Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #20

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  1. This is a typical scene in spanish villages, there is always little ladies jumping rope... the first I had on mind after visualizing that pic was Cartier-Bresson... a burst of shots perhaps will give me the pic... well, here it is; of course light years from him but I think I catched my own`s humble "decisive moment"... hmmm, what is it?... I think I hear Bernard and Renè early raisers asking for way... :)
    Nikon D700 @ 400ISO, 14-24/2.8AFS wide open at 24mm., 1/500 sec., badly used monochrome mixer in Aperture.
    Please post your favourite pic if you like taken with Nikon gear, check your file size before posting, don`t forget to include gear info... as usual. Thanks.
  2. Hello everybody! Are we ready for another WeDNeSDaY PiC thread?
    Well, I surely am! Just a few words, I hope it's not too boring.
    The picture I am posting today is something really new for me. To start with, I don't like taking people's pictures unless its some kind of candy. I was inspired from so many shots here in this thread other wise I wouldn't try it. Specially I've been following some of Eric Arnold's work. To be honest I had no idea what I was doing nor even what angle would be nice. I still don't but after many shots I was happy with my results. Maybe it's not a good shot for some of you but for my standards it's great. So what I am trying to say is that this is what this thread is all about. To share our work, see other member's work, learn from it and get the inspiration to try something new. A word of gratitude to Jose who came out with such a great idea.
    Pic info: D300 - AFS 17-55 f/2.8G wide open @ 1/60s
    ISO 200, EV -1.0
    SB 600 flash exposure compensation +0.3 EV
    NX2 D Lighting applied and picture control portrait mode
    As I said before, I had no idea what to do in a shot like this. I was just playing with the controls and maybe the setting doesn't make any sense. If any one would be willing to give me some advices I'd appreciate it. Thank you for your patience! Cheers!
    JOSE... almost Thursday in our side!
  3. Can't sleep, so I'm in early on this one. Took this during a visit to a local mission. While touring the grounds, I saw this calla lily tucked away in some greenery, sitting there all by itself, and poking its way out into the sun.
    D700, handheld, 24-70 Nikkor zoom @62mm, f9, ISO 400, available light and matrix metering.
  4. bmm


    Jose - wonderful pic. And what do you mean 'early risers' by the way? Its almost dinner time here in Sydney!
    My contribution this week is a humble image taken in the old quarter of Dubai - just some old carpets provided so that people can borrow them for prayers. I haven't done anything to it and its nothing special but it speaks to me about the trip so I really like it anyway.
  5. History can repeat itself, or at least a photo scene can.........Again driving to work early in the morning - this lay before me - very similar light and fog blanket to a series of photos I took about this time last year. Autumn is the best time of year for light in S.E Australia........
  6. Hmmm, looks like some people run fast... while I`m on breakfast, they are having dinner... ! LOL. Thanks both for your kind words.
    Matthew... beautiful!
  7. Rio de la Plata
    On a Ferry, from Colonia (Uruguay) to Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    D300 + 18-200[​IMG]
  8. American Avocet pair, D700+300 f/4 + 1.4X TC
  9. Hi everybody,
    jose: great timing, her smile makes the moment
    Matthew: Love the fog and the light on the right side. Is that a red tree next to the house?

    Well, here is mine.
    Some architecture this time. Does anybody know where this is?
    D90 with 18-200mm @18mm f5 1/20 handheld

    Have fun today
  10. Emelie in late afternoon light in my apartment... Actually it was a dull grey day and the light comes from an sb800 on the balcony. D3 17-35/2.8
  11. Great pictures, everyone! Matthew's landscape and Hasse's portrait are my favorite.
    This has been a tough week, so I had to go back to my archives and bring back this picture from last year.
    F4 + E-Series 28mm f/2.8 @ f/5.6, Fuji Neopan 400, scanned with Epson V200 and processed in Lightroom.
  12. We've had really bad weather the last week so I haven't been inspired to get out and take pictures. So here's one from a couple of weeks back on a very good climbing day. It's a snap shot of my wife leading up a route at our local crag.

