Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #19

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    Folks, as moderator I try to keep a very light rein on the Wednesday Pic threads. It's not quite a "No Words" thread but has become a bit wordy at times. For the sake of allowing all to enjoy it equally, let's please choose our words carefully and keep in mind that it isn't a critique thread.
    We have sort of opened the door to critiques by commenting somewhat selectively on which photos we particularly like or find appealing to our personal aesthetics. And that's okay. But I'm not sure it will be helpful or in the spirit of the community fostered by these threads to remark on photos that don't appeal to us. So let's keep the Wednesday Pic threads primarily photo related and save the "serious" critiques for the critique forums.
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  2. Copied from last week...
    I`d like to remind you to specify which Nikon equipment you have used on your pic. There is some feedback that some people enjoy and learn more when they know which camera, lens and/or accesories. Some even want exposure info (it can be sometimes checked at the EXIF, thought).
    As suggested for better interpretation, from now on this will be the Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC.
    Thank you all!!
  3. bmm


    ... I seem to have inherited Jose's issues with image posting...
  4. morning,
    this shot was taken on saturday at an old disused slate quarry called Cwmorthin in north wales. we had surprisingly nice weather, the area is known for it's persistant rainfall. this is the old miners chapel.
    D200 and sigma 10-20mm.
  5. Wow, talk about your false starts! Let's hope the rest of the week goes better.
    Jose, it looks like your upload had an incorrect extension, the numeral 2 instead of jpg. I was able to display it in an image viewer but something about it seems off.
  6. In a shop window at St. Pancras International
  7. As head of the climbing club in our area I had the honor of choosing the location for this year’s spring climbing trip. My decision fell on this area, a beautiful coastal settlement, with plenty of rock for us all, offering everything from bouldering to 300m long trad routes. This was the view from our tent on Friday evening, looking slightly northwest, at 65 degrees north, on Norway’s west coast.

    D300 with Nikon’s 12-24 @ 12mm, ISO 400, f5, 1/1000s. 12bit raw converted in CS4 with the help of a couple of graduated filters.
  8. This weekend we went up northeast to Bragança and I found this smiling dog on the way to the hotel!
    Nikon D700, 50 f/1.4 AF-D, ISO200, 1/800s @ f/2, -1/3 EV
  9. Sorry about the size, it's lite on the kb's though.
    Couldn't find any carnations outside for mother's day, so here are some other flowers.
    D300, 135mm f/2 DC @ f/2
    Lightroom processing.
  10. jvf


    Good morning.
    Today is cold and wet, so here is a picture from Sunday.
    D700, 24-70 at 32mm, f/22, 1/60s. Used NX2 unsharp mask and Nik software tonal Contrast.
  11. Greetings from Monte Carlo. Really difficult to take a bad shot here because it is so photogenic.
    This week's photo is not my best shot but it is interesting to see a helicopter on a yacht. There are many dozens of yachts here. Unfortunately this angle doesn't really help to see the size perspective of this vessel but it is very cool seeing a black helicopter landing on a white yacht......
  12. D80, 12-24mm Tokina
  13. Don`t know what happen... I have tried it again in different ways but the system doesn`t accept the pic (there must be an image quality control system... ;)
    I tried it with html (the pic appear in the "confirmation" page but gets wrong after posting), also as attached image, etc.
  14. It's Wednesday again, time to see some great Nikon-photos! Really looking forward for this weeks pics, great start we have here already!
    On this week I finally got to use my new Fuji S5 pro for real. I did a small product shoot for my better half on Friday and the colors from my new Fuji were amazing and the pics turned out great! This pic was taken after the shoot when I started to fool around with the stuff I was shooting. I also put my D80 up for sale, and I seem to be a bit sad to let go of it, but then again, I'm extremely pleased with the S5, so...
    But anyway, here's my contribution for this WedNEsDAy PiC-thread. No PP, basicly a straight ooc-jpeg, just resize and added thin borders:
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    Lex - any way of cutting out all the white space above mine?
  16. Bernard, FWIW I don`t see any white space above your post... I`m on Safari.
    I have tried it too without the ".2" extension... same results. It doesn`t matter. Let`s go! The thread is running! :)
  17. This rain cell split into two before my very eyes on the way to work last Friday morning. To me these cells look like a pair of eyes peering in from the gloom............It pays to carry the camera with you when ever possible.......
  18. Some wonderful photos already - very inspirational.
    The bluebells are out in the ancient woodlands across the UK. I took this in Bedmond woods, Hertfordshire. The smell and sound of the woodlands at this time of year is intoxicating.
  19. Fabulous array of photos again this week. As a landscape fancier i have to say both Hamish's, Jan's, Gary's and Ian's landscapes are a true delight to view. Bruce - the helicopter is an excellent scale marker and gives the luxury cruiser a good sense of size in your photo.
  20. bmm


