Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #1

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  1. Important: please keep your images under 700 pixels on the longest side for in-line viewing. Even more importantly: please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site (at Flickr, Photobucket, etc). As a reference, notice that this first file is just over 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for these WedNEsDAy PiC threads are right here.​
    A Happy New Year, and of course Happy Nikon Wednesday to everybody.

    I didn't want to mix things up too much, with Jose Angel getting some long deserved rest from this weekly task (thanks again, Jose!). But mixing things up got me thinking about this still very functional Sunbeam Mixmaster. It's almost 20 years older than I am, far more stylish, and can still run at full speed.

    Shot between dinner and dessert the other evening, this used a D300 at ISO 200 and 1/60th with a 50/1.4 at f/2.5. The onboard CLS commander was talking to an off-camera SB-800 at 1/4 power, camera left across the room, doing a casual ceiling/wall bounce. B&W conversion in NX2.

    Please post your own image, and show us what you've been up to with your Nikon gear.
  2. An image made with my "new" D200 and an ancient 28mm f3.5 AI Nikkor. Being new to digital I am having fun learning all the basics....
  3. Casino Niagara lobby in ultra wide angle. Shot with D3s mounted with a 14-24mm lens @ ISO8000, F8, 1/80s, 14mm FL.
  4. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    The very first bloom of a new rose I planted a few months ago... Yes, its that warm in California!
  5. So it begins; the long, cold dark of winter.
  6. Major Snow in Vermont

    I spent the last 5 days up in Vermont with family and friends to see the New Year in. If you were following the news, Northern Vermont got hit with a monster storm that broke records, almost 36 inches of snow in 36 hours. In southern Vermont we only got 18 to 20 inches. Believe me it was enough for one storm.
    Here’s a news link:
    Playing with some of my manual focus lens on a digital body, this shot taken late in day, almost has the look of a painting instead of a photo.
    Nikon D300 Nikkor MF 80-200 F4 AI @ 80mm
    Aperture-priority AE, 1/60 sec, ISO 1250
    New Year’s photographic resolutions
    1 - Shoot more film
    2 - Get a macro lens
    3 – Replace the D700 that I no longer have, but loved

  7. Housecleaning in the new year, I came across some scanned Velvia slides on Kodak DVD's, pre-digital camera days. Not a new photo, but "re-mastered" today.
  8. Thanks for stepping in Matt, and for starting the tradition Jose.
    D300s with 105mm f2.8 AIS; image target: reflected and refracted light at water-air, water-glass and air-glass interfaces in a glass half filled with water.
  9. The 2010 has brought me resolution to try a project 365 (yes one of those one photo a day) using only a 50G ... just to make life more complex.
    This one was day two photo, some empty office (because it was lunch time) near work ... can you see the snow? It is everyday below 0C here :-(
    D700, AFS 50G, HDR
  10. Happy New Year!
    D700, 24-70 f/2.8 G, Capture NX 2
  11. Wow, an early post opportunity, great, thanks Matt. Looking forward to more good stuff this time. This is a banquet hall near Beverly Hills, shot for their web site and brochure.
  12. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    A typical local decoration
  13. It's now only 6 months to warmth and summer - I find that it is not so cold outside when I think of that. Today we have minus 20 degrees Celcius, but the weatherman has forecasted a bit colder the coming weekend, and a possibility of minus 40 just 200 kilometers away. Cold winds from Siberia, they say!
    This shot was made in minus 15 degrees at our marina, and is one of the first shots with my new Sigma 150-500.
  14. [​IMG]
    Lake Boren near my home. Nikon Coolpix P6000 at ISO 64
  15. Common Snipe
  16. Another Wednesday starts with great photos! (Although it is still Tuesday here in California).
    Matt, thank you for taking over from Jose.
    My only chance to shoot pictures these days is when I walk my dog; so here is the golden retriever I ran into today.
  17. Happy wednesday all,
    D700 + 24 f/2.8 AF-D ISO 800 f/4.5
    Aya Triada Church-Istanbul
  18. Hello Everybody,
    Matt, thank you for running this thread, I really appreciate it. Thank you goes to Jose too.
    I am sending today a photo of a spider on rain drops adorned web, I don't have a macro lens, but I couldn't leave this web there without photographing it, so I used my 24-70 mm. I know, the photo isn't perfect, but I like it.
    Nikon D700, 24-70 mm; f/2.8, ISO 200, 1/1600s/ f/7.1
  19. Hello all
    Last week I posted a metal flower, now a real one.
    D300 + 18-200 VR @200mm - 1/15 - f 5.6 - ISO 200
  20. Matt! I wasn't expecting you to start until this afternoon, Europe time! Well done on getting things started so early :)

    Happy New Year everyone.

    I shot this picture this morning at 6:15am. I got up early and went outside to catch the cold :)

    The thermometer on the wall showed -23.4 degrees C.

