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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Laur, May 11, 2022.

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  1. Note: In the interests of balancing performance and quality, the topic of image file size and dimensions as normally posted to this recurring thread is under discussion elsewhere in the Nikon forum (the topic is obvious when you look) - please check in there and comment if you have thoughts to share! That's the best place to talk about that particular topic. For now, consider keeping uploads no larger than 1600 pixels on the long side when it matters, and sticking with 1000 pixels when the image feels no pain at that resolution. On data size/compression, try to keep things under 1mb, shooting for 600kb when you can stop there. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site (at Flickr, Photobucket, your own site, etc). Are you new to this thread? The general guidelines for these Wednesday threads are right here: Guidelines for Nikon Forum Wednesday Image Threads. For now, we're sticking with 1, 2, or 3 images per week as you see fit.

    Hey! I actually got outside with a camera in my hand. And a macro lens, no less! Our back yard irises are doing their crazy purple thing right now, and attracted me just like the bumble bees and the hummingbirds. D810 with an 85mm macro. Something tells me I won't be the only one posting a flower shot, here in the first half of May.

  2. Z6ii + 300m PF + Ext tubes, ISO 900 f16 1/320. Large Red Damselfly.

    Large Red Damselfly..jpg
  3. San Vicente de la Barquera (Santander)
    0013NIK Desde Torre Ensenada Dársena-Castillo-NAFS16-85VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 16-85 DX (16) on D2X

    0069NIK Barro Ruina Barcas Abandonadas-NAFS70-300VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 70-300 G ED (185) on D2X

    0014NIK Desde Torre Puente Romano Dársena-Castillo-NAFS16-85VR.jpg
    Nikkor AF-S 16-85 DX (48) on D2X​
  4. Nikon D750 24-120mm f4 cambodia169-copy-2.jpg
  5. Photos for a theatre production. D610, Nikkor AF 35-70mm 1:2.8D.




  6. My youngest Granddaughter, Z7 85 1.8s

  7. Monsters of Cannery Row, D300, 50mm Nikkor
    Cannery Row 22c_2.jpg
  8. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I captured stills and video with all Nikon Z cameras and lenses at this youth orchestra concert. The silent shutter on mirrorless is very helpful.



    The corresponding video is on YouTube:

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  9. It looks as if spring has really come. The bees are back.

    bee with 200q.jpg

    D7100 with 200/4Q on extension tubes
  10. Very nice Low-Key image. You caught the catch light in the eyes perfectly.

    Although I am going to give most of the credit to the model. Congratulations, Gramps, you have a beautiful granddaughter.
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  11. Thank you, she will be 2 next month and gives that eye tracking a real test, hard to keep up
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  12. Finally a photo of my girlfriend's Border Collie doing agility. Afterwards she said this was the one run Waya has done in the last couple of months she would have liked me video; the one time in the last few months I got out my D500 instead.

  13. St L Courthouse
    Nikkormat EL, Nikkor-S 55mm f/1.2
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  14. A beautiful image.

    The pupils of the owl's eyes look large given the brightness of the image. Did the D850 meter enhance the exposure, was it done in post, or was the owl "on something" ;)

    Nonetheless, a great image with outstanding detail.
  15. Yes - the owl was entirely in the shade. +1 EV exposure correction dialed in.
    That I don't know ;)
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