    Nina - wow! How you've managed to make a simple image of a bloom so evocative of sadness... I've already been an admirer of your odd sassy comment on various threads and now can also send a 'well done' on this image. (Plus its taken with a lens that I am seriously thinking about getting)
    Matthew - brilliant moment and again I repeat that you make me feel unpatriotic to post 'foreign' photos while you find such amazing ways to represent our home country.
    Others, this thread is just wonderful, there's not a shot I don't admire so far.
  21. [​IMG]
    A fishmonger in the Valencia market halls - Nikon D700 with 24-85/2.4-4 at 800 ISO and f5.6. The WB has been slightly adjusted.
    He looked such a happy camper I simply had to get him in a photo.
  22. Great pictures so far !. Mine was taken on Sunday with D3 + 24-70/2,8G at 24mm F16, 1/90 , ASA 200.
  23. Here we go again.... what is promising to be another fine thread. So far I love the landscape shots...
    LIL... Your message from last week, well, Funchal must be the same as you remember coz everything looks really old. Old but well taken care of.
    Well, I made it back home last night after 30 hours of flying, waiting at airports and riding on trains. That is what I hate about traveling. Since I haven't even seen all my 2 weeks shots I just picked up one from Florence Italy.
    They call this bridge "The Old Bridge" It is full of jewellery stores and looks like a very low tech security place but I am sure that is not correct. by the way, what a lovely city, friendly people, lots of tourists and full of crazy italians! :)
  24. Wednesday again! :)
  25. Hi all,
    Hamish, nice landscape with the sun coming through the clouds.
    Nina, nice colors
    Bruce, nice picture you took of my yacht, haha
    Sanford, I like the clouds
    Matthew, the clouds look ominous
    Paul, where can I book a room?
    Here is mine.
    My uncle had a party and there was this band playing.
    They were pretty good and the lead singer had very expressive hands and head.
    Taken with the D90 + 18-200mm. At 70mm F5.6, with flash.
  26. Cliché but I like it.
    Edit: I just noticed you can see the chair and shadow in the top right corner, oops. I should've cropped it smaller.
  27. Nice work guys. Mine was taken on Saturday using a D80 with the 300 f/4 and 1.4 TC.
  28. This is a very impressive start! Great shots so far from everyone. This was from last Saturday evening. My daughter and I were playing around with the moon. This is with a D300, Nikkor 80-400 mm VR zoom at f8, iso 1600, 1/250 sec, 400 mm, on a tripod.
  29. Taken 2 weeks agoo but I didn't have the time to post it until now.
    Taken with a D80 iso 1250 1/100 f/3,5 Nikkor 28-70 2.8 AFS ED @ 28mm
    The subject is Sylvain Aertbelien Bassplayer for the Belgian Mock Rock Band "The Clement Peerens Explosition"
    Processing was done in Camera raw( Color temp and tint) and in Photoshop CS2 resize and some sharpening
  30. This is the ESB Power station in Cork City, Ireland. It is just down the docks from where I work so taken at lunchtime last week.
    D80 + Sigma 30mm f1.4 @ f8, 1/320, iso 100
  31. Not much activity this week... Practice, practice, practice. A view through the glass! D700, 70-200 f/2.8, at 135mm, 1/500 sec, f/11, ISO200. PP'd including cropping via NX2. Again, practice, practice, practice....
  32. ISO 3200 is nice to be able to use. Sorry for the plain kid shot but it's been a busy few weeks at work (which in this economy I consider good) so there has been little time left over for my favorite hobby.
  33. Hi all, some nice shots here as always. Particularly liking Bernard's street performer and Hamish's landscape, beautiful. Oh, and Bruce, that's quite the find! A helicpoter on a yacht...doesn't everyone have one of those??? ;)
    My contribution is a shot of part of a family of hawks who have taken into nesting in the chimney of a local church. Only after watching them did I really see that they are quite the flyers and hunters.
    Have a good week all,
  34. haha, Bernard, thanks for the love. I'm happy when my sassy comments are accepted as such, and not basis for me being barred from posting, which has happened in the past.
    I can recommend the 135mm DC, however, I must say i was MUCH happier with it on a FF camera (I tried it out on my friends D700, and on my FA) The D300 treats it a little differently, introducing weird unpredictable CA and focus issues. But, however difficult it is to use, i've still managed some nice shots from it. I can't wait until I can jump to FF.
  35. That street performer is a really great shot... the expression, the colors and the crowd behind. I also like the haunted hotels. Another great Wed.
  36. Great pictures so far I especially like:
    Bruce's yacht (well at least a picture that he took)
    Pauls hotel (there's always room at the inn)
    Richard's moon shot nice detail
    My contribution this week is an Admiral Butterfly that I captured at a local Garden
    D40 18-200mm set at 200mm f5.6 1/250 cropped in photoshop
  37. Some really great shots so far.
    Here's mine: A classmate of my son making the delivery, under the lights, with a runner on 2nd and the centerfielder looking on...
    D700 + AF-S 70-200 VR @ 200mm, ISO3200, 1/800s @ f/2.8
  38. Last week in Venice... BTW, can someone tell me what kind of filter is this man using?
  39. Last week in Venice... BTW, can someone tell me what kind of filter is this man using?
    There really should be an option to attach another picture after deleting one from message! :)
  40. Another collection of great work. Standouts for me so far are Gary's, Hamish's and Matthew's landscapes, Nina's gorgeous flower, and Susan's fabulous, jewel-like hummingbird.
    For my contribution, a rogue wave attacked while trying to make a slow sunset exposure. Somehow, nothing got wet other than the rocks at my feet!
  41. D300 with AFD 85mm f1.8. F4.5, 1/125 and ISO 400.
  42. Last week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There were actually three cubs in the tree, but I could only manage to capture two at one time. Mama bear was at the base of the tree watching over things. I used a Nikon D300 with 200-400mm f4 lens, hand held to capture this image. Exposed @ f4.5 ISO 1000, at 400mm.
  43. This is a very obscure outdoor sculpture by a very famous sculpter Adolph Alexander Weinman. D100 with 18-200VR
    Mike S
  44. My contribution today, a photo taken in Chicago, some time ago, at the skating rink in Millenium Park.
    Nikon F5, AF-S 24-120 VR and SB-28 in slow synch mode
  45. It bugs me that I cut my son's hand off in the photo, does that bother anyone else? I was really focusing on getting his eye's in focus and making sure I upped the exposure compensation so the bright door in the background didn't throw off the exposure too much. Guess I totally forgot about composition :).
    So far this week my favorite is Pedro's Dog. I'm not sure exactly why and dissecting photos is not my strong suit. It does look like the pup is taking one last look at home before he starts on his journey. Again I don't know. Honorable mention goes to Mathew's clouds, Jose's Pig, Hamishes Landscape and Bernard's street performer. I'm sure there will be plenty of other great images posted throughout the day too.
  46. Hi all,
    My photo this week was taken in my flat in London, F90x, f1.8 50mm, Ilford HP5 (fast becoming a favourite combination of mine!). I like the grain and depth of focus in this one...
  47. Excellent photos, I really like Benards street performer and the colors in Dennis' Butterfly and flower are amazing. Gary the rafters look like canons at the ready. Nina soft and somewhat sad, excellent pp. Ian nice work with film, very inviting, I like the shallow depth of focus. Richard nice moon shoot.
    This was taken on monday on a bus trip to the zoo. Nikkor 20-35mm, f3.2 - D700, conversion in NX2.
  48. Good morning, all, from my end of the world. We've had severe thunderstorms overnight, and it's gloomy outside, so this thread is even more welcome today. Gorgeous shots all around.
    I have been shooting some MF film this week, and even more, working as photographic caddy and chauffeur to help my son finish his photography project for this trimester. Here's a shot from the past, inspired by the wonderful memories brought back by Rene's beautiful shot above of Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Other than a slight exposure mod in the LR raw conversion, this is an unmanipulated (no filters etc.) shot from one of the openings in the middle of the bridge, and is a picture of the reflections from the buildings you see on the right edge of Rene's shot.
    Details: Nikon D80, Nikkor AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8D IF-ED, ISO 400, 1/100s, f/8.0
  49. bms