    D300 with Nikon's 12-24 @ 13mm, f8, ISO 200, 1/320s.
  13. wow, thanks for the compliment, rene!! live music shots are harder than they look, huh?
    my favorite pic this week is from a record release party for BRWN BFLO (brown buffalo), a Latin rap group out of Oakland who have a very cool vibe. this shot is a straight out of the camera jpeg, converted to sepia.
    technical stuff: 1/100 sec, f/2.8. iso 1600, 17-50 @17mm, d300.
    can't wait to see what comes next... i know some folks have been looking forward to the Nikon Wednesday pic all week, right?
  14. Some very inspiring photographs already - wonderful stuff!
    For my photo this week I was walking out with my Pronea 6i and I saw this Spring scene. Everything was fresh and the cow parsley set off this track I thought. Wendover woods are in the background. I used the 30-60mm IX-Nikkor and Kodak HD100 film.
  15. Matthew - another lovely landscape
    Alejandro - great light
    Just a lunchtime snap this week from me. I was waiting for someone to walk in the shot but no one ever came.
    Nikon D80 + Sigma 30mm f1.4 @ f1.4, 1/200, iso 100
  16. Nikon D3+24-70 at 24mm, 200ASA, 1/90, F16
  17. Botswana | D300 | 70-200/f2.8-VR with 1.4x tele-extender
  18. Sjoerd,
    The red tree in the 'fog' photo is a rather large pin oak showing some good autumn colour.
    Great photos already again this week, It's a pleasure to view what goes on sesonally on the other side of the planet.
    I admire those who photograph people especially as I find human subject matter very difficult to photograph (I think the problem is me......)
  19. Hi,
    great start to Wednesday as usual. Out in the park with my boys last night, got son #2 to hold SB-800 to camera left for son #1 to pose on bike. D80, Sigma 10-20. Not long after a HUGE Heron flew so near (5m?) to us, but I'd put the camera back in the bag, and he carried on up the river - one to camp out for another day with a longer lens.
  20. I don't know about the favorite, but here's a street photo from Kamppi, Helsinki taken on Monday as it was raining.
  21. Beautiful shots as always, Matthew and I love Sjoerd's pattern. Been playing with some of that in Europe myself, maybe post one next week.
    Greetings this week from Gibralter, a British colony with their own pound currency but they drive on the right side of the road like the EU. Guess that makes sense since they are next door to Spain.
    There is one road that connects the Rock to Spain but weird, it goes through the airport runway so the road shuts down for planes. This is a shot from the fort high above Gibralter looking over the airport into Spain. Gear was a D300 with 18-200VR, ISO 200, 1/320 at f/11.
  22. Just been scanning and sorting some stuff from 1990
  23. Hamish - Good grief! I get scared on a five foot stepladder.
  24. LOL... yeah, but you don't have a rope to save you if you fall from a stepladder ;-)
  25. Rottnest Island is virtually car-free. The best way to get around is by bike.
    Nikon D300 with Nikon 18-200 lens.
  26. Mother's Day at the Mission
  27. Hit the button to quickly
  28. D100 with the 18-200VR hand held. Late afternoon, overcast, getting ready to rain.
  29. Hi all,
    This is my contribution for this week. :)
  30. One of the great things about the D2H is that it is built like a tank and has weather seals. I'm not afraid to take it to places like the beach and get it wet.
    Edit: I wanted to add that this is a jpg right out of the camera. I could probably get some better skin tones if I ran it through NC 4.
  31. Hi,
    Well done to everyone
    These are the details of my submission, f8 at 1/160sec ISO 400
  32. Well, I missed the last two Wednesday Pic rounds because I was travelling; I have barely started to process my images. The picture should give a clear indication on where I was - it is a 9-exposure (-3EV to +3EV) HDR (need to reprocess eliminating the +/-3 and maybe also the +/1 EV to see if it makes a difference - as I suspect it will).
  33. Hi to usual, wonderful images so far this week. Matthew very nice landscape and I also very much like Hasse's portrait and Ilkka's street shot, however all shots here are great.
    This week has a little story to it. These two osprey have taken up residence in the chimney of the rectory of a local church, so I went and photographed them and we ran this picture big on the front page of the paper and now there is a public outcry to have them taken down before they "harm someone". I just told them to call me before they take them down because I don't know how they'll do it, it ought to be interesting. Those talons look sharp and they look like they want to stay there.
    Technical info: D90 w/ 80-200 f/2.8 @ f/4, @ 200mm, ISO 200, spot-metered
    Have a good week everyone.
  34. [​IMG]

