Nikon Wednesday 2021: #25

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Laur, Jun 23, 2021.

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    I managed to get to another air show last weekend, and had a good perch for a lot more photos than I'll be able to share here, three at a time, before that becomes really boring. But randomly choosing a few, here's a Nikon Wednesday's worth of flying machines. Let's see what everyone's got!



  2. 0009NIK Taberna Elisa Guinness-NAIS20.jpg
    AIs 20 on D200

    0011NIK Mujer Ramo Flores Amarillas-NAIS20.jpg
    AIs 20 on D2X

    0011NIK SubiendoRampaBicicleta-MuseoCiencias-NAIS20.jpg
    AIs 20 on D700

  3. [​IMG]

    by Georg, auf Flickr

    Quick test-shots with a new to me SW-Nikkor 90/4.5
    The image shot at f/16-22 was perfectly sharp, the image above was shot stopped down just one stop and is lacking sharpness (no surprise).
    But a seagull was captured by incident and I prefer this picture over the sharp one.

    about 38mm of rise, Fomapan 100, developed in Rodinal 1+50
  4. Having a dig around my old hard drives.

    D3 70-200 f2.8G 1/320th f4 iso 200

  5. Monterey Harbor, Nikon D300, 50mm Nikkor
  6. Graduation Day car parade - this year the actual ceremony was held too.
  7. Craig Mounds - Spiro site, OK
    Nikkormat EL
  8. Flamingo Flower; Z50/AF-S 50-200mm/FTZ adapter. _DSC6878ALo2.jpg
  9. ...that's 55-200...
  10. Nikon D750 24-120mm f4 storm11-(1-of-1)-copy-2.jpg
  11. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    A couple of familiar landscape scenes in Big Sur, California central coast

    The Bixby Bridge, Nikon Z6 ii with the 24-200mm super zoom @ 29mm, f11, 1/125 sec, ISO 100. The main challenge for that location is that it is super windy there, like hurricane strength.


    McWay Falls, at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The trail to the overlook is partially closed due to the Dolan fire last year, so that I wasn't able to get to the best view point. I was there around 5:30pm and decided not to wait for the best light, probably between 7 to 8pm in mid June. Also Nikon Z6 ii with the 24-70mm/f2.8 S lens @ 29mm, f8, 1/250 sec, and ISO 100.

  12. Homey break room at the cider works....

    woodchuck cider.jpg

    D7100, 35/2.8PC (wrong exif)
  13. Nikon D850 + Sigma 150mm 2.8 OS Macro + TC1.4Eii. ISO 900 1/500 f16. Damsel Fly.

  14. Nikon D850 + Nikon 200-500mm + TC1.4Eii (@ 420mm). ISO 500 1/500 f16. Death by Spider.

    Death by Spider.jpg
  15. Nikon D700, AF-S 24-120 F/4G ED VR Falcon 7X.jpg

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