    Another great week. Matthew B's takes by breath away. A lot of rain in Maine (oh, that rhymes!). It was another almost photoless week, although I was called out at 3:30 AM Sunday night and returning at 5:15 saw this, ran inside and grabbed tripod and D700:
  50. Very good pictures everyone! Here is my wednesday contribution...
  51. Hi everyone!
    I've never posted on this thread before. Also, i'm not sure of the exact rules...I know it has to be Nikon something, but does it have to be from the past week? Are there any categories that aren't allowed? Once I have clarification, I'll post something. Thanks!
  52. Field of Aloe. Taken at the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia, California. D700 with Nikon 14-24/2.8, 1/400s, f/10, ISO 200 matrix metered.
  53. Hi all,
    Again Nikon Wednesday Pic... :)
    My contribution is a picture taken during a local figure skating competition.
    Nikon D300, AF-S VR Zoom-NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED, ISO: 1600, 1/250, F/8 @ 195 mm.
  54. Hi Darko, I think the filter might be for infrared photography.
    This week I have a small collage of pics I took at a municipal park. It appears that people really don't give two $#!t$ about the environment as attested by the wide array of garbage that is pitched. I found it ironic that a recycle "blue box" bin was also among the discarded items in the park. To compliment the lack of concern for the environment was an assortment of potholes along the roadway. It amazes me that in such a cold environment the patchwork repairs for these potholes employed by the city is recycled asphalt. This material readily falls apart and washes away with the first signs of rain. For this type of repair a better and long-long lasting solution is to use high quality material, not the recycled stuff.
    To quote a Velvet Underground lyric, "The city is like a circus and a sewer".
  55. Local football team - Ras Qattara, Egypt
  56. Botswana | D300 | 70-80mm/f2.8-VR + 1.4x tele-extender
  57. Hello to all.
    So far Matthew's clouds and Shash's beautifully soft watercolor are my favorites this week.
    Here's a shot taken over the weekend of a curious chipmunk in the backyard.
    D3 300mm 2.8 with 1.4 tc @ f8 ISO 1000 and a monopod.
  58. Sasvata.... what a great shot! Yeah.... "Ponte Vecchio" but easier as "the old bridge" :) That is the most romantic place i have ever been.... maybe it was the company but I can't talk about it.. :)
    Ryan.... Any Nikon equipment will do and it doesn't have to be from this week but just try to keep the shots as new as you can.... about categories, so far we had never had any nudes here but I don't know how it goes just keep in mind there are a few kids participating too, one of them is my 9 y/o son. so welcome to the thread!
    So far great work guys! ah! and girls!
  59. Thanks René. we go!
  60. As usual, great work everyone!

    Matt, very cool. It definitely looks like a pair of eyes.
    Wayne, excellent! You are pretty brave with mom near by!

    Here is my contribution for the week. I was actually trying to lure out a couple of chipmunks to photograph whet his guy flew out of the bushes. He stayed in the tree the entire time, until I was done photographing him.

    Nikon D200, 180 f/2.8 ED

    Blending In
  61. Bruce, that ship was in Monterey last year, it gets around. By Googling the name (Lady Marina) I was able to fine out it's only the 100th largest yacht in the world so it probably didn't get as much attention in Monte Carlo as it did here.
  62. This was really manipulated! Five shots at different focal points, blended using the 'Align layers' and 'Blend layers' commands in CS4. Used a D60 with a 44 years old 60mm 2.8 micro-Nikkor fully manual
  63. On the way to Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Nikon D300 with Nikon 18-200 @ f/18, 1/124s. Processed with Lightroom 2.
  64. Mitch Alland- Wow!
    Susan Wolfe - Very nice!
    Ryan Aldrich - I think the focus of this weekly post is to keep people active in their photography. It set's a goal to take at least one picture a week that you would actually want to post for other people to view. For a lot of people that kind of challenge helps push their respective photography skills. I sometimes don't get a chance to take a photo in a given week but still feel as though I have something to contribute so I post an older photo. As for the Nikon gear tag, this is a Nikon forum so at a minimum there probably needs to be at least one major component (body, lens, scanner) that has a nikon label on it. I personally shoot mainly nikon gear but I do have one Canon body that I use nikon lenses on.
  65. ---
    so many beautiful shots this week around.
    since there seems to be a theme of european adventures (or people who are living there & sharing), i decided to put up another photo of my voyage. it's one of the graves in the jewish cemetary on top of the parc du colline in nice-ville. happy travels to all, and again, beautiful images!
  66. Lots of very nice shots this week and some that are quite stunning.
    My personal favorite this week is a quick grab shot across Colorado Springs from the Garden of the Gods. The western arm of the city is hidden in the depression between the high spot from where this was taken and the foothills in the background. The weather was moody, not common in this part of the world and it makes the shot evocative for me in a strictly personal way.
    Equipment: D90, 16-85 VR @ 22mm, 1/100 @ f/8.
  67. Another great collection. They're all good.
    Gary: there's something magical about that grass.
    Pedro: He's checking to see if it's safe to cross?
    Bruce: nice little boat.
    Sanford: great perspective.
    Matthew: amazing storm photo. Where are you?
    Paul: excellent textures and colors.
    Rene': expert composition.
    Richard: we never get less fascinated by the moon. Great shot.
    Dan: is that a PB challenge?
    Chris: that's the best wave catch I've seen!
    Shash: stunningly, simply beautiful.
    Benjamin: awesome colors.
    Ryan: welcome - beautiful composition.
    Roger: another expert manipulation.
    Martin: that water is beautiful!
  68. As usual, wonderful pics everyone; I love to see the photos from all over the world. Standouts for me this week are as follows:
    Gary M. - Beautiful color and detail!
    Hamish - Love the sun rays!
    Sanford G. - Beautiful image; love the contrasts!
    Matthew B. - Wild looking clouds.
    Ian R. - I love the woods. Beautiful photo!
    Gabe S. - Beautiful birds!
    Susan W. - Beautiful sharp image; that is about as still as you'll probably ever catch that little sucker.
    Dennis B. - Very colorful. Great photo!
    Chris C. - Love the way the shot captured the water. Really cool shot!
    Wayne W. - Love the image! I go to the Smokies in the fall and love GSMNP. You make me wish I were there now! Love the black bears - nice catch! This is probably my favorite this week - more for sentimental reasons I imagine. :)
    Ben S. - Love the color and the serenity!
    John C. - Love the peek-a-boo chipmunk. Nice catch!
    Ryan A. - Nice rose! Welcome to the forum!
    This week has been bad here in Indiana so far for outdoor photo shooting, so I am going to use a photo from a couple weeks ago. It is a shot down one of the main streets (East to West) in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, USA at dusk.