    I set up my tripod with the camera on bulb mode and locked open the exposure with my ML-36. I then walked around with my SB-900 and flashed it manually up into the trees a few times.
  21. happy Wednesday.
    Why not start 2010 with a white swan? Took this Monday and it is still cold out there.
  22. Taken last weekend during a wedding. Not only another car`s part, this statue has behind an interesting, beatiful story: link.
    Nikon D700 @ 200ISO, 70-200VRII (200mm), f2.8 - 1/500sec., hand held with VR on. Deep overcast.
    Processed in NX2, it`s a 30% crop of the original frame. Resized to fit here. This lens is sharp!
  23. Wow, Matt's up early.... :)
    Happy New Year to all of you, and may all your wishes come true. The best of health and happiness, and always loads of light and tons of views and impressions.
    This is from a series on New Year's Eve in Zurich: "everything is illuminated".
    D700 at ISO 1600, 24-70 2.8 at f4.
  24. Happy New Year everyone!
    Already six days into the 2010 - and I haven't even touched a Nikon! The shot below was taken during a stroll on Christmas Eve, Nikon D200, 35/1.8 DX AF-S, 1/40s, f/10, ISO200.
  25. Welcome to the helm Capt Laur, and a happy new year to everyone. Per Christian, at least you are getting to test your Sigmonster and D300 in Arctic conditions and they still work. I hope you were wearing thick gloves to handle all that freezing cold heavy metal.
    Todays entry is from an air to air session we did on Christmas eve. Andy wanted to do some aerial photos of his new Decathlon aerobatic airplane for his website so I was flown in another light airplane while Andy formated up to us. Its not easy for the pilots flying in close formation or the photographer. Very careful briefing between the pilots is necessary so they know what each is doing at any time. With the photos you have to contend with reflections off the canopy, bumps and shakes, little time to think or make adjustments, etc but I got enough decent ones. Here Andy is in one his closer formations and concentrating hard to maintain a safe distance. He had a second chap with him who was taking a few shots of us, but on closer examination of the photo I noticed he was holding onto the sicky bag instead of his camera !
    D700, iso 800, f/7.1, 1/125, nikon 24-120mm at 120mm
    Up this afternoon again so just enough time to dust off the camera. Have a good week.
  26. Hi all,
    Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year to all of you.
    My contribution is a picture taken with my new gear Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR II
    Nikon D300 and 70-200 VR II @ 200 mm, ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/100
  27. Happy New Year to those I've not had a chance to say so. A new year & a new driver in the driver's seat. Thank you Matt for taking over this responsibility.Nice shots already, so it would seem we're bringing in 2010 with a bang. :)
    I went out shooting again this weekend with another friend from Seattle & he wanted birds as well - so all I have to present is another bird. I have as usual had a horrible time trying to decide which to post, but it is what it is...
    I was out with all these friends & this Western Grebe decided to do what's either a stretch or some breeding behavior. I find that many birds are already paired up to my surprise. So we were watching these two Western Grebes swimming around. Only one did the behavior, which could indicate just a stretch. But sometimes the males do things to entice the females... And since I don't speak Grebe..... Well you decide... Oh, this is not the photo Ross & Andrea picked. It just didn't work in the size the thread requires to me.
    D300 & Sigmonster, ISO 400, Manual exposure, 1/1600s f/8 - larger version can be seen here ( as I find many of these really don't carry through in this size)
  28. Matt,
    Happy Wednesday! It's my first "snow day" in 29 years today so, uniquely, I have the luxury of taking a photo specifically for this thread after you have so kindly initiated it.
    Our trusty Philips handmixer packed up just before Christmas (after 22 years) and was never very photogenic anyway. Here's the replacement, courtesy of Amazon:
  29. Selling tickets in a small circus. No one is buying....
  30. Good morning and a happy new year to everyone. Taken with D300 + 70-300VR at 300mm (vr on) ASA 200, 1/200, F9 :
  31. Happy New Year and Happy Wednesday! Found this wooly caterpillar in my front yard yesterday and went in to grab the camera. It was overcast and not a lot of light, but didn't use the flash since it wasn't moving too fast. I ended up liking the soft lighting, so decided to post this. Taken with D90/Sigma 150 2.8 at 1/60, f.11, ISO 800. Once again, thank you Matt for taking over for Jose. Wonderful shots so far!
  32. Good Morning and Happy New Year. My photo is from last week studio shoot with my son. This was the first time for him in a studio, and first time I was setting up the lights all by my self. Nikon D700, ISO 200, 28-70 @ 52mm, f/5.6.
  33. Thank you Matt for taking over the important role! Dan and Lil, thank you for your comments on my entry last week.
    This week is "after the party", taken near the Times Square on the second day of the year.
    Hope everybody had a nice holidays.
  34. Taken yesterday afternoon. A cardinal awaits time at the feeder, after the alpha male leaves. Always interesting to watch the interaction of the different birds. Welcome to Matt as “team leader” of the Nikon WedNEsDAy thread
  35. Christmas cactus blooms at Christmas.
  36. Thanks Matt for continuing a very worthwhile tradition.
    This was shot yesterday afternoon on the shingle at Dungeness just after a snowfall.
    Nikon D700, 16mm f2.8 fisheye, f5 at 1/30 sec ISO 200
  37. New Years under the 'lights'.
  38. Great start Matt! Our family used to have a mixer like that—it brings back memories.
    My picture was made with a D700, 200mm f/4 AiS lens, ISO 1600, 1/640 @ f/4, stream-of-consciousness post-processing.
  39. Happy New Year to all and here we go again with the start of a wonderful year in pictures.
    Matt "Thank You" for taking over with this as it is the highlight of my week.
    It has just plumb been colld down here in Western Kentucky and I haven't ventured out of the house hardly at all for a few days. We have some snow coming and I hope that it will be enough to get some good winter photos.
    Being inside I went to our newly acquired almost in the house cat, Munch-a-Bunch.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  40. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    My picture was taken on New Year Day afternoon. My son was enjoying pancake with chocolate chips and watching animation series on tv. I liked his concentration of watching tv and eating, also I liked the colors of yellow plastic cup and red t-shirt.
    This is taken with Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8
    Model: NIKON D90
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1/100 sec
    Aperture: 2.8
    Focal Length: 44mm

    I hope you all like it.
  41. Happy WedNEsDAy & New Year!
    First, thanks to Lil & Jeannean for your comments to my pic in last weeks thread. I missed commenting phase - again...
    This one was shot yesterday evening from our living room window. It was a cold night and it was snowing this really light snow and lights were reflecting from those tiny snowflakes, creating nice beams of light that were constantly changing. Kinda like a "poor man's Urban Aurora Borealis". :)
    Fuji S5 Pro + Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 (@ 11mm, f/4, 3 sec., ISO 400, handheld)
  42. Happy New Year to all of you around the world. Yesterday Bill & I celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary and I picked this photo for the card I made him taken on the road to our favorite sportsman club. Nikon D300 14-24 F/2.8 lens.
  43. From the collection. Enjoy.
  44. Happy new year!! I love my D700, hand-held photos in the dark suddenly made easy! Dublin Airport early in the morning with a nikon 18-35 3.5-4.5D.
  45. Hey Matt, thanks for taking over this topic.
    A happy new year to all Photographers , picture takers, snappers or whatever you like to be !
    Almost the end of last year we had a day at the circus , and its amazingly difficult to take pictures at ringsite , in the dark, no flash allowed !! ( my first time.... ).
    A snapshot at the circus not processed just shrunk.. ..
    Nikon D300 85mm 1.4 at F6.3 1/250
  46. I was playing around with my old lenses. I read an article here on PN about using your old Mamiya 645 lenses on your Nikon DSLR. So I found the Adapter ring and resurrected my two manual lenses. Great glass that was just sitting in my closet. This was shot indoors with a little daylight from a window and fluorescent lights. Nikon D3, M645-A1 adapter ring, Mamiya 150mm, f4, 125s, ISO 500.
  47. This is from last year. Took some pics in a vacation last week but am yet to process them.
    "Old and Dying"
    D300, Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 AF-D
  48. Hi all!!
    First, I owe a late thank you to those who commented on my photo in #48.
    This week's submission is the result of a series of experiments both in production and photography of chaviar from salmon roe. I spent 2.5 hours to produce edible chaviar from a sack of salmon roe that I got from the local fish market for free!! and then another 2.5 hours trying to get a decent shot using my 50mm f1.8 with a helios 50mm in front of it hand held!! this is the final product.
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Best wishes for the new year.
  49. Good morning all.
    It is very cold in Texas this morning and the forecast says the temps will drop to the teens by tomorrow. Today's image was taken near my house before the weather turned COLD.
  50. Happy New Year One and All!! I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season. My photo to start off the new year is one of the my first shots taken on New Years day. It is a shot of my nephew and his great grandmother (my grandmother as well) who turned 99, on New Years Day!!! While I love the expression on my nephews face, I still can't help thinking about all of the changes my grandmother has seen since 1911. For those also wondering, she is in very good health and is the family card shark. I'll be back later for commenting. Oh yeah, welcome to our new thread initiator, Matt.
  51. Happy New Year to everyone and good luck in 2010! It has been cold here in Wisconsin so far this Winter but my dogs love it.
  52. Happy New Year everyone...
    Hope we are all able to go out and take a lot of wonderful pictures this year like we did in the past 52 weeks!!
    My contribution this week is a picture of the Thames that I took at dawn in the last week of December.

