Nikon Wednesday 2017: #9

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  1. A good Nikon Wednesday to everyone. No, this Wayback Wednesday image isn't what it seems. Well, it is ... it IS a guy smiling. But it isn't a gruesome neck wound. That's some expert moulage - injury makeup used during a mass casualty simulation conducted a while back at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. That's a US soldier headed out to play an almost-dead civilian in a not-really-collapsed building so that the SAR people can practice finding him (and dozens of others). It was an interesting sunrise, watching these folks prep for the day's training.

    Shot anything that ... isn't as bad as it looks? Share!

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  2. Not gory, shot not last week, but from last fall, but it was shot with a Nikon camera (D810) and a Nikon (24-120 f4) lens :

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  3. Finnish national championships in synchronized skating; free program on Sunday. Marigold IceUnity. D5, 70-200/2.8E, 120mm, f/4, 1/1000s, ISO 4000. marigold_rise_wed.jpg
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  4. Team Unique during their free program. vapaa54.jpg
  5. From last week's vacation in Florida - Lido Beach gulls looking for lunch among snackers CSC_0569.jpg
  6. Maybe one aids in appreciating the other? Or an overall enhancement in experiencing either?
    D7100, 18-140 at 30mm, f/8, 1/320s, ISO 250
  7. Another bird photographer... DSC_0337.jpg
  8. Nantucket harbor cat. Nikon F, 105mm f/2.5 (Sonnar type), Nikon 9000 scanner.

    F-1982-8-CN-008-13-For_jpeg copy.jpg
  9. ShunCheung

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    What happened to the California drought? Due to the recent heavy rain, a small pond formed by the sidewalk in Foster City, and the mallard ducks took full advantage of that. But the water made it difficult to reach the public bench and table, as people put boards there as temporary bridges. Nikon D500 with 18-35mm AF-S lens.

  10. Taken from inside my Florida room(sun porch). I believe one bird said to the other "no, I have never seen a 10 inch long, 77mm wide black beak before either." Maybe that 70-200 works as camo? Getta load of the beak on that bird.jpg
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  11. Ended up returning my D500. Several times during shooting a frame or more was grossly underexposed - but frames around it were fine. Nikon told me it needed repair but as it was an Amazon purchase and they have a great return policy, I opted to send it back for refund. Now I need to decide when to get a new one. Sure wish I had a crystal ball showing when things will go on sale. :) Here's one of the last shots from my D500. My daughter playing bass in a school concert.

  12. This sequence was taken in the Fall. D600 70-200 f4 VR.
    Lunch time
  13. Spring is on the way, but this seems a little optimistic.

    naked fishing.jpg
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  14. pigeons on the roof.jpg These pigeons seemed very well organized.
  15. Still getting the hang of the editing process. Corrected a skewed horizon and accidentally ended up with a thumbnail. Oh well, it wasn't that great a picture anyway!

    Here's one from last year that I had thought to post in the Nature forum, and then realized that that post is square! brown dragon.jpg
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  16. The theme seems to be revolving around birds and gore. I can do that (thanks, Yellowstone!) - I was going to save them for later, but they're an antidote to last week's cute sea otters. I struggled a bit with the AF for these (I have a number of blurrier ones), but given that I was shooting through a window, it could have been worse.

    Where's this guy taking off to? D810@ISO2200,1/800s;200-500+TC14E2@700mm,f/11
    (Next time I see a bird starting to take off I'll remember to spin the shutter dial so there's less blur, but at least I vaguely got it!)

    Here's where he(?) went. This is an ex-parrotswan. Mmmm, drumsticks. And Matt: this probably is as bad as it looks. I'm told swan tastes terrible. (Probably not good for the swan, either.)
    And finally... do I have something in my teeth?
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  17. AF Nikkor 35-80mm on NIkon F80
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  18. A Sharp-Shinned Hawk was hunting in our back yard this morning. I shot through the kitchen window (D7100, 18-105). 20170228_1489.jpg
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