    Taken w/ a D60 + AF-S DX 18-55mm 3.5-5.6G VR @ 35mm, f/7.1, 1/200sec, iso100
  69. Mary, Mary, quite contrary...
    All my pictures this past week are of my garden, given the unusually pleasant growing season we have had here in Texas so far this year. This is one of my cucumbers grabbing the bamboo trellis.
  70. [​IMG]
    Nikon D200 with Nikon 70-300mm ED at 300mm and 1/250th at f8 ISO 200. Seen taking off from Boeing Field near Seattle last Saturday, this guy was zooming down the runway at low altitude clearly putting on a show, there was no air show and I was waiting for a B-17 that was visiting last weekend to land. When he reached the Museum of Flight he suddenly pulled up and lit the afterburners. I was able to grab this shot.
  71. D300, Micro 200mm, f/11, 1/80
  72. Another inspirational Wendesday.
    Bernard, Great timing!
    Wayne, That one makes me smile
    Dave G, Nice capture
    Here is mine. Two week old Chartreux.
  73. Great work everyone.
    In southern Canada fruit trees are in full bloom. Bellow - sweet cherry tree in my garden.
  74. Hi everyone -
    I'm trying to get a comment in before I even start thinking of finding a shot. Due to a severe headache this morning I'm very slow & off.... If I forget anyone - - I'm sorry, but my brain is still in what I call "La La Land....."
    So far my picks....
    Bernard's Paris street performer - so Paris.
    Gary's landscape
    Hamish's landscape - - Hamish just stunning capture
    Jens's Danish landscape
    Matthew's landscape
    Rene' - Funchal is frozen in time I think - it's looked like that for a long time. Neat bridge with nothing but stores - well worth a shot.
    Dennis - beautiful butterfly
    Darko - there are several makers who make filters for the French Cokin system. What confuses me is that it looks like a tobacco filter, but I could well be wrong....
    Chris's landscape or should I call it seascape...
    Wayne's peek-a-boo bears is too cute (cuteness factor always wins)
    Dan's son - & no Dan I don't have a problem with the hand, but then with with this massive headache I can barely think....
    Sasvata's reflections
    Benjamin's landscape/seascape
    Torben's fountain
    Doug - love the different take on the aloes
    Mitch - the eye contact or stare of the leopard is intense - love the eye contact
    John - - LOL LOL LOL so cute & love the eye contact
    Ryan's rose
    Keith's Great Horned Owl. Lucky you to find out out in the open. I was looking for a nest yesterday - but could not find it....
    Paul's butterfly
    Steve's kitten wins the cuteness factor today I think.... That's young for sure...
    Waldemar's fruit blossoms - hope to see some in Canada next week....
    I like being able to edit & add to my post. ;-)

