a 2010 Project 365 ( and am enjoying the adventure, learning to try different things to get different effects. This photo was taken without a filter. The day was brighter, with blue-gray skies, but I changed the WB to cloudy, changed the aperture to f/14, and came away with a nice (IMHO) picture--no post processing.
  105. Tucson AZ
  106. More hiking trails in the Montana Rocky Mountains are becoming accessible, and streams are beginning to gather runoff waters. After turning back late in the day, I stopped to take several photographs at this attractive location.
    Nikon D80, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8.
  107. I have been holding back for quite a long time on posting in this forum but here goes nothing. I've had my D90 for about a month now and this is one of the first shots I took.
  108. Happy Wednesday everybody. Good work all. A few notables:
    Matt L, Another beautiful dog. Love the motion blur of the partridge's wings. I can see why you love this sport.
    Matthew B, Nice piece of glass. Does a terrific job on your rose.
    Lil J, Glad to hear Naboo is back in a loving home.
    Erik C, I'm impressed. Where is this?
    Benjamin S, Lovely
    Ray H, It is amazing how fast they fly away. We have been blessed with the opportunity to watch several birds fledge, and it never ceases to amaze me.
    Dave L, Fantastic! Does it still run, or is it strictly decorative?
    Durukan P, Looks absolutely delicious!
    Michael M, Brilliant color.
    Fred A, Interesting processing. The blossoms almost seem to be made of silver.
    Tony H, Very impressive. Those warm highlights are stunning.
    Barry F, Good to see some street photography in this forum!
    Mark G, Adorable. Love the expression you captured.
    Tim H. Looks like a nice young man. I'll bet you got a few more good ones as well.
    Bruno G, Beautiful. Very effective use of vignette.
    Dieter S, Beautiful. Love that pink light.
    Adey L, Hector doesn't seem to mind being your model. Lovely cat.
    Rene' V, Your swan looks both awkward and graceful at the same time. Really cool.
    Don L, The jump rope, the flying hair, the heels on the girl on the trike....all wonderful.
    Jennifer M, Cool spot. I envy you getting to hang out with other PN buddies.
    Monika E, Wow. This looks like it could have been taken long ago. Very sharp.
    Martin Z, I love ball season. My girls will be on the softball fields soon.
    Here I have a hydrangea I took at a neighbor's on Sunday. I didn't notice the lady bug until I viewed this on my computer screen. D300. ISO 400. 1/2500 @f 4.5
  109. A one-week old's first Easter - hat and all
  110. Thanks to everyone who commented on my photo last week, I appreciate your feedback.
    This time I took the time and wrote something about my favorites from this week:
    • Benjamin Schaefer - nice morning mist, very tranquil.
    • Jens Fredriksen - interesting find, I like the way how the hole in the wall frames the scene.
    • Jeff Lipsman - that picture would probably look great in a larger print, I really like the way it gives different impressions depending on whether one looks at the foreground or background.
    • Jose Angel - I like the afternoon mood.
    • Tony Hadley - good capture of ice, spring is coming isn't it?
    • Bruno Gallant - I like the springtime feel.
    • Mac Polski - good capture at the right moment, really conveys the performance.
    My own picture is not a macro this week (I need to cut down on macros...), but a shot from the now traditional Easter play in my town depicting the conviction and crucifixion of Jesus. The play changes a little bit every year, being an interpretation of the biblical events and the actors change too. This year the role of Jesus was played by a Japanese actress, which caused some discussion since Jesus has always before this been played by a male actor.
