Nikon Wednesday 2021: #19

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Laur, May 12, 2021.

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    Ilkka, you should have bought that 120-300mm/f2.8 so that you could zoom out a bit and that moose wouldn't be so boxed in the frame. :cool:
  2. It is a bit annoying to get a too tight composition like this, and not have enough time to react to correct it by moving laterally but I felt that the intense stare was best reflected in the closest frame I got, so I posted that. I quite like the 300mm f/2.8 and the fact that I can usually stay below ISO 6400 even for shots inside the forest late in the evening, so it really has opened doors for me.

    I was so upset that Nikon, instead of updating the 300/2.8 to a lighter FL version, brought out a zoom at twice the price (nothing wrong with the 120-300, but it's expensive and heavy). I had waited for almost ten years on an FL 300/2.8 that might be a bit lighter. I finally bought the current version after I figured that probably they'll never update it to FL. I also got a bit spooked by the fact that neither Nikon, Canon or Sony have launched or pre-launched a 300/2.8 for their mirrorless systems and instead they all bring out very expensive 400mm f/2.8's. A 300mm is important to me and I really like the aesthetics of the images from the 300/2.8. Also it can be used for my favorite sports subject (figure skating) whereas a 400mm would be too long when shooting from the audience (it would block others' views and would in practice require accreditation). The 120-300 is also physically longer than the 300/2.8 prime and potentially this could lead to problems as well. I am sure that it's a great lens but it didn't seem the right fit for me.
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  3. It's spring here, season of outgrown bikes by the side of the road.

    free ride 1.jpg

    D7100, 16-80
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  4. A generation up from there....

    free ride 2.jpg

    D7100, 10-20DXP
  5. look both ways.jpg And don't forget to look both ways when you cross! (D7100, 70-300 AFP)
  6. DSC_0659_00002.jpg DSC_0710_00003.jpg
    Golden Gate Park in May, San Francisco, D300s
  7. Went for a walk along the river near the house after getting my new camera. Still much to learn with all the features....

    Z6, Nikkor 24-70 at 57mm. 1/320, f 6.3 ISO 100

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  8. Always though it interesting that the 400mm 2.8 Fl is the same weight as the 600mm 4 Fl @ 3800 gm.
  9. Well, 600/4 = 150, 400/2.8 = 143, so the front elements are similar in size, and this probably leads to the price similarity.
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