    That's it for now. I'll have to return later with my photo & check the thread again. But that's after the headache has eased up on me...
    Lil :)
  75. Oregon Coast Trees @ sunset
    NIKON D700; 1/13.0 sec; f 16; Exp Bias: +2/3; Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 @ 31.0 mm
  76. Nikon D300 & Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VR , f 4.5 , 1/500s , iso 400
  77. Last saturday, running event in Budapest, Margitsziget. The guy ran the full 5k+ with the tape recorder in his hand!
  78. Great pictures again this week. I took this to submit for my photography class.
  79. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    D300 - 18-200mm @ 62mm - ISO200 - f4.8 - 1/1000sec
    Sorry. It is my first posting and I can't seem to be able to post a picture. And I don't see how to remove my entry altogether.
  80. I sat in the front row "splash zone" at a local dolphin show with my Nikon and 50mm lens wrapped in a raincoat. I spent so much time trying not to get it wet that it was hard to get good shots, especially of a fast-moving subject in low light (the dolphin show was indoors). Next time I'll get a zoom and sit farther back! This one came out the best:
    Nikon D700, 50mm f/1.4, 1/1000 @ f/1.6, ISO 1600. Cropped.
  81. Also, can someone please tell me how to get my photo info centered underneath the photo in the sans-serif font everyone uses? Thanks.
  82. Sorry, could someone please delete my previous posts? Thank you!
    From my last visit to SF. It was a sunny day, and the air was completely clear when I arrived at this spot. Lots of boaters were out on the water. I noticed one little wisp of fog drifting eastward, but it gathered quickly. Within 30 minutes, the entire bridge was cloaked. This photo was taken about five minutes before the bridge disappeared from view. Fortunately, this also coincided with the setting of the sun, hence the golden color on the cloud. I used a 1-stop grad to prevent the gold color from fading.
    Body: D200
    Lens: 17-55mm f/2.8 DX at 24mm
    Filter: Singh-Ray Galen Rowell 1-stop hard-edge graduated ND filter
    Exposure: 1/125 s @ f/9 (Manual)
    WB: Direct Sunlight
  83. [​IMG]
    My nephews after school.
    D300 35 f1.8
  84. wow, great shots, as usual. too many good ones to name.
    here's my contribution. d300/sigma 50-150.
  85. Let's try again with a better sized image.
    Colonial Day Reenactors at Ft. Frederick Maryland.
    Fire eater performer in late evening.
    Nikon D3 with 70-200mm f2.8 lens.
    ISO 640 f5 1/250th with neutral density filter.
    Ambient light with no strobe
  86. Hi!Folks,
    I would like to keep this weeks post simple.So....
  87. Playing a photographer in the Botanical Gardens of the University of Helsinki in Kaisaniemi.
  88. Queensday 2009; Amsterdam last Thursday
  89. Correction: the aperture in my flower shot was f/10 (not f/11), and ISO was 400.
  90. A simple photo I took last week, this little guy crawled onto my keyboard while I was working. Not the best quality, but this is the only macro lens I have.
    Nikon D80, 28-90 mm lens at 90 mm, 1/250, f/5.6 ISO 800
  91. Comments (so far):
    Hamish - beautiful sky!
    Janne - that a spooky image. It reminds me of 'The Ring' and 'The Grudge'.
    Richard - excellent moon shot, perfectly exposed!
    Chris - great action shot! I can't believe you didn't get wet!
    Shash - very impressionistic!
    Benjamin - I don't think you need an ND filter for that shot. It looks perfect!
    Kemal and Mitch - Your compositions are nicely framed!
    Dave Lee - That's very impressive. I would have thought that 1/250s would be too slow to freeze a jet in flight.
    Jeffery - Nice atmosphere!
    Justin - Nice stop-action shot!
    Temi - Excellent expressions!
    Don - Nat Geo worthy!
    Tom - Excellent expression of personality!
  92. Nikon D700, AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8, ISO 200, f/11, 1/30s
  93. Great photos. I will come back and comment on some because there are some amazing shots. I tried to go out this week but sprained ankle pretty bad. This photo comes from April 17.
    D300 Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 Shot at 200mm f/5 @ 1/2500 Aperture priority mode ISO 200. All other camera tricks off. Cropped for aesthetics.
  94. Some great shots this week, hope mine is up to par. Last Saturday, UCLA 22nd annual Native American Pow Wow.
  95. Another image from New Orleans Jazz Fest. Little Freddy King. He was one of the musicians who played at the original fest 40 years ago. D300. Tamron 28-200. Available light while dodging security who were aggressively pushing away the packs of photographers.
    Scott, Nice baseball photo. Most of my evenings are at the ball park this time of year as both daughters play softball.
    Matthew, Amazing weather shot!
  96. Opal, again
  97. OK I'm back...
    Jeffery & Shamsaldin's landscapes
    Carol's frog portrait
    Dan's Golden Gate in fog....
    Eric's pooch is too sweet
    Ilkka's flowers
    & Ofer's shot of Opal - - too sweet...
    OK - - I did a lot of photography both Friday & Sunday of this last week. But I've not processed any of them. Over 1500 shots unprocessed & we're leaving on "vacation" tomorrow. I've only got time to potentially go through them to eliminate what's to be deleted in a first pass....
    But I did get a D70 last week which I sent off to be IR converted. I got it back Monday & took about 15 test shots. Now I know very little about processing IR so all I've done is played with the files a little. This one is the only one I feel I "can" present to the forum. It's post processed in CS3 after Thom Hogan's suggestions someone forwarded to me. I hope it's not too bad & no it's not a bird....
    I hope the forum will enjoy...
    D70, IR converted, 18-70mm DX, f/8 @ 70 mm , 1/1250 , ISO 200 - EXIFs embedded as always...
  98. Dan, thanks. I was panning my camera along with the airplane. I should have been shooting at 1/500 or higher though to get even better detail.
  99. Matthew, Sjoerd, Gabe, Chris, Dan Park, Michael, Lil and Dan South, thank you all for your encouraging remarks.
    I’d love to comment on everyone as they are all great, but I don’t have all night and it’s already passed my bedtime ;-) . Here are a few of my favorites this week.
    Jose A. Your pig put a smile on my face. What a shame it didn’t show up in the thread the way you wanted it to.
    Bernard, a beautiful, vivacious photo! You can tell the crowd loves him.
    Gary, great landscape - as usual ;-)
    Nina, beautiful photo!
    Matthew, your sky is nothing less than stunning. I showed it to my son and his immediate response was “WOW!”
    Sanford and Paul, the haunted hotels are great!
    René, great composition and well exposed.
    Richard, great moon shot. I love to photograph the moon. One question for you… Have you rotated it slightly?
    Dan P. I love kid shots! And no, I didn’t react on the hand being cut out of the frame.
    Chris, wonderful shot. The wave crashing in really adds to it.
    Sasvata, that photo is beautiful! It almost looks like a painting.
    Benjamin, the color tones in your landscape are fabulous!
    John, great shot of Chippy!
    Waldemar, WOW! How did you do that?! It’s fantastic! I would have expected everything in the foreground to be underexposed. I love it.
    Dave Lee, spectacular with the cloud-trail over the wing!
    Jeffery, beautiful sunset through the trees!
    Dan S. Great shot of GG.
    Ilkka, beautiful shot. I love the contrasting green and violet colors.
    Ofer, that really is cute!
    Lil, Wow! That’s cool! I’d love to try IR
    And so many more wonderful contributions… and Lex I’m still looking for yours ;-) Thanks again Jose for something to look forward to in the middle of a hectic week!
  100. WOW! I think that this thread tops them all so far! Thank you Dan and Susan for commenting on my moon:) I learned a lot by doing that shot...hope to try some more soon.
    Ton, I'm happy to see you here and I love your contribution.
    Hamish, thank you! Your landscape is excellent. I didn't rotate the moon.