    D700, 24-70mm f/2.8 at 24mm and f/2.8, 1/50sec, ISO 400.
    Post-processed in Lightroom 2 and CS4
  35. Hi all,
    This is my contribution for this week. :)
    Technical data: Nikon D300, Nikkor 16-85 mm VR, ISO: 400, 1/640, F/13 @16mm.
  36. Good Morning! VERY impressive start this week with excellent images from everyone! The wildflowers are beginning to show up in our woods and the snow is finally gone. This was taken with my D300, 18-200 mm VR zoom at f8, 1/500 sec, iso 200, 170 mm, handheld, photographer lying prone on ground...
  37. One of the in-laws invited us to her company's suite at Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD) to take in the Yankees vs. Orioles this past Sunday. As we have been inundated with rain the past 11 days, we got a nice change and some beautiful sunshine. D700 + 24-70 (@24 mm) + CP filter (never underestimate the virtue of one of these).
  38. Inspiring photography, as always. Thanks to everyone
    Here's one from last week in Amsterdam.
  39. [​IMG]
    D300, 35mm f/2 @ f/2, SB-800 held camera left, directly on subject through diffuser @1/128 power, ASA800.
  40. One of my goals in 2009 is to shoot people, mostly strangers I find walking around the streets of Milwaukee. I like this photo because the young woman had a beautiful face and a beautiful presence. I also liked how I can see a very subdued reflection of myself in the store window. Nikon D300, 17-55 2.8 Nikon zoom with wide aperture. [​IMG]
  41. Spring/ Summer sunset near my house - Yorkshire UK.
    Two bracketed RAW exposures. One for the sky and the other for the foregroung. Landscape photography is not my thing at all. I prefer street and social documentary photography. Every now and then its nice to take pictures without any people in them.
    D700 with 14-24 at around f20 I think.
  42. Nuts!
    Try again.
  43. Nice pics so far this week as usual.
    I particularly like Hasse's effect with the blinds
    Hammish's rock climb I think that I'd stay on the ground and take the pictures too
    Shaun waiting at the station be careful what you ask for thing that you know there would be so many commuters that you wouldn't be able to see the train
    Robert nice pic of the plant growing in the stump (?)
    Richard another good picture I'm surprised to hear that the snow is gone it's ONLY May
    Dan looks like we had the same idea
    My picture this week is my beautiful wife BRAVING the pounding surf
    Actually the water was only about a foot deep
    The water was 80 and the sun was hot I got a bit of a burn
  44. Took yet another picture of Tower Bridge over the weekend but this time with bridge lift up.
  45. Mitch, that is a beautiful picture! This week's pic is from a glacier lake area about 3 hours N of Toronto Canada called Killbear. I took this shot with my D300 with an AFS 24-85 f3.5-5.6.
  46. Nikon D300, 105mm VR micro lens. Exposure details, not to hand.
  47. [​IMG]
    Venice. D80, 18-135 @ 62 mm, F5.3, 1/160, ISO 100
  48. I was playing around with a water gel ball and suddenly the light from the doorway partially lit up the ball and this is the result.
  49. Hi! I've been following those Nikon Wednesday Pic posts for quite a while now and I thought I'd share some of my stuff from now on. By the way, you guys are really talented. There are some amazing shots here.
    @MatthewBrennan Wow! Love that photo. I wish we had those kind of day where I live.
    @FabMastronardi So peaceful
    Anyways, I was passing by a park near my house when I saw that scene. It was around 8PM I think.
    Water? [D90, 50mm 1.4G, Manual 1/200 f/3.2 ,ISO 200 ]
  50. Nikon D300 with Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR lens @ f4.5, ISO 1250, Shutter speed was 1/80 sec. with spot metering. Image was taken in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

  51. Trying to learn more about close ups. Nikon D700 with 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 VR and Kenko 12mm tube.
  52. Went to father-in-law's competition and took this picture. Nikon D90 with Tamron 90mm f/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/60 hand-held with available light.
  53. Oops, here is the picture
  54. This bird was trying to feed at a hummingbird feeder which was quite awkward for him. I'll be back to study all the great photos here.
  55. Oops. Page expired.
  56. Gift basket
  57. Rufous Hummingbird, Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, CA. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, Tamron 1.4x teleconverter, effective focal length 630mm, 1/1000s, f/2.8, ISO 220, spot metered.
  58. I guess I'm not awake yet. The oriole was taken with a d700 and a 70-200 2.8 VR, hand held.
  59. Nice pictures here. I just received my Nikon 80-200 mm f/2.8 AF-D lens and was testing it on D80. Here is a sample.
  60. Nice pictures here. I just received my Nikon 80-200 mm f/2.8 AF-D lens and was testing it on D80. Here is a sample.
  61. I can't beleive how fast this thread fills up. Its only 8 am here (MTN time) and there is already a bunch of great work posted!

    Here is my contribution for the week. It actually warmed up a little bit this weekend and the critters are starting to get out and about (of course it snowed again last night). These are yearling whitetail deer along the Gallatin River.