  53. Good morning all, and Happy New Year.
    My image this week reminds us about the good old days. I wish we still had them. I shot this sign at an antique yard. Everybody remember "ESSO"? Those were the good times.
    Taken with Nikon D200 and Nikon 105 f2.8 VR lens. ISO 100 @ f2.8 1/3200 second
  54. Happy new year to all, and all the best. I hope this thread will be as inspiring in 2010 as it was in 2009. So far, so very good!
    A new year's wish from a local artgallery:
    D300, Tokina 12-24 f/4 at 24mm, f/5.6, 1/15th sec., handheld, ISO800.
  55. Holy Wednesday everyone,
    Rest of fired firecrackers on one of main street of Paramaribo. The tradition arrived to Suriname with Chinese immigrants almost 155 years ago. Actually this was a shoot of accident. The Fire Department and Polices were keeping visitors away from firecrackers first time in the history of parade, but here the rest of part in the box fired it self. Thanks to God no body injured also in next two more accidents too. Thanks for stopping by and many cheers to you all.
    I wish Happy New Year and take care. Regards,
  56. it was a blustery, bone-chilling morning this past sunday when i went down to catch the gulls at the shopping center. the cameras seemed to handle the cold a lot better than the photographer, while the gulls seemed not to notice at all...
  57. Forgot the name of this animal - shot it at a zoo through a glass cage.
  58. Happy New Year.
    This shot is from Sunday in Rocky Mountain Nation Park. BW conversion in NX2, I wish I had my polarizer with me!
  59. Parade official explains a float during post-parade viewing. Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA. D700 with 24-70/2.8, 24mm, 1/500s, f/11, ISO 200, matrix metered, normal program.
    Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week.
  60. Nikon 35-70 f3.3-4.5 at f8
  61. Happy New Year everyone - hard to imagine it's been 10 years since Y2K isn't it?
  62. Happy New Year !!! Thank you for the comments last week.
    Really struggled with what to post today. My D300 got a new 85 f/1.8 lens and what fun using and learning this lens. I,however, keep going back to my 60mm micro looking for some small creature to photograph.
    Since it has turned cold for the south , nothing compared to Pre Christians cold or rather frigid temperatures, all the bugs are hiding staying warm. I did find this little guy out , but trying to bury himself deep in the flower.
    Taken with D300 60mm micro at f/5.6 Maunal 200 Iso

    Andrew Fedon

    Love the shot. The pilot makes the shot and the spinning prop is the icing on the cake.
    Aguinaldo de Paula
    This shot is perfection for my eyes. Just love the contrasting colours (Orange v Blue) and the girl in the window is perfect.
    Joe Elrod
    Beautiful shot. There is sharp definition and light where it matters.
    C.P.M. van het Kaar
    Love the colour and effect.
    I am learning to use my 50 mm lens at f/1.4. My dog is my subject for this practice.
  64. Hi!Happy New Year everybody.
    Well,a bright start for the New Year under Matt's lead.
  65. Lots of really nice images already. My contribution was taken at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing .
    Nikon D90 18-200 at 36mm, f10, 1/320, handheld. Photoshopped to remove a person in the background.
  66. Happy Wednesday! I've been reading the Strobist blog this week, so I took a crack at using my SB600 off-camera and against the sun coming in a window at home. The theory I get, but I haven't quite nailed it in practice...I did like the refractions that came through in this image, though
    Happy New Year!
  67. I was quite busy while preparing my post because my wife's very high priority request to photographing one of her favorite character; Kinsey Milhone's famous peanut butter pickle sandwich ;) for their mystery blog.
    Dear Matt, thank you very much handling this thread.
    I want to send my special thanks to Dan South too for his valuable words to my post last week.
    All the best,
  68. Visiting Mom in Phoenix on the occasion of her 101st birthday, talking with one of her many grandchildren.
    D70 70mm f4 1/500th Speedlight fill
  69. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 1600, 1/80th
    50/1.8 Series E @ f/? (f/stop isn't recorded in EXIF with this lens. I would guess f/2.8 or f/2)
  70. Happy Wednesday everyone and happy New Year 2010.
    Here is my contribution for today. Picture was taken at Sea World on January 2nd, 2010. It is nice to see how humans and nature can live together in harmony when we respect, protect and love creation. Hope you like it and have a happy shooting in 2010.
  71. Nuuksio on Saturday.
  72. My favourites so far:
    Matt Laur, Eric James , Alejandro Held , Jose Angel, Jeannean Buglady, Juhani Vanhala, Phil Burt, Kemal Riza, Aguinaldo de Paula, Gwen Klaus, Dallas McVicker, Carey Moulton, Roberta Davidson, keerthi s r, Maurice Orozco
  73. Happy New Year to all. Still very cold here at the Jersey Shore. Don't have snow on the boardwalk to often ... Ray.
  74. Fog: You can see it, feel it, at times even taste it. Fog keeps you guessing as to what's just around the corner or in this case, what's at the end of the tracks.
  75. Good Day all! Another great one, huh!
    D300s with 17-55mm shot at 55mm f/4.5 1/160sec with ISO1000 hand-held cropped in PS CS.
  76. 3sh