    Have a good evening, everyone!
  101. The standard of contributions to this series of threads never ceases to amaze me! More outstanding stuff from the Nikon users.
    Well, it's that time of year again when I pay to trudge round a local wood in aid of charity. Many pictures get taken of course, but not usually many "keepers" among them, unfortunately. This one stood out from the rest.
    Details: Nikon D700 set at 400 ISO with Tamron cheapo 70-300mm lens at around 200mm on a monopod. Program metering with -2/3rds stop compensation.
  102. Hamish -
    this is my first attempt down that IR road. I can't wait to get on the road for better locations to use it.
    Lil :)
  103. Well done to everyone this week.
    A bit late, but here is mine.
  104. Well done to everyone this week.
    A bit late, but here is mine.
    1/320sec @ f14
  105. Very nice Lil... I dont konw much about the IR photography, but (I don't imply anything, just asking) the IR pictures are not supposed to be in colours in order to notice differences from those taken with standard equipment ???
    BTW , I like every picture posted above and I think you are all very talented .
  106. Hi all happy WedNEsDAy
    It's raining outside and all my plans to go out today and shoot had been shattered.
    awesome pictures everyone
    Glenn's and Dan's photos are my favorite when my wife and I took a road trip from Chicago to San Francisco they didn't have fog like that I wish they did though.
    here is my contribution hope you like it.
  107. [​IMG][/IMG]
    D700 & nikkor 14-24 f/2.8
    ISO 320
  108. (Repost with smaller picture - please remove previous)
    Hello all! I've transitioned from film (Minolta Maxxum 7) to digital (Nikon D300) recently. Glad to have a place to share our pictures. Looking forward to post many more.
  109. D700 & nikkor 14-24 f/2.8
    ISO 320
  110. Well, guess I'll try my luck at posting a pic.
  111. I know why this thread gets so popular! I will definitely continue posting here. Hopefully I can get something good each week!
    Great shots everyone!
  112. D700 & nikkor 14-24 f/2.8
    ISO 320
  113. I`m just arrived at home. I`m impressed. The bar is higher every week. Even new participants came with top photos. At the first threads we can find some wrong exposures, perhaps not so perfect PP works, etc. In the latest, almost all pictures could be easily published.
    To those who were so kind clicking my pic`s link, thanks for checking. I hope it was a corrupted something; please let me try it again, I wonder if there is something wrong with my computer or so... I know I`m against the rules...
    (Edit: ... hooray!) :D
  114. F100
  115. D300, 85mm f/2.8 PC Micro, 1/250 @ f/8, two strobes. Focus stack.
  116. bmm


    Jose - thank god we can see him. Now all we need is a large roasting dish, some port wine glaze, a bit of rosemary and other herbs, a few garden vegetables and about 5 hours of slow cooking to perfection... and then we have the perfect dinner party which I am happy to host in Sydney :)
    Ilkka, Nina - looking back through this thread all I can say (in the warmest possible way) is damn you both. You have each posted stunning images, each using one of the 2 lenses which I am finding it very hard to choose between as I D700-ready my lens lineup (105VR or 135DC). I should just put the 2 of you together to arm-wrestle and go with the lens of the winner :)
  117. Busy week, so I had to pull one out of last weeks park visit. Bottoms up!
    D90, Nikon 70-300 VR @ 300mm, 1/160, /f/11, ISO 320.
  118. D300, 35-70 2.8D
    Not sure why I can't upload an image without it appearing as a link!!
  119. old F-Mount Vivitar 35-85 f2.8 lens
  120. Amazing pictures this week! Looks like a Nikon festival is going on...​
    I manage to gather some courage to let me story go: On April 30, 2009, a chill night around 8:00, at a corner of a main street of the Capital, a man was sitting on a black iron chair in front of a Chinese Cuisine. Resting on his knee was his two-year old manual Nikon D200, pushing its ISO to 800 and ready to fire at 1/100s. A fifteen-time older Nikkor 28mm f2 AI was mounted on the camera, which was set at f2.8 and focusing at 5 meters. He randomly clicked away when people were passing. A masterpiece of so-called Street Photography was crawling into history…Unfortunately, the masterpiece did not complete its journey, and the yet-to-made master ended up with a piece of dull picture exhibiting numerous technical faults…
  121. Blue Angles "Fat Albert" C-130 opens their show. Thought the tele zoom at 200mm would compress it nicely. He was cooking at this point for a big prop airplane.
  122. As usual, wonderful pics.
  123. [​IMG]
    Nikon D40, 18-55mm Nikkor lens, macro setting.
  124. Answering a few questions:

    Bernard: Not seeing any excess white space above your pic. I deleted the first blank post, tho'.

    Darko: That appears to be a Lee or Singh-Ray filter. Optical resin like the cheaper Cokins, but better quality and longer to facilitate subtle adjustments of their graduated density filters. (And I have no control over the interface for editing and adding photos later. Sometimes I can amend or append certain things but even the moderators are limited in access to the interface.)

    Benjamin: You don't need an ND filter, at least not for that photo. It's perfect just the way it is.

    Ryan: The WedPic threads are intended to encourage regular activity and recent photos, but we're not strict about it. Film photographers need more time to prepare so don't worry about the deadline pressure. Just join in and enjoy.

    Dan South: Done. First post zapped away.

    Justin Weiss: That's how photos and captions appear when linked via the img tag to an off-site host. I can't think of any way to change that.

    Rodeo Joe:
    Your comment made me smile for the first time today. Lately, from a moderator's perspective, the Wed Pic threads are the highlight of my week. Some of the other threads give me a headache but this one's always fun.

    Remember to resize to a maximum of 700 pixels wide and 300KB or smaller. Otherwise photos will appear as linked attachments.

    John Mac:
    Your photo appears to have a non-standard file extension. Unfortunately I have no way to edit it. If you'd like to resubmit be sure it has a standard ".jpg" extension and is 700 pixels or less in width, 300KB or less in size.