    Nikon D200, 300 f/4 ED-IF, Kenko 1.4x tele
  62. Excellent photos again, the spring and the nearing summer seems to have really inspired people here! I myself have started to look at the colors in a different way in my photography since I started using my S5 pro, it's really strange how a piece of equipment can open your eyes in a new way...
    Well, here's my contribution for this week, taken again in a railway station near my workplace.
    Rusting metal - works every time for me. :) (1/640 sec, f/11, ISO 200)
  63. Taken a couple of days ago and converted in camera to black and white. There is something intriguing to me about fire without color.
    D90 18-70mm lens
  64. As usual, I look forward to the Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC with interest and trepidation. I was less than satisfied with my shooting this week, but have been going through some images from a few weeks ago. This is a piece of a torpedo brought up from the Jiyuan (Tsi-yuan), a German-built cruiser, part of the Chinese Beiyang fleet sunk during the Sino-Japanese war in the late 1890s. Picture was shot with Nikon D-300 and 18-200 VR (my travel lens). 1/50th at f 4.8, focal length around 50. Suggestions on how to bring out the depths of rusts and brass in post processing welcome.
  65. Hasse, that's a great portrait.
    Hamish, great perspective and what a great place you live.
    Eric, i'm sure that guy from BRWN BFLO would be delighted with a copy of that shot. Did you use any noiseware at all for that shot?
    Dan, great catch of your youngest.
    Here's my effort for this week. It's a close up of a clematis growing on my fence in the back garden.
  66. My faves so far this week are Gus Ziovakis' and Nina Myers' photos: I think both have very appealing lighting and composition, and of course subjects. Ironically both have things going on in the background that I don't quite understand. If I may ask: Gus, what are the mottled green patches in the bottom third of the background in your shot? And Nina, what is causing the geometrical pattern that appears on the guitarist standing next to the singer in your photo?
    In both cases I'm simply curious. I think the two of them are stunning photos.
    I have a tough choice to make, myself, between three photos this week of my own that I rather like. I've chosen this one because, with the change of seasons, it will soon be truly out of place - it was actually taken around three weeks ago. It breaks a lot of the usual rules but for some reason I keep coming back to it.
    D90, 16-85 VR @ 62mm, 1/100@f/5.6
  67. Taken on Monday in the tunnel between terminal A & B at Frankfurt airport.
  68. hehe Glenn... the pattern is his sweater. :)
    Thanks for the love though!
  69. Jose, that's a cool HCB style photograph. Mitch, I like your shot a lot. Is that a natural vignette or did you make it in post? It's nice to see all the variety of activities people participate in.
  70. Ah, yes. I see it now. Poor fellow doesn't know how to wear a sweater properly ;-)
    Three others I want to mention:
    Andy Chubb: Rather striking shot - I like it
    Robert Davies: I like the lighting and color play, very nice, eye-catching shot.
    Richard Armstrong: Stunning shot. Color, composition, and light are all, to my eye, perfect.
  71. Lower Manhattan,Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges Tough to get a sharp image bobbing up an down on a boat
  72. Nikon D300, Tokina 12-24mm lens.
  73. A bit "nature" and "people" heavy this week! Let's redress the balance a bit.
    Taken with a D700 and MF Nikkor 105mm f/1.8 @ f/22, studio flash plus some Photoshop fiddling, which I freely admit to. In fact I'd like to see a few more manipulated images on here personally, apart from the obvious saturation boosting that goes on.
  74. Nikon D300 & nikkor 18-200 VR .
  75. Glenn: the picture was taken wide open at 155mm. The out of focus area (green patches at the bottom) were simply green grass and leaves. I am sure much more experienced folks could explain technical details why this had happened in the following situation. Thanks for your kind critique.
  76. Another great Wednesday. Matthew – real beauty picture.
    My picture is ½ hr fresh. Trillium flowers blooming season. Today was my fisheye day. I slapped 8mm Peleng on D200 and after 5 min walk I was at “shooting grounds”. Picture bellow is full frame take with some contrast adjusted.
  77. Good work everybody. I like particularly Sjoerd, Gary, Nina, Keerthi, Tim, Dieter, Hasse and Tim. We keep having bad weather so I post a pic taken a couple of weeks ago. This little fellow is getting anxious to start moving alone, but he is only 5 months old! You can see in the mountains back the "spring" here.
  78. Wow! This Wendsday POW seems to bring out the best in everyone. Each week gets better.
    Here is mine. I was doing some b&w conversions this week.
  79. So many fantastic shots everyone! I'm in a serious baseball mood today, so the Camden Yards image popped out big time! Well done Scott!
    On a note from last week, thanks everyone for compliments on my rose shot :)
    OK, time for mine...been a really busy week, and I have quite a few shots yet to be touched I'll share a shot of our new kitten, Ginger, taken last Wednesday. Hopefully next week I'll have more to choose from!
  80. bms