    well, so this is the first wednesday of 2010 and already I am late. Thanks to Matt for helping to continue the wednesday tradition. Already I saw many good pictures. This time my contribution is from a visit to my friends place at Troy, NY.
    Details - Nikon D300, f/5.6, 105mm, ISO 200, 1/250s, EV -2/3, Matrix Manual.
  77. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Happy new year.
    I am glad to see Matt is getting off to a good start, and Jose Angel is back from "retirement." :)
    It seems like winter is the theme this week, but the image was actually captured during the spring on South Georgia Island. This king penguin was sliding on some fresh snow at Fortuna Bay.
    Nikon D700 with 200-400mm/f4 AF-S lens at 380mm, 1/1250 sec and f8, ISO 200.
  78. A fine way to start Nikon Wednesday 2010. Some very good work.
    Thanks Matt for picking up the torch.....and thanks to Jose for his efforts.
    Photo: Franklin Falls, Denny Creek. Near Seattle in Washington State, USA.
    Nikon F4s Fuji Velvia 50
  79. Afternoon everyone and happy new year.
    My shot this week was taken on Monday. D700, Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro.
  80. Happy New Year! Thank you Matt for stepping up to the plate and "mixing" things up a bit! As usual, there are some really great shots here today. I was really looking forward to this Wednesday as I spent the holidays in Kauai with the addition of a new Micro Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR lens to my kit. But, we were delayed on the way back in Chicago for 48 hours due to weather. So, I have a little over a thousand images to review before I can share one here. I'm not so sure that its good to be home in the great white north:)
  81. Happy New Year?
  82. Another shot from my Maui trip in December.
    At the summit of Haleakala, it's a very strange environment. In many places, it looks just like the surface of Mars from the rovers. This scene might be a Mars-scape if not for the one green plant. The location is near summit, high on the Sliding Sands Trail. Down at sea level it was cloudy with haze and a broken cloud layer. But, here at 10,000 ft. we are above the clouds with bright clear light. There's a lot of color which I wanted to capture.
    The D200 did a pretty good job with the color, but I wanted a bit more. Earlier in the trip I hired a pro to show me some of the photo spots. Besides the help with locations, I learned a lot by watching and talking with him. He talked a lot about HDR tone-mapping. He said, "In the early days, I was using Photomatix before anyone knew what it was. My images looked different from anyone else's and everyone wondered how I did it."
    Then I saw an article in Digital Photo Pro by John Paul Caponigro suggesting, "You can use Photomatix tonemapping on a single exposure. Just duplicate your NEF file and drag both the original and copy onto Photomatix. It'll ask about the exposure difference between files; doesn't matter what you put in. Then use the tonemapping controls to adjust your image."
    I wish everyone the best for this new year. Thanks, Matt, for taking this on. I think Nikon WedNEsDAy is one of the best things on the net.
  83. Gary McGhee -
    Is that a garnet sticking out of the glaciated surface of an igneous metamorphic rock with a thin coating of ice?
  84. Happy New Year, all...may you have a great 2010...
    An unplanned photo that has quickly become one of my faves...
  85. I suppose the photo would be appropriate :)
  86. The Last Holdouts.
    These guys were hanging on well past time that they should be gone!
    Nikon D700 Nikkor 24-120mm f3.5, some light added from underneath.
    Comments Please!
  87. Wonderfull images so far. This weeks images inspire me to get out more. Here is mine. D300 30 1.4 Sigma.
  88. Happy new year everybody, great pictures already
    It's been a while since I posted but I thought it was a good moment to start again.
    Thanks to Jose and matt for their hard work.
    I will send my snow landscape picture next week since there are already so many winter pictures.
    The picture I send started out as a demo of the lens to someone, but I liked the picture a lot even though the focus is not perfect. It reminds me of a certain movie. The picture was taken during the family xmas dinner and it is of my sister in law. Hope you enjoy.
    Taken with the D90 and 80-200mm @ 200mm F2.8 1/60s iso 800
  89. Little flowers
  90. Pamlico Sound, just south of Avon NC on New Year's Eve.
  91. Hello,Here is my pix for this week!!! La Conciergerie in Paris, early morning....
  92. From my backyard in the Netherlands...
    Nikkon D90, Nikkor 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 VR, @50mm, f11, ISO 200
  93. Happy New Year everyone...whew...I am actually taking a breather this week. I haven't shot but I am gathering inspiration. This is one of the best places to do it!
    Matt...Thank you for taking over this thread and thankyou for keeping yesterday(s' technology) alive. We photogs are very good at hanging on to the past (>8
    Aguinaldo...You've done it again. I think this is my fave here...the comp and colors are absolute knock outs. I LOVE this shot!
    Jeannean...Very nice...that looks like a "Very Hungry Caterpillar"
    Juhani...Well done...both of you!
    Marc...Gorgeous shot. I have only been there unforgettable place that you have captured beautifully.
    Phil...Very the texture around a very cozy kitty
    Dallas...Lovely...the bird looks like he/she is posing, though maintaining his/her modesty quite well.
    Bogdan...You could very well call this "The conversation"...they REALLY look alive
    My contribution is from one of my holiday just reminds me why kids are my favorite subjects. These sisters expressions say it all.
  94. Great pictures once again, everybody......some of them...thought provoking.
    Here is mine, on an evening walk on the beach....with my D80, 80-200 f2.8. 1/1000 sec, f3.5, ISO200. Instead of dumbells I thought I will carry pretty good.
  95. Jose, many thanks for this great initiative. Matt, many thanks for keeping it alive.
    My picture. A goose on a winters day in January.
    D700 85mm F1.4 AIS 1/2500s @ F4 ISO 200. Location Zevenhuizerplas Rotterdam.
  96. [​IMG]
    fabulous work and I continue to enjoy this 'forum'.
  97. Happy New Year folks!
    This pic was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ with a Nikon D90 + Nikkor 18-200 VRII lens.
  98. Happy New Year folks!
    This pic was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ with a Nikon D90 + Nikkor 18-200 VRII lens.
  99. Monty, who has beautiful agate eyes.
  100. All,
    happy new year and many thanks to matt for stepping up to the watch.
    Many snowy contributions this week - here is a snap from lunchtime in Sheffield - the town hall framed by a big wheel which is in town. D700, 35mm f2.
  101. An image from a South Asian Wedding in hotel lobby during downpour of rain outside.
    Nikon D3 24-70mm at 1/100 sec f2.8 55mm.
    Ambiant Light
  102. Don, I like it. It would have been great to have a landscape for giving depth, but also in this way it is a nice photo.
  103. Nikon D700 + AF Nikkor 180mm f/2.8D
  104. Thanks for the Kind words this week. Thought I would comment on a few that stand out for me this week.
    UZAY KISI – For some reason this image makes me shutter, feelings of fear.
    JANA HUGHES – Love it, nice position of the spider. The focal plane is just off, but seems like the spider is lurking.
    HANISH GRAY – Interesting technique sparks some thoughts.
    LIL Judd- The thing I love most about animal is the personality they have, that you only get by being around/with them for a while. Who knows why he was doing that, but it doesn’t matter it is all about the shared experience.
    JOE ELROD- Like the lighting, always enhances any picture
    MARC HENERY- Love it. Where is that?
    KENT SHAFER – Dream like, nice touch.
    ROBERTA DAVIDSON – Love the colors
    RAY YEAGER – Love the deserted feeling, the foot prints though I wish were not there.
    RICHARD KARASH – This is my favorite type of Landscape shot
    RICK LARKIN – Another great shot in a line of great landscape shots this week.
    ROBERT SCHOUTEN – HOLLY S***, that looks soooo cold.
    Also notice we have a lot of R names on these boards. J
  105. A cold seagull in Ft Walton Beach, FL.
  106. Hello everybody and happy new year.

