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  1. We're back to that seemingly inevitable that screen formats are more letterbox like, ie 16 : 9 and still cameras maintain the 3 : 2 format. Both in landscape of course.

    It's surprising just how 'almost square' old made-for-tv films and programs are when shown on a modern 16 : 9 'widescreen'.
  2. Nowadays a lot of people hold their phones vertically and take videos. I think the widescreen format is poorly suited for rather narrow vertical videos. And if one posts a horizontal video on certain social media sites it is rotated to a vertical .... Where is the world coming to ...

    I think 2:3 shape sensors are a good compromise as one can crop it into a more square or a more panoramic format without losing a lot of sensor area.
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  3. I stopped posting from this size limitation
  4. That's just fine, but Shun is asking what we'd like... and you're just not saying!
  5. I broke the rules a time or two but will agree with the final decision for format, image size and number of images allowed as I try to do with the nature forum.
  6. Sorry I missed the party on this thread! I have to remind myself that unlike the days when we'd have 200 posts on Nikon Wednesday, our current Lost Tribe Of Nikon Users who join in every Wednesday aren't exactly loading the place up with dozens and dozens of files. My concerns about the folks with slow/small devices and low bandwidth mostly come from commercial web design considerations, as that's a venue where making people wait is a deadly sin. But we're all here to look at the handful of images that get posted every week, and it's fair to keep in mind this isn't random public visitors to a web shopping site or the like.

    So having given this more though, Shun, my instinct is to leave the upload COUNT alone. One image, or two or three - whichever of those tells the story or feels like a well-rounded post ... that works for me.

    On dimensions: the site's styling forces larger that 1000px images into "click to see bigger" mode, but it's still sending the whole, larger image to your browser, regardless. So a truly huge image is still getting downloaded by the visitor on every page load, even if it only appears as 1000px wide without a specific click. So that's a good argument for encouraging people to keep things relatively light, even they want to go over 1000px. I'd personally top it off at 1600 or so, I think. Some things that don't make the trip well at 1000 start to resolve better at 1600. But that also makes for more data, and it seems reasonable to encourage people to max out between 600kb and 1mb. Too many meg-sized files, and the page will be slower for folks on slower connections, on some VPNs, behind proxies or whatnot. So, moderation (as it were) in all things. Definitely no 1600x1080 JPGs at 100% quality, pushing towards 2mb on complex/busy images, that's just mean. But I for one will start playing with slightly larger files (both dimensions and data size) and see how it feels. Looking forward to more thoughts as we go forward.

    Thanks, Shun, for poking the issue. It's definitely time to recognize it's 2021!
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    Thanks again Matt.

    Our objective is to keep the friendly environment in Nikon Wednesday. Nobody likes to have their post or image deleted. A few weeks ago, A few weeks ago, I came across an image that is like 5000 x 3000 and 12M bytes. That is definitely too much for Nikon Wednesday. But I am not going to write some code to check the size of every image posted. As long as it is reasonable, we can keep Nikon Wednesday going smoothly. Personally I'll try to maintain the 1000-pixel limit myself.
  8. As someone mentioned above, the only 'problem' I have with, say, 3 submissions in the same post, is only the ability to 'like' the post not the individual image.

    Equally, if the poster likes 'likes', they only get one for 3 amazing images...!
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  9. One advantage of posting two or three images in one post is that they appear together, which can be useful if they are related to each other. If posting separately, there is a chance that another poster's work appears between the images in the series.
  10. Any newer/fresher thoughts on this topic? I've been playing with posting some larger files, which triggers the "click to see larger" feature. Given the small audience for all of this, maybe it's the proverbial tempest in a 1000-pixel-teapot?
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  11. I still like HD, ie 1920 across as a max...:cool:

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