    Great shots, again! My "new" old 24 mm AF-D purchase inspired me to go out one night with a tripod. It was a warm but eerie night. Nikon D700, 24 AF-D
  81. I thought I would have something from the ball park, or possibly the local music festival, but my neighbor's magnolia tree gave me the best photo ops this week. Nikon D300. Tamron 28-200.
  82. Another shot from my studio lighting class. This one from Saturday.
  83. As so many have already stated: beautiful shots everyone!! My favorites this week are:
    Matthew B. -- Beautiful! ... Did you say ... Autumn? :)
    Hasse -- Love how you used the flash! It looks like natural late afternoon sunlight to me; really sets the mood of the portrait.
    Mitch A. -- Love the Gazelle/Antelope; nice catch!
    Andy C. -- Beautiful color!
    Mike McD. -- Love the color and contrast!
    Doug S. -- Beautiful Hummingbird; very sharp!
    Gus Z. -- Beautiful image; the colors and light seem to really draw out her eyes!
    Benjamin S. -- That is a really cool shot!
    Here is my humble submission. It is more of a family fun photo instead of my actually trying to do something creative with the camera. It was taken with my D60 & AF-S DX 55-200mm VR @ 92mm, f/9, 1/60sec, ISO 200.
    Yesterday evening, I was having my son (who is just learning to drive) help me rearrange the cars in the driveway and decided to get a couple of photos of him behind the wheel as he was moving his mother's car. Needless to say, he decided to be cute.....
  84. Such great photos today! I believe my favourite is the Australian autumn.
  85. Thanks to Dennis and Gary for your comments. I gotta say I feel kind of in-the-wrong-place sometimes when I compare my work to all the great shots that appear each week. I am truly humbled by everyones creative skills.
    Gary, Richard and Waldemar, you guys are truly inspirational and Matthew, being a landscape guy myself, I just have to admire your work. Just beautiful.
  86. I shot this a couple of weeks ago, so theoretically it's not a pic taken between today and last Wednesday, but I hope that's alright.
  87. Using my 80-200 f/2.8 AFD after a long time.
  88. The smaller one.
  89. Bungee cord carnival ride at 25th Annual Turkey Festival; McArthur, Ohio. Image cropped slightly and downsized, motion caught at pause at peak of the bounce.
    Nikon D90, 28-80 lens at 34mm, Manual mode, 1/100s @ F3.5, ISO3200.
  90. So many great pictures here and in my part of the world it's not even close to thursday...
    Some favorites of mine:
    Jose's happy children, Matthew's sleeping city, Sjoerd's mystery roof, Hasse's beautiful portrait (a good example btw that wideangles have their room in portraiture too), Eric's rapper, Mitch's gazelle (?), Ilkka's street-portrait, Robert's „cycle-of-life“, Nina's moody portrait, Mike's landscape (reminds me of the landscapes shot by Jeanloup Sieff - he is the master of all wideangle-shooters for me).
    Darko's nun deserves a mention as does Ryan's father-in-law (he isn't really your father-in-law?).
    Susan's bird and Doug's hummingbird are great - Freddy's hydrant and Rodger's torpedo too.
    My personal picture of this week so far is Shamsaldin's „step“.
    My contribution this week is a photograph of a mechanic in a dark machine hall. Many light sources including the sun and those ugly sodium-vapor-lamps barely lit the 80-tons cast-iron workpiece the mechanic was working on. To add some contrast I've placed a orange-gelled Metz hammerhead set to it's lowest power two meters from his right shoulder. In this time somebody switched some lights off and the Metz proved to be to strong. I've shot a few frames, played with the aperture but wasn't able to achieve the picture I originally wanted. The one below is the one I personally like the most.
    D700 with 14-24 at 20mm, ISO 1250, f4.0, 1/40sec. Raw, not cropped but heavily post-processed (curves, dodge and burn...)
  91. Another week and another great portfolio of Nikon shots!
    Very creative lighting Hasse.
    Gus, the lighting, DOF, and bokeh make your photo a real winner!
    Here's a belated Mother's Day flower for all the mothers on Wednesday pic.
    D3 Sigma 105mm @ f9 ISO 400 lit by a couple of Nikon flashes bounced off umbrellas
  92. D300 and Nikkor 17-55 2.8 @ ISO 200, f4, 1/100, 44mm, cropped.
  93. D200, 18-200, @ 280 ISO, 150mm, f6.3, 1/15 sec
  94. Have been experimenting with street photography lately...
  95. Wow, this weeks collection is truely exceptional. I know everyone says that every week but this week just blows me away! I was going to pick out a few of my favorites since I appreciated being mentioned last week but there are just too many great shots -- everyone should take a bow.
    Well, here's mine: This is a Muscovy Duck. There is a small group of them living around a pond in a local park. Most people find them quite ugly but I've grown to like them. They seem more intellegent, more expressive, than the Mallards and other ducks in the area.
    D90, Nikkor 70-300mm VR @ 300mm, 1/100, f/8.0, ISO 320
  96. an outing for Artwalk, shot through a showroom window, bracing the camera against the window
  97. Lovely photos everyone it's hard to choose favorite
    here is my contribution
    "Waiting for the other"
  98. A beautiful yellow flower[​IMG]
    Taken with a Nikon D40 and a Nikkor 18-55mm lens, no editing except to crop and size.
  99. bmm