    With so many great photos today, I'll mention only three of you.
    There are many more that deserve commenting on, but it would last too long, and
    I wouldn't say what I really mean, and that's not fair to photo and to author. So...
    Sanford Gerald,
    Hamish Gray,
    Gary McGhee,

    Great photos, nothing more! Just enjoyed them little more than others. :)

    I took my photo last Sunday, it was nice rather warm winter day on nearby river. It's been snowing for last two days, so this is a nice reminder. I did HDR on it, and tinkered with it in Capture NX.
  107. Matt - thank you again for taking on this project. Jose - you did a great job bringing Wednesday Pic to where it is today.
    I'm really torn as to which picture to post. I purchased an SB-900 a couple weeks before Christmas. Went out this evening and took some photos of our snowed-in pond at work with the flash set on front curtain sync showing the snow 'streaking towards the sky.'
    I kept going back to Matt's photo today, though, along with Peter H's....both showing mixers. I'm working on a portfolio of photos to be used in a corporate web site. The warm fuzzy feeling I get looking at the mixer photo taken in the fall last year won out over the cold, dark, snowy picture taken this evening.
    I look at the Nikon Wednesday Pic thread as a way to demonstrate what I can do with my Nikon equipment in my small part of the world. I don't always post a photo that I would classify as my 'best' work. Instead, I usually choose a photo that demonstrates what I can do with the equipment I have with me on a day to day basis.
    I really enjoy our Wednesday Nikon 'trip around the world.'
    Thanks - Mark
  108. Hello everyone and happy new year to you all
    This is my first post even though i have been an avid reader of this forum for a long time
    Here is a photo of one of my friends taken in my backyard with a D90 and Nikon 300 F4 lens
  109. Quick comments:
    Matt L - I love the character of old machines.
    Ray House - Excellent lighting and pastel colors.
    Eric James - I have no idea what I'm looking at but I'm enjoying the shapes and colors.
    Jana H - Great concept and color; I might wish for a bit more DOF but find otherwise.
    Juhani V - A top-notch portrait with loads of attitude!
    Ken Y - Photo of the Week! A brilliant concept executed perfectly; a fresh look at an event that we all think we know quite well.
    Phil Burt - That tabby looks comfy on the leather couch!
    Ray G - A fun and fleeting moment.
    Tim Holte - A beautiful composition. Definitely a runner up. Were you IN those trees?
    Wayne W - Nice light and interesting subject.
    Doug S - Great expression.
    Carey M - Nice use of the mist.
    Maurice O - Excellent exposure despite the white and black elements. Skin tone is just about perfect.
    Ray Yeager - It would even better without the footprints, but this is a lovely shot of Mid-Atlantic winter light.
    Shun - Excellent composition, very sharp.
    Richard K - Very well done.
    Don Harper - Very soft and beautiful. Another runner up.
    Neven J - Okay, that's just brilliant. I think you and Ken will have to share top honors this week.
    Mark L. Cooper - Excellent concept and composition. At first I didn't like the motion blur but it grew on me.
  110. Like Francesco, I'm also working on a 2010 Project 365. Just a few days into it and I've learned a lot. This picture is from yesterday morning. We don't get a lot of snow in the south and rarely get ice, but like everyone else across the country, we're suffering through a cold snap. This is a picture of my car iced windshield, taken from within the car (sitting on a heated seat and waiting for the heater to warm). :) I look forward to joining in on Nikon Wednesday each week during 2010.
  111. [​IMG]
    Nikon F4. Kodak Ektar 100. Nikon 28-85mm f3.5-f4.5
  112. Matt - thank you again for taking on this project. Jose - you did a great job bringing Wednesday Pic to where it is today.
    I'm really torn as to which picture to post. I purchased an SB-900 a couple weeks before Christmas. Went out this evening and took some photos of our snowed-in pond at work with the flash set on front curtain sync showing the snow 'streaking towards the sky.'
    I kept going back to Matt's photo today, though, along with Peter H's....both showing mixers. I'm working on a portfolio of photos to be used in a corporate web site. The warm fuzzy feeling I get looking at the mixer photo taken in the fall last year won out over the cold, dark, snowy picture taken this evening.
    I look at the Nikon Wednesday Pic thread as a way to demonstrate what I can do with my Nikon equipment in my small part of the world. I don't always post a photo that I would classify as my 'best' work. Instead, I usually choose a photo that demonstrates what I can do with the equipment I have with me on a day to day basis.
    I really enjoy our Wednesday Nikon 'trip around the world.'
    Thanks - Mark
  113. Last Week, Lower East Side NYC
  114. D90 f/8 shutter 1.3 80mm manual mode iso 200
  115. The above was taken at the San Diego Zoo, on a overcast day.
  116. Well, well, well! Here we go again!
    Happy New Year to all! I hope every one is healthy and using your Nikons!
    Matt... I was surprised to see the thread so early! Thank you!
    Jose... Sorry I didn't reply last week but I was too busy having fun and taking pictures! Anyway, thank you for the intention to dedicate a shot to me! I wonder why but.... Thank you! I just took the liberty of taking half of that black swan! :) I'm sure Lil won't mind!
    So.... It is Thursday morning here in Japan and I am back home after a few weeks.... I kept looking at the thread but to be honest I wasn't in the mood to post. I really wish I was still in Europe! Finally I decided to do it coz I don't wanna start the year missing the first thread! So far I have never missed one!
    This is an old shot from last year! (Sorry) I think I took it on Dec. 30th in Zurich! :) I decided to try it on B&W coz it was very overcast and I don't like the colors... I think it looks better this way!
  117. I was over in NYC over Christmas/New Year. This photo is taken from one of the semi-circle cruises during golden hour.
  118. Hi All,
    A very happy new year to all. My contribution is of a female blackbird taken earlier in the summer.
    Nikon D200, ISO100; 300mm EDIF AF + TC 14B, f5.6, 1/200.
  119. Happy New Nikon Year to All!
    We continue the snowy theme this week with a shot of the lights in our front yard a week after the snow, as the year was winding down. As you can see they've started making their own little domains to live in.
    Matt, thanks for taking over this wonderful thread.
  120. been away from the wednesday pic since i've just returned from two weeks in mexico city and havana. got plenty of plenty of street shooting in -- here's one of fishermen on the malecon. tech specs were d300, tamron 17-50, f/9, 1/320, 50mm, iso 200.
  121. A snap of our neighborhood. We are moving far away from here pretty soon.
    Thank Dan South for kind words last week. Good luck in new year everyone.
  122. A little late, but...this is a shot of Polihale Beach on the west coast of Kauai. It was with my D300 and the much traveled 18-200mm VR zoom at 18mm, 1/160 sec, iso 200, f11, handheld with a circular polarizer.
  123. Happy New Year!
    This picture I took this past weekend while visiting the local museum. It is take with my D5000 and the kit lens (AF-S Nikor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G) @ 18mm F3.5 1/8s ISO 640.
  124. Happy New Year form Colombia! I took this one from the car as we crossed a bridge on a road trip in Tolima, south from Bogotá. I loved the colors. Slightly cropped.
    D80 18-135mm kit lens @18mm 1/500 f/8.0
  125. Quite late, but still Wednesday, so I'll contribute my 2 cents. Actually, this is relevant to another discussion on another forum topic RE: Nikkor 70-300 VR lens that Emma is considering, so I'll invite her over here. This is the "preview 'Blue Moon' of December, 2009, i.e., from 12/2, since moon viewing was impossible with our Boston Blizzard at the end of the month. Nikon D300, Nikkor 70-300, 4.5-5.6 G VR lens, (with VR off for tripod), ISO 100, mirror locked up, cable release, etc. Selenium toned in Lightroom for that good old cold blue black effect from the darkroom days. Cheers!
  126. Hello again everybody. 24 hours since this thread was started, and just a reminder that while this is a Wednesday thread, it doesn't end when Wednesday does. The only way to be too late to contribute is to wait until next Wednesday, when we'll be on 2010's Wednesday #2.

