Nikon Wednesday 2020: #31

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Laur, Jul 29, 2020.

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    This Nikon Wednesday, some more behind the scenes from the video and product shoot we squeezed in last week. COVID-19 makes these sorts of things a lot more delicate and time consuming. Adapt! Overcome! Most of the work is in post, anyway, which I can do while blissfully out of range of possibly contagious colleagues and clients. Shot anything while being alone, and not alone? Let's see some photos. These snapshots were with the ol' D810 and a 24-70/2.8.

    tdsi_bts_01.jpg tdsi_bts_02.jpg
  2. Nikon D850 in Texas Hill Country DSC_1044.jpg
  3. Nikon D50, 50mm Nikkor
  4. My pro photographer friend Steve (in the background) has let me shoot his shoots on occasion, this one is from a few years back.
  5. Z6 85mm f1.8S 1/400th f2.5 iso 2500
  6. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    A minute blossom yesterday
    DSC_5887 (1024x1024).jpg
  7. 0001NIK Escultura Cabezón Niño Cabeza-Atocha-NAIS20.jpg Nikkor AIs 20 on D200
  8. D750 70-200 2.8 FL nikon70-200_8webbww.jpg
  9. مسجد ومدرسة السلطان حسن Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan‎
    Nikkormat FTn​
  10. Staying home, chasing insects....

    damsels on water.jpg
  11. Still staying at home

    Nikon D300
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  12. D850 + 300mm 2.8 VR 1/4000 f4 ISO 280

    Anyone who's been to a hawking display knows the moment the falcon, in this case a Lanner falcon, is allowed to catch the lure will know how fast it's going!

    ...complete with GPS tracker incase it goes off reservation....:cool:

  13. The Nikon Forum, almost forgot, we can post more than one photo! Can someone ID this flower? Nikon D300, 50mm Nikkor.
    Carmel 20e_1.jpg
  14. Looks a bit like an Agapanthus...native to S.Africa but now a common garden plant.
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  15. Yes that’s definitely an Agapanthus. I have some in my garden.
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  16. I like the more common name, "Lily of the Nile".
  17. You know, they're growing all around my apt building and I never noticed them before.

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