    Its amazing posting at the end of the Australian day, going to sleep and then waking to the 'explosion' of work put up as the rest of the planet enjoys its Wednesday as I sleep.
    Wonderful thread this week; my particular shout-outs are to Ilkka and Benjamin, but all the work here is fantastic.
  100. brian, that muscovy duck looks like it has two sets of eyes. it seems to be very proud of its coiffe, which reminds me of a street/doc post about the "fauxhawk".
    georg, nice use of the 14-24 to emphasize the rounded curve.
    ton, stunning clarity and very "street". that was taken with a nikon and not a leica, right?
    bruce, rodger and sjoerd, nice work with the 18-200!
    hasse, excellent shot. that light...
    andy, nice w/a shot (hmm, do the wides have it this week?)
    gabe, yup, those are osprey alright.
    chris, great macro shot, but ick!
    gus, very ethereal. what kind of PP did you apply?
    waldemar, thanks for the peleng shot. always wondered how that one was.
    keerthi, probably my favorite this week. very artistic.
    dieter, yet another wide angle masterpiece (that's definitely a theme this week...)
    simon, great colors on the macro. was that handheld? if so, doesnt look it.
  101. First try at a post and photo. I always mess these up.
  102. Szabolcs Parragh: Nice street photography, but I think you over sharpened it. Better to go easy on the Photoshop effects.
  103. Nice photos folks Mine shot with a D90 and Tamron 17-50 2.8.
  104. WOW! What a way to start the day! I just got to my office, turned on my computer and while having my morning coffee with a cigarette (YES! This is Japan and I can smoke in my office) I get to see all these fabulous shots from everybody....
    Great work guys..... I really enjoy it! Cheers!
  105. Flowers blooming in Central Park a couple of weeks ago. The red channel was completely overexposed (as seems to be the D700's habit), but with heavy de-saturation in Capture NX, I think I recovered enough detail to rescue the image. Note to Nikon: I need to see detail in my reds.
    D700, 24-70 f/2.8G wide open
  106. David
  107. Nikon D200 and 17-55 f/2.8 1/160 @ 20mm f/5.6
  108. Here is the image
  109. Look at my face
    Even when I am dancing in the wind
    Even the image is not sharp
    Enen you don't know what are behind
  110. Oh, the Pic...
  111. Nikon D300 with Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens shot @ f1.4.
    Digital manipulation applied as RAW file and a filter in Photoshop.
  112. Arlington National Cemetery on a rainy May day.
    Nikon D3 with 70-200mm f2.8
    Processed in Lightroom
  113. Pet Parade in Elmhurst. D700. 70-200 f2.8 lens at ISO 400, f4.5, 1/800 at 140mm Shot on AF-C with focus priority with single point. Love this focus method, but requires thought on where to put your single point..and very fast...
    You can see the rest of this series at in gallery '2009 Spring Road Pet Parade'
  114. [​IMG]
    D300 17-55
  115. D200, AFS 17-55 2.8
  116. Fab, Michael M., George S. and Illka:

    Thanks for the kind words. The antelope is a male impala and the vignette has been added.

    The idea behind this series of 110 photographs, which I'm just now organizing into a flickr slide show "set" is to depict the harshness and the stress, on both predators and prey, of the environment in which these animals live, including human encroachment, poaching and hunting in some areas, prolonged seasonal drought, and interaction with cattle and ranchers. For this purpose I find expressive B&W prints is the best way for me to go.

  117. Lots of really, really nice work here, folks! I'm sorry that I don't have time to review each one, but there are many impressive shots. Some that caught my eye on the first pass include Australian Fog, Mystery Roof, Camden Yards, Jumping Girl, and the floral close-ups, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to all for sharing your inspiring images!
    CORRECTION: There are actually TWO jumping girls, and both are excellent images!
  118. Eric, thanks. Now there's a question. It was a D80 no less and not a Leica.
  119. I'm officially late.
  120. Folks, you all continue to amaze me. These Wednesday Pic threads really are the highlight of my week on the Nikon Forum. After all the yah-yah about equipment the other six days it's a delight to see what you're doing with it.