  111. I saw this on the way to work one afternoon -- so I stopped on the way home and get the shot.
    D300s with Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM at ISO 1250, f/3.5, 1/320 sec
  112. This week the submissions are spectacular! Congratulations all.
    After driving 1009 miles on Sunday, we were welcomed home by rain, thunder and lightening. It has continued to rain for the last two days.... Not a good photo week. I miss the Alabama sunsets already. That is why I'm offering one more this week. I hope it brings a smile to your face.
  113. Some good stuff again! This week's outstanders for me are the trees in fog and "Back in time".
    I've been going through all the pics I took in the recent snow, but resisted the temptation to post one in favour of this semi-abstract of a simple cut branch. I was struck by the combination of shape, texture and colour, so I hope someone else likes it too.
    Tech data: Nikon D700 + 105mm f/1.8 Ais Nikkor; 1/500th sec @ f/11.
  114. Its well worth revisiting this forum on (my) Thursday morning.. Barry Fisher - Far and away the best shot of the day - I love the mood, and the light, and the movement, it comes together to make a brilliant shot!
    Some really fantastic stuff from everyone this week - this is a great thread!
  115. Here is mine for the week. It is from Easter Sunday at my grandmothers house. Pic of my daughter sitting outside on the steps playing with a doll.
  116. ok this thread is completely ridiculous...far too many great shots to even try to comment...
    i'll just add my contribution...
  117. Oh, what a fine collection we have in here.
    Here are some of the most interesting images for my taste:
    Matt Laur - Very well captured chase!
    Benjamin Schaefer - Really low tones and mellow atmosphere, yet captivatingly interesting and beautiful.
    James Kazan - Fine, detailed and interesting image that also leaves one wondering, what on earth is this subject? :)
    Jeff Lipsman - Simple and still very beautiful and interesting photo.
    Jose Angel - A dose of pure good mood and joyful breakfast. The only "nagging" rises out of the fact that now I want some cold chocolate milk and we don`t have any. ;-D
    Bryan Meadows - The strong subject contrast between the feather and the concrete combined with the fine light make this one a very fine capture.
    Tony Hadley - Great light, beautiful colors, intresting and fragile subject, all together a great photo.
    Apurva Madia - I have returned to this photo every once in a while from the morning. I haven`t had time to comment, but this has captured my attention. Fine documenting of the people and his work environment.
    Shun Cheung - Fine use of the local accessories of the restaurant. The vivid red wall ties this one into latin country, the gold-leafed frame of the mirror add`s extra punch and the ordinary people of the photo-portrait ties this into modern world. Very nice capture.
    Mark Gordon - Fine portrait. You have transfered her mood into a photo with almost pinpoint accuracy. At least that is the atmospheric aura around your image. Great work.
    Paul Howard - Whoa! Stopping image - literally. Another one that has got plenty of viewing time at my screen. Fine action image.
    Adey L - One of my favourite pet-images from the last couple of weeks. Pure, interesting and captivating pet-portrait.
    Rene' Villela - Well balanced and beautiful photo.
    Waldemar Giers - Kitchener,ON,Canada - Sunset or no sunset, beautiful image anyhow! Although, I have to admit that I definitely have a weak spot towards well captured and beautifully colored sun-photos.
    Donald Lawrence - I have recently discovered the joy`s of panorama-photography, so this naturally captured my attention. Simply great and simple image. One to like without any specific reason.
    Oskar Ojala - Even before viewing your name, I recognized the setting of the passion-play. Nice documenting of this interesting theatre play.