    And I won't play favorite photos, but I did notice a remarkable similarity in palette in landscapes from Gary McGhee and Hamish Gray. It's as if Nikon has developed a unique palette, akin to some of the distinctive color slide films. Probably just a coincidence, but I have trouble making my own photos match each other in color, let alone anyone else's!
  125. In answer to Paul's question in regards to Infrared photography....
    Wikipedia will explain it a lot better than I can. But it has to do with which light waves are allowed to be recorded by the camera...
    Also - there are color IR photos as well. It all comes down to how you post process them after recording the light waves...
    At least that's all I've figured as far....
    More super shots I see.
    Lil :)
  126. Bernard, regarding Jose's pig one shouldn't be forgeting about an apple in his mouth once he's on the serving plate.
  127. woops
  128. Wow lots of nice images. Here's mine shot today in Theon, Texas. Nikon D90 and a Tamron 17-50 2.8 at F8
  129. Florence, Italy on a rainy day.
    Nikon D300, 17-55 f2.8 zoom
  130. From today, California poppy field on Highway 5 near Gorman, California. Uncropped. I had a lot of trouble with the yellow and orange colors getting blown out. I think I'll post an example in one of the technique forums for comments. This one came out okay after I messed with the white balance. Maybe the auto white balance is getting confused by all of the color?
  131. Jose - that pig was well worth the wait. Too cute. :)
    Lil :)
  132. At the Botanical Gardens in Washington DC ten days ago.
  133. thanks Dick. You're right, it was my first upload here but certainly not the last.
  134. A baby bird learning to fly stopped by my house.
  135. Great pictures for a wednesday ;)
  136. And now the pic!
  137. Great pictures everyone! Thanks for answers about filter photographer is using on my picture. Lex you finally enlighten me, it is obviously graduated density filter, so it "Allows you to seamlessly "hold back" bright sky 1,2, or 3 f-stops to balance foreground exposure."
  138. D700 + 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 VR @f/11
  139. LOL, Bernard, yours is a great idea, unfortunately I`m at your antipodes and this days could not be a good choice to cross the planet with a pig in arms, I`m afraid... ! :D
    Lil, thanks. Brian, funny shot!
  140. Memphis Music Festival,
  141. NIKON D700 + 24*85[​IMG]
    1/2000 sn
    06/05/2009 17:36:22
    85 mm
  142. Thanks Hamish and Lil.
    Hamish, as a person who likes to shoot landscapes, I am always impressed by your work week after week.
    Lil, your first round with IR turned out great! I too have been intriqued with IR for a while and have a D100 that I'm considering getting converted. I wonder if there would be any significant differences in IQ between a D70 such as yours and an older D100. I believe they both share the same sensor.
  143. Rene, thanks. Yes, Old Bridge = Pointe Vecchio, I just found out :). Company that you enjoy but can't divulge can be great sometimes :).
    Lil, thanks. IR looks awesome, I have a D70 that I was going to let go, but your shot is inspiring.
    John, Adam, Susan and Hamish, thanks. Yes, it is like a painting, I like John's "watercolor" characterization the best, it absolutely fits :) I am decidedly left-brained, but after trying a lot and reading a lot of Freeman Patterson books, once in a while the dormant right-brain pokes through.
    So many gorgeous shots. I am going to come back later this afternoon and view and comment on my favs.
  144. In answer to Lil answer to my question : Thanks fo the link , until now I only seen color IR pictures. Your flowers picture is beautifull and delicate, but no different from an normal B/W .(unless the flowers are red in real life).
  145. D700 Sigma 24-70 f2.8 lens SB800 Flash
    F4.5, 1/60sec, ISO 2500 @ 70mm[​IMG]
  146. Widows/widowers commemoration, Long Island NY
    D200, AFS DX 17-55 f/2.8
  147. Old Bridge = Pointe Vecchio​
    Ponte Vecchio :)
  148. oops... I always mess this one up!
  149. Nikon D80 with 17-55 Sigma lens
  150. An amazing richness of pictures this week again.
    I was (am? - please excuse my english) particularly impressed by Hamish's coast, Matthew's stormy landscape, Dave's curious child, Mitch's leopard (it's a really great picture but the lion last week was simply breathtaking), Waldemar's cherry (my 20/3.5 needs an adjustment - it won't focus closer than 1 meter), Jeffrey's coast trees, Ton's street-portrait, Ofer's „explorer“, Brian's divin' ducks and Michael's rusty car.
    My contribution is just an rusty and soon-to-be redundant nail in the old gateway to the garden.
    I rarely shoot „real“ macro but just for fun I try different close-up-lenses with a variety of older Nikkors from time to time.
    The nail was shot with a scratched (read 15 Euro :)) Nikkor-S Auto 50/1.4 wideopen and a No.6T close-up-lens attached with a step-up-ring. Iso 200, 1/320 sec, handheld.
  151. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    there is a wire which should not be there, but I did dare to move it, as it was about 300 meter to the buttom of the cliff!
  152. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Sorry I try again
  153. From: Pattern Recognition
  154. Oh, and some comments:
    Robert: that's Eggleston on steroids.
    Tom: an intimate look outside.
    Mitch: an eye-puzzler.
    Sorry, didn't like the hypersaturated cliché images.
  155. Georg
    Waldemar's cherry (my 20/3.5 needs an adjustment - it won't focus closer than 1 meter),
    Mine focuses to 1’ = 30cm. I also added K1 ring to reduce closest focusing distance to about 15cm.

    How did you do that?! It’s fantastic! I would have expected everything in the foreground to be underexposed.
    I’m sure it was more lack then skills. One sun ray braked through the leafs and brunches to illuminate that particular bunch of flowers. I exposed on the sky without the sun. Tonality of the foreground I pulled out a little (very little) in NX. 20mm F3.5 + K1 is great for this kind of applications.
  156. I like Matthew's angry heavens picture.
  157. Moderator note:
    Folks, as moderator I try to keep a very light rein on the Wednesday Pic threads. It's not quite a "No Words" thread but has become a bit wordy at times. For the sake of allowing all to enjoy it equally, let's please choose our words carefully and keep in mind that it isn't a critique thread.