    Thanks to everyone for the nice welcome, and for an as-always really enjoyable series of photographs by dedicated photographers from so many walks of life. Lots of lovely takes on winter, and on many other delightful subjects (and two more mixers - excellent!). This bodes well indeed for a grand 2010 of Wednesdays here in Nikon land.
  127. Dan S - Very nice contrast with the gray buildings, street and bright orange, red and yellow of the umbrellas, taxi, crane, and cones.
    Francesco - You are off to a great start on your 365, picture a day.
    Hamish - Keep warm! When I'm in the snow in the mountains I think "Hamish would be camping in this".
    Per-Christian - Congratulations on your new lens! Now you can see all the way to Sweden :)
    Neven - Excellent, great lighting and subject. My Favourite this week.
  128. Thanks Dave!
  129. [​IMG] Happy New Year...D700 and 24-70
  130. New Year's fireworks at a minute after midnight, in Tempe, Arizona.
    First I wanted to include a cat picture from yesterday (Leo ) but since New Year's fireworks only happen once a year, I picked the picture below instead. Here are more of My Fireworks
    I find Neven Jurkovic's b&w girl D700+180mm photo most appealing... anything else used like flash, background blurring in Photoshop? Wide open lens?[​IMG]
    2010-01-01-tempe-fireworks-131297.psd - Nikon D300
    2010-01-01 00:01:27 - (lens: 50mm f/1.8)
    1/15s f /2.8 - ISO-400 - 50mm (x1.5=75mm )
    Exp: Man.Multi-segment. -1 step. (Flash:None)
    AdobeRGB - NEF(raw) - 11 MB - Daylight/5500K
    Size: 4028x2685 pixels - 89% crop
    Orig: 4288x2848 pixels - Res: 240x240dpi​
  131. mbh


    Nikon D700 with 80-200 F/2.8 lens, Image at 1/320 F 2.8 ISO 3600
  132. Neven Jurkovic: Congrats for such a perfect shot you`ve got!!!
    Greg Kowalczevski and Tiffany Brook: thank you very much for your kind comments.
    Best regards and Happy 2010 for you all!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. I was rather ill during this season
  134. Equipment: Nikon D300
    Lens:Nikon AF-S DX 18-135f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED
    Focal Length-18 mm
    F/11, 1/500 sec
  135. Lil, I didn't notice until now that you had commented on my pic last week. Thank you. And thank you also to Dallas, Filip and Dave Greenidge for this weeks comment.
    Dave, that's funny :) But I have to admit that the cold spell we've been having these last few weeks, with temperatures getting near -30, has limited our winter camping trips. There is just so much work involved to keep warm, especially with an 8 year old. And we only have 2 and a half hours of sunshine just now. However, my son and I have spent the past few days digging ourselves a snow-hole, so we will probably sleep in it on Saturday night, as it's only supposed to be -10 or 11 degrees then. It'll feel like summer by comparison.

    I'm not sure which picture is my favorite this week, but I'm feeling inclined to go with the general consensus and say Neven Jurkovic's. It really is a lovely picture. But I also really like the tones in Filip's river landscape.
  136. Doug Santo, Sorry it's not a garnet sticking out of the glaciated surface of an igneous metamorphic rock with a thin coating of ice. (that sounds great though) It's just a frozen piece of gravel. I think the sheen came from some melted frost.
    Filip Lucin, I'm glad you like it. Thanks.
    Cheers, Gary.
  137. Happy New Year to all. It may be even snow in Atlanta today. Dreaming of warmer days to come.
  138. Box Car Detail
  139. This is a picture taken with my brand new Nikon D90, just a couple days after buying it. I was trying to focus on the sitting mallard, saw movement, shifted slightly and shot. Couldn't do it again if I tried.
  140. Ahhhhhhhh nothing like the start of a new year!!! The photos that particularly caught my eye are:
    Jana - Love the simplicity and the colors.
    Roberta- There is something almost whimsical about your shot. Love it.
    Ilkka- The bronze background really makes this winter scene come alive.
    Richard Karash- I've been there and your shot truly captures the isolation and vastness of the area.
    Jennifer- Love cardinals and your shot is beautiful. Hope you are planning an enlargement of it.
    Neven- Far and away my favorite. The B&W works well and the timing was perfect.
    Again Happy New Year to all.
  141. Dan S - I appreciate the comment.
    Another vote for Nevin J.
  142. I don't know how anyone can claim that the Nikon 70-300mm w. VR gets somewhat soft between 200-300mm. That photo of the gull by William Pahnelas was shot at 300mm, at F5.6 to boot, and it's razor sharp. I can't wait to get mine later this month.
  143. So many great photos. I started out (once again) trying to limit my comments to my top 10, then it became top 20, then I gave up, since I don't want to take up too much bandwidth with comments on all that appealled to me, because that would be everyone's for some reason or another. I like them ALL ! Very nice start to 2010 Nikon shooters! I would like to make mention of Jose's "Spirit of Ectasy" photo. Rolls Royce should buy that image from you. Thank you for the link to the story behind it. I love stories, and that one was a really interesting one I knew nothing about (although with a sad ending). Also, to Paul and Dave ... the women in your photos (mother and grandmother) are simply amazing. To reach that age and be mobile is amazing in itself, but to be talking on a cell phone laughing, and sharing a moment with your grand-nephew with abundant patience and grace, are photos worth a million words and memories. Thank you all for sharing your "corner of the world". My corner (deep south Texas) just got really cold. There may be another ice photo next Wed. Yikes! :-\
    Finally, to Roberta . You know how much I love bugs, and your bug photo with the beautiful light and colors... ROCKS! I just love it.
    Till next Wednesday...stay warm if you're in the northern hemisphere, and enjoy the warmth if you're not. :)
    PS. To'll love the 70-300mm VR too. I agree with some of the experts...a nice lens. I'm very happy I finally pulled the trigger on it and you're right, William's photo is suberb.
  144. Picture of my boy
  145. The tallest structure on campus.
    D90 50mm f/1.8 at 1/100s f/5.
    Happy Nikon New Year!
  146. First thank you Dallas, Paul and Jeannean for your very kind comments.
    There are so many great shots, I don't know where to start. What a great inspiration to start the year.
    Every shot here deserves a comment , but I will try and just limit to a few that really catch my eye.
    Those on the winter theme-
    Joseph one can sense the motion of the wind and snow.
    Pre Christian - so cold but yet inviting with the crisp colors
    Hamish- so ethereal looking
    Laura , the ice crystals look like some vegetation on water, very nice
    Rachel, great capture
    Tim, lonely but peaceful
    In the pets, animals -
    Kemal, the dove really catches my eye
    Lil, you always find the most amazing way to capture your subjects
    Jeannean, you beautiful soft looking caterpillar, wow
    Dallas, the white egret against the shades of green , very stunning
    Joe, What a GREAT shot.
    Bill, beautiful mallard
    C.P.M. you have a great subject
    Steve - Beautiful kitten
    Steve J. - The profile, with that gorgeous eye. You did capture the beauty
    Grant - The yellow on the parrot and the buds on twigs, against all that beautiful green
    Murali - Beautiful little bird. The "black" birds in our area are huge solid black things
    Matt, you almost make me want to pull out my stand mixer ! Thank you stating how you did the lighting.
    Jose, your shot is wonderful as is the story behind it.
    Aguinaldo, what can I say, you never let us down
    Ray, you make me smile with that one
    Durukan, So interesting
    Paul, A moment to treasure for you and your family. Look how your nephew is looking at his great grandmother
    Ertugrul, You always manage to tell a story with your shots
    Dave, 101 !! and still laughing . A great capture and a wonderful memory for you
    Richard K Wonderful shot and thank you so much for the explanation of how you managed the post processing. I now have yet another program to learn!
    Rick, I keep coming back and looking at your shot.
    Neven, great capture. I laugh every time I look at that bird running away. Very nice
    I love them all but will have to stop the comments for now. I see there are several great shots with the 70-300 , I can't wait for mine to arrive any day now.
    Thank you all for the wonderful journey and I wish I had the time to comment on all of them.
    Jens - the soft elegance of the against the ice.
    Jennifer - What a wonderful capture
  147. bms


