Nikon Wednesday 2017: #45

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Laur, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Wednesday again already! I must have slept through Tuesday.
    Some autumn colour and a sunset from me.




    All taken with a Coolpix P6000.
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  2. More Autumn colors
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  3. Coming in late on this one...but, Christmas is around the corner and I shoot the the Christmas card for #1 daughter and her brood of 5. The first two are from the 2015 shoot-all 5 grandkids were shot similarly and collaged on a card. The third is from last year. Still thinking about what to do for 2017?
    The first two were on the "Who's been naughty" theme



    And the third suggests Santa needs emergency surgery
  4. Well, it's still wednesday here on the Pacific coast; I spent an evening at a local venue gathering some tunes and a 'little' light. f1.8-f2 made a pretty big scoop for what light there was, but 135mm and no vr on the sigma dictated ~ 1/160 shutter, so the result was iso in the uncomfortable 10,000 zone and these results from D810 and LR.

    these guys have played together for a long time

    sax break while bass and drums accompany the piano

    monochrome emphasises the light shapes​
  5. Condolences, Andrew. What a loving tribute to Soda, may she rest in peace. --Sally
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  6. A flock of turkeys landed on the roof of the building next door this morning. Here's one of my favorite shots.
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  7. Thank you, Sally (and everyone). Soda was put to sleep this morning at about 10:10 - the good thing about having a wife who's a vet is that it could happen while she was in bed with us, being cuddled and warm. I may be a bit quiet for a few days, which I guess some may find a minor blessing.

    Once we decide we can stand the quiet less than we can stand having someone in her place, I'll share some happier photos of new memories being made with another little one.

    Sodaing was very tiring work, and our Soda did it very well. Rest well, baby girl.
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  8. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    19 years is a long life for a cat. Soda RIP.

    And never buy a used camera or lens from heimbrandt :)
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  9. Thanks Shun. She did very well, but it's never long enough. If they were cuddlier, I'd be giving serious consideration to a tortoise next. I realised I had Soda longer than I've been into photography (before my first digital camera, when I'd only ever owned a Polaroid). She made it into quite a few technical papers, too (and she's been my default resolution and yuv conversion test - although usually with an image so old I shot it with a Canon).

    Heimbrandt: well, I feel better about how I abuse my kit. (Although I suppose I may have my first ever opportunity to do a home sensor clean without floating cat hair making it worse.)
  10. In my defense, I do take care of my equipment and all of my lenses have Nikon NC-filters for protection. Mud is actually quite clean as is snow. Regardless, wiping of moist and a thorough cleaning is required, which takes a lot of time. My D800E is so clean it could pass off as a camera that has never seen anything but artificial studio light. I am more careful when it comes to rain but I am looking into some sort of rain protector. There are things I avoid; salt water and sand as they are more harmful. I would not have my gear sprayed by sand the way I did with mud when I took some of the photos last weekend.

    Andrew, I am sorry for your loss.
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