Nikon Wednesday 2017: #50

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    What? The second-to-last Nikon Wednesday of the year? I'll try to be a little more focused on art for the last one, but for this week, it's a quick product shot as my favorite jewelry designer shipped a set out the door to a holiday customer. We've got a quaint old D3200 with a 105mm macro lens set up in that work area for quick product shots in a light tent. For web listings, it's more than adequate, and even though that little camera has an annoying view finder, it records perfectly usable RAW files when you've got some light and a decent lens to work with. So let's see some other busy holiday shots, while we all contemplate next week's last shot of the year. Merry Christmas, to all who enjoy such things! rings_earrings.jpg
  2. Infrequent poster, just as I am an infrequent shooter...

    This was taken earlier this month, at the beach of West Terschelling, the Netherlands.

    JHL_6729_Terschelling west 2017 lq.jpg
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  3. A hoary bat taking its daytime snooze here in Uruguay Snooze On Hoary Bat.jpg . D7100 Sigma 150mm macro
  4. Strange cloud formation and people on Playa San Francisco waiting for the sunset Strange Clouds.jpg Beach pre sunset.jpg
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  5. PhotoCreation_10-12-17_0022.jpg Nikon meets Nikon....
  6. I actually didn't have much current today, but then I stopped by at Lake Bomoseen, and it seems the weather has had an interesting effect on the ice:

    bomoseen ice dangles.jpg

    D7100, 55-300DX
  7. Looked at right, it could be scaly...

    bomoseen ice scales 2.jpg
  8. This is slate country, and in fact looking across the lake one can see a huge pile of discarded slate, overflowing into the lake, a reminder of a time before lake shore was priced by the inch. In the funky gray winter light, the ice could pass for slate itself.

    bomoseen slate ice.jpg
  9. Was able to try my 70-200 2.8 VRII on the Nutcracker photographing my granddaughter. DSC_3216.jpg
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  10. Another DSC_3219.jpg
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  11. DSC_3197.jpg one last DSC_3197.jpg
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  12. The red bar of death has struck again. Double posted.
  13. Sandy Vongries

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    It begins...!
    DSC_4120 (680x1024).jpg
  14. A Danish christmas tree ornament. The white elephant is a symbol for the Danish royal family. The order of the Elephant is Denmark's highest-ranked honour.


    D800E, AF-S 24-120/4 VR
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  15. ThanksgivingBryce-255.jpg ThanksgivingBryce-284.jpg I never fit the theme, still working on a backlog from Thanksgiving! D750 24-85, Rokinon 14mm.
  16. Finnish National Championships in Figure Skating and Ice Dance.

    Emilia Toikkanen in her short program. D850, 300/4E PF, f/4, 1/800s, ISO 6400.
  17. Viveca Lindfors in her Free Program. D5, VR 200/2G II, f/2, 1/1250, ISO 2500.

  18. Jade Rautiainen in her Free Program. D5, 200/2, 1/1250s, ISO 2500.
  19. D300.
    DSC_6977 (2).jpg
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