Nikon Wednesday 2020: #27

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    Our wet week or two seems have awoken the local mushrooms. Hiding in the roots of one of our tall pines is a fungus that - once or twice a year - puts on a pretty good show. Here are three snapshots taken just a few hours apart. This thing - when it finally opened up all the way - is over twelve inches wide. I checked. It's poisonous. So we'll just look at it, rather than eat it, on this Nikon Wednesday. Share some photos!

  2. These days my photography is limited to what I can see in and around the house. And the subjects are our pets, and our plants. Here is our 14 years old cat, doing us a favor of napping on our bed. D7100, Nikon 16-80, 1/80 sec at f5.0, flash. 20_06_25_3189.jpg
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  3. And here is a rose bush that has grown and bloomed without any help on our part. D7100, Nikon 16-80, 1/100 sec at f/ 20_06_22_3170.jpg 10
  4. And here is our little Havanese, Toby. D7100, 1/80 at f/4 20_06_24_3180.jpg
  5. On a small lake a few miles south of Lake Superior cabin266-(1-of-1)-copy-3.jpg
  6. Z6 60mm AFD 1/320th f7.1 iso 200
  7. Nikon D3300 converted to IR.
  8. D300, 50mm Nikkor
    NIK_0081a (1).jpg
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  9. Salina Grain Elevators 18 copy.JPG
    Nikkormat FTn
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  10. Garden shooting today
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  11. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    D7200 200-500 5.6
    DSC_3906 (1024x683).jpg
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  12. Nikon 90s 85 1.4D My Niece. haleigh1-(2)web.jpg
  13. Like most here, I'm not getting out much, so mostly I've been chasing insects and trying (always just trying) to get dragonflies in flight.

    Damselflies are pretty easy to get, because they actually sit down occasionally.

    july 1 damsel.jpg
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  14. The dragonflies are making sure there will be some dragonflies next year too. july 1 dragon dragon.jpg
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  15. And they're flying. I assert that dragonflies blur when they fly. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

    july 1 flying dragon 2.jpg

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