    Over the past decade on, and before then on CompuServe, I've seen many show-and-tell type threads. Whatever the forum or connecting thread, whether it's a certain brand of equipment or a particular theme, these Wednesday Pic threads consistently demonstrate the highest level of both expertise and diversity in imagination I've seen anywhere.
  121. Rodger Baker: Depending on your preferred software, selective use of color might help make that rust and brass pop. For example, in my old copy of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 (yeh, yeh, I know, I'm a dinosaur) I'd first try the selective hue shift and saturation options. These global tools can sometimes help with specific colors without affecting the entire photo, and it's simpler than messing with selections, masks, layers, etc. Doesn't always work but is worth a try.
  122. Grand Grand Grand! Larger than life. That seems to be the theme here. Wonderful images. My addition is from a Mothers Day outing. Finally, my 7 year old daughter (with this look and some chocolate on her face) says "I feel like I am being followed by the media"
  123. A beginning attempt at portraiture with a friend from work.
    Shot today using D60 w/ 50mm F/1.4G and SB-900.
  124. First time posting. Have been watching the wednesday thread for many weeks now and some pretty amazing shots. I like the Mystery Roof and the Rufous Hummingbird. I was in Long Beach, Ca last weekend and here is my contribution.
    The Pike at Night. nikon D80, 18-135 @ 18mm, ISO 200, f/8, 5 sec
  125. [​IMG] Newport Beach, California, D200 - 18-70 Kit lens.
  126. Well this thread never stops amazing me. Great series of captures once again. I'm on the road this week. This is rare for me. We have too many pets for me to ever leave home, but this time I really had to try to leave & managed to get a neighbor to take care of all our pets. She's been practecing taking care of them with me over several weeks.
    We were going to go to Vancouver for me to go photographing birds/wildlife up there with an Internet friend. But weather was not on my side.... So we came up with the alternative tour of traveling the coast line from Port Angeles, Washington down towards Los Angeles. Right now my husband & I are at a motel in Ukiah, CA.
    Today we've traveled through the California Redwood forests in the northern parts of California. The trees are amazing & I know I can in no way ever do them justice. So this time I'm sharing a "turist" photo of my husband by one of these huge trees.
    Equipment D700 paired with the 24-70mm f/2.8 EXIFs embedded as always. Yes I did some highlight recovery in this shot.
    Great thread as always everyone.
    Lil :)
  127. Ops - I needed to add...
    Gabe - I don't know where you're located. But... if this is within the US, then that nest can not be touched. Osprey are federally protected - messing with them is a federal offense & punishment can be rather stern. If within the US, please call Fish & Wildlife for help. They are authorized to deal with the situation. Special rules are in effect in regards to these birds.
    Favorites... Matthew's landscape, Sjoerd - is this part of the new opera house?, Hasse's portrait, Hamish, Ian, Mitch, Andy, Ilkka, Dan, Gabe, Richard, Mike, Anish, Chris, Doug, Gus, Gary, Waldemar, Hector, Benjamin, Ton, & a warm welcome to Jack to posting.
    Sorry for the long list - - but there are so many lovely shots I really don't like excluding anyone.
    Great work everyone.
    Lil :)
  128. Ditto, regarding the osprey. The church and town should consider themselves blessed and fortunate to give a home to these magnificent birds. The only place I've ever seen them in person was on the end of Long Island when I was a kid in the 1960s-'70s. Many of the utility poles were fitted with platforms to accommodate their nests. The only negative aspect to encouraging the ospreys to nest there was their habit of dropping shellfish onto the roads to crack them open. Those oyster shells could slice open a bare foot or bicycle tire. But we just learned to watch our step.
  129. "WOW" Amazing pictures! I have not looked at "wednesday Pic"-threads before, and I can clearly see that I have missed something spectacular.
    Are there any rules to follow in these threads?
  130. Not too many rules, just a few that you can pick up by observing the captions attached to most photos here (related details at bottom) :
    1. Some sort of Nikon equipment
    2. One photo per person
    3. JPEG only, resize to 700 pixels maximum width, less than 300 KB in file size
    4. In the caption, please specify the equipment used
    A few basic guidelines:
    • Recent photos are encouraged but not required, since film photographers usually need more time to prepare. The goal is to encourage activity, but not mandate it.
    • We don't set themes (that would duplicate's excellent No Words Forum ).
    • Keep the photos safe for work or school viewing, using your best judgment.
    Most of all, join in and have fun.
    1. Camera, lens, Coolscan scanner, etc. Fuji dSLRs w/ Nikon F-mount are accepted too.
    2. Photos hosted off-site on your own site/blog, Flickr, smugmug, etc., can be attached using standard HTML. Captions won't be centered but otherwise the photos will appear normally.
    3. Oversized photos will appear as links but won't display inline with the thread.
    4. Camera, lens, anything interesting, etc. Some folks may be interested in other details, exposure, etc., which is usually included in the EXIF data, but isn't essential to these threads.
  131. Thank you, Lex.
    I'll try to upload this, then, from a old car exhibition last wednesday:
  132. >> JPEG only, resize to 700 pixels maximum width, less than 300 KB in file size <<
    The upload page states 100 KB and not 300 KB. So which one is correct?
  133. Some of the instructions and prompts on are out of date and need to be revised. As far as I know's software has never automatically rejected oversized photos in the discussion forums. The portfolio space will, but not the discussion forums. Oversized photos will appear as links.
    The 300 KB upper limit suggestion is based on my own experiments with how much JPEG compression a photo up to 800 pixels wide can tolerate before large expanses of blue sky or pure reds begin to suffer from artifacts that are occasionally mistaken for banding. Scenics with blue sky will tolerate less JPEG compression, while photos with more variegated color and detail will withstand quite a bit of compression without significant loss of quality.
  134. Thanks for the info, Lex.
  135. Outstanding work..., great pictures this week. I just started to make a list, but truly, are so many beautifull pictures, and I give up. I want to congratulate Tiffany Brook for the series portrets of her daughter Ziggy. It's amazing what love, talent and Nikon can do. As a matter of fact, all the femele photographers active on this forum, are excesively talented and among the best of the best artists.
  136. What an amazing thread! There is such a wonderful variety of beautiful quality work here...Wednesdays just keep getting better and better.
    Thank you again Jose for being our official "host" and thanks to Lex for loosely keeping everyone in line:)
    Like Lil, I would really like to comment on every image...but, that's not realistic or necessary.
    Thank you Glenn C for the kind comment and thanks to all of you who may have mentioned my image. It's really humbling for me to be a part of this.
    This week, Hasse Linden's "Emelie" portrait stands out as excellent for his exceptional use of light, shadow, composition and the contemplative expression of his subject. I've returned to view it several times. This is not to diminish in any way the myriad of other excellent images!
    Have a fine day, everyone!
    Looking forward to next week!
  137. New Years Eve 2008 White Sands National Park 6:22 am... 18 degrees..
    DateTimeOriginal: 2008:12:31 06:22:25
    Copyright: Copyright 2008 by Jeffrey Aiello
    Camera Model: NIKON D700
    Exposure Time: 1/30.0 seconds
    FNumber: 16.0
    ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 200
    Exposure Program: Manual
    ExposureBiasValue: +10/6
    MaxApertureValue: 2.8
    MeteringMode: multi-segment
    Flash: Flash did not fire
    FocalLength: 45.0 mm
    Software: Ver.1.00
  138. Wonderful thread again guys (and girls),