    very late to the game.... Happy.... Thursday :}
    Great shots, again.
    Here is mine, one of my colleagues' baby, who is very cheerful, most the time.
  148. Thank You! for comment and appreciation: Dan South and Roberta.
    ALL are nicely done with a great TLC. Some of my favorites this week
    Lawrence Ho: Liked the colors and wide angle
    Francesco, Michael, Erik C : Liked the pattern
    Hamish: Beautiful picture and neat creative technique
    Jose: Good one with Rolls-Royce story
    Kemal: nice bokeh and sharp picture, IMO may be full pegion picture could have been better
    Lil: As always nice and beautiful picture
    Aguinaldo: liked the bright colors and mood
    Jeannean: beautifully captured "creepy" creature :)
    Juhani: looks really cool boy
    Marc H: Very well done
    William: sharp and clear
    Thomas B: I would like to learn PS technique... that's really cool, very neat and nicely photoshopped
    Bryan D: simple and elegant
    Shun: as always WOW!!!
    Tiffany: naughty expressions, I liked it.
    Arun: Very well done.
    Neven: looks really good in B&W
    Filip: wonderful shades of color...
    Happy New Year to ALL and Happy NIKON shooting... :)
  149. Dave Greenidge - Thanks for your detailed comment. I appreciate it! By the way, the "Tricycle" and "Jack-o-Lantern" shots in your gallery are very moving.
    Richard Glover - The boxcar shot is excellent! Great composition.
    Mark H and Paul Gresham - Interesting shots! Nice work!
  150. Oh, those wonderful images! Some really hit a string with me, in particular
    Greg Jones - serene and dreamy, albeit the stark architectural!
    Eric James - that abstract is simply fantastic! And those colours!
    Aguinaldo: very lovely. The cold and the warm colours are a merry contrast.
    Ken Yamamoto: very nice splash of colours on a bleak day.
    Paul V. Gorky: very touching!
    Etrugrul Kilic: just the scene for a pyromaniac like me! ;-)
    Ray Yeager: beautiful winter light
    Richard Karash: I love the way the little flowers pop out in this martian landscape
    Robert Schouten: that's a lovely landscape, and it's funny that you have more snow now than we do usually on the Belgium and Luxemburg border....
    Tiffany: that's a shot to remember! I'm certain those ladies will have a good laugh 20 years from now!
    Neven Jurkovic: you've perfectly captured the moment!
    Filip Lucin: even if tinkered, it's great.
    René: most of my Swiss pics were in b/w too because of bad weather... %-)
    Eric Arnold: this makes me want to go back there immediately!
    And all the others: very nice. It's a pleasure to look through this thread every week.
    Have a good year 2010!
  151. Hey Roberta thanks for your comment. I bought a Nikon 70-300 4-5.6 G thats silver on craigs list for 75 bucks last year. It a great outdoor lens and very lite. I carry it on my boat with a 2x converter just in case I need to reach out. You should be happy with the new version. And I love your shot this week. The colors are great. It looks like He is peaking out to check you out.
  152. Happy Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #1 Here is one from the archive. It is a beach scene in Chicago on Lake Michigan.
    The tools were an FM3A with a 35 mm AiS f1.4 lens. The the lens hole diameter was f8.
  153. December 28, Crown Point, NY.
  154. December 28, Crown Point, NY.
  155. somehow I goofed this all up and posted three times . . . Hey, there are some amazing pictures in here! Really nice to see. Glad I stopped by. Happy New Year everyone!
  156. Duckies!
    Nikon Nikonos II, 35mm f2.5 Nikkor + Nikon Close-Up Lens and framer, Toshiba TM-1 strobe, on expired Fuji Superia 800 film
  157. Happy New Year, everyone. This picture was taken Jan 4th. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I came across this post and like all of you decided to contribute. Great shots everyone.
    Nikon D300, 300mm AF-S F4, ISO200, 1/1250s, F8, -0.7ev, Cloudy A1,G1. Minor adjustments in Capture NX2
  158. Happy New Year, everyone. This picture was taken Jan 4th. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I came across this post and like all of you decided to contribute. Great shots everyone.
    Nikon D300, 300mm AF-S F4, ISO200, 1/1250s, F8, -0.7ev, Cloudy A1,G1. Minor adjustments in Capture NX2
    (Sorry for the dual post. Forgot about size limit)
  159. My comments for this week... But first:
    @Matt, thanks for your gracious entry, for mixing things up, but not too much.
    A very exciting series this week, right from the first images, what a great way to start the new year.
    These are the images that particularly caught my attention:
    @Greg Jones, the nice combination of stones, moon, and office building.
    @Raaj, the leaf of winter
    @Eric James, thanks for another in your fab series, and thanks for the explanatory hints. Really beautiful and evocative.
    @Aguinaldo, the small circus ticket window in blue
    @Juhani, your son with skateboard
    @Joe Elrod, the cardinal
    @Durukan, the chaviar
    @Bill J Boyd, duck with great color
    @Ertugrul, the red firecrackers
    @Carey, the trees in B&W
    @Roberta, the red bug deep in the flower
    @Greg Kowalczewski, your dog through the 50 f/1.4
    @Ilkka, the snowy woods
    @Gary McGhee, the amber feature in the ice, whatever it actually is... Minor White wanted photographers to look in any subject for "what else it is." There's a lot here.
    @Jennifer shooting a relative of Joe's cardinal.
    @Tiffany, those are two great kids!
    @Nevin, little girl chasing a bird... You've got the moment perfectly
    @Filip Lucin, boats at the river, HDR and long exposures, very nice color and tones
    @Laura, frost on glass, in blue
  160. Matt, you`re tempting me to take out from the closet my old beloved home appliances... some of these are beautiful. Nice shot. I´ll use it for a future wed pic shot.
    Jeannean and those who mentioned my pic, thanks. Actually I took a lot of pics from this car (waiting for the just married couple). Cars doesn`t call my attention but all in this one was a piece of art.
    Amongst my favourites, Greg`s moon and buildings, Sanford`s bows, Eric`s landscape experiment (inspiring, too), Aguinaldo`s circus, Carey`s trees and fog, Shun`s penguin (very nice colors!), Gary`s chilled texture, Richard Karash`volcanic landscape, Neven`s child and bird, Filip`s boat and river, Eric`s malecon, Richard Armstrong`s beach (never saw the see on your pics), Paul`s pills (hope you`re ok, now).
