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  1. @andrew: I checked again - the first image is one stop farther west than Lipan Point: Moran Point.

    Skywalk: never been there - driving from the Grand Canyon Village is 4 hours (about 240 miles) one way. Even on the drive back home, taken a detour at Kingman would have amounted to a 3 hour drive to cover the 150 miles to go there and back. Too much if driving from the Grand Canyon Village back home takes 9+ hours.
  2. I've discovered that the problem with driving around the Grand Canyon is that someone put a canyon in the way. Otherwise I'd like to have visited the north rim (other than just by helicopter). My version was Las Vegas to the Skywalk (helicopter trip, where one recently crashed) to the south rim helicopter trip, sunset at Mather, and staying near Grand Canyon village (with dinner at Bright Angel). Then Grand Canyon village to Antelope the next morning. Fun fun. Some day I'll go back and relax a bit more.
  3. Still winter here in Sweden.
    Nikon D800E, AF-S 300/2.8 VR+TC-20EIII
  4. Four hours later

    snow day 4pm x1000.JPG
  5. side yard x1000.JPG And another four hours later
  6. Nothing even pretending to art today, as we're in North Dakota in full grandparent mode. Grain, slow shutter speeds in available light and all, here's Esmé, assessing the world:

    esme on wednesday.jpg
  7. F2, 35mm PC Nikkor, Eastman Double X, Rodinal.
  8. Andrew, I've visited both rims..the South for a mule trip to Phantom Ranch at the bottom and the North rim on the way to Utah for stops of interest, and in my opinion, the North is a much more enjoyable visit(other than the mule ride...a must). A couple of must do's, travel to Toroweap overlook down a 60 mile gravel road off 389(step out on a rock and look straight down 3000 ft to the Colorado River) and Bright Angel Point. A whole lot less tourists, a much quieter and more reverent visit to the majesty that is the Canyon...
  9. Thanks, Tom. Bright Angel and Mather are pretty, but now I've seen them, I'll definitely try the North next time I'm in the area. (I only saw it from a curtailed-for-weather helicopter trip.) I've really not done Zion justice (and made Bryce at the wrong time of day), so I've photographic reasons to go back!
  10. Andrew, I don't know if you like hiking, but I've got three destinations for you if you revisit Utah. In Brice, be sure to hike the trails down in the canyon. It gives you a whole new perspective of the formations(when we visited a few years back,we first drove to all the overlooks, wasn't overly impressed, but when we hiked down in the canyon, it is magnificent!) And at Zion, Angels Landing is a must if you can handle it(I couldn't, so I stayed at the part where the main climb begins and took pics and video of my buddies going to the top). Also, Observation Point is another long, maybe hot hike that is worth it...and Arches Park is worth the journey if you go that far east....
  11. Thanks, Tom. My last big trip around the US is when my muscle cramps kicked off, and I've had a bit more difficulty getting around more exuberant places since (partly because I cramp when I exercise, so I'm badly unfit). I'm working on medication for that, though; it's not going to make me healthy, but I hope it'll make me a little more able to get to photogenic places. Except for the small matter of not really understanding the concept of "travelling light" of course. Ansel's 10x8 had nothing on what I cart around.

    I've been to the upper end of Bryce twice, and wandered along the trail. I'll try to go down next time (at least part way). Bryce is very pretty, although friends who've spent longer there have warned me that after a while they realised they were photographing yet another orange rock, so I'm a little nervous about committing too much time to it!

    Zion... the same friends have done Angel's Landing. On the basis that I'm not one for heights, I suspect it'd not be my thing unless I deliberately try to fight the phobia (and get a lot fitter). And I'd have to travel a lot lighter than usual, because a 15kg backpack probably isn't compatible with passing anyone on that. So, nice idea, but I think I'll stay on solid ground and gibber a bit. I'll look into Observation Point, though. I should at least try to do better than driving in and out again!

    Arches we did do - well, a bit (having "done" Canyonlands in the morning, after driving up from Monument Valley the evening before). Definitely worth it, though. And I do recommend Dinosaur Monument en route north.

    My grand two week tour was absolutely worth it, despite the pain of all the driving, and thanks again to everyone here who helped me to plan it. But I'll absolutely go back to select bits in a more relaxed manner!
  12. Nikon D300, 50mm Nikkor
    Pacific Grove 18a_Lovers Point_1.jpg
  13. Andrew, I hear what you are saying about some hikes could be a little rough. The trail down into Bryce canyon is at the entrance end of the park and is not very difficult at all. Coming back up has a switchback to make it an easier climb and hiking in the canyon you can make as long or short as you want...the main thing is to see the formations from a different and surprising perspective. Angels Landing has some spots on the trail up to the staging area for the main climb that are well worth the partial hike(no danger at all unless you make that final ascent and I have a fear of heights also). I just wish I had had a decent camera at the time 15 yrs ago(I just got an 850 and want to go back to ALL the places I visited in my lifetime). Enjoy..
  14. Thanks, Tom. Hopefully my d810 will be an 850 by the time I've got the chance. If I can get fit enough!
  15. Looks like the Grand Canyon (my guess). I just learned an important lesson from these 3 photos. I've always been caught up in the overall vistas and have failed to look at the smaller opportunities for striking photos.
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