    Bruce, Hector, Georg, Eric, Dan, Sergio and Lil, thanks for the kind remarks.
    Lil, it's no opera house, it is the evoluon in eindhoven the netherlands,
    it's a congress centre and the outside looks like an ufo. Maybe I will post a picture of the outside another time

    My Favourites: matthew, Arash, Hasse/tim great portret, Shawn too bad no one walked by, maybe a moving train would have been nice. Bruce what a view, Robert great tree, Simon love the colors, Dieter interesting thought, Justin nice construction and dynamic range. Chris nice closeup, Doug wauw, Gary great as always, Rodeo Joe nice compact, nish it was just posing for you, Lil wide angle lenses always make things look bigger haha,
    see you all next week
  139. Double post
  140. Shot at Joshua Tree:
    Camera Model: D3x
    Exposure Time: 1/80 sec
    ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 400
    Aperture: f16
    Focal Length: 24mm
  141. My first time in this Wednesday Nikon Picture.
    Spring Tulips. Nikon D90 with Sigma 50mm 1.4 at 1/250 F5.6.
  142. Thanks Eric and Sjoerd,
    Yes it was hand held, I sat down knees up and used one to support the camera on. as for light I used the available natural light.
  143. I am sorry, I post it twice.
  144. Lil,
    Thanks for your compliment and concern. We actually just received a letter to the editor (more than one) about the pictures that ran and now it's becoming a pretty big thing. So far I have only talked to one person who's concerned with the situation and when they suggested trying to "poke them gently down with broom sticks" and then asked what I thought, I quickly suggested calling the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. However, I didn't know it was such a great offense so thank you for alerting me to that and should anyone ask my opinion again I'll make sure to let them know they should call for help. Oh, and if it makes a difference, just for your curiosity, I live in Maine.
    Thanks again, Lil, and enjoy your trip! To everyone else, wonderful shots!
  145. I've been on for some time and I'm just now venturing out there. :) My husband bought me a Nikon d80 with18-135 lens for a wedding gift because he knew I wanted to improve on my photography and this is a photo I took (no enchancements or editing done) at an old gas station on our honeymoon. Of course I don't know what setting it was on or any of that. But here it is!
  146. Thanks for the compliment, Sjoerd! Well, if I want feedback from others, I guess I should pick my own favorites, too. Lots of good shots, and here were the ones that really stood out for me:
    Matthew , beautiful depiction of the low-lying clouds (fog? mist?) and warm light.
    Arash , nice birds and good transition from sharp foreground to blurred background.
    Sjoerd , I like the geometric pattern you captured.
    Hasse , great lighting
    Pedro , nice composition and lighting
    Dieter , good angle, great clouds, and nice positioning of the statue's head.
    Gabe , cool action shot!
    Scott , I like the detail and perspective.
    Nina , very interesting composition and color, with haunting expression on the singer's face
    Mike , I like the HDR effect, and the Wyeth-like perspective.
    Doug , great capture of those wings in motion.
    Ton , I like the humor of that shot. Good controlled composition.
    Georg , good color and perspective.
    Tiffany , maybe not the best photo technically, but a priceless expression on the girl's face.
  147. Gabe
    Maine, I have a friend on another board who often watches the nests for those in charge of them. He photographs them & keeps information on the nests. Not to mention that he's often there when they're banded. Trust me - messing with a protected species is a big deal. The fines for messing with them are stepp. All they eat is fish. They will not harm anyone.
    Good luck with that & consider yourselves blessed to have these magnificent birds grace you all with their presence.
    Great shots everyone - - & welcome to all new posters. :)
    Lil :)
  148. Hi,
    This is my first small contribution (my daughter 5 months) taken with my brother's camera at his place. He has a D90 with 16-85mm VR lens.
    The picture was shot at :
    Exposure Time: 1/60 sec
    ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 800
    Aperture: f5.0
    Focal Length: 52mm
    Flash: popup
    metering-method: point
    I own a D80 with 18-135mm, 50mm 1.8D and 70-300mm but did not have it on me when we visited my brother and his girlfriend. Next time I will submite a picture made with my camera. ;-)
  149. So many great photos here again.
    Jose Angel, interesting to see the variety of expressions girls are showing.
    Pedro Cardso, how did you take this? your camera seems to be positioned out of fence. the taste of film matches the scene.
    Darko Vrsic, your photo makes me think many things. what are they doing? what is the relation of the two? etc.
    Tiffany Brook, thank you for this great picture. it's like I can hear her speaking.
  150. Here is one of mine. Nikon D70, Nikon 18-35/3.5-4.5 lens - ha!
  151. First time posting a pic, so hopefully I'll do it right. Apologies if I messed something up.
    BTW, this is a shot taken on my first outing on my first Nikon DSLR (D70s that I bought used last week). I hope you enjoy!
  152. bmm


    Hey Jose... tap tap tap... wake up.... like last week Rene and I are sitting here waiting in timezones where its already well and truly Wednesday again... :)
    In anticipation of another wonderful thread... #21 here we come...
  153. I am anticipatingly (is there such a word?) waiting too! :)

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