    Thank you all for your kindness; It`s a pleasure to see Matt starting the thread... after looking at his posts I thought: "I need to improve my photography and... definitely I need to improve my english!" :)
  161. Richard Karash [​IMG], Jan 09, 2010; 08:40 p.m.
    Thank you for listing my shot as one of the many that caught your attention.
    Your shot, which appeared many posts after mine is symbolic of high standard set by the majority of contributors. On an increasing scale, the numbers of excellent photos outweigh the number of good photos each week making it more difficult to comment, unless you are prepared to comment on many shots (Lil Judd springs to mind :), her comments are phenomenal; sometimes everyone is included individually and they are always a joy to read).
  162. Congratulations everyone…. Exellent work!
    A few shots that caught my eyes:
    Matt Laur - Greg Jones - Lawrence Ho - Jana Hughes - Jose Angel - Monika Epsefass - Lil Judd - Aguinaldo de Paula - Durukan Payzanoglu - Dave Greenidge - Shun Cheung - Richard Karash - Jennifer Meighan - Pascal Burel - Robert Schouten - Andy Chubb - Filip Lucin - Peter Giraudin - Aninda Gupta - Keith Powell - Raden Munim and Paul Howard.
    Let's meet again tomorrow! Cheers!
  163. Well I'm stressed for time so I'm going to try to do this fast. ;-)
    First up - as usual a wonderful thread with great shots. If I don't mention you it's just because I'm very time limited right now.
    First up - Matt welcome to guiding us through the threads from now on. You're off to a great start. I love this shot. Archaic appliance with great post processing. Wish I had anything that old in an appliance. Great shot.
    Greg - love the opposites of old & new - - & then the moon symbolizing time.
    Raaj - a sight I've seen many times. Nicely presented.
    Joe - I "feel" the snow storm. Sure looks cold and dangerous.
    Sanford - elegant excellent framing & love the colors.
    Per-Christian - been there & done that. Oh how cold it looks. Very nice winter landscape from Norway.
    Mikhail - what a beautiful older dog. Lovely shot would just have liked a tad more space in the direction the dog is going..
    Hamish - absolutely wonderful shot.
    Jens - I do remember those winter days. Very cold back home I know & this shot proves it. love the fact that the swan is watching you.
    Jose - love the play with dof
    Kemal - fun shot of the Ringed Turtle-Dove
    Jeannean - great macro shot of the caterpillar.
    Juhani - great attitude & just a great portrait of your son.
    Joe Elrod -lovely male cardinal. Excellent detail & color. Since this is a crop, if you don't mind me suggesting. The bird is very centered, do the crop closer to the tail feathers & give the bird more room to look into. I think that if you try this crop you'll find it very pleasing.
    Marc - simply great shot. Love the depth of it.
    Elliot - great shot.
    Kent - great shot & I love your post processing. Just wonderful.
    Ray - what a wonderful candid of your son. Wonderful shot.
    Janne - neat shot & I love the colors.
    Gwen - beautiful, I feel such harmony & peace from that shot. Well done.
    Dallas - wonderful amazing color surrounding this Great Egret. Lovely
    Rich - sweet candid of the little girl.
    Ashim Dey - very artsy post processing & presentation.
    Tim - wonderful shot.
    Nish - your animal is a Meerkat from the Kalahari.
    Dave - amazing landscape & beautiful B&W conversion
    Carey - amazing landscape & so moody. Beautiful shot.
    Roberta - love the peekaboo whimsical look of this shot. Fun fun fun
    Greg - beautiful dog candid
    Ilkka - stunning winter landscape. Beautiful
    Alex - lovely framing on this one
    Sankha - stunning silhouette
    Shun - beautiful shot of the penguin, what a trip you two must have had.
    Shane - another beautiful winter scene
    Richard - great landscape
    Jennifer - wonderful winter female cardinal. Next year's Christmas card...
    Steve - I love this shot of the cat. Love the tones in it.
    Jose - lovely colors in this macro
    Rick - stunning seascape
    Pascal - beautiful shot from Paris
    Robert - stunning winter landscape.
    Steve - amazing eyes on that cat. Lovely candid of him.
    Don - lovely shot of the bride.
    Neven - lovely shot of the little girl.
    Filip - beautiful landscape with the boats. Lovely framing.
    Grant - wonderful colors in this shot with the parrot.
    Laura - great shot
    Rene' - I'm thrilled to share the Black Swan with you. :) Love your B&W cityscape.
    Richard Armstrong - love your landscape/seascape. Feels so well balanced & framed.
    Richard VanWart - beautiful shot of a blue moon
    Paul - I wish for you speedy recovery & no more medications.
    Benjamin - that's one happy baby. :)
    As usual I've commented on too many. I am sorry I rarely now have time to comment on every one. But life is busy right now. Just know that I feel there are so many wonderful shots in this thread each week & I treasure the fact that you all choose to share what's going on in your lives with me & the rest on the board.
    Thank you.
    Also - to those who've commented on my Western Grebe....
    Dallas - thank you for mentioning my shot & I agree, love taking my time with the wild animals.
    Roberta - thank you for commenting on my shot. I love it when I find willing subjects which give me more that just swimming by. Individuality is wonderful & I love taking my time with them. I may well come home with a 100 shots & have just one with a great action. :) Or at least something different.
    Ray - thank you for noticing my humble shot. I so appreciate it.
    Greg - I just want to thank you for your kind words towards me. They're most appreciated.
    and finally to Rene' as well.
    Thank you all & I can with strong certainty tell everyone who's potentially fed up with my birds that there will be no birds posted this week. ;-)
  164. This thread just continues to get better and better! Such a wonderful collection of excellent images of such stunning beauty, originality and high quality presentation. Thank you, Matt for leading us. Thanks to Jose' and Lil for the kind comments on my shot of Polihale Beach. I think it could be better, but of course, that is one of the reasons that participating in this forum, and this site is so helpful. Learning from all of you is a pleasure. Looking forward to the next series...tomorrow.

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