    We have sort of opened the door to critiques by commenting somewhat selectively on which photos we particularly like or find appealing to our personal aesthetics. And that's okay. But I'm not sure it will be helpful or in the spirit of the community fostered by these threads to remark on photos that don't appeal to us. So let's keep the Wednesday Pic threads primarily photo related and save the "serious" critiques for the critique forums.
  158. For what it's worth Lex I agree completely and believe critique to be appropriate only when asked for, otherwise presumptuous, to put it mildly. One must remember that photography is a very personal thing and one can never be certain of the appeal of a given photograph to its photographer. For those who photograph intending to produce results others will find appealing, maybe the equation is different, but for most of us here I imagine it is the appeal a photograph to ourselves that is most important. That's not to say such photos can't be shared usefully, but critiques in such a case rather miss the point.
  159. Thanks, Glenn. My main concern is preserving the unique character of these Wednesday Pic threads, which Jose Angel inspired last year.
    There really isn't anything else quite like it on It's not quite a No Words thread, not quite like anything else. And the popularity has really taken off this year, from around 30-50 posts per thread last year to well over 100 this year. We've even had folks using other types of equipment wanting to join in because of the unique spirit and flavor of the Wednesday Pic thread.
    I see it as a celebration of our joy for photography, which is incidentally connected to the particular type and brand of cameras we choose. The closest thing I've seen to it is on Nikon's own website, where they occasionally feature samples of photography from pros and amateurs alike.
    So my main hope is not to limit or restrict these threads in any way, but to basically stay out of the way and gently nudge things in the direction toward fostering that sense of joy in creativity and community. It's the part of the week I look forward to most as a co-moderator, and about the only type of thread that doesn't give me a headache!
  160. Thank you Lex.... I agree completly with you..... I even try to avoid complememnting only the shots that I like coz I also find it unfair for the rest. We all work hard and whatever shots we take and i think the porpuse is just to share it with the rest of the gang!
    And YES! this thread is great and unique, let's keep it that way....
    Thank you all for sharing your work..... Cheers!
  161. Well put Lex. Glenn, Rene! That is why I have found myself drawn to this thread every week. It is certainly my favorite photo thread. I just enjoy seeing what each photographer is going to post each week.
    Maybe, if we just try to imagine and appreciate what the photographer of each photo sees in that photo, instead of what we see as the good and the bad, then maybe we can come to appreciate each others and our own photos more.
  162. I see Lex's point. I seem to almost comment on all shots just because I think most of them are great. I will still try to keep that down even more.
    I'm presently on location in Seaside, Oregon. I've been on the road since Thursday last week. That's why I've been absent a lot.
    Hopefully I'll have something processed & uploaded for Wednesdays thread this week....
    Lil :)
  163. bmm


    I agree with the above and also with the starting position of Lex that while we don't want a "no words" strict forum, this one does get very wordy. And yes I'm one of the guilty parties too.
    Why don't we simply agree a norm for the thread; something like (and this is off the top of my head):
    1. Inital post of image, caption and max 2-3 lines of situational commentary if it adds something
    2. Naming (only) one's top 5 images - encouraged to be done within the same post as your own image but people who post early this may have to be done later.
    Another alternative is that we have 2 parallel threads each week, one for the images and basic description only, and another for discussion, questions about technique and gear, shout-outs, etc.... ie "Nikon Wednesday Pic #19" and then "Nikon Wednesday Pic #19 Commentary"
  164. Two parallel threads would probably be awkward and become redundant with crossovers between commentary and photos. Let's keep things pretty much as-is, it seems to be working.
    And the conversation is fine. For one thing, it's useful to ask about technique or impressions of a particular bit of gear - camera, lens, or WB or ISO setting - when we see something that captures our fancy.
    Again, I don't wish to dictate anything or unnecessarily constrain free expression here. Just a gentle nudge to maintain the unique spirit of these threads, which is different from both the NW Forum and the Critique Forum.
  165. Well Lex, I find that this thread has become better & better for each week I've been checking it out. I also find that I want to comment "great job" to most participants. Maybe from now on I'll narrow it down a tad - but I just personally want to encourage everyone to participate & plain have fun.
    Lil - from a motel in northern Oregon..... :)
  166. Well, Lil, I don't want to discourage anyone from enjoying these threads in their own way. You have all helped to create a unique community here by being yourselves and sharing the joy of photography along with an appreciation for a favorite bit of camera equipment, and it's captured the attention of other folks as well. It's a good thing.
  167. bmm


    Lex, Lil, others, on second thoughts I agree my suggestion was too prescriptive and would break the 'spirit' of this thread... it's wonderful as-is andperhaps my only hope is that any feelback given is only short and positive. From my own point of view just seeing my name in a list of someone's 5 or 6 favourites is fantastic.
  168. This is a great thread, and I agree that its non-critical nature is one of the best parts. However, I also agree with Bernard, that having someone mention your name is a nice perk -- thanks Georg -- as long as we stay positive. But I'll go with what ever is best for the thread.
  169. "...the conversation is fine. For one thing, it's useful to ask about technique or impressions of a particular bit of gear - camera, lens, or WB or ISO setting - when we see something that captures our fancy." Lex.

    Agree absolutely. IMHO those who like to participate in this threads must be willing to be asked about. In fact, I see people is really nice in this aspect.

    Just an old little story: Time ago during a course a good teacher engraved on my brain that only mediocre people hide their knowledge. This is very limiting. We must be always willing to share, learn and teach all what is around us. I believe this is one of the keys for growth.
  170. and thanks Jose... I really must pay better attention, guess I'm the mediocre type.
  171. Ooops... Brian I consider you a valuable contributor and of course I take your comments into consideration. Your pic is one of my favourites this week.
    My old man`s tale is not refered to anybody here. I hope not to offend anybody. I see everybody is truly positive sharing their ideas.
    Personally, I enjoy reading long posts but short ones (only gear info) are OK too. I must admit that I like to know (at least) about the gear use dto take the pic.
  172. I browse through these threads several times each week, and every time I notice something interesting or beautiful that I hadn't noticed previously. If I were to comment on every image - and if others were to do so - the volume of the comments might become unwieldy, so I hope that my occasional comments are acceptable.
    Everyone who contributes here is doing great work; I can't remember seeing a "bad" image on these threads. Nikonistas deliver the goods! :-D
  173. bmm


    Most wonderfully.... IT'S WEDNESDAY AGAIN!!!!!!!! (in Sydney at least... come on you slow Americans... catch up to us!)
    Time for a new fresh thread and some more wonderful images from old and new friends.
  174. Bernard... LOL relax..... Jose is in Europe so we don't have to wait for the USA for the thread to pop up......
  175. Wow, Matthew! :) the rain cells indeed look like eyes! great shot. cheers! -A.

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