    Then to my photo for this week. This is dull, gray and yet moody for me. Interesting to hear what this says to anyone of you. :)
  118. The wonky bridge. It has been closed to traffic and needs to be repaired.
  119. Matt L. good dog!
    Vineet: nice panorama
    Matthew B: beautiful rose
    Rich: great capture of a cowbird
    Paul: Woodpecker mid flight - Good job
    There are really too many great pictures to mention them all. A lot of talent out there. Keep up the good works
    This late morning I finally captured some California poppies that had opened up for the sun
  120. Good Friday at St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, Canada.
  121. D300 55-200mm @ 55mm f7.1, 1/250 ISO 800
    One of these days, will figure this out.
  122. I am enjoying everyone's photos so much. My first time posting a photo. My husband pointed me to this site.
    We were in Atlantic City today and it was nearly 90 degrees and sunny. This photo was taken next to the Korean War Memorial on the AC boardwalk. The seagull was sitting on top of the flag pole and I snapped the shot as he flew into the wind. Thanks!
  123. Australian Cattle Dog puppy litter at 2 weeks old. Might this series be called a dogumentary?
  124. First posting. I have transitioned in the past year from my FM3a to a D300...finally feel like the gear isn't in my way anymore. I always enjoy seeing the images posted in this thread and felt it was time to join in the fun.
  125. Another great Wednesday! Here is my last minute submission.
  126. An old man is sitting on his wheelchair in front of a church. Taken one hour ago.
  127. Thanks to those who commented about my submission. The quality of the photographs in this thread are outstanding! Here are some that really caught my eye, but by no means are the only ones:
    Matt Laur - great action capture
    Lil Judd - the story and capture combine to make this one very powerful
    Scott Pogorelc - this one really speaks to me
    Jose Angel - there is something about the lighting in this one that draws me in
    Shun Chueng - love it
    Alejandro Held - great use of shutter speed to blur the feet
    Waldemar Giers - very nice, I like this one a lot
    There are so many great shots here, it's hard not to miss someone. Looking forward to participating again.
  128. A curious dove visiting our yard in search of food
  129. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Thanks to those who commented on my last week submission.
    This week I am following Rick’s lead – Brown Pelican.
  130. Paula Nice Pelican. I'm glad you shared your pic also. Great color and sharpness. Its amazing how many different color Pelicans there are. How close were you. I was only about 8' away.
  131. Thanks Rick. I was using a 300mm prime lens and I was very close to the bird. I had to step back a few feet. I think I was about 7’-8’ as well. He/she was so camera shy but stayed and posed for me.
  132. Wow Matt, great start to the Wednesday thread. Wednesday is the best day of the week!
  133. Here is mine for the week!
  134. Great Photos All! Favorites this week: M. Laur, B Schaefer, B. Fisher, P. Howard, M Polski, P.V. Gorsky
    And from me this week... a little one and her mother
  135. Time to list some of my favourites:
    Matt’s chase scene
    Lil’s multimedia ;)
    Bogdan’s threatening approach to photography
    Benjamin’s tranquil mystery
    Grant’s Spider
    Anish’s kitty
    Vineet’s pano (though I wish to see a bigger version)
    Jose’s sweet treat
    Apurva’s colorful worker
    Rick Moran’s Cowbird
    Richard’s dragon
    Paul Howard’s rule breaking woodpecker!
    Peter Rafle’s flower that perfectly depicts the joyfulness of the spring
    Mac’s musician at crescendo
    Dieter’s Heron
    Adey’s new lens ;)
    Gabriel’s flower photographer
    Janne’s moody dog
    Don’s easter shot
    Oskar Ojala’s tragedy
    Rodeo’s sliced tree
    Louise Uznanski’s flags
    Keith’s flower macro
    Wenshu’s moody BW

    Top 5 (in alphabetical order):
    Bogdan Nicolescu
    Dieter Schaefer
    Matt Laur
    Paul Howard
    Peter Rafle

    Benjamin, Peter and Linda: thank you for your nice words. It means a lot to me.
  136. Sunset for a couple of weeks ago.
  137. Benjamin, Peter and Martin, thank you so much for your very nice compliment. It is greatly appreciated.
  138. Flowers, trees and bumble bees
    And old wooden fences and sheep in the breeze
    Dogs chasing birds, and butterfly wings
    Cats and horses, children looking for things
    Wheelchairs, planes, cars and carts
    All make Wednesday warm our hearts.
  139. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Linda - this photo is taken at outside a coffee shop between Phnom Penh and the Vietnamese border crossing on the way to HCMC.
  140. 70 degrees North. Taken last Thursday
  141. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Roberta, I am glad too see a different type of water droplet image from you. I love those flower reflections.
  142. [​IMG]
    Last sunday 04/04 Sony Ericsson Open @ Miami.
    Equip.:Nikon D300s w/ 70-200 f/2.8
    200mm f/3.5 - 1/1600s - ISO 200
  143. Thanks to those who remarked on my photo, especially Vineet for his kind remark, really glad you liked it. Lots of very good photos this week by everyone, hard to pick a fave...
  144. Sorry for the late add but i was away all day yesterday and not near a computer till this afternoon. I was going through internet withdraw. :)
    Here is a pic i took on Easter day in my backyard.
  145. The ones that caught my eye this week are:
    Matt- quick on the draw!! nice capture
    Benjamin- I like the sense of isolation.
    Greg- great DOF!
    Jeff- reminds me of the line "smoke on the water"
    Vineet- beautiful pano. love the colors
    Richard- you nailed the focus on the lizard. feel like he is in the room w/ me.
    Roberta- Nice capture of the flower reflections. Fun way to combine your current love of water.
    Enjoy the week everyone!
  146. Shun and Paul, thank you both so much!
  147. Durukan -- thank you so much for the kind words! See you next week...
  148. The prancing horse on a practice run. Taken on last week's Malaysian F1 Grand Prix.
  149. Completely blown away!
    Matt Laur - wow! I'm speechless!
    Roberta Davidson & Peter Rafle - I want to learn how to take close ups like this! Peter, I love the story too!
    Cannot wait to start shooting (D90 arrives Monday- yeah!!!)
  150. Thanks for the compliment, Jessica -- I want to learn to take close-ups like Roberta's too... :)
    I just sent you a note.
  151. Thanks to all for a particularly good dose of Wednesdayness. And of course for indulging me on my bird dog stuff and the kind words about this week's image.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much I liked Benjamin Schafer's foggy bit of aquatic scenery, Jose Angel's strangely mesmerizing food tray (there's just something about the light, Jose), Paul Howard's talented woodpecker, the encounter with Alejandro Held's dancers, Roberta Davidson's ever more sophisticated water lensing, Mac Polski's completely there musician, and Hamish Gray's transporting of me to someplace else. I'm always a little uneasy mentioning specific shots because my quick list one day would be completely different the next morning. Please, everyone, keep up the great work and thanks for taking us all around the world every week.
  152. Jessica and Matt, thank you so much for your kind comments.
    Peter, you are being far too modest!
  153. I want to take the time out to Thank; Fred Amico ( who was sweet enough to mention my shot twice), Eric Blair, Benjamin Schaefer, Peter Rafle, Linda McLellan & Durukan Payzanoglu ( I promise not to make a habit of multimedia) for mentioning my simple shot of two of our boys. That's what we call them. "The boys."
    Now to try to narrow down those which stand out to me....
    Matt - great catch
    Bogdan - love the play of light in this one
    Benjamin - again, just a stunning shot
    Richard - great catch of the adult & juvenile Cormorant. I see them do this on hot days.
    Jens - another great IR
    Jeff - moody land/sea scape
    Vineet - beautiful landscape
    Pascal - lovely French countryside
    Paul - love the scene
    Fred - excellent dof in this macro of a flowering jade plant, hard to do with those small flowers
    Wouter - looks like a beautiful place to visit. Most inviting photo
    Apurva - I saw such a scene when I went there at the age of 14. It's bringing me back.
    Ilkka - - stunning - I just love it
    Rick - great catch
    Gwen - lovely landscape
    Shun - neat shot & I bet you're the only one who brought that one home.
    Mark - beautiful portrait of your daughter
    Murali - set black point on this shot & it'll pop. Great catch
    Kemal - on the Nature & Wildlife forum on FredMiranda this would be referred to as a "Double Nello". Fun catch
    Paul - great catch that took some timing.
    Alejandro - another great Tango shot showing the intensity & passion of the Tango
    Bruno - elegant
    Doug - great pose on the Alan's, too much brown for an Anna's
    Roberta - another beautiful drops shot. You have these nailed now.
    Dieter - the light & the tomes make this beautiful shot.
    Rene' - beautiful & excellent framing
    Janne - love the sad look, so tells the story
    Waldemar - beautiful inviting shot
    Donald - neat pano
    Liz - fun shot
    Mark - they're growing :)
    Steven - lovely portrait of the dog
    Hayley - beautiful & sweet
    Hamish - glad to see you back & neat shot
    I don't count - I just comment as I go through them. If I haven't commented it in no way reflects on your shot - I simply no longer have the time to comment on each & every shot presented. I don't claim to be a good photographer or critic, but I know what I enjoy the most. My comments are those so reflected.
    My top favorites this week come from: Benjamin, Ilkka & Hayley
  154. Thanks to Fred Amico, Matt Laur and Lil Judd for your kind words!
    Always difficult to select a few ones:

    Matt Laur's Dog chasing Bird

    Benjamin Schaefer's Reflection

    Lil Judd's Horses and the story behind it

    James Kazan's Well exposed metal

    Jose Angel's Snack

    Tony Hadley's Ice melting

    Ilkka Nissila's Foggy Friday

    Paul Howard's Levitating Woodpecker

    Lawrence Ho's Bird

    Roberta Davidson's Drops

    Adey L's Cat eyes
    See you next wednesday
  155. Thank you Alejandro - I should have known horses would go over well with you. :)
  156. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Ok, Wednesday is almost over and it is time to close the thread.
    Actually, when some of our group members saw me capture that mirror image in Mexico, they tried to do the same. Of course their images were different from mine since I would be in theirs.
    Incidentally, John Shaw is in that image